stgraberCould someone from -cdimage apply http://paste.ubuntu.com/858701/ to the debian-cd branch and respin Edubuntu?03:07
stgraberI believe that's the missing change to make wubi appear on Edubuntu03:07
stgraberpitti: good morning. As I'm going to sleep soon, I just wanted to mention bug 939450 as something we probably want fixed for beta1. It's assigned to ubiquity but I tracked it down to gtk's atk-bridge module. I poked TheMuso on IRC and subscribed him to the bug (so far no response)04:25
ubot2`Launchpad bug 939450 in ubiquity "ubiquity crashed with TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable in ubi-partman.py" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93945004:25
infinitystgraber: Hrm.  So, every live image gets add_winfossed now?04:26
stgraberinfinity: looks like it04:27
stgraberinfinity: well, at the moment, any of them except for Edubuntu ;)04:27
infinitystgraber: What about the next stanza down?04:28
stgraberinfinity: that's old code for when Edubuntu was an addon CD on top of Ubuntu04:28
infinitystgraber: Was that a mistake, or do we really want edubuntu alternates to also get that (and nothing else)?04:28
stgraberinfinity: back then (before lucid IIRC) it was actually working04:28
stgraberit just never got updated when we switched to DVD apparently04:28
infinityShould I remove that bit while I'm in there?04:28
infinityWell, your diff didn't have that part. :P04:29
* infinity fixes.04:29
stgraberthere's also code for that bit in ubuntu/tools/add_winfoss if you want to get rid of it there too04:29
infinityif [ "$PROJECT" = edubuntu ] && [ "$CDIMAGE_ADDON" != 1 ] && [ "$CDIMAGE_DVD" != 1 ]; then04:30
stgraber(the whole CD=cd2 stuff where $CD isn't actually used anywhere ;))04:30
infinity^-- That bit?04:30
stgraberyeah that one, it doesn't seem relevant anymore and the variable isn't used (unless the script is sourced)04:31
infinitySure, the variable is used.04:31
stgraberwell, actually it's but for some old FOSS stuff we don't ship for a while04:31
stgraberI doubt we still have any media shipping with firefox/thunderbird 1.0 :)04:32
stgraberlooks good to me04:33
infinityYeah, probably not.  But removing one feature per commit (ie: edubuntu addon CDs, in this case) is sane.04:33
infinityI could remove the old FOSS bits in another run.04:33
infinitystgraber: Alright, committed and pulled.04:34
infinitystgraber: Did you need a respin?04:34
stgraberyep, a respin would be great so I can make sure wubi now works fine04:35
infinityI have an empty M&Ms bag taunting me.04:36
infinity"Adam you want more of us, go to the store, get fatter..."04:37
infinityJerk M&Ms.04:37
ScottKsuperm1: Is mythbuntu still using mysql5.1?  There's an upload in queue and it'd be good to know if you need it in for beta 1?04:56
stgraberpitti: just got an answer from Luke, he's having a look at the bug, I'll see what's the status when I wake up tomorrow then05:00
superm1ScottK: 5.5 now05:05
ScottKsuperm1: OK.  5.1 is still in your packageset, you might want to get that changed.05:23
micahgthat should be an autogenerated packageset05:28
micahgScottK: superm1: it's not shown as seeded, so the next time the packageset update scripts are run, that should be fixed05:29
ScottKSomeone should do that.05:29
ScottKThis is probably a good time.05:29
micahgwell, the person who normally does that is on vacation and I"m not sure anyone else knows how :)05:29
micahghmm, I still have to fix Ubuntu Studio images, don't I...05:33
infinitystgraber: Builds should be done, BTW.05:52
infinityDaviey: Why are we fixing mysql-5.1 instead of just dropping it from the archive?07:41
infinityDaviey: Does it still have rdeps?07:41
infinityDaviey: And if so, why? :P07:41
* pitti checks the universe syncs in unapproved08:01
pittihello Riddell, how are you?08:24
Riddellbright and breezy08:24
pittiFTR, my poppler and v4l-utils uploads can wait until after b108:25
micahgRiddell: would you be ok respinning powerpc images for Firefox powerpc (I can do the build in a PPA to prevent arch skew)08:27
Riddellmicahg: you want images with a PPA enabled?08:27
micahgRiddell: no :), I can have them copied once they're built on all archs08:28
Riddellmicahg: can PPAs do powerpc or that would only stop i386/amd64 being skewed?08:29
micahgRiddell: no, I'd build it in one of the security PPAs, so I'd get all archs08:29
pittimicahg: but, we would lose all 0 testing results!08:29
micahgpitti: :)08:29
micahgRiddell: I think it's just the Ubuntu powerpc image that's affected08:29
pittimicahg: IOW, I see little problem with this -- there is very little, if any, interest in those images anyway08:29
Riddellmicahg: is the package diff one that can only affects powerpc?08:29
pittiI can't remember when we actually released a milestone ppc image the last time08:30
micahgpitti: oh, if we're not releasing the images, I won't bother08:30
Riddellmicahg: ah you're not expecting to test the images as well?08:30
pittimicahg: well, if someone tests them, we can08:30
micahgI don't have hardware, I'd just prefer the image not to ship with Firefox 10008:30
micahg*Firefox 10.008:31
Riddellmicahg: if you've a foolproof plan to build the packages and copy them over that's good with me08:32
Riddellbut it might well not be worth it indeed08:32
pittimicahg: yeah, I'd just commit the fix to bzr and let the next regular upload sort it out08:32
infinitymicahg: I plan to test and release Beta2 and Final on PPC, but I have no idea if anyone's testing Beta1.08:34
micahginfinity: alright, I'll skip this round (I have enough to do anyways)08:35
Riddellpitti: whoopsie-daisy has been in the queue for 17 hours, does that mean it's not to be accepted?08:35
pittiRiddell: I don't know08:35
pittibut at this point I only accept stuff which isn't seeded or links to RC bugs08:35
pittiunless people (hello ev) poke me about it08:36
pittibut everything that's seeded requires an image respin08:36
pittiRiddell: if we get an ubiquity upload or other reason for respin, I think it's fine to accept along, it's a small and quick build08:37
Riddellthat's logical08:38
Riddelldoes anyone know if bug 940908 affects all images or just kubuntu?08:38
ubot2`Launchpad bug 940908 in console-setup "Cannot localize keyboard at startup in live session" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94090808:38
pittiRiddell: unknown, I'll test08:39
* pitti rsyncs latest image08:39
pittiI fixed the python3 priorities over the weekend and respun08:39
pittiwe are still about 1 MB oversized if you consider 703 MB the real physical limit08:42
pittiDaviey: is http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing/precise_probs.html on your radar? (http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.svg is an alternative view for the new dependencies in universe)08:44
Riddellpitti: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20120225/ says ubuntu i386 is 708MB, surely that's lots oversized?08:44
Riddellkubuntu i386 is 700MB and that still gets the oversized warning08:45
pittiRiddell: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20120226/08:45
pittiRiddell: that's what I meant with "respun over the weekend"08:45
Riddelloh I'm behind the times :)08:45
pittiRiddell: yes, cdimage's limit is still 700 MiB, but we determined that you can actually put on 703 on pretty much every burner/media08:45
infinitypitti: Speaking of checking scripts.  Is your new and fancy NBS stuff actually checking the whole archive, or just main, or..?08:45
pittiinfinity: whole archive of course08:46
pittiinfinity: oh, hang on08:46
Riddellpitti: ok so kubuntu i386 is fine, but kubuntu amd64 isn't08:46
pittiinfinity: .svg is only source promotions08:46
micahgpitti: hpijs can save you 5k :)08:46
pittiinfinity: .txt is the whole archive08:46
infinitypitti: Cause I've done some NBS removals over the last week that weren't represented in your output.08:46
infinitypitti: NBS, not mismatches.08:46
pittiinfinity: I'm confused again; .txt/svg was component-mismatches08:46
pittiinfinity: anyway, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/nbs.html08:47
pittithis covers the whole archive08:47
pittioh, we can do some removals, /me runs08:47
infinityYeah, then I think it might be inaccurate.  The next time I run across something it doesn't show, I'll bring it up.08:47
pittion Friday we were down to libcegui-mk2-1 and the lightdm greeter which needs packaging08:47
infinityI should have done so a few days ago, I guess. :/08:47
pittiinfinity: do you still remember what you removed?08:48
pittiI'm watching it fairly closely and didn't notice oddities08:48
micahgpitti: if we could drop libdb4.8, that would do it :)08:48
pittiinfinity: c-m and perhaps NBS was a bit broken last week because germinate didn't update08:48
pittibut that got fixed08:48
pittimicahg: oh, I thought I did already, let me check08:48
pittimicahg: oh, I only fixed unity-lens-applications upstream, but it didn't land in ubuntu yet08:49
infinitylp-remove-package.py -u adconrad -s precise -b libreoffice-report-builder-bin -m 'NBS'08:49
pittiinfinity: that indeed went away08:49
infinity^-- I don't think it showed me this before I removed it.  But that might have been me just being impatient.08:49
pittinow the openoffice.org transitional source needs fixing08:50
infinitypitti: But I was sure I remembered something else.08:50
