MutantTurkeyi should be president...03:13
MutantTurkeyat least head of school board...03:13
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!04:14
InHisName1hi Mr Bacon05:04
rmg51morning JonathanD10:49
JonathanDhey rmg5110:51
JonathanDWhats new?10:51
rmg51just the start of a new week10:55
JonathanDSo it is.10:55
rmg51unless you want to count the new speakers I got for my laptop10:55
JonathanDyay speakers.10:56
rmg51with a subwoofer :-D11:03
JonathanDsounds somewhat unportable, though.11:04
rmg51don't need it portable11:15
rmg51just need it for home11:15
rmg51before I would hook the laptop up to my stereo11:16
rmg51that's even less portable ;-)11:16
JonathanDMy onboard speakers are acceptable, usually.11:17
rmg51at work I plug into a small bookshelf radio11:23
rmg51much better then onboard speakers for listening to music11:24
rmg51breakfast time 8-)11:40
waltmanWow, lots of chatter on Twitter last night. Was there some awards show on?12:30
ChinnoDogmorning peeperonis14:03
EvilResistancestupid piece of...17:27
EvilResistanceit seems the net that my bots run off of imploded :/17:27
EvilResistancei'll have to reconfigure the router later17:27
EvilResistancei know why it broke...17:29
EvilResistancethe recent power flickers probly caused some problems17:29
EvilResistanceall my bots are affected17:29
EvilResistanceexcept those that were hosted off-site17:32
EvilResistancei'll have to reconf my router, its static-assigning of IPs got messed17:33
MutantTurkeyseems like a lot of work17:33
EvilResistancemeh, its just a basic reboot17:33
EvilResistanceand reloading the backup of the conf vars17:33
MutantTurkeyseems like a lot of complaining for little owrk17:37
EvilResistancewell the fact i'm not *at* the router...17:38
* EvilResistance is offsite17:38
EvilResistancei physically have to power off the thing17:38
EvilResistancethen restore power, and then restore the confs17:39
jedijfEvilResistance: you gonna be around friday to sunday in irc to help with all the global jam stuff?17:40
EvilResistancejedijf, i'm going to be sleeping in insanely late on sunday, because i wont be in pittsburgh (where i'm headed next week) until about at 3AM on that Sunday17:42
EvilResistanceso i *might* not17:42
EvilResistancealso depends on whether or not the state wants to dump more dev work on my lap17:42
EvilResistance(in which case i wont be on because my mind will have exploded)17:42
jedijfok, i just thought that a big focus could be AskUbuntu and your my guy for that17:43
EvilResistancei'll prod a few of the mods on AU, have em stop by here17:43
EvilResistancebut we've got our own events over there for global jam17:43
jedijfEvilResistance: not necessary, let them do what they are going to do; we can handle it in channel and reach out if necessary17:44
EvilResistance(right now, a massive campaign to burn abandoned questions and the other cruft)17:44
EvilResistanceyeah, well if i'm on... :P17:44
jedijfEvilResistance: saw that, and want to do that17:44
jedijfcleanup ftw17:45
jedijfeasy entry,17:45
EvilResistancei've uncovered several bugs in the cleanup system we're using to help expedite the cleanup...17:45
* EvilResistance knows the guy who coded the cleanup driving system17:45
MutantTurkeyx11 crashes are embarassing18:05
InHisName1I've logged into vnc via rdesktop and running ubuntu. pidgin, firefox, etc.    I got unity to play in there too.18:43
InHisName1However the "dash home" prompt keeps covering the screen no matter if I click "dash home" button or esc.  If I got to  the main system and type something, It immediately comes back with password prompt.18:46
InHisName1I type in password - THEN I type in some stuff anywhere in main and go back to the localhosted rdesktop and FINALLY it will stop pestering me with those "dash home" search screens.18:47
InHisName1This rdesktop thingy depends on X1118:48
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!20:15
MutantTurkeybacon to you sir20:16
SamuraiAlbaHow is it going?20:16
SamuraiAlbawhat is wrong?20:18
MutantTurkeyI hate drupal20:18
MutantTurkeyand have to work with it.20:18
JonathanDWhats wrong with drupal?20:18
MutantTurkeynot drupal20:18
MutantTurkeythe drupal extension library20:18
SamuraiAlbacode me some web pages20:18
MutantTurkeydocumentation is crappy, compatability is crappy, help is crappy, problems are often20:18
MutantTurkeymodules rather20:19
SamuraiAlbaI'm playing with a Firebox Edge :)20:19
MutantTurkeyfun :p20:25
MutantTurkeywaltman: do you have a displayport to VGA/HDMI/anything I could barrow?21:31
waltmanoh, pre-minidisplayport?21:33
waltmanI might have an old one at home21:34
waltmanwhat still uses the old port?21:34
MutantTurkeythe old port?21:34
MutantTurkeyi thought this was new technology...21:34
waltmanOK, Maybe I don't have any idea what you're asking for.21:35
MutantTurkeyheh it's okay21:35
waltmanThe current port is called a "mini displayport". Since you left off the "mini", I assumed you were asking for something older.21:35
MutantTurkeyyeah I think it is the older one21:36
waltmanIn between my 2004 powerbook and my 2009 macbook, the plug shrunk to about half its size21:37
MutantTurkeywikipedia even has a picture of it from my lappy21:37
waltmanWait, the second one from the left? That looks like a VGA plug.21:37
MutantTurkeyno that is a vga blug21:37
MutantTurkeythe one right of that21:38
waltmanI can check the dongle I have at home, but it's for mac so I don't know if it's the same.21:39
waltmanIf you've already got a VGA plug, why do you need that?21:39
MutantTurkeyso I can have 2 output displays21:40
waltmanall you need is a cable!21:45
waltmandidn't it come with a dongle thingy for that?21:45
MutantTurkeyno cable21:49
MutantTurkeyi have a vga cable.21:49
MutantTurkeyi need a displayport one21:49

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