nuvolario/ mornings05:58
nuvolariMaaz: tell Kilos morning oom05:58
Maaznuvolari: Righto, I'll tell Kilos on freenode05:58
hjoubertmorning nuvolari 05:58
nuvolarimornings hjoubert 05:59
hjoubertthe opic is quite outdated06:00
Kilosmôre superfly nuvolari en ander07:09
superflymôre oom Kilos!07:09
Kiloshi darksurferza 07:09
Kilosals goed daar superfly ?07:10
superflyJa dankie oom07:10
superflyBusy, but good weekend.07:11
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 07:15
nuvolarilekker naweeg gehad?07:15
darksurferzaGreetings all07:15
superflyMorning nuvolari, darksurferza07:15
Kilosstil dankie nuvolari en jy?07:16
* superfly always thinks of Dark Wing Duck when he sees a nick starting with "dark"07:16
Kilossurfing inna dark is dangerous. sharks at their worst then07:16
darksurferzaBeen a while since I watched that. Gotta get the theme song outta my head how...07:17
Kiloshi morgs07:18
morgsmorning Kilos 07:19
Kiloshi sdehaan 07:19
superflyyo morgs07:19
morgshi fly07:19
Kilosoh i mixed up with last night when i saw peer kill you07:20
Kilosinetpro, greetings farmer geek07:21
Kilosgeek farmer07:21
Kilosthat thing07:21
darksurferzaAnyone manage to successfully register on courses.devblog.co?08:01
Symmetriasup all08:02
darksurferzaTrying to get the linux vids and share with the rest of the group08:02
* Symmetria is discovering that he loves the tax man08:03
SymmetriaI just discovered I could write off upgrades to business class and first class to tax 08:04
darksurferzaIf u fly 1st and business class, u shouldn't be looking for ways to write off tax. Ministers have fast cars that ain't gonna pay for themselves...08:07
Symmetriaheh darksurferza general rule in business, if the law allows you to write it off, you write it off :P08:08
darksurferzaDon't worry about the devblog post. Seems immediately has some delay associated with it08:08
Symmetriaand screw it, even with my deductions I paid enough tax last year for a minister to buy themselves a new 5 series bmw 08:08
darksurferzaYes, but this year sees the launch of many new BMW's, how are those to be paid for then...?08:10
Symmetria:P from the million odd rand in tax Im expecting to pay in the next 12 months?08:10
darksurferzaThis is how we, as citizens, encourage fraud08:10
Symmetrialol trust me, if its so much as a goddamn sandwich from the corner cafe that I buy for a client while walking down the street Im gonna deduct it08:11
darksurferzaLol, ok, enough clogging the irc with tax banter, someone might have something important to say...08:12
* inetpro excited about future technologies08:39
inetproUbuntu for Android hands-on http://www.viddler.com/v/644c9ce008:39
inetprothat is so cool!08:39
inetprogood morning to everybody08:40
inetproMaaz: say hi to kilos08:40
Maazhi to kilos08:40
inetproMaaz: tell Kilos Goo Morning sir08:41
Maazinetpro: Sure, I'll tell Kilos on freenode08:41
inetprowonder what he'll think is so goo :-)08:41
SymmetriaI want ubuntu for my amp :P08:42
inetprohehe Symmetria08:42
Symmetriahttp://valhalla.clue.be/~vort/room-setup.jpg <=== lol, gotta clean up the cabling, but thats the view from my bed now 08:42
* inetpro feeling rich this morning08:43
inetprogot an SMS that I can get R100,000 at the press of a button08:43
inetproURL going to something at http://cal2.us/08:43
inetprowonder how legal that is08:44
Symmetriaheh pretty sure its a scam :P08:45
Symmetriapeople dont generally give away 100 grand08:45
inetproSymmetria: so how do we block that?08:45
Symmetriainetpro well, you could log a complaint with your service provider about sms related spam08:46
Symmetriaits illegal to spam cell phones 08:46
inetprolooks like that domain was registered by some dude in Cape Town 08:47
Kerberoyou in be-land now Symmetria ?08:47
confluencyWhat is "Ubuntu Calistoga"?!08:58
confluencyI'm guessing this dude has the Intel chipset and it's putting up a splash screen when he boots.08:58
darksurferzaDevblog linux vids are being downloaded to a web server for all who want10:09
=== Guest65463 is now known as Armandeg
ArmandegHey, there were some of you who wanted info on USB network install and stuff... Please go check out armandeg.blogspot.com I make a few posts, please comment if you wan any answers....13:41
nuvolaribah! :-/ what is that template language called where you can use == hello == for <h2> Hello </h2>?14:18
nuvolariI can't remember14:18
Kiloshi Armandeg and others14:19
Kilosafternoon inetpro 14:19
nuvolarihi ooom Kilos 14:21
Kiloslo nuvolari iii14:21
inetprohiho Kilos14:23
nuvolariKilos: ek sal vanaand vir oom help14:48
Kilosag seun jy het nie tyd nie net n vinnige pos sal doen enige tyd14:49
Kilosek het skoon vergeet14:49
Kilosoh my 3 kerby's busy fella14:55
Kiloshi all17:24
superflyhi Kilos18:03
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 18:28
nuvolariis oom hier rond?18:28
Kilosnaand julle18:28
nuvolarihi oom :>18:28
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:37
KilosMaaz, night19:37
Maazkbye Kilos19:37
Kilosnot bye dodo night19:38

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