infinitypitti: Yes, I know it went away, I removed it. :P08:50
pittiI mean from the report08:50
infinitypitti: My point was that it didn't show on any reports. But I may have just been impatient.  I dunno.08:50
micahgpitti: that looks like it would do it for the desktop image08:50
infinity(And that's not the package I was thinking of, but danged if I can remember what I was actually concerned about)08:50
pittiinfinity: it definitively was there earlier last week08:50
infinityOh well.08:50
pittireport-builder-bin I mean08:51
infinitypitti: Anyhow.  Ignore me until I notice an oddity and bring it up real-time, I guess. :P08:51
infinitypitti: Maybe it's just that I am/was unclear on how to read the new and shiny html output.08:53
* Riddell accepts universe package v4l-utils08:58
pittiRiddell: ^ that's in main and on pretty much all images, FYI08:58
* Riddell doesn't accept08:59
pittinot sure how worried we are about packages being out of date on beta-1 images08:59
micahg[02:25] -queuebot/#ubuntu-release- New package: v4l-utils (main) [0.8.5-6ubuntu1 => 0.8.6-1ubuntu1] (core)08:59
Riddellmm, never trust apt-cache show v4l-utils when working out if it's in main or universe09:00
pittithe binary is indeed09:00
micahgRiddell: you either want apt-cache showsrc or rmadison09:01
pitti^ fixes ratings in unity, and drops libdb4.809:01
pittiif we are in a respinning mood, it's a good thing to include IMHO09:01
Riddellmicahg: yeah I know09:02
pitti(- 700 kB)09:02
tumbleweedor seeded-in-ubuntu, for the general question of: Will this upset ISOs09:03
=== doko_ is now known as doko
Davieypitti: it is indeed.09:16
Davieyinfinity: it seemed smarter to apply a 1 line change, closing a bug.. before investigating further WTF we still have it.09:17
micahgRiddell: I'm working on Ubuntu studio ATM, hopefully we should be able to respin the images in a few hours09:18
Riddellmicahg: nice09:18
pittiRiddell: FWIW, bug 940908 was reported against ubuntu, not kubuntu09:21
ubot2`Launchpad bug 940908 in console-setup "Cannot localize keyboard at startup in live session" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94090809:21
Riddellpitti: ok that's good to know, I guess that's the "LiveMediaBuild" in the bug report09:22
micahgRiddell: do we need to update lightdm-gtk-greeter for beta 1 or can we do that after beta 1?09:27
Riddellmicahg: well I already screwed that one up, what's the reamining issue?09:28
Riddellmicahg: still the wrong source package?09:28
micahgRiddell: you didn't remove the one binary that's not easy to upload :)09:29
micahgand please don't :)09:29
micahgRiddell: the binary is NBS, but working, apparently, we need a merge of the Debian SVN with the old lightdm configurations09:29
micahgso, mr_pouit prepared a package based on the last lightdm with with the greeter that I have to merge with the one I was preparing from Debian SVN09:30
Riddellmicahg: well it's probably not any gain for beta 1 at this stage09:30
micahgright, that's what I figure, and if it breaks images at this point I would think that would be a negative09:30
micahgI'll try to have it ready tomorrow night in case we need it, but I'd suggest keeping the current binary for beta 1 if it's working09:31
Riddellis it bad protocol to accept my own upload from unapproved? (plasma-mobile)09:39
Riddellmicahg: quite a lot in that ubuntustudio-default-settings, you're wanting it in presumably?09:40
Riddellvim seems to be a merge, assuming it's unimportant unless we get poked09:43
micahgRiddell: yeah, but maybe wait until the lightdm package is ready as well, I'd like the meta to hit as close as possible to those 2 packages hitting the archive09:43
Riddellsomeone accepted bzr-loom ?09:45
Riddell" 3816792 | X- | bzr-loom             | 2.2.0-1              | 4 minutes"  hmm, remind me again what that X is for archive admins?09:46
* Riddell accepts his own plasma-mobile09:48
micahgRiddell: AIUI, that's not good practice09:50
jibelcould bug 926859 be fixed for B1, it makes testing in VMs very painful09:50
ubot2`Launchpad bug 926859 in unity "llvmpipe software rendering needs blacklisting in unity-support-test" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92685909:50
Riddellmicahg: probably not, but I can't really screw up kubuntu active, it doesn't exist yet :)09:50
Riddelljibel: ask the unity team to upload a fix and we can let it in if we decide to respin?09:52
jibelRiddell, k09:52
* Riddell accepts unity-mail into universe10:01
jamespagegood morning: please could someone review/ack/nack FFe bug 93763210:03
ubot2`Launchpad bug 937632 in jenkins "[FFe] Please sync jenkins-instance-identity 1.2-1, jenkins-ssh-cli-auth 1.2-1 from Debian unstable" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93763210:03
Riddelljamespage: you're not wanting this for beta 1 but for post-beta1?10:04
jamespageRiddell, post-beta1 is fine (my jenkins upload to Debian to enable this functionality is currently blocked on another isssue anyway)10:07
Riddellwell unseeded universe package anyway10:07
jamespagewell yes10:07
pittiI cannot confirm bug 940908, asked for more info10:08
ubot2`Launchpad bug 940908 in ubiquity "Cannot localize keyboard at startup in live session" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94090810:08
Riddelljamespage: those are security related modules, any possible security issues?10:08
jamespageRiddell: they have been in Jenkins upstream for some time; I have done some testing which looks OK to me10:09
jamespageand they only expose the jenkins functionality so its fairly well sandboxed...10:10
Riddellok fine with me10:10
Riddellpitti: for FF exceptions I just comment on the bug or any status I need to set as well?10:10
jamespageRiddell, thanks - do you want me to wait until after beta-1 to sync?10:10
Riddelljamespage: should be fine anytime after pitti confirms I'm following correct protocol10:11
jibelstgraber, is bug 936115 on your list ?10:11
ubot2`Launchpad bug 936115 in ubiquity "ubiquity crashed with TypeError in partman_popup(): popup() takes exactly 7 arguments (6 given)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93611510:11
pittiRiddell: approving an FFE usually means New -> COnfirmed10:12
Riddellpitti: ok, it's in progress anyway so I'll just comment10:12
pittiRiddell: or -> Incomplete if there's something missing or questionable (or Wontfix if it's clearly out of line)10:12
micahgRiddell: can I get both ubuntustudio packages please?10:21
micahgunless there's a problem with them10:21
Riddellmicahg: is the lightdm package you wanted in?10:22
micahgyeah, ubuntustudio-default-settings and ubuntustudio-lightdm-theme10:22
Riddelloh aye10:22
micahgafter they're published, I"ll respin the meta10:22
* Riddell cranks handles10:23
micahgRiddell: can the 2 ubuntustudio packages be deNEWed please?10:28
* Riddell cranks more handles10:29
seb128micahg, they have been already from the changes list10:32
micahgseb128: binary NEW :)10:33
seb128oh ok10:33
seb128^ gconf-editor would be good to get, the current version is almost impossible to use without hitting a segfault due to gtk changes10:58
seb128the actual diff is trivial, just adding block_signal and unblock_signal around the model update function to avoid having callbacks triggering when the model is being updated, the diff is a bit less trivial because I moved a function to be after the one it blocks10:59
Riddellseb128: is that on the CD?11:04
Riddelloh no, universe?11:04
* Riddell cranks handles11:05
seb128Riddell, thanks11:05
seb128yeah, universe, it's old gconf... ;-)11:05
Riddellold but the only way to get gnome to act as you want it to I hear </nasty-troll> :)11:06
seb128Riddell, ;-)11:07
seb128Riddell, well "old" in sense of "deprecated by gsettings, dconf-editor"11:07
seb128which is the new way to get gnome to act as you want ;-)11:07
Riddelldidrocks: do we want that nux?11:35
didrocksRiddell: yes please, it forces running unity-2d if you are using llvmpipe11:35
didrocksRiddell: it's particularly the case if you run in a vm11:36
didrocks(otherwise, ,you end up in an empty session as unity-3d doesn't support it)11:36
* Riddell accepts apt-cacher-ng11:37
Riddelldidrocks: is it on the CD?11:37
didrocksRiddell: it is, if you look at the linked bug, it's just been targeted for this beta by jibel11:37
didrocks(I reset the target on nux instead of unity)11:37
seb128Riddell, if you accept stuff on the CD can you accept gnome-desktop3 and indicator-appmenu?11:38
Riddelldidrocks: so it would need a respin11:39
seb128they are both trivial diffs and small packages for builders11:39
seb128Riddell, it's worth a respin11:39
RiddellI guess it's up to the ubuntu desktop masters if you guys want that11:39
pittiif we respin, we should also accept two others; do we?11:39
didrocksRiddell: right, I think jibel was proposing that for that issue11:39
seb128jibel said the current images can barelly be tested in a vm dur to it11:39
Riddellpitti: seems didrocks and seb128 are for it, and I'm in no position to argue with the French (last time I did I ended up in hospital!)11:40
pittiRiddell: so it seems so far we don't have a real dealbreaker, but a handful of "nice to have"s?11:41
pittibut it's still early, so I'm fine with a respin11:41
didrocksRiddell: heh ;)11:41
Riddellthat'll be ubuntu desktop and edubuntu images11:41
pittilibjpeg8-empty adds a new libjpeg-dev which will unbreak upgrades11:41
Riddellok let's do this11:41
