sbeattieMarkDude: you mean pingĀ²?00:39
MarkDudeEXACTLY sbeattie00:41
bkerensaalbrigha: yes?01:50
bkerensaMarkDude: yes?01:50
MarkDudeHey there dude01:52
MarkDudeWanted to know about you appearing on tatica's podcast01:52
MarkDudeShe has been doing Google hangouts01:52
bkerensaMarkDude: Sure but it would have to be after the global jam on the 4th.... I'm pretty busy until then01:53
bkerensaI still have to do a talk at PSU for blkperl and a talk at WOU here soon01:53
MarkDudeFair enough01:54
MarkDudetrying to plan out the next few month or so01:54
MarkDudeWant to promote how you do things in the state01:55
* MarkDude thinks its good to give everyone Ubuntu cds, and hide the Fedora ones, but have them if folks ask01:55
MarkDudeYou know.... all your #likeaboss ness01:55
bkerensaWell albrigha I have to go but Ill be on either late tonight or tomorrow.... Taco night and all :)02:00
MarkDudeEnjoy the tacos Sir02:01
blkperlbkerensa: i own your schedule muahahah :)02:14
blkperlso next week right? ;)02:15
blkperlwell this friday02:15
bkerensablkperl: The 9th02:22
bkerensablkperl: You have a digital projector right?07:10
blkperlbkerensa: yep16:38
bkerensaGood Morning all20:37
bkerensaalrbigha: sup?20:37
bkerensac_smith: hello23:16
c_smithhow goes things?23:16
* c_smith will check the messages after he checks his cornbread23:17
bkerensagood and busy23:17
c_smithcornbread still needs a bit longer.23:18
c_smithbkerensa, btw, does it matter how much I bring to the Global Jam if I come?23:19
bkerensac_smith: How much what?23:19
c_smithsnacks or drinks23:19
c_smithbleh, Cairo Dock is messed up, time to restart it.23:20
bkerensac_smith: No it does not matter how much you bring or if you bring nothing... It is not an obligation23:21
c_smiththere we go, what happened only happens when I use a Wine app that changes the screen resolution....23:21
c_smithbkerensa, ok, I'd rathered bring something I know I can share and won't mess up my braces.23:21
bkerensac_smith: Dont use Wine then? :P I only use open software23:21
bkerensac_smith: Sure then bring what you would like :)23:22
c_smithgod I hate those things, but they are needed if I were to get this upcoming operation.... <-- talking about braces.23:22
c_smiththe only Wine app I use every day doesn't have that problem, it's one of the games I play very infrequently, the game has problems with Windows 7 even, that's how old it is.23:23
c_smithbleh, I really typed that in a confusing manner. >.<23:24
bkerensac_smith: I only do console gaming :)23:25
c_smithrofl, I have a game on my Wii I'm working on finishing, Xenoblade Chronicles,23:25
c_smithgot all the Intel pieces in MW3.23:25
bkerensaI played MW3 for a day and gave it away23:26
bkerensaBF3 for win23:26
c_smithlol, wonder if BF3 has a Wii version.23:27
c_smithnope, no BF3 for the wii.23:28
c_smithNor DS as I can see on the Wii23:28
c_smithCoD has a bunch of version for the Wii, not sure there are ANY version of Battlefield for that same console.23:30

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