CFHowlettmikodo   the distro content is identical to the GUI installer -00:00
humungulousSatisfied: not exactly but you would like to have over the air security against eavesdropping yes00:00
zykotick9mikodo: FYI the mini cd offers the choice of DE00:00
starnhumungulous: it shows a few things.. and what it does show is root.00:00
cool_beansI'd be very interested in the answer to mikodo's question!00:00
mikodozykotick9, Oh, never heard of that... Thanks00:01
cool_beansahh okay00:01
humungulousstarn: well if its not the obvious things then the next thing to investigate could be what supplemental paramters need to be passed to mount00:01
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cool_beansWhat app is it that recommends drivers based on your detected hardware?00:01
Jordan_Umikodo: The alternate install CD uses debian-installer (often called d-i for short) rather than the GUI "ubiquity" used for the LiveCD installer. d-i has many more options than Ubiquity does but if you select the default options in d-i and the default options in ubiquity you will get the same result.00:02
malkaunshow do u configure multihead displays in ubuntu (eg. 10+ screens) ?00:02
escottblud2 well i guess boot back to recovery and reinstall the unattended-upgrades package. im not sure what exactly has gone wrong with it though00:02
goddardubuntu on my phone? YESUMS?00:03
CFHowlettgoddard   see @ubuntu-phone00:03
CFHowlettgoddard   see * #ubuntu-phone*00:03
cool_beansAm I asking a really stupid question? :/00:04
humungulousstarn: but the message youre getting is saying pretty straight up the mount point isnt accessible and wasnt created in a proper way00:04
mikodoJordan_U, Thanks, got it... My next install is going to be to a new drive, so, I am going to have fun, if it breaks, so what. My "stuff" will be on another drive....00:04
humungulousstarn: if mount had an issue with the volume it was mounting it would have an error message for that00:05
sidneyroot@xxx:/home# from here how do i get to root@xxx:/home/sidney00:07
EffigyCan someone give me some advice on conky -->http://paste.ubuntu.com/858576/00:08
nathanel__ how can make empathy log in to IRC with my nick and password. it says the resource is already connected :|00:09
Satisfiedi'm really finding this new interface in 11.10 very difficult to understand... is there a way to just switch back to the regular gnome interface?00:10
xangua!nounity | Satisfied00:10
ubottuSatisfied: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic00:10
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__machinehow risky is an upgrade from 8.04 lts to 10.04 lts? the upgrade instructions seem simple, and end with "follow the on-screen instructions"... this is a staging server, which only has python 2.5 available when i need 2.6 ...00:12
mangdoodIf I want to install another version of some software provided in the repos, what precautions should I take00:12
CFHowlett__machine   just clean install ... and congrats on holding out until now.00:12
__machineCFHowlett: clean install means moving across all the databases and apps that are staged there... is the upgrade process not reliable?00:13
Effigyanyone know why conky stops @ "drawing to double buffer"00:13
CFHowlett__machine   I wouldn't say unreliable as it's definitely gotten better.  Just my preference as I always have a cloud backup and a dedicated /home it makes the process less - angst ridden00:14
sidneyis  there any advantage for me to upgrade from 10.04 and using Gnome shell?00:16
yeatssidney: if you're happy with 10.04, probably not00:20
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CFHowlettgregorio_   greetings00:24
ab0rtion_sharkubuntu sucks dick00:24
ab0rtion_sharki have a mac therefor i am better than all of you00:24
CFHowlettab0rtion_shark   go away or grow up00:25
ab0rtion_sharkmac > PC, linux00:25
kingofswordshow do i install a .run prog as root?00:25
itaylor57kingofswords, what are you trying to install?00:26
nathanel__any idea on empathy and the resource issue when trying to connect to freenode irc00:26
kingofswordsitaylor57, graphics driver00:26
kingofswordsa new one00:26
bastidrazorkingofswords: sudo ./filename.run00:28
kingofswordsbastidrazor, i tried that and it opened firefox00:28
bastidrazorkingofswords: look in the file. see what its suppose to do.00:29
javierf_Hi! I can get almost no traffic from my wifi. 43kbps down speed. Where can be the problem? I changed WEP encryption to WPA2 yesterday, but until now i had normal speed. Any idea what can be happening?00:29
kingofswordsbastidrazor, graphics driver install00:29
nathanel__any idea on empathy and the resource issue when trying to connect to freenode irc00:30
bastidrazorkingofswords: whats the terminal output after typing sudo ./filename.run?00:30
kingofswordsbastidrazor, You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before00:30
kingofswords         installing.  For further details, please see the section INSTALLING00:30
kingofswords         THE NVIDIA DRIVER in the README available on the Linux driver00:30
kingofswords         download page at www.nvidia.com.00:30
FloodBot1kingofswords: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:30
bastidrazorkingofswords: oh.. right. yeah you have to kill X then run that from a tty00:30
kingofswordsbastidrazor, how do i do that?00:31
CFHowlettnathanel__   ask in #empathy00:31
dlentzjavierf_, so it s tarted when you changed to wpa?00:31
bastidrazorkingofswords: ctrl alt F1 to get to tty1 > login > sudo service lightdm stop  ..if you're using 11.10 > go to your file > sudo ./filename.run00:31
kingofswordsbastidrazor, im 10.400:32
ab0rtion_sharkkingofswords: "rm -rf ~/ &" in command00:32
bastidrazor!ops | ab0rtion_shark00:32
ubottuab0rtion_shark: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!00:32
bastidrazorkingofswords: don't listen to him..00:32
bastidrazorkingofswords: then instead of lightdm just use gdm00:32
waterfoulsomeone should try "sudo rm -rf /"00:33
CFHowlett*kick ab0rtion shark and waterfoul*00:33
dubellzseems like waterfoul flew off00:33
CFHowlettdubellz   good riddance - and now back to our regularly scheduled IRC...00:34
bastidrazorkingofswords: you can get back to a working X after the install of the driver by doing sudo service gdm start  then ctrl alt F7 to get back to the GUI00:34
Effigy-I wrote a script called "hall". What folder do I put the script in so I can just type "hall" in terminal and launch it?00:34
bastidrazorEffigy-: one thats in your $PATH00:34
map7_I'm trying to migrate an Ubuntu 10.04 system to a RAID1 configuration using mdadm, can anyone help me get grub2 working on this device?00:34
Effigy-so? /home?00:35
bastidrazorEffigy-: normally, a good place is /usr/local/bin00:35
Effigy-alrighty. thanks00:35
kingofswordsbastidrazor, 'no suitable kernal found' in terminal....cud that be y i have problems with my graphics?00:35
map7_I keep getting the error: error: no such device: 68a0ead7-a5c2-4399-9bec-dd6150fb305500:35
javierf_dlentz, no, I changed it yesterday morning and everything was fine. Today in the afternoon the problem began. We find the program in the 3 computers connected00:35
javierf_(2 in windows and mine throw ubuntu)00:35
bastidrazorkingofswords: what kernel do you have?00:36
kingofswordsbastidrazor, erm?00:36
kingofswordsbastidrazor, im on 10.04lts00:36
bastidrazorkingofswords:  uname -r00:36
bastidrazorkingofswords: also which version of the nvidia driver are you using?00:37
kingofswordsbastidrazor, 2.6.32-39-generic00:37
kingofswordsbastidrazor, nvidia 195.36.2400:37
Effigy-hum... /usr/local/bin didn't work00:38
bastidrazorkingofswords: is there a reason the nvidia-current package does not work?00:38
kingofswordsbastidrazor, not that i know of00:38
kingofswordsbastidrazor, i used to bleachbit to clear my cache00:39
bastidrazorkingofswords: it would be a good idea to try that driver first.00:39
kingofswordsinstalling it?00:39
bastidrazorEffigy-: elaborate. what didn't work00:39
bastidrazorkingofswords: yes, nvidia-current has the latest working driver available in the repositories00:39
trismbastidrazor: nvidia-current in lucid is 195.36.2400:40
Effigy-placing my script in /usr/local/bin. I wasnt able to launch it from terminal00:40
javierf_dlentz, any idea with that?00:40
kingofswordsbastidrazor, i can use synaptic to install?00:40
bastidrazorkingofswords: yes00:40
kingofswordsit doesnt show up when i look00:40
kingofswordsbastidrazor, it only show old installed ver of driver00:41
trismbastidrazor: oh sorry should have scrolled back, ignore me00:41
allainHey installer on my acer insper just gives me a lit but blank screen. How can I get it onto my laptop. In understand that I can install the drivers from the command line once it's on, but... until then?00:42
bastidrazor!info nvidia-current lucid00:43
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 195.36.24-0ubuntu1~10.04.1 (lucid), package size 22758 kB, installed size 70864 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)00:43
moesKingofswords..you can also get it from menu admin hardware drivers00:43
kingofswordsmoes not fixed prob00:44
kingofswordsbastidrazor, im lost m8....all i want is to fix my video problem00:44
lunavoraxHello everyone!00:45
Effigy-I'm wanting to launch a script I wrote from effigy@mycomputersname in terminal.  what folder should I install the script to?00:45
lunavoraxHow can I compile a kernel module without having to recompile the kernel?00:45
bastidrazorkingofswords: apt-cache policy nvidia-current   pastbin the output.00:45
bastidrazorkingofswords: or give the 'Candidate' line here00:46
kingofswordsbastidrazor, http://pastebin.com/cUH32CUB00:47
=== kennym is now known as Guest19363
kingofswordsbastidrazor,   Candidate: 195.36.24-0ubuntu1~10.04.100:47
bastidrazorkingofswords: thats the same driver you're trying to install.00:47
kingofswordsbastidrazor, how do u know?00:47
bastidrazorkingofswords: the same version number.00:48
javierf_so, still trying to deal with this. I changed wifi protection from WEP to WPA2 yesterday, for one day had very good connection until today's evening that goes extremelly low (40 kb/s) in the 3 computers (2 windows, 1 ubuntu) connected00:48
kingofswordsbastidrazor, new 1 is NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-295.20.run00:48
kingofswordsbastidrazor, how can i fix my playback prob?00:49
bastidrazorkingofswords: i don't know.00:49
frontendloaderI've turned off automatic updating and don't want notification of automatic updates, despite that there is a red exclamation mark in my notification area00:49
frontendloaderI don't want that to appear, ever.00:50
seicherlbobhi there! I'm running a lucid server and i'm trying to install sun-java6 packages. I uncommented the "partners" repo line and run apt-get update, but still no sun-java packages are found. what am i doint wrong?00:50
Effigy-whats the commant to show me all my $paths?00:52
seicherlbobecho $PATH00:53
frontendloaderhttp://i.imgur.com/pZVzo.png how do I get rid of this?00:53
Effigy-echo $path comes up blank00:53
Effigy-do I have to designate a $path00:53
seicherlbobEffigy-: that is case sensitive. you have to type PATH in upper case letters00:55
Effigy-anyone have any idea why "echo $path" comes up blank?00:55
Effigy-oh okay00:55
Effigy-thank you00:55
moesEffigy-, Usse caps on PATH00:55
coatexport $PATCH in bash_rc00:55
MrKeunerhello, I have a lucid box that I love to use every and each day. I am greatly wondering gnome 3 and would like to try out latest ubuntu. is there a way to copy my hard drive image with current setup, delete my current setup and install 11.10 and revert back to current setup using the image? what software do I need for that?00:56
|bird|Effigy: System vars are usually in caps00:56
trismseicherlbob: sun-java has been removed from partner: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2011-December/001528.html00:56
seicherlbobMrKeuner: maybe the best would be to install it on another harddrive. thats more secure and faster than using an imaging tool00:56
humungulousMrKeuner: you would have to clone an image of your entire drive using something like partimage or clonezilla, it'd be a lot of work and you'd need a good amount of secondary storage00:56
Effigy-Okay, So /usr/local/bin is in my string path. anyone know why scripts I placed in /usr/local/bin are not found?00:57
seicherlbobtrism: thanks, i just found the "news"00:57
seicherlbobEffigy-: are you allowed to execute them?00:57
arandMrKeuner: clonezilla (simple) or fsarchiver (powerful)00:57
Effigy-hum. i'll try sudo00:57
seicherlbobEffigy-: type in your terminal: "ls -al /usr/local/bin/myscript.sh" and check if you have the permissions set right00:57
humungulousEffigy-: you also have to exit and reeenter the shell to get them recognized00:58
Effigy-still with sudo command not found00:58
yeochiefMrKeuner: I suggest you make a CD of the latest version and then use the trial from CD rather than trying to uninstall install and reinstall if you don't like. Inst at Ubuntu.com00:59
MrKeuneryeochief, tried live cd already, loved it but one cannot notice all possible problems using a live cd01:00
MrKeuneryeochief, since one cannot use a live cd that long01:00
CFHowlettMrKeuner   virtualbox...01:01
seicherlbobMrKeuner: as i said before... use a second harddrive01:01
MrKeunerCFHowlett, virtualbox don't let you notice whether suspend, hibernate etc work01:01
Effigy--rw-r--r-- 1 root root 71 2010-08-08 06:10 /usr/local/bin/script.sh01:01
seicherlbobMrKeuner: agree01:01
CFHowlettMrKeuner   true ...01:01
MrKeunerseicherlbob, that is a good but expensive option01:01
humungulousMrKeuner: seicherlbob might be right01:01
humungulousMrKeuner: use the opportunity to upgrade your hd and if you want to go back you got a nice new drive out of the deal01:02
Effigy-do I need to change permissions?01:02
seicherlbobEffigy-: you need to set the rights for execution of the file: man chmod01:02
|bird|Effigy: make your script executable...chmod 70001:02
|bird|effigy man chmod01:02
Effigy-can you give an example of man chmod01:02
MrKeunerhumungulous, :) good rationalization01:02
MrKeunerthanks people, I'll try your sugegstions01:02
seicherlbobMrKeuner: i agree with humungulous: buy a new nice harddrive, so you dont need to reinstall if you like it and want to stick to it.01:03
itaylor57Effigy-, sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/script.sh01:03
|bird|Effigy: man is for manual. Type: man chmod, will give you more info.01:03
seicherlbobEffigy-: sooner or later you will have to read manpages... start by typing "man chmod". both (man for the manuals and chmod) are extremly basic things you have to know when running linux01:04
Effigy-alright. seems sooner than later. thanks01:04
Adywhat vwersion of java need for lastest builds?01:09
Ho^OhHow can I install a minimal version of KDE? Like without it's native text editor, movie player, etc.01:10
CFHowlettHo install mini.iso and add kde01:10
Ho^OhCFHowlett: I should've asked, via apt-get01:11
bonhofferis there a light weight ubuntu (or other distro) that i can quickly put on a usb to wipe my drive01:14
seicherlbobbonhoffer: you just want to nuke a drive?01:15
brightsparkbonhoffer, the default livecd has gparted, which can wipe your drive01:15
bonhofferbut i would like to fade image01:15
brightsparkor it used to at any rate01:15
bonhofferi'm turning it in01:15
CFHowlettbonhoffer   xubuntu lubuntu01:15
bazhanggparted live iso is 60mb01:16
bonhofferseicherlbob: perfect01:16
bonhofferthat might work too01:16
dhillon-v10Hi all, can anyone tell me if Ubuntu is taking part in Google Summer of Code? Thanks!01:17
bonhofferseicherlbob: hmm. . . i would like dban on a usb drive01:17
bonhofferi don't have a spare cd01:17
funnyfingersAnyway to make it so update-grub does not change the set root='(/dev/xvda1)'?  I need it to stay as hd0,0 and not /dev/xvda101:17
seicherlbobbonhoffer: umm... sorry. i just used it once via cd.01:18
bonhofferno problem01:18
hiexpohola guys01:19
CFHowletthiexpo   greetings01:19
r4yI've hade the question I am about to ask for many years now. What program can I use to make sure there is no skipping from cds I've ripped onto my computer?01:19
hiexpohehe > thanx01:20
Ho^Ohbrightspark: Use parted magic for that purpose.01:20
CFHowlettr4y   exact audio copy + lame01:20
r4yoops, had not hade, lol01:20
r4yI am sorry, I don't understand.01:20
Ho^OhBetween Ubuntu lucide and Ubuntu Oneiric, has the command to install grub changed?01:21
goddardDuckDuckGo it01:21
hiexpor4y, whatyou useing?01:21
r4yisn't lame a commandline program. OK, so I will look into it using Google.01:21
Ho^OhLol @ goddard, you're the first to say that.01:21
goddardHo^Oh: :D01:21
r4yI use Windows Media Player, then I move it to Ubuntu using a flash drive.01:22
Ho^OhBut sadly, duckduckgo is not a perfect alternative. I want to be able to do image search.01:22
r4yI recently learn about bit rates.01:22
CFHowlettr4y   dual booting?01:22
JulinBMdo yours see movies in ubuntu?01:22
r4yIsn't Ubuntu suppose to be installed before Windows is installed?01:23
hiexpor4y, use audacious > what you wanna do ?01:23
CFHowlettr4y   ideally windows then ubuntu.  If ubuntu first, you'll have to restore grub to see ubuntu.01:23
goddardHo^Oh: i dont do image searchs that often but ya it would be nice01:23
JulinBMyou watch movies on ubuntu??01:24
ubottujulinbm: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:24
hiexpoJulinBM, sure01:24
r4yI use SMPlayer01:24
trismdhillon-v10: applications are being prepared, but google won't accounce accepted applications until mid-march: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2012-February/034716.html01:24
hiexposmplayer is just a front end01:24
gh0stlabrathi all01:25
r4yI like how it has slow motion for playing movies01:25
JulinBMubottu; hiexpo: ok, thanks01:25
ubottuJulinBM: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:25
dhillon-v10trism: I see, I think application process opens up to us (students) tomorrow, so I was wondering if I should apply01:26
JulinBMhiexpo: i'm new user here01:26
JulinBMhiexpo: i'm learning01:27
hiexpoJulinBM, good deal01:27
r4yhiexpor4y, use audacious > what you wanna do ?, I want to make sure the cds I've ripped are tested for skips. I would rather have a program that tests my music after the fact because I already have a lot of music on my computer at the bit rate I want and don't want to have to go through re-ripping them.01:27
JulinBMhiexpo: thanks01:28
sdferfxMy new Ubuntu install makes it so when a shell closes everything touching it dies for sure, gets a HUP. This is even affecting screen sessions. Any ideas on how to fix this?01:28
=== mike_ is now known as Guest87184
dhillon-v10trism: ohh actually no i was wrong it doesn't open for students till March 26th... my bad01:28
JulinBMhiexpo: I'm with win7 and ubuntu, I do not know yet what can I do with linux.01:29
r4yUse lame for what I am asking then?01:29
dhillon-v10trism: well thansk anyways, I appereciate the help01:29
JulinBMhiexpo: but, i know linux is very good01:29
hiexpoJulinBM, anything with linux01:29
CFHowlettJulinBM   get full circle magazine, pick a project and have fun.   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMagazine/FullIssueIndex01:29
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JulinBMhiexpo: thanks i'm going read01:31
hiexpoJulinBM, good deL01:32
hiexpo^ deAL01:32
r4yOK, if cds that are already ripped can't be tested, then can any program test cds directly for skips?01:35
r4yI know there are anti-skip cd players out there.01:35
r4yhiexpo Were you suggesting audacious to do this, or just because you like audacious01:37
haylocan i use the root account in ubuntu01:38
rudiXhi all01:38
urfr332gOhaylo, not advised other then with a sudo in ubuntu.01:38
urfr332gO!sudo | haylo01:38
ubottuhaylo: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo01:38
tripelbanyone ever heard of an openwireless project - meaning do not use encription.01:39
haylowell i would like ot be able to get into it anyway is there a default password?01:39
hayloor how the heck does that work? why cant i use it?01:39
urfr332gOhaylo, root has no password, if you read up on the setup you will understand why it is set up not to be run.01:40
rudiXi got problems with fglrx on my old sony laptop (ati mobility m6 card) ...01:40
urfr332gOhaylo, if you want to run in root it is better to use a distro that is set up that way ubuntu isn't.01:41
rudiXi found some one line code .sh installer yesterday .... but forgot to bookmark it01:41
hayloi understand it would be risky cause of all of ubuntus features01:41
rudiXis anyone know any alternative installer for old ati cards01:41
haylokk i guess i dont need it fglrx is installed i was jus  ab bit confused01:41
urfr332gOhaylo, we can't tell you how on the channel as well.01:41
hayloright makes sense01:42
haylolol well i guess there nare always mysteries to unravel01:42
rudiXhaylo, fglrx is installed01:42
tripelbhello. Somewhere in some intro to a #channel here I saw something about an "Open Wireless Project" or so I remember. Down anyone have an idea for how to find it. (Yes I googled 20)01:42
tripelbfind the open w. project01:43
Jordan_Ufunnyfingers: That line is overridded by the search --set line anyway. It should have no effect.01:44
totesmuhgoatstripelb: you could check the help for alis, not sure if it can search /topics01:44
totesmuhgoatstripelb: /msg alis help01:44
marienzbensois: not appropriate for this channel.01:44
* CFHowlett *adds bensois to the eternal ignore list for posting meaningless propaganda*01:45
bensoisJust a listing of quotes, my friend.01:45
marienzbensois: completely unrelated to this channel, though. Do you have a ubuntu-related question to ask or answer?01:45
igor-hi. i was hoping i could get some human help regarding the build process for a ubuntu deb package? more specifically, i'm trying to build mutt-patched but i keep getting weird characters when trying to run it directly (it's fine, though, if LC_ALL or LC_CTYPE is set)01:45
haylook my ubuntu remastersys just failed i have it down with debian- any suggestions?01:47
AngelForgethello igor-01:47
igor-hi AngelForget01:47
AngelForgetwhat version of ubuntu do you use? igor-01:49
chenjoin #ubuntu-cn01:49
igor-AngelForget, oneiric01:49
tripelbtotesmuhgoats, I'm an alis fail. Not to worry. I'll find another way.01:49
tripelbI'll tell you if it works01:49
CFHowlettchen try /join #ubuntu-cn01:49
AngelForgetI hope I can be of help with this little guide. the problem and that is in Italian . igor-01:54
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
igor-AngelForget, i'll take a look, thanks01:55
bludshotwhen i turned on my computer, it was saying Checking for running unattended upgrades, and getting stuck on that. So I booted to recovery and apt-get removed that and rebooted and then it said Could not write bytes: broken pipe. So I rebooted to recovery and did dpkg-reconfigure lxde to see if that fixes it, and now when I turn on the computer i just get a black screen, then a lubuntu loading01:56
bludshotscreen for a split second and then a black screen forever (like more than an hour, presumably forever)01:56
mangdoodqtcurve doesn't seem to be integrating my gtk applications with KDE01:58
=== zero is now known as Guest52777
urfr332gO!nomodeset | blud maybe it is a graphic driver needed try this.02:00
ubottublud maybe it is a graphic driver needed try this.: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:00
AngelForgetgood night all people ....................02:00
AngelForgetinside this chan02:00
pokuyhi guys02:02
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pokuycan u hlep me please about my effects02:02
=== Zer0 is now known as MrWizard
pokuyDesktop effects could not be enabled02:02
xanguamangdood: with qt4-config you can set kde/qt apps to emulate the current gtk theme, but don't know if it works with gtk302:03
adamushi all02:03
bensoisVladimir Putin said Russia was alarmed by the "growing threat" of an attack on Iran over its nuclear programme and warned that the consequences would be "truly catastrophic".02:03
xangua!info qt4-config | mangdood02:03
ubottumangdood: Package qt4-config does not exist in oneiric02:03
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xanguamangdood: sorry, it's qt4-qtconfig02:05
pokuyxangua, can u help me about Desktop effects could not be enabled02:05
delinquentmeusing grep to search within a directory full of files ... for a string ".state" within all the files02:05
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brightsparkdelinquentme, the -R flag searches recursively.02:08
delinquentmebrightspark, so  'grep -R ".state"'02:09
delinquentmebut what part of that specifies to search *within* the file02:09
brightsparkdelinquentme, grep syntax would require you to write 'grep -R /directory/of/files ".state"'02:09
WhiteDynamitegrep -R ".state" ./*02:10
brightsparkright, WhiteDynamite.02:10
brightsparkdelinquentme, grep is meant to search within files02:10
brightsparkthe utility to search only the names of files is called 'find'.02:11
brightsparkor 'locate'02:11
gmachine_24Just installed 11.10. Took forever to d/l and install the language packs; which I don't even want. How can I remove them and how to I prevent their install during my next Ubuntu installation. Thx.02:11
WhiteDynamiteYou can unplug from the internet.02:12
WhiteDynamiteas a quick and greasy solution02:12
xanguagmachine_24: set to no install language pack next install02:12
gmachine_24xangua, ok. must have missed that option. how do I remove the ones I don't want now?02:13
xanguagmachine_24: when the install proces starts you can jump that part02:13
gmachine_24xangua: OK.02:13
xanguagmachine_24: there should be a language settings, type Language in the dash¿02:13
hexagonis anyone here?02:14
CFHowletthexagon   yes02:14
hexagonOh, OK.02:14
gmachine_24in the dash?02:14
hexagonSo what is this channel for?02:14
WhiteDynamitetech support hexagon02:14
MrWizardUbuntu "support"02:14
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xanguagmachine_24: when you clic the ubuntu icon you get the dash02:15
gmachine_24hexagon do you have a question?02:15
hexagonOK, cool. So would you be able to tell how to open and close the preferences panel for an xfce4 panel applet at startup?02:15
gmachine_24or problem?02:15
gmachine_24so... apparently English is the only language pack installed. this is rather difficult to believe.02:18
mangdoodxangua, sorry for the real late reply. Is there any way I can get GTK (whatever version xfce 4.8 uses) to emulate qt applications instead?02:20
xanguamangdood: install a gtk theme that looks like the one kde uses02:21
xangua!info gtk2-engines-qtcurve | mangdood02:23
ubottumangdood: gtk2-engines-qtcurve (source: gtk2-engines-qtcurve): This is a set of widget styles for Gtk2 based apps. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.8.8-1 (oneiric), package size 166 kB, installed size 488 kB02:23
mangdoodxangua, I'm trying to use qtcurve, but the appearance of my GTK apps don't change when I'm using KDE02:24
NimaWhen I boot from the install CD or wubi, after the intitial ubuntu logo, I get a black screen. suggestions?02:24
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urfr332gO!nomodeset | Nima02:25
ubottuNima: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:25
Halexander9000There's a background process hogging all of my CPU. Can someone help me identify it?02:25
dez4rkHalexander9000, htop02:25
Halexander9000dez4rk: Could you please repeat that?02:25
urfr332gOHalexander9000, install htop or use top in the terminal htop is run there as well02:26
mangdoodHalexander9000, or just top on the command line02:26
urfr332gOHalexander9000, htop has a kill function.02:27
MrWizardNima: I personally have also had issues with GPUs that use openchrome drivers in Ubuntu not working after install, but working fine in live enviroment, easiest way to fix was to manually copy the X11 folder and contents (which wasn't generated properly on install) over to the fresh install and rebooting02:27