pittiit doesn't change any actual bits11:41
pittiso I'd recommend accepting it now for upgraders11:42
micahgRiddell: can you free ubuntustudio-meta, then watch for binNEW when it's done, then kick off a rebuild for Ubuntu Studio once they're published (I would like to go to sleep now :))11:42
pitti-empty only builds empty metapackages11:42
pittiRiddell: ack, accepting the other two then11:42
Riddellmicahg: will do11:42
micahgRiddell: thanks11:42
pittii-appmenu looks straightforward, pulling this in, too11:44
Riddellwhat is Ubuntu Core?11:44
NCommanderpitti: I'm going to kick a new d-i install the queue to correct a bug with the armadaxp kernel (typo on mkimage causes a non-booting kernel)11:44
pittig-desktop3 is trivial as well, accepting11:45
pittiNCommander: ack11:45
NCommanderpitti: its a oneliner, I cleared it through skaet on Firday11:45
pittiRiddell: it's a minimal chroot tarball11:45
pittiRiddell: I'm not entirely sure what it is being used for, it started out from the  arm team11:45
RiddellNCommander: what new images does that need?11:45
NCommanderIts not used as the basis of any image as of writing; its designed as a minimal environment to use Ubuntu in embedded or highly customized installs11:46
pittiRiddell: it's standalone, it just needs to be rebuilt by itself (and it's rather quick)11:46
RiddellNCommander: and someone will test it before we release?11:46
NCommanderRiddell: I'll poke QA, not sure who is handling this anymore11:47
ogra_Riddell, ubuntu-core is the output of debootstrap --minbase plus teh installation of apt and its deps (and then tarring that up)... if that wouldnt work, all other images would fail :)11:51
ogra_i dont think there is a particular need to test it11:52
ogra_as long as normal images build and apt works on them at least ;)11:53
Riddellwhat is this error all about? http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/kubuntu-active/precise/daily-live-20120227.log12:11
RiddellCouldn't open file: /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/scratch/kubuntu-active/daily-live/tmp/precise-i386/indices-non-US/md5sums at /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/debian-cd/tools/fast_sums line 32.12:11
Riddellfind: File system loop detected; `./ubuntu' is part of the same file system loop as `.'.12:11
Riddellboth those errors seems to be in the main kubuntu logs as well which carry on and complete12:12
* NCommander punks d-i into incoming12:19
* Riddell lunches12:20
DavieyScottK: I did check mysql-5.1 mythbuntu seed before uploading :)12:23
ScottKDaviey: OK.  It was still in the packageset (which is what shows up in the LP U/I).12:30
NCommanderpitti: Riddell can you accept d-i?12:32
DavieyScottK: also shows to be in core, but it aint :)12:34
ScottKRight, but it was in Universe, so I knew that was out of date.12:34
RiddellNCommander: let me look12:39
RiddellNCommander: and what respins will be needed with this?12:40
NCommanderRiddell: none. armadaxp netboot only is the only change12:41
RiddellNCommander: what actually is armadaxp?12:41
dokoplease accept both openjdk-6 and openjdk-7. the multiarch installation issue wasn't fixed in the Friday upload12:45
Riddelldoko: respins needed?12:49
dokoRiddell, openjdk-7 is universe, openjdk-6 on the DVD images12:49
NCommanderRiddell: we've got a fair bit of uninstallable packages and oversized CDs :-/12:50
* NCommander just saw the daily health report email12:50
ScottKSince there was just a new DI, DVDs will need respun anyway.12:52
RiddellScottK: if we're not caring about the version alignment then that DI shouldn't affect DVDs12:53
ScottKAre we to the point of not caring?12:54
RiddellNCommander: mostly arm and unity isn't it?12:54
RiddellScottK: I don't know, why should we care?12:54
NCommanderRiddell: problems has nova and glance; daily health says they're uinstallable on ubuntu-server/daily :-/12:54
ScottKGenerally I thought we tried to have the archive and the images match.12:54
RiddellDaviey: ^^12:55
RiddellScottK: I'm not sure how immportant that is on betas, we'll be uploading as soon as they're released anyway12:55
pittiNCommander: yes, Daviey knows and they are on it;12:55
RiddellNCommander: and nux?12:55
NCommanderpitti: well, looking at glance, its just a matter of promoting python-iso8601 it seems12:56
Riddellubuntu dvd will be needed anyway12:56
pittiNCommander: yes, they will need 3 MIRs or drop the new dependencies again12:56
Riddellok letting openjdk in and respinning dvds12:56
NCommanderpitti: ok,is anyone handling trying to reclaim 4 MiB from the image?12:57
pittiNCommander: the next builds should shrink by 700 kB12:57
pittiNCommander: so amd64 should be OK at < 703 MB (which is our new limit)12:57
NCommanderpitti: seems you are far more on top of this than I :-)12:57
pittiNCommander: i386 might still be a tad oversized12:57
pittibut I'm not sure we can solve this properly by b1; do we care?12:58
NCommanderif i386 is still oversized, I'll see where we can cut some fat.12:58
RiddellNCommander: 8 from kubuntu amd64 please!12:58
Riddellfor some reason12:58
NCommanderRiddell: I'll poke around and see what we can cut12:58
NCommanderRiddell: openoffice.org-hyphenation any idea why that's on the kubuntuCD?13:00
RiddellNCommander: we seed it in live?13:01
NCommanderYes, but what are you using it for?  OOo's modules are really big13:01
RiddellI don't know, does open office use it for hyphenation?13:01
NCommanderoh, bah, I forgot libreoffice is in kubuntu.13:01
* NCommander hasn't reinstalled kubuntu from scratch in eons13:02
Riddellit's also only 305kiB13:02
RiddellNCommander: we saved a lot by removing amarok docs, I expect there are other docs that can be removed13:03
DavieyRiddell: it's known, zul is ONE THE CASE, and will ping jdstrand for some help when he is alive for they day13:03
NCommanderRiddell: I'm just suprised the entirity of OOo is there; one would think some of the submodules (i.e. OOo draw) could be dropped from the livecd13:03
DavieyRiddell: requires a handful of MIR's.13:03
NCommanderDaviey: I can look over any MIRs13:03
DavieyNCommander: Okay, sounds great.13:04
Davieyzul: have you raised the MIR's yet?13:04
RiddellNCommander: oh it's still for python 3 on the CD maybe a respin would help13:04
DavieyNCommander: they seemed to all be quite trivial.13:04
Riddellpitti: how much does python 3 dropping save?13:04
zulDaviey: ive stated it, when i actually get in they will be done13:04
Davieyzul: rocking.13:05
Riddell"Modify debian-cd/CONF.sh to set OFFICIAL" hmm what does that do?13:08
RiddellI've only just done it, does it require a respin for images?13:08
ScottKRiddell: IIRC Python3 is 4 or 5 mb13:08
RiddellScottK: that sounds like it would help our amd64 nicely13:08
NCommanderRiddell: I believe that OFFICIAL is a deep-voodoo from Debian13:09
NCommanderIt causes images to have official branding and such. I don't remember ever manually setting it, but infinity/skaet probably know better13:10
Riddellwell looks like most things are being respun anyway13:12
Riddellpitti: nux is in, what else did you let through that we want on the respin?13:14
Riddelllibjpeg in as well13:15
seb128Riddell, the other GNOME stuff were gnome-desktop3 and indicator-appmenu and they should be fine as well, they are much smaller than nux to build13:15
Riddellseb128: is gnome-desktop3 on the CD?13:15
seb128Riddell, libgnome-desktop-3-213:15
Riddellok gnome-desktop != gnome-shell I guess13:16
seb128Riddell, yes, it's a library13:16
Riddellok let's respin half the world13:16
RiddellDaviey: shall I mark ubuntu server as not being tested for now?13:19
dokoRiddell, and icedtea-web as well (as well only one the DVD)13:20
Riddelldoko: that's important for beta?13:21
dokoRiddell, for upgrade tests, yes. it doesn't add much build time, compared to openjdk-613:21
Riddellit's nice to have someone owe me beers for a change :)13:22
pittiRiddell: unity-lens-applications13:24
pittiRiddell: but should all be in now13:24
Riddellpitti: hmm we got an e-mail saying this lockfile still exists /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/ftp/Archive-Update-in-Progress-nusakan.canonical.com13:25
Riddellit's over an hour old13:25
RiddellI think it's ok to delete13:26
pittiRiddell: yes, there's only a buildlive kubuntu running from 8 mins ago, so shoudl be ok to delete13:26
DavieyRiddell: no, it's fine13:42
DavieyRiddell: the issues are in the on cd archive only, not installed as part of the testcases13:42
DavieyRiddell: therefore, the iso's are good as is. Just the on-cd pool is a problem13:42
Riddellroyal.buildd is taking ages on these kubuntu images, is that the powerpc one?13:45
pittiit's usually taking more than twice as long13:45
pittiRiddell: there's an RT to move it to a faster buildd, but not done yet13:45
Riddellmicahg: "ubuntustudio-meta 0.97 produces uninstallable binaries: "13:49
zulRiddell/Daviey: nova MIRs bug #941920, bug #941916, and bug #94191313:52
ubot2`Launchpad bug 941920 in python-iso8601 "[MIR] python-iso8601" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94192013:52
ubot2`Launchpad bug 941916 in python-tz "[MIR] python-tz" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94191613:52
ubot2`Launchpad bug 941913 in python-babel "[MIR] python-babel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94191313:52
Riddellzul: best tell the ubuntu-mir team13:53
