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Azelphurpopey: do you run munin? I made a plugin that does minecraft (and every other type of game server)00:52
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Kudos, LibreOffice - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/27/kudos-libreoffice/02:13
aizuddini cannot connect ftp to my ubuntu server, can anyone help?06:01
Azelphuraizuddin: do you mean sftp?06:04
aizuddinand then, when i enter command 'ftp localhost' and login using the account and its password, it says '530 login incorrect, login failed, 421 service not available, remote server has closed connection'06:05
Azelphurwhy are you setting up FTP? FTP is deprecated06:06
Azelphur!private | aizuddin06:06
lubotu3aizuddin: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.06:06
aizuddinoh ok, im sory, im a newbie06:07
Azelphurnp :)06:07
Azelphuryea, why FTP and not SFTP? FTP is kinda obsolete nowo06:08
aizuddinhaha, dont know, because i just had to follow this company old procedure06:08
Azelphuryou'll probably find that most clients that support FTP support SFTP too now, it's much safer, and it's built into the OS and generally easier.06:09
AzelphurFTP is totally unencrypted and insecure, anyone can sniff your login details if they are on the same network as you06:09
Azelphurso basically, FTP bad SFTP good.06:09
aizuddinu mean, that server need to be set using sftp izzit?06:10
aizuddini mean better using sftp right?06:10
Azelphurnope, if you have SSH you have SFTP already06:10
Azelphurdo you intend for each of your users to have a ssh account as well as a FTP account?06:10
aizuddinow, i think ssh already disabled by the admin, they dont want it to be enable06:11
Azelphurhow are you even controlling the server then? :S06:11
Azelphurlike, your in front of the computer physically?06:11
aizuddinthey want it to be that way06:12
AzelphurYou can disable ssh logins on ssh and still use SFTP if you like06:12
aizuddinow ok, actually i nvr use that before ftp or sftp06:13
Azelphurbut yea, either SFTP or FTPS, never FTP.06:13
aizuddinthen, i think i need to start from scratch how to setup web server in ubuntu server06:14
Azelphuraizuddin: what do you want, apache, mysql and php?06:15
aizuddinthis 1 is using apache206:15
Azelphuryou already have a web server? then why do you want to set one up?06:15
aizuddinso that is the first step right06:16
aizuddinactually this server already runs about 5 website06:16
aizuddini want to add another, but i dont know how, just created new user since i see every website placed in every account directory06:17
Azelphuryou should ask the admin.06:18
aizuddinso right now, i want to upload web files using filezilla, but is says login incorrect, like there's no such user available in the list06:18
Azelphurwat...you said you was in front of the computer06:19
aizuddinya, but the admin already out, right now this company dont have its own admin06:19
aizuddinya, im in the server room06:19
Azelphurhow are you controlling this machine?06:19
aizuddinin front of the computer06:20
AzelphurI see :P06:20
Azelphurok, so put the files on a USB drive or something and done?06:20
Azelphuralternatively just enable SFTP since the old admin isn't there any more to say dumb things06:20
aizuddinwhats the command, will it change the current ftp login?06:21
Azelphursudo apt-get install openssh-server06:21
Azelphurit'll change nothing to do with your proFTPd server06:21
Azelphurafter installing openssh-server, you can control the server over ssh, and upload files from your FTP client using your SSH credentials.06:21
aizuddinok, then this thing will automatically enable once i install it right?06:22
Azelphurbrb, getting food.06:23
Azelphuraizuddin: any luck?06:44
aizuddinhurm.. :s .. im a bit confuse now06:55
Azelphuraizuddin: all you need to do is install openssh-server, and connect using SFTP and your normal login details06:56
aizuddinerm.. after i install openssh, how to log in to that thing?06:57
Azelphurwhat FTP client do you have?06:58
Azelphurso click file > site manager06:59
Azelphurand new site, protocol: SFTP07:00
Azelphurput host, user and password in, connect.07:00
aizuddinlogon type?07:02
aizuddinok wait me try07:03
aizuddinok, it says, openssh is already a newer version07:05
Azelphuryou already have it then07:06
aizuddinso what to do now, i try login but it comes out 'network error: connection refused'07:22
Azelphuryou left port blank, right?07:23
aizuddinright, the right port is 22 izzit?07:23
Azelphuryea should be07:24
* Azelphur waves at czajkowski07:28
* Azelphur is off to sleep07:29
MooDoomorning all07:58
DJonesali1234: Sounds like you you see the fallback as having possibilities08:09
ali1234DJones: it looks worse than it is because gtk3 themes don't really work the same08:10
ali1234in terms of features it is identical to gnome 208:10
ali1234maybe even a few improvements08:11
DJonesI didn't get chance to try it, had a stack of updates in a vm & by the time they'd finished it was time to do something elses08:12
TheOpenSourcererDid everyone have a nice weekend?08:17
MooDoosaturday i was ill, photoshoot sunday went ok :D08:18
MooDooTheOpenSourcerer: what about you?08:18
AlanBellRugby was fun08:18
TheOpenSourcererYeah - enjoyed it mostly. The England Wales game was a real cracker of a match.08:18
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Ah was this the Ubuntu rugby trip?08:19
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: yup, spent a lot of time with the kids08:23
popeynow, off to london08:23
popeyalso, no sign of raspberry pi yet08:24
TheOpenSourcererhave a nice day \o/08:24
TheOpenSourcererIs it supposed to be out today then?08:24
popeyrumours say, yes08:24
popey"In other news, if you don’t own an alarm clock, this weekend might be a good time to do some shopping."08:25
DJonesAh well, our internet may be a bit flakey today, changing email systems over from an own server to a webmail hosted system, guy thats doing it says that there's that much email to transfer over, it'll kill the bandwidth08:26
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: yes, London Irish vs Northampton Saints08:27
TheOpenSourcererDJones: https://github.com/gtozzi/imapcp08:27
DJonesTheOpenSourcerer: I'm sitting back & letting the IT support firm we use do it (well, them and MooDoo's collegues)08:29
TheOpenSourcererhey :-)08:29
DJonesIts going from pop3 to imap08:29
DJonesYeah, even worse, they're only changing 80% of the email over, depending on which departments your in you get one of two @domain.com address, they're only doing one of them at the minute08:31