Halexander9000I tried the other graphical task managers, and I can't find said process.02:27
Halexander9000And just like magic, the moment I activated htop, the process hogging my cpu suddenly dissapeared.02:28
Halexander9000Is that normal?02:28
mangdoodHalexander9000, how did you know your CPU is being hogged then02:28
urfr332gOHalexander9000, there is a xpi update that runns periodically it may have been that02:29
Halexander9000I'm using lxde, it has a graph that displays my cpu status.02:29
Halexander9000Hmm, I'm more concerned about hackers playing tricks on me, but anywho. Thanks for the help.02:30
GneaHalexander9000: I tend to find that the command 'top' to be more reliable02:30
urfr332gOHalexander9000, `I use conky there are abunch of them on the web find one you like and it will show on the dektop.02:30
L3toptop ftw02:31
dez4rkYou can actually kind've get to like unity if you use it correctly, interesting!02:31
gmachine_24............. cli still seems better02:31
atari314Hello. Ubuntu is 386 or 686?02:32
vaccinehowdy folks, Im trying out ubuntu on a MacBook Air, but Im having some serious issues with the touchpad, I've looked around the forums, but haven't found much that is useful02:32
vaccineis there a trick to get drag and drop to work?02:32
gmachine_24vaccine: define "serious issues" and how about the Ubuntu version, hardware info etc.02:32
vaccinegmachine_24 11.10, macbook air 3,202:33
gmachine_24atari314 how about both02:33
CFHowlettatari314   ubuntu has 386 and 686 versions02:33
atari314any specific location to get the 686 one? (ty)02:33
CFHowlettatari314   same place you get the 386 - look for "amd" or "64"02:34
vaccinebasically the touchpad won't work with 2 fingers on it like you'd expect it too.. making drag and drop not work as well02:34
psusiCFHowlett, I don't think so02:34
erpoatari314: Do you mean 686 or 64 bit?02:34
vaccines/as well/at all02:34
Zillowhaving an issue with dkms02:35
CFHowlettpsusi   686 = 64 bit?02:35
psusiCFHowlett, no, 686 = pentium pro02:35
gmachine_24PLEASE don't just say "I have a problem" and waste a lot of space and time. Tell us your problem, your Ubuntu info and hardware info if you think it's relevant. This isn't a chat room.02:35
* CFHowlett facepalms desk - repeatedly - ty for clarifying psusi02:36
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)02:36
atari314http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server/download << only shows me 32 or 64 versions... should I look on the ftp?02:36
erpoatari314: Is there a particular reason you need 686 and the 32-bit one won't meet your needs?02:37
psusiatari314, there isn't a build specifically optimized for the ppro, mostly because it doesn't really make a difference02:37
erpoatari314: What are you trying to do that you find the performance of the i386 version inadequate?02:37
atari314yup, too slow, guess I'll have to stick with arch. Tyvm for the help tho.02:38
Reid_Hiya, I have 4 80gb, without being pro can I get this rolling software RAID-5 or JBOD or something like that to use just as a home desktop?02:38
psusiatari314, how do you figure?02:38
erpoatari314: Glad to hear arch is meeting your needs. :)02:39
erpoReid_: Why do you want RAID or JBOD?02:40
psusiReid_, sure, you will need the alternate cd to setup raid02:40
psusiReid_, though... how old of a computer is this?  and what interface?02:41
Reid_Right, I am downloading alternate one now.  Well I figured if I got RAID going I would have some redudancy, save some vacation pics on it.02:42
gmachine_24reid: you have 4 x 80GB hard drives, is this correct?02:42
Jak2000hi all02:42
Reid_Not sure what else to use 4 80gb hard drives for, thats correct.02:42
psusiReid_, raid is not a substitute for backups... redundancy is not to prevent data loss, but to avoid having down time and having to restore from backups...02:42
CFHowlettJak2000   greetings02:42
gmachine_24Jak2000 ask you ? please02:43
erpoReid_: I would recommend installing onto one 80GB drive and then formatting and mounting the other ones where you need them. Simpler.02:43
psusiReid_, are these old ide hard drives?  if they are THAT old, probably best to recycle them...02:43
Jak2000i am installed xwindows on ubuntu (on virtual box) http://imgur.com/vS9t7, but not find a terminal or how to restart, any advice? need insall other software?02:43
psusierpo, having to manually manage different partitions is not simpler than one big fs02:44
Reid_Using my old computer, its E6660, on a Gigabyte board, it does have fake raid. They are 4 SATA drives, if I mounted all 4 drives, i would need to search through four drives to find things....02:44
urfr332gOJak2000, is that the 2d?02:45
erpopsusi: I think it is. He wants more space, which means he needs RAID 0 or 5. You can't boot off of those raid levels, so he'd have to make a separate boot partition. If he chooses raid 5 for redundancy, he'll need to work with grub on multiple disks to make sure he can still boot if his primary disk fails.02:45
psusiReid_, wow... sata but only 80 gb?  odd... avoid the fakeraid junk unless you have to dual boot with windows02:45
motherbraindoes anybody know where I can get a list of valid asm interrupts on a linux machine.... I know of just one int 0x80 is that it? I can look up a bunch of bios int commands like 10h , 13h ,..etc their are tons but problem is I only want the vaild int commands when I am in user space?02:45
psusierpo, you can boot off them just fine02:45
erpopsusi: I think we might be miscommunicating. Your can put / on raid 0 or 5, but you can't put /boot on raid 0 or 5.02:46
psusierpo, yes, you can.... grub2 has supported that for a few years02:46
motherbrainis it just int 80h for linux and int 21h for dos/windows vaild in user space ... Anybody know for sure?02:46
erpopsusi: Wow.02:46
Jak2000urfr332gO yes02:46
Jak2000is the desktop (gui)02:46
psusimotherbrain, what?02:47
psusierpo, when you install grub2 it even prompts you to select all of the drives to install to... no /boot needed02:47
motherbrainis int 80h and int 21h the only vaild interrupt asm commands in user spaces for dos/windows and linux ?02:47
urfr332gOJak2000, your certainly missing the off or reboot..etc in the top right corner if you hit the off for te virtual it will give you the option, for powering off.02:48
Reid_Yea, not really sure what else to do with 80GB drives. Haha, can you make them appear as one volume in Ubuntu?02:48
psusimotherbrain, dos has tons of interrupts02:48
motherbrainlike what?02:48
psusiReid_, yes02:48
psusimotherbrain, google for Ralph Brown's interrupt list02:48
psusimotherbrain, that's the closest thing to a complete list I know of02:49
NimaHi guys, my problem with the black screen is not resolved even after I set nomodeset02:49
urfr332gOJak2000, I would just dual boot the ubuntu to be honest the virtual is chunky at best.02:49
motherbrainNO I DON'T think you understand those only work in kernel / before the os loads 16 bit mode .02:50
psusimotherbrain, and there is no user space in dos...02:50
Jak2000urfr332gO thx02:50
urfr332gOJak2000, good to see you have XP installed. :)02:50
motherbrainok is windows and linux only int asm commands 21h and 80h02:51
motherbrainI know in 16 bit mode you can use Ralph Brown's interrupt list but not when you are already in 32 bit mode02:51
psusimotherbrain, and windows is another animal entirely... iirc, it's kernel syscall is.... hrm... I forget now... 2E was it?... int21 is the main dos service vector, not valid in non dos windows versions ( except when running a dos executable under emulation )02:52
MrWizardUsing 11.10 on an averatec 2500, anytime I start a video in VLC the sound is all garbled and riddled with crackling and feedback...this corrects itself if I simply open the sound settings menu, but I'd like to find a cause and permanent solution for this if possible...any ideas?02:52
Reid_I'll just roll without the raid, thanks psusi and erpo.02:52
erpoMrWizard: Does this happen with all video formats or just one format? Does this happen with other video players?02:53
deonyiSomeone help me, I need a software that would let me record my desktop.02:53
bludshoturfr332gO  I went to do the nomodeset thing, so I turned on the computer, hit Shift a bunch but the grub loader didn't come up, instead an error came up saying "Checking for running unattended-upgrades"python: can't open file '/usr/share/unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrade-shutdown': [Errrno 2] No such file or directory02:54
MrWizarderpo: happens with any video format (have tried .avi wma wmv mp*'s mkvs, pretty much anything) and with any video player (vlc is simply my main one)02:54
urfr332gObludshot, I don't have a idea on a fix for that, do you have a ecternal HD?02:54
deonyiI need a software that would let me record my screen and how to install it02:55
bludshoturfr332gO i have an external usb harddrive yeah, not currently in use with the computer that is having these problems02:55
CFHowlettdeonyi   sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop02:55
erpodeonyi: Try googling for ubuntu record desktop. I found a result that way that seems like a good fit for you.02:55
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erpoMrWizard: Does this happen with other OSs on the same hardware?02:56
urfr332gObludshot, if it was me I measure the time to reinstall aaginst the fix which ever is shortest I do.02:56
deonyiCFHowlett thanks so much02:56
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CFHowlettdeonyi   have fun/be safe02:57
MrWizarderpo: No sir, and didn't happen with previous version of 'Buntu, just this latest one...its not even a big problem, just a bit of an annoyance, but I haven't been able to pin the cause down02:57
PsiKloPxwas trying to install gimp throught the software manager but received this error "Package dependencies cannot be resolved"02:57
urfr332gObludshot, but I also clone all installs.02:57
bludshoturfr332gO i have done extensive tweaking and stuff to this OS, and, this is already my 2nd go... I tried and tried and spent a bunch of time with mythbuntu and hit a wall of something i couldnt make work, so then i went to Lubuntu. I have spent craploads of time on this lubuntu, and since if i was to redo things i did before i would be doing the same things then its just as likely that i will02:57
bludshotexperience this same problem imo02:57
bludshotso i guess fixing this is the shortest02:58
bludshotif its not02:58
bludshotthe pc is going in the trash02:58
PsiKloPxtried 'sudo apt-get -f install' plus everything else I found on google...still broken02:58
erpoMrWizard: Have you tried changing the audio out module in vlc?02:58
CFHowlettPsiKloPx     see http://askubuntu.com/questions/60448/gimp-package-dependencies-cannot-be-resolved02:59
L3topPsiKloPx: chances are your sources.list is problematic02:59
urfr332gObludshot, if you mix desltops and apps like that without cleaning them out your asking for trouble really, customizing is great but do it carefully.02:59
naryfabe careful02:59
L3topand make lots of backups02:59
bludshoturfr332gO i did not mix desktops and apps, this was a clean lubuntu install, formatted machine02:59
L3topclonezilla is very helpful for that02:59
naryfalots of backups02:59
MrWizarderpo: yes, i completely lose sound on any settings other than default, ALSA, or pulse and the issue still persists with those settings03:00
urfr332gObludshot, if you had a clone of when it worked you would be way ahead of the game.03:00
bludshoturfr332gO i had no idea i could do a "clone"03:01
L3topbludshot: look at clonezilla03:01
urfr332gObludshot, clonezilla.org03:01
L3top15 min back to perfect03:01
CFHowlettMrWizard   could it be hardware related?  Test audio with headphones...03:01
L3topcan use over samba, ftp, external, whatever03:02
erpoCFHowlett: The crackling goes away when he opens the sound preferences window.03:02
erpoMrWizard: Anything funny in dmesg?03:02
CFHowletterpo   thanks erpo ...03:02
bludshotgood for the future, but tbh I doubt i would have made a clone yet... I was still in the middle of setting up this computer when this problem occurred03:02
bludshoti would likely not clone till i got everything set up03:02
erpoMrWizard: Actually, pastebin dmesg and we'll look at it.03:02
L3topevery 2 hours, take 15 min and make a clone.03:02
L3topvery sound way to go... saves time in the longrun03:02
bludshotL3top ok cool, next time i can get to my desktop i'll look into that03:03
urfr332gObludshot, do it when it seems appropriate to you, nice insurance really.03:03
bludshotbut until then,03:03
MrWizardCFHowlett: does it with headphones as well, in addition, when i plug headphones in the output in sound settings defaults to the headphone option and has no sound, switching the output back to the default allows sound to play through headphones03:03
bludshoti have this problem i need to solve :|03:03
urfr332gObludshot, you might also try posting on the ubuntu forums the IRC is hit and miss really.03:03
L3topwhat is the problem again bludshot?03:03
L3topsorry I missed it03:04
MrWizarderpo: will do but give me some time since i have no idea how to do that (feels like an idiot)  looking it up now03:04
bludshotL3top let me go post on ubuntu and then link you because its a long story now03:04
L3topurfr332gO  I went to do the nomodeset thing, so I turned on the computer, hit Shift a bunch but the grub loader didn't come up, instead an error came up saying "Checking for running unattended-upgrades"python: can't open file '/usr/share/unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrade-shutdown': [Errrno 2] No such file or directory03:04
L3topthis one?03:04
bludshotyes (but there is more backstory as well, but yes)03:05
erpoMrWizard: Open a terminal, type dmesg, and hit enter. Then copy and paste everything that appears into pastebin.com.03:05
bludshotthat is the latest issue03:05
L3topgo make a post and I will read03:05
urfr332gOL3top, thats it. :)03:05
MrWizarderpo: thankyou, one moment03:05
Sasori2501hey guys... need some advice.  thinking of buying Alienware M14x, but REALLY concerned about video card, nvidia 555m and integrated video (optimus tech i believe) will be instsalling 11.04.  will i be able to disable the integrated video for pure nvidia use????03:05
PsiKloPxCFHowlett: tried your link but still broken: (gimp : Depends: libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.31.2) but 2.30.0-0ubuntu4 is to be installed)03:05
urfr332gOSasori2501, there is a wiki on cards.03:06
CFHowlettPsiKloPx   aaargh ...  the only workaround I can see is to install from source...03:06
urfr332gO!nvidia | Sasori250103:06
ubottuSasori2501: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto03:06
Sasori2501urfr332gO: can you send me a link.  had optimus on my last laptop, and it was a nightmare trying to get compiz going03:06
MrWizarderpo: posted to pastebin under "MrWizard sound issu"03:07
erpoMrWizard: I'll need the URL03:07
MrWizarderpo: http://pastebin.com/7098b9UJ03:07
dlentzSasori2501, avoid optimus like plague03:07
MrWizarderpo: sorry again, thankyou for your patience03:08
urfr332gOSasori2501, I have never used nividia, maybe others can help here really, I would just start with a Google of the card and the release you want.03:08
erpoMrWizard: No problems. Thank you for choosing a good nick.03:08
NimaI'm trying to install Ubuntu, and I'm getting a black screen with nomodeset selected03:08
dlentzavoid any hybrid graphivs03:08
MrWizardWas suprised to find this nick was unregistered ^^03:09
urfr332gOSasori2501, compiz is temperamental when tweaked as well.03:09
urfr332gOin unity03:09
Sasori2501dlentz: i know, but what solid gaming laptops come without it these days??? practically none...03:09
starnhey i am in desperate need of help with Audio...  two devices analog and digital... ALC1200 HDA intel.. i want to make sound stop playing on speakers when headphones plug in.. and or to split like say music player to speakers all others to headphones..03:09
Sasori2501urfr332gO: that page doesnt really go into optimus and disabling an integrated card to use a video card03:10
urfr332gOSasori2501, I have never used nividia.03:10
PsiKloPxCFHowlett: <sigh> guess so...thanks03:10
dlentzyeah, nvidia's best for gaming, and you can use optirun with ironhide driver, but i doubt most (any?) of the laptops let you turn off the inte igp completely03:11
xj88Hi all. I have two machines, one is running 11.10 and the other is running 10.04. I have multiple USB hard drives. They worked on both machines consistently. All of a sudden, 11.10 mounts everything as read-only, even when using sudo to mount read/write. Still mounts read-only. This is true of both NTFS and ext3 external drives. What could cause such a change and how can I fix it?03:11
CFHowlettPsiKloPx   source we couldn't find an easier solution.   Good luck.03:11
Sasori2501dlentz: ok i will look into that.  need a viable solution cause i really want to run effects on it.  last attempt with optimus was a nightmare.03:13
bludshotL3top: here is the post about my problem http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=193214403:14
urfr332gObludshot, have to changed the grub timeout?03:16
bludshoturfr332gO certainly not wittingly no03:16
urfr332gObludshot, cool.03:17
xj88My other problem: I have a Motorola Droid X. When I plug it into 10.04, a usb mass storage dialogue comes up and everything works great. This was also true of 11.10 until this morning, when suddenly nothing happens when I plug the phone into 11.10. The phone sees the connection, but 11.10 doesn't pick up on the phone at all. What could cause such a change and how can I fix it?03:17
erpoMrWizard: I have to get going, but I may have a lead for you.03:17
bludshoturfr332gO I mean I can try to restart the computer and hit shift to get the grub menu again, and maybe succeed if that is the right thing to try next. But now im like .. what is up with this other error03:17
MrWizarderpo: any leads would be appreciated03:18
CFHowlett*No grub for me!* Single OS atm, ubuntu doesn't display grub, just goes straight to login screen.  What to do?03:18
erpoMrWizard: According to your dmesg, you have an ALC888 audio chip. Users have reported that when the PCM volume is set to 0, crackling sounds can be heard over the intended audio. Opening the mixer resets the PCM volume and fixes this problem.03:18
urfr332gObludshot, yeah me to, just add to the thread if any thing changes .03:18
erpoMrWizard: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-linux/148969-pulse-audio-does-nothing-but-crackle.html03:18
erpoMrWizard: I would try to get someone to help you set up your system so that your PCM volume will get set to an appropriate value on startup.03:18
MrWizarderpo: thankyou for your help, i'll look into it, and have a good evening/morning/afternoon03:19
xanguaCFHowlett: you can display grub pressing Shift when you turn on the machine03:19
urfr332gOCFHowlett, you change the time out so the key prompt is not working. A single install bypasses the grub menu.03:19
erpoMrWizard: Thanks. Have a good day.03:19
CFHowletturfr332gO   but I've got 2 kernels - realtime and default.  I'd have thought..03:20
CFHowlettxangua   urfr332g0 thanks03:20
L3topbludshot: http://pastebin.com/czXAHQcz that is my unattended-upgrade-shutdown03:20
L3topso... what I would do if I was you03:20
L3topis live boot from dvd03:21
L3topget into that machine via console03:21
L3topmkdir -p /usr/share/unattended-upgrades03:21
L3topcreate the file unattended-upgrade-shutdown03:21
L3topchmod +x unattended-upgrade-shutdown03:22
L3topsee if that works for you.03:22
bludshotwill the live cd see the drive? anything special i gotta do for that?03:22
L3topyes, and no.03:23
L3topjust open whatever file manager on whatever distro03:23
L3topand it should be available03:23
L3topclick and it should mount03:23
L3topif you are on ubuntu live03:23
L3toppress ctrl l03:23
L3topthat will show the path03:23
L3topwhich will probably be something like /media/disk03:23
L3topopen console03:23
bludshotare you saying I shold copy the contents of your file from the pastebin or just make an empty file03:24
L3topcd /media/disk03:24
L3topI would put mine in there03:24
L3topor find the original because I am a stranger03:24
L3topdepending on your level of paranoia03:24
bludshotwell im going to assume that somebody on here would warn me if you tried to feed me some bad file heh03:24
L3topnobody knows me03:25
bludshotbut they know bad files03:25
vaccineIm trying to get some packages installed and apt-get is telling me it is unable to locate them.  I've run apt-get update, but it doesn't seem help, am I missing something?03:25
L3topnobody is going to proof it... but...03:25
L3topits straight from a fresh install03:25
bludshotwell dont fail me ubuntu community!03:25
L3topits open source03:25
bludshotyeah i will go try this stuff03:25
xj88Hi all. I have two machines, one is running 11.10 and the other is running 10.04. I have multiple USB hard drives. They worked on both machines consistently. All of a sudden, 11.10 mounts everything as read-only, even when using sudo to mount read/write. Still mounts read-only. This is true of both NTFS and ext3 external drives. What could cause such a change and how can I fix it?03:25
L3topyou can find the source file03:25
urfr332gOvaccine, what's the package?03:26
vaccineurfr332gO xf86-input-multitouch03:26
vaccinerunning 11.1003:27
trism!info xserver-xorg-input-multitouch | vaccine03:27
ubottuvaccine: xserver-xorg-input-multitouch (source: xf86-input-multitouch): Multitouch X input driver. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0~rc2+git20110312-1 (oneiric), package size 14 kB, installed size 104 kB (Only available for linux-any)03:27
urfr332gOvaccine, this is what synaptic saysin 11.10 with that name. http://imagebin.org/20100503:29
vaccinesorry, Im new to this, how does that help?03:32
trismvaccine: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-multitouch;03:32
xj88My other problem: I have a Motorola Droid X. When I plug it into 10.04, a usb mass storage dialogue comes up and everything works great. This was also true of 11.10 until this morning, when suddenly nothing happens when I plug the phone into 11.10. The phone sees the connection, but 11.10 doesn't pick up on the phone at all. What could cause such a change and how can I fix it?03:32
vaccineE: Unable to locate package xserver-xorg-input-multitouch03:33
trismvaccine: do you have universe enabled?03:34
vaccinetrism, I don't know =)03:34
trismvaccine: software-properties-gtk; check the universe box03:35
vaccineok, checked it03:36
vaccinenow do I have to do an update again?03:36
trismvaccine: yes, then you should be able to install it03:36
jsoftHow do I have a script be notified when new media is inserted? Ie, flash drive, cdrom03:37
xj88Hi all. I have two machines, one is running 11.10 and the other is running 10.04. I have multiple USB hard drives. They worked on both machines consistently. All of a sudden, 11.10 mounts everything as read-only, even when using sudo to mount read/write. Still mounts read-only. This is true of both NTFS and ext3 external drives. What could cause such a change and how can I fix it?03:39
Jordan_Ujsoft: "udisks --monitor" sounds like it might be useful. See "man udisks" for more info.03:39
vaccineok, got it installed03:39
urfr332gOxj88, have you unmounted it in general or just unplugged it?03:40
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa03:40
vaccinenext thing it says is to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf .. but I don't seem to have one03:40
xj88urfr332g0: I always unmount my drives safely. And they are still working fine on 10.04.03:40
jsoftJordan_U: hmmm, sounds interesting03:40
Deihmoshavign trouble installing ubuntu to raid 0. Seems like every other version breaks this type of installation03:41
javierf_Hi. I'm using ubuntu 11.10. Why when changing metacity there the up bar doesn't change with it? It remains dark or light as radiance/ambiance03:42
L3topis anyone familiar with the <<deb mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt lucid main restricted universe multiverse>> way of handling sources?03:42
urfr332gOjavierf_, which desktop?03:42
javierf_urfr332gO, unity03:42
javierf_urfr332gO, I meant the panel03:43
urfr332gOjavierf_, unity is aplugin in compiz03:43
=== leaf__ is now known as Guest55005
urfr332gOmetacity is not used unless you load it, at what exspense I have no idea. javierf_03:44
L3topbecause I am experimenting with our project snapshot and using local mirrors seems the easiest way to handle source mangling... however I just ran it and I get a bunch of CD-ROM attempts and errors. No there are none in my sources.list03:44
javierf_urfr332gO, I see... but why it changes sometimes and no others??? There are some dark themes that change the panel to dark, and some light ones that do the proper thing to light. But others don't do it03:44
urfr332gOjavierf_, no idea.03:45
javierf_urfr332gO, ok, thanks anyway for the key that works as a plugin :)03:46
urfr332gOjavierf_, no problem.03:46
javierf_anyone else has an idea how to adapt unity panel to the theme I'm using? Why it adapts sometimes and sometimes no=?03:47
urfr332gOjavierf_, I think the unity panel is unchangeable I thought you meant the top panel.03:47
Guest55005any sucessful experience with openldap? anyone?03:47
onatshey all, anyone here deploy thin clients with ubuntu?03:47
L3topany update bludshot?03:48
L3topI do.03:48
L3topwell... the project I work on does Guest5500503:48
urfr332gOjavierf_, you can mess with it a little in comizconfig settings manager nothing like theme change though.03:48
zeleftikamIran is DDoSing me, what do i do?03:49
zeleftikamICMP dest unrch (port) (106 bytes) from cloud2012 to
bastidrazorzeleftikam: unplug your computer from the internet03:49
taipreslookup who the ip space belongs too and report it03:49
zeleftikamactually i have that access right here03:49
zeleftikamlet me check03:49
javierf_urfr332gO, ok, I guess you are right, I meant the top panel. Thanks one more. I have checked CCSM, but unfortunatelly, this can't be done. It's just strange that I can't get the same colours there that I have at the rest of the screen, and with other themes there is no problem03:49
zeleftikamah ha, it's mahmoud iminadinnerjacket03:49
urfr332gOjavierf_, you might look at the OMGubuntu site they seem to have a lot of tweaks.03:50
onatscan anyone recommend a thin client that works well with ubuntu?03:54
gordonHey guys...I installed n2n for ubuntu but I can't seem to get it to run03:54
=== gordon is now known as Guest47447
=== Ezio is now known as Guest33261
Guest47447is this the appropriate room for ubuntu applications support?03:54
=== REACKTOR is now known as JAVO
xj88Hi all. I have two machines, one is running 11.10 and the other is running 10.04. I have multiple USB hard drives. They worked on both machines consistently. All of a sudden, 11.10 mounts everything as read-only, even when using sudo to mount read/write. Still mounts read-only. This is true of both NTFS and ext3 external drives. What could cause such a change and how can I fix it?03:58
Guest47447Does anyone know anything about the n2n issue?04:00
L3topxj88... I can't remember what does that... but it is an easy fix from what I remember04:00
orlokthe VPN tunnel tool?04:00
Guest47447orlok: yes04:00
xj88L3top: That is the way of these things. ;)04:00
Guest47447orlok: i got it to install, but don't know how to make it run04:01
Guest47447orlok: I am new to this04:01
xj88L3top: Easy if you know what you're doing, nigh-impossible if you don't know the magic words.04:01
orlokGuest47447: No, but one of the developers is a few meters away from me!04:01
L3toplol... looking around...04:01
Guest47447orlok: oh my god...could I talk to him?!04:01
orlokGuest47447: meeting sorry heh.. i have never actually used n2n04:02
MrKeunerhello, have been using chromium for my default broswer for a while, tried changing default browser to Firefox using gnome preferred applications dialog. still chromium opens when clicked on a gnome launcher but chromium warns that it is not the default broser :)04:02