DavieyNCommander: can you assist with the MIR's?14:06
Davieyzul: I thought there was a further dep of the dep?14:06
zulDaviey: python-tz14:06
zulneeded by python-babel14:07
Davieyah, good catch14:07
NCommanderDaviey: I can look them over and sponsor if need be. Will do in a few minutes14:11
DavieyNCommander: thanks.14:11
RiddellDaviey: NCommander isn't in ubuntu-mir, mterry is incharge of that14:12
=== bladernr_afk is now known as bladernr_
DavieyNCommander: ?  I didn't think you were.. which was why i was going to punt it to jdstrand. :/14:13
pittiNCommander: no need to sponsor, unless we want to fix nova to drop the dependencies again14:13
RiddellDaviey: or ask mterry, who is incharge of it14:14
NCommanderRiddell: I thought MIRs had to be sponsored by a core dev before going to the MIR team14:16
stgraberjibel: can you try from a live session?14:16
stgraberjibel: yesterday I discovered that the other manual partitioner crash happens only when you let the CD boot and install from there14:17
stgraberjibel: as the accessibility module in gtk seems to be at fault14:17
stgraberjibel: doing the same from ubiquity started from a live session didn't show the issue (bug 939450)14:18
ubot2`Launchpad bug 939450 in ubiquity "ubiquity crashed with TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable in ubi-partman.py" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93945014:18
stgraberjibel: if you can only reproduce from a standard boot and not through the live session, it's most likely a duplicate of bug 93945014:18
RiddellNCommander: not that I know of, it'll have to be uploaded by a core dev after14:19
DavieyNCommander: zul and myself are both core dev's.. :)14:21
DavieyWait, and why would it need 'uploading' for a promotion?14:22
zuli already pinged mterry on #ubuntu-devel14:22
RiddellDaviey: it wouldn't14:25
jibelstgraber, morning. 936115 is different and reproduced from a live session14:49
* jibel reading stgraber's reply on #ubuntu-installer14:50
stgraberjibel: right, just came to the same conclusion (see -installer) :) looking at it now14:50
Riddellnew ubuntu images! http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/20120227/14:57
Riddellamd64 703MB, i386 not14:57
pittii386 seems fine14:57
pittiamd64 probably just barely14:57
pittiwe really need to adjust cdimage's limits14:58
pittislangasek: ^ IIRC you determined the 703 MiB upper bound, did you? is it exactly 703 MiB?14:58
pittiRiddell: if you are worried, I have little hesitation to drop the one remaining langpack from the alternate14:59
pittioh, we actually have two14:59
Riddellpitti: I don't mind releasing oversized images but people who care about those images may well14:59
CimiHi guys, I need an approval for this asaè :)15:00
pittiRiddell: dropped in the seeds15:00
Cimiasap :)15:00
DavieyCan we start keeping a journal of re-spin reasoning please?15:00
Cimiseb128, added screenshot https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/94019015:00
ubot2`Launchpad bug 940190 in light-themes "[UIFe] Unfocused theme" [Wishlist,Confirmed]15:00
pittiDaviey: usually we keep track of them on http://pad.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-release15:01
pittiRiddell: want me to respin? we have no test results yet, and alternates are quick15:01
Davieypitti: right15:01
Riddellpitti: go ahead (I'm spinning kubuntu now)15:02
pitti(noted so in pad)15:02
RiddellDaviey: http://pad.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-release has notes15:02
Riddell...as has already been said15:02
RiddellCimi: for what?15:02
RiddellCimi: have you checked with the docs team?15:03
DavieyRiddell: hmm, sorry - when you said new ubuntu images, i thought you mean't all flavours.15:03
RiddellDaviey: I've not touched server15:04
CimiRiddell, doesn't affect docs15:04
DavieyRiddell: great, thanks15:04
CimiRiddell, it's for unfocused windows, docs screenshots are taken on focused windows15:04
RiddellCimi: who has tested it?15:05
CimiRiddell, me15:06
Riddellwell yes but anyone who isn't the guy incharge :)15:06
jbichaCimi: well there's 1 screenshot we have that uses an unfocused window but it hasn't been updated for 12.04 anyway15:06
CimiRiddell, I don't think there are other guys apart from me who do theming :)15:06
CimiRiddell, visual designers approved15:07
Cimi(I'm in london office)15:07
Cimiwhich kind of "test" you need?15:07
RiddellCimi: get me a tester from the desktop team (like seb128 or didrocks) and I'll approve15:07
Riddelljust a sanity check15:07
Cimiseb128, ^ :)15:07
seb128Cimi, ok15:07
Cimiseb128, when you will be ok, I'll fix nautilus15:10
Riddellnew ubuntu desktop lives http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20120227/15:11
Riddellamd64 702M i386 702M15:11
Riddellamd64 702M i386 704M15:11
Riddellstgraber: does the iso tracker get magically updated when new images appear?15:14
stgraberRiddell: it should, yes15:15
pittiRiddell: new alternate built; do you know how to update the tracker for 27.1?15:19
* pitti needs to run out for a bit15:19
Riddellpitti: it has magically updated15:24
seb128Riddell, Cimi: the update seems fine to me15:29
seb128theme update that is15:29
jibelpitti, I reproduced bug 94090815:30
ubot2`Launchpad bug 940908 in ubiquity "Cannot localize keyboard at startup in live session" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94090815:30
jibelpitti, it only occurs on bare-metal booted from usb15:30
skaethiya Riddell,   is pad.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-release accurate?   I'm seeing a lot of rebuilds occuring I don't see marked on there and wondering why?15:50
skaet(and triggers)15:50
pittiI removed the alternate rebuild15:52
pittiit's done15:52
pittibut I can't figure out how to update the tracker15:52
pittijibel: ^ do you know how?15:52
pittiI missed teh AUTO_POST thing15:52
pittioh, hang on15:53
pittiit's already autoposted15:53
pittijibel: hm, weird15:53
pittijibel: thanks15:53
Davieyskaet: I am wondering if a reasoning log is also of use, the pad doesn't seem clear nuff always.15:57
pittiwell, the pad _is_ our reasoning log15:58
skaetDaviey,  would be good if folks could add the reasoning to the pad as well.15:58
skaetor at least enough comments15:58
* skaet is not sure why Edubuntu is marked for rebuilding for instance...15:58
Davieypitti: Do you disagree, that at a glance you can see why a flavour of 20120226.1 was built?15:58
ogra_for educational purpose indeed :)15:58
skaetmicahg,  I've not seen Ubuntu Studio rebuilt since 20120225 - are all the necessary pieces in place?15:59
pittiDaviey: yes, we don't keep the reasons for past rebuilds (well, the pad does have history), just for pending rebuilds16:00
skaetDaviey,  you can look at the past history via another link - so we do have a log.   Just need folks to put more detailed comments in so its useful... ;)16:01
Davieypitti: right.. so i need to look at the pad history to grok it?16:01
skaetDaviey, ^ link to pad history through time.16:01
DavieyI'm not being daft.. i know the pad has history.16:01
pittiit doesn't have the precise timestamps, thoug16:02
DavieyIf i'm the only one that doesn't find the current process ideal, then 'ill drop the idea.16:02
Riddellskaet: edubuntu is rebuilding for nux16:03
Riddellsame as ubuntu desktop16:03
skaetThanks Riddell.16:04
skaetRiddell,  am confused only thing on precise-prob right now is linux-meta-armadaxp - why does Ubuntu Studio care about this?16:07
Riddellah, refresh fixed it16:08
Riddellskaet: I'll rebuild Ubuntu Studio too16:08
skaetDaviey,  would love more detailed logging, but not sure how it can be achieved in a light weight fashion in the near future.16:08
skaetDaviey,  please bring it up for discussion at UDS feedback session.16:09
Davieyskaet: k16:09
skaetRiddell,  coolio,  thanks!16:10
pittiskaet, stgraber: it seems the tracker still has some armel images; shouldn't these be armhf now?16:17
stgraberpitti: probably, though if they're still being built they'll still be published ;)16:17
skaetpitti,  I'd removed them but infinity added them back.   He's discussing it with kernel team.16:18
pittiogra_: should we drop the armel+omap images for ubuntu daily-preinstalled now?16:18
pittiskaet: ah, so it's not just a leftover, but deliberate16:18
pittiskaet: thanks16:18
ogra_pitti, hmm, i thought infinity had done that last week already16:18
ogra_pitti, oh, wait omap ... we're still waiting for binary drivers for armhf for that i think16:19
ogra_lets probably keep them around for another milestone ... mx5 can definitely be dropped though16:19
ogra_(armel that is)16:19
* Riddell is building arm images of ubuntu desktop now16:22
slangasekthe only armel left on the pad are omap and ac100; are those the ones that should be there?16:22
slangasekinfinity: ^^16:22
ogra_slangasek, yes16:23
infinityslangasek: Yes.16:23
ogra_ac100 doesnt have any armhf binary drivers at all ... omap is still waiting for a word from TI16:24
infinity(And we should drop ac100 some day soon too, it's only there to appease Oli and his binary driver fetish)16:24
* slangasek chuckles16:24
ogra_heh, drop it !16:24
ogra_the binary driver doesnt get along with the latest Xorg ABI anyway16:24
infinityThen yeah.  Screw it.16:24
ogra_it works16:24
infinityI'll drop ac100.16:24
ogra_but you get rainbow colors for fonts and fun like that16:24
ogra_nothing we can fix on our side anyway16:25
