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DavieyHas anyone reported losing right click ability on synaptic touchpads?16:33
brycehDaviey, dunno but cnd's been working on that chunk of code lately so he'd be the one to chat up16:34
brycehDaviey, upgrade or downgrade your -synaptics until you find a version that works.16:34
SarvattDaviey: sorry was responding in #ubuntu-desktop16:36
SarvattDaviey: easiest way is to disable the synaptics clickpad xinput option16:36
DavieySarvatt: yes, sorry for x-posting16:36
Sarvattxinput --list, find the id for the bcm5974 device, xinput --list-props <id>, find the number for the clickpad property then xinput --set-prop <id> <clickpad id>16:37
Sarvatthmm there was a better bug cnd responded on, trying to find it16:37
DavieySarvatt: sorry is the proprty the "Synaptic clickPad (259): 1) .. is it 1 or 259?16:40
DavieySarvatt: perfect, thanks!16:41
DavieyThat worked16:41
Sarvattguess its easier to link people to http://paste.ubuntu.com/859398/ this is going to come up a lot :P16:45
Sarvattnot being able to right click at all is nasty16:45
sforsheeThere have been multiple reports of desktop freezes on systems with sandy bridge (it doesn't seem to be related to RC6) which I am also seeing (bug 938770). For me they seem to go away if I downgrade mesa to 7.11-0ubuntu4. Can anyone suggest next steps for debugging?21:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 938770 in unity (Ubuntu) "Desktop becomes completely unresponsive" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93877021:46
sforsheeone user also reported that going back to a 3.0 kernel gets rid of the issue, but I can't confirm this as my graphics aren't working at all with any pre-3.2 kernel21:48
Sarvattsforshee: check your ~/.xsession-errors to see what desktop component failing and killing your session :)21:49
Sarvattsforshee: a lot of the dupes you're referring to i believe were the ones fixed in the 8.0.1 mesa upload so be careful looking for dupes until you find out whats actually going wrong21:49
Sarvattaka you'll see a lot of noise in the bug reports21:50
sforsheeSarvatt, I'm not searching for dupes, these are from people reporting problems on the RC6 testing bug 21:50
Sarvattsince when?21:51
sforsheelet me find it...21:51
Sarvatti've been following the wiki closely with leann and cking and the intel guys since i'm the one that did the sauce patch to reenable it21:51
Sarvatthaven't see anything21:51
Sarvattthe rc6 freezes aren't an issue anymore with 3.2.0-17.27, with -17.26 and earlier kernels it was still enabling rc6p and there were some hard system power offs because the bioses put the voltages too the more aggressive rc6 states21:53
Sarvatterr bioses put the voltages to low in the more aggressive rc6 states i meant21:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 818830 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "[Sandy Bridge] serious power regression from kernel 3.0.0-6 to 3.0.0-7 (rc6 disabled)" [Medium,Triaged]21:53
sforsheethat user still sees hangs with -17.2721:53
sforsheeand I do too :)21:53
Sarvattlibre office intel antialiasing text crash..21:54
sforsheeI see it with chromium21:54
sforsheeit doesn't matter whether rc6 is enabled21:54
sforsheeI went back to older precise kernels too from when I wasn't seeing this issue, and it still happens21:54
sforsheewith rc6 disabled21:54
sforsheeany other reports I see haven't confirmed it with -17.27 though21:55
Sarvattcompiz stuck polling in your backtrace, you should have something in ~/.xsession-errors saying what crashed and made your desktop unresponsive, especially if restarting compiz fixes it21:56
* Sarvatt is getting confused why you're mentioning rc6 with this userspace bug :)21:56
Sarvattyou'll probably see some kind of assert killing things in there21:57
sforsheeSarvatt, I figured when I said sandy bridge the first assumption would be that it was rc6 related :)21:57
Sarvattif ya can grab the log over ssh whenever it happens next21:57
sforsheeSarvatt, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/859778/21:58
sforsheedon't need ssh, my vts still work21:58
Sarvattits stuck right now?21:58
sforsheethat's .xsession-errors when it's hung21:58
sforsheeno, but I copied xsessin-errors while it was hung, and that's the contents21:58
Sarvatt** CRITICAL **: syncdaemon_status_info_get_online: assertion `SYNCDAEMON_IS_STATUS_INFO (sinfo)' failed21:59