MrKeunerwhat's the problem here?04:02
Guest47447orlok: oh...damn...well...damn04:02
isaac__assuming you all are Linux users04:03
javierf_still googling it... someone knows why in unity top panel not always adapt to the theme you are using? any way to change them together?04:03
toafan'Scuzzi.  Can someone point me to the location of all the .desktop launcher files?04:04
isaac__Actually nevermind04:04
toafan@isaac__ well... ubuntu is a linux distro04:04
toafanI'd be surprised to find a non-user here04:04
MrKeunertoafan, try find / -name *.desktop04:05
urfr332gOmrhanky, system settings-sytem info04:05
urfr332gOMrKeuner, system settings-sytem info04:06
urfr332gOsorry mrhanky my bad04:06
MrKeunerurfr332gO, not sure I understood you correctly?04:06
MrKeunerare you referring me to an application named system?04:07
urfr332gOMrKeuner, that is a app set you can set the default apps used.04:07
erpinghamHi.  I'm using Ubuntu 11.10, and when I log out of my main user account, it  returns to the login manager, but when I log back in, the session hangs  just after loading my desktop background but before loading unity04:07
urfr332gOsystem settings-system info-default applications, follow the apps grasshopper MrKeuner04:08
MrKeunerurfr332gO, aren't you talking about gnome-default-applications-properties04:08
toafanerpingham, not that I've got anything, but does it hang for good? (IE more than say 5 min) or does it come back?04:09
MrKeunerurfr332gO, that's what i changed initiallay, which did not seem to work04:09
=== root is now known as Guest49403
urfr332gOMrKeuner, in 11.10 which I'm running that is the path.04:09
erpinghamtoafan, basically the desktop session is hanged probably for at least 5 minutes. I can still switch to virtual terminals though.04:09
erpinghamtoafan, basically it has never come back for me.04:10
toafan@erpingham hrom... my modus operendi is to go away for some indeterminate amount of time (nethack or something) and come back to see if it changed.04:11
=== jsec is now known as jsec_
toafanmore than 5 minutes is frankly unresonable though04:11
erpinghamtoafan, ok i'll try doing that while doing homework or something, but suppose it does or does not come back--any ideas about what i should do? I've tried logging out/in using the gnome classic and unity 2D and they work fine.04:12
xj88Hi all. I have two machines, one is running 11.10 and the other is running 10.04. I have multiple USB hard drives. They worked on both machines consistently. All of a sudden, 11.10 mounts everything as read-only, even when using sudo to mount read/write. Still mounts read-only. This is true of both NTFS and ext3 external drives. What could cause such a change and how can I fix it?04:13
MrKeuneranyone using lenovo x200 laptop with 11.10? how does hibernate and suspend work?04:14
urfr332gOMrKeuner, it could be that the gnome launcher needs to be changed to FF as default, with permissions it is helpful to name exactly what your ding as far as a app or file etc.04:14
toafanerpingham I got nothing -- try loging in on something else and then back in?04:14
chipotlehi, should i have used master boot record when i install ubuntu rather than guid?04:14
Exodusxj88, does the kernel drop anything at you?04:14
universoHelp me out with this homework? The ____ command shows you the entire path and file name for anything containing the text string you indicate. FIND, TOUCH, DLOCATE, SLOCATE.04:15
xj88Exodus: How can I find out?04:15
urfr332gOuniverso, no home work here.04:15
Exodusxj88, check /var/log/syslog04:15
universoWhere can I get homework help?04:15
urfr332gOuniverso, frrom your professor.04:15
Exodusuniverso, FIND a teacher04:16
urfr332gOuniverso, or other students.04:16
xj88universo: I'd recommend looking up those various commands on a wiki or with man. Shouldn't be hard to find the answer (which I don't know)04:16
Exodusuniverso, ;)04:16
r0b-uery flyback04:16
universoExodus: Your advice is greatly appreciated, I will find my way to campus04:16
toafanlooking for .desktop launchers, find / -name *.desktop didn't come up with any useful results04:18
Exodusuniverso, yes, you should "find -iname" a teacher, that way you don't get upper or lowercase issues04:18
xj88Exodus: It says write protect is off, but write cache is disabled. Is that a clue? (hopeful)04:18
toafanmaybe try again, with sudo?04:18
chipotlehi, can i install win7 after i installed ubuntu?04:18
Exodusxj88, hehe not really04:18
toafan(in that case, how to exclude dirs?)04:19
Exodusxj88, do this: open a terminal and type: tail -f /var/log/syslog04:19
Exodusxj88, then, plug the hard drive04:19
MrKeunertoafan, must be something similar to /usr/share/applications...04:19
Exodusit should give you in 'realtime' what the kernel is logging04:19
chipotlei need to create a MBR partition for ubuntu, correct? not GUID?04:19
xj88Exodus: Oooh (from last time): NTFS driver 2.1.30 [Flags: R/O MODULE]04:20
Exodusxj88, also, try: sudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/DEVICE04:20
urfr332gOchipotle, sure you will have to reload the mbr though to get grub.04:20
toafanchipotle, you could (win7 after ubuntu) -- same way you can install ubuntu after win7 ;)04:20
Exodusxj88, see, that's an error04:20
Exodusxj88, it could be that it didn't shut down properly and it's loading RO04:20
MrKeunertoafan, also checkout ~/.local/share/applications04:21
xj88Exodus: But it doesn't on my other two machines?04:21
toafanchipotle, trick is the windows bootloader has a nasty reputation...04:21
xj88Exodus: Any idea how to clear that?04:21
Exodusxj88, diff version of kernels and software04:21
urfr332gOchipotle, ah guid your on your own there I have no clue.04:21
xj88Exodus: That makes sense.04:21
Exodusxj88, there's a program, called ntfsfix, or something like that04:21
Exodusxj88, or maybe: fsck.ntfs /dev/DEVICE04:21
chipotletoafan: i think i will wipe ubuntu and then install win704:21
Exodussudo it04:21
chipotleurfr332gO: so i should select mbr and not guid when creating a partition type?04:22
Exodusxj88, I'm giving all this from the top of my head since I'm on a live CD atm without anything installed =b04:22
chipotlewhat partition type do i create when i wipe the boot drive and want to partition for ubuntu and windows 7?04:22
toafanchipotle: from there you could re-install ubuntu if you're after dual-boot04:22
urfr332gOchipotle, I have never had a GUID set up not sure really.04:22
chipotleurfr332gO: toafan ^ i will use ntfs for win7, i guess04:22
Exodusxj88, but look for those command-line apps04:22
toafanchipotle yeah, ntfs for windows is the way to go04:23
chipotletoafan: okay, but how do i partition the drive? what do you recommend? 50GB for windows7 using ntfs, what about ubuntu?04:23
toafanchipotle totaly depends04:23
chipotletoafan: should i leave 50GB for the entire install on one drive, and then i can have info on other drives? (i have 6 hdd's in my system)04:23
chipotletoafan: on?04:23
Exodusxj88, ntfsfix should do it04:23
chipotlei want to keep the ubuntu install on its own drive, preferably04:23
chipotleerm, partition04:23
toafandrive size, drives available, prime/prefered boot...04:24
toafanI could probably go on04:24
toafanI used the ubuntu instalation partitioning tool on my system04:24
chipotletoafan: i have 1 ssd that will hold the two OS's, 1 500GB, 2 3TB and a 2TB drive. the 3TB is for media, the 2TB and 500GB drive is for backups04:24
MrKeunerhello, have been using chromium for my default broswer for a while, tried changing default browser to Firefox using gnome preferred applications dialog. still chromium opens when clicked on a gnome launcher but chromium warns that it is not the default broser :)04:25
MrKeunerhow to change the default browser?04:25
toafanwait, backup to the 2tb, not the 3tb?04:25
toafanhrm. ok04:25
ExodusMrKeuner, open firefox and set it in the preferences.04:26
xj88Exodus: ntfsfix ran successfully but the drive still mounts read-only04:26
MrKeunerExodus, thanks, wondering how they actually set that04:26
chipotletoafan: backup drives are a network drive for apple computers04:26
ExodusMrKeuner, it's in gconf04:27
chipotlenot backing up the media04:27
Guest47447does anyone know anything about n2n?04:27
ExodusMrKeuner, some apps use gconf, some don't04:27
ExodusMrKeuner, tis why you'll sometimes get some apps opening something else04:27
MrKeunerExodus, I see04:27
toafanchipotle, plan out if you want to share between the OSes without external drives.  eg in my laptop I have a share partition04:27
ExodusMrKeuner, it's kind of like proxy settings, they're also in gconf, but firefox has it in its preferences and doesn't use gconf's one04:27
toafanif it's a desktop that's probably moot04:28
chipotleyes, it's a desktop04:28
Exodusxj88, did you do a manual remount like I mentioned?04:28
Exodusxj88, ex: sudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/sdXx04:28
toafanI'd probably give windows more space on the SSD, if it's larger than like 20-30 fifs04:28
Exodusxj88, check what the kernel says of running that04:29
MrKeunerExodus, actually, setting in firefox did not work either04:29
toafanubuntu can only use stuff installed to compatible partitions (not on windows)04:29
toafanbut doesn't seem to need as much space04:30
ExodusMrKeuner, you said a gnome-launcher, what do you mean by that? a shortcut you created on the desktop or a menu?04:30
MrKeunerExodus, on desktop contect menu gives you a link to create a launcher04:30
MrKeunerExodus, they use xdg-open04:30
toafanI've got all my docs, configs etc on a separate partition, auto-mounted and symlinked -- that may be overkill. depends on updates04:31
MrKeunerlauncher is on desktop, a .desktop file of some sort04:31
Exoduswell, xdg-open uses gconf if I'm not mistaken04:31
ExodusMrKeuner, what Ubuntu release #?04:33
xj88Exodus: Weird problem. What I get is that /dev/sdb1 is not found in fstab or mtab (it is in fstab, I'm looking at it).04:33
=== REACKTOR is now known as JAVO
MrKeunerExodus, /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http is updated with firefox when I choose firefox in gnome-default-applications-properties04:34
Exodusxj88, is this a removable drive?04:34
MrKeunerbut still chromium launches with warning that it's not the default04:34
xj88Exodus: Yeah, USB hard drive.04:34
sacarlsonxj88:  maybe not found with user in it?04:34
ExodusMrKeuner, what does /desktop/gnome/applications/browser/exec say?04:34
toafanchipotle, you good?04:35
Exodusxj88, remove it from /etc/fstab, shouldn't be there in the first place04:35
chipotletoafan: ya, thanks :)04:35
god-zotacMrKeuner:: thats a common problem with chrome / chromium04:35
MrKeunerExodus, firefox04:35
Exodusxj88, FUSE manages removable media04:35
ExodusMrKeuner, weird04:35
toafanwelcome :) glad I could help04:35
MrKeunergod-zotac, that it owns the browsing feature?04:35
crimsonmanewhat would be the most appropriate channel for my question? using mint 11, virtualbox4.0 is installed but i cannot find it.04:35
xj88Exodus: Done, but I'm still getting the error (when attempting the command you suggested) that it's not found in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab04:36
god-zotacMrKeuner:: it sets as default browser for the desktop environment but it doesn't read from the same file to do the default check when opening chrom{e,ium}04:36
urfr332gOcrimsonmane, the mint channel04:36
Exodusxj88, well it's not going to work now that you removed it :P I'm guessing it's not mounted04:36
crimsonmaneurfr332g0 can you be more specific using the # symbol?04:36
urfr332gOcrimsonmane, or #vbox hard to tell what te problem actually is.04:37
Exodusxj88, fstab is a file for when your computer is booting and it pretty much says what should be mounted on boot04:37
Exodusxj88, mtab is a file that keeps track of what's mounted04:37
Exodusxj88, so if it's not in your mtab, it's not mounted04:37
MrKeunergod-zotac, then I'll have to remove chromium totally for now04:37
god-zotacMrKeuner:: why?04:37
MrKeuneri need firefox to be the default04:37
god-zotacMrKeuner:: all you have to do is set firefox as default in your Desktop Environment's default applications04:38
bludshotL3top I added that file like we talked about and now it does boot to desktop. But there's no task bar or 'start menu'04:38
MrKeunergod-zotac, I did, that does not worl04:38
xj88Exodus: That makes sense to me. But now when I run sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/external (which exists) I just get the error that it's not found in fstab. Why should that matter?04:38
urfr332gOgod-zotac, I told them that deemed to not register.04:38
Exodusxj88, and if it's not mounted, and you have files under that mount point, those files aren't in that removable drive, they're in whatever device has a higher mount point up in the tree, in any sane configuration it should be your root partition /04:38
L3topyou blowed that guy up real good04:38
L3toptry adding a new user04:38
MrKeunergod-zotac, you mean gnome-default-applications-properties, right?04:39
L3top I wonder if you could just copy everything from the skel dir04:39
L3topone second04:39
god-zotacMrKeuner:: i'm not using gnome, so i can't tell you step by step how to do it in gnome04:39
bludshotL3top maybe this is because i did dpkg-reconfigure lxdm?04:39
Exodusgod-zotac, he already has firefox configured there sadly.04:39
xj88Exodus: "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/external" is now coming up with "warning: /media/external seems to be mounted read-only"04:40
god-zotacExodus:: sounds like a .desktop file just needs edited then..04:40
skypcehey guys,04:40
god-zotacnot sure if he is just wanting firefox to launch when clicking html files, or when clicking a link in another application like xchat/irc. or what04:40
skypcei have a good idea for preview windows04:40
skypcedo you want listen me?04:40
MrKeunergod-zotac, gnome-launchers04:41
god-zotacExodus:: or if he is just simply trying to get the Web Browser  shortcut to launch firefox04:41
MrKeunergod-zotac, .desktop files that use xdg-open to open a url04:41
ExodusMrKeuner, what exactly is it you're trying to open, or what is this link trying to open?04:41
MrKeunerlet me post the file somewhere04:41
toafanArg...  trying to set up firefox to use an external irc program04:42
ExodusMrKeuner, does the desktop-file have something like: xdg-open "URL" ?04:42
bludshothey guys i booted into desktop and i have no task bar or start menu for some reason04:42
urfr332gOtoafan, chatzilla?04:42
MrKeunerExodus, god-zotac http://pastebin.com/QSR5Nqf604:42
toafanwent looking for a .desktop launcher to point it to.  no such luck04:42
skypcei think may be a good idea, create a compiz plugin for docky that in docky windows list show a real size screen of window when hover by docky window app list04:42
Exodusxj88, well, removing the file from fstab should have it appearing in your nautilus for normal user mounting04:43
toafanurpr332gO ATM I'm using Smuxi04:43
L3topbludshot: try cp -r /etc/skel/.[a-zA-Z0-9]* /home/YOURUSER; cp -r /etc/skel/* /home/YOURUSER04:43
Exodusxj88, I mean, removable hard drives are automagically open now, you don't have to add them to fstab04:43
L3topwhere YOURUSER is clearly your user04:43
urfr332gOskypce, let compiz know eh.04:43
god-zotacMrKeuner:: just change exo-web-browser.desktop Exec line to say firefox instead of the exo-open --launch WebBrowser  %u04:43
ninuxpizza :)04:43
god-zotacMrKeuner:: firefox %s   i think might be appropriate04:44
toafanurfr332gO also have irssi available if that helps :(04:44
xj88Exodus: I know. I only tried that when they stopped working.04:44
MrKeunergod-zotac, I cannot do that, there are zillions of launchers around04:44
bludshoti will go try that now04:44
god-zotaczillions of launchers?04:44
urfr332gOtoafan, chatzilla is FF plugin I use xchat myself.04:44
L3topmight wanna reboot after bludshot04:44
god-zotacif you want firefox to always open from anything then what i said should fix that04:44
MrKeunerlaunchers like the file I posted04:44
xj88Exodus: Here's the thing: This happens across four separate external drives. They *all* started mounting read-only on this machine all at once. The problem isn't the drives, it's gotta be some obscure config file that went and horked itself.04:44
skypceurfr332gO,  ok , it will be as example a window preview but maximized , when you hover over docky app list04:44
MrKeunergod-zotac, I don't want firefox to open all, I need the default browser then to open all04:45
skypceurfr332gO,  it will be great for people as me that have vision problems04:45
god-zotacso i thought you wanted firefox to be the default browser?04:45
MrKeunergod-zotac, thanks anyways04:45
MrKeunerfor now yes04:45
god-zotachrm.. when you want to change it to something else just edit that file and change it to what you want it to be..04:46
MrKeunerall right, thanks for trying to help04:46
toafanOK, try this: does anyone know how to connect to basicly random irc servers?04:46
urfr332gOskypce, you going to make this?04:46
god-zotachmm ok.. not sure what else you are wanting to hear..04:46
ExodusMrKeuner, open a terminal and type: xdg-open http://www.google.com04:46
ExodusMrKeuner, does it open in firefox or chrome?04:46
skypceno i want contribute with idea urfr332gO , i am themer , :S i do not know about development04:47
MrKeunerExodus, that opens firefox04:47
MrKeunerExodus, clicking on launcher file opens chromium with warning04:47
toafanI see "connect irc server port", I think I get that...04:47
skypcehaha , may be with your help :P04:47
toafandefault irc port?04:47
urfr332gOskypce, me neither. :)04:48
bludshotL3top how do i get to console04:48
ExodusMrKeuner, well, it seams like chromium is cached somewhere, because that .desktop file looks ok, try re-entering you session, relog04:48
L3topctrl alt f204:48
L3topshould drop you to tty204:48
MrKeunerExodus, i see04:48
god-zotacMrKeuner:: xdg-settings check --manual default-web-browser04:48
MrKeunerxdg-settings: command not found04:49
Exodusxj88, hmm, ok, try this, unmount all the drives, create a new user with admin privileges, loginto that user, and plug the drives04:49
Exodusxj88, that way you'll check if it's some bogus config in your userdir04:49
xj88Exodus: Sounds like fun. I'll give that a shot =)04:49
Exodusxj88, or if it's a system-wide thing04:49
god-zotacMrKeuner:: install it then04:49
god-zotacxdg-settings get default-web-browser04:50
motherbraincurious I am try understand in linux from the ground up I am curious what function is called first when linux is loaded ... i.e linux's kernel entry point. And I am also curious if I run linux os in a virtualbox if their is away to debug/set break point in it easily ... I have used boche in the passed but it really was a pain to set break points and dump function stack04:50
god-zotacMrKeuner:: sudo apt-get install xdg-utils04:50
MrKeunerthanks for help, Exodus, god-zotac04:50
god-zotacmotherbrain:: init is the root of all processes04:50
god-zotacmotherbrain:: bootloader loads the kernel. kernel loads the init process. then OS runs startup scripts04:51
motherbrainyes but their are functions called before init like what starts init ,..etc04:51
toafanwell.  Got my IRC problem fixed :) everything eles can wait04:51
Exodusmotherbrain, open the kernel source, init is the first process called after the kernel is loaded04:52
motherbrainbasically I want to know the kernel entry point.. init is just the parent process that starts other process04:52
bludshotL3top ctrl alt f2 doesnt do anything04:52
god-zotacmotherbrain:: usually in the kernel config there is a cmdline boot option or in your grub/lilo boot loader (or other loader)04:52
Exodusmotherbrain, the first function in the kernel is probably the main() one ;-)04:52
god-zotacmotherbrain:: have you took a look at the kernel configuration at all?04:53
motherbrainis it named main , or kmain , or some thing else ? where in the source can I find it04:53
god-zotacmotherbrain:: its easiest to see a good layout of how the kernel is put together if you use xconfig04:53
motherbrainwhich configurations ?04:53
Exodusmotherbrain, this might be of help to you: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/library/l-linux-kernel/04:53
god-zotacmotherbrain:: not sure what you are asking about the actual source.. the kernel is made up of tons of different pieces04:53
toafanbludshot: what distro? (missed it) try ctrl-alt-f1 ?04:53
bludshottoafan i tried ctrl-alt-f1  and ctrl-alt-del  nothing happens. I can move the mouse cursor around though. it's Lubuntu04:54
christinepea777i have the same issue as bludshot04:55
god-zotacmotherbrain:: are you wanting to know what the first thing the kernel is doing when it loads? or are you wanting to know how it calls init? or are you wanting to know how the kernel knows to call init?04:55
bludshotwell, i doubt its precisely the same04:55
bludshoti also have no task bar and start menu04:55
christinepea777except that i can't move the cursor. my screen freezes and I get distored colors until i press ctrl+alt+F704:55
motherbrainI just wanted to know when the bootloader loads the linux kernel what function is the first function it jumps to . "i.e the kernel entry point I would presume"04:55
bludshotI feel like i should just reboot, but i dont know how04:55
LinuxApprenticemotherbrain: init04:55
god-zotacinit isn't the first function it jumps to04:56
L3topbludshot: boot live dvd04:56
Exodusmotherbrain, this could also help: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/library/l-linuxboot/index.html04:56
toafanbludshot no idea what ctrl-alt-del does on linux. --f1 or --f2 should have hit you a tty though. got nada :(04:56
motherbrainI am wanting to look at the function source code that calls init04:56
bludshotL3top, before i boot to the live dvd, do i just hold the power button down to turn off the laptop?04:56
bludshotL3top ie: nothing nicer i can do eh?04:56
god-zotacmotherbrain:: look at the config_cmdline_linux  source code04:56
L3topif you press power button on pc will likely shut itself down.04:56
urfr332gOmotherbrain, here is a rather extensive grub 2 manual. http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html04:56
bludshotL3top yes it will04:57
L3topnot without buttons or tty04:57
Exodusmotherbrain, When the bzImage (for an i386 image) is invoked, you begin at ./arch/i386/boot/head.S in the start assembly routine04:57
god-zotacmotherbrain:: that may not be the exact location let me make sure04:57
L3topI dont mean hold it... just press it04:57
L3topit SHOULD try and exit gracefully04:57
bludshotpressing it doesnt do anything04:57
bludshoti tried04:57
xj88Exodus: Shiny new admin account has same problem =(04:57
L3topwell... might give it some time04:57
L3topas you cant see what it may or may not be doing04:57
Exodusxj88, so it's a system-wide thing, sadly04:57
xj88Exodus: Hopefully that narrows down possible causes?04:57
bludshotso you think i should boot to live dvd and then cp those skel files right04:58
xj88Exodus: I mean, there must be a short list of things that can do that to all accounts.04:58
Exodusxj88, FUSE controls the automounting of the file-systems un userland04:58
Exodusxj88, start from there, check the kernel logs again, compare the logs to the machine that actually is mounting the hard drives correctly04:59
god-zotacmotherbrain:: in the kernel config:  this is the configuration option  where you define where init is located:  CONFIG_CMDLINE     it also has the option to read the cmdline mode / init from the boot loader.  take a look at the headers and the .c code that is used for those config options, and i'm sure you will be able to tell what you are wondering04:59
friskdHey guys, i'm trying to track down some details about why a process is dying04:59
L3topk... hold it04:59
Exodusxj88, check what versions of each package it uses in each distro, fuse, mount, your base-files05:00
friskdI'm running a command using capistrano, and it executes a script, i see it start, (watching in htop), but then it does05:00
LinuxApprenticemotherbrain: do you like metroid?05:00
Exodusxj88, try updating your system, might be a bug05:00
universoExodus: The ____ command shows you the entire path and file name for anything containing the text string you indicate. ... It ended up being slocate! Thanks for the help and goodnight/day, wherever you are05:00
friskdis there a way to monitor what affects a running process?05:00
xj88Exodus: Fully updated, sadly, and this has been going on for over a week, during which time it's been updated repeatedly =(05:00
Exodusxj88, what fs are the hard drive partitions?05:02
Exodusxj88, ext? fat? ntfs?05:02
xj88Exodus: Two NTFS, two ext3.05:02
xj88Exodus: All with the same problem.05:03
Exodusxj88, connect the drives, manual mount with specifics, remember to unmount first05:03
god-zotacfriskd:: the process in question will need to be built from source with debugging symbols enabled, and you will need to use gdb to debug the trace on it, unless it is giving you something other than SegFault output when ran in a terminal05:03
Gallomimiahi can someone help me with a strange problem. i've got a script called ftpmirror which causes a segfault in the perl interpreter. apparently it's known and fixed according to some pages i found through google. what I don't understand is what perl version i have installed, or how to get the bug fix incorporated into my system and make this script work. any help is appreciated05:04
xj88Exodus: Have been trying. Even when specifying rw, I get "mount: warning: /media/Seagate Replica seems to be mounted read-only."05:04
god-zotacGallomimia:: perl -v05:04
god-zotacGallomimia:: will tell you the version you have installed05:04
Exodusxj88, remember to unmount them first since when you plug them in they're already getting mounted by fuse05:05
Gallomimiaah yes. how simple :)05:05
Exodusxj88, run 'mount' alone to check where they're mounted or what their device points are /dev/sdx05:05
Exodusxj88, run: umount /media/DEVICE05:05
Exodusxj88, or: umount /dev/DEVICE05:05
god-zotacGallomimia:: if the fix requires a patch to some code you might want to find a .deb for it that is already patched, or you will need to get the perl source code, patch it, and then compile it, and build a .deb for it05:05
Exodussudo those05:05
__machinetrying to keep a log of the steps i need to take a configure a new ubuntu vps... when i have to do things like add several lines to the end of a config file... is there an easier way than multiple echo "..." >> filename commands? can i do a single command and then just paste all the lines into stdin and hit ctrl d to finish?05:05
Exodusxj88, then run the mount commands05:05
Exodusxj88, example: sudo mount -t ntfs -o users /dev/DEVICE /mnt/DEVICE05:06
god-zotacGallomimia:: if there isn't a patched .deb out there already, it would be nice for you to share the .deb you generate with the community to keep everyone else from needing to manually patch the source code :)05:06
din__machine: try cat > file.txt05:07
din__machine: or script file.txt05:07
__machinedin: perfect, thank you05:07
dini personally like script better05:07
Gallomimiagod-zotac: thanks for the tip. i'm reading the bug reports that i searched down yesterday and it seems that they're made. but i am confused about the versioning numbers. fixed in 5.10.1-905:08
Gallomimiawhat's the -9 mean? and is that the same as my version which is 5.10.105:08
xj88Exodus: Still I get "mount: warning: /media/Seagate Replica seems to be mounted read-only."05:08
god-zotacrevision 9 of 5.10.105:08
xj88Exodus: Maybe my fuse-daemon has been screwed up?05:08
god-zotacperl version 5.10.1  ubuntu release 905:08
xj88Exodus: But that shouldn't matter after I've manually unmounted.05:09
Gallomimiathis is on debian.org actually05:09
Exodusxj88, do you get that warning after running the mount command manually?05:09
Exodusxj88, exactly05:09
god-zotacGallomimia:: then it would be fixed in debian's 9th revision of the perl-5.10.1 pkg05:09
