brouschyou can do a one-off command, so i guess you could use that to pull in a settings file00:00
brouschbut there's an actual command to set environment variables00:04
brouschheroku config:add SECRET_KEY=xxx00:05
rick_h_brousch: gotcha00:34
brouschalso, your program starts when the upload is done, so i don't think you could fetch from S3 before that00:37
greg-gjono commented on my U1 on Debian post :)00:39
snap-lgreg-g: When the identi.ca group hits 1,000 blocked users, I think it'll be high-time to talk about disbanding it.00:40
snap-lThough the private checkbox is interesting00:41
snap-lnot sure it's entirely appropriate, though00:41
snap-lNew members must be approved by admin and all posts are forced to be private.00:41
greg-gI wish there was a "public posts, but new members moderated" option00:42
snap-lNone of my other groups get spammed like the Ubuntu Group00:44
maxsilverThe fetching thing might not work so well on Heroku -- since your not supposed to write anything to disk, there wouldn't be a good place to store a downloaded file00:56
rick_h_greg-g: linky?01:08
greg-grick_h_: http://blog.grossmeier.net/2012/02/26/ubuntuone-debian/01:18
rick_h_greg-g: got it, thanks01:19
rick_h_kind of sad, I'd think Jono a bit beyond the normal "you have a problem, change your toolset" response01:19
* greg-g nods01:21
greg-galso, why install a behemoth and pair it down to what I want when I can install what I want plus one part of the behemoth? (I need a better analogy, but you get my drift)01:21
greg-gpair? pare? pare I think01:22
rick_h_yea, understand, why I went arch for that while01:23
snap-lWell, and for the longest time if you removed ubuntu-desktop, you got a gibbering mound of shit01:24
greg-gsnap-l: lol01:31
snap-lI get a little tired of the Ubuntu only stuff. Yes, I know support is tough, but it would be nice if there were some way to get Debian at the very least to run this stuff.01:34
rick_h_well I do think it's the communities to at least participate01:34
snap-lOh, no doubt01:34
snap-lI'm not expecting Ubuntu to do all of the work01:34
rick_h_so I can't say I'm 100% surprised, but I'd fully expect the U1 team to help if someone were to start filing some bugs, patches, etc to help make the installation work better01:35
snap-lBut it does seem like there's an artificially-implemented divide between the two01:35
snap-lrick_h_: Couldn't agree more.01:35
rick_h_well, just not any effort to think ahead I think01:35
rick_h_I mean, it's the bare min to get working in ubuntu01:36
snap-lYeah, but it feels like everything in Ubuntu gets a 6 month slap-dash to get it running01:36
snap-lI'd like a little more percolation, personally01:36
snap-lU1 was rushed. Unity was rushed.01:36
snap-lI hope Pangolin gets a little more "no, you're not reay yet".01:37
rick_h_well there's nothing really new in this release01:38
rick_h_cleaned up U1, cleaned up unity, more testing infrastructure, etc01:38
snap-lSave for the DNS mucking. ;)01:38
rick_h_the reviews are going to be boring01:38
rick_h_well, honestly that's not huge when I actually looked at it01:38
rick_h_resolve.conf == 4 files or whatever01:39
rick_h_in resolve.d01:39
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, I implement about half of it now01:40
snap-land frankly, I think resolv.conf needs some love.01:40
snap-lEvery time I connect to a network, resolv.conf gets thwacked.01:40
rick_h_yea, that's the new behavior according to that post01:44
jrwrenam i just in time for meeting? or late? or did we move to weekdays?02:01
rick_h_no idea any more02:03
rick_h_I just idle and hope to hit it02:03
rick_h_snap-l: ping?02:03
jrwren2 devs working full time can do amazing things in 6mo.02:04
rick_h_this is true, what's the new cool thing now?02:05
* rick_h_ wishes he could take 6mo to just hack on bookie full time02:05
jrwreni wish i could take 6mo and give a full month to about 6 projects?02:05
jrwrenand get paid nicely to do so :)02:05
rick_h_heh very true02:05
jrwrenwikipedia pages aren't loading becuase of wikimedia?02:32
brouschcrap there was a meeting?02:37
rick_h_brousch: well we didn't have one if there was supposed to be one02:39
snap-lMeeting is next week.02:42
brouschthe night after the bug jam?02:44
brouschthe night of the day after the bug jam?02:44