ali1234does anyone know why no keyboard shortcuts work after i upgraded yesterday?08:52
christelTheOpenSourcerer: how is the hunt for a swede going?08:54
TheOpenSourcererhey christel08:55
TheOpenSourcererBadly :-) All I've had so far is some links to the Muppets Swedish chef ;-)08:55
* czajkowski hugs christel morning darling 09:00
mrevellGuten morgen09:01
christelTheOpenSourcerer: lol well, if she'll settle for a norwegian just give me a prod :)09:04
TheOpenSourcererThanks christel I may well take you up on that!09:05
JamesTaitHappy Monday, everyone! :D09:21
* DJones kicks JamesTait for being cheerful on a Monday09:24
JamesTaitDJones: It's the law. ;)09:25
* daubers is the law09:25
JamesTaitDJones: daubers told me to be cheerful, or he'd break my legs.09:25
JamesTait* may not actually me true09:25
DJonesJamesTait: It should be the law that anybody who's cheerful on a Monday deserves a kick :)09:25
andyloughranDEFINITELY NOT09:26
andyloughranI'd get kicked all the time09:26
JamesTaitandyloughran: Did daubers threaten you too?09:28
andyloughrannope, I'm just infectiously happy 99.9999% of the time09:30
andyloughranI'm only not happy when Amazon RRS goes down09:30
JamesTaitandyloughran: The infectiously happy bit is a good way to be. :)09:32
andyloughranIt's my superpower :D09:32
JamesTaitI should be careful about suggesting that people in the Ubuntu community may not actually be happy and only appear so because they're under threat of violence.  It'll appear on someone's blog and before you know it, it'll be on the front page of Slashdot.09:33
andyloughranIt's ok, daubers already threatened slashdot :p09:34
czajkowskiJamesTait: it's monday and already causing trouble09:37
czajkowskiwell done09:37
JamesTaitczajkowski: Moi? Never!09:37
daubersslashdot... now there's somewhere you don't want to gon on a monday morning09:37
JamesTaitdaubers: Or most of the rest of the week, actually.09:38
daubersJamesTait: Very true09:38
andyloughranmornibng czajkowski09:39
JamesTaitczajkowski: And a very good morning to you too! :D09:39
bigcalm[xoom]Hey up peeps :-)09:55
DJonesbigcalm[xoom]: Any sign of cable fix yet?09:58
bigcalm[xoom]Day 4 of no virgin media internet connection. And09:58
DJonesThat answers that question09:59
bigcalm[xoom]And now my T-Mobile connection won't sit still09:59
bigcalm[xoom]How are you DJones ?10:01
DJonesNot bad, nothing that painkillers & coffee can't solve10:04
DJonesHow about you apart from internet troubles10:04
MooDoothe end of the working day will help too :D10:05
DJonesMooDoo: Thats a loooooonnnggggg way away though10:05
MooDooDJones: too long, although i finish at 2 today, it won't come soon enough10:06
bigcalm[xoom]DJones: my breakfast is coffee and co-codamol :)10:07
DJonesMooDoo: Just thought, the end of teh day means dog walk time, not good with a collapsing knee10:07
DJonesbigcalm[xoom]: Snap, but with the added extra of Ibuprofen as well10:07
MooDooDJones: ah your end of day routine differs...djones = dog walk MooDoo = vodka ;) lol10:08
bigcalm[xoom]Anybody got a spare back in good working order that they don't need?10:08
DJonesNope, if you find one, get a couple though, I could use one as well10:11
* gord is rather glad he made his first and only /home/ backup last week as this morning he managed to rm -rf his home directory10:12
bigcalm[xoom]gord: good way to start Monday10:13
gordin my defence, it was pre-coffee10:13
bigcalm[xoom]Fair enough10:14
* DJones dcc's some fresh carrier pidgeons to bigcalm[xoom]| 10:39
bigcalm[xoom]|Haha, cheers10:41
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:41
davmor2morning all10:45
bigcalm[xoom]|Hi brobostigon and davmor210:47
MooDoohi davmor210:48
* czajkowski hugs davmor2 hello10:49
popeyMorning all10:49
brobostigonhi bigcalm[xoom]|10:49
brobostigonhi popey10:50
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]|: man still no T'interweb?10:50
bigcalm[xoom]|Hi popey and czajkowski :)10:50
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]|: goto a coffee shop and work from there all day dude seriously10:50
bigcalm[xoom]|davmor2: this is the case10:50
bigcalm[xoom]|I've got plenty of dev to do that is self contained. Just means moving schedules around a little10:51
davmor2MooDoo: 'ow do10:51
davmor2czajkowski: here have hug10:52
davmor2popey: morning dude10:52
MooDoodavmor2: crappy, er i mean cracking10:52
davmor2MooDoo: how was the PhotoShoot?10:53
MooDoodavmor2: brill thanks.10:53
MooDoodavmor2: http://prjmphotography.smugmug.com/Model-Shoots/The-Mellors-Family/21648272_rsbfCH#!i=1726622637&k=rtGf5gf10:53
MooDoosorry for the link lol10:53
bigcalm[xoom]Silly T-Mobile wants to get in on the disconnecting action10:55
davmor2MooDoo: me likes sonny with the brolly10:55
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]: of to a coffee shop with you10:55
MooDoodavmor2: :)10:55
daubersping AlanBell10:56
bigcalm[xoom]Andchat could do with coloured nicks10:56
davmor2MooDoo: of course the best photo is the one at the end taken by a pro that has you the right side of the viewfinder :P10:56
davmor2MooDoo: in all seriousness there are some fun shots there10:57
daubersAlanBell: Need some advice re: project management software (before I spend two days making spreadsheets)10:57
davmor2Mr Bell I presume10:57
daubersAll roads seem to lead to OpenERP, but this seems very much OTT for what I need10:58
MooDoodavmor2: actually it was self timer :p;10:58
popeybigcalm[xoom]: what did vm support say?10:58
davmor2http://www.pcpro.co.uk/reviews/desktops/373126/chillblast-fusion-immortal anyone after a new pc?10:59
AlanBelldaubers: how many people will be collaborating on managing the project?10:59
davmor2MooDoo: No who'd of thunk it10:59
daubersManaging the project? Maybe 210:59
daubers(mostly 1)10:59
MooDoodavmor2: it was a fun afternoon, more to come hopefully11:00
bigcalm[xoom]popey: recorded message says that it's affecting two post code areas. So not just my problem11:00
daubersAlanBell: useful if I can give those with the marching orders some read only access to see what's going on in context11:00
bigcalm[xoom]Eta is 7.47pm - odd time that11:01
AlanBelldaubers: ok, in that case you don't need openERP (which is good for lots of people with edit access to their bit)11:01
daubersAlanBell: Ok... any advice on other software?11:02
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]: and they think it will get better as they increase the speed11:02
AlanBellif you want a pretty gantt chart creating tool then planner is OK11:02
