snadgeunity is broken on my work desktop01:11
snadgetried resetting it.. if i re-enable unity plugij with ccsm, interface just freezes01:12
snadgeunity-panel-service: no process found01:13
snadgeoh god.. i switched to gnome-shell because unity is annoying the crap out of me.. and.. i just want to cry01:24
bilalthumper: Yep, I tried that, didn't work01:40
snadgeLOL apt-get --purge remove unity* compiz*01:55
snadgei fixed it :D01:55
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snadgeergh.. the bindings have changed for desktop panning? seriously?02:26
snadgei just want to punch somebody in the face now02:26
snadgei spent all morning fixing my desktop because it wouldn't work.. god knows why.. only to be screwed around by yet another arbitrary config change02:27
thumperI was not entirely happy with that either02:27
snadgeim violently unhappy about it.. i really do want to punch somebody in the face02:27
snadgeway to piss people off02:28
snadgeshift super? seriously? why!?02:28
snadgethats just .. grrrr02:28
thumperno idea, but I'll be asking02:28
thumperI changed mine back to ctrl+alt+left/right02:28
snadgemove with window within wall has changed too02:29
snadgei need one of those paper bags to breathe into02:29
snadgeperhaps some calm meditation music02:29
snadgeim going to buy some distillers yeast.. and 6 kilos of dextrose02:30
snadgeunfortunately it wont be fermented and distilled for another 3 days or so.. which is too long02:30
DebolazWDextrose ftw02:30
DebolazWAlthough I probably use it for something different than you do. :-)02:31
snadgehaha.. cutting up meth02:35
snadgei dont need to be alert.. i need good old fashioned booze, to dull the senses.. not enhance them02:35
* DebolazW still ponders how to get the intel titlebar bug to someones attention.02:36
snadgei just dont know what to do anymore.. the number of complaints i've had lately02:38
snadgei tried to switch to gnome-shell in protest.. but i just couldn't do it02:38
snadgeanyone know why move workspace has changed from ctrl-alt to super-shift ?05:12
snadgeand move window to another workspace has changed from shift-ctrl-alt  to super-alt05:12
snadgewas it just to piss people off? or is it another extreme retard useability test failure05:13
thumpersnadge: I'm sure there was a reason, I just don't know what it was06:32
snadgewell.. launcher dodge windows was removed because it "failed user testing"06:35
snadgetranslated.. the code was ugly, buggy.. and nobody could be bothered maintaining it06:35
snadgebecause the option to use it, even via enabling it in ccsm, was also removed06:35
snadgefor someone who uses those shortcuts a lot.. suddenly changing them without rational explanation.. is frustrating to put it mildly.. it would want to be a damn good reason06:36
snadgei keep trying to switch desktops and move windows.. the old way06:37
snadgei could just change the shortcuts back again.. but that will cause me pain when i go to use someone elses unity system ;)06:38
smbHm, not sure how that did happen, but I got a netbook where the shortcuts seem to have gotten half updated. So maximize window is still alt+f10 but unmaximise is already super+down...09:00
mhr3kamstrup, and one more - i did the "owner" peers, but they don't behave very nicely, the leadership is encoded deep inside sharedmodel, so for example taking an ownership means that the new owner will discard everything already present in the model09:17
mhr3somehow it's expected i suppose09:17
kamstrupyeah, DeeSharedModel is playing a bit clever on the name owning09:17
mhr3so i'd just suggest documenting it a lot :)09:18
kamstrupmhr3: hehe... i guess you're the one with the dirty hands right now :-)09:18
kamstrupmhr3: but we does the model need to be cleared on leader changes?09:18
* mhr3 feels bad for this uncleanliness in dee :(09:19
kamstrupdoes it be come invalidated because of some seqnum snafu or?09:19
mhr3kamstrup, no it just goes, oh i'm the leader, so there was noone else here09:19
kamstrupthat was also a valid assumption up until now09:20
kamstrupmhr3: consider dee a "low entropy implementation". Changing just one bit may invalidate the whole state :-)09:21
mhr3we do more dbus chatter to make sure it checks first, but well...09:21
mhr3we could*09:21
kamstrupmhr3: is it not possibly to distinguish why one got the name..?09:21
mhr3dont think so09:21
kamstrupI think OwnName() may provide that... althoughI can't recall09:21
mhr3dbus will just return primary_owner09:22
mhr3kamstrup, still owned model suggest this is a valid behaviour :)09:22
kamstrupmhr3: but does it clear the model when it becomes the leader?09:23
kamstrupor does it just reset the seqnum?09:24
kamstrupit's subtly racy in some sense...09:24
mhr3didn't check that deep, my guess would be that it just assumes it's proper leader and will invalidate others if they commit something09:24
kamstrupthere are two paths. One works the other does not09:25