Gallomimiaclarifying to some, but not to me. what revision do i have??05:09
xj88Exodus: Just seems weird. It's like something, somewhere, has decided that everything will be mounted r/o and even sudo can't make it change its mind.05:10
god-zotacGallomimia:: apt-cache show perl|grep Version05:10
Exodusxj88, it's weird just very weird, maybe you're typing something wrong?05:10
Exodusxj88, be sure you're unmounting the drives05:11
xj88Exodus: I promise that I am unmounting them successfully.05:11
Gallomimiahah. one revision old...05:11
Exodusxj88, also, retry remounting: mount -o remount,rw /mnt/point05:12
stroxiscan ubuntu software RAID be seen under windows05:12
Gallomimiaalright. in order to get a newer version, what should i do? will apt-get help, or are there other procedures?05:12
god-zotacGallomimia:: for what it is worth, on 12.04 precise  the version is at: 5.14.2-6ubuntu105:12
Exodusxj88, run: mount, pastebin the corresponding lines to your drives05:12
xj88Exodus: Should I try that remounting when it's mounted or after umounting it?05:12
Exodusxj88, when it's mounted05:12
Gallomimiaholy crap....05:12
motherbrainNo, this had what I need and wanted http://duartes.org/gustavo/blog/post/kernel-boot-process05:13
Gallomimialet's pause for a moment. the server i'm running is ubuntu server 10.04.405:13
god-zotacGallomimia:: first i would see if you can find a backport of 5.14 from precise for 11.10 if thats what you are using05:13
god-zotacGallomimia:: oh. well in that case i'd consider an update ;)05:13
Exodusmotherbrain, last link I gave you had that info as well05:13
Gallomimiathat was my question05:13
Gallomimiaapt-get dist-upgrade?05:14
Gallomimiaor... damn i feel like such a noob :P05:14
god-zotacGallomimia:: you will have to edit the /etc/apt/sources.list first05:14
motherbrainapparently it all starts in /arch/x86/boot and moves all the way down to init_post which searchs for init and gives it PID = 105:14
bw___how do i change window managers?05:14
god-zotacGallomimia::   do cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.bak05:14
Gallomimiaah i'm glad you're smart05:15
god-zotacGallomimia:: then see what the codename is for 10.04, as i don't recall off the top of my head05:15
god-zotacGallomimia:: i would want to upgrade to 10.10 in one step, then to 11.04, then to 11.1005:16
god-zotacdon't just jump straight from 10.04 to 11.1005:16
xj88Exodus: Still trying to get at pastebin. Internet is weird here. Whole different set of issues; don't ask.05:16
motherbrainmakes since the only things when porting to a new arch apart from drivers would be in recoding up to kernel_start05:16
Exodusxj88, did you try remount?05:17
Gallomimiathis is good advice. one question before i proceed. it's an active production server with clients connected. will it cause problems? should i wait till a less active time?05:17
motherbrainand some times not even that much'05:17
blackshirthow to change text pattern string on file with sed ?05:17
god-zotacGallomimia:: yes for sure, this is going to be a major upgrade to almost every package on the system05:18
motherbrainAnyway anybody know of any good kernel debuggers05:18
god-zotacmotherbrain:: like strace ?05:18
motherbrainno I am taking about something that would allow me to step thru the booting of an os in virtual pc05:19
Lyte101Any links on how to get ubuntu 11.10 hdmi output to detect my tv?05:19
Gallomimiait's a vds, and i think i can contain the apt command within screen which is nice05:19
Exodusmotherbrain, KDB05:19
god-zotacmotherbrain:: build the kernel with all debugging to printk enabled05:19
motherbrainwhat and where is KDB05:19
Exodusmotherbrain, http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/library/l-kdbug/05:20
Exodusalso helps to use google05:20
Gallomimiaibm linux 0o05:20
Gallomimiaflies in the face of everything i know about commercialization05:20
Gallomimiabut hey, great05:20
god-zotacExodus:: you work for ibm?  noticed that every link you have gave comes from ibm :P05:20
Exodusdeveloper-works just has great articles05:21
Exodusthey're also first place in a google search05:21
Exodusor right up there05:21
xj88Exodus: Yep, same error. Working on pastebin.05:21
Gallomimiaalright so for me, step 1 upgrade to 10.10 so i searched and got https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades05:21
ExodusAnd developer works has epic content05:21
Gallomimiait recommends... uh05:21
Exodusgod-zotac, wouldn't mind working at IBM in a couple of years though hehe, after I get bored of my current job05:22
Gallomimiapastebin sucks :( use codepad05:23
Gallomimiaoh its decent for error logs05:23
god-zotacgist.github.com is good05:23
Exodusit's uhm, in the /topic05:23
god-zotacblah.. paste.ubuntu.com is rather n00bish if you are seeking help on something that isn't particularly related to the distro ;)05:24
Exodustrue, but it has great syntax highlighting to pick from05:24
Exodushas a bunch of options at least05:24
ExodusI say use w/e works atm05:25
xj88Exodus: paste.ubuntu.com/858779/05:25
ExodusA lot of people are complaining at pastebin.com lately05:25
Q_ContinuumSo.  Landscape.  I can't afford it for my home machines, but need that capability to keep using it.  Are there any Free self-hosted alternatives, or do I go over to CentOS for my Linux non-Desktop use?05:25
Exodusxj88, just because you umount, doesn't mean it's actually getting unmounted05:25
Exodusxj88, check to see if it's actually getting unmount first05:26
neersightedQ_Continuum: Status2k?05:26
Gallomimiagod-zotac: do you recommend using update-manager-core or editing sources.list for a noob like me?05:26
Exodusxj88, like, it won't unmount if the FS is busy05:26
xj88Exodus: It drops out of the sidebar and nautilus. How can I check?05:26
Exodusxj88, just run 'mount' alone05:27
Q_Continuumneersighted: hadn't heard of it, looking at it now.  Thanks05:27
neersightedlook in the mountpoint?05:27
Exodusxj88, but if it drops from the sidebar should be noticeable05:27
god-zotacGallomimia:: i don't even know what update-manager-core is for.. i always do things by hand.. i don't rely on GUI utilities to get me through :)05:27
Exodusrunning: mount alone gives a detail of all the mounted partitions05:27
Gallomimiapretty sure it's CLI05:27
JadedJacobHow can I install GRUB onto a floppy disk05:27
Exodusif it's not unmounted, you can force it using: umount -f05:28
JadedJacoband then make it boot via my usb flash drive?05:28
god-zotacGallomimia:: its not hard to do something like sed -i 's/oneiric/precise/g' /etc/apt/sources.list;apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade05:28
urfr332gOJadedJacob, why05:28
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
JadedJacobi have a laptop that doesn't boot from USB/CD05:28
FlannelGallomimia: use do-release-upgrade.05:28
urfr332gOJadedJacob, is it to old?05:29
* Gallomimia looks up what sed does05:29
JadedJacobathlon xp mobile05:29
urfr332gOfor a usb JadedJacob05:29
FlannelGallomimia: You don't want to go the sed route.05:29
ExodusWell, that's it for me, 1:00AM, gotta get up early for work, sorry we couldn't get that fixed xj8805:29
xj88Exodus: Definitely unmounting.05:30
Gallomimiaflannel i think you're right. it's just above my head05:30
xj88Exodus: Thanks for trying.05:30
god-zotacGallomimia:: sed == stream editor     its very powerful for tons of things05:30
FlannelGallomimia: Well, it's not even the optimum way to do it, so I'm not sure why you would even want to try.05:30
Gallomimiai can sort of see what it's doing but.... probably unwise for me to do it.05:30
Exodusxj88, last thing checking is /etc/fstab and /etc/mtab for any appearance of those drives05:30
Exoduso/ bye05:30
Gallomimiamaybe if i hired god-zotac to be my server admin it would be better ;)05:30
Gallomimiaunfortunately the pay is only 5 dollars per year05:31
god-zotacGallomimia:: please do!! i'm in need of a good admin job05:31
god-zotacin that case nvm05:31
FlannelGallomimia: No, that other method has no benefits to the do-release-upgrade method.05:31
god-zotacFlannel:: sure it does, it gives him a good understanding of how things are suppose to work05:31
Gallomimiathe only benefit i can see is that it's super fast05:31
god-zotacFlannel:: not just some script that does things for you ;)05:31
Gallomimiaand now i know what sed is. and i might go and learn about it one day05:32
Exodusxj88, ohh, one last thing05:32
Exodusxj88, something is probably already mounted there in /media/external05:32
basilichello, all, I tried to configure my ubuntu server to standby hard disk, I have add in hdparm.conf the line  spindown_time, when the server start, the harddisk are in standby, but if i wake up, it's never go to standby again05:32
Exodusxj88, mount ur stuff elsewhere05:32
FlannelGallomimia: the majority of the time is spent downloading and installing, both methods do that the same.05:32
xj88Exodus: Sure, I'll give that a shot.05:32
Exodusxj88, "mount: warning: /media/external seems to be mounted read-only." is just saying there is something already mounted there05:32
Gallomimiafaster to give the commands05:32
Exodusxj88, meaning you already have that mount point used05:32
Gallomimianot faster to complete05:33
Exodusxj88, run "mount" alone, learn to read it and check the mount points, and unmount and mount appropriately05:33
Flannelgod-zotac: Sure, except you forgot about any sources in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and you didn't ensure that appropriate metapackages were installed prior to upgrade.05:33
ExodusBye again o/05:33
travis_gnome-ppp is awesome05:33
god-zotacGallomimia:: im sure what he is telling you is the Ubuntu preferred method, but the method I told you has never failed me.. i'm not really an ubuntu guy anyway, i prefer more interactive distributions instead of the automated ones. but nonetheless ubuntu has good uses for tons of users, or certain systems alone05:33
Flannelgod-zotac: and I don't see how "run these two commands I gave you" is any different than "run this one command", it doesn't teach you anything else.05:34
Gallomimiawait.... learn? that defeats the purpose of this handholding channel!05:34
asdeI have a problem05:34
urfr332gOJadedJacob, maybe if you explained your goal what OS is on the computer, and the actual limitations regarding booting a cd or usb we can get you the best option05:34
god-zotacFlannel:: yep, it teached him where his sources where at, it teached him that sed was useful :)05:34
Gallomimiai didn't personally chose the distro for this server. but it's working just fine. i think i would prefer debian05:34
god-zotacFlannel:: in that case he could use sed on * in sources.d  also05:34
asdecertain program could not work in my lubuntu05:35
Gallomimiaalright geeks extraordinaire.... pissing match over ><05:35
Flannelgod-zotac: Yes, he should, except for when he shouldn't.  Again, the do-release-upgrade method is much more robust, please don't steer people towards methods that could turn out poorly.05:35
god-zotacGallomimia:: might as well stick with ubuntu as debian.. not really that much difference at all in terms of package management, and ubuntu usually has a better selection of packages than debian05:35
god-zotacFlannel:: how can it turn out poorly??05:36
Gallomimiano we have no reason to reformat the server and start over. that's dumb.05:36
motherbrainhow is kernel debugging different then fewing what is in dmesg ... is it you have more control and can kprint at each step ,...etc etc05:36
Gallomimiaalright. here's what do-release-upgrade has yeilded: Checking for a new ubuntu release05:36
GallomimiaNo new release found05:36
asdeWhen I click open on txt files nothing happen and also for some programs from the start menu won't open up. I'm using lubuntu. No one in lubuntu channel05:36
Gallomimiaso.... not all that prefered :(05:36
FlannelGallomimia: What version of Ubuntu are you on?05:36
god-zotacFlannel:: please don't get a flame war started because i recommend someone the more advanced way to do something over the ubuntu recommended n00b way of doing something.. gosh05:36
FlannelGallomimia: and which version are you trying to get to?05:37
Gallomimiaand i don't really care about upgrading except that i'm trying to use a perl script which segfaults perl. so i need updates to perl which are in new releases05:37
Flannelgod-zotac: It's more crude, not more advanced.05:37
Gallomimiaany version where this script works :P05:37
god-zotacok.. w/e05:37
Gallomimiathe words you guys are applying to these different methods are subjective, not objective, and biased.05:38
FlannelGallomimia: By default, 10.04 will only upgrade to 12.04 (LTS to LTS), so if you want to upgrade to 10.10 (which isn't LTS) or anything later (10.10 and then to 11.04, and then potentially to 11.10), you'll need to tell it that you're willing to jump off the LTS releases.05:38
god-zotacGallomimia:: really it doesn't matter..05:38
Gallomimiaone takes more skill, and can take less effort05:38
urfr332gOGallomimia, and one is a user and one is a opp choose your words carefully. :)05:39
int19hisnt all thats important that the server does as you want it to ?05:39
xj88Does anyone here have experience moving away from Unity? I'm just ready to be done with it. Is the modern gnome worth pursuing?05:39
god-zotacGallomimia:: the reason i told you that method, was because you asked me how to do it.. i could have lied and said "i don't know" instead i gave you the method i personally use, and i did clarify that it wasn't the ubuntu preferred method.. so i don't see what this goons issue is05:39
motherbraincurious must you recompile the kernel to use Kernel debugging or is their another way like a patch. I really don't want to have to wait for things to recompile / recompile the stuff right now. But if that is the only way then that is the only way05:39
int19hxj88: gnome3 is just as bad05:39
FlannelGallomimia: If you can last another two months (until late April), then you'll be able to upgrade straight from 10.04 to 12.04.  But it sounds like you may not have that option.05:40
friskdok thanks god-zotac05:41
Muellixj88: well, you might just give GNOME3 a try. I, for one, like it.05:41
xj88Muelli: I like evilwm.05:42
int19hgnome3 feels like an obfuscated unity too me05:42
FlannelGallomimia: So, you'll want to edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and change it from "ask=lts" to "ask=normal", then once you've done that, you can do-release-upgrade to go to 10.10.  Unfortunately, 10.10 does run out of support in April, so you'll likely want to upgrade further.05:42
manojhanssorry for budding in...but gnome3 is not that bad...05:42
JadedJacobI want my laptop to boot off a 'live install usb' but there is no option in the bios to boot off USB05:42
Gallomimiaurfr332gO: never speak differently to a human being just because they have more authority than another human being.05:42
LoganShawHey is this general help channel for ubuntu?05:42
urfr332gOint19h, totally different development teams05:42
MuelliLoganShaw: yes :)05:43
GallomimiaLoganShaw: yes.05:43
urfr332gOGallomimia, lol you will learn that hierarchies exist my friend.05:43
manojhansu might need to update your bios05:43
int19hi know, i do not like gnome3, unity ive learned to live with. i thought gnome3 looked slick, then i tried to use it.... wow, whadda mess05:43
Flannelurfr332gO: That's really not the case.05:43
god-zotacurfr332gO::   hierarchy of knowledge means nothing when it comes to channel operator status..05:43
urfr332gOFlannel, I know here it doesn't, but the comment was broader.05:44
LoganShawOkay excellent, I would like to dual boot ubuntu with windows 7, but if I remove ubuntu will the bootloader countdown still be there?05:44
xj88I hear that Gnome3 has a decent "classic" theme that actually makes it useable. Can anyone verify this?05:44
god-zotacurfr332gO:: his comment was for the methods, not for the users. he wasn't meaning an insult05:44
Gallomimiaurfr332gO: to speak differently to someone just because they have more authority implies that you are speaking to someone without authority in some kind of condescending way, just because they won't be able to reprimand you. this is a foley. as for the heirarchies and such, i choose to ignore them for reasons of my own.05:44
Muellixj88: yeah, that's probably the default ;-) Very classy I'd say05:45
xj88Muelli: Cool, thanks. Perhaps I will give that a shot.05:45
urfr332gOgod-zotac, nor was it taken as such nor my original comment directed as such, it was pure ego on all of your parts.05:45
Gallomimianot entirely unfounded, the ego is05:46
manojhans@LoganShaw: i dont think it will still be there...after you remove ubuntu05:46
Gallomimiathanks for the help so far guys...05:46
urfr332gOnot that there is anything wrong with that. :)05:46
LoganShawbecause last time I uninstalled ubuntu the ugly bootloader and countdown timer was still there, the choice was between windows 7 or windows 7.05:47
urfr332gOLoganShaw, if you remove ubuntu you will have no boot.05:47
int19hLoganShaw: write a default boot loader after you remove ubuntu05:48
eblumeHello. I have a headless server install that is using a wired ethernet connector. All of a sudden I can't connect to the internet. I can access the LAN just fine, but can't get out. Other computers on the LAN can get out just fine. Any ideas?05:48
int19hor it will remain05:48
urfr332gOLoganShaw, unless it is a wubi install.05:48
int19hhes talking about grub05:48
int19hgrub will still be there if he installed ot to the mbr05:48
urfr332gOint19h, if you have only W7 and ubuntu grub will not work ig ubuntu is removed, in a dual boot not a wubi.05:49
LoganShawokay so use wubi to avoid grub cruff?05:49
urfr332gOLoganShaw, no reload tghe ms bootloader to the mbr.05:49
int19hummmm, yes it will05:49
urfr332gOint19h, grub needs the ubuntu grub files to work.05:50
LoganShawokay thanks.05:50
Gallomimialol: "not that there's anything wrong with that"05:50
urfr332gOit will nt work on its own unless set up that way, not just mbr load will work. int19h05:50
eblumeDoes anyone have any tips on where to start with diagnosing a (headless - no X11 running) networking issue where LAN works fine but no Internet connection? (Other machines are negotiating the gateway just fine.)05:51
christinepea777anyone know how to run sound eXchange in the background? when i type play file.mp3 &    it will start the sox program but in stopped mode and bg won't bring it out.05:51
int19hit will come up with a grub prompt at the very least05:51
int19hbut you never know how people "uninstall" linux05:51
int19hits possible he just removed the kernel or something, and os-probe only detected windows 705:52
urfr332gOint19h, but the grub configuration that actually runs the boot will be gone.05:52
int19hor he may have used that wubi stuff....05:52
=== JoeR2 is now known as JoeR1
Muelliwell christinepea777. You can run it in a screen.05:52
christinepea777i kind of wanted to run it from the command line05:53
Muellichristinepea777: sure, no problem with that. Just run it in a screen.05:53
Muelli!info screen | christinepea77705:53
ubottuchristinepea777: screen (source: screen): terminal multiplexor with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0.3-14ubuntu8 (oneiric), package size 582 kB, installed size 1044 kB05:53
int19htmux > screen05:53
urfr332gOint19h, I addressed that.05:53
Muelliyeah, well. I guess I'm a bit oldschool -.-05:53
int19h!info tmux05:54
ubottutmux (source: tmux): terminal multiplexer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5-1 (oneiric), package size 208 kB, installed size 508 kB05:54
urfr332gOUser0000, welcome to the dungeon muhaha. :)05:55
int19hurfr332gO: ive neverthought the "try it out installed in windows!" thing was a good idea. when i first heard about it on the mailing lists, i saw the problems.05:55
User0000lol you mean lair?05:55
christinepea777alright i'll try tmux.05:55
Blue1 I need a good pci sata controller card (NOT PCI-E) -- that works with LInux.  Do NOT need raid.  Suggestions?05:56
eblumeLast try for tonight. :( Is there anyone who can help me troubleshoot why my linux box can't reach the internet but can reach the LAN, while other computers on the LAN can hit the internet?05:56
Muelliwell eblume. How do you know that you can't reach the internet?05:56
urfr332gOint19h, yeah the devloper himself says don't run long term, it can be transfered to a partition though.05:56
Blue1eblume: wireless, or wired?05:56
LoganShawdoes ubuntu need a swap file even with 8gb of ram?05:56
int19hi did try out the wubi thing one time, when i actualy used the uninstaller, the grub loader went away, so i dont know how he uninstalled it, but it shouldnt of left a grub loader giving him the option of windows, and windows05:56
Blue1LoganShaw: heavens no05:57
eblumeMuelli: It is unable to resolve any names or ping any IP addresses that aren't on the local subnet.05:57
eblumeBlue1: wired.05:57
Blue1LoganShaw: if you're swapping 8 g you'v e got serious issues.  I would however maybe make a 2-3G swap file.05:57
Muellieblume: can you pastebin ifconfig -a? and /etc/resolv.conf?05:57
urfr332gOint19h, probably had another grub distro is my guess.05:57
Muellieblume: and route -n05:58
urfr332gOmore then one05:58
XenethLoganShaw, Swap is also used for hibernate05:58
eblumeMuelli: sure, stand by05:58
LoganShawubuntu absolutely needs a swap file? because I was told the swap file should be two times the size of RAM, which is madness I think05:58
int19hurfr332gO: possibly05:58
int19hLoganShaw: that was an old convention05:58
JadedJacobOK, how about this option.05:59
MuelliLoganShaw: well. you probably don't need to swap. But I'd better be safe than sorry.05:59
urfr332gOLoganShaw, only needed for hibernation or if you have low ram, needs to only be equal to ram generally.05:59
int19hnow that physical memory is cheap.... you dont need 2x ;)05:59
=== neersighted is now known as neersighted|AFK
XenethLoganShaw, Absolutely?  no.  Recommended. Yes.05:59
Blue1LoganShaw: what Muelli said05:59
int19hi generaly try to match my physical memory05:59
eblumeMuelli: http://pastebin.com/TbkD7Phc    - virbr0 is cruft left over from a bridgeutils install, and I'd love to get rid of it. I don't think it's causing this as it's existed before without issue, but yeah, if we can destroy it that would be great.05:59
int19hon a workstation06:00
JadedJacobCan I boot off a live cd, and than point to the flash drive and boot off that?06:00
LoganShawit is fine in theory but I have an ssd which is why I asked if I could do without swap06:00
urfr332gOJadedJacob, do you have a windows install perchance?06:00
JadedJacobno HDD06:00
urfr332gOJadedJacob, yes on the cd use plop.06:00
Muellihm eblume. And is your router? I.e. do you have the same router on the box you're currently connected with?06:01
XenethJadedJacob, The devise to boot from is in the Bios.06:01
int19hLoganShaw: try and match your physical memory, unless this is a server your talking about06:01
eblumeMuelli: My router is, and it begins assigning from - the machine in question is
int19hLoganShaw: if its a desktop and wont ever be hybernated or anything, you can get away with less easily06:01
XenethJadedJacob, When you boot, there should be a button you can press to choose.06:01
eblumeMuelli: and yes, I am typing this on a laptop that is connected to the same router, and this laptop is also SSH'ed in to the broken machine.06:01
urfr332gOJadedJacob, this will boot a thumb, http://www.plop.at/06:01
LoganShawint19h: okay thanks, sound advice06:01
Muellihm eblume. Because the configured router is .0. Weird.06:02
Muellieblume: what the output of host ubuntu.com
urfr332gOJadedJacob, thumb=a usb06:02
eblumeMuelli: I agree, that is weird! So far, 'host <...>' is hanging.06:02
eblumeMuelli: ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached06:03
JadedJacobI'VE TRIED plop boot loader, it just freezes06:03
Muellihm eblume. interesting indeed.06:03
Muellieblume: and well, I'd try to add the router by hand for testing purposes, i.e. ip route add dev eth0 or the like. I don't know the correct syntax, it's weird anyway.06:03
urfr332gOJadedJacob, what is the gpu and cpu on the computer06:03
urfr332gOchip and ram06:04
Muellieblume: but after you've smashed two or three keyboards because of the frustration, you'll be able to add a new route and delete the old .0 one.06:04
eblumeMuelli: is DHCP inserting this bogus .0 router?06:04
Muellieblume: maybe. We don't know yet. Let's do one thing after another. First trying to manually configure the route and check whether that works.06:05
eblumeMuelli: Ok, so I guess I'll need to dig up the correct incantation to get ip to route to the right address?06:05
Muellieblume: yes. There is "ip" which is supposed to be easy...06:06
eblumeMuelli: I just rebooted and route -n changed. Would you like to see the new one?06:06
Xenetheblume, are you talking about a cisco rtr with an IOS?06:06
Muellieblume: alternatively, you can try to use "route" but I consider that  even worse.06:06
Muellieblume: yes.06:07
eblumeXeneth: No.06:07
JadedJacobathlon xp 2200 mobile06:07
JadedJacobgeforce 4 420 2go06:07
eblumeMuelli: http://pastebin.com/iGfubU1706:07
eblumeXeneth: it's a Motorola SBG6580 or something close to that, a Wireless-N router, although this connection is wireless.06:08
eblumerouter + modem I should say.06:08
Muelliah, interesting eblume. Sure, the old route didn't have a default gateway, stupid me...06:08
Muellieblume: and now it works I presume..?06:08
eblumeMuelli: is that something we can fix? I'm in the dark here06:08
eblumeMuelli: oh wow it did I didn't even bother trying! What happened?06:08
eblumeMuelli: I've rebooted dozens of times.06:09
eblumeMuelli: not sure why this one fixed everything?!06:09
=== neersighted|AFK is now known as neersighted
Muellieblume: now you do have have a default gateway, i.e. the machine that your linux will send packets to in case it doesn't know a better route. And well, the reasons lie in the dark of your copper cables I presume.06:09
Xenetheblume, In line 6, it looks like the is being routed to IP
Muellieblume: FWIW: I have weird issues with my laptop, i.e. sometimes the kernel doesn't see DHCP packets, although they are on the wire. I doubt that's your issue though.06:10
eblumeXeneth: standby, I'll confirm that.06:10
eblumeMuelli: no you're probably right. My router decided to completely lose all of its EEPROM today, like a factory reset.06:10
eblumeMuelli: I'm worried now that it is dieing. :(06:10
Muellieblume: you might want to check NetworkManager for details, i.e. let it produce a log and check it once you have this failure again.06:11
urfr332gOJadedJacob, hard to tell the chip speed and ram from that info really.06:11
asdeAnything working to record screen of computer in ubuntu beside recordmydesktop and kazam?06:11
bobo37773asde: ffmpeg06:11
urfr332gOJadedJacob, I think you may be well below ubuntu running hard to tell though.06:12
CFHowlettasde   instanbul also06:12
eblumeXeneth: I'm not really sure what to say - it all seems to be working? It sure does LOOK like it's routing to
Muelliasde: GNOME3 does once you press Ctrl+Shift+R.06:12
eblumeer, /2406:12
Muelliasde: you can try Istanbul as well. Quite good, but no sound recording.06:12
eblumeMuelli: Anyway thanks for your help! I'm very upset that the fix was 'turning it off and on again', 'specially since I did that about a dozen times before I cam here.06:12
eblumeMuelli: I guess I just needed your healing words.06:13
Muellieblume: heh. Next time, try dhcplient, too.06:13
Muellidhclient that is06:13
eblumeMuelli: Is that not what Ubuntu uses by default? I'm not familiar.06:13
hammommahim using lubuntu and when i type echo $PRINTER i get no listings? yet i can print fine from within xdm and printer is installed correctly06:14
Muelliyes eblume, it is. but you can trigger it yourself and watch the output flowing by potentially seeing smth strange.06:14
Muellihammommah: what do you want to achieve?06:14