daubersProblem with planner is that it doesn't work on the macs :)11:02
AlanBell!info planner11:02
lubotu3planner (source: planner): project management application. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.14.5-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 3175 kB, installed size 7892 kB11:02
AlanBellok, so some kind of web based thingie then :)11:03
daubersyeah :)11:03
TheOpenSourcererdaubers: Also take a look at web2project - it's a php app - fork of the old dotproject.11:03
daubersTheOpenSourcerer: Not seen that one, had seen dotproject11:04
TheOpenSourcererI've not used it, but it took over from dotproject which seemed to die a bit of a slow painful death.11:05
AlanBellthere are things like trak and redmine which are good for actually managing projects, but not so good at doing pretty gantt charts11:05
daubersI played with trac and ended up shouting at it lots11:06
AlanBellI know in many organisations project management == gantt chart11:06
daubersgantt charts would be nice, but not essential if I can script something to pull out the data needed for them11:07
s-foxdaubers,  Doing some UML ?11:07
MooDoomorning s-fox11:07
s-foxHello MooDoo , how are you ?11:09
MooDoos-fox: i'm fine thnaks. you?11:10
s-foxNot bad thank you, did you have a good weekend ?11:10
TheOpenSourcererOf course you could have OpenERP 6.1 up and running in about 15minutes and just use the Project tools...11:11
MooDoos-fox: ill saturday and photoshoot sunday, so half not bad lol11:11
daubersTheOpenSourcerer: I'm tempted... might throw together a couple of VM's and install OpenERP and web2project and play11:12
TheOpenSourcererdaubers: ^^11:12
daubersTheOpenSourcerer: Ta11:13
s-foxMooDoo,  Get any good pics ?11:14
* daubers waits for his base image to install11:25
DJonesHmmh, precise beta 1 released this week, I'm tempted to upgrade now11:35
gordI can't own something called a fone though ;)11:45
davmor2popey: You goto wonder if it will be an exclusive for Voda.....ermmm....Fone11:48
directhexaquarius, the mythical N9 PR1.2 has apparently shipped11:54
bigcalm[xoom]popey: customer service person dug deep into the issue and found that the engineers are waiting on parts to be delivered from Motorola11:55
bigcalm[xoom]Update manager getting 490kB/s via my phone isn't too shabby12:15
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]|: till it kills your unlimited 3g usage :)12:21
brobostigoncant happen here, three have unlimited, without a FUP. so proper unlimited.12:22
bigcalm[xoom]As I pay 7.50 a month for unlimited usage,  I do hope T-Mobile don't mess me around12:36
DJonesWho would want a mobile phone that cane take photo's at 41 megapixels?12:36
DJonesAnd its Symbian :) http://www.engadget.com/2012/02/27/nokia-announces-808-pureview-belle-os-4-inch-display-41-megap/12:37
ali1234that's been announced then :)12:37
bigcalm[xoom]You are doing it wrong if you base your camera purchase based upon the number of mega pixels it has12:37
ali1234symbian is good12:37
bigcalm[xoom]Lunch time I think12:38
oimonhello chaps12:41
directhexnot real 4112:42
directhexalso, symbian on a new high-end phone = call the roflcopter12:42
dwatkinsWhat's wrong with symbian? I've never used it, didn't know they still made phones with it either.13:01
ali1234nothing is wrong with it13:01
directhexdwatkins, it's as good as it's ever been13:17
directhexdwatkins, which is "great, because the iphone doesn't exist yet"13:17
dwatkinsdirecthex: ah, I see - I suspected that might be the case13:20
ali1234of course in the real world symbian can do everything the iphone can do13:20
directhexthe last few flagship symbian phones have been "it's got an awesome camera! also can sorta make calls, more or less"13:21
ali1234it just doesn't have an apple logo on it13:21
directhexali1234, that's the hubris inside nokia which has lead to their current share price13:21
directhexthe "symbian is awesome, iphone is a fad" thinking at every level of manglement13:21
ali1234no, the hubris inside nokia is called stephen elop13:21
directhexsorry, that actually made me lol13:21
ali1234the current share price is due to them now being a subsidiary of microsoft13:21
directhexadditional rofls13:22
ali1234and all their recent phones being terrible13:22
directhexso the OS is great but the hardware sucks? you'll find you're in disagreement with every professional phone reviewer on the planet, there13:23
ali1234no. the problem is the OS sucks and the hardware is OK but not up to the usual nokia quality13:24
directhexi thought symbian was just as good as iOS? now it sucks?13:24
ali1234no. windows phone 7 sucks13:24
ali1234and the lumia 700 and 800 are roughly on the hardware quality of htc13:25
ali1234ie cheap plastic rubbish13:25
directhexand the n9?13:25
ali1234the N9? widely considered to be excellent?13:25
directhexthe hardware, i mean13:26
ali1234never seen it13:26
directhexsee, what i'm doing here is trapping you with your own words, given the n9 and the lumia 800 have *identical* industrial design, with a unibody polycarbonate design13:26
ali1234your point being?13:27
directhexmy point being the criticism of the hardware is incorrect - the lumia 800 and n9 have both been praised in equal measure (given they're the same thing in this regard) for the hardware13:28
directhexeveryone's entitled to their opinion, but yours is just wrong.13:28
ali1234why even compare them then?13:28
ali1234compare the lumia 800 with some of the previous symbian phones13:28
ali1234N8 or C713:29
directhex"The Nokia N8 is housed within a beautiful body that comes in enough shades to please everyone from a schoolgirl to a suited businessman, and features perhaps the best mobile camera ever, but at its heart lies the disappointing Symbian^3 OS. The limitations of this software make sure this won't be the phone to bring Nokia back to the forefront of the smartphone market."13:29
directhexthat one?13:29
ali1234please do describe these "limitations"13:30
ali1234what exactly can it not do?13:30
directhexwait the C7 isn't plastic tat but the lumia 710 is? o_o13:30
ali1234correct. the C7 is all metal13:32
ali1234except the transparent part obviously13:32
directhexhttp://www.techradar.com/reviews/phones/mobile-phones/nokia-c7-905015/review?artc_pg=2 onwards seems to cover symbian fairly well13:37
ali1234"making calls is a great experience"13:39
directhexif all you want is a portable telephone, buy a £10 S20 brick from tesco13:40
Dave2Is making calls the main reason why you buy a smartphone?13:40
directhexi actually laughed out loud at how terrible some of the UI is in that review13:41