kamstrup1) Snathc name, and then create model --> fail09:25
kamstrup2) Create model, wait for sync, snatch name --> OK09:25
kamstrupmhr3: ^09:25
kamstrupmhr3: We could make this work: dee_shared_model_new_leader (DeeSharedModelFlags rw_mode_flags)09:27
kamstrupbut passing in a pre-constructed peer might cause breakage09:27
kamstrupif the peer has already grabbed the name09:27
kamstrupleaving us without knowledge of who to Clone from09:28
mhr3just checked, there's no clear09:28
kamstrupmhr3: I think the problem is that the if we pre-create the peer and own the name we have no one to Clone from. That leaves the leader with the only option to reset the seqnum ==> existing peers needs to be Invalidate()ed09:29
mhr3kamstrup, i'm still wondering if you should clone by default09:35
mhr3ultimately the app is able to do this itself if it cares09:35
kamstrupmhr3: not sure I understand what you mean...09:36
mhr3well if you want to retain the state of the model from other peers and take the ownership, you could just create a standard sharedmodel, wait for it to sync, take the backend and create an "owner" sharedmodel/peer09:37
mhr3but imo in most cases if the app is forcing the ownership it doesn't care that there might be something in the model already09:38
mhr3kamstrup, so if we do make the cloning behavior the default, we might be just causing unneeded traffic (and force the owned models to just do clear() after init)09:48
kamstrupmhr3: right... what would be the fallout of continuing our current behaviour of invalidting all peers?09:49
kamstrupnot much afaics09:49
mhr3nothing besides unforeseen consequences :)09:50
jibelcould bug 926859 be fixed for Beta 1 ? it makes testing in VMs very painful09:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 926859 in unity "llvmpipe software rendering needs blacklisting in unity-support-test" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92685909:54
kamstrupjibel: I think it was enabled on purpose? RAOF on #ubuntu-desktop could confirm I think...09:55
seb128you can probably get didrocks to distro patch it for beta1 if that's an issue for testing09:57
jibelseb128, it's an issue for vms and ltsp09:59
jibeldidrocks, ^09:59
didrocksis there any upstream branch to backport?09:59
didrocks(I guess there isn't)09:59
seb128didrocks, no, upstream argue they will do it good enough on llvm that it's not needed10:02
seb128didrocks, but it's clearly not ready for beta110:03
seb128didrocks, it's one of those case were we need to take a pragmatic distro decision to be able to test beta1 correctly10:03
didrocksseb128: right, the code to blacklist it isn't as straightforward as it seems though from the first look10:03
seb128didrocks, I also doubt that dx cares a lot about vms, those are not their target users10:03
didrocksseb128: I will try to get to it10:03
didrocksbut I have a tons of stuff on my plate10:03
seb128didrocks, ok, I though it was a matter to add one string to the checker code10:04
didrocksI'm not sure with llvmpipe10:04
didrocksas its depends on the driver10:04
didrocksso I need to setup a vm, tests, and such10:04
didrocksnow, back to finish what is urgent as well to prepare the unity release10:05
seb128didrocks, the bug has the string to add to the list10:05
seb128didrocks, "OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe (LLVM 0x300)"10:05
didrocksseb128: I know, I read it, but I prefer to test as well :)10:05
seb128didrocks, ok, good luck with the release10:06
didrocksand that's not what we tests ;)10:06
* seb128 goes back to w.e backlog stuff10:06
didrocksin the checker10:06
didrocksjibel: you are testing with virtualbox, right?10:14
didrocksthe strings are for vmware10:14
didrocksI'll try to get some common determinator10:14
jibeldidrocks, it's a problem for vbox right.10:14
didrocksjibel: ok, let me give a simple script10:15
didrocksjibel: and tell me if it return 0 or 110:16
jibeldidrocks, and the user can't select 'unity 2d' because X crashes on logout10:17
didrocksjibel: http://people.canonical.com/~didrocks/unity_support_test10:17
didrocksjibel: please, run it with -f10:18
didrocks(to avoid the caching)10:18
jibeldidrocks, the problem is not specific to vbox but exists in kvm too.10:26
didrocksjibel: right, that's why I'm trying to get the common denominator10:27
didrocksI'm just looking for "llvmpipe" for now, I think that should work10:28
jmlis it a known bug that the dash opens when switching desktops using the default super+alt+arrow keybinding?10:59
* mgedmin has super+g mapped to open gnome-terminal; about 50% of the time pressing super+g also results in an unwanted dash opening (oneiric)11:02
jmlmgedmin: ah, no, I'm talking about latest precise11:03
jmlit's just a bit weird, since this & the compose key thing are the first unity defects in this cycle that have caused a drag on my productivity (well done on that, btw!)11:04
jmlHmm. And Alt combos frequently open the HUD when I don't want it.11:09