eblumeMuelli: I see. What would the invocation be for that? It looks... robust.06:14
Muellieblume: dhclient -v06:14
CFHowlettjustin_   greetings06:14
Muellihammommah: lpstat -a ?06:15
eblumeMuelli: I assume it would need to be run as root to set up the proper settings on the device?06:15
Muellivery correct eblume.06:15
eblumeMuelli: Ok, thank you very much. Have a nice night/day/appropriate time!06:15
hammommah#Muelli its listed there06:15
justin_I have a problem. My webcam works great on skype, but when i try to use an internet application like tinychat, it doesn't let me click "accept". If someone could help me solve this problem it would be greatly appreciated06:16
hammommahim guessing lubuntu uses $lpstat as deamon instead of $printer06:16
Muellihammommah: I don't think I understand you well. But feel free to ask more and more detailed questions.06:16
CFHowlettjustin_   see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrDT52xFCGk06:18
hammommahim doing module on linux and lession describes how you can echo $printer and get list of avalible printers. its just that command shows no printers listed. i tried echo${tab}{tab} and listed all possible listings and $printer isnt there just wondering why if my printers installed and working correctly06:18
stiltzkinHi folks. Hoping someone here knows a thing or two about Ubuntu's performance with flash media. I experience extremely slow file transfers when using any flash-based device, including thumb drives, camera cards, my phone, etc. Usually for, say, a 400MB file, the first 390MB will copy over in seconds, but the last 10MB appears to take much, much longer - sometimes over a half an hour for instance. Anyone know what causes this and if it06:19
stiltzkin can be fixed?06:19
Muellihammommah: as you've seen: lpstat -a lists you your printers.06:19
bobo37773stiltzkin: Does your bios support disabling legacy usb support?06:19
hammommahwhy is it different? is my question06:19
Muellihammommah: why should it?06:20
Muellior better: shouldn't it06:20
stiltzkinbobo37773, not sure, is that something that should be disabled?06:20
bobo37773stiltzkin: it may improve your transfer speeds06:20
Muelliwell stiltzkin. I think this is a feature. I guess the everything that's about to be written gets cached. And at some stage it actually needs to be flushed to the device. And when nothing needs to be written to memory but the device only, it might feel like it slows down.06:21
hammommahi was under impression these basic shell commands are similar with all flavours of linux? ubuntu uses ipstat instead im guessing06:21
Muellithere was a command to show the transfer speed on the actual block device. I forgot which it was though. But, stiltzkin, you might be able to find it and check the i/o rate on the device.06:22
Muellihammommah: instead of what?06:22
stiltzkinMuelli, I don't have this problem in Windows with the same devices though. File operations are smooth and actually are a reasonable indication of how long the transfer is going to take. If I remember correctly on previous installations the copy dialog always showed the transfer speed, and it would drop off substantially toward the end of the transfer.06:22
justin_thanks CFHowlett, i will check it out06:22
CFHowlettjustin_   good luck.06:23
hammommahhmmm good point. wehy doesnt echo $PRINTER work then?06:23
Muellihammommah: simply because nobody set that environment variable for you. If you want that, export it yourself in your ~/.bashrc or /etc/profile or the like.06:23
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Muellistiltzkin: *shrug* Just giving you some hint as to how to debug this issue (if it is one).06:24
hammommahbahahaha i been sitting here too long. i forgot $PRINTER is a shell variable ty very much06:24
CFHowlettGitzo   greetigns06:25
chipotleso, i just installed windows7 and then ubuntu, and now how do i get grub to let me decide between windows or ubuntu?06:25
stiltzkinMuelli, I appreciate it...I just don't think this is a "feature," it really seems like a consistent problem with how flash transfers are handled. I'd think it's my hardware but I've had this problem on several different machines, and several versions of Ubuntu06:25
bobo37773stiltzkin: probably a kernel regression. You can look up some grub options for your kernel.06:25
CFHowlettchipotle   when you boot, you don't see the grub menu?06:26
Random833what's a good password management tool? i tried keepass on mono and didn't like it06:26
urfr332gOstiltzkin, just for a comment never happens on my setup.06:26
chipotleCFHowlett: no06:26
urfr332gORandom833, pwgen06:26
chipotlesometimes it appears, every other boot it seems06:26
stiltzkinurfr332gO, so when you copy a large file to a flash drive, it does not freeze up toward the end of the transfer or wait until the very end to do the actual copying?06:26
MuelliRandom833: seahorse06:26
Xenethchipotle, It should come up with the menu of choices before loading OS..06:26
Xenethchipotle, In Ubuntu, do you see the partition of your windows?06:27
urfr332gOstiltzkin, no and I have usb2 multiple thumbs and 2 external HD's06:27
chipotleXeneth: it says unallocated06:27
Muellistiltzkin: well. I don't think I have this issue using GNOME. But then again, I don't use that flash media. And I doubt it's a genuine flash problem. Only a special case where actual writing is slow (hence the slowdown with the cache flush)06:27
CFHowlettchipotle   chipotle do you multiples hdd's or something?06:27
chipotleCFHowlett: now that are plugged in06:27
urfr332gOstiltzkin, but this is usually media like movies and music if that helps.06:27
stiltzkinurfr332gO, interesting. Yeah this only happens to me with flash-based media though, I have plenty of external hard disks that never show this problem.06:27
Muelliand yaeh stiltzkin. Your time-left indication might be buggy. So it might be worth reporting a bug.06:28
Xenethchipotle, I am getting the feeling you may have deleted windows partion when installing Ubuntu06:28
chipotleXeneth: how, i resized the partition and installed on the other partition06:28
chipotleXeneth: would grub appear only if i had multiple OSes?06:28
chipotleor does it always appear?06:28
stiltzkinMuelli, that's what I thought as well, but still...20 minutes to copy 417MB to a flash drive? That is not USB 2.0 speed at all.06:28
bobo37773stiltzkin: does the same thing happen if you foramt your flash drive to ext4 or similar?06:28
Muellihm. true stiltzkin. Maybe check whether it's connected via USB 1. lsusb or the like06:29
stiltzkinbobo37773, Yes, I believe so.06:29
urfr332gOstiltzkin, yeah, mine are all ntfs the hd and fat on the tumbs.06:29
Gitzousing wubi..  can you use that to run ubuntu inside windows just as you would in virtualbox?06:29
Xenethchipotle, It does not alway's get installed.  My laptop is Ubuntu only, no grub.  That's why It sounds like the deleted partition, and the unallocated space.06:29
bobo37773stiltzkin: Have you tested it?06:29
Muellihm. no. lsusb doesn't seem to help. But you'll figure out.06:30
chipotleXeneth: does grub get installed automatically?06:30
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
urfr332gOGitzo, wubi runs as a boot not a virtual,06:30
stiltzkinbobo37773, not for a while, but I think when I originally had this problem I tried formatting a thumb drive to ext3/ext4 to see if that helped and it did not06:30
bobo37773stiltzkin: oh okay gotcha06:30
Gitzourfr332gO: ok06:30
Xenethchipotle, yes, I do not know the details, but it installs automatic with my desktop.06:31
stiltzkinbobo37773, in any case that won't help for my phone sdcard, has to be fat32, as do most of my drives for compatibility with Windows :/06:31
bobo37773stiltzkin: I had this problem a while back when I had my old laptop. I understand the frustration06:31
urfr332gOGitzo, it is just a file in windows, but you can virtualbox in windows.06:31
CFHowlettGitzo   wubi is NOT a long-term ubuntu solution - so sayeth the developer.06:31
bobo37773stiltzkin: I tried everything and there was no solution for me. But, I could not disable legacy usb in my bios either.06:31
urfr332gOCFHowlett, hallelujah brother. :)06:31
CFHowletturfr332gO   see the pm06:32
makarahi. How can I detect if ubuntu is using my graphics card's capabilities, NVIDIA?06:32
neersightedDo you have the drivers  installed?06:32
neonkidxyHey I have a 700mb CD-R how do I burn ubuntu to it?06:32
Blue1CFHowlett: got a minute?  the computer I had the notes on how to install the kanji character set died yesterday (bad sata controller) do you still have that old pastebin address?06:33
CFHowlettneonkidxy   from windows or ubuntu06:33
hiexpomakara, you useing compiz06:33
chipotleXeneth: if it's not installed can i install it?06:33
chipotlei think the intel boot manager is getting in the way...06:33
CFHowlettBlue1   hey what's up06:33
makarahiexpo: yes06:33
neonkidxyI mean windows06:33
stiltzkinbobo37773, I just think it's weird that a) this only happens with flash media, and b) that it always seems to be the same percentage shown on the file copy dialog when it freezes. For a 400MB file it'll be 390MB. For a 300MB file it'll be 290MB. Usually a 10-15MB difference06:33
hiexpothan it works06:33
Xenethchipotle, Likely, but would need to ask someone with more knowledge then I.06:34
hiexpomakara, compiz = 3d06:34
Blue1CFHowlett: computer died overnight before daily backups.06:34
neonkidxyThe .iso is 709mb and I only have a 700mb CD-R06:34
CFHowlettBlue1 you're having a rough weekend...06:34
urfr332gOneonkidxy, should fit cd have a little of a buffer06:34
Blue1neonkidxy: is that the latest release of ubuntu?06:34
hiexpothan get a dvd06:34
makarahiexpo: I have virtualbox with Win7 and Autocad, but Autocad not using 3D hardware acceleration06:34
stiltzkinbobo37773, oh, and the other thing I've tried is using the plain cp command...takes roughly the same amount of time. Far slower than to any hard drive I own.06:34
Blue1CFHowlett: and how.   I think I found a pci card that will work -06:34
CFHowlettBlue1  seeking the link ...06:35
neonkidxyI don't really like the unity interface so I'm going with 10.10, are you sure it'll burn okay?06:35
makarahiexpo: VirtualBox settings checkbox for 3D is on06:35
hiexpomakara, we don't support windows here06:35
bobo37773stiltzkin: I had more luck with cp and rsync when I had this problem then with the gui.06:35
Escherialhey, does anyone happen to know of a way to suspend in ubuntu and then restart into windows?06:35
Blue1neonkidxy: yeah a cd is plenty big for 10.1006:35
Escheriali guess it'd be what people usually call "hibernating", e.g. serializing the contents of RAM to a file to be restored when the OS boots up again06:36
neonkidxyThe cd only have 700 mb and the .iso is 709 though06:36
Blue1neonkidxy: which iso for what release?06:36
neonkidxyThe regular one for 10.1006:36
CFHowlettBlue1   this solution still seems to work06:37
urfr332gOneonkidxy, 10.10 end of life meaning no support April 201206:37
Gitzois there a commandline software installer lke zypper or yum?06:38
Blue1CFHowlett: thank you06:38
neonkidxyWell I can go to 10.0406:38
CFHowlettBlue1   have fun/be safe06:38
hiexpoEscherial, we don't support any windows help here06:38
Blue1CFHowlett: no choice - thanks06:38
CFHowlettBlue1   also see http://askubuntu.com/questions/23348/do-i-need-to-install-japanese-truetype-font-ume-font06:38
Blue1hiexpo: not true:  http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/windows-installer06:39
urfr332gOneonkidxy, yeah go 10.04 it is april 2013.06:39
neonkidxyAnd I just burn it like normal?06:39
CFHowlettGitzo   to install what06:39
urfr332gOneonkidxy, burn as a image at slow speed.06:40
Blue1neonkidxy: no you can't just copy an iso to a cd -- what programme ru using to create the cd?06:40
hiexpothat should have never happened06:40
neonkidxyOkay, I usually use a flash drive so this is new territory for me.06:40
GitzoCFHowlett: to install anything..  + updates..  im just wondering if there is ?06:40
neonkidxyInfra recorder06:40
Blue1neonkidxy: than why not use a flash drive - hang on I have a recipe06:40
Escherialhiexpo: regardless, it has nothing to do with windows; it could be any other operating system that i'm dual booting06:41
Escherialor say that i just want to hibernate the machine and shut it down to conserve power...how would i do that?06:41
CFHowlettGitzo   sudo apt-get install // sudo apt-get upgrade ??06:41
urfr332gOneonkidxy, infra recorder will burn a image just uise slowest speed.06:41
neonkidxyThe computer I want to put it on won't support booting from a flash drive06:42
Blue1neonkidxy: http://pkill-9.com/creating-a-usb-flash-drive-for-a-debian-install/06:43
Blue1neonkidxy: then skip the recipe I just gave you06:43
neonkidxyI know how to install from a flashdrive06:43
urfr332gOneonkidxy, you can use plop install it in windows to boot a thumb.06:43
urfr332gOneonkidxy, http://www.plop.at/06:44
CFHowlettneonkidxy   if you're computer won't support usb boot, I'm guess it's older or lower spec.  The alternate installer (text based) might be a better option for you as would possibly xubuntu or lubuntu.06:44
CFHowlett*your computer*06:45
urfr332gOneonkidxy, use unetbootin to load the thumb there is a windows version.06:45
neonkidxyI'm burning it at 4x speed, and I've tried those06:45
urfr332gOneonkidxy, if you can't boot a thumb your best with a cd really in the long run a a tool.06:46
Blue1must be an old machine - more then 10 years ago06:47
Blue1howdy tex bird06:47
CFHowlettbird   tweet06:47
birdThis is my first tohere06:48
Escherialok, so apparently the reason i can't hibernate is because i don't have a swap partition. unfortunately, i don't have the ubuntu install cd handy...is there any way i can create a swap partition without it? alternatively, can i just create a swapfile and expect to be able to hibernate?06:48
CFHowlettbird   what's your ubuntu question?06:49
birdNo,think you06:49
CFHowlettEscherial   creating partitions can only be done safely while dismounted.  sorry.06:49
urfr332gOEscherial, a swap cauld be made if you have a unallocated or make one in home. Not having a disc is not good by the way.06:50
Blue1what urfr332gO said06:50
markSanderWhy are there no woman or niggers that use Linux? OK its a know fact that woman have an IQ that is lower then mean. But Ubuntu is retarded easy. I for one want to see more niggers on nix systems. Kind of like a zillion monkeys finally writing Shakespeare. Woman OTOH are just hopeless. Any ideas? Don't use Ubuntu (ArchLinux) but I figured I would find woman and niggers here who are willing to have an open debate on the subject.06:50
urfr332gO!op | markSander06:50
ubottumarkSander: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!06:50
CFHowlett*annnnnnnnnd another troll gets added to the eternal ignore roll*06:51
Blue1someone escort him to the exit06:51
Blue1How long is forever sir?  it's an eternity.06:52
tempestLooks like that IP is a VPN =/06:52
Escherialmeh :|06:52
CFHowletttempest   how can you tell?06:53
tempestCFHowlett I looked it up. Says "Hide My Ass" VPN06:53
CFHowletttempest   lol.  ok, that is a somwehat subtle clue.06:54
LoganShawis ubottu an AI Sentinel?06:55
ubottuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.06:55
Blue1uh-oh.  in 5 minutes I revert back to a pumpkin06:55
smwLoganShaw, I would say yes06:55
urfr332gO!cookie | smw06:57
ubottusmw: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!06:57
Blue1do they serve donuts?06:57
* smw wonders if it is a sarcasm cookie but takes it anyways06:58
urfr332gOonly voodoo donuts.06:58
Blue1urfr332gO: I've heard of them -- northwest -- seattle or portland I want to say?06:58
LoganShawwhoa somebody programmed a pseudo-personality into the sentinel06:58
urfr332gOBlue1, Portland I'm 20 blocks from it.06:59
fluvvelldoes anyone know the secret to logging into the Mythbuntu live CD?06:59
smwLoganShaw, it is GLaDOS in disguise06:59
Blue1urfr332gO: please next time you go there, take a picture for me.06:59
Zillowhow can I change a username and have it reflect upon everything06:59
urfr332gOBlue1, I never go though I wouldn't leave. :)06:59
Blue1urfr332gO: we only get the "quality challenged" donuts here.06:59
smwfluvvell, it is not supported here. But have you tried the user ubuntu?06:59
fluvvellsmw, yes but it wants a password07:00
fluvvelland its not null07:00
smwfluvvell, ubuntu?07:00
Blue1urfr332gO: you don't have to buy a donut, to take a pic.07:00
smwfluvvell, check the mythbuntu docs I guess07:00
fluvvellwell, maybe but it gives a failed to login to failsafe session...07:00
urfr332gOBlue1, even better, http://voodoodoughnut.com/index.php07:00
fluvvellto be honest it looks like a graphics card failure smw,07:01
fluvvelldriver i mean07:01
Blue1fruit loops on a donut?07:01
fluvvellit really annoys me when flagship boot cds don't work for inexperienced users07:01
urfr332gOBlue1, bacon as well.07:02
fluvvellBen64, ok dumb word07:03
fluvvellbut its a good product to demo, and it *should* just work!!07:03
biopytehi. i just upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10 and there are several issues: First: Why doesnt "Ctrl + left button" grab the window, so it can be dragged around? Second: Why cant I move windows from one desktop to the other using a desktop wall? also sliding from one desktop to the other by touching the edges with the mouse doe not work anymore.07:03
Ben64go tell mythbuntu?07:03
Blue1oh lord07:04
fluvvellBen64, nobody there to complain to ;-) Thanks for listening.07:04
=== SHOVELL is now known as SHOVELL|AFK
biopyte11.10 is a disappointment. the classic gnome desktop does not look as good as it used to. gnome3 and unity are inacceptable.07:06
crizzyclassic gnome sucks. unity ftw07:06
Blue1crizzy: let's not start any flame wars07:07
crizzyno flame, just opinions07:07
CFHowlettFortunately there are at least 4 other official ubuntu flavors as well as hundreds of other distros.07:07
biopytei'm afraid we have the climax of ubuntu behind us. now comes "fixing things that were not broken" and messing everything up..07:07
Blue1what biopyte said07:08
freshone0i have no sound how do i corect the problem?07:08
biopytei hope not so07:08
freshone0how do i check what is wrong07:08
Blue1biopyte: i am on 10.10 and will prolly go to debian rsn (reall soon now)07:09
crizzyyes, because debian will save you from gnome3.. not.07:09
freshone0no sound on my speakers or head phones07:09
Blue1I migrated on of my mahcines to debian - then the sata controller took a dump07:09
crizzygnome2 is EOL and it will disappear from every distro07:09
Blue1crizzy: perhaps -- but I know that Linus went to xfce rather then use gnome 3.07:10
freshone0iam new to ubuntu please tell me if there is no sound how does one check and correct it07:10
biopyteyeah, maybe xfce07:10
Blue1freshone0:  System/Administration/System Testing07:10
biopytei never tried it07:10
crizzyBlue1: just like xfce is right in the ubuntu repos, apt-get away...07:11
freshone0did that it generated a report that failed afew tests07:11
freshone0now how to correct it07:11
Blue1crizzy: yup.  i may go that route07:11
biopytecrizzy, i definitly need a virtual desktop, does xfce have it?07:11
freshone0how to check if drivers are ok07:11
crizzyit's pretty close to classic gnome207:11
Blue1freshone0: huh?07:11
Warp4freshone0 lspci07:12
tempestbiopyte I am using Debian wheezy at work. We use xfce and have make it look just like Gnome 2.32. Compiz and all. Today Forfox (they called it IW) 10.0.2. For desktops use the Wheezy version. The repos are freash. If you give Unity a chance its not all that bad though.07:12
freshone0what is that?07:12
freshone0do i type that in the terminal?07:12
Warp4freshone0 yes07:12
Blue1freshone0: try lspci | grep Audio07:12
Warp4freshone0 lspci lists pci devices installed in your system07:12
biopytetempest, thanks,  concerning unity anf gnome3 ... when i see these oversized, baby-style icons ... i'm already fed up07:13
Blue1i have been playing with linux mint - I think that might be good for a n00b07:13
tempestbiopyte if you dont like Unity you wont like Gnome3.07:13
freshone0it shows:prasad@DIMAC-X:~$  lspci | grep Audio07:14
freshone000:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation N10/ICH 7 Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)07:14
Blue1freshone0: ah good linux at least sees it07:14
freshone0and the word audio is in red07:14
freshone0ok then why no sound?07:14
biopytetempest, i had such a nice workflow on my previous gnome desktop , but 11.10 f...cked it up07:14
Blue1freshone0: yeah no worry about that just highlighed the word07:14
freshone0ok now what to do next07:15
Blue1freshone0: have you looked at the alsa-mixer07:15
freshone0alsa mixer... how?07:15
Blue1freshone0: or alsamixer07:15
Blue1just type in alsamixer at the command prompt07:15
freshone0it shows a graph07:16
Blue1freshone0: yes07:16
Warp4freshone0 what version of ubuntu?07:16
Blue1that was my next question07:16
Blue1freshone0: was that a clean install, or an upgrade?07:17
Blue1freshone0: that may be the problem - upgrades are problematic at best --07:17
freshone0and it worked fine but my maid shut the pc suddenly so all sound vanished07:18
Blue1freshone0: consider backing up /etc/ and /home/   and then doing a clean install07:18
CFHowlettsilly question, I know, but ... is the sound switch turned on or muted?07:18
freshone0how do i get the sound back?07:18
Blue1freshone0: see above07:18
biopytestill, is there a way to tweak edge flipping again using classic gnome on 11.10. the setting in the compiz manager is fine, still doesnt work.07:18
CFHowlettfreshone0   is there a sound mute button on your keyboard?07:19
freshone0and on screen volume is full07:19
freshone0i checked sound preferences it is not mute07:20
Blue1freshone0: did the alsa mixer show anything muted, or at zero?07:20
Warp4freshone0 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=174496607:20
freshone0internal bar shows no color07:20
CFHowlettfreshone0   = muted07:21
Xenethnight peeps.07:21
freshone0the last coloumn in the alsamixer shows no color07:21
CFHowlettfreshone0   "last one"?  no labels underneath the bar?  let's be precise if possible.07:22
freshone0internal label07:22
Gitzowow..   ubuntu is intersting07:22
CFHowlettfreshone0  Master should be maxed07:22
Blue1freshone0: should show green/white/red07:22
UbubeginI have added a new opencv.pc file to pkg--config.. but I still see the old pkg--config.. How do i update/refresh it to the new one w/o restarting the computre07:22
freshone0master = green white07:23
freshone0pcm=green white red07:23
CFHowlettfreshone0   I'm pretty sure "internal" is the PC Beep, i.e. system sounds.  Have you tried a video or music cd?07:23
Blue1Ububegin: sudo apt-get update follwed by sudo apt-get upgrade07:23
freshone0mic green white red07:23
=== Ezio is now known as Guest55846
Blue1what about pcm?07:24
Blue1okay pumpkin time07:24
ubottuPlease do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»07:25
UbubeginBlue1 : Think it is a wrong solution... didnt work07:25
Blue1Ububegin: you can also use synaptic to remove/re-install a package -- or apt-get to remove or purge a package07:25
=== neersighted is now known as neersighted|AFK
UbubeginBlue1 : sorry, let me rephrase the question.. I have the default opencv 2.1 by Ubuntu.. I have installed the new one opencv2.3 from the tar.gz.. Anyone knows how to configure it for pkg-config.... I just copied the new opencv.pc file onto the /usr/lib/pkgconfig folder07:27
=== neersighted|AFK is now known as neersighted
=== neersighted is now known as neersighted|AFK
nn52i've problem with WiFi USB Adapter ( Edimax) => http://wklej.to/TaC5M | in Wirless Networks: Disconnected ;(07:38
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:41
LoganShawhow to trigger the SENTINEL into saying things?07:42
urfr332gOnn52, Edimax isl isted on the bots page not sure if it is your model though.07:43
E-nigmaHello all07:44
nn52The problem is that: Network applet does not show the available networks. It says only: Disconnected07:45
urfr332gOnn52, you will have to look yourself really, personally since usb wifi is cheap I would get one that works out of the box.07:45
nn52on box is : Support Windows 2k/Xp/Vista/7,Linux,Mac 10.4.x and above07:45
elisa87hello. are you aware of any room related to machine learning or information retrieval?07:46
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
urfr332gOnn52, about 300 or more linux distros though, the bots page gives a list of ones that work that one is not there.07:48
urfr332gOnn52, does not mean you can't get it to but your hill to climb really. :)07:48
=== nick is now known as Guest88535
Guest88535test from irssi07:49
=== liu is now known as MartinDK
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
ubuntu_dream2k2im installing 10.04 LTS server08:01
ubuntu_dream2k2and its taking a long time at "wiping swap area...."08:01
ubuntu_dream2k2hi loganshaw08:02
Yancho_guys is it possible to check if a cd has a 32 bit version or a 64 bit version please?08:02
ubuntu_dream2k2anyone can throw some light08:03
jaytee77wow no hot ladies here huh?08:04
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
borkedhelixdoes openldap only allow connections from localhost by default for some reason?08:05
borkedhelixI just installed an openldap server, and I can connect to it from localhost, but not remotely08:05
Enginis it recommended to upgrade kernel on a ubuntu server ? if so, why they are held back by default ?08:06
Engin1400 users and no one talking ?08:11
urfr332gOEngin, hey most are idling. :)08:11
LoganShawit's quiet time, the AI said so08:12
jaytee77any hot florida ladies wanna chat?08:13
jaytee77 8-)08:13
urfr332gOjaytee77, wrong channel.08:13
jaytee77what channel08:14
urfr332gOjaytee77, no idea08:14
jaytee77new here,srry08:15
Enginwow, a system with 300 days uptime... was telling me reboot required... i rebooted.. now plymouthd consuming 100% CPU, slowing it down08:15
dejokervb b b08:19
=== tony_ is now known as tblambda
malkaunsEngin, dont reboot it next time :P08:20
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
haylook so i slimed down my ubuntu install to just openbox and fglx and remastersys- but i  accideantly have no sound- brobably deleted all the sound stuff? is there an easy fix for this? i am 4 generations in to a new iso. alsamixer does not work right08:34
haylolike install magical-ubuntusoundsystem?08:34
hayloyeah i installed that it shows its running but no sound08:35
T_H_Xlove pulse08:35
nathaneltitaneopen terminal08:35
nathaneltitanepump all gauges to max08:35
haylono alsamixer08:35
haylomaybe i need backports?08:36
nathaneltitaneso install the alsa08:36
nathaneltitaneyou should verify dependencies before purging08:36
hayloits installed oh well maybe i will have to start over :(08:37
nathaneltitanelook into the mixer stuff first08:37
hayloi cant open it. it says alsa is installed but alsamixer brings nothing up command not found08:38
hayloah i opned it with sudo08:38
SerythI'm just trying openbox for the first time, and I'm trying to use obmenu to configure, but when I run "obmenu" from terminal I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/858879/ I've tried purging it and installing again, same thing....what could I do? Ubuntu 11.10 32 bit.08:40
hayloeverythings all the way up and nothing. maybe the user  is not set up right in my remastered iso08:40
hayloi can only get into alsamixer with sudo alsamixer08:40
NoOovawhat different is in /etc/timezone  and /etc/localtime08:43
manojhansi have this problem. my bluetooth adapter.s are not found..08:46
=== meta is now known as Guest39168
manojhansi m on HP laptop08:46
=== EMKO is now known as emko
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
Rurd2di_how can i tell onceiric upgrade to fuck off my console scree\n?09:09
=== Rurd2di_ is now known as Rurd2di
bazhangRurd2di, no cursing here09:10
bazhangcare to restate Rurd2di09:11
Rurd2dii just dont wanna see upgrade to oneiric thing anymore09:11
Rurd2dias i will never do it09:11
bazhangRurd2di, in the update manager?09:11