pittiso we'll keep armel+omap for now?16:25
pittiok, thanks for the heads-up16:26
ogra_until TI releases a binary driver we can pull in16:26
infinityarmel+omap is the one image we're keeping for smoketesting, though.  At least, until I talk to others and discover otherwise (but that was out plan, since it's the one kernel that's mainline)16:26
ogra_that too16:26
* infinity goes to clean up armel+ac100.16:26
ogra_binary driver situation is supposed to be solved by rsalveti/linaro16:26
infinityDoes someone want to clean armel+ac100 from the tracker while I purge them from cdimage?16:29
pittinow, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing/precise_probs.html doesn't look too bad16:29
pittione step away from beer16:29
stgraberinfinity: done16:30
infinityAlright, purged.  Not bothering to re-generate indexes, it'll fix itself the next time someone rolls an image.16:31
skaetRiddell, infinity - what about Ubuntu Core armel - does that makes sense anymore?16:32
infinityWhich is, I guess, right now.16:32
infinityskaet: It does no harm to have it on all arches, IMO.16:32
infinity(In fact, I wonder why I never enabled it for powerpc...)16:32
pittithat would just unnecessarily heat up the universe even more? :-)16:33
slangasekpitti: the upper bound is 703.125MiB: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CD-ROM#Capacity (linked from https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-o-great-cd-debate)16:35
pittislangasek: perfect, thanks16:35
Riddellskaet: I've not ever worked out if ubuntu core makes sense, only NCommander seems to understand it16:36
pittislangasek: do you think "Further investigate feasibility of increasing CD limit to 703.125 MiB" still needs some actual work, or can we go ahead with this? I heard that several people burned 703 MiB images without a problem16:36
pittibut that's of course not very scientific16:36
slangasekpitti: the vast majority of people can burn them without problem16:36
slangasekthat work item was about trying to track down the cases where it hasn't worked, for one reason or another16:37
slangasekI think we're probably ok to raise the limit, particularly for beta and see what happens; making myself a note to follow through on our CD pressing pipeline to make sure it handles the larger images16:39
pittislangasek: so, I'll dive through cdimage and see where it has that check16:39
skaetDaviey,  there are Ubuntu Server armel+omap and armhf+omap images on the tracker.   Are they actually wanted?16:41
pittiinfinity: hm, so do you know how cdimage bzr works? so /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com is a local branch from /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/bzr/private/cdimage, which pulls from http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/bzr/cdimage/mainline/ -- i. e. cjwatson is the only one who can commit?16:43
slangasekstgraber: I've marked all "armel" products in the iso tracker disabled unless they're omap flavor, since that's the only one we should have milestones of going forward16:44
infinitypitti: Ignore the public one.16:45
slangasekthe public one isn't meant to be ignored16:45
infinityFrom the POV of workflow on nusakan, it almost has to be.16:45
pittithere's also a "submit branch" from /home/adconrad/cdimage16:45
slangasekthere is a copy of that branch on nusakan that cjwatson syncs from16:45
infinityColin does bi-directional merges between the public one and the private one.16:45
pittibut this is mildly confusing16:45
stgraberslangasek: sounds good, thanks16:45
slangasekinfinity: what's *meant* to happen is people commit their changes to the public one when appropriate and then merge them into the private branch16:46
infinitypitti: The local workflow is "branch /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/bzr/private/cdimage to your home directory, do merges and such there, commit, then pull to /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com"16:46
slangasek/srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/bzr/cdimage should be the copy of the public branch that you have write access to16:46
Davieypitti: be careful committing16:46
infinityslangasek: Yeah, I like that theory.  I've never seen it work that way.16:46
pittiso what is _the_ master branch for cdimage which we should commit changes to?16:47
infinitypitti: The private and the public are both "master" branches.  Sort of.16:47
slangasekinfinity: that's how I make all my changes16:47
infinitypitti: That's the confusion/annoyance.16:47
infinitypitti: And, of course, neither of those is the production code.16:47
pittiand the private/cdimage one is full of empty .orig files16:48
infinityIs it?16:48
infinityslangasek: If thats how you're making all your changes, then some things have changed lately, and I need to reexamine my workflow (ie: that used to be almost literally impossible for anyone but Colin)16:49
pittiso AFAICS https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/ubuntu-cdimage/mainline is the official public branch, but I can't push back to this16:50
slangasekpitti: you don't *need* to push to that one.  The branch containing the public code is /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/bzr/cdimage16:51
slangasekcjwatson will sync16:51
pittislangasek: ah, so what's /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/bzr/private/cdimage then?16:51
slangasekthat's the master of the private code branch16:51
pittibecause that's what the actual deployment seems to pull from16:52
slangasekbut this is a change that should be made on both branches; commit to "public", merge to private16:52
slangasekinfinity: this is how cjwatson's had me making changes to these branches since I started :)16:52
pittislangasek: and then finally pull into /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com, I guess?16:52
infinityslangasek: Heh.  Fair enough.  I'll add one more layer to my push/pull dance.16:54
infinityslangasek: Colin's not once complained about it, so I guess he never much cared about the bi-directional merges. :P16:54
ogra_depends what you marged from where to where :)16:55
ogra_accidentially merging private into publich might cause some heatattacks somewhere :)16:55
pittislangasek, infinity: http://paste.ubuntu.com/859409/ ?16:58
* ogra_ thinks that looks sane16:59
pittiinfinity, slangasek: OK, I think I deployed it according to slangasek's recipe17:03
infinitypitti: Aww, not keeping the historical mess of previous arguments/sizes? ;)17:03
pittibzr has it all, doesn't it? :-)17:03
infinityI wonder what hardware/software hated our previous 73605120017:04
infinityCause it'll hate the new value even more. :P17:04
* skaet figures we'll hear about it from the beta images, likely....17:04
infinityHopefully, it was some craptastic came-with-my-burner-in-2001 software on Win98 or something and no one cares anymore.17:05
pittiso, the next image builds will hopefully complain less17:06
slangasekright, the best we've been able to determine is that the complaints were from lousy burning software17:07
slangasekand not a problem with actual media / hardware17:07
slangasekstgraber: do you want to drop the imx51/omap4 flavors from d-i as well for netboot?17:10
pittigood night everyone17:10
skaetgood night pitti17:10
* slangasek waves to pitti17:10
infinityslangasek: Wait, do you mean from the tracker, or from d-i itself?17:12
slangasekinfinity: d-i itself17:12
slangasekor do you need us to keep those?17:13
infinityslangasek: There isn't an active imx51 flavour (hasn't been for years..)17:13
slangasekok, then I can remove that one from the tracker :)17:13
infinityslangasek: But please don't drop any netboot flavours that are actually being built. :P17:13
infinityBut you can drop all armel/netboot stuff from the tracker.17:13
Riddellmicahg: "Error: no livefs builds succeeded." for ubuntu studio17:14
Riddellskaet: ^^17:14
CimiI need an approval for this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/93108817:14
ubot2`Launchpad bug 931088 in light-themes "[UIFe] Ambiance/Radiance Nautilus Sidebar Should be themed differently" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:14
Cimiseb128, ^17:14
infinity libavcodec-extra-53 : Conflicts: libavcodec53 but 4:0.8-1ubuntu2 is to be installed17:15
infinity libavformat-extra-53 : Conflicts: libavformat53 but 4:0.8-1ubuntu2 is to be installed17:15
infinity libavutil-extra-51 : Conflicts: libavutil51 but 4:0.8-1ubuntu2 is to be installed17:15
infinityubuntustudio builds.17:15
seb128Cimi, I'm not in the r-t so I can't give approval, and I think such tweaks are defined as bug fixes no need of an uife17:15
Cimiseb128, no they are quite bug17:16
infinityshlibs mess and/or packages that should be providing things they aren't.17:16
Cimidocumentation need to be aware17:16
infinityI guess.17:16
infinity(I assume those are ABI-compatible replacement libraries?  I hope?)17:16
Cimiseb128, the search bar changes from yellow to light grey17:16
seb128Cimi, well I think there was an agreement that it's ridiculous to ask for an uife for every single minor change17:16
seb128like color tweaks17:16
CimiI'll merge then17:17
Cimiseb128, from yellow to grey17:17
Cimiseb128, not to a brighter color17:17
Cimianyway ok17:17
seb128if the documentation is still reflecting the ui and there is no layout or functional change I think it's just a bug fix17:17