jmlI suspect a secret plot by sabdfl to switch me from Emacs to Vim11:09
davmor2jml: Geany or gedit I think you'll find ;)11:11
jmltbh, I'd love to switch to a more modern editor11:12
jmlbut that's a discussion for another day11:12
seb128jml, bug #93952111:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 939521 in unity (Ubuntu) "Shortcut overlay appears even if you Super + another key" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93952111:13
jmlright now, I'm trying to make sure that we can reliably and quickly deploy our automated packaging stuff to the cloud, and am being stopped every few seconds to look at the HUD.11:13
jmlseb128: thanks11:13
seb128jml, bug #92341011:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 923410 in unity (Ubuntu) "HUD - closing a window with <Alt>+<F4> opens the hud" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92341011:13
seb128jml, you can change the hud key in ccsm as a workaround11:14
jmlseb128: thanks. I'm a bit wary of making CCSM changes: I want to be working as close to Unity default as I can manage so that I can file bugs better and also get better support.11:19
jmlin this case, I guess I'll change it and then change back when I hear the bug is fixed.11:19
seb128jml, right, I mean no need to impact your productivity for a week for a known bug11:19
jmlLooking at the settings, it says that the auto-hide reveal is "Left edge". I was wondering what that was (it's not working for me, it seems).11:21
jmlAlso, looking at the keyboard shortcuts, I wonder why Super+Up isn't maximize.11:22
seb128jml, what do you mean "left edge reveal is not working"?11:28
seb128jml, super-up works here11:28
jmlseb128: I mean, when I move my mouse pointer to the left edge of the screen, the launcher stays hidden11:33
jmlseb128: super-up isn't documented as a keyboard shortcut for me.11:34
jml5.4.0-0ubuntu2, fwiw.11:36
jmlalthough maybe I haven't restarted it since the last update.11:36
seb128jml, you maybe don't move enough, you need to push11:37
jmlseb128: I'm pushing quite hard.11:37
seb128jml, there is also a slider in the gnome-control-center appearance capplet (second tab) to change the barrier levels11:37
seb128jml, if you use nvidia binaries drivers there was a bug but it's supposed to be fixed for some days11:38
jmlseb128: well, I'm running in Virtualbox on an iMac. (due to an annoying hardware failure; would love to be back on bare metal Ubuntu)11:39
jmlseb128: setting it to max sensitivity still doesn't work.11:39
seb128jml, ok, maybe that's something which doesn't work in vm then11:40
jmlit's not a big deal for me, tbh. I almost prefer having the visibility entirely controlled by keyboard.11:41
jmlso what about this super-up thing? is that actually meant to be maximize? would be heaps more intuitive than Alt-F10.11:41
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kamstrupmhr3: had a load of comments on your branch... sorry! :-)12:28
seb128jml, super-up,down,left,right are supposed to be active by default yes12:31
jmlseb128: all except super-up are in the shortcuts and work for me. super-up doesn't appear in the shortcuts overlay, nor does it appear to have any affect.12:31
seb128jml, weird, maybe you got it unset in your config for some reason12:34
jmlseb128: well, it's a bit odd, given that all of my other keyboard bindings changed. Any idea how I'd change it now?12:39
seb128jml, look in gnome control center keybindings section?12:39
* davmor2 wonders if there is a wishlist bug to add increase/decrease number of desktops as a quicklist to the desktop switcher app for those power users that like that kinda thing12:40
jmlseb128: thanks.12:41
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mhr3kamstrup, as for the renames, giscanner was complaining, i have no idea why13:11
kamstrupmhr3: can you revert it... for al we know giscanner might start complaining about *not* using *self in the next version... i don't like following fickle tool behavior like this...13:19
mhr3kamstrup, ok13:20
mhall119didrocks: ping13:29
didrocksmhall119: hey13:30
mhall119didrocks: hey, 2 things this morning13:31
mhall1191) unity-lens template packaging/uploading, will you have time to get to that today?13:31
mhall1192) If I start getting community people working on Keywords: data on .desktop files, will those be able to land in 12.04 since they won't necessarily need translating?13:32
mhr3kamstrup, so wrt the writable prop on ProxyModel, i'm not sure it's a good idea, right now with the disable-writes prop you can basically flip it on and off whenever you want, simulating a kind of critical section for the model, i'm unsure if and how-much clients should know about this13:32
seb128didrocks, I can handle discussion about 2) if you want13:32
didrocksseb128: thanks a lot :)13:33
davidcallemhall119, I've tried the lens template this morning.13:33
didrocksmhall119: reviewing is on my plate for today13:33
didrocksmhall119: then, you can open a FFe13:33