sforsheei can readily reproduce it, so if there's something else you'd like me to try let me know21:59
Sarvattthats part of gnome-settings-daemon21:59
Sarvattsforshee: do you have 2 instances of syndaemon running?22:00
Sarvattsforshee: and no segfaults in dmesg?22:02
sforsheeno, no segfaults, no gpu hangs, nothing in i915_error_state22:02
sforsheenothing interesting at all in dmesg when this happens22:03
RAOFIf compiz is polling it probably means it's waiting for a swap to complete.22:04
sforsheeI might have to take that back -- there's something interesting this time, but this is the first time I've seen it22:04
Sarvattsforshee: by any chance, does apport-collect 938770 add any more info?22:04
sforsheeinit: hybrid-gfx main process (2809) terminated with status 12722:04
Sarvatti reassigned to xorg so we can get some logs on the bug22:04
RAOFsforshee: Yeah, that's entirely benign; it's tselliot's “make hybrid nvidia systems less awful” upstart script running.22:05
broderRAOF: what source package did that script end up in? (curious to skim it)22:07
Sarvattsforshee: I see exactly what you're describing when I have clickpad support enabled and scroll with 2 finger scrolling for instance with xserver 1.12 and it's a synaptics/utouch issue, restarting unity from a VT makes it work again and its definitely not video related even though it looks it so that would be worth trying22:07
RAOFbroder: nvidia-common.22:07
sforsheeSarvatt, I was thinking it might be clickpad related earlier22:08
Sarvattdoes unity --replace from a VT fix the desktop?22:08
sforsheeI couldn't reproduce on another system with radeon graphics and the same clickpad however22:08
Sarvatt(note I have to unity --replace twice for it to actually work)22:08
sforsheeunity --replace does work, and I only had to do it once22:09
Sarvattwhen it happens to me, I get some warnings from utouch-frame in unity's stderr in the VT that dont show up in ~/.xsession-errors ever, WARNING: failed to get previous touch value22:11
Sarvattwonder if its the same issue, i should get off xorg-edgers and go back to stock precise to see if that newer synaptics is still busted there on this machine so i can file a real bug22:12
sforsheeSarvatt, I don't see those22:13
sforsheeI get some 'invalid cast' warnings22:13
sforsheeand some icons it can't find, that's about it22:13
sforsheeSarvatt, apport-collect has finished22:18
Sarvattsforshee: heh same exactly laptop as me22:19
sforsheethat's convenient :)22:20
Sarvattso there might be merit in it indeed being a synaptics/utouch issue i'm hitting on xserver 1.12, i'll downgrade to 1.11 in precise and get more info on this22:20
Sarvattthere should be no reason i can only hit it in 1.12 since we have the same commits for input in both22:20
sforsheeI'm doing enablement on the machine and also on a macbook pro with the same touchpad but radeon graphics, and I can't reproduce it there22:20
Sarvatti'm going to go ahead and move this over to x-x-i-synaptics22:22
Sarvattxserver-xorg-input-synaptics              1.5.99+git20111212.9f9b55ab is fine, thats what i've been using for months to work around the issue22:22
Sarvattwhats apple-bl-gmux btw?22:23
sforsheeit's for some macbooks that need to control the backlight through the gmux (display mux device)22:24
sforsheenot needed for the air22:25
sforsheeSarvatt, bug 940771 is a similar freeze with libreoffice, but he isn't using a touchpad. You think that one is different?22:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 940771 in linux (Ubuntu) "Scrolling in LibreOffice Calc causes hang" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94077122:28
Sarvattso libreoffice has other issues historically with antialiased text (which is turned on by default) on intel and those are actual crashes, i wouldn't necessarily assume its the same even if its while scrolling too but could be wrong22:30
sforsheeokay, thanks.22:30
Sarvattbut yeah that is interesting22:31
Sarvatti dont *think* i had a screwed up actually enabling rc6p instead of rc6 in the place he linked22:31
Sarvattthat was like 4 am saturday night though so all bets are off if i actually did that in a daze22:32
Sarvattthe crashes from libreoffice were memory exhaustion related so it could be he didnt test the other one enough too22:33
Sarvattand they definitely show in dmesg which that person didn't attach22:35
sforsheeI think he was running an unofficial rc6 test kernel, so apport refused to collect the logs22:35

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