seb128i.e you can still see it's the same interface and ui elements even if the color is different17:17
slangasekinfinity: TTBOMK they are ABI-compatible; I think ubuntustudio requires the 'extra' ones with more features, and it looks like something has already pulled in the non-extra ones to the build's detriment17:17
infinityslangasek: Sure, but that should resolve (or be resolvable) sanely...17:18
infinityPerhaps it just needs some seed abuse, like xubuntu and it's one annoying library.17:18
slangasekinfinity: only if -extras- is seen *first*17:18
skaetRiddell,  ack.17:18
slangasekif apt has already decided it needs libavcodec53, then something tells it that it also needs libavcodec-extra-53, fail17:19
* skaet heading out for lunch, biab17:19
infinityRemind me where the ubuntustudio seeds live?17:20
Riddellinfinity: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ ?17:20
infinity(Do we have an authoritative list of where all the non-core-dev seeds are?)17:20
Riddellcdimage:bin/run-germinate ?17:21
infinityRiddell: That would do it yeah.17:21
Riddellalso code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-seeds17:21
infinityslangasek: Right, so, remember how xubuntu used to force LIST="... libgoffice-gtk-0-6 xubuntu-desktop^"?17:26
infinity(Before that became obsolete, apparently)17:26
infinityslangasek: Seem like a sane hack to force these -extra libs for ubuntustudio for now, or should we find a saner fix?17:27
slangasekinfinity: I don't remember that at all, no :)  But I think the sane fix is to reorder the seed so that -extras- is found before libavcodec5317:28
slangasek(we've done this plenty of times for similar situations)17:28
infinityOh, wait.17:28
infinityslangasek: Yeah, just needs moving ubuntustudio-video before ubuntustudio-desktop in auto/config17:29
infinityslangasek: I suspect.17:29
infinityslangasek: Since *-extra-53 is in the ubuntustudio-video seed, afaict.17:29
* infinity is curious what that might impact negatively...17:31
infinityslangasek: Oh, the ffmpeg-common seed is tiny.  Maybe it just needs a STRUCTURE fiddling, then.17:33
infinity(ie: make desktop depend on ffmpeg-common)17:33
* infinity tests this theory.17:35
Riddellskaet: new amarok about to be in Unapproved, please approve17:38
Riddellskaet: then please rebuild kubuntu when it appears, should solve our sizing problems for desktop images17:38
Riddellskaet: kubuntu active has a mystery failure that I haven't worked out http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/kubuntu-active/precise/daily-live-20120227.log17:39
RiddellI'm off for the evening17:39
gilirnext lubuntu-meta upload is to re-create the lubuntu-desktop binary, and update the seed with package name changes, please accept it :)17:45
* ScottK took care of accepting amarok.17:45
gilira respin of all Lubuntu ISOs will also be needed after17:45
stgraberbased on jibel's comment in #ubuntu-testing, Edubuntu most likely has a broken ltsp-live at the moment.... running a quick test and if it's what I think, I'll upload a new ltsp soonish17:48
stgraberwhich will require a respin of Edubuntu. The alternates shouldn't be affected by this problem (they don't use ltsp-live)17:48
jibelstgraber, you might be interested in bug 936939 too17:54
ubot2`Launchpad bug 936939 in ltsp "ltsp-live crashed with IndexError in __getitem__(): row index is out of bounds: -1" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93693917:54
jibelstgraber, start ltsp-live without network (which doesn't make sense I agree)17:54
stgraberjibel: oh, interesting one ;)17:56
stgraberjibel: by networkless, do you mean without any network interface or just no connected interface?17:57
jibelstgraber, I tried without network interface, but from the bug original report, I guess it may occur in other configurations (unplugged interface, disconnected wifi, ...)18:00
micahgskaet: re ubuntustudio, apparently not, will get solved18:00
micahgRiddell: oops, I assume there's a log on the site I can look at?18:01
stgraberjibel: ok, should be easy to fix but will introduce an extra string (as I need an error message for that case)...18:01
stgraberjibel: or maybe not, apparently the window shows up just fine without any network interface, it just fails when starting, so I can simply disable the start button until we have an interface selected18:03
stgraberjibel: ok, fixed that one in the branch, still need to fix the other one though18:06
micahg bzr-rewrite fixes a regression I accidentally introduced ~8 hrs ago, if someone could review/release it :)18:25
* doko mad roseapple an amd64 buildd for a while to clear the queue18:39
ScottKmicahg and gilir: accepted.18:43
micahgScottK: thanks18:43
ScottKYou're welcome.18:43
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ScottKAlso accepted amarok and lubuntu-meta from binary New.18:48
infinityOh, bah.  core-dev can't commit to ubuntustudio seeds?18:55
infinitymicahg: Could you have that fixed at some poine?18:55
infinitypoint, too...18:55
micahginfinity: I asked about it, it was due to e-mail noise going to core-devs and was apparently an acceptable solution a while back18:55
micahginfinity: did you fix the problem?18:56
infinityMail shouldn't be an issue, unless people have automatic subscription on.18:56
infinity(Which is insanity)18:56
micahginfinity: IIRC, the dev team is subscribed to some bugs as well18:56
infinitymicahg: I'm not entirely sure without running the LP scripts, to be fair.18:56
micahginfinity: ah, ok, I was going to dig into it after my next meeting18:57
infinitymicahg: I /think/ that making desktop depend on ffmpeg-common in STRUCTURE will solve the problem.18:57
infinitymicahg: The metapackages are coming out correctly either way (since libav* isn't actually in -desktop), but tasks contain all the dependencies as well, so the -desktop task gets the non-extra libav.18:58
micahghmm, I thought we fixed that18:58
infinity(So, I'd need to run the LP generate-extra-override bits to be sure that STRUCTURE change fixes it, but logically, it should)18:58
infinitymicahg: Anyhow, if there's foot-dragging about core-dev being a member of ubuntustudio-dev, at least have me added?18:59
micahginfinity: sure, I can ask for that, in the mean time, I can fix it19:00
micahginfinity: is the error somewhere where I can see it?19:01
infinityI poked Luke about it.19:01
infinitymicahg: ^19:01
infinitymicahg: But the error is obvious from apt-cache.19:01
infinitymicahg: Namely that libavcodec53 is in Task: ubuntustudio-desktop, and it really shouldn't be.19:02
infinity(And same for the other two)19:02
micahgah, yeah, ok19:02
* micahg is wondering what changed that broke that19:03
infinityMoon phase, order of packages in lists, who knows?19:04
infinityThe way it's set up currently is fairly non-deterministic.19:05
infinitySo, it could work again tomorrow, and break on Friday.19:05
micahgok, fix pushed, I guess we wait a publisher cycle and respin?19:06
infinityWait a publisher cycle, check apt-cache, curse if it didn't change the Task header.19:06
infinityAt which point, I'll break down and actually start generating extra-overrides locally to see why I was wrong.19:07
infinityBut, if apt-cache shows you love, yeah, we'll respin.19:07
micahgok, thanks19:08
skaetmanpages -> approved.19:25
skaetScottK,  re: amarok, thanks.19:26
=== Ursinha_ is now known as Guest34384
stgraber^ fixes two ltsp-live bugs, one of them is critical for Edubuntu, only affect ltsp-live on Edubuntu. Would appreciate a respin for this one.19:47
skaetstgraber, bug numbers?19:49
micahginfinity: it was the new audacious-plugins that broke ubuntustudio, still waiting for a new germinate run + publisher cycle19:50
stgraberskaet: bug 936939 is the non-critical one. I don't have a bug number for the critical issue (no working ltsp in Edubuntu), was waiting to see if jibel filed one so I can close it manually19:51
ubot2`Launchpad bug 936939 in ltsp "ltsp-live crashed with IndexError in __getitem__(): row index is out of bounds: -1" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93693919:51
skaetthanks stgraber19:52
infinitymicahg: Oh?19:53
infinitymicahg: As in, it was broken somehow, or it got pulled into -desktop and broke the accidentally working setup?19:54
micahginfinity: as in the dependencies changed :)19:54
micahgit didn't used to need libavcodec19:54
infinityBut that package itself isn't to blame in any way, it's just that nothing in -desktop used to use libav, so the broken seeds accidentally worked right, right? :)19:55
micahgwell, there was no need for the dependency since nothing depended on it19:57
infinityI suppose.19:58
infinitySo, now libavformat53 isn't in the ubuntustudio-desktop Task anymore (yay), but I kind expected that the -extra- one would be.19:58
infinityAnd it's not.19:58
infinityProbably fixed anyway, though.19:58
skaetinfinity,  why is ubuntu desktop arm images marked for rebuild on the iso tester?   am not seeing a reason on the pad (ie. not sure if they should/can be kicked off yet or not)20:00
infinityskaet: Wasn't me...20:00
infinityskaet: I know they were in the process of being rebuilt (as in, it's still happening right now), but not sure why, I wasn't around when that started.20:02
skaetinfinity,  thanks.    Anything else you know is being rebuilt as we speak?   I'm not seeing much on the ps -aux | grep cdimage side.20:03