didrocksmhall119: and once approved, we can upload13:33
seb128mhall119, hey13:33
mhall119davidcalle: how did it go13:33
mhall119hey seb12813:34
seb128mhall119, so Keywords are fine, please get those submitted upstream though, they are useful in gnome-shell and others environments as well13:34
kamstrupmhr3: ah, right...13:34
seb128mhall119, we can and will take distro patches but only for things which have an upstream bug reference13:34
davidcallemhall119, very well :)13:34
mhall119seb128: definitely going to get them upstream, I just wanted to make sure they'll qualify for 12.04 before getting people excited about it13:34
didrocksmaybe we should ping the translation team about those?13:34
mhall119didrocks: about keywords?13:35
seb128mhall119, we will not block on upstream taking the patches, just to have things sent to them first (if we don't do that it always lead people to no upstream their changes)13:35
mhall119didrocks: hmm, it's not really a 1-to-1 translatable thing though13:35
seb128didrocks, mhall119: I need to look at that, I think we might need an update from our glib patch to use gettext for that key as well13:35
seb128I put it on on my todo13:35
seb128mhall119, it's a 1-113:36
didrocksseb128: oh, you're right, there is certainly something needed around it13:36
seb128the key is a list of words separated by ";" for both locales13:36
seb128but translations are not a blocker there like they are for ql13:36
seb128since those don't show in the ui13:36
kamstrupmhall119: Getting some hype about Keywords support has been on my todo for a while, so if you can do it that'll be just awesome13:37
seb128it's just better if we can get translated values13:37
kamstrupincidentally /me just fixed libunity to support Keywords13:37
didrocksyeah, it's just nice if we can get some translated ones, just need some buzz about it :)13:37
kamstrup(as just X-AppInstall-Keywords and X-GNOME-Keywords before)13:37
mhall119seb128: just to I tell people correctly, should it be "Keywords" or "X-AppInstall-Keywords" or "X-GNOME-Keywords"?13:37
kamstrupKeywords I think13:38
mhall119nvm, I think kamstrup just answered me13:38
kamstrupthe XDG spec should be updated... lemme check13:38
seb128mhall119, Keywords13:38
mhall119kamstrup: does Unity search the Categories field too?13:38
seb128kamstrup, mhall119: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xdg/desktop-file-utils/commit/?id=332835b24602706f71d5f5d912eac4f7a087d8ba13:39
kamstrupmhall119: not text searching in the categories, but we use it for the filters13:39
seb128kamstrup, mhall119: Keywords support is in our version of desktop-file-utils as well13:40
kamstrupseb128: http://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/latest/ar01s05.html is more human parseable :-) (cc: mhall119)13:40
mhall119seb128: kamstrup: do any upstreams support Keywords yet?13:40
kamstrupmhall119: afaik most things in GNOME Control Center does, and Deja Dup as well - although you might wanna double check that those are upstream and not distro patches13:42
seb128kamstrup, mhall119: gnome-shell use it: http://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-shell/commit/?id=1d311e79167441362849657224197819e05678df13:42
seb128on the "consumer side"13:42
kamstrupgrep ^Keywords= /usr/share/applications/*.desktop :-)13:42
mhall119seb128: cool, thanks, that'll help getting it accepted by upstream app developers13:42
seb128kamstrup, mhall119: should be no issue to get those to any upstream since it's xdg speced13:42
seb128that's in the spec and cross desktop, KDE uses it as well it seems13:43
seb128so I think it should be trivial to get acceptance for those13:43
mhall119cool, thanks you guys, I'll work on a blog post today to get people working on it, and put it up as a requested activity for Ubuntu Global Jam13:43
kamstrupmhall119: ping the unity-design list as well13:43
mhall119kamstrup: before of after posting?13:47
kamstrupmhall119: maybe just a short introduction and a link to your blog post (which would imply ping them after posting :-))13:47
mhall119kamstrup: good idea, thanks13:48
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didrocksmhall119: hum, you didn't need to bump to 0.0.2 btw, as the first version was "UNRELEASED" :)13:57
didrocksmhall119: but that's fine nevertheless :)13:57
mhall119didrocks: 0.2 always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling13:59
didrocksmhall119: heh :)14:00
didrocksbut keeping UNRELEASED in the tag is a nice way to handle and to know when an upload was done14:00
didrocksmhall119: some question: if I were you, I would make clear in the run command that people need to run quickly install before running the first time14:00
didrocks(and maybe as well some explanation in create)14:00
didrocksapart from that, it looks good :)14:01
mhall119didrocks: I'd have to make a custom run.py then14:01
mhall119right now it can inherit from ubuntu-application14:02
didrocksrun.py is pretty small14:02
