codepaldamn, afternoon already?00:09
codepalgotta make some time to rebuild my Precise testing partition....18:29
ibeardsleeyou run it in dual boot?>18:30
chiltswow, all early birds today19:21
codepalibeardslee, yes with 10.0419:25
* ajmitch is still wishing he could crawl back into bed19:25
codepalI'm also running Win XP with X SSH to debian619:25
codepalthe Win XP is my main machine, cause I love working with my wacom tablet...19:26
codepaland haven't got it working on 10.05 / Precise19:26
codepalhi Atamira o/19:26
codepaljust finished some cool jquery stuffs -- http://freebiesaround.com/19:27
ibeardsleeI have some cheap tablet I got off firstin or 1-day or something .. although was problematic pre-10.04, it has 'just worked' since then19:27
codepalthe posts are filtered using AJAX19:27
* ajmitch should know better than to stay up late 2 nights in a row19:27
codepalmines a serial wacom, Intous219:27
codepalajmitch, how late?19:27
codepalI'm regular, bed @ midnight19:28
ajmitch3AM monday morning, then about 2AM this morning :)19:28
codepalhope it was important19:32
codepalyou'll need sleep, even coffee / V doesn't help with regular late nights19:32
ajmitchoh I know19:32
codepaloff load some work?19:33
codepal;-) delegate19:33
* ajmitch should be fine for today19:33
thumpersamsung galaxy SIII, 1080p screen and quad core...20:05
ajmitchannounced or available?20:07
hads4.8" is getting relatively big for a pocket.20:27
hadsI wonder if it will be plain Android and able to update OTA or if it will be Samsungised20:33
mwhudson1080p in a phone?21:44
ojwbshame about that reflection on the screen21:49
hadsMy main issue with the latest Android devices is that they use MTP/PTP rather than USB Mass Storage, and Linux support for it isn't that great.22:16
hadsI have a hard time transferring files to my phone now.22:16
ojwbhmm, is there really another somes-matiu island near gisborne?23:29
ibeardsleehaha bing23:30
ojwbthey've labelled the big island in wellington harbour Rangiwaea Island, which is actually in the bay of plenty23:31
ojwbibeardslee: it's pretty terrible in general, except it has much better quality aerial imagery23:32
ojwbat least for the bits of NZ I've looked at23:32
mwhudsoni see google maps has stopped suggesting that if you're driving north of wellington you should go up the hutt valley and take the akatarawa hill road23:54
mwhudsonwhich it was doing around xmas23:54
ajmitchthe towns that it chooses to highlight as you zoom in are interesting choices23:55
mwhudsonat certain scales it definitely wants to label lake taupo with "waikato"23:56
mwhudsonoh haha23:56
mwhudson"hawke bay"23:56
mwhudsoni also don't think the island of island bay is called ruapuke23:59

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