infinityThat's all I see.20:03
skaetokie.  ... working through the dependencies then to see what's ready for kicking off.20:03
skaetltsp accepted, but would like another set of more knowledgable eyes on libtimezonemap20:10
skaetinfinity, slangasek ^ either of you able to help out?20:11
infinityI'll have a look.20:11
skaetthanks infinity20:12
infinityLooks straightforward enough to me.20:13
skaetthanks infinity.20:14
infinityRiddell: kubuntu-mobile is dead, right?  I can remove the cruft from cdimage/www/full/kubuntu-mobile/?20:15
ScottKinfinity: Just make sure the cruft is replaced by kubuntu-active as that's the new hotness.20:15
infinityRiddell: Repeat for -kde4 and -netbook.20:15
ScottKinfinity: Yes.20:16
infinityScottK: -active is already there.20:16
infinityScottK: Alright, going to remove all the daily-* directories for now.  We can decide what we want to do about releases later.20:16
infinity(My gut is probably "archive them off and then delete", but I dunno)20:16
GrueMasterI'm not seeing netboot on the tracker.  Is that going to be added for beta 1 testing?20:18
slangaseklet me add it20:21
GrueMasterThanks.  Can you remove the armel+omap4?  Or should we leave it since it is being generated?  I've already got a test build running now and it is automated for the most part.20:23
* infinity is irked by the queue not showing him who sponsored an upload, and heads to cocoplum...20:25
slangasekGrueMaster: it's still being generated, so keeping it on the tracker20:27
slangasekand infinity says we shouldn't make it disappear20:27
GrueMasterOk.  I'm good either way, but I wanted to verify.20:27
infinityI don't want the d-i target to disappear.  I don't really care if it gets tracked.20:28
infinity(much like powerpc d-i targets)20:28
slangasekinfinity: well, I'm not sure why we want armel+omap4 d-i if we're not building images from it20:29
infinityslangasek: How do the two relate at all?20:30
slangasekbecause armel+omap4 is useful or it isn't? :)20:30
infinityslangasek: For anyone wanting to do any sort of automated testing (glances at Tobin), or for people who want to install, despite not having "supported and tested CD/preinstalled/etc images", netinst is simple and easy for us to provide with minimal effort.20:32
slangasekwell, I'm not sure why we would even keep the kernel image around under the circumstances20:32
infinityslangasek: I suppose we could drop the kernel image, but I'm not sure I see the point.  It's identical to the armhf kernel, so it's not a maintenance burden.20:33
slangasekyep, just buildd load20:33
infinityslangasek: It's a QA burden, but only if QA chooses to QA it. :P20:33
infinityI'd take the buildd argument, except that ARM kernels all build faster than the x86 ones.20:33
GrueMasterQA for netboot is mostly automated now (and the monkey presses the button), so little burden here.  Just a matter of tracking or not is all I care about.20:34
infinityAnyhow, it's not something I feel wildly passionate about, I just think it's a nice service to actually provide d-i/netboot builds, since that takes so much less time and effort than full image builds.20:35
GrueMasterAnd the install on USB is loads faster for app testing than SD.20:35
infinity(And it becomes moot when and if we drop armel entirely, sure, but while the userspace is still shipping, having some way to install/test is nice)20:35
slangasekwell, I thought 'omap' was the "some way to install/test"?20:38
micahgskaet: broder found a wiki page that's out of date: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BetaFreeze, would you be up for updating it to be image based rather than component based or should I give it a whirl?20:39
skaetmicahg,  if you could take a pass on it,  would be much appreciated.20:40
micahgok, will give it a shot20:40
GrueMasterslangasek: Actually, omap4 is the preferred test platform.  We can cover more testing faster and SMP inherently finds more bugs than UP (note Mono/Banshee from Maverick).20:41
slangasekI understand that, but why then are we generating desktop images for armel+omap but not armel+omap4?20:41
skaetinfinity, re the other directories - if they're all EOL yes, but probably should do some checks to confirm.20:42
infinityslangasek: The argument for keeping only armel+omap was because it's the only kernel in mainline.  I dunno.  Subconsciously, maybe I was doing it as a pat on the back for someone finally doing something right. :P20:43
infinityslangasek: Switching that to omap4 wouldn't hurt my feelings.  I don't really care either way.20:43
infinityslangasek: Heck, dropping them both wouldn't hurt my feelings, and just directing people who really want armel to use d-i/netinst...20:44
* slangasek waves to dobey 20:47
dobeyhow much approval would a change that fixes a regression, but which technically breaks feature (and possibly ui) freeze, require?20:48
micahginfinity: Ubuntu studio looks good, can we resping please?20:48
slangasekinfinity: right, I don't see strong arguments one way or the other.  I guess I think that, if armel+omap4 is the one it's useful to us to keep around as netboot for sanity checking, it makes more sense to me to also have this one as the desktop image20:48
slangasekdobey: how "technically" is technically?: )20:48
infinityslangasek: Well, we're keeping both as netboot.20:48
dobeyslangasek: http://git.gnome.org/browse/rhythmbox/commit/?id=bca344b8d70cf39ceb57b3654124f23cad69e4b120:49
infinityslangasek: My netboot/d-i argument is simple that "if the kernel is in main (ie: if the d-i build can see it), we should build d-i against it".20:49
infinitymicahg: Roger.20:49
dobeyslangasek: old rhythmbox (gtk2) had a way for plug-ins to specify they should be enabled by default, but with the gtk3 port and change to libpeas, that was broken. this commit fixes it and introduces a new value in the config schema (which i think breaks string freeze)20:50
infinityslangasek: But, the "which images do we drop/keep" thing was hastily decided, to say the least, and the more I think about it, the more I think the right answer is "drop them ALL", and just leave d-i/netboot for people who really want/need to install/test armel".20:50
skaetinfinity, slangasek,  - am not spotting anything specifically to wait for right now on starting off rebuilds for ubuntu desktop/DVD - you aware of anything?20:50
infinityskaet: libtimezonemap would have retriggered all desktop images.20:50
infinityskaet: At least.20:51
skaetinfinity,  glad I asked.  just sounded like edubuntu from stgraber's earlier comments.20:52
infinityskaet: ltsp was just edubuntu, but libtimezonemap is that cute little timezone clicky UI in ubiquity, IIRC.20:52
infinityI could be wrong.20:53
infinityIt's in all the *-live tasks, though, so I'm probably not wrong. :P20:53
slangasekdobey: I'm pretty sure string freeze doesn't care about the config schema20:54
infinityIf people are translating config schemas, we have some pretty big problems to sort out.20:55
dobeyslangasek: i think the short/long description are translated though20:55
skaetinfinity,  its in all the alternates as well... full rebuild time.20:55
slangasekdobey: so I think you should file a pro forma FFe bug for this so that the release team has documentation, but I don't see any reason to reject this change20:55
slangasekdobey: translated in rosetta?20:55
slangasekI can't imagine why gsettings config schema entries would need to be translated20:56
GrueMasterCan someone add netboot armhf+armadaxp to the tracker?  thx.20:56
dobeyslangasek: well, i would presume they'd show up in launchapd, if they are in defualt installed packages at least20:56
dobeyslangasek: well, different default values for different locales is useful. gconf schemas are translated also20:56
slangasekinfinity: so I don't think that we need to take a second hasty decision here; I'm also inclined to disabling the armel desktop images though20:57
slangasekdobey: the very idea of changing the default based on locale is making my head hurt20:57
GrueMasterslangasek: We have HW dependencies for the ones that are still active.  Need to wait for binary video drivers.20:57
GrueMaster(omap & ac100).20:58
slangasekstgraber: ^^ can you get armadaxp on the tracker please?20:58
dobeyslangasek: weather applet for example defaulting to C or F, mph or kph, depending on your locale.20:58
infinityslangasek: Well, hasty is easily undone, it's just a few config files. ;)20:58
infinityslangasek: I'm not silly enough to wipe armel code from anything, just disable it in default-arches and such.20:59
stgraberslangasek: what product are we building, where are they showing up and what tests should they have? (I usually let jibel take care of that ;))20:59
slangasekjibel: ^^ stgraber is passing the buck to you for armhf+armadaxp on the tracker :)21:00
stgraberoh, netboot only, that's easy, I can do it without scripting :)21:00
stgraberit gets a lot more annoying when you need to add desktop images with 4 download links each and a 10 testcases ;)21:01
infinityIf it's any comfort, armadaxp will never have a desktop image. ;)21:01
stgraberjibel: I'm taking care of netboot armhf+armadaxp21:01
infinity(maybe an alternate, if someone can sort out how to get it to boot from USB)21:01
infinitys/boot/reliably boot/21:01
dobeyi guess the rhythmbox schemas might not be getting translated though21:02