didrocksso I guess it worths to copy it14:02
mhall119but it's doable, I can just check for the existance of /usr/share/unity/lenses/<project_name>/14:02
mhall119didrocks: I'd be nice to have class-based commands in the next major release of quickly14:03
didrocksos.rmdir('/usr/share/unity/lenses/%s' % lens_name)14:03
mhall119that way I could just sub-class and override14:03
didrocks-> it won't work if the dir is not empty14:03
didrocksso you remove() above14:03
didrocksbut as you are already using shutils14:03
didrocksyou can14:03
mhall119didrocks: right, but it should be deleting the only files it put in there14:03
didrocksmhall119: oh wait, maybe I have something for you14:04
didrockslet me check14:04
didrocksmhall119: yeah, it's not as easy as I thought14:06
didrocksmhall119: you can open a whishlist bug :)14:06
didrocksmhall119: however, keep in mind that the initial design was to run templates (and so command) not in python14:07
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ppdjust out of curiosity... is it possible that the unity-design archives (https://lists.launchpad.net/unity-design/) are not reachable half the day? the rest of launchpad works fine, so I wonder...14:13
kklimondawhy did you switch the shortcut for changing workspaces?14:15
kklimondadid ctrl+alt clash with something?14:15
kklimonda(shift+super isn't really that comfortable when you switch all the time)14:15
ppdI second that ;-). but you can change it back14:16
kklimondaapparently not by using ccsm ;)14:17
ppdno way easier in the system settings14:17
ppdin fact, I just did14:18
kklimondaah yes, funny that they are all "Disabled"14:18
kklimondabefore I actualy change them14:18
ppdall shortcuts are disabled? I think that should not be the case14:19
ppdI had those Super+something shortcuts filled in there14:19
kklimondameh, another bug14:20
ppdmost likely14:21
webm0nk3yShift+Ctrl+Alt+Left|Right|Up|Down..... wow!14:23
kklimondabah, who is the mythical "designer" who has requested this change?14:24
ppdwell, I guess at long as it is easily configureable, it does not matter all that much14:26
kklimondawell it does, because ctrl+alt has been the default combination for years14:27
kklimondaso you can't just change it without a good explanation14:27
DaekdroomI agree with kklimonda.14:27
kklimondaespecially when shift+super requires you to do weird things with your fingers14:27
DaekdroomWell... except that 4 keys are a bit too much14:27
kklimondait's emacs all over again14:27
kklimondanot to mention with the new combination I open dash all the time14:29
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kklimonda(and show the launcher, and the shiny shortcut crib)14:29
mhall119davidcalle: ping14:30
ppddon't get me wrong, I too am a user of the old ctrl+alt shortcuts, but if they want to unify all shortcuts under the "super" modifier, it's not necessarily a bug. the side effects with the launcher appearing and the helper-thingy constantly popping up however are bugs14:30
davidcallemhall119, hey14:30
DaekdroomHuh... Why is the shortcut overlay hardcoded?14:30
DaekdroomThe shortcuts, I mean.14:30
mhall119davidcalle: hiya, did you happen to catch the ARB meeting on Friday?14:30
kklimondappd: but the new way is not just "new", it's simply not ergonomic14:31
mhall119Daekdroom: it isn't14:31
seb128kklimonda, known bug for the dash and summary screens14:31
kklimondappd: It makes me press shift with my pinky, and super with my thumb14:31
seb128kklimonda, well the rational is that all keybindings are super based14:31
seb128where ctrl-alt is not14:31
davidcallemhall119, no, I forgot about it.14:31
mhall119seb128: any reason why it can't be just super+arrow?14:31
seb128though yeah, ctrl-super or super-alt would be better14:31
* davidcalle runs to the log14:31
kklimondasuper+arrow is already occupied ;)14:32
seb128mhall119, because that's used for other actions14:32
mhall119davidcalle: the result was that the ARB is going to maintain source packages for lenses and scopes14:32
Daekdroommhall119, I'm pretty sure I'm not using Super + Shift + Arrows , and yet...14:32
mhall119Daekdroom: hmmm, I thought it was dynamic14:32
DaekdroomIt used to be, I think14:32
Daekdroomunity (5.4.0-0ubuntu2) precise; urgency=low14:33
Daekdroom  * 01_hardcode_new_default_in_hardcoded_values.patch:14:33
Daekdroom    - hardcode the new default value for switching between workspaces and      moving a window between workspaces. Unfortunatly, this is still a     harcoding. Opened an upstream bug so that the real values are read      instead with some guidance.14:33
mhall119davidcalle: I'd like to submit your graphics design lens and some of it's scopes as sourcecode-only through MyApps, so they can try it using this new process14:33
DaekdroomSo it's specific for those two shortcuts.14:33
didrockssome of them are hardcoded14:33
didrocksthe ones with <something> + arrows14:33
didrocksas there is no "arrows" keyshortcut14:34
