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RiddellUbuntu Desktop and Edubuntu being respun11:45
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bkerensa\o/ ISO Testing11:51
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brendandjibel - ping14:16
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jibelbrendand, pong14:41
brendandjibel, do you know is there a way around the problem with creating i386 live images on an amd64 host?14:41
brendandjibel, i'd love to start iso testing, but my laptop is running amd64 now14:42
brendandand the only test systems i have are atom netbooks14:42
jibelbrendand, what's the problem ?14:51
brendandjibel - when i create a usb stick on my laptup with usb-creator-gtk, even though the image is i386 i get the 'this is not a 64-bit host' error on the installation system. i guess syslinux is 64-bit14:54
jibelbrendand, with virtualbox ?14:54
brendandjibel, no - bare metal14:55
jibelbrendand, I never faced this bug. Did you report it or bug number you know ?14:57
brendandjibel - i'll try again. if it still happens i'll raise a bug14:57
jibelbrendand, anything in your bios that could prevent booting x86 images ?14:58
jibelNew Ubuntu images posted to the tracker14:59
brendandjibel - eh, the system i'm booting on has only an atom processor...14:59
jibelbrendand, same here with an N45015:00
jibelit's booting an i386 image created from an x86_86 machine15:01
jibelx86_64 even15:01
xdatap1jibel, hello. I just received the email from the tracker. The download links still says "lucid"15:04
jibelxdatap1, hello. stgraber fixed it and we are waiting for a code push15:05
jibelwhich should happen any time soon15:05
xdatap1jibel, thanks. Starting the download anyway :)15:05
brendandjibel - should i be a bug? i mean usb-creator should install syslinux to match the architecture of the image, not the host right?15:05
jibelxdatap1, but you should see precise just below lucid ?15:05
stgraberit's actually been fixed weeks ago ;)15:06
stgraberand IS was supposed to do the rollout last week15:06
stgraberwhich they kind of did15:06
stgraberthey just missed a final "bzr up" so we're still on the buggy code15:06
jibelbrendand, yes please file a bug, I can't reproduce it locally.15:06
xdatap1jibel, I'm talking about this page: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/208/builds/12594/downloads15:07
stgraberxdatap1: the duplicate (lucid + precise) there has been fixed in trunk for weeks ;)15:07
stgraberxdatap1: it's just a matter of having IS run the bzr up15:08
xdatap1stgraber, ok cool. No problem, just for letting you know ;)15:08
brendandjibel, ok. seems fine now! either i made an oopsie and accidentally selected an amd64 image, or usb-creator was momentarily bugged last week15:09
jibelbrendand, cool. this bug was scared just talking about it :)15:10
stgraberjibel, xdatap1: I just poked IS directly. Someone is having a look now, so hopefully it should be all fixed in a few minutes15:11
xdatap1stgraber, great. You rock :)15:12
xdatap1stgraber, to be honest, you normaly rock, it's not just about the tracker :D15:12
stgraberxdatap1: fixed15:13
xdatap1stgraber, yep, it works, great15:13
balloonsAlanBell, how'd that orca test end up?16:59
AlanBellorca got a bit broken with stuff landing for feature freeze I think, going to give it another go now, I want to make sure the test cases are somewhat realisticly do-able17:14
balloonskk, sounds good AlanBell17:24
balloonsroadmr, cr3 quick question on checkbox test format.. what's the best way to list assumptions for the test case?17:42
cr3balloons: "assumptions" as in "dependencies on other tests" or "requirements on devices and/or packages"?17:45
jibelstgraber, when you have a chance, could you check ltsp-live. When I boot the client, I'm dropped to busybox17:45
balloonsmore like requirements cr3.. in other words, if I have a test talking about using a camera, I have an assumption that you have a camera :-)17:46
stgraberjibel: argh ... yeah will have a look, I actually think I know what's wrong17:46
stgraberat least that should be easy to fix17:46
stgraber(and shouldn't affect LTSP on alternates)17:46
balloonsI have some dependencies on other tests inside tests as well, but generally I just run them in order.. I think that's fine for now17:46
cr3balloons: requires: device.category == 'CAPTURE'17:47
balloonsohh while I have you.. I have a number of these errors in my logs I'm trying to fix;  Exception: Template <stream> has a duplicate field 'plugin' with a new value 'manual'.17:48
balloonswhat could be wrong with my job if I'm getting that error?17:48
cr3balloons: don't necessarily assume tests will run in a particular order, if a test really makes more sense to run before or after another one, please make sure to specify depends: name_of_other_test17:48
balloonscr3, ohh cool.. in general I wasn't depending.. There was only one suite that has that dependency17:49
cr3balloons: probably a trailing space, make sure to separate your job definitions with an empty line, not a line with some spaces :)17:49
balloonsit was lower priority to figure out. I'll add depends17:49
balloonsouch trailing spaces.. kk strippin17:49
cr3balloons: the parser could be more intelligent about that, I'll take a note for future improvement17:49
cr3ie, for the checkbox-core parser at very least17:50
balloonscr3, hmm that didn't seem to change anything.. still getting the same error18:29