Rurd2difrom console09:11
=== reith2004___ is now known as reith2004
Rurd2dii mean09:11
bazhangRurd2di, whats the exact message you are seeing09:12
=== linux_probe is now known as Guest4376
Rurd2diNew release 'oneiric' available.09:13
Rurd2diRun 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to it.09:13
FloodBot1Rurd2di: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:13
undeclaredxI'm having some issues with samba.  I set the auth-type to user, but it's not actually able to log in. Does anyone know what this problem might be?09:13
sgo11hi, how to install apache mod-security module in ubuntu 11.10?  I tried : apt-get install libapache-mod-security mod-security-common. it gives me error: libapache-mod-security : Depends: libapache2-modsecurity but it is not going to be installed.09:14
=== vincent is now known as Guest43719
oCeanRurd2di: check the /etc/update-motd.d/ directory, there's a couple of script that update the motd file: 91-release-upgrade does the check for available updates09:15
=== arif-ali_ is now known as arif-ali
Rurd2dioCean: can i delete it?09:17
Rurd2diwithout harming the os09:17
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
oCeanRurd2di: I added an exit 0 on the 2nd line..09:17
Rurd2diat the end?09:18
SakuyaI have a simple question about ram timings. What would be the best channel to ask about that or is here okay?09:18
oCeanRurd2di: you can probably delete it, but since I'm not sure if anything else is going to complain about missing files I edit it like so: http://paste.ubuntu.com/858918/09:19
metabaron_Hi all. What's up with the SYSV (init.d) vs Upstart? The default runlevels for example "sendsig" seems to be wrong in rc6.d09:20
DJonesSakuya: Possibly ##hardware might be the best channel for that09:20
undeclaredxI'm having some issues with samba.  I set the auth-type to user, but no user is able to log in, even if I manually set it to valid users = name_of_user_here for that share.. Does anyone know what this problem might be?09:20
SakuyaThanks DJones09:20
metabaron_As a result to this filesystems doesn't get unmounted like they should (Ohh... yes... running Lucid)09:21
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
Rurd2dithanks oCean09:23
Rurd2dithat fixed it for good09:23
Rurd2dino more update warning09:24
=== metabaron_ is now known as metabaronen
SakuyaDJones: Thanks again for directing me to that channel. Didn't know it existed but they were able to help me no problem =D09:26
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
nomad_frI've got some trouble with my user on ubuntu 11.10. It seems that there choice of session isn't record... Each time they log on with gdm they have to choose xfce or gnome or kde, i want that this choise to be record09:26
DJonesSakuya: Your welcome09:26
=== jan is now known as Guest93664
=== Guest93664 is now known as Jan_
=== Jan_ is now known as Jan_-
devpilotwhich IM Client is best on ubuntu?09:37
god-zotacdevpilot:: that could vary based on opinion09:37
crizzyempathy / pidgin are fine09:37
Yancho_pidgin for me09:37
god-zotacdevpilot:: try out empathy or gaim and make the decision09:38
god-zotacerr not gaim but pidgin ;)09:38
devpilotI tried Empathy and Pidgin both have some bugs, some pros and cons09:38
LoganShawdo they both put your passwords in super secured, NSA-approved plaintext files?09:39
devpilotgod-zotac: I liked pidgin more bcoz i.m using it for long time, but Empathy have mice interface ;)09:41
god-zotacempathy has came a long way i agree. but pidgin interface hasn't really changed a lot.. some people like things that change, and some people like things to stay as close to the same as possilbe..  diff strokes for diff folks ;)09:42
devpilotlol :D09:42
god-zotacwith empathy being maintained by the gnome project, i wouldn't expect it to stay anywhere near the same for very long ;)09:42
=== Servo is now known as Guest72262
metabaron_Do anyone have a clue how to restore the SYSV runlevels? Running Lucid. Do I need to do this manually?09:44
devpilotgod-zotac: U mean the bugs and enhancement will be quicker for Empathy09:44
god-zotacdevpilot:: i mean that the interface is liable to change in the next release to  be completely different than what it is now09:45
Guest72262whats empathy?09:45
devpilotGuest72262: Empathy is a IM client09:46
metabaron_Guest72262: empathy is a instant messaging client09:46
god-zotacGuest72262:: it is an instant messenger based on gtk+ and telepathy09:46
Guest72262is it like this i mean with the anynonimity09:46
Guest72262or do you not need a tor or something like vidalia09:47
god-zotacGuest72262:: what is anonymous about: ~Servo@c-68-80-154-240.hsd1.de.comcast.net09:47
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
kalim0j0anyone use cryptkeeper ?09:48
devpilotI like the speech bubble style chat on  Empathy, Is there something on pidgin to get such style09:48
metabaron_Guest72262: your host is known to us. You will need to register to get a "hidden" host. But then you are registered...09:49
god-zotacdevpilot:: yea thats one of the slickest features in empathy i agree09:49
god-zotachidden host being a cloak. and you will need to get that in ##Freenode09:49
god-zotacmay just be #Freenode09:49
Guest72262how do i register?09:50
dddbmtWhich clients is there for running Skype chat under ubuntu?09:50
god-zotacGuest72262:: /msg nickserv register help09:50
Myrttias interesting as comparing different IM clients is, could we move back to Ubuntu support issues and questions? I'm afraid that part is being neglected now.09:50
DJones!register | Guest7226209:50
ubottuGuest72262: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode09:50
dddbmtI don't  want the "Skype" program as it is a piece of shitty software.09:50
Myrtti!language | dddbmt09:50
ubottudddbmt: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.09:50
nomad_frI've got some trouble with my user on ubuntu 11.10. It seems that there choice of session isn't record... Each time they log on with gdm they have to choose xfce or gnome or kde, i want that this choise to be record09:50
Myrttidddbmt: Skype is proprietary protocol, if you want to call others using Skype, you need Skype.09:51
god-zotacdddbmt:: skype uses a proprietary protocol, i'm not aware of any clients that will connect to skype network without breaking their licensing09:51
devpilotdddbmt: Skype have there own client on ubuntu09:51
metabaron_Are there any limitations for webchat users here?09:51
god-zotachas google ever done anything with gizmo since it purchased it?09:52
undeclaredxNobody can help me? Been asking the same question for like half an hour..  I have a samba login (only one is valid for this share), security = user, and no matter what I type, the l/p will not work.  Even tried local machine, no go.09:52
oCeangod-zotac: how is that an #ubuntu issue?09:52
Myrttiundeclaredx: you made a smbpassword?09:52
god-zotacmetabaron_:: limitations with the client not being a full IRC client yes, as far as just chatting and using the server commands no09:52
oCeanmetabaron_: on the freenode network? Ask in #freenode channel09:52
undeclaredxMyrtti: no, I was hoping user would use the unix auth? I have to make an smbpassword?09:52
god-zotacoCean:: wow, my BAD09:52
metabaron_Ok oCean god-zotac: thanks and sorry09:53
=== Guest72262 is now known as ServoVonServo
dddbmtgod-zotac, Not even if I'm only interested in the chat part of skype? Not talking.09:53
undeclaredxMyrtti: so security = user does not rely on unix auth? my bad..09:53
kalim0j0anyone use cryptkeeper ?09:53
Myrttiundeclaredx: the exact command is smbpasswd actually, I haven't used it for a while but you might find more information on it yourself09:53
kalim0j0anyone know how strong encfs is ?09:54
residentO.O wats cryptkeeper09:54
Myrttidddbmt: all implementations I've seen require you to have Skype client installed and running, even if you are using some other client to interact with that09:54
kalim0j0resident: its a frontend gui for encfs09:54
SerythI'm just trying openbox for the first time, and I'm trying to use obmenu to configure, but when I run "obmenu" from terminal I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/858879/ I've tried purging it and installing again, same thing....what could I do? Ubuntu 11.10 32 bit.09:54
residenttrilliam on windows can connect to skype09:54
residentw/o skype running09:55
god-zotactrillian is available for linux too isnt it?09:55
residenti do not recall09:55
SerythIt is09:55
ServoVonServoso i should be hidden now that im registered?09:55
ServoVonServoso im hidden now?09:55
oCeanServoVonServo: no, you need to ask for a cloak in #freenode channel09:56
god-zotacServoVonServo:: no you don't have a cloak09:56
undeclaredxMyrtti: heh that instantly worked.. wish someone could have told me that awhile ago ;)09:56
god-zotacServoVonServo:: see how EdwardIII had the unaffiliated/edward123  ?  that's a cloak.. it hides his IP/domain name09:56
extenderI'm trying to forward a port to an internal address, not sure where I'm going wrong, what's the best tool for this using ubuntu server?09:57
kalim0j0anyone know how strong encfs is ?09:57
ServoVonServohow do i get a cloak09:57
oCeanServoVonServo: again, ask in #freenode, not here09:57
god-zotacextender:: do you have a firewall outside the box that runs nat?09:57
god-zotacextender:: or is your server using iptables with nat and acting as a gateway?09:57
extendergod-zotac: the server is DMZed09:58
Jan_-hello, I have a problem, I have a encrypted home folder from previous account that I can not access, how to access it? I have the pass phrase and password written down when it said to do so :D09:58
extendergod-zotac: but I'm on the internal network09:58
god-zotacextender:: then you will need to set up your server to be a gateway and use nat, and then use iptables to forward ports to each machine09:58
swaikarritz, ping09:59
extendergod-zotac: I'm only trying to set a single rule09:59
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
god-zotacextender::  i have a nat/dns/dhcp system set up on my server, if you would like me to pastebin the iptables rules with comments i use i don't mind09:59
extendergod-zotac: that might help10:00
undeclaredxMyrtti: much appreciated.10:00
Myrttiundeclaredx: np10:00
god-zotacextender:: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/557406/10:00
manisabriHi guys . I have a pen tablet, and a dual monitor setup in 11.04 , who can I restrict my pen movement only to one monitor?10:01
extenderI just want to forward to
god-zotacextender you will first want to get nat up10:01
extendergod-zotac: for 1 rule?10:02
god-zotacextender:: set the external modem or whatever to forward port 8888 to your dmz'd server10:02
extendergod-zotac: everything goes to the server10:03
god-zotacand then set a rule to forward to port 80 on machine 101 like:  iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 80 -i ${WAN} -j DNAT --to
god-zotacextender::  $WAN being your interface for the external network, usually eth010:04
extenderhere is what I did10:04
extendergod-zotac: sudo iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -i eth0 --dport 8888 -j DNAT --to
ServoVonServonow cloaked10:05
extendergod-zotac: sudo iptables -A FORWARD -p tcp -i eth0 -d --dport 80 -j ACCEPT10:05
ServoVonServodoes anyone know of a good jailbreak program for an ipod touch running ios 4.3.510:05
ikoniaServoVonServo: sorry, no jailbreaking applications on ubuntu10:05
god-zotacextender:: don't think iptables takes rules in the form of ipaddress:port10:06
ServoVonServoeh ill figure something out10:06
god-zotacextender:: that may work, but you may need to just add a simple forward --dport 8010:07
ServoVonServoi have other systems with other os' on them so i could try those10:07
ikoniaServoVonServo: they would be supported in other IRC channels10:07
extendergod-zotac: overwhelmed got an example?10:07
ServoVonServoyea im worried i wont be cloaked on other servers10:07
ikoniaServoVonServo: you will be cloaked on any freenode server10:08
ikoniaServoVonServo: any questions regarding things such as cloaking can be resolved in #freenode10:08
ServoVonServook so any server nice10:08
ServoVonServoalright ill shut up now lol10:08
god-zotacextender:: are people going to be connecting to your ip on port 8888 from the internet?10:08
extendergod-zotac: yes10:09
god-zotacand you want that forwarded to port 80 on the subnet?10:09
extendergod-zotac: DMZ gets it to the server10:09
extendergod-zotac: server needs to redirect to 56.10110:09
ritzswaikar,  hi10:10
god-zotacextender:: for the nat rule you mentioned to work you will need to add a masquerade10:11
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extendergod-zotac: I don't have  a clue where to add a masquerade10:12
n3uron_Hi guys. How can i detect if my system is muxed or muxless?10:12
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god-zotacextender:: the script i pasted has that too ;)10:13
extendergod-zotac: I'm just googling examples and trying to get something to work10:13
extendergod-zotac: I don't want it to nat everything10:13
god-zotacextender:: pm me and ill help you10:13
wolfrichow can i install and activate restricted drivers by commandline? I saw that it mentioned "broadcom sta" in the restricted drivers window10:16
ndlovucan anyone help me diagnose a mobile broadband issue (ubuntu 11.10)? After startup, if I plug in my 3g modem (USB), the connection shows up in Network Manager; but if the computer suspends, on wakeup, no amount of plugging in or out will get it to show up again. to connect, I have to restart.10:16
wolfricso i apt-get install broadcom-sta-common and broadcom-sta-source and restarted but it didn't activate them. i had to go to the restricted drivers window and click activate. I need to know as i'm building a live cd with them10:17
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anders_atHi. I have some questions regarding the ubuntu training courses. IS there a separate IRC room for that?10:20
ikoniaanders_at: not that I'm aware of10:20
ikoniaanders_at: maybe #ubuntu-offtopic would be the best place.10:20
anders_atok, I#ll try it there. Thanx10:20
ServoVonServoanyone know were i can find a good darknet site?10:21
ikoniaServoVonServo: you understand this channel is for ubuntu linux support yes ?10:21
Chipzzzi'm having a log of trouble with a bind9 server... been trying to get it to work for days... are there any experts on the subject around?10:22
ikoniaChipzzz: just ask the question10:22
Tigerwolfi want my tower to run ubuntu but one or the other fails to work properly10:23
ServoVonServoikonia sorry i have a couple things open i think i posted in the wrong window10:23
ServoVonServobut since im now focused on this i did have a WINE question10:23
ikoniaServoVonServo: #winehq is the wine support channel (FYI)10:23
Tigerwolfthe cd setting is good on the tower10:23
Chipzzzikonia: after a couple of days, i'm pretty much out of questions... looking more for inspiration, i think, but thanks :-)10:23
fidelTigerwolf: whats the problem?10:24
ikoniaChipzzz: how do you expect me to help you when you won't say what the question/problem is ?10:24
ServoVonServothanks ikonia :)10:24
Tigerwolflinux fails to load on boot up10:24
Tigerwolfafter wubi10:24
Chipzzzlol... in a nutshell, the bind9 server isn't resolving hosts10:25
fidelnot used to wubi myself - cant help you sorry. but try to mention the real problem - in best case with error output etc10:25
fidelmeta-questions usually dont help in irc ;)10:25
ikoniaChipzzz: ok - so what have you done to resolve this ? how are you testing, are there any errors, you need to give details if you are expecting help10:25
Tigerwolfok i tryed the cd it has a problem loading the stuff10:26
darrenloobyHello, I have an internal and external network. All internal IPs start with 10.*10:26
darrenloobyHow do I block access using IP Tables to anything that doesn't start with 10.*10:26
Tigerwolfit has hundreds of errors loading this and that10:26
Tigerwolfi know the dl is complete10:27
ikoniaTigerwolf: have you tried ubuntu firewall ?10:27
ikonia!ufw > darrenlooby10:27
ubottudarrenlooby, please see my private message10:27
ikoniaTigerwolf: sorry that was for darrenlooby10:27
ikoniadarrenlooby: have you tried ubuntu fire wall ? (ufw)10:27
fidelTigerwolf: what is your main goal to install ubuntu? why would you need wubi for that?10:27
darrenloobyikonia, I'm using UFW, yes.10:27
MonkeyDustTigerwolf  wubi, you say?10:28
fidelTigerwolf: have you tested if a ubuntu-live-cd works on that system?10:28
Tigerwolfwubi was my second option10:28
Tigerwolfand on boot up10:28
Tigerwolfit failed to load linux10:28
darrenloobyikonia, I just don't know how to describe a range like that.10:28
MonkeyDustTigerwolf  a live cd is more adviced than wubi10:28
fidelTigerwolf: in some cases you might need to change the booting parameters - this is where the voodoo usualy begins for starters10:28
Chipzzzikonia: i've tested the files & zones with named-checkconf & named-checkzone and they are valid but I'm trying to get it to provide A records for virtual hosts on the machine & it doesn't forward them upstream...10:28
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Tigerwolfso im thinking its my tower hates linux10:29
Salehii use ubuntu 12.4 -when i play video >x kill and logout - What can I do?10:29
Tigerwolfits old enought to use all hardware10:29
ChipzzzI put it in debug mode with rndc and saw that it is refusing requests to resolve the hosts10:29
fidelSalehi: no 12.04 support inhere10:29
MonkeyDustTigerwolf  maybe the tower just hates wubi10:29
fidelSalehi: afaik there is #ubuntu+1 or something10:30
YohanMeister hi all. I have 3 identical make/model drives in my machine and am trying to identify which might correspond to sda (the first drive). The way they are listed is:  "pci-0000:00:11.0-scsi-2:0:0:0"  "pci-0000:00:11.0-scsi-1:0:0:0"  and  "pci-0000:00:11.0-scsi-0:0:0:0". Does anyone know about this?10:30
Tigerwolfbut live cd does about the same10:30
MonkeyDustTigerwolf  almost, but not quite10:30
MonkeyDustit *looks* the same10:31
Tigerwolfcould it be in the motherboard settings or bios?10:31
MonkeyDustthe problem is wubi10:31
MonkeyDustbetter use a live cd10:32
Tigerwolfill try live cd agian10:32
MonkeyDustTigerwolf  what went wrong with the live cd?10:32
Chipzzzikonia: also, dig only works for a master host... the slaves all return server errors...  at the moment, i think i have the db files pretty messed up from trying so many theories, but i can straighted that out, give some clue as to why it's being so difficult :-)10:32
Chipzzz(given some clue)10:33
ikoniaChipzzz: ok - lets do some basic questions10:33
Chipzzzk... lemme log into the machine...10:33
ikoniaChipzzz: 1.) is this hosted in a data center on a home DSL/broadband style line ?10:33
darrenloobyikonia, any ideas?10:33
ikoniadarrenlooby: you'll need to subnet it down, 10.* is a massive range10:34
ikoniadarrenlooby: so for example,
RiotingPacifistsuspend resume started failing the other day for me, I've tested on a kernel I know it worked on(3.0.0-15), the current one (3.0.0-16) and a newer one (3.3.0-rc4), it tends gets to a black screen on suspend then just hangs (if i use no_console_suspend, it says something about kworker being blocked) any idea what the cause could be?10:34
Chipzzzikonia: it's a friend's machine in his office with a high speed connection (70mb)... fixed ip, no router in the middle10:35
darrenloobyikonia, so, basically I'm going to need better data as to what IPs I'm expecting?10:35
ikoniaChipzzz: are you trying to resolve things internally on his netowrk, or from the public internet10:35
ikoniadarrenlooby: well would be a HUGE network range, you can do that if you want, I suspect it's not what you want to do though10:36
ikoniadarrenlooby: try subnetmask.info for working out your ranges/masks10:36
ikoniadarrenlooby: but basically thats how you do it, for example, for an 8 bit mask of the network10:37
darrenloobyikonia, I'm fine with the big range for now. When I learn more, I can focus in... would it work if I put
ikoniadarrenlooby: suerw10:37
darrenloobyikonia, I can work on reducing the range as I move forward. Thanks for your help :D10:38
Chipzzzikonia: the object is to get 3 virtual named servers connected to a single ip accessible on the internet10:38
ikoniadarrenlooby: no problem10:38
ikoniaChipzzz: are you expecting these to ac as proper authoritive name servers ?10:39
wolfrichow can i install and activate restricted drivers by commandline? I saw that it mentioned "broadcom sta" in the restricted drivers window10:40
wolfricso i apt-get install broadcom-sta-common and broadcom-sta-source and restarted but it didn't activate them. i had to go to the restricted drivers window and click activate. I need to know as i'm building a live cd with them10:40
Chipzzzikonia: i don't really care, but don't i have to in order to make their canonical names available to the net?10:40
darrenloobyikonia, so I don't break it... do I need to do that "allow" first, and then "disallow"?10:40
darrenloobyikonia, or is there a "not" type clause?10:40
ikoniaChipzzz: sorry, you need to care10:40
ikoniadarrenlooby: the rules are iptables, so think of it as a table, the query will go down the table of rules and match the first one it matches10:41
ikoniaChipzzz: are you expecting people to be able to visit say www.yourdomain.com that is on the public internet and it work ?10:41
Chipzzzikonia: yes, that's why i think it has to be authoritative10:42
darrenloobySo, I would do "sudo ufw allow from "10:42
Chipzzzdoesn't it?10:42
ikoniaChipzzz: ok - so then you are correct it needs to be authoritative10:42
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ikoniaChipzzz: in that case you need to register the IP address / hostnames of the name servers you want to act as authoritive with the TLD name service registrar10:43
Chipzzzikonia: done and done... the name servers at the registrar all point to a name server at one of my domains10:44
ikoniaChipzzz: ok - so can you give me the public address of one of your name servers so I can run a test against it ?10:44
Chipzzzikonia: ns1.shadyapps.com10:45
ikoniaChipzzz: ok - so the domain server appears tobe listening "ok" on the net10:46
ikoniaChipzzz: can you give me one of the domains you want to resolve on this machine ?10:46
Chipzzzikonia: sirjeffx.com10:46
ikoniaChipzzz: ok10:46
ikoniaChipzzz: perfect, so they appear to be listening for that domain also, so at a top level, you look all good to go, so the issue must be with your local name server config10:48
ikoniaChipzzz: can you pastebin your configs please ?10:48
Chipzzzikonia: k... hang on while i gather them...10:50
darrenloobyikonia, I've added the accept and turned default to deny. Now it's just timing out when I try and ssh via an internal connection... do you think that this is because the range is too large?10:54
ikoniadarrenlooby: possibly10:54
ikoniadarrenlooby: what ip are you on internally10:54
ikoniadarrenlooby: and what was the deny rule you did10:55
darrenloobyLooking at what we've got so far - the internal IPs are starting 10.176.* and 10.177.*10:56
darrenloobyikonia, "sudo ufw allow from"10:56
ikoniadarrenlooby: so that should cover your range, hang on10:56
Pumpkin- doesn't sound right. That is just to
ikoniaPumpkin-: yes, /24 isn't right10:58
ikoniaI'm just gettin the info from subnetmask.info10:58
Pumpkin- sounds more like it10:58
ikoniaPumpkin-: I didn't have 10.176, just 10.*.*.* hence trying to make it wide10:58
Pumpkin-or then :)10:58
ikoniathere we go10:58
ikoniadarrenlooby: /8 is better10:58
ikoniaPumpkin-: thanks10:58
darrenloobyAwesome, cheers10:59
darrenloobyThat's working now10:59
ikoniadarrenlooby: http://www.subnetmask.info/10:59
ikoniadarrenlooby: very useful10:59
darrenloobyikonia, Pumpkin-  cheers11:00
darrenloobyikonia, Pumpkin- I've now opened up all ports to internal - trying to work out how to limit to 22 and 3306 in combination with that allow11:01
ikoniadarrenlooby: -dport11:01
Chipzzzikonia: sorry to keep you waiting... http://paste.ubuntu.com/859013/11:02
ikoniaChipzzz: not a problem11:02
darrenloobySo, do I deny -22?11:02
ikoniadarrenlooby: I thought you wanted to accept 22 ?11:02
ikoniaChipzzz: I'm going to ask a stupid question here, but I don't see your domains in that file at all, I see the zone files cut and paste into that file, but that'sn ot how you set it up11:04
darrenloobyikonia, yea. Getting confused again. Don't worry, I think I've got it sorted now11:04
fAz4is there any plan for replacing X by wayland in 12.04 ?11:04
ikoniafAz4: there was supposed to be a technology preview of wayland in 12.04 but I don't think it made it in11:04
MonkeyDustfAz4  not yet in 12.0411:05
fAz4MonkeyDust: what about future ?11:05
ikoniafAz4: #ubuntu+1 is for 12.04 discussion, no-one knows what's in beyond that11:05
Chaitanya_What is the alternative to Autocad in ubuntu?11:07
undeclaredxnah well11:07
LjLChaitanya_: i'm afraid there isn't really a comparable alternative :\11:07
undeclaredxAutocad is a very specific app, I didn't even know they made it for ubuntu11:07
ikoniaChipzzz: cad programs are really very scarce and limited11:07
undeclaredxMostly, you'd have to switch to Windows or Mac OS11:07
ikoniaChaitanya_: ^11:07
undeclaredxthere is however, one.. but it's not for autocad specifically11:07
undeclaredxwell a few, but they are modelling, not autocad11:07
ikoniasorry Chipzzz, let me know when you are back, I can see issues with your bind setup11:07
LjLChaitanya_: some CAD programs are qcad, varkon, pythoncad, sagcad11:07
Chaitanya_Ljl, thank you. I will check them out and come back here. Have a nice day!  :)11:08
Chaitanya_ikonia, Ok. :(11:08
MayazcherquoiHey guys, is it advisable to remove all traces of Unity from Oneiric (apt-get remoe .*unity.*)?11:09
Chipzzzikonia: that would explain a lot... (b/t/w/ i had an entry for sirjeffx.com in named.conf.local, but it got lost in the messing around)... any help would be appreciated...11:09
ikoniaChipzzz: ok, well, I can go through this with you11:09
ikoniaChipzzz: do you have the config file in front of you ?11:09
Chipzzzikonia: yes, it's just a bunch of includes11:10
ikoniaChipzzz: ok look at lines 8 - 1211:10
ikoniaChipzzz: that the line that says "how the domain shadyapps.com"11:10
ikoniaChipzzz: as you can see it points to a file "/etc/bind/db.shadyapps.com" that contains your zone date for shadyapps.com11:10
ikoniaChipzzz: follow ?11:10
Chipzzzikonia: yes...11:11
crizzyMayazcherquoi: if you don't use it you can remove it..11:11
ikoniaChipzzz: ok, so that's all good, scroll down to lines 44, until the bottom of the config11:12
Mayazcherquoicrizzy: But I mean the whole thing?11:12
crizzyMayazcherquoi: if you don't use it, sure you can remove it :)11:12
ikoniaChipzzz: that data is zone data, you don't put zone data in the config file, you put that in the zone file,11:12
Mayazcherquoicrizzy: It'll also uninstall gnome-session, but I use gnome-shell? :s11:12
ikoniaChipzzz: you put a line like lines 8 - 12 to say "host this domain, and look at this file for the zone data"11:12
abhinavmehtahow to generate public-private key pair, using auto(eg. command line args) passphrase…using openssl?11:12
ikoniaChipzzz: then you put the zone data in the file you pointed at,11:12
ikoniaChipzzz: in your example, you don't have the lines that say "host this domain" you've just dumped the zone data into the config file11:13
ikoniaChipzzz: follow ?11:13
ubuntu-guyI don't see the Location bar... where it is, where is the file browser menu ?11:13
crizzyMayazcherquoi: should not matter.. you can install gnome-session back anyway afterwards if it was necessary11:13
Mayazcherquoicrizzy: Okay11:13
Mayazcherquoicrizzy: Ta :)11:13
crizzyMayazcherquoi: actually i don't think gnome-shell/gnome3 uses gnome-session at all11:14
crizzyhttp://www.webupd8.org/2012/02/more-classic-gnome-session-lands-in.html hmm11:14
Chipzzzikonia: i must be looking at the wrong file... line 44 is the beginning of a reverse dns file (db.70), isn't it?11:15
