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thafreakMorning Ohio14:59
paultagheyya the15:00
paultagheyya thafreak15:00
thafreakwhat's going on15:00
paultagthafreak: nada, brotato15:00
yanogood morning15:00
paultagthafreak: what's new with you?15:00
paultagheyya yano15:00
thafreakAnyone remember the links that went around the ML from smk about how to keep oracle java on a machine?15:07
thafreakOr actually15:07
thafreakhas anyone used openjdk with eclipse + android dev plugin?15:07
thafreakI need to setup a dev desktop for some student to use15:08
_bbbi installed it once when i was trying to find fastboot bin15:44
thafreakYou know if it runs ok with openjdk?16:13
_bbbsorry fell asleep16:15
_bbbcant recall but i was likely using sun16:15
thafreakwell, google it is then16:16
* canthus13 yawns.16:18
* _bbb tosses peanuts16:20
canthus13Oh wow. We're offering 110/5 now.16:21
canthus13or, will be starting 3/1.16:21
thafreakwhat the hell16:21
thafreakwhy does no isp ever provide more than 5 up?16:22
paultagbecause piracy16:22
canthus13We'll be upping it soon. we're still rearranging our upstream channels.16:22
thafreakfuck piracy16:22
canthus13paultag: Actually, it has more to do witht he fact that 99% of customers will NEVER saturate 2MB up.16:22
paultagcanthus13: yeah yeah :)16:22
paultagthafreak: http://www.unhappybirthday.com/16:22
thafreakI'm seriously going to start investigating buying up dark fibers!!16:23
canthus13thafreak: too late. AOL did that a few years back.16:23
_bbbdark fruit and fiber16:23
paultagthafreak: that's my buddy's site :)16:25
thafreakdoes he work for sunlight too? :)16:26
paultagthafreak: nack, http://mako.cc/16:26
thafreakoh...is that morgan?16:26
paultagnah, benjamin mako hill16:26
paultagfounded ubuntu and stuff16:26
thafreakoh that mako16:26
paultagyep, not maco16:26
thafreaki have one of his books16:27
paultaghe writes well16:27
thafreaknever really read it all the way16:27
thafreakgot it for learning about the ubuntu community in preparation to try to take the LPI ubuntu cert16:27
thafreakwhich doesn't even exist now16:27
_bbbyeah not sure i see the value in that16:28
_bbbim gonna go for vmware certification this year16:28
thafreaki think it had a cd with the first LTS release in it too16:28
thafreak_bbb: yeah, saw you were listing certs like crazy on linkedin16:28
paultagI don't have a single cert16:28
paultagand I don't think I ever will16:29
paultagI can't stand the idea, personally16:29
thafreakwell, I'm behind LPI atleast...16:29
thafreakit's community written16:29
thafreakbut yeah, certs are kinda silly16:30
thafreaki'm kind of over sysadmin stuff for work anyway16:30
_bbbwell i got no degree so16:31
_bbbneed some filler up there heh16:31
_bbbactually i just steamlined my linkedin a bit16:31
* canthus13 really needs to study up and get his LPI.16:33
canthus13paultag: A lot of recruiters grep app databases for cert names...16:34
paultagnot any good ones ;)16:34
canthus13paultag: It's a starting point.16:34
thafreaki fucking hate recruiters16:34
canthus13obviously that's not the only criteria, but it narrows the field a lot when you have 10k apps to dig through.16:35
* canthus13 needs caffeine. :P16:35
_bbbi just want my company to pay for it..16:38
* canthus13 just wants a job where he's not dealing with the average ISP customer. :/16:40
_bbbi know that feeling18:56
_bbbNO! RIGHT CLICK!18:56
Unit193Nothing happend.18:57
_bbbi dont miss those days heh18:57
Unit193It don't work, can you fix it now?18:57
Unit193Still have family members, don't you?18:58
_bbbone of my first tech just was dial up tech support for small isp18:59
thafreakso no more flash in firefox for linux users?19:15
thafreakKinda lame19:15
thafreakatleast it's still in chromium19:15
thafreakor chrome i guess19:16
thafreaknot sure what that means for chromium19:16
Unit193Who cares about those, I use firefox. :P19:16
thafreakadobe's a bunch of f***ing d-bags19:16
thafreakthen no flash for you19:16
thafreakwonder what this means for hulu desktop on linux...19:16
canthus13firefox has turned to crap anyway.19:16
thafreaki dunno...10.0 seems ok so far19:17
Unit193"Adobe, however, will continue to release security updates for Flash Player 11.2 for five years."19:17
canthus13thafreak: Since 7.0, firefox has decided that it's running on a freaking cellphone, and requests the WAP version whenever possible. :/19:18
canthus13on 3 of my machines, anyway.19:18
Unit193thafreak: 12 isn't doing me too bad, but they don't need to be doing some things they are doing.19:18
Unit193I have never gotten the WAP mismatch...19:18
canthus13I can never avoid it, and can't find any settings that would fix that. :/19:19
canthus13I finally gave up and switched to chrome.19:19
canthus13(Or chromium...)19:19

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