ali1234Dave2: er, yes?13:41
directhexthe voice control stuff is brilliant13:42
oimonlinux is letting me down atm...:(13:42
ali1234which by there own admission, they don't want any way13:42
oimonterrible performance on 11.10 + nvidia dual screen in gnome shell13:42
directhexso it's okay to include a useless option as long as the useless option is implemented by a dozen monkeys bashing keyboards?13:43
Dave2But all phones can make calls. You wouldn't buy a smartphone just to make calls. If making calls is all that matters, why buy a smartphone?13:43
ali1234Dave2: so it can do other things. that doesn't mean making phone calls isn't the most important function13:44
directhexyou can do other things on a £10 series 20 brick too. it has snake!13:44
Dave2Depends on your usage. It's not the most important function on my phone. And regardless, if it can make calls really well but everything else is a bit painful, why would you buy that phone over a simpler phone with a better battery life?13:44
ali1234because symbian phones already have great battery life13:45
Dave2Not compared to dumber phones.13:45
ali1234they have battery life comparable to feature phones13:45
directhexand functionality too!13:45
ali1234they absolutely destroy any other smartphone if that's your most important criteria13:46
Dave2If battery life is your most important factor, you don't buy a smartphone13:46
ali1234unless your third most important criteria is mapping or web browsing13:47
Dave2Symbian phones may have a longer battery life than, say, Android, but they don't rival dumber phones.13:47
ali1234that's just plain flat out wrong13:47
Dave2Hoe l13:47
Dave2How long would you expect the battery to last on a decent Symbian phone?13:47
ali1234about a week13:47
directhexwith what usage pattern?13:47
Dave2Really? I find that quite hard to believe.13:48
ali1234with a similar usage pattern to a feature phone13:48
directhexthe majority of the battery usage on a smartphone is backlighting a 4" high definition screen13:48
directhexwhich is pretty OS-agnostic an issue13:48
ali1234C7 has no backlight, it's AMOLED13:48
ali1234same for N913:48
ali1234er N813:48
directhexso do plenty of samsung android phones13:48
Dave2But regardless, you get dumber phones with longer battery life than that.13:49
Dave2Significantly longer, too13:49
yossarianukcan anyone suggest **anything** that might improve flash on Ubuntu?13:50
yossarianukPerformance has always been worse on Ubuntu for me (on multiple devices/machines)  than other distros - Arch Linux, Fedora, OpenSuse, Bohdi (based on Ubunut) and Mandriva all perform flash video better than Ubuntu - I used to think it was pulseaudio but it can't be as suse and fedora use that by default now. The only difference is that I usually use KDE - however Bodhi Linux is E17 and Fedora is gnome313:50
ali1234fullscreen flash?13:50
ali1234or just general flash?13:50
ali1234are you using dual head?13:50
yossarianukwell both13:51
directhexyossarianuk, which 3d driver?13:51
yossarianukits odd - I have athlonX2 Desktop with Nvidia 450GTS) and a crappy netbook N150 (intel on board) - both perform worse with ubuntu than others13:52
yossarianukusually flash video starts o.k then will become totally unwatchable after a while in ubuntu13:52
directhexdegrading over time? that's odd13:53
ali1234not for nvidia driver13:53
yossarianuk(the n150 was bascially not good enough to watch fullscreen vid at all - with Bodhi its totally fine - in fact its pretty good)13:53
ali1234they're supposed to have fixed it now... but i've heard that before13:53
ali1234are you using unity?13:53
ali1234and how long is "a while"13:53
yossarianukI have noticed this for a while - its actually caused me to switch from ubuntu 11.10 -> Fedora 16 on my netbook13:54
yossarianuka while can be random13:54
ali1234an hour? a day? a week?13:54
yossarianuk(oh usually within 30 mins)13:54
ali1234how much memory do you have?13:54
yossarianukOn my Desktop 4 GB - on the netbook 1GB13:55
yossarianukBut the netbook is o.k with Fedora16 (gnome3) and Bodhi (e17)13:55
yossarianukwhich is odd13:55
davmor2yossarianuk: check the default flash settings in ubuntu with those of fedora13:55
yossarianukwill do - they should be the same...13:55
yossarianuk(i'm not at home so will double check when I get back)13:55
yossarianukI don't think its related to compiz as unity2d has similar issue13:56
yossarianukone other thing is that on ubuntu the sound sometimes has a delay .13:56
davmor2yossarianuk: that's an assumption, if it is different on one system than it is on another then there is a reason for it,  the likely reason is with the default that the different distros package the application with13:56
ali1234hmm that sounds very related13:56
ali1234it probably isn't flash "settings"13:57
ali1234it only has about 313:57
ali1234does anything else slow down?13:57
yossarianuknot that i've noticed....13:58
yossarianuk(I know unity is more resource intensive than e17, but gnome3 should be similar)13:58
ali1234unity-2d isn;t resource intensive13:58
ali1234unity however is significantly more intensive than gnome-shell, at least on 11.1013:59
ali1234but if it happens on -2d then that isn't the problem13:59
AkaLeafyhi can anyone help me with software center plz?13:59
yossarianukperhaps i'll just watch fullscreen flash in other distro's until 12.04 is released - if its still an issue then i'll do a proper bug report.13:59
ali1234i suspect a kernel issue14:00
ali1234ubuntu makes a lot of scheduler tweaks14:00
ali1234sometimes they cause problems14:00
ali1234anyway it will be a long hard task to track down whatever it is14:01
yossarianukpossibly - Suse, Fedora and Arch all have later kernels and Bodhi also has 3.2.x kernel in its repos (which i'm using)  - also opensuse + fedora also have later versions of pulseaudio ...14:02
ali1234if you have a lot of spare time try a mainline kernel or 12.0414:02
yossarianukthat's why it might be best to wait and see if the issues are fixed by 12.04...14:02
yossarianukali1234 - yes I may have time to compile a vinilla kernel..14:03
ali1234you don't need to compile it, there's an archive14:03
ali1234AkaLeafy: you have to tell us what the problem is14:04
AkaLeafydoes not run14:04
popeyyossarianuk: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/14:04
ali1234what version of ubuntu?14:04
ali1234cheers popey14:05
AkaLeafy11.1 32bit14:06
AkaLeafyi have tried running from terminal and get an error message14:07
AlanBell!paste | AkaLeafy14:07