balloonscr3, roadmr could you look at my branch again and see what might be up? I would appreciate it bzr branch lp:~nskaggs/+junk/checkbox-app-testing18:47
bdmurrayjibel: can you tell me more about what happens with debconf in bug 940252?18:57
roadmrballoons: could you add a newline at the *end* of each of your job files and see if it helps fix the problem?19:08
roadmrballoons: basically what happens is that checkbox cats all the jobfiles together, if the result has duplicate keys within the same blankline-delimited block, then you'll get duplicate field errors19:09
balloonsroadmr.. sure19:15
balloonsmakes sense19:15
balloonsthat looks like it did it19:16
roadmrballoons: we really need some kind of checkbox-lint tool, right? :(19:16
roadmrsomething that checks explains errors a bit better19:17
balloonswell for now.. let me go add that to your wiki19:17
balloonstrim trailing spaces, but a newline after each test.. end each file with a new line19:17
balloonswoot! indeed no more errors in the log file19:19
davmor2AlanBell: there were a couple of at-spi2 lands that orca might need an update for19:21
stgraberjibel: do you have a bug number for the ltsp-live bug where you drop to busybox?19:24
stgraberjibel: if not that's fine, I just want to close any bug that's currently open with the upload19:24
cr3balloons: if you're still getting errors, could you provide me with something to look at? perhaps a branch where you could push your code...19:29
balloonscr3, i pasted my branch info above.. but roadmr solved it for me.. I didn't have newlines at the end of most of my files19:30
balloonseverything is perfect now :-)19:30
balloonsthanks to both of you19:30
roadmrballoons: glad to be of help, as always :)19:30
balloonsi'm adding the info to the wiki here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation/Checkbox/Walkthrough19:30
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cr3balloons: ah, because you were using cat to concatenate a bunch of job files. this might pose a problem if something creates a file~, ie with tilde in addition to the one you already have19:39
cr3balloons: if you're cat'ing multiple different files, you could also use filter_templates instead of cat, it'll take care of separating jobs properly so you don't need to remember to add a trailing empty line which is error prone19:40
balloonscr3, I'm confused by what you mean I'm catting files together20:52
balloonsis there something I should/could be doing differently?20:52
balloonsI was editing the wiki to say you needed to include the new lines, etc.. I'll leave it off for now20:55
cr3balloons: do you have a branch where all the code you're working on resides, just so that I can have a look?20:57
balloonsyea, my current branch is here: bzr branch lp:~nskaggs/+junk/checkbox-app-testing20:58
cr3balloons: command: cat $CHECKBOX_APP_TESTING_SHARE/jobs/nautilus.txt*21:01
balloonsahh yes21:01
cr3balloons: that's what I was talking about, so you might have problems in the event something creates nautilus.txt.in~ for example21:01
balloonsthe local.txt.in file21:01
balloonshow should i set it up?21:01
cr3balloons: good question, nautilus.txt* was intended to express "either nautilus.txt *or* nautilus.txt.in", not "both nautilus.txt.in *and* nautilus.txt.in~"21:02
balloonsyes.. I was just copying the example I had21:04
balloonsI wasn't sure why the syntax existed like that21:04
balloonsso again.. happy to adopt whatever best practice for this you thin21:04
cr3balloons: out of curiosity, what editor are you using?21:12
balloonsmeh.. normally geany21:12
balloonstoday just gedit to quick fix things21:12
cr3balloons: ok, I wasn't expecting the editor to thwart checkbox with its temporary swap files.21:13
cr3balloons: so, an alternate filename matching expression might be:21:13
cr3command: cat $CHECKBOX_APP_TESTING_SHARE/jobs/nautilus.txt[\.in]*21:13
cr3this doesn't accurately express "either nautilus.txt *or* nautilus.txt.in", but it's close enough with the limited pattern matching at our disposal21:14
balloonsyea.. not a fan of those21:15
balloonsdid they get into the branch21:15
balloonsthey should be in the ignore file21:15
balloonscr3, but that still requires the trailing blank line for files... as long as I'm using cat21:16
bdmurrayDoes anybody know if there is a bug about ubuntu slideshow display a paw print of an ocelot?21:20
cr3balloons: don't worry, your branch looks fine and none of the tilde files were committed.21:21
cr3balloons: however, it's still a pain that you have to close your editor every time you want to run checkbox, so that's where [\.in]* might be useful21:22
balloonsi will update.. thanks cr321:22
cr3balloons: or, of course, remember to add a trailing blank line at the end of your files at which point your files will be opened twice, once with the tilde and once without it because there are still two files matching nautilus.txt*21:22
cr3balloons: I might as well do the same in the base checkbox package :)21:23
balloonswhile i've got you21:23
balloonsI was wondering on what you thought about a "file-a-bug" button on tests for when they fail?21:24
balloonsideally we'd like to be able to hit a button on the test, have it file a comment with the new bug number, and have it launch ubuntu-bug SOURCEPACKAGE -t TAG21:24
cr3balloons: if apport is enabled, a failing test should already cause apport to popup. if that's not the case, please let me know21:24