jjessebrousch, i don't know how the pictures of the train setup (posted on google+) turned out but it makes the bretton village one look like small fry03:08
jjesseits pretty amazing setup03:09
brouschjjesse: yeah, we were there least fall03:09
brouschspent at least 2.5 hours around that setup03:09
jjessewe only spent about 45 minutes but was short on time03:09
brouschmy son was ready to move into that room03:09
jjesseyeah i bet so was caleb03:10
jjesseits pretty amazing03:10
jjessei love how the trains will stop and wait at the signals for the other trains03:10
brouschgeorge was afraid of the tree getting chopped down and the explosion03:10
jjessei figured caleb wouldn't appreciate that so i didn't show him03:11
brouschthat is an awesome place03:13
brouschwe spent all day there03:13
jjessewe did too03:13
brouschthe field museum is even bigger03:13
jjessei was amazed at how less crowded than shedd's aquarium it was03:13
brouschneed 3 days for just that03:13
jjessefield museum is newt saturday03:13
jjesseonly have a day for each03:13
jjessethe city pass should give you multiple days :)03:14
brouschmake sure to hit the dinos and the totem poles before your feet fall off03:14
jjessewill do03:14
brouschjjesse: where are you staying?03:20
jjesseriver north area03:20
jjessei'm hear for 2 weeks for work03:20
jjesseso family came w/03:20
brouschwe stayed at Hotel 71, on the 30-somethingth floor. it had awesome views up the river at night03:21
jjessewe are at a residence inn (marriott of course ) on the 19th floor03:21
brouschgeorge would just sit in the window looking at the lights03:21
jjessethere is a construction site right out the window that caleb has been watching03:21
brouschhah, a crane no doubt03:21
jjessethey poured a floor of concrete earlier this week03:21
jjesseyeah a crane03:21
jjessebrousch,  you are Facebook friends so yiou can see all the picturesthere03:22
brouschour hotel was in the model train city. that was cool03:23
jjessethats cool03:23
brouscha crane outside the window might have been more entertaining than the lights03:24
jjessethat and watching them put concrete down on an entire floor03:24
jjesseso concret mixers and a conceret pumper03:24
brouschthese were across the river from our hotel https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150547672081750&set=a.10150547670941750.373788.635511749&type=3&theater03:25
jjesseso we are just down the road03:26
jjessefrom that hotel03:26
jjessesorry that's a condo03:27
brouschoh yeah, when you come back home make sure you watch Batman: The Dark Knight03:36
brouschit's amazing all the places you recognize03:36
jjessethey filmed it here?03:37
jjessedidn't realize that03:37
snap-lGood morning11:50
rick_h_man, it's kind of a bit intimdating replying to the all company tech mailing lists. "did I dot all my i's, cross all my t's, will someone be able to crush me."12:40
brouschlike a bug!12:47
brouschI moved essentially all of our data and programs to a new server yesterday. So far nothing is broken.12:50
brouschWaiting for the hammer to drop12:51
snap-lbrousch: Friday afternoon. :)12:57
snap-lThat's when all server hammers drop12:57
brouschit shouldn't take all week13:00
rick_h_you never know when it'll go boom!13:25
brouschi'm not so much waiting for the server to go boom as i am for one of my users to report that i forgot to move something13:31
rick_h_heh, "to the backups!13:31
rick_h_woot, fish tank is starting to stay clear, time to buy more plants!13:31
brouschi must be missing something about reddit. the front page is full of juvenile crap. is there a secret area with the good stuff?13:44
rick_h_I created an account and just filter to only the ones I care about13:46
rick_h_and even then it can be juvenile13:47
brouschah, they are called subreddits13:48
brouschok, i think i figured it out13:52
snap-lYeah, you need a reddit account13:52
snap-lotherwise it's titties and beer jokes.13:52
brouschso i need 2 reddit accounts. one for when i'm sober and one for when i'm drunk13:53
snap-lSo let it be written, so let it be done.13:53
rick_h_waldo323_: ping14:20
waldo323_rick_h_, pong14:21
rick_h_hey, PC question for you. I submitted a talk and got a reply told to "edit the description to fit into the program book"14:21
rick_h_are there rules for that you know about?14:21
rick_h_and if I wanted to try to narrow down schedule time can you hook me up?14:21