AkaLeafyiain@iain-desktop:~$ software-center 2012-02-27 13:13:30,213 - softwarecenter.ui.gtk3.em - INFO - EM's: 17 15 21 Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/usr/bin/software-center", line 151, in <module>     app = SoftwareCenterAppGtk3(datadir, xapian_base_path, options, args)   File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/ui/gtk3/app.py", line 305, in __init__     self.datadir)   File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecen14:07
AkaLeafygi._glib.GError: Icon 'package-install' not present in theme14:09
AlanBellAkaLeafy: soemthing is missing, can you try doing "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^" in the terminal14:10
AkaLeafyok thanks alan i will try that14:10
AkaLeafy0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.14:11
AlanBellok, in this case I think we poke davmor214:13
AlanBellAkaLeafy: is there anything you recall installing that might have a bearing on this, a custom theme perhaps?14:14
AkaLeafynope just using standard themes14:14
AlanBelldavmor2: broken software centre, won't start, partial error trace above14:14
yossarianukthanks - i'll try out a mainline kernel and re-test...14:16
AlanBelldavmor2: is this something AkaLeafy should file a bug about?14:19
davmor2AlanBell: one second14:20
davmor2AkaLeafy: sorry for the delay mid test,  right can you tell me what you did when you first got the error?14:21
davmor2AkaLeafy: can you user paste.ubuntu.com to give me a full paste of the error please14:22
AkaLeafyi reied opening software center from side panel and it would not so i tried using terminal instead14:22
AkaLeafyhow do i do that?14:25
AlanBellAkaLeafy: go here http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and paste in the full error message and hit paste! then tell us the URL of your paste14:26
davmor2AkaLeafy: go to http://paste.ubuntu.com  then copy all the text in the terminal and paste it in the website,  add your name where it asks for it and then paste the link once you save the page here please14:26
AkaLeafyok will do14:26
TheOpenSourcererpopey: AlanBell http://www.reghardware.com/2012/02/27/asus_outs_1920_by_1280_android_tablet_ipad_3_challenger/14:28
davmor2AkaLeafy: can you post the URL you now have here should be something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/12345614:28
AlanBellAkaLeafy: that will give you a page with a url like paste.ubuntu.com/198731 or something, paste that in here14:28
popeyyeah ☺14:29
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: want :)14:29
AkaLeafysorry am new to this14:29
TheOpenSourcererApril apparently.14:29
AlanBellthats fine AkaLeafy14:29
davmor2AkaLeafy: no worries, we all started off the same14:30
AkaLeafywell you got to start some where lol14:31
davmor2AkaLeafy: okay so it's saying that one of the icons isn't available for the theme you are using,  are you sure you didn't change the theme?14:31
AkaLeafydont think i did no14:32
davmor2AkaLeafy: have you been able to open it at all or was this the first time you tried?14:35
AkaLeafyit has never opened properly14:36
AkaLeafymy current theme is ambience btw14:37
davmor2AkaLeafy: okay lets try some surgery,  can you open a terminal please and type in the following  mv ~/.cache/software-center ~/.cache/moo  and then try opening software center again please14:37
AkaLeafyicon flashes but does not load14:39
kirrusargh, wrong terminal14:40
davmor2AkaLeafy: okay and now if you try opening it from the terminal14:42
AkaLeafyhold on14:42
=== tubadaz__ is now known as tubadaz
AkaLeafynope looks like same error14:43
davmor2AkaLeafy: and just to check it's Ubuntu 11.10 that you are running correct?14:44
davmor2AkaLeafy: could you maximise your terminal and type in the following please,  dpkg -l aptdeamon14:48
davmor2AkaLeafy: and then paste the output into paste.ubuntu.com again please14:48
AkaLeafyno need i get an error14:49
AkaLeafyNo packages found matching aptdeamon.14:49
DJonesShould it not be "aptdaemon" ?14:51
davmor2DJones: yeap thanks14:51
AkaLeafyok hold on14:51
davmor2AkaLeafy: should be dpkg -l aptdaemon14:51
bigcalm[xoom]Back from shopping and still no connection :)14:51
davmor2I hit the wrong keys sorry14:52
bigcalm[xoom]This is a test of the and chat voice to text interface14:52
popeyno, you hit the right keys, just in the wrong order :p14:52
bigcalm[xoom]My goodness I'm very surprised how well that worked enter14:53
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]: if it's the same tomorrow consider yourself invited over so you can share my connection :)14:53
bigcalm[xoom]Enter does not submit a line14:53
bigcalm[xoom]Vat vait are you14:53
DJonesbigcalm[xoom]: Now try "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers;A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked;If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?" :)14:55
davmor2AkaLeafy: okay and now the same again but for python-aptdaemon14:56
bigcalm[xoom]Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers a peck of pickled peppers peter picked text it peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers with a peck of pickled pepper14:56
bigcalm[xoom]I think I fell over before the voice to text system did14:57
DJonesThats quite impressive, not totally right, be a good attempt14:57
bigcalm[xoom]I think I thought I thought the little thing I thought for some for totalled or totalled14:57
bigcalm[xoom]Okay that's enough of that14:58
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]: she sells seashells on the seashore if she sells seashells from the seashore she'll sell seashells forever more14:58
AkaLeafycommand not found davmor214:59
AkaLeafywas i supposed to dpkg?14:59
davmor2AkaLeafy: can you try dpkg -l python-aptdaemon14:59
AkaLeafyok i realise that now sorry14:59
davmor2AkaLeafy: no worries15:01
davmor2AkaLeafy: allow me to introduce you to mvo15:04
davmor2mvo: AkaLeafy is the guy with the USC issue15:05
mvohey AkaLeafy - could you please check if you have the package "hicolor-icon-theme" installed?15:07
mvoAkaLeafy: could you please install it? e..g in a terminal via "sudo apt-get install hicolor-icon-theme" ?15:10
mvoand let me know if that helps?15:11
AkaLeafysorry must have been installed already15:11
AkaLeafy0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.15:15
mvoand "python -c 'from gi.repository import Gtk; theme=Gtk.IconTheme.get_default();print theme.lookup_icon("package-install", 48, 0)'" will print a error too?15:15
mvoAkaLeafy: thanks! could you please run "sudo  update-icon-caches /usr/share/icons/hicolor/" and then the above python command again? does that still print "None" ?15:19