infinityslangasek: Yeah, so.  Hasty or not, I think I'm just going to end the entire debate by dropping armel+omap/desktop, and watch as no one other than Tobin even notices.21:03
dobeyseems that way21:03
stgraberGrueMaster: done21:03
infinityslangasek: And done.  Want to make it official and remove armel+omap/desktop from the tracker?21:07
infinitystgraber: Or you?21:07
stgraberinfinity: that includes kubuntu desktop armel+omap?21:08
infinitystgraber: kubuntu-desktop armel+* should be gone.21:10
infinitystgraber: In fact, everything armel+* !netboot should be gone.21:10
stgraberinfinity: ok, dropped "kubuntu desktop armel+omap", "ubuntu desktop armel+omap" and "ubuntu server armel+omap"21:11
stgraberinfinity: leaving us with just netboot21:11
infinitystgraber: Kay.  All other armel+* flavours were already gone, I take it?21:11
stgraberdoes your change also affect Ubuntu Core?21:12
stgraberyeah, the others were already gone21:12
infinityKay, cool.21:12
skaetinfinity,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseManifest can you confirm it matches21:12
infinityskaet: Looking.21:13
stgraberok, so in the armel world, we're now left with "Ubuntu Core armel", "Netboot armel+omap" and "Netboot armel+omap4"21:13
GrueMasterI thought we were keeping the omap images until we have the drivers rebuilt for armhf?21:13
infinitystgraber: Sounds right.21:13
infinityGrueMaster: Yeah, well.  We don't intend to support it, so why build it?21:13
infinityGrueMaster: We have netinst for people who really want/need to play with it.21:13
GrueMasterOk.  I was just repeating what ogra_ had said this morning.21:14
infinityGrueMaster: Yeah, I was there. :)21:15
infinity(Or I discussed it with him last night?)21:15
infinityAnyhow.  We don't intend to actually ship or support armel images at all for final.21:15
infinityWhy do it now and let people drag their feet?21:15
skaetinfinity,  refresh the page - just made a few more edits from the backscroll info.21:16
infinityskaet: For netboot, you want s/cdimage/archive/21:17
infinityskaet: But I might tidy up a bit more of the desktop-versus-preinstalled bits and such.21:18
skaetinfinity,  how so?  split out again?21:19
dobeyslangasek: i added it to bug #93423521:19
* skaet changing netboot right now.21:19
ubot2`Launchpad bug 934235 in rhythmbox-ubuntuone "[FFe] ubuntu one plugin is not enabled by default" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93423521:19
infinityskaet: Some bits are just listed in the wrong spots, I think. ;)21:19
GrueMasterinfinity: arm* netboot images are only on ports.ubuntu.com, not archive.ubuntu.com.21:19
infinityskaet: Also, is there any point in listing armhf+ac100's "tech preview", when the whole point of the document is listing supported images (ie: it doesn't list powerpc at all).21:19
infinityGrueMaster: Fine, fine.  So archive/ports.  Either way, cdimage is wrong. :P21:20
infinityGrueMaster: I meant "archive" as in "it's in the archive", not the host "archive.ubuntu.com".21:20
infinity(ambiguity, yay)21:20
GrueMasterAh, my bad.21:20
infinityI'd actually just write ftpmaster there, but only 7 people would know what that meant.21:20
stgraberinfinity: as long as the 7 people include everyone who needs the wiki page, that's fine21:21
skaetinfinity,  we had images released as tech previews and mentioned in the announce before if they were tested.   Want to check with ogra_ since he's community maintainer for it,  but from his comments earlier today wasn't sure if it should be in or out.21:22
infinityskaet: Well, if ac100 should be included, so should mx5. ;)21:22
skaetinfinity, is there someone lined up to test it?21:22
infinityskaet: There used to be...21:23
* infinity isn't sure right now.21:23
* skaet nods21:23
skaetinfinity - list is the ones we'll be publishing with precise,  support terms as listed under each product.  Images don't go on the list unless there's someone signed up to test it.21:24
infinityskaet: Kay.  So, if I sign up to test (after I fix) ubuntu-desktop/powerpc and ubuntu-server/powerpc, they would also go on the list as "unsupported" or some such?21:25
infinityskaet: I (perhaps wrongly) assumed the list was just a list of supported images, since it has the heading "supported architectures". ;)21:26
infinityBut we could be overloading the meaning of "supported" here.21:26
skaetinfinity,  yeah there might be some overloading going on. :P21:26
infinity(And maybe just dropping "supported" from that column heading would fix my confusion)21:26
infinitySince "maintenance commitment" covers that anyway, and can contain the value "unsupported".21:27
* skaet cleans up titles21:28
skaetslangasek, is there any more ubiquity fixes in the queue before a full rebuild is kicked off?21:45
* skaet drums fingers... waiting on amd64 builds...21:52
stgraberskaet: there are two fixes currently in ubiquity trunk, working on another bug (though not a critical one) and we have a critical bug without a fix just yet (gtk bug)21:54
stgraberskaet: bug 936115 and bug 898278 are the two currently fixed in trunk21:55
ubot2`Launchpad bug 936115 in ubiquity "ubiquity crashed with TypeError in partman_popup(): popup() takes exactly 7 arguments (6 given)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93611521:55
ubot2`Launchpad bug 898278 in ubiquity "Upgrade menu option should not appear for old releases" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89827821:55
stgraberskaet: I'm working on bug 645449 and the gtk one is bug 93945021:55
ubot2`Launchpad bug 645449 in ubiquity "Ubiquity hangs at Keyboard layout if you use keyboard to navigate / select" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64544921:55
ubot2`Launchpad bug 939450 in ubiquity "ubiquity crashed with TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable in ubi-partman.py" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93945021:55
stgraberthat last one prevents manual partitioning from working outside of a live session so really annoying21:56
skaetstgraber,  thanks,  ok first two we can probably live with for beta 1 if, but it would be good to get fixes in place for those later two indeed.   I won't block today's respins waiting on 936115, 898278.21:57
skaetstgraber,  however, if we get fixes for 645449 or 939450,  would be good to respin and pick them up.21:58
stgraberskaet: I'm hoping to have a fix for 645449 today, I know what the problem is now, I'm just trying to figure out a way of fixing it ;)21:59
stgraberskaet: 939450 depends on the desktop team at this point as it's a gtk bug21:59
stgraberskaet: I could turn off accessibility completely for beta1 as a workaround but I don't think we want that...21:59
skaetstgraber,  thanks.   no we would like to get some accessibility testing in at this point if at all possible.21:59
* doko mad roseapple an i386 buildd again22:18
* ScottK hands doko an 'e'.22:20
ScottKIt looks to me like amarok is done for i386/amd64, so those images can be respun.22:21
skaetScottK, yes was just waiting on on a couple of others that were building to add.22:22
GrueMasterI see new desktop images for armhf+omap4 and armhf+omap.  Is the armhf+mx5 being rebuilt?  It seems to have dropped off the tracker.22:49
infinityIt may have been dropped from the tracker in a fit of confusion.22:51
GrueMasterOk, just checking.22:52
infinityskaet: So, what's the current rebuild state?22:53
skaetinfinity,  have started the alternates,  making sure the first one from that goes through prior to kicking off the desktops.22:54
infinityskaet: Kay.22:55
skaetinfinity, with all the churn today,  are runes to build the arm images ok?22:55
infinityskaet: I assume we're doing the whole world, instead of piecemeal?22:55
skaetinfinity - yes, at this point seems best.22:55
infinityskaet: Yeah, I've been updating the pad as I went, the preinstalled bits are correct.22:55
skaetinfinity,  coolio,  will open another window off and start them too then.22:56
Riddellinfinity: kubuntu-{mobile,kde4,netbook} are all obsolete22:56
infinityRiddell: Check.22:57
Riddellskaet: evening, what's the craic?22:57
infinityRiddell: Once we're sure all the old releases are safely archived off, we'll just remove them entirely from cdimage, then (I already manually purged all their dailies).22:57
skaetRiddell,   new images building now.   pad is up to date.  ;)22:57
micahginfinity: did the Ubuntu Studio rebuilds not get kicked off or is there just a backlog of images being generated?22:58
infinitymicahg: The former.  Since we were waiting on a "rebuild the world" event, I decided not to bother.23:01
Riddellinfinity: any ideas on the kubuntu-active failure? (http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/kubuntu-active/precise/daily-live-20120227.log)23:01
infinityNo active CD for i386!23:02
micahginfinity: ah, ok, I'll check back later tonight, thanks23:02
infinityLooks like you told some script that it was an "active" type instead of "live", perhaps?23:02
infinity(wild guess)23:02
skaetmiachg,  backlog - they've been kicked off now.23:06
skaetinfinity - arm images have started rebuild now too.23:06
skaetUbuntu and Kubuntu alternate have been posted.23:09
* skaet having a mother hubbard moment (need dog food) - heading to store, biab23:16
* GrueMaster thinks skaet may be taking "dog fooding" a little too litteral.23:17

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