rick_h_:) using my connections14:21
snap-lFunny that. I sent Krunal a note about doing a podcast presentation again, but haven't heard back from him14:22
rick_h_well I filled out the online form and heard from him on the 25th14:22
waldo323_huh, not sure what he wanted changed for the program book I can find out though14:25
rick_h_waldo323_: he mentions:  (toss14:26
rick_h_it into 3rd person, add more detail, etc.)14:26
rick_h_but I can't find any docs on length/size, does it need a bio, etc14:26
rick_h_I guess are there other examples somewhere I can peek at and compare against?14:26
snap-lrick_h_: Assume whatever you type will be in the probram book14:26
waldo323_and if you have time requirements shoot them to me and also programming at penguicon.org14:26
rick_h_k thanks.14:26
rick_h_Ok, well I'll wing it then, I just wondered if I was blind/missing the program requirements somewhere14:27
snap-lI have a feeling they're sitting in the program book author's head. :)14:27
waldo323_i'll find out and if there are i'll try to make sure they get more visibility14:27
snap-lWow, the wiki is severely out of date.14:28
waldo323_parts of it14:28
waldo323_i thought you ment in general14:28
snap-lNah, it's a wiki14:28
snap-lcertain parts will get more love than others14:28
snap-lI can cope with that. :)14:29
rick_h_ah ok, that's cool for an example of length of things14:29
rick_h_thanks snap-l14:29
waldo323_i will see if matt will update it or tell me what he want there so i can update it14:29
rick_h_waldo323_: ok thanks. SOrry for me being lazy and punting to you :)14:30
waldo323_quite alright14:30
snap-lI think wiki actually means "dated information" in it's mother tongue.14:31
waldo323_and thanks snap-l for the info :)14:31
waldo323_lots of it has actually been updated recently....i get email updates about them14:31
snap-lWow, just had a black-out14:32
snap-lhome internet went poof for a bit14:33
waldo323_hands snap-l some water14:33
snap-lIt's been known to do that on occasion14:33
snap-lUsually 30-60 seconds until the modem reconnects14:33
waldo323_rick_h_, req for info sent14:44
rick_h_waldo323_: thank, appreciate it14:45
rick_h_where's krondor, I submitted my talk, now he needs to do his :P14:45
waldo323_you're welcome14:45
jrwrenbrousch: what city were you and jjesse talking about?14:49
brouschjrwren: chicago14:55
jrwrenbut he was comparing osmething to shed.14:56
jrwrenwhere did he go that wasn't shed?14:56
brouschmuseum of science and industry14:56
jrwrenoh, now I see it. field museum?14:56
brouschi think he's hitting field museum today or tomorrow14:56
jrwrenah, well I need to go to those places :)14:57
brouschyou've not been to any?14:57
jrwrenonly shed.14:57
jrwrenand some art museum, i dont' recall which14:57
brouschthey are awesome, huge14:57
rick_h_crap, I can't lose this much time right now http://vimbits.com/15:05
rick_h_krondor: submitted my talk, where's yours :P15:33
jcastrorick_h_: are you entering bookie in the charm contest?15:43
rick_h_jcastro: might try, but I'm working on getting our 0.4 release out first.15:43
rick_h_but honestly, I won't meet many of the 'points' conditions like using other charms/etc15:44
rick_h_so not high up there15:44
rick_h_however I htink at the sprint we found the new makefile magic does make it possible for the first time15:44
rick_h_so closer15:44
jcastrowell, even if it's not too sexy, just having it in there would be <315:44
rick_h_yea, I might give it a go at pycon if I get some time during sprints there15:45
rick_h_and we should have 0.4 out before or during that time15:45
jcastrois there other codereview things out there?15:46
jcastroor is reviewboard still the ninja one?15:46
rick_h_there's reviewboard and reitveild (app engine)15:46
rick_h_so reviewboard would be the hotness to get going15:46
rick_h_django based and all15:46
rick_h_they just had a release hit today as well15:47
jcastroyeah I put it on my blog15:47
rick_h_there's also gerrit15:47
jcastroI am thinking of things you would want to set up if you had your own company15:47
rick_h_but that's so so, you either love/hate it. Java based I think and used in android15:47
jcastroI don't care what it takes to run them, I don't need to pay for the instances. :)15:47
rick_h_yea, jenkins, reviewboard, gitolite15:49