AkaLeafyyep still none15:20
* mvo scratches head15:23
AkaLeafyconfused? lol15:24
mvoAkaLeafy: yes, I assume "ls -l /usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/actions/package-install.png" give you output, right? ie. a file with that name?15:24
mvoAkaLeafy: if you run "python -c 'from gi.repository import Gtk; theme=Gtk.IconTheme.get_default();print theme.lookup_icon("package-install", 16, 0)'" (not the change from 48 to 16) - still None?15:25
AkaLeafyls: cannot access /usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/actions/package-install.png: No such file or directory15:26
mvoin this case, please run:15:26
mvosudo apt-get install --reinstall hicolor-icon-theme15:26
AkaLeafyok done15:27
AkaLeafystill get same ls error15:30
mvoAkaLeafy: hmmmm, ok15:32
* mvo scratches head some more15:32
AlanBellmvo: that is provided by synaptic according to dpkg -S15:33
DJonesThis sounds nice http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/44638/huawei-mediapad-10-fhd-quad-core-android15:34
mvoAlanBell: yeah, I just nocited too, I need to find out what other icon theme is providing it15:35
mvoAkaLeafy: as a workaround you can install synaptic for now, I will look into a fresh vm now to figure out what the root of this is15:39
AkaLeafyok how do i do that from terminal?15:40
mvoAkaLeafy: sudo apt-get install synaptic15:40
AkaLeafyok thanks15:41
mvoAkaLeafy: one more question - do you "humanity-icon-theme" installed?15:42
mvoAkaLeafy: and if not, could you install it (and not install synaptic) and let me know if that helps?15:42
mvoAkaLeafy: i.e. does "ls -l /usr/share/icons/Humanity/actions/16/package-install.svg " print anything for you?15:43
AkaLeafyls: cannot access /usr/share/icons/Humanity/actions/16/package-install.svg: No such file or directory15:45
davmor2AkaLeafy: how did you install this version of Ubuntu out of interest?15:47
AkaLeafydownloaded iso15:47
davmor2hmm that blew that thinking out of the water then :(15:48
AkaLeafylol sorry davmor215:48
mvoAkaLeafy: could you please "sudo apt-get install --reinstall humanity-icon-theme" ? and what iso? the normal ubuntu desktop iso?15:51
AkaLeafyyes normal desktop15:52
AkaLeafyls -l /usr/share/icons/Humanity/actions/16/package-install.svg -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1686 2011-08-25 22:38 /usr/share/icons/Humanity/actions/16/package-install.svg15:57
AkaLeafyok guys just ran software center from terminal again it appears to have loaded ok this time...16:03
davmor2AkaLeafy: Woohoo, so I wonder why humanity managed to uninstall itself16:05
AkaLeafymaybe it never installed at all16:06
Laneymvo in #-uk :O16:07
davmor2Laney: yes so behave ;)16:07
AkaLeafythanks for your help guys much appreciated16:07
AlanBellAkaLeafy: can you do "grep -n humanity-icon-theme /var/log/dpkg.log"16:07
AkaLeafysure hold on16:07
AlanBelland pastebin the output of that, it will tell us when that package was installed/uninstalled etc16:08
davmor2AkaLeafy: hmmm it looks like your system may not of completely installed correctly16:11
davmor2AkaLeafy: what does dpkg -l ubuntu-desktop say16:12
Laneythe icon package was always installed16:12
Laneysomehow the file wasn't there16:12
dwatkinsShould I download flash from the Adobe site or install via apt/synaptic?16:13
AkaLeafywell thanks again guys .......16:18
gorddwatkins, do you have a reason to download from the site?16:21
dwatkinsgord: it's what my browser linked me to - I'm just wondering from the perspective of what might seem like the logical method to a new user versus the 'best' method16:22
dwatkinsI don't know whether one is better than the other.16:22
ali1234the sad truth is it's going to suck whichever method you use16:23
ali1234also you shouldn't do any of those things16:24
dwatkinswhat, use youtube? ;)16:24
ali1234you're supposed to use software center or the applications lens16:24
dwatkinsokey dokey16:25
AkaLeafyhello again guys whole system is performing much better now thanks - i can see all my icons now - thanks16:28
czajkowskiLaney: got a moment for a quick pm ?16:28
davmor2AkaLeafy: woohoo nice16:29
AkaLeafysome were missing before - looks much tidier now lol16:29
Laneywhat happens if you stab a blood blister?16:40
Laneyso tempting ...16:40
directhexLaney, er, blood16:41
Laneyno gangrenous death?16:41
directhexLaney, i've had them on my cheek before, i tend to squish them until they pop. it's less annoying in the grand scheme of things16:41
directhexon my cheek = inside16:41
Laneythis is on the end of my finger. makes climbing slightly annoying.16:42
directhexdone working for the day. now to carry on tidying my home!16:42
* czajkowski stabs gord 16:48
matttwoah, the violence16:48
gordi'm going to start a charity for abused #ubuntu-ukians, will have Anneka from Challenge Anneka present the sad music adverts on telly16:49
davmor2czajkowski: man you're stabbing gord I'm jealous now16:50
czajkowskigord: I've managed not to sta anyone in here since xmas16:51
czajkowskiyou broke me16:51
bigcalm[xoom]Even though my boss knows about my network outage, I haven't felt this stressed for more than 2 years (or however long I've been on the meds)16:57
* bigcalm[xoom] goes in search of tea16:57
* Pendulum hugs bigcalm[xoom] 16:57
matttbigcalm[xoom]: what happened16:58
* bigcalm[xoom] hugs Pendulum tight17:02
bigcalm[xoom]mattt: VirginMedia have a hardware problem that has knocked out two post codes. This is day 4. They are waiting for replacement parts and hope to fix tonight17:04
bigcalm[xoom]We'll see17:04
matttbigcalm[xoom]: ah, work from home?  suckage :(17:05
bigcalm[xoom]|mattt: yes17:06
* bigcalm[xoom]| sips his camomile and spearmint tea17:07
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]|: ah about to ring up Vm again then17:08
bigcalm[xoom]|I haven't had a tea infusion since 2006. This is taking me back to when I started as a coder for a living17:09
bigcalm[xoom]|davmor2: he he17:09
TheOpenSourcererDribble dribble dribble: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/news/2012/02/report-samsung-galaxy-s-iii-to-have-1080p-screen-quad-core-processor.ars17:14
bigcalm[xoom]|Oh my, I want that as my hand set upgrade! Doubt that it'll be out by April though. And T-Mobile will drag their feet once it is available17:20
AlanBellyou have to watch out for things that claim to be HD in media reports17:24
AlanBellthere is a samsung beam thing with a projector in it that I have seen described as HD.17:24
bigcalm[xoom]|Highly dubious17:25