didrocksevery of them are 4 keys14:34
DaekdroomMakes sense.14:34
didrocksmy suggestion is to pick on14:34
kklimondaI can obviously change keyboard mappings so it's not a big deal *to me* but I really think this is a bad key combination, it pretty much shadows what emacs does with shortcuts like M-x C-x f etc. and those shortcuts are actually linked to some hand injuries ;)14:34
didrocks(like what is assigned to <something> + Up?)14:34
didrocksand remove Up14:34
didrocksading arrows14:34
didrocksthe probability the others are not correct is small :)14:34
mhall119kklimonda: please tell me "Emacs Finger" is an actual medical term now14:35
ppdusing super with ctrl and alt would actually help in this case ;-)14:35
ppdwould be even easier then to move a window to another workspace14:36
kklimondamhall119: that would actually be awesome ;)14:37
mhall119kklimonda: surely anybody who has to use emacs regularly needs prescription pain-killers14:39
davidcallemhall119, so there is going to be some sort of huge branch for each lens, producing the lens and every scopes packages for it.14:40
kklimondamhall119: don't know about users, but I'm pretty sure all emacs devs suffer from it ;)14:40
mhall119davidcalle: yes, they'll still be separate binaries, but one source package per lens that the ARB maintains14:40
kklimondaseb128: what about super+alt? it seems no one has yet called dibs on this combination ;)14:41
mhall119so the lens author doesn't need to add scopes themselves14:41
kklimondactrl+super also looks free14:41
davidcallemhall119, ok. If the ARB can do it this way, it's going to be great. No packaging, just a .scope file, a .service file and a daemon.14:41
mhall119davidcalle: yup14:41
davidcallemhall119, awesome :)14:41
mhall119davidcalle: is the graphics design stuff working on Oneiric?14:42
davidcallemhall119, about the graphic design lens, let me update it for Precise this afternoon.14:42
davidcallethis (european) afternoon :)14:42
mhall119davidcalle: they're only doing Oneiric stuff right now14:42
davidcalleOh ok14:42
mhall119they won't take Precise submissions until closer to release14:42
seb128kklimonda, super-alt is "move to ws"14:42
mhall119so if it's working on Oneiric, go ahead and submit it14:42
seb128ctrl-super would work I guess14:42
davidcallemhall119, sounds fine, I'm on it.14:43
jokerdinobilal: pinging you regarding bug 93874814:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 938748 in gedit (Ubuntu) "Add Unity Quicklist support" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93874814:57
snadge+1 new shortcut for changing workspace and moving windows.. sucks14:59
snadgestop messing with things for no good reason15:00
snadgeit annoys people15:00
snadgeshift+super is way more awkward.. and i keep trying to shift workspaces and move windows the old way15:01
DaekdroomHave you considered changing it back?15:01
snadgeno.. i've considered punching the person who changed it in the face though15:01
snadgeand calling them nasty names15:01
DaekdroomY'know, people here were discussing those shortcuts some minutes ago, and it seemed a much better discussion than 'I've considered punching the person who changed it'15:02
snadgesometimes violence is the simplest way to resolve a dispute15:02
DaekdroomI don't think punching a developer will get them to change the software to suit your tastes.15:03
Daekdroom(despite punching someone being a cathartic action)15:03
snadgewell they've obviously made up their mind that the new way is worth irritating hundreds if not thousands of people15:04
snadgefor the sake of a couple of retards15:04
snadgeor whatever the weak excuse is15:04
snadgeits going to be hilarious when 12.04 finally drops.. dodge has been killed, the shortcuts have changed etc15:06
snadgeeven more people will dump unity.. i just hope those changes will entice more people to use unity.. than existing people get annoyed and use something else15:07
jokerdinojust because the shortcuts changed doesn't mean you can change it back. if you want, you can revert back. no one is stopping you from doing that.15:07
snadgeare you sure the option to change them back isnt going to get removed in the next build?15:08
snadgebecause changing options fails useability testing15:08
jokerdinothanks for the correct Daekdroom :)15:08
DaekdroomThe options are in CCSM, so why remove them?15:09
mhall119jokerdino: he's probably in school right now15:10
snadgei have a kind of ocd and im lazy.. if i have to change those options every time i re-install ubuntu.. or use a different installation of ubuntu15:10
snadgei have to weight that up vs the effort of getting used to the new way of doing it15:10
snadgeits easier to get angry at the person who made the change in the first place15:11
jokerdinomhall119: i just pinged him to let him know, not warranting an immediate response15:11