rick_h_jcastro: redmine, trac maybe15:53
jcastrogot those 2 already15:53
rick_h_big ones I can think off of the top of my head15:53
rick_h_maybe some sort of project mgt, but can't think of one I've used I'd want to use again :)15:53
rick_h_too much stuff is cloud, trello, google docs, etc15:53
jcastrotrello is great\15:54
rick_h_yea, working well for bookie todo so far15:55
rick_h_not really turning useful for my own todo, but meh15:55
greg-gjcastro: civicrm, openERP17:23
greg-gjcastro: Launchpad (lolz)17:24
jcastrolaunchpad is in progress17:24
greg-gno kidding?17:24
greg-gfrom my (limited) understanding, that is a beast to set up17:25
jcastrothat's why they are charming it17:25
greg-gdo the hard work once17:25
snap-lSteps to install launchpad:17:26
jcastroparts of it are in there already17:26
snap-l1) Format target machine17:26
snap-l2) DO stuff17:26
snap-l3) Profit17:26
jcastrocivicrm looks nice17:27
jcastro(bugs files for both of those)17:27
snap-lThat was one thing that cracked me up when people complained that SF.net wasn't OSS.17:27
snap-lIt wasn't like most of that code made any sense outside of the sf.net datacenter.17:28
jcastroyeah, making that stuff generalized is hard17:29
snap-lThat's also the nice part about Allura: it's designed with the outside world in mind17:29
snap-l(Allura being sf.net 2.0)17:29
krondorredmine can do project mgmt to an extent... not that I am fan of any project mgmt stuff really17:40
snap-lMost of what I've seen for project management is either way too heavy, or way too cumbersome to move quickly.17:41
snap-lAt which point keeping things updated becomes an event in itself.17:41
krondorwhen I heard project mgmt I think of gantt charts and people being called resources (slightly offensive) and then my eyes glaze over.17:42
krondorI think corporate IT has conditioned me into hating it though (negative feedback loop with tasks/nagging pms/etc...).17:42
snap-lMy favorite is "What percent would you say we're done?"17:42
snap-l"I dunno, what percentace is NFC?"17:43
* snap-l aliases NFC to NaN17:43
snap-lAnd then, because the report is more about pleasing the teacher than actually showing work, all of the milestones and percentages are completely off17:44
snap-lwhich then gets set in stone, and becomes the rod for which to spank the unruly developers.17:44
krondorsnap-l: ++17:49
snap-lMy other favorite is when the process becomes mroe important than actually doing the work, but that's another rant for another time.17:50
krondorgreg-g:  ooh civicrm looks neat. I have a nonprofit that might realy like this.17:51
greg-gkrondor: cool!17:52
greg-gkrondor: we use it at CC17:52
snap-lHmmm... wonder if MUG could use this.17:56
greg-guh oh, now all the MUG emails will have &utmsource= junk in them for click tracking :)18:12
snap-lNah, those are separate18:49
snap-lbut we've been looking for a self-service way to get folks to pay dues.18:50
snap-lcurrently we send out paper invoices18:50
snap-lhttp://www.elsevier.com/wps/find/intro.cws_home/newmessagerwa <- greg-g18:50
greg-gsnap-l: yeah, haven't finished reading it, but, they finally figured it won't look good for them to keep pushing it due to the HUGE amount of outcry, which was awesome18:52
snap-lWonder if this means they'll also drop SOPA support as well18:52
snap-lWhile we continue to oppose government mandates in this area, Elsevier is withdrawing support for the Research Work Act itself. We hope this will address some of the concerns expressed and help create a less heated and more productive climate for our ongoing discussions with research funders.18:53
snap-lThat's doublespeak18:53
waldo323_greg-g, do you use the CiviEvent portion of civicrm at CC?18:55
greg-gwaldo323_: don't *think* so. I actually don't interact with CiviCRM at all, it is mostly for "development" work (the OTHER kind of development :) )18:57
greg-gsnap-l: you got it! :)18:57
waldo323_:) ok    i have been looking for conference scheduling software for a while so civievent caught my eye18:57
greg-gahh, gotcha18:57
greg-gyeah, sorry, can't help ya :)18:58
brouschwaldo323_: pycon uses some opensource thing18:58
brouschlooks like pinax maybe18:58
waldo323_open source would be my first choice :)18:59
brouschok, looks like they cobble something together from pinax and django apps19:00