AlanBellthere are a lot of "HD" resolutions these days, not just 1080x1920, the projector in a phone thing is actually nHD which is 640x320 or a ninth of HD17:25
AlanBelland that gets passed like chinese whispers through a journalist or two and becomes a "watch HD movies on the projector" kind of thing17:26
gordI've seen a lot of "hd" tvs that run sub hd resolutions as well, they just accept a HD video format like 720p or 1080p17:28
gordrather annoying when you hook it up to a pc and you can't see your panel because its really 960p or whatever17:28
bigcalm[xoom]|Like my tv :(17:30
matttbigcalm[xoom]|: are you on 3G now or something?17:31
bigcalm[xoom]|H, yes17:33
TheOpenSourcererVery, very nice. Ubudroid in action: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/02/ubuntu-for-android-gets-shown-off-at-world-mobile-congress/17:50
MartijnVdSSo.. Linux for Human Beings for Android17:51
* MartijnVdS calls Sarah Connor17:51
* czajkowski wants the galaxy nexus 17:51
MartijnVdSczajkowski: I have it, it's ♥17:51
czajkowskilooks lovely17:54
MartijnVdSczajkowski: it's fast as well.. and it works in 12.04 now (\o/)17:54
czajkowskioh sweet17:54
MartijnVdSslight problem with banshee, but that should be fixable17:54
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: i have one of those in my hand now ☺17:56
MartijnVdSSo.. rhythmbox is the recommended/default music player again, right?17:56
MartijnVdS(in 12.04)17:56
* MartijnVdS tries it.. let's see if it has improved ;)17:57
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: no, basically17:57
gordonjcpit doesn't play streams17:58
* czajkowski wonders when Banshee will vanish and RB appears with all my music 17:58
gordonjcpand it doesn't play local files17:58
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: I'm going to see if it crashes when I plug in my phoner17:58
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: if it doesn't, it's better than banshee ;)17:58
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: it might not...17:58
popeyczajkowski: why would it vanish?17:59
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: also, I stopped using it after it decided that since it couldn't *play* any of my media files, it was going to delete them instead17:59
popeyczajkowski: we don't rip out apps that you're using during upgrades17:59
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: rhythmbox is fatally flawed, fatally like "may as well run rm -rf / as root" flawed17:59
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: So is banshee if it can't copy music to my phone17:59
MartijnVdSanyway, need to reboot, brb18:00
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: right, but banshee won't go "oh, I can't copy these, I'll just delete them from the library"18:00
czajkowskipopey: I can hope can't I :)18:00
ali1234anyone ever used hybridauth and wordpress-social-login to enable openid logins from launchpad?18:00
popeyczajkowski: just uninstall banshee if you dont want it18:01
davmor2czajkowski: it already is18:03
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: it's always possible I'm doing something wrong, but I would have thought that in a clean, un-fiddled-with install of 12.04 rhythmbox ought to be able to at least play back local files18:03
MartijnVdSphone supports FLAC. So rhythmbox copies flac to phone18:03
czajkowskipopey: aye was waiting till it was nice and stable again18:04
ali1234hmm... has anyone ever used openid at all beyond using it to log in places?19:04
AlanBellali1234: yeah, a bit19:08
ali1234do you know what hybridauth is?19:08
ali1234my problem in a nutshell: i want to log in to wordpress with an arbitrary openid19:08
ali1234hybridauth supports generic openid but it is disabled in several wordpress plugins19:09
ali1234however, they still support openid from specific providers such as yahoo19:09
ali1234i have one found one reference to a reason for this19:09
AlanBellno, sorry. I hacked openID into etherpad lite (badly) and got it working (just) but thats about it19:09
ali1234someone claims that if you run your own openid provider you can log in to wordpress as admin by guessing the admin's email19:09
ali1234and then creating that identity on your own openid provider19:10
ali1234now to me, that sounds like it would only work if wordpress (or the plugin) was incredibly badly designed19:10
ali1234although thinking about it, i can see how you could accidentally design it that way, if you link a wp account to a "remote type" account which is one of(google, yahoo, openid)19:11
ali1234then, all openid accounts will be exactly equal19:11
ali1234that's a design flaw of the plugin though19:12
ali1234i've hacked generic openid support back into wp-social-connect19:13
ali1234but it doesn't work19:14
ali1234sweet i managed to add launchpad as a specific provider19:24
ali1234it was actually mind bogglingly easy19:25
ali1234it doesn't seem to actually link to a wordpress account, it just creates a new one19:28
AlanBelldoes it store the full openID identity somewhere?19:29
ali1234it gets your "full name" from openid, lowercases it, replaces space with _, and makes a new account19:30
ali1234i guess it also compares the email addresses19:30
ali1234so yeah, if i allowed any provider, it could be trivially fooled19:31
shaunodoes openid actually make any requests straight from wordpress to the provider?  I was under the impression it was all submitted via the client19:37
ali1234as i understand it, client logs in to provider (launchpad), and the provider pings a callback on the consumer (my wordpress site)19:38
shaunoso much of it seems to happen within the browser, that I'm curious what happens if you fudge your local name resolution so the provider responding on the client's side isn't who it should be19:44
AlanBellnot sure the provider and consumer talk to each other19:44
AlanBellyou have to do some messing about if the consumer is on a private address (192.168.*) because some providers won't redirect there (launchpad will, Ubuntu SSO won't)19:45
ali1234they must talk at some point19:47
ali1234otherwise i could just set up a local provider and log in to any site as anyone i wanted19:47
AlanBelldon't think so, it is all stuff that gets passed about by the browser19:47
ali1234well wikipedia disagrees19:49
AlanBellok, consumer checks with provider19:51
AlanBellprovider doesn't ping consumer (because I can run a consumer locally behind NAT and it works19:52
ali1234now, if i allowed two openid sources, someone could create an account using my details on the second one, then log in as me19:52
ali1234but that's because this plugin is very badly designed19:52