mhall119snadge: your changes should be stores in your home directory, so re-installing Ubuntu shouldn't change them as long as you don't blow away your home directory15:11
snadgei use ubuntu on about half a dozen different systems15:12
mhall119UbuntuOne syncing, FTW15:12
snadgeso that means i have to change 8 shortcuts.. that many times.. at *least* once.. presuming that ubuntu never fails.. and i never have to reset any of those settings.. like that will never happen15:12
mhall119though that might not always work well, if they're significantly different machines15:12
mhall119snadge: there's several ways you could automate that if it's really a big inconvenience15:14
snadgejust because someone woke up one day and though.. i know what would be a good idea.. changing the default shortcut.. yes.. thats an excellent idea15:14
snadgeor i could just punch the person who made the change in the face.. and be done with it15:14
mhall119snadge: changes like that aren't made on a whim15:14
mhall119snadge: again, you'll get much more help from people if you are respectful towards them15:14
snadgethey can experience at least a fraction of the pain they have caused others.. and then perhaps reconsider that decision15:14
DaekdroomIsn't it possible to create a script that changes the shortcuts through dconf (or is it gconf?) so all he'd have to do is run 'sh (something)'?15:15
DaekdroomI don't think breaking their pinky fingers is going to help them change the shortcuts back..15:15
snadgewell generally being nasty to people isnt a good way to get them to do something you want15:15
snadgebut when the probability of them going back on a decision.. is approaching zero15:16
snadgethen theres nothing really to lose15:16
mhall119the probability is approaching zero because you're acting like this15:16
mhall119not because of the decision15:16
snadgei cant see.. "changing defaults back to what they were, because snadge doesnt like them"15:16
snadgein the changelog.. any time soon15:17
mhall119"because snadge doesn't like them" isn't a valid reason15:17
mhall119why doesn't snadge like them?15:17
mhall119"because they're not what they've always been" isn't a valid reason either15:17
snadgewell having to play twister to change desktops isn't very appealing15:17
snadgectrl-alt is not only familiar.. its easier15:17
mhall119agreed, and that's been mentioned already, and different possible combinations have been suggested15:18
snadgeand i think the argument of adding shift being too complex.. is invalid15:18
DaekdroomUnfortunately Crtl + Alt + Shift + Arrow keys is too much too.15:18
snadgeno its not15:18
snadgebecause i've been doing that for years15:18
snadgeits exactly the same as changing workspace.. except adding a shift15:18
snadgeits way less confusing15:18
DaekdroomI personally think that Super + Shift + Arrow keys is the one that needs a change. Super + Alt + Arrow is easy and simple enough.15:19
snadgectrl-super i might be able to deal with15:19
snadgeinstead of shift-super15:19
snadgeid still prefer it to be the way that it was15:19
snadgeanyway.. i think i'll just defer judgement from now on and try not to get worked up over small changes15:22
snadgei tried to rage change over to gnome-shell.. but that made me want to cry15:23
snadgei have to remind myself that its not about me.. or what i want.. its about people who are new to linux.. what those people find easiest to come to terms with, on average15:27
davmor2hey gord you can't tell if an option is checked in hud :(  see software-center View > New Application in Launcher15:51
gorddavmor2, yup, something for design15:53
gordwe know though15:54
davmor2gord: is there an existing bug for it?15:54
goganchicI want to hack unity global menu and make it always visible, not only when mouse is over. So I want to find out where should if find code responding for hide/show procedure? I try to find it in indicator-appmenu package, but found only code for showing menus/submenus, but not whole global-menu. So can anybody help me to solve this problem?16:45
goganchicas I understood, global menu - is like other unity indicators, system place it on top panel at the left side16:47
gordgoganchic, "bzr branch lp:unity" and look in the plugins/unityshell/src/Panel*.cpp files is your best bet16:47
goganchicgord, ok, I'll try16:47
mhall119mhr3: ping16:58
mhr3mhall119, sup17:00
mhall119mhr3: hey, question about Keywords in .desktop files17:01
mhall119are they case-insensitive?17:01
mhall119can I use all lower-case for them?17:01
mhr3mhall119, you mean for them to be searchable by unity?17:01
mhall119and do you happen to know if X-AppInstall-Keywords can be re-named to Keywords, or does it serve a different function?17:02
mhall119mhr3: yes17:02
mhr3mhall119, it shouldn't matter for the indexer17:02
goganchicIf I have installed unity and I want to try some custom unity code should I install all dependencies (Nux, Compiz, etc.) into /opt/unity directory or I can install only unity in /opt/unity ?17:03
