pleia2meeting in 10 minutes :)02:50
Faqtotumpost-meeting silence in 11 minutes02:51
MarkDudeFaqtotum, lol02:58
MarkDudeWooooo hoooooo Ubuntu parties03:00
* MarkDude needs to get to some03:00
philipballewParties are fun03:00
pleia2ok, who all is here for the meeting?03:00
* eps waves03:00
MarkDudeTold folks in other Distros to go party with Ubuntu folks, since they have awesome local communities03:00
MarkDude\o meeting03:01
pleia2ok, agenda here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/12February2603:01
philipballewjumps up and down03:01
pleia2the Ubuntu Global Jam is coming up on Friday-Sunday :) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam03:02
pleia2so far our only Jam planned is one in Walnut Creek on Friday: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1569/detail/03:02
philipballewjono has come through once again03:02
pleia2there is still time to plan stuff is anyone is interested :)03:03
pleia2does anyone have questions about Global Jams?03:03
philipballewif some people are unable to attend, is there a way we can participate in a global jam remotely?03:04
philipballewwithout just doing bug stuff all on our own03:05
pleia2at our berkeley events we hop on IRC and tell people what we're working on, I'm not sure what jono is planning03:05
pleia2and no need to focus on bug stuff, these days global jams are about working together on any project03:06
pleia2if we wanted we even could plan to all be on IRC at the same time and tackle something :)03:06
philipballewwho knows. That person is way to busy.03:06
philipballewwell we do all live in CA so the timing is right03:06
pleia2I'm event planned out :( so if someone else wants to organize an in-channel event that'd be great03:07
* pleia2 is taking March off except for the Ubuntu Hour ;)03:07
philipballewwhen is that ubuntu hour pleia2 ?03:08
FaqtotumThe hour of the pangolin is upon us!03:08
pleia2philipballew: March 14th03:08
philipballew12.04 is coming up fast03:09
epsUbuntu 10.04.4 is out now03:09
pleia2alright, if anyone wants to do an in-channel jam thing you're welcome to start planning, I can help out if anyone wants some direction03:09
philipballewplease. I'm already on ubuntu 12.1003:10
pleia2Anyone have any announcements or anything else?03:10
iheartubuntuhow is 1204?03:10
iheartubuntu1110 is pretty solid03:10
philipballewthe SD ubuntu hour this week had 4 people03:10
philipballew04 is nice03:10
pleia2beta1 for 12.04 comes out on the 1st03:11
pleia2when I was at BerkeleyLUG today I spoke with Michael Paoli about a Debian dinner during UDS and Jack about a possible tour of his workplace (has the 8th biggest supercomputer in the world, and it runs linux!)03:12
pleia2so I started making a wiki page with ideas: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UDS-Q03:12
iheartubuntudoes the computer have a first name? :)03:13
pleia2maybe Jack will tell us on the tour!03:14
pleia2iheartubuntu: any updates on the gaming night proposal? anything you need others to do?03:15
MarkDudeYay, monster computer, will be nice to meet our new overlords03:15
Faqtotumiheartubuntu: it's o-s-c-a-r03:16
iheartubuntui really havent had much time, but do want to still do something. there are new games popping up in ubuntu software center the past few months... The poker game is multiplayer and i was testing it... very nice03:16
iheartubuntunot sure how many can play at once.... at least 10 at a time03:17
pleia2cool, can you add some ideas to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/GameNights ? maybe a couple of us can try some out and see what we think03:17
iheartubuntuthere are more options now anyways since i first mentioned so thats a good thing03:17
pleia2we can start small :) maybe just an hour or so with just a few of us participating03:17
iheartubuntuok i will update it tonite03:18
MarkDudegamenight +103:18
pleia2great, thanks!03:18
pleia2anyone have anything else?03:18
pleia2remember to RSVP if you're attending the Jam in Walnut Creek on friday :) http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1569/detail/03:18
pleia2so far it's a jono and grantbow party03:19
* MarkDude will be there03:19
Faqtotumpleia2: which one is the dog and which the pony in that show?03:20
pleia2oh, speaking of events, I'll be at the Black Girls Code 2012 launch event on Tuesday: http://launchblackgirlscode2012.eventbrite.com/03:20
pleia2just learned about the project recently, very cool stuff :)03:20
Faqtotumbut you're white03:21
pleia2I'm also not a girl03:21
pleia2anyone can come to support these kids03:21
Faqtotumdo they code?03:22
iheartubuntuim curious what they have coded03:22
pleia2Faqtotum: yes, you can learn more about the project here: blackgirlscode.com03:22
MarkDudeFaqtotum, you are not a donkey, or a spoon. Its ok :)03:23
pleia2anything else?03:23
pleia2thanks for coming everyone :)03:24
Faqtotumi gotta show that site to my other half03:24
pleia2now time to order some dinner :d03:24
iheartubuntui just made one of the best wood fired pizzas ever tonite, but i cant get my POC phone attached to my computer03:25
Faqtotumeps: meow03:27
MarkDudepleia2, what was that sticker company you got the XFCE done with03:52
MarkDudeI mean for03:52
MarkDudenvrmind the grammar part03:52
pleia2MarkDude: moo.com04:06
MarkDudeTy pleia204:07
Faqtotumthat domain must have cost a bundle04:09
pleia2Faqtotum: particularly when you remember they're a uk company - they have moo.co.uk too!04:11
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nhainespleia2: yay, we're e-famous! (re: Wikipedia)05:50
philipballewnhaines, what you mean?05:52
pleia2I was quoted, saying nhaines told me about it :)05:52
* philipballew reads05:54
bkerensaMarkDude: Moo is great... I have four boxes of business cards from them and for t-shirts use CustomInk they cant be beat07:13
MarkDudeRight on07:31
dragonMarkDude: pong20:42
nhainesBotenAnna: I was discussing some space EVA research I was doing with a friend of mine yesterday.20:48
nhainesI mentioned you'd die of heatstroke without active cooling and he said you'd freeze.20:48
BotenAnnalol i am a furnace20:48
nhainesI said you wouldn't radiate heat fast enough because it's *space* and there's nothing to radiate into, and then he said the temperature was too cold.20:49
nhainesBotenAnna: so I trolled the conversation and said radiation can't take place without a medium, like some sort of aether.20:49
MarkDudedragon, so you are busy this weekend?20:50
BotenAnnatroll science!20:51
nhainesBotenAnna: unfortunately it immediately tripped his troll sensor.20:52
nhainesBut when he realized I only meant that you'd die of heatstroke without active cooling, the conversation could continue and I could talk about the *important* parts.  :P20:52
nhainesBotenAnna: also jag känner en bot. Hon heter Anna, Anna heter hon.20:52
dragonMarkDude: other than moving, not really20:53
BotenAnnaim sitting on my ventrilos playing the dotas20:54
MarkDudeBotenAnna, I have a friend in Bulgaria that was DJing on sencond life, and I was listening to their livestream21:01
MarkDudeAsked for any requests.21:01
* MarkDude suggested the song about the WoW server21:01

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