AlanBellyeah, it should store the full openID URI for each account19:53
ali1234perhaps it would not work if they were both technically different providers19:53
AlanBellnot just trust the assertion of nickname or whatever19:53
ali1234let me check the database19:54
ali1234ok, it appears to store some form of the openid19:55
ali1234full url19:55
ali1234i tested this:19:58
ali1234delete the old user, make a new user manualy with my details from launchpad19:58
ali1234then, login using launchpad19:58
ali1234it created a new user rather than letting me in to the old one19:58
ali1234so pretty much as expected19:58
MartijnVdSoooh: http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/71619:58
ali1234would be better if it let me link the accounts instead19:58
shaunoI guess what I'm curious about, is what happens if I setup a provider inside my lan.  and then add an entry to my hosts file so it answers requests that would have otherwise gone to a provider outside my lan19:59
shaunocan the the consumer tell the difference?19:59
ali1234then the shared secret test will fail20:00
ali1234what can resize pngs from the command line and doesn't depend on libx11?20:02
ali1234also, i think raspberrypi.org runs on a raspberry pi20:03
AlanBellimagemagick can be compiled to not depend on X1120:04
ali1234i don't want to recompile it20:04
ali1234there must be something in the repos...20:04
AlanBellthere is the GD image library that PHP thingies use20:05
AlanBellphp-gd5 depends on X stuff :(20:08
AlanBellphp5-gd even20:08
AlanBellThe Raspberry Pi Foundation will be making a big (and very positive) announcement that just might interest you at 0600h GMT on Wednesday 29 February 201220:10
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell - I have added an alarm to the calendar :-)20:10
ali1234most amusing factoid from MWC - "Americans most likely (12%) to spill alcohol on their phone."20:13
AlanBellwow. Does that include Bud lite?20:13
ali1234i guess so20:13
ali1234i must say... wordpress is much easier to develop for than drupal20:37
ali1234i spent months fighting drupal on my own site and that's really simple20:37
Azelphurali1234: haha, I'm doing Drupal stuff atm20:38
ali1234my experience so far with wordpress can be summed up with that "everything went better than expected" image20:41
czajkowskiAlanBell: see pm20:42
=== Seeker`_ is now known as Seeker`
zleap58 days till 12.04 is launched21:16
* mgdm waves at Seeker` 21:17
mgdmhow goes it?21:17
* mgdm is considering doing a reinstall for the next Ubuntu from scratch, maybe on an SSD21:18
mgdmmy Oneiric machine takes around 5-6 minutes to boot, which is suboptimal21:18
Seeker`goes good21:18
* popey has a USB3 HDD enclosure arriving tomorrow21:18
* popey will put an SSD in it21:19
mgdmbloke at work has an SSD now instead of 2x 1TB drives in RAID0 (you can imagine why he now has new drives)21:20
mgdmvast improvement over the old21:20
popeyyeah, i _love_ the ssd in this laptop21:21
popeythe lenovo engineer came to replace the mobo, then handed the laptop to me to test. i powered up.. "fsck me thats a bit quick!"21:21
bigcalm[xoom]He didn't notice the ssd?21:24
diploevening all21:25
zleaplol nice#21:25
bigcalm[xoom]Is there any sort of compensation for lack of service from VirginMedia?21:29
mgdmdoubt it21:30
diploTried before, can phone up and say I'm leaving because of the downtime21:30
mgdmunless you moan at them a LOT, at which point you might get something to keep quiet21:30
mgdmbut consumer broadband has no SLA21:30
diploWill probably give you some extra services or a month free21:30
bigcalm[xoom]Could do without the hassle21:31
diploI had that one time with them bigcalm[xoom]21:32
bigcalm[xoom]The service is great when it works :)21:33
gordonjcpdiplo: it's always worth threatening to leave because of crap performance21:37
* bigcalm[xoom] looks into tonic21:37
diployeah i was with them for 12-13 years bigcalm[xoom]21:41
diploToo good a deal with Sky :)21:41
diploDebating moving back now though, going to phone them and see what they offer21:41
bigcalm[xoom]I like the mates rates we get21:42
diploI don't know anyone at Virgin any more, they all get laid off down here :(21:42
bigcalm[xoom]And the 5mb we'd get from ads isn't very enticing21:43
bigcalm[xoom]And up here. But we managed to keep or mates rates some how21:43
diploI only get 6mb21:44
diploSpeed didn't really bother me to much now adays21:44
diploII don't download anything really now adays21:44
popeybigcalm[xoom]: can I have you V+ box please ☺21:45
bigcalm[xoom]popey: sure, if we ever stop using vm ;)21:46
diplopopey, I have one they never took, got a spare card ?21:48
diploYours if you want it21:51
diploGot a v+ and the basic box21:51
popeyyeah, i have a basic box not doing anything21:51
popeywith a card21:52
popeythe card will work in a v+ box wont it?21:52
diplohmm thinking about it21:52
diploThey work, but i think if the card isn't +'d it won't record etc21:52
diploMore than welcome to try21:53
popeyi can try with my cards21:53
diploNot sure how I would organise getting them to you, be visiting my bro near epsom in next month or so21:55
popeywhereabouts do you live?21:56
diploNear Bath21:57
diploDepends on how soon you want it, going to be out and about over next few weeks but haven't been told yet :)21:58
diplowhere I am going.21:58
popeyno hurry ☺21:58
diploCool, well now I know how I have a place for them to go I can make sure I get a gig your way if anything comes up.. you're Farnham way aren't you ? From G+ posts i've seen.22:00
bigcalm[xoom]|New eta of 12.47am. Not sure I'll stay up to find out22:07
zleapwhat tuesday or wednesday22:10
bigcalm[xoom]Just did less on a .zip and got a result I was not expecting22:45
AlanBellless is clever22:45
andresmphello, I was experimenting with bazar and launchpad22:47
andresmpif i push something on my side how does it show up in launchpad?22:48
popeyif you push it to launchpad, yes ☺22:48
popeyyou can see it on code.launchpad.net/~YOURLPID22:48
bigcalm[xoom]It is I!22:52
andresmpyay! thanks popey! https://code.launchpad.net/~andresmp/podofile/spaniard22:55
andresmplooks like no one is using that anyway. I hope i do not mess things up for the next person.22:56
popeyits your own branch22:56
popeynobody else can touch it22:56
andresmpso I have to do a merge request.22:57
andresmpwhen bzr says "nothing to do" does it mean it already did what it was intended to do. or that it efectively did nothing because it already did it?23:01

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