mhr3mhall119, and yea, i think AppInstall keywords are for something slightly different, you should check with software-center people17:03
mhr3mhall119, perhaps davmor2 would know ^^17:03
davmor2mhall119: try mvo or achuni17:07
davmor2mhr3: mhall119 I don't have much to do with the inner workings of a .desktop file,  mvo will most likely know or be able to point you at a reference if not17:11
davmor2and mhall119 beat me to it on software-center :)17:12
nhainesIs there a reason right-click context menus are all bright grey now instead of dark grey?17:24
nhainesI thought it was just a broken theming sort of thing but now I'm starting to wonder.17:24
ChauncellorHey, there's an old wishlist bug for Unity's launcher to get docky-like mouse-over magnification. Would the mailing list be a better place to bring this bug up for them to accept/reject the design? bug 75194118:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 751941 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity launcher should get mouse-over magnification (like docky)" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75194118:25
nhainesChauncellor: couldn't hurt!18:44
mhall119mhr3: does the Applications lens currently support the Keywords= field?18:53
mhr3mhall119, trunk, yea, 5.4 no18:54
mhall119ok, so it's not easily tested yet18:55
cjohnstonBringing Bug #940085 in here for discussion/comments from design.19:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 940085 in compiz (Ubuntu) "12.04, Compiz Wall plugin default shortcut keys are incorrect" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94008519:23
thomibschaefer: ping?20:38
bschaeferthomi, hey!20:55
thomibschaefer: hi - one of our pinyin tests is failing - I wonder if you could take  alook at the test log and see if the test is broken, or unity is broken?20:55
thomibschaefer: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/dx-autopilot-run/420/label=1EBEE0FF-DAC9-11DF-BBDA-64A98C34D485/testReport/junit/autopilot.tests.test_ibus/IBusTestsPinyin/test_simple_input_internet_/20:55
* bschaefer looks20:56
bschaeferthomi, hmm interesting, let me grab trunk and run it20:57
bschaeferother then that does ibus work for you in the dash?20:58
thomibschaefer: yep20:58
bschaefersweet :)20:58
thomibschaefer: the latest jenkins run has a few more failures: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/dx-autopilot-run/421/testReport/20:58
thomibschaefer: it seems the ibus tests are getting less table as time goes on :(20:59
bschaeferhmm interesting, yeah im running the test right now and the dash isent closing21:00
bschaeferthomi, hmm odd21:00
thomibschaefer: yeah. I wonder if it's sometimes appending the string instead of replacing it?>21:01
thomiI notice that the mismatched string is always longer than we're expecting, so maybe it's being concatenated with the previous text in the dash?21:02
bschaeferthomi, yeah what it looks like to me is the dash sometimes doesn't close!21:02
bschaeferthomi,  I ran the simple_input_test and this was the entire string21:03
bschaeferit wasn't getting closed and refreshed21:03
bschaeferif you split it up it makes the correct strings though haha21:03
thomihmmm, ok. I'll try and fix that today. Thanks :)21:03
bschaeferthomi, no thank you! Ill also look at the ctrl + x test to see whats up with that!21:04
bschaeferthomi, hmm ran the ctrl + x test 10 times now and it passes each time.21:06
thomibschaefer: it probably only fails if you run it as part of the whole suite21:06
bschaeferand the dash closes correctly21:06
bschaefero yeah, let me try that21:06
thomiprobably something similar to the ibus tests - maybe the dash isn't closing when it should21:06
bschaeferthomi, hmm running test_dash works, ill go up another level!21:10
bschaeferi guess you cant21:11
bschaeferthomi,  but if it runs the ibus test first, something might get stuck where the dash doesn't close21:11
thomibschaefer: OK, I'll take a look - just on a call ATM21:12
bschaeferthomi,  no worries, just trying to give as much info as ill be starting to work on something else soon :)21:12
thomino worries, thanks for your help21:12
bschaeferno problem, test coverage is very important!21:13
rye_hm ,i searched for gimp in app lens and got http://ubuntuone.com/5KBmbge9N2ldJ7m21qJSEN - gimp, krita, krita, krita. Then I installed gimp and I have krita, krita(selected) and krita available for installation21:31
mhall119rye_: what version of Ubuntu?21:52
* mhall119 isn't seeing Krita21:52
rye_mhall119, everything on precise21:58
rye_mhall119, moreover, this is after fresh install (x86-64)22:02
rye_aaand here's the second krita picture http://ubuntuone.com/1Ey1vEWqAtLtYxt5tzaYsb22:24
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
snadgehmm.. the edge of the second display is sticky23:58
snadgethats kind of annoying23:58
snadgeahh its the border in between the 1st and 2nd display.. the mouse kinda sticks on it23:59

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