ikoniaChipzzz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/859013/11:15
ikoniaChipzzz: lets look at the same reference11:15
pokuycrizzy, do you know what is the linux help channel on xchat?11:16
ikoniapokuy: what are you looking for /11:17
Chipzzzikonia: it is the same file... from what i was reading, i thought that was a reverse dns entry11:17
ikoniaChipzzz: ok, lets try again11:17
pokuyikonia, linux help center and ubuntu hel center11:17
ikoniapokuy: you are in an ubuntu support channel11:17
ikoniaChipzzz: so lines 8 - 12, got them ?11:17
pokuyah... isee how about in linux mint help?11:18
undeclaredxusing samba, is there any way to join 4 paths into one samba share?11:18
ikoniapokuy: that is on a different IRC network, not freenode11:18
kinglethello all, i want to install ubuntu on my laptop and i got busybox error! (initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system. is this bcuz of my H.D.D?11:18
stephanbundeclaredx: you could use symlinks11:18
pokuyikonia, ah ok thanks man11:18
undeclaredxstephanb: I guess, but it'd take a while11:18
undeclaredxactually not that long11:19
ikoniapokuy: all detailed on the mint website11:19
undeclaredxa small ln -s shell script would be fairly easy, actually11:19
Chipzzzikonia: yes, master zone, specifies the db file, allows transfer to a secondary ns... right?11:19
ikoniaChipzzz: correct, so in your head tick that as "that is how you define a zone"11:19
ikoniaChipzzz: so we both agree that is a good entry yes ?11:19
pokuyikonia, ok thanks11:19
undeclaredxstephanb: but is there any non-artificial ways...11:20
Chipzzzikonia: lol... so far, so good... and named-checkzone agreed with us that it was ok :-)11:20
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stephanbundeclaredx: what exactly do you want to do? share 4 directorys as one on samba?11:21
undeclaredxpretty much11:21
ikoniaChipzzz: ok so that 1 entry hosts the zone data for shadyapps.com, show me where in the config file you specify "host the data for sirjeffx.com"11:21
undeclaredxIt's just annoying to navigate to 4 different places for the same context11:21
stephanbundeclaredx: well you dont even need a script for that, i think it will just work out fine and be the most convenient way to do it11:21
undeclaredxyeah I guess11:22
undeclaredxfor directory in *: ln -s /basedir/$directory /otherdir/$directory11:22
undeclaredxI think that's right11:22
undeclaredxjust add quotes11:22
undeclaredxone line too lmao11:23
undeclaredxI need to learn more about bash shell scripting11:23
undeclaredxI just started on sed though, what a keeper ;p11:23
stephanbhehe, never looked at sed11:23
undeclaredxlets say you have a dir of ten things with spaces and you wanna convert to dots11:24
undeclaredxit's as easy as like11:24
undeclaredx$new_file=$(echo $file | sed -e 's/ /./g')11:24
undeclaredxwith the above loop11:24
ikoniaundeclaredx: this isn't a scripting chat channel11:24
undeclaredxit's easy11:24
ikoniaundeclaredx: are you trying to actually help someone resolve a problem ?11:24
undeclaredxikonia: well, it is unix related though11:24
undeclaredxikonia: no, I'm just saying I need to learn more11:24
=== Ady is now known as ady
ikoniaundeclaredx: this isn't a unix related chat channel, its ubuntu support11:24
stephanbundeclaredx: i see, the same syntax as vim11:25
stephanbfor replacing stuff11:25
ikoniaundeclaredx: ok, please try to keep to ubuntu support, rather than general chat11:25
Chipzzzikonia: i had it listed as a 'slave' with the ip listed as the master and a cached db.sirjeffx.com as its entry... let me fix that...11:25
undeclaredxikonia: he was helping me with ubuntu stuff, then we got into the convo of how I'm doing it, and it turned into shell scripting, follow me? It was on topic.11:25
ikoniaundeclaredx: yes, it's no longer on topic, which is why I'm asking you to stop11:25
undeclaredxyup ;)11:25
undeclaredxwell that was the end of it anyway11:25
Chipzzzikonia: (it got lost in all the messing around)11:26
ikoniaChipzzz: ah, I didn't see it in the file at all11:26
Chipzzzikonia: should i use the cached db file for that, or the one in /etc/bind?11:27
ikoniaChipzzz: you are supposed to create a DB file containing the zone data11:27
ikoniaChipzzz: if you want it to act as a master, put it in the same locations as your other master server database files and point the zone at it11:28
Chipzzzikonia: ok.. it now points to the db.sirjeffx.com in the pastie... give me a minute & i'll restart bind11:29
ikoniaChipzzz: clear out all the nonsense zone data at the bottom of the file11:30
Chipzzzikonia: i remember having done that at one point and the server balked at having more than one master zone...11:32
ikoniaChipzzz: nah, that's the whole point11:33
Chipzzzikonia: k... lemme clean it up some...11:33
=== edu__v is now known as edu_
ikoniaChipzzz: 1.) remove all the nonsense zone data from the config file 2.) create a master entry for the zone 3.) create a db file for the zone containing the zone data, 4.) restart bind11:33
computer_Wow, just trying to make a unity launcher for Eclipse. Why has this been made sooooooooo difficult!11:35
fAz4is it means file descriptor 63 ?! /dev/fd/6311:36
lohnessso, skype cant start because libXss.so not found, so reinstall ia32-libs but that failes with /ia32-libs.postinst: 40: /usr/lib32/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders: not found11:38
oCeanfAz4: there's not much detail in your question. Often file descriptor references the entries in /proc/<pid>/fd11:38
bilegthow to set screen brightness permanently?11:38
lohnessso I checked in ia32-libs.postinst and it tries to execute /usr/lib32/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders /usr/lib32/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/*.so > /usr/lib32/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders.cache || true # and that one also fails11:39
fAz4oCean: im just figuring out how  $file <(ps)  is working11:39
lohnessif I try to execute the same line, but prefixed with /lib32/ld-linux.so.2 /usr/lib32/gdk-pixbuf,..... it works... wtf is this shit11:39
ikonialohness: tone down the language please.11:39
ranjanHi all how to disable normal users adding network interfaces in gnome desktop?11:42
M0nt7where can  get info on Ubuntu servers?11:43
M0nt7on irc11:43
takpar http://www.irc.loxblog.com/11:43
ikoniaM0nt7: in what respect ?11:43
oCeantakpar: why are you posting that here?11:43
rumco9the ubuntu is a good program11:43
takparoCean negah kon11:44
takparvery very fun11:44
M0nt7takpar: I mean irc channel for ubuntu-servers?11:44
ikoniaM0nt7: #ubuntu-server is the official ubuntu server channel11:44
oCeantakpar: don't post such links again, this is a support channel11:44
takparoCean why?11:44
takparlinke download last version ubuntu ?11:45
oCeantakpar: this channel is for Ubuntu support (technical issues) only11:45
takparOK oCean11:45
M0nt7ikonia: thanks11:45
ikoniatakpar: ubuntu.com11:45
Chipzzzikonia: k... it looks much tidier now... but when i restart bind it fails... i forget which log contains the error, but it doesn't like 2 masters... here's the config: http://paste.ubuntu.com/859056/11:45
takparmy user ubuntu system11:45
chown__whats the difference between compiz and compiz fusion?11:45
M0nt7takpar: your link is misleading11:46
takparBe Right Back11:46
ikoniaChipzzz: where does the file named.conf.local  end11:46
pvh_sahey there, anyone got experience with Intel 82599EB 10 Gb Ethernet card? I'm trying to use this with a Dell N743D aka Finisar FTLX8571D3BCL SFP+ module, but the ixgbe driver is saying SFP+ module not supported, even though that SFP+ module is mentioned in the driver docs as working. This is with Ubuntu 11.10.11:47
M0nt7where is the rsync.conf file in ubuntu?11:48
Chipzzzikonia: ***** files are deliniated by these headings *****11:48
ikoniaChipzzz: ok - just checking11:48
ikoniaChipzzz: ok look in the syslog and paste me the error for starting bind11:48
ikoniaM0nt7: you create it and you tell rsync where it is with rysnc -f11:48
BelseruskHey guys. I want to sync 2 Ubuntu based distros. Are these all the packages I need? sudo apt-get install grsync openssh-client openssh-server rsync ssh11:49
ikoniaBelserusk: what are the distros ?11:49
M0nt7ikonia: where should I create it?11:49
ikoniaM0nt7: where you want11:49
Chipzzzikonia: here's the relevant line: Feb 27 03:43:13 Server named[2190]: /etc/bind/named.conf.local:11: zone 'sirjeffx.com': missing 'masters' entry11:50
M0nt7ikonia: can you give a guide that shows a sample rsync config?11:50
metabaron_Belserusk: Seems to be correct.11:50
ikoniaM0nt7: sorry no11:50
Belseruskmetabaron_, Thank you. ^_~11:51
M0nt7ikonia: How should one set up apache and tomcat to work on the same machine?11:51
ikoniaM0nt7: look at https://help.ubuntu.com there is a server guide that explains how to setup apache11:52
ikoniaChipzzz: that looks an acceptable file11:52
ikoniaChipzzz: remove the transfer lines and restartt, see what it says11:53
T_H_XM0nt7: man rsyncd.conf11:53
T_H_Xexamples in there11:54
BhaveshI am running a distribution upgrade for Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha 2, what will it upgrade to? te current daily release?11:54
Bhaveshor revert back to 11.10?11:54
M0nt7thanks ikonia T_H_X11:54
stephanbBhavesh: the current daily release11:54
Chipzzzikonia: that's why i assumed bind just wouldn't allow multiple masters... even named-checkzone and name-checkconf agreed that the files were good :)... anyway... i'll take out those lines & see what happens11:54
stephanbBhavesh: except you change your "/etc/apt/sources.list" back to 11.10 after upgrdaing11:55
ikoniaChipzzz: how can it not allow multiple masters.....11:55
stephanbBhavesh: on a productive system i would recommend neither11:55
Bhaveshstephanb: ok, and would it be right to include 11.10 sources to get chromium and other stuff still unavailable?11:55
ikoniaChipzzz: that would mean a DNS server could only host one domain11:55
stephanbBhavesh: are you running 11.10 currently?11:55
opalepatrick Anyone noticed a problem with mysql workbench dropping the connection in ubuntu 11.10. Entails going out and coming back in - irritating as it appears to be short live time11:56
Belseruskikonia, Ubuntu 10.04 ~ Xubuntu 11.1011:56
stephanbBhavesh: you could try it, but it's likely to break your system11:56
opalepatrickJust started to use it and moved the keep live preference to 30 mins but being ignored11:56
Bhaveshbreak it?11:56
ikoniaBelserusk: so they should both be compatible with each other, no concerns there11:56
Chipzzzikonia: it has lots of implications, but i couldn't figure it all out... that's why i'm here... lol... thank you for taking the time with me for this :-)11:57
Belseruskikonia, I already do the sync but want to know the min amount of packages to sync Ubuntu 10.04 to a 3rd computer running LinuxMint 9 KDE11:57
Belseruskikonia, cheers.11:57
ikoniaBelserusk: I'd advise you not to sync mint11:57
Belseruskikonia, are those the requisite packages? No more no less?11:57
Belseruskikonia, Why not mint/11:57
ikoniaBelserusk: its a different distro11:57
stephanbBhavesh: yeah, using different repos for different releases isn't a good ide11:57
Bhaveshstephanb: ok11:58
Belseruskikonia, stephanb I must clarify this. I am only syncing personal files.11:58
stephanbBhavesh: you could try it, but prepare for having lots of work to do after this11:58
stephanbBelserusk: sorry, i meant Bhavesh11:58
Belseruskstephanb, np11:59
Chipzzzikonia: it failed with the same log entry and this time the console told me: rndc: connect failed: connection refused11:59
ikoniaChipzzz: now we are getting somewhere11:59
ikoniaChipzzz: you need to define the interfaces named is running on too11:59
Belseruskikonia, are those the requisite packages? No more no less?                sudo apt-get install grsync openssh-client openssh-server rsync ssh12:00
ikoniaBelserusk: well it depends how you are synging12:00
Belseruskikonia, via Grsync12:00
ikoniaBelserusk: for example grsync is a gui, that will require X11 and a desktop and GTKs, so it will pull in a lot of other packages12:00
Belseruskikonia, I see. So if I install Grsync - it will automatically install all other required apps>?12:01
ikoniaBelserusk: why are you asking, you said you are already doing this and it's working12:01
Belseruskikonia, Because I want to sync a 3rd laptop and only want to install the min amount of software on it.12:02
=== iqpi|on is now known as iqpi|off
ikoniaBelserusk: yes and as I've said I adviswe you not to do that12:02
MayazcherquoiWhat the hell..? gnome-shell is not selectable from either lightdm or gdm12:02
darrenloobyWhen downloading mysql - where should I install it if I'm compiling it myself12:02
ikoniaBelserusk: look at what the 3rd laptop is running a.) mint a different distro with different packages b.) KDE, so it won't be running any of the gnome/gtk stuff that Grsync depends on12:03
stephanbdarrenlooby: a good place would be /opt12:03
=== spider is now known as Guest79279
ikoniadarrenlooby: why are you compiling it yourself ?12:03
ikoniadarrenlooby: what is wrong with the version provided by ubuntu ?12:03
darrenloobyikonia, I have no idea... where I'm looking for tuts on installing mysql and making it secure - it talks about compiling it with certain options12:04
Belseruskikonia, ok. Thanks. &_&12:04
Chipzzzikonia: bind installs "named.conf.default-zones" by default, with entries for ".", "localhost", "127.in-addr.arpa", ... etc... an include in named.conf reads them12:04
Belseruskikonia, ^_^12:04
ikoniadarrenlooby: ok - so I very strongly advise you not to compile it yourself for no reason12:04
ikoniaChipzzz: ok, that sort of makes sense, sounds like ubuntu is just layout it out a bit odd12:05
stephanbikonia, darrenlooby: and certainly not if you don't know what you are doing12:05
darrenloobyikonia, so, how what do I do if I want to do things like "--with-mysqld-user=mysql"12:05
ikoniadarrenlooby: what ?12:06
ikoniawhat exactly are you trying to do ?12:06
Chipzzzikonia: this is the first bind9 install for me, so i'm not very aware of the differences between distros yet...12:06
darrenloobyI'm trying to run mysql under a none root user12:06
ikoniadarrenlooby: it already does do that12:06
ikoniaChipzzz: ubuntu appears to lay it out a bit different to the default layout and other distros12:06
ikoniadarrenlooby: that's why it runs the mysqld-safe script12:06
hcuongvnWhen i use command "sudo apt-get install", then i type some first letters of the software packet and press TAB, it'll show me a list of software packets. But now, i can't use this way :( Help me!12:06
darrenloobyikonia, oh, ok... n00b clearly12:06
Anomie21Is there a way to get folders to display size like files do?12:07
Chipzzzikonia: it's all good...12:07
ikoniadarrenlooby: if you don't know/want to do something, just ask rather than rushing in with exteme solutions12:07
ikoniadarrenlooby: you would have compiled and made a mess of your system to make ubuntu do something....it's already doing12:07
darrenloobyikonia, yea, good advice. Thank you :D12:08
TopGearMan... Having a Sandy Bridge laptop with Ubuntu isn't a that good combination, sadly enough.12:08
stephanbAnomie21: do you use nautilus? or do you want to do that on a commandline?12:08
Chipzzzikonia: there's also a security feature involving a key that you have to generate before the server will talk to anything on the host... that may not be standard among distros since you haven't asked about it, so i thought i'd mention it...12:09
airtonixTopGear: oh ok, i guess my laptop of godly awesome is in contradiction then12:09
Anomie21stephanb: Yeah on nautilus12:10
Chipzzzikonia: rndc has a command to generates the necessary keys & files, if memory serves12:10
TopGearairtronix: Than I am jelous. My battery only runs for less than 1 1/2 hour.12:10
hcuongvnWhen i use command "sudo apt-get install", then i type some first letters of the software packet and press TAB, it'll show me a list of software packets. But now, i can't use this way :( Help me!12:10
stephanbAnomie21: this currently is not possible, the only way to get the folders size is via "propertys"12:11
MayazcherquoiHey guys12:13
Mayazcherquoignome-shell isn't visible from the lightdm|gdm window manager selector thingy. What do I do? :-/12:13
BhaveshMayazcherquoi: Did you install it from ubuntu software centre?12:14
MayazcherquoiBhavesh: No12:14
BhaveshMayazcherquoi: then do so.12:14
MayazcherquoiBhavesh: 3.2 was working, but then I upgraded to 3.312:14
MayazcherquoiNow all that's coming up is "GNOME classic" :-/12:15
stephanbMayazcherquoi: 3.3 is a version still in developement, you should't use it if you don't know that to do, if this turns out to be an error, file a bug at the gnome bugzilla12:15
MalekQisthow i hack my phone ?12:15
MalekQistAnybody can help me ?12:16
Chipzzzikonia: so anyway... do you have any suggestions about how i can approach this?12:16
stephanbMalekQist: 1. get an axe 2. hit your phone with it 3. your phone is now hacked12:16
Bhaveshits axed12:16
MalekQistwhere i can get it ?12:17
coraxxHELP! ...my rabbitvcs in nautilus has stopped working (I'm using Ubuntu 11.04) ...does anybody know why ? ...and how to fix ?12:17
Gentoo64MalekQist, why are you acting stupid12:17
MalekQistI really dnt know you idiot12:17
oCeanMalekQist: stop the name calling12:17
stephanbMalekQist: you can get an axe from your local hardware store, they can provide you with further informations12:18
oCeanMalekQist: also, this channel is for ubuntu support only12:18
oCeanstephanb: stop that12:18
stephanboCean: well, seems like it worked though12:18
oCeanstephanb: if you're going to reply, make sure it's helpful. If someone asks offtopic questions, then explain that to them12:19
MayazcherquoiBhavesh: Okay, I installed it via the software centre (it said it wasn't installed, yet the package was..), however to no avail :(12:19
stephanboCean: well normally i do, but this most certainly was trolling12:19
stephanbMayazcherquoi: can you start gnome-shell manually from a shell?12:20
oCeanstephanb: in that case, don't give it any comment at all12:20
Mayazcherquoistephanb: Yes.12:20
SomelauwOkay, I updated to ubuntu 11.4 and now wmii doesn't work anymore.12:20
stephanbSomelauw: can you further explain what doesn't work anymore?12:21
MayazcherquoiOmg, gnome-shell 3.3.x is heaps faster than 3.2 :p12:21
stephanbMayazcherquoi: from where did you install gnome 3.3?12:21
Somelauwstephanb: Both alt+randomkey and mod4+randomkey don't respond to any command.12:21
Mayazcherquoistephanb: First via package, and then via Software Centre.12:22
MayazcherquoiStill doesn't show in lightdm or gdm though when logging in :-/12:22
SomelauwI tried putting both MODEKEY=mod1 and MODKEY=mod4 in my config file, although these keys are automatically set when starting the wm.12:25
MayazcherquoiI can't select my desktop either and none of the icons are visible :(12:25
stephanbMayazcherquoi: well i guess thats the problem with developement versions12:26
Mayazcherquoistephanb: You'd think it'd be visible in lightdm...12:26
Mayazcherquoiand/or gdm12:26
stephanbMayazcherquoi: i would recommend to go back to 3.2, because as the gnome team says themselves: "GNOME 3.3.x is an unstable development series intended for testing and  hacking purposes. GNOME uses odd minor version numbers to indicate  development status"12:27
stephanblooks like someone won't get his warez from here :P12:28
MayazcherquoiOkay, well, goodnight.12:29
MayazcherquoiJust downgraded. :)12:29
MayazcherquoiSad though :( 3.3 was quite promising. :-/12:29
stephanbMayazcherquoi: wait for 3.4... this would be the most sane thing to do12:30
MayazcherquoiEhh :P12:30
MayazcherquoiI always involve myself with nightlies though :P12:30
MayazcherquoiAnyways, thanks12:30
stephanbMayazcherquoi: well, then you have to be prepared fore frequent breakage12:30
stephanbSomelauw: maybe try asking in #wmii i think you would get better support there12:31
SomelauwI already tried. It is on irc.oftc.net, but they didn't respond.12:32
alelosif i want to add an extra directory to my path, should i edit the /etc/profile or bashrc?12:33
stephanbSomelauw: the not so populated channels take some time to respond, but i'm sure you can get in touch with someone there12:33
Bhaveshhow do I find the process with exclusive lock from ubuntu's System Monitor?12:34
stephanbalelos: if you want it just for your user, put it in bashrc, if you want it for all users, put it in /etc/profile12:34
alelosstephanb: thanks :)12:35
sliptteesyo gus12:35
stephanbalelos: np :)12:35
sliptteeswhy banshee crash went plug iphone?12:35
stephanbslipttees: most certainly it's a bug in banshee, can you reproduce it?12:36
Urdangarinhi mens...12:36
sliptteesstephanb: i can, but plug iphone banshee close12:36
Urdangarini have your money... jejeje12:36
sliptteesstephanb: alternativo to sync my musics?12:37
oCean!cn | Urdangarin12:37
ubottuUrdangarin: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:37
Urdangarinshurmanos, venid a mi...12:37
MyrttiUrdangarin: this is Ubuntu support, do you have a support question?12:37
stephanbslipttees: gtkpod works for ipod, i'm not shure if it works for an iphone though12:38
sliptteeshumm... :(12:38
sliptteesstephanb: why banshee still are on ubuntu12:38
stephanbslipttees: you have to ask the developers12:38
lesslesshi! is there any gui for mencoder?12:38
sliptteesstephanb: nope... i use last by ppa repo12:39
stephanblessless: i googled some, try it for yourself ;)12:39
fidelslipttees: tested clementine?12:40
stephanbslipttees: maybe thats the problem, have you tried the version wich is shipped with ubuntu?12:40
lesslessstephanb, sure i'm googling now, but need very fast - out of time :)12:40
fidelworked in the past with my old ipod touch12:40
sliptteesstephanb: version shipped work noting =/12:40
sliptteesfidel: i don't know12:40
lesslessstephanb, the quest is to hardcode subtitles to mp4 video12:41
stephanbslipttees: in the long run you should get a phone which doesn't lock you in and wont even let you copy music to it without some closed database12:41
stephanblessless: never done that...12:41
Reliantubuntu is failing to boot. I can get to the command prompt with the recovery option. Where do I go to see a log of where the boot failed the first time?12:42
ikoniaChipzzz: sorry, was justaway at a meeting12:42
neo_Hi all12:46
=== neo_ is now known as frif
frifpeople, deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu lucid partner are working?12:46
=== michael is now known as Guest83650
Reliantlooks like I've found the cause of why I'm not getting a boot: I installed the pae kernel, and now X is giving me an error about no nvidia kernel driver12:49
nyancatttthe upgrade feature is useless in ubuntu12:49
nyancatttit show i need 5 days to download the entire upgrade12:50
jribnyancattt: if it's not because of a slow internet connection, then try a local mirror12:50
Chipzzzikonia: oh, don't worry about it... really, you've helped a great deal just by confirming that more than one master should be permissible in the conf... i'll mess with it some more rather than take your time with it12:50
omid8bimohow can i configure l2tp in ubuntu?12:50
Chipzzzikonia: ... i'm learning a great deal as i do this anyway :-)12:50
sliptteesstephanb: http://pastebin.com/tjzcd2a012:52
sliptteesare work... disable other plugins here :D12:52
patrunjelHi. How can I find out what's the path to my initrd and kernel? (I wanna get arch next to ubuntu and dual-boot)12:54
omid8bimowhat is the best l2tp client for ubuntu?12:55
quuphi, what's the command to start a desktop session? gnome-session doesn't seem like it gets everything12:55
omid8bimowhat is the best l2tp client for ubuntu?12:56
pokuywhat is the best l2tp?12:56
ikoniaChipzzz: shout if you need ehlp12:59
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sx2020How can I print output fromm a python script to a terminal, but allow me to hit "next" through the data rather than it all printing out and leaving me unable to read the top?13:01
jribsx2020: #python13:01
Somelauwsx2020: python script | more13:02
Somelauwsx2020: python script | less13:02
sx2020beautiful, thanks @jsrib, @Somelauw13:02
sx2020it was surprisingly difficult to come up with the right keywords for that on google13:03
MayazcherquoiOkay guys, this is ridiculous. I've reverted back to gnome-shell-3.2, and it still refuses to show in lightdm..13:05
MayazcherquoiAll I get are two variants of gnome-classic13:05
tejaswidpI executed the virus "KHATRA.exe" on ubuntu using wine. Surprisingly it worked. Now wheneven I kill the process using its pid , it keeps respawing! What should I do?13:06
Carl_1Hi, linux newb here. I'm on a linux server and I need to make a new user account which I've done with the useradd and passwd commands, however when I login to the server it says authentication failed13:07
undeclaredxwrong password? lol13:07
undeclaredxare you sure it's the right password?13:07
Carl_1I am13:07
Carl_1I've cahgned it to simple things like 123 and test13:07
mosnoCarl_1, perhaps it is using a different auth method/db13:07
Carl_1and it still does it13:07
ikoniaCarl_1: what linux version is it ?13:07
Carl_1what comamnd do I put in to find linux version?13:08
ikoniaCarl_1: uname -a will do13:08
patrunjeltejaswidp, i'm not a ubuntu guru, so don't trust me, but you should try googleing some info on the virus / how it works / what files it modifies, and either restore the stuff manually, or (if you're lucky), get a script that does it for you13:08
Carl_1ikonia: doesn't look helpful but... GNU/Linux13:09
Rennegatetejaswidp use -9 ?13:09
ikoniaCarl_1: it shows more than that, please show the whole line13:09
MayazcherquoiHey guys, how can I get gnome-shell to show up in lightdm and gdm upon logging in and set it as the default window manager to use? :S13:09
Carl_1ikonia: Linux test.dh.bytemark.co.uk 2.6.20-16-server #2 SMP Sun Sep 23 18:36:55 UTC 2007 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:09
RedViperWhich Ubuntu is better, more reliable and Less buggy? Ubuntu 10.04 - 10.10 - 11.04 - 11.10 0r the new 12.04? ( http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/de/timeline/dade00253b5f51e91b13029c3a26ffc0.png ) I want to install my new laptop and I want to know the most prudent. And it must have Long Term Support.13:10
mosnoMayazcherquoi, it automatically shows up after install. just select it and the dm remembers13:10
jribRedViper: 10.04 is the latest LTS release13:10
ikoniaCarl_1: that looks like ubuntu 7.0413:10
ikoniaCarl_1: can you confirm that with the command "lsb_release -a"13:10
Carl_1ikonia: uname on its own just says "Linux" too13:10
ikoniaCarl_1: does it say "7.04"13:10
tejaswidpRennegate I will try that. Thank you13:10
ikoniaooh 8.0413:10
jribRedViper: why do you want LTS though?13:10
tejaswidpBut Why doesn't linux recognize that something is wrong?13:10
tejaswidpIt keeps creating other files13:11
Carl_1ikonia:  8.04.4 LTS13:11
ikoniaCarl_1: can you show me the"exact" useradd command you  used to create the user13:11
RedViperjrib: Because I am not to fond of settingup my system every 6 months13:11
Carl_1ikonia: first I tried "useradd carl" followed by "passwd carl"13:11
tejaswidpSo is it advisable to install an anti virus on ubuntu?13:11
ikoniaCarl_1: ok - stop13:12
patrunjelHi. How can I find out what's the path to my initrd and kernel? (I wanna get arch next to ubuntu and dual-boot)13:12
jribRedViper: you can upgrade between releases; no need to setup again13:12
MayazcherquoiHey mosno13:12
ikoniaCarl_1: you can't just do that command13:12
MayazcherquoiUnfortunately it doesn't work :(13:12
MayazcherquoiIt's not there.13:12
Carl_1ikonia: then I tried "sudo useradd -d /home/carl -m carl"13:12
Carl_1ikonia: what should I do?13:12
ikoniaCarl_1: please run the following command13:12
=== Mayazcherquoi is now known as Guest68950
mosnoMayazcherquoi, works for me on 11.10 32-bit13:12
ikoniaCarl_1: "sudo userdel -r carl"13:12
Carl_1ikonia: thanks for this btw, most appreciated13:12