waldo323_perhaps their code is avail....you beat me to it19:01
rick_h_yea, it's custom python code19:02
rick_h_they love to say how 'patches welcome'19:02
brouschi think pyohio uses that too19:02
rick_h_yea, they started using it last year19:06
snap-lgreg-g: I still hope the researchers route around Elseveir. We've figured out they're useless anyway, so best to sweep away the cruft.19:07
greg-gsnap-l: word, I think this time around the noise level got too high for some (not a critical mass yet, though) to not go back19:10
rick_h_lmorchard: ping19:45
lmorchardrick_h_: Heya19:46
rick_h_lmorchard: hey, speaking of bookmark stuff. Blazeix and _stink_ started hacking on a firefox plugin for bookie19:46
rick_h_do you know if anyone has super secret debugging tips/tools for getting firebug into content scripts/etc?19:46
rick_h_I know Blazeix was breaking down adn trying to do some sort of http proxy to check the requests going out and such before he could only get console.log access to the lower level content bits of the sdk based add-ons19:47
lmorchardHmm… its been awhile since I played with the new addon stuff, I thought firebug could see into it19:47
rick_h_it seemed like it would only get the main.js or something and not the other content in the extension19:47
lmorchardbest bet might be something like hanging out on irc://irc.mozilla.org#addons and asking19:47
rick_h_ok, cool. thanks19:47
lmorchardI seem to remember hearing the new built-in web dev tools can help19:48
lmorchardThere's also a test runner that fires up Firefox with the addon and sends console output to the shell where you launch the browser19:48
lmorchardI think my knowledge is like 8 months old though :/19:48
rick_h_yea, just got to be where really a full dev toolset (debugger/etc) would be most awesome19:48
rick_h_yea, that's the fun. There's a few different ways and links out there for old things, new things, deprecated things19:49
rick_h_I was curious if there was a great 'latest/greatest' to try to stick with. We're trying hard to get the chrome-like dev experience going in FF for porting the extension19:49
rick_h_much much closer, but still some pain points19:49
rick_h_but cool, I'll try to get with Blazeix at CHC wed and find someone to bug in irc :)19:50
lmorchardActually, maybe the #jetpack channel is better on irc.mozilla.org19:50
lmorchardhttps://wiki.mozilla.org/Jetpack is the codename of the project at any rate19:51
rick_h_yea, but some stuff I found on that said it was deprecated so we've tried to stick inside the add-on sdk part of the wiki/docs19:51
rick_h_I know it was more a 'rename' than deprecated, but cool19:51
lmorchardLooks like latest-and-greatest is https://github.com/mozilla/addon-sdk19:53
lmorchardI should really circle back and play with it some more19:53
rick_h_yea, the code we're using pulls the latest tarball to populate the extension dev19:53
rick_h_good reason to come out to CHC :)19:53
lmorchardI remember it being not too painful when I built my RSS reader addon, which holy crap was over a year ago http://decafbad.com/blog/2011/01/27/introducing-fireriver-a-river-of-news-for-firefox-419:53
lmorchardme? get out of the house? *gasp*19:54
rick_h_yea, I'm part proxy. I've not tried to debug the issues they've hit yet so don't know the exact details for the stuff they were hitting19:54
rick_h_lmorchard: yea, you made it out once. We've got the secret coder room for the rest of the year now19:55
rick_h_long 3hr edition is this wed19:55
lmorchardMaybe I'll put on the space suit and get out there19:55
rick_h_I hear the plague isn't sched to hit until the fall :P19:55
snap-llmorchard: That's OK. If we all cough on you at the same time, it'll keep you innoculated throughout the year.19:58
snap-lI'll also bring some flu-covered blankets.19:59
lmorchardMy last big immune assault was back in like September for the mozilla all-hands. I got exposed to international diseases there!19:59
snap-lWell, we can keep you current on all of the local ones.20:02
snap-lrick_h_: Seen todays daily dose of stupid people are stupid? http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/q80cx/unit_testing_is_for_lazy_people/20:03
snap-lNot the article itself, but the first set of comments re: static typing20:05
snap-lWe got our SWAG box23:31

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