cr3balloons: fyi, apport should be enabled by default during the development cycle and only disabled by default 7 days before release21:25
balloonscr3, yes but apport won't appear if nothing actually crashed :-)21:25
cr3balloons: even if you just answered "no", apport should popup21:25
balloonsohh really?21:25
cr3balloons: if not, let me know and I could have a quick look21:25
balloonsdoesn't happen on my branch, so I'm not doing something correct21:25
balloonscan i specify a tag as well?21:26
balloonsI don't specify source packages anywhere, so I'm assuming that's the issue21:26
cr3balloons: and you're sure apport is enabled on your system? for example, you're running precise?21:26
balloonsyes, running precise21:26
balloonsapport is working fine21:26
cr3I think checkbox does a best effort of feeding apport with an appropriate tag, probably based on the requires line21:27
balloonshmm.. ok, I'm missing requires21:28
cr3balloons: just to be sure, can you show me the output of this command from your system: grep -i enabled /etc/default/apport21:28
cr3balloons: ok, try specifying a package then, let me know if that solves the problem21:28
balloonscr3, that's my guess21:29
cr3# Do not report a bug if no package nor symptom is defined21:29
balloonstrying real quick21:29
cr3balloons: that's what checkbox says, so it must be right :)21:29
balloonshas to be!21:29
cr3that's an obscur side effect: no package requirement, no apport. I can understand how that makes sense but the relation is subtle at best21:30
balloonsyes.. I knew there was no way to run apport.. since I didn't give a package21:30
balloonsbut lol, I didn't realize it would21:30
balloonshmm.. not sure I've got the require syntax correct21:32
balloonswhat happens if I do a requires and I don't have it? it just skips the test right?21:33
balloonsand what goes on the requires line?21:33
balloonsfor instance, requires: nautilus21:34
bdmurrayokay well I reported bug 942262 about it21:37
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cr3requires: package.name == 'nautilus'21:43
cr3balloons: ^^^ try that and, to answer your question, a test is indeed just skipped if the requires expression evaluates to false21:44
balloonscr3, k trying now21:44
balloonscool.. test popped up this time21:45
balloonsok, I hit no, but apport didn't pop21:45
balloonshmm hmm21:47
balloonsgonna try something21:47
cr3balloons: how so?21:57
cr3balloons: err, nevermind :)21:58
balloonstrying it now..21:58
balloonsi'm going to try and use your upstream branch with my tests21:58
balloonsinstead of the bin on my box21:58
cr3balloons: fyi, I created bug #942273 about the filename matching expression in checkbox core and already submitted a branch with a merge request22:02
balloonscr3, nice!22:03
cr3balloons: thanks to you :)22:04
balloonssidetracked for a few mins.. will get back to trying your upstream later.. however, if you have any other ideas cr3 on why apport isn't popping up on a 'no', let me know now :-)22:36
cr3balloons: my changes haven't been merged into upstream trunk yet, but that shouldn't affect the problem though. it's mostly a nice-to-have when editing jobs with gedit22:38
cr3balloons: as for apport not appearing, do you see anything suspicious in the logs? I can't try it right now, only tomorrow22:38
balloonsahh.. lol, I keep forgetting those logs!22:40
balloonsso I tried to just drop my jobs into the upstream branch bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/checkbox/ and then run checkbox-qt.. nothing shows up ;-)22:40
balloonssame deal for checkbox-gtk ;-) obviously needs a bit more than that22:41
balloonschecking logs on run now22:41
balloonsyep sure enough22:44
balloonsTraceback (most recent call last):22:44
balloons  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/checkbox/reactor.py", line 74, in fire22:44
balloons    results.append(handler(*args, **kwargs))22:44
balloons  File "/usr/share/checkbox/plugins/apport_prompt.py", line 229, in prompt_test22:44
balloons    'suite:' : test["suite"]}22:44
balloonsKeyError: 'suite'22:44
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cr3balloons: aha, that looks like the culprit!22:51
cr3balloons: I really need to jet but we could pickup from there tomorrow22:51
cr3balloons: until then, what that means is that it seems that the test is not part of a local job22:52
balloonscr3, sounds good.. enjoy your evening, chat with you tomorrow.. you've been a big help22:52
cr3balloons: in other words, the test selection window should only contain local jobs, ie they should have the + to expand the tests within the local job22:52
balloonsyes, the test selection window contains a list with =22:53
cr3balloons: if you see any jobs in the test selection window without a + at the root node, that's a problem22:53
balloonsa list with +'s22:53
balloonsyes, I had that problem for a long time22:53
cr3balloons: it should only have +'s22:53
balloonsyep, it does22:54
balloonsactually they are > arrows, but :-)22:54
cr3balloons: hm, in that case, we could have a closer look tomorrow22:54
cr3balloons: heh, you get the idea though :)22:54
skaetA full set of rebuilds has just been kicked off to pick up the fixes from the weekend and today - they should be emerging on the iso tracker over the next couple of hours.23:08
skaetubuntu alternate,  kubuntu alternate posted.23:10
skaetxubuntu alternate posted23:14
bkerensaskaet: getting ready to test them now23:45

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