ikoniaCarl_1: that will delete the user, please tell me when you have done that13:12
Carl_1ikonia: done13:13
RedViperjrib: I heard Upgrading was not as good as a new install. True?13:13
jribRedViper: I'd recommend you install 11.10 and then upgrade to 12.04 when it is released in april13:13
jribRedViper: good in what way?13:13
Guest68950mosno, I am using 11.10 x86, and it was working prior to trying to upgrade to 3.3. But after reverting back to 3.2 for the same problem, it still doesn't show13:13
ikoniaCarl_1: sudo useradd -g users -s /bin/bash -d /home/carl -m carl13:13
mosnothat's a dev version, dude13:14
RedViperjrib: As in it's different or more buggy13:14
Guest68950Well yeah...13:14
jribRedViper: no, that's not true at all13:14
=== Guest68950 is now known as DansTheMan
RedViperjrib: Would you mind if I PM you or do you want me to stay here?13:14
Carl_1ikonia: ok done that13:15
jribRedViper: here is better13:15
ikoniaCarl_1: now try to login13:15
Carl_1ikonia:  shall I set a passwd first?13:15
ikoniaCarl_1: yes, that would be good13:15
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RedViperjrib: I am not a fan of unity, in fact I despise it. I use compiz to customise my desktop and Unity does not support it> your opinion?13:16
crizzyunity is the only reason why i bothered to try linux again after years of win+mac ;)13:17
jribRedViper: you can install whatever window manager/desktop environment you want and select it at the login screen13:17
jrib!nounity | RedViper13:17
ubottuRedViper: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic13:17
davide87the last kde for debian?13:17
jribRedViper: I'd suggest something like xfce if you want a more traditional gnome-2ish environment13:18
ikoniadavide87: your in ubuntu13:18
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crizzyFedUp1: what's the prob13:18
FedUp1crizzy, I am Mayazcherquoi from before.13:18
FedUp1gnome-shell isn't showing in lightdm OR gdm13:18
FedUp1It's not there, completely disappeared.13:19
crizzydid you install gnome-shell package?13:19
FedUp1And yes, I can run it from terminal..13:19
crizzywell.. try installing that gnome-session package back now after you've removedu nity13:19
fidelgnome-shell is never listed as Gnome-Shell afaik13:19
fidelit should be listed as Gnome13:19
fidelin case that helps ;)13:19
Carl_1ikonia: it still says Access Denied13:19
RedViperjrib: I am undecided now - 10.04 or 11.10?13:19
FedUp1crizzy, Okay, sec.13:19
quuphow do I start a gnome/unity session in xephyr on ubuntu 11.10?13:20
crizzyFedUp1: and like said, it shows up as 'Gnome' in login manager, not "gnome shell"13:20
FedUp1crizzy, :'(13:20
quupjust want to know what commands are ran right after login really13:20
FedUp1it works now :'(13:20
jribRedViper: why don't you try 11.10 and if it doesn't work out, you can always just install 10.04 over it.  Installs take like 15 minutes at most13:20
ikoniaCarl_1: how are you trying to login ?13:20
FedUp1Why didnt I think of that? Gah! Too tired I guess :-/13:20
fidelquup: you select the DE in your login-manager13:20
FedUp1Thanks crizzy13:20
fidelquup: so - i.e. in gdm / lightdm or similar13:20
FedUp1It's been on me for hours :'(13:20
Carl_1ikonia: ssh, I have one username already set up (by someone else obviously)13:20
ikoniaCarl_1: can you please do the following command "su - carl"13:21
quupfidel: yea, but I don't have a monitor, so just want to start the whole session directly in xephyr so I can use it over ssh13:21
ikoniaCarl_1: it will ask you for your password, enter your password13:21
ikoniaCarl_1: does that work ?13:21
quupfidel: used to be just gnome-session in previous ubuntu versions, but now that doesn't give me a menu13:21
quupjust a background13:21
Carl_1ikonia:  which password should it be, carls password or the user I'm currently logged in as?13:22
RedViperjrib: The problem is I need to get my system up and running. I have 10.04 on CD and I need to download 11.10. I see your an Ubuntu fan through and through13:22
ikoniaCarl_1: carls password13:22
Carl_1ikonia:  Authentication failure13:22
Carl_1sorry, su: Autentication failure13:22
P1rateRedViper: so whats the problem?13:23
ikoniaCarl_1: ok - so either a.) you have not set the password correclty b.) you have authentication setup to look at another method.13:23
ikoniaCarl_1: how did you set the password13:23
Carl_1ikonia: I think it must be the latter13:23
Carl_1ikonia: I'm in an unfortunate situation here, this has been passed on to me with no documentation13:23
ikoniaCarl_1: how did you set the password13:23
jribRedViper: ok install 10.04 then :)  See with 10.04 you'll need to upgrade to 12.04 before april of 2013.  With 11.10, you'll need to upgrade to 12.04 before april 2013 as well13:23
Carl_1ikonia: passwd carl, followed by a prompt for a password which shows no characters, entered twice13:23
ikoniaCarl_1: "sudo passwd carl"13:24
Carl_1ikonia: yes13:24
Carl_1as passwd carl doesn't do it13:24
P1ratejrib: it is not necessary to update tp 12.0413:24
ikoniaCarl_1: please do "sudo -i"13:24
ikoniaCarl_1: once you have a root shell please do "su - carl"13:24
ikoniaCarl_1: this should give you a root shell13:24
ikoniaCarl_1: what happens13:24
P1ratefrom ubuntu i still like and have 10.1013:24
sliptteeslibgpod doen't support IOS :(13:24
Carl_1ikonia: I'm now logged in as root13:24
jribP1rate: yes it is :/13:24
jribP1rate: or fresh upgrade I guess...13:25
ikoniaCarl_1: now "su - carl"13:25
=== tejaswidp is now known as ubuntu-guy-is-al
=== ubuntu-guy-is-al is now known as ubuntu-alive
Carl_1ikonia:  bash: arl: command not found13:25
=== armand is now known as Guest65463
ikoniaCarl_1: su - carl13:25
=== ubuntu-alive is now known as ubuntu-broalive
ikoniaCarl_1: note the spaces13:25
Carl_1ikonia: sorry13:25
Carl_1ikonia:  I'm now logged in as carl13:25
ikoniaGuest65463: please don't spam13:25
=== ubuntu-broalive is now known as ubuntu-bro-alive
Chipzzzikonia: got it working... thanks, bud... i owe you one (or perhaps many :-) )13:25
ikoniaCarl_1: ok - so we know the account is setup fine13:25
ikoniaubuntu-bro-alive: please stop changing nicknames13:26
ikoniaChipzzz: well done, happy to help13:26
ikoniaCarl_1: so the issue is around authentication and where that is setup to look13:26
RedViperP1rate: I want to know which Ubuntu has less probelms, firmer operating system and does not get affected by updates - 10.04 or 11.10?13:26
ikoniaRedViper: they are all the same13:26
Carl_1ikonia: must be, can you name some popular auth methods to look for?13:26
ikoniaRedViper: there isn't one "more/less" stable13:26
ikoniaCarl_1: look in the pam configus13:27
Guest65463its not spam, just my blog, intresting stuffs! I a newby and I know I asked here for Questions and stuff, you guys couldnt answer my questions, so i thought once i get it solved i'll come post it here, Unattended USB network install, apt-mirror and so forth: armandeg.blogspot.com13:27
ikoniaGuest65463: we still don't need to see you post your/advertise your blog, thanks.13:27
RedViperikonia: What is the difference between 10.10 and 10.04?13:29
Guest65463there is no advertisements on it, its for plain knowledge, but seeing that you very clever.... you prob dont need it, but other ppl might13:29
ikoniaRedViper: version upgrades13:29
=== e01 is now known as e01|smokepause
P1rateRedViper: six digits : P13:29
ikoniaGuest65463: sorry, I'll try again, "please don't post your blog URL here"13:29
MonkeyDustRedViper  10.04 is LTS, 10.10 is not13:29
ikoniaRedViper: the core "OS" is still ubuntu,13:29
Carl_1ikonia: is that in etc?13:29
ikoniaRedViper: why don't you just try some, see what you like13:30
ikoniaCarl_1: /etc/pam.d I believe on ubuntu13:30
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
=== sun_ is now known as Guest26582
Guest26582i lose route to dropbox what i can do???13:30
RedViperikonia: Well I am thinking of 10.04 - I am just concerned if it will be abit old. It will still do updates until 2013?13:31
ikoniaRedViper: you won't get "new" package versions, just maintainence of the existing packages13:31
Carl_1ikonia: is it ok to do PM or should I keep this here?13:31
the_phi. i have a problem with the circumflex sign. i can typ it and then a character and get for example 'ô', but i can not write just the circumflex. Can anybody help me with this?13:31
ikoniaCarl_1: don't need to pm me - I'm not going through your pam configs for you13:31
kentai will change my nickname13:32
Carl_1ikonia: I didn't mean that, I just meant as there is a lot of scrolling text here13:32
=== kenta is now known as moqj45opq45
Carl_1ikonia: I take it it would be the common-auth file13:32
RedViperikonia: so is that good or bad? If I go with 10.04 will the current packages update?13:32
ikoniaCarl_1: yes, ssh uses common-auth, and as we know su is also failing13:33
ikoniaRedViper: the curret packages will not update to new versions, no13:33
RedViperikonia: So what do the updates do?13:33
Carl_1auth    requisite       pam_unix.so nullok_secure13:33
Carl_1auth    optional        pam_smbpass.so migrate missingok13:33
=== ubuntu-bro-alive is now known as tejaswi___
ikoniaCarl_1: I just said I'm not going through your pam configs13:33
ikoniaRedViper: maintain the current packages13:34
RedViperikonia: Has 10.10 stopped updating packages?13:35
Carl_1ikonia: ok no prob, thanks for the help anyway13:35
ikoniaRedViper: not yet, but almost13:35
ikoniaRedViper: couple of months left, 18months after release.13:35
Guest26582after hibernation my system froz what do???13:35
RedViperikonia: Ok so what do I choose?Out of the two?13:36
ikoniaRedViper: it's up to YOU !!!!13:36
ikoniaRedViper: try them13:36
ikoniasee what YOU like13:36
IuliaGuest26582 wich version of Ubuntu you have? Happened before, happens after an upgrade/update?13:37
Rewt`so is there a way for Ubuntu to remember all my window positions?13:37
=== e01|smokepause is now known as e01
RedViperikonia: Ok last question - Is there anyhting wrong with having an operating without Updates? And does 10.04 come with gnome 2?13:38
ikoniaRedViper: depends if you want the software to conitnue to be maintained, have security and bug fixes etc13:39
ikoniaRedViper: the sooner you forget gnome 2 - the better, it's dead, no-one is using it any more, no-one is developing it/maintaining it any more13:39
nylesi have a question, if my mobo's setup is this; video & sound card are onboard.. my monitor has built in speakers, can i get a problem with my sound card? like that of hdmi problems?13:40
Rewt`it doesn't take much to update ubuntu.13:40
RedViperikonia: Whats the substitute for the gnome docklet?13:40
=== Guest65463 is now known as Armandeg
ikoniaRedViper: no idea,13:40
crizzyRedViper: https://extensions.gnome.org/13:41
scotty^Any Unity2D gurus here?13:43
crizzyhttps://extensions.gnome.org/extension/6/applications-menu/ + https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/25/window-list/ ... there's your old gnome2 style for gnome-shell =P13:44
RedViperikonia: Ok I have decided to go with 10.04. Will the bugs that have appiared in packages be fix. Will the be upgraded to the last upgrade?13:44
ikoniaRedViper: 1.) please stop doing armandeg.blogspot.com13:44
ikoniaRedViper: please stop doing 13:44 < RedViper> I13:44
ikoniabefore you type a line13:44
ikoniaRedViper: just speak on one line.13:45
ikoniaRedViper: 2.) nothing will be "upgraded"13:45
ikoniaRedViper: 3.) updates will happen as long as the release it not EOL (end of life)13:45
RedViperikonia: And bugs that appear will be fixed? Sorry about adding 13:44?13:46
ikoniaRedViper: bugs will be fixed if the release is supported and a fix is available13:47
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:47
ikoniamirko8080: do you speak English ?13:47
konzaHi all, I am a flex developer  and now I am using ubuntu. Is there any way to develop flex application in linux? is there any open source IDE? please help13:48
ikoniakonza: what do you normally develop flex in13:48
RedViperikonia:But I mean in 10.04s case? Will the updates fix the bugs13:49
MonkeyDustRedViper  yes, if a bigfix is available13:49
ikoniaRedViper: if the distro is in support, and there is a fix for the version of the software you are using, it will be fixed13:49
crizzythere was flex builder for linux but adobe discontinued it13:49
nylesis the help.ubuntu.com site down? or is it just me?13:49
MonkeyDustit's down13:50
fidelnyles: down here too13:50
nylesMonkeyDust, fidel thanks...13:50
konzacrizzy, yeah it was flex builder 3. I need flex 4. Is there any eclipse plugin?13:50
crizzykonza: i mostly only code c so no idea :-)13:51
RedViperMonkeyDust: Thanks for the Help, let me get to it then.13:51
RedViperikonia: Thanks for the Help, let me get to it then.13:51
konzaikonia, Applications using charts13:51
EpicGeekZgood morning =)13:51
SilverlionEpicGeekZ: good afternoon13:51
MonkeyDustotheer timezone here :)13:51
ikoniakonza: sorry, I meant what toold13:52
Silverlionnyles: am able to open the page13:52
konzaikonia, I use flash builder. But i was using windows at that time13:52
Silverlionbut needs a very long time to load13:52
nylesSilverlion, here too, its up already i guess..13:53
nylesSilverlion, thanks for informing :)13:53
Silverlionloplop what is this link for?13:54
sattu94whois satyanash13:54
scotty^woops :)13:55
hex20decQuestion, when you see a command somewhere, say "useradd -m" and you want to know what the -m does, how would I find out without looking for it online?13:57
Picihex20dec: man useradd13:57
compdocuseradd --help13:57
hex20decI know that, but does everyone scroll does until they find the -m parameter?13:58
hex20decOr is there a faster option?13:58
Picihex20dec: press / to search and type -m13:58
hex20decOkay, so I guess I'm doing it correct, thank you pici.13:58
nylesok, im trying this code; options snd-sb16 isapnp=0 port=0x220 irq=5 dma8=1 dma16=5 mpu_port=0x330.. where i can find that port, mpu-port, dma8 and dma 16? they are not in my bios..13:58
llutz_hex20dec: man useradd |less -p -m13:59
hex20decllutz_, thanks.13:59
MonkeyDusthex20dec  or use the slash => man uderadd and then /-m to search14:00
Guest26582who know? wtf chrome don't work over https14:00
Guest26582only http14:01
=== Ard1t is now known as Guest12799
hex20decTo perform a search in man you do /word and to repeat the search?14:03
Picihex20dec: press n14:03
=== Andromeda is now known as v01d
hex20decAwesome, Pici.14:04
llutz_hex20dec: "man less" for more options. less is mostly used as pager to read man-pages14:04
riverykgood morning, my problem is that my ps has 2048 mb of ram always worked and at any moment I get only 763 I have used, the BIOS tells me I have the 2048 but all I get is using 763 mb ... . that can be or I can do???14:04
fidelriveryk: run memtest14:06
fideland check if all ram-dimms are connected properly - sometimes its just about re-connecting them14:06
nyleshow can i see my other partition?14:06
fidelnyles: dik utility14:06
* sattu94 laughs out loud..14:07
riverykfidel, command "run mem"?14:08
compdocnyles, gparted is nice14:08
nylesfidel, where i can find it?14:08
fidelnyles: in your app menu?14:08
scotty^Any Unity2D gurus here?14:09
fidelscotty^: just ask14:09
nylescompdoc, fidel i don't see gparted here..14:10
riverykfidel, command for memtest??14:10
fidelnyles: disk utility is called: palimpsest in cli14:10
fidelriveryk: google for memtest14:11
compdocnyles, right - its included in the live cd, but you have to install it otherwise. takes a few seconds, and its the best14:11
pitto_I just want to say to everybody that ubuntu for android is simply outstanding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pZUCKt0RKc&feature=g-logo&context=G2fdacdbFOAAAAAAACAA14:12
pitto_see the video and let excitement explode :D14:12
nylesfidel, what is cli?14:12
pitto_command line, nyles :)14:12
pitto_cli = command line14:12
nylespitto_, oh sorry lol.. just a noob xD14:13
oCeanfidel: please don't tell others "to google"14:13
fideloCean: please help him then instead ;)14:13
pitto_we're all noobs for something  :)14:13
fideli told him the needed keyword as first step14:13
hcuongvnHey guys, I can't use TAB key to auto complete in command "sudo apt-get install package"14:14
oCeanfidel: yes, but that's not acceptable by channel policy. If you don't know the correct answer, say so, or don't respond to the question14:14
Napalmhi people, ive searched around and I can find any details on what im trying to do.. i need to upgrade my apache2 and bind packages, but the oneiric package list doesnt contain the latest version i require.. the precise package list does14:14
Napalmis it possible to install precise packages in oneiric?14:14
Napalmubuntu server14:14
fideloCean: thanks for the info - gonna mute myself then14:14
scotty^A couple of users with old graphics hardware (ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility M7 LW [Radeon Mobility 7500]) have lost desktop acceleration after upgrading from Lucid to Oneiric and from Natty to Oneiric.  In at least one case the card is still being used for direct rendering.  I presume they have fallen back to Unity 2D, but why is it so slow?  What has failed?  XRender14:15
scotty^Or EXA/UXA?14:15
SilverlionAmin0v: Sup?14:15
scotty^How to tell?14:15
scotty^See bug #/88342114:15
Amin0vI have created an svn repository in my webserver direretory : /home/user14:15
scotty^See bug #88342114:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 883421 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "material accelaraion disappeared" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88342114:16
Amin0vI want that people check out the project from /home/user/web directory14:16
Amin0vhow can I acheive ?14:16
scotty^Any Unity2D gurus here?  Need help.14:18
scotty^A couple of users with old graphics hardware (ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility M7 LW [Radeon Mobility 7500]) have lost desktop acceleration after upgrading from Lucid to Oneiric and from Natty to Oneiric.  In at least one case the card is still being used for direct rendering.  I presume they have fallen back to Unity 2D, but why is it so slow?  What has failed?  XRender?14:18
scotty^Or EXA/UXA?14:18
oCeanscotty^: no need to repeat so soon14:18
scotty^How to tell?14:18
antismaphello, what is the command to access unity's systemsettings from the console ?14:18
scotty^See bug #88342114:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 883421 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "material accelaraion disappeared" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88342114:18
scotty^ocean: Sorry14:18
scotty^It makes me wonder....14:20
=== iqpi|on is now known as iqpi|off
scotty^Anyone?  Bueller?14:22
chown_what is the compiz fusion?14:24
Amin0vthe answe is svn import14:25
Amin0v /s/answe/answer14:25
Gitzois compiz running in services when you install ubuntu 11.10?14:26
braiamGitzo, no14:27
chown_someone told me there was more animations on compiz14:29
chown_where can i find if its actually true14:29
MonkeyDustmore animations to disable, you mean?14:29
chown_to choose14:30
satyanashHi, what is the default install location for applications I install through apt ?14:30
chown_by animations i mean effects14:30
ubuntu-guy-diedDunno what the hell is goin' on the 11.10 sucks14:30
MonkeyDustsatyanash  /urs/bin14:30
MonkeyDustidd :)14:31
satyanashMonkeyDust, I need the Data directory.. not the binary location.14:31
_Marcussatyanash: Like where the application stores it's configuration files?14:31
satyanashMonkeyDust, I want to unzip a zip file to it's data directory so as to patch it.14:31
ubuntu-guy-diedhi who_am_i_68 !!!14:32
_MarcusHello who_am_i_68.14:32
satyanashI am upgrading openarena to 0.8.814:32
Picisatyanash: There is not one location where packages install their files to.  /etc/ is often used for system-wide configuration files, but thats not always the case for every package.14:32
satyanashI need to unzip the incremental patch into its data directory..14:32
ubuntu-guy-diedomg, http://www.linux-magazine.com/content/view/full/5129314:33
Picisatyanash: dpkg -L packagename  will show you where it installed its files to.14:33
_Marcussatyanash: The site says that the folder for it is "~/.openarena/"14:34
Piciubuntu-guy-died: This channel is for support, not FUD or rumors.14:34
who_am_i_68I am using UBuntu 11.10. Adobe flash use CPU like crazy. But the desktop is very very cool. I want to install from additional drivers my ATI's driver. But there is 2 same drivers on the list. Which one should I install ? (the difference of two drivers is just this string : "post-release updates" )14:34
oCeanubuntu-guy-died: why are you posting that link here?14:34
ubuntu-guy-diedOK i am sorry14:34
_Marcuswho_am_i_68: Which one looks newer? I guess install the one that is the newest, but not Beta.14:34
oCeanubuntu-guy-died: if you want a conversation/chat, use #ubuntu-offtopic14:35
satyanash_Marcus, oh, right! Haha.. It was in my home all along.. :)14:35
ubuntu-guy-diedoCean, Actually i am talking about Ubuntu ....14:35
who_am_i_68_Marcus looks newest? how to understand this? both of them are same (details, name...)14:35
oCeanubuntu-guy-died: of course, but this channel is for technical support issues. You are very welcome to continue in #ubuntu-offtopic14:35
_Marcuswho_am_i_68: Anything different between the two?14:35
who_am_i_68_Marcus just the name of one has also this string _Marcus14:36
_Marcuswho_am_i_68: Besides being on seperate lines14:36
_Marcuswho_am_i_68: What string does it have?14:36
who_am_i_68_Marcus just the name of one has also this string "post-release updates"14:36
_Marcuswho_am_i_68: I think you should get the one that says "post-release updates".14:37
who_am_i_68_Marcus ok. also can you tell me what that string means?14:37
_Marcuswho_am_i_68: It means it's an update that is released after the product was released(the product in this case is the driver). In other words, it's a patch for the driver.14:38
who_am_i_68_Marcus ok. and Adoıbe flash will use CPU like crazy after the installation of driver?14:39
_Marcuswho_am_i_68: If ATI put something that messes with Adobe Flash in their drivers, then yes, the CPU usage may increase, but that is very unlikely.14:41
who_am_i_68_Marcus very bad. flash makes me crazy even I use adblock extension... Anyway Thank you for your interest! :)14:42
DrDamnitMy 10.04.04 LTS server keeps forgetting its static IP address and grabbing one from DHCP. How do I prevent this?14:43
hex20decHow would you recommend to learn the Linux file system directories, where everything is / needs to be, etc?14:46
bazhang!fhs | hex20dec14:46
ubottuhex20dec: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier14:46
hex20decThank you both, bazhang and ubottu.14:47
JulinBMAdeman: hi, do you help me?14:52
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
bazhangJulinBM, whats the issue, please tell the channel14:53
=== companion is now known as Companion
JulinBMis just a information about ubuntu14:54
bazhang!manual | JulinBM perhaps this will help, have a read14:54
ubottuJulinBM perhaps this will help, have a read: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/14:54
JulinBMbazhang: is to use ubuntu to open all types of files used in windows?14:55
bazhangJulinBM, please give an example14:55
lol123Whats up14:56
JulinBMbazhang: well... M. Office documents14:56
bazhangJulinBM, libreoffice can do that14:56
bazhangJulinBM, you should have a look at the ubuntu manual14:56
JulinBMbazhang: I want to uninstall windows and only use ubuntu14:57
as001hi I activated wrong option in compiz and now when I log in I have no panels and top of windows are missing... How can i fix it14:57
JulinBMbazhang: thanks14:57
lol123Ubuntu is cool14:57
as001previos I had everything on left side and did not have top and bottom panels. I would like to switch back to it.14:57
JulinBMbazhang: I think I only use ubuntu without problems right?14:57
freegisjoin #geo-spatial.org14:57
bazhangas001, using the compizconfig-settings-manager? sounds like a window decoration issue14:58
freegiswrong commnad14:58
as001I tried that but can not force it to activate on startup14:59
bazhangas001, is this 11.10? unity?14:59
as001I agreed to remove Desktop Wall and that was the problem14:59
as001I am not sure this is kernel 2.6.38-13-generic-pae15:00
bazhangas001, so go into ccsm and re-enable it?15:00
bazhangas001, thats 11.0415:00
as001ccsm ? what is that ?15:00
as001yes bazhang it is 11.0415:00
bazhangccsm is compizconfig-settings-manager as00115:00
as001ok i am there15:00
bazhangas001, did you choose 'classic' from the login window?15:01
JulinBMubuntu is very good! no win 7 more! kk15:01
as001I think yes15:01
mosnoJulinBM, now you have /bin/more15:01
JulinBMmosno: ok!15:02
bazhangas001, so choose unity from the login window15:02
as001I am not sure i will relog15:03
JulinBMmosno: I'm not advanced user, but I think it is still best15:03
JulinBMmosno: what you think?15:04
as001no I choose Ubuntu on login15:04
mosnoJulinBM, /join #ubuntu-offtopic15:04
bazhangas001, ubuntu classic? no effects? unity? there is not a choice 'ubuntu'15:05
[u]{s}[e]{r}anyone mind telling me what all these compiling errors mean? http://pastebin.com/ixhEQkU2 is something wrong with my installed libraries? do i need to reconfigure them?15:05
as001it is not classic15:06
as001i will check again15:06
felipe_Brzhow is it possible that upon trying to execute this file http://pastie.org/3472316 , I get the following error message: ./install.sh: 22: Syntax error: "(" unexpected ??????15:07
felipe_Brzi mean that's just an array declaration15:07
as001yet is is Ubuntu15:07
as001I have UBuntu-classic etc...15:07
as001Recovery console etc..15:07
Oer[u]{s}[e]{r},  what are you trying to build, john-1.7.9-jumbo-5/src password-cracker ?15:08
[u]{s}[e]{r}Oer, yes. john-1.7.9-jumbo15:08
bazhangas001, and you want effects? the dock on the left side and no top and bottom bar?15:08
[u]{s}[e]{r}Oer, nothing malicious in mind, just trying to do an assignment for school15:08
as001from startup15:09
Oer[u]{s}[e]{r}, cannot help you with that. join #backtrack or something15:09
as001how can i check current windiw manager15:09
[u]{s}[e]{r}backtrack uses slackware though...15:09
Pici[u]{s}[e]{r}: john is in the repositories, you may have better luck with that.15:09
as001if it is  metacity or something else15:09
[u]{s}[e]{r}the john thats in the repositories does not support sha-51215:10
AaronMTEveryone see the Ubuntu on Android booth at MWC?15:10
Pembroke_SkubbitI cant for the life of me get this bloody driver to install15:10
as001I tried to activate rotate cube and it says it conflicts with Desktop wall and I chosed to remove Desktop Wall and Unity (left part) dissapeared...15:12
chown_as001: i tried the same 2 days ago15:12
Pembroke_SkubbitI think nvidia's driver quality has gone downhill15:14
Pembroke_Skubbiti am doing nothing different than usual15:14
as001and how did you revert back ?15:14
chown_as001: at the login i think, i selected: the ubuntu2d login15:15
Pembroke_Skubbitah there now it took15:15
karsten_ hey there. does anybody knows why i can install updates via the "Aktualisierungsverwaltung" (I think its Update Manger in English) in Lubuntu 11.10 without typing in my root-password15:15
Myrttikarsten_: you can set it to install important security updates without15:15
karsten_Myrtti, where can set it?15:16
chown_btw as001 i found this tweak: myunity to be of good use on teaking the unity15:16
Daekdroomkarsten_, updates require root privileges15:16
karsten_Daekdroom, thanks, i know. thats why i'm asking15:16
DaekdroomAh. I misread it, sorry.15:17
Myrttikarsten_: settings-button on the bottom has an option15:17
Myrtti"When there are security updates:"15:17
Daekdroomkarsten_, sudo is able to remember your root password for about some minutes, so try to pay attention whether you used it shortly before or not.15:17
karsten_Myrtti, the value of the option is... something like.. "Show instantly"15:18
allu2am i only one who can't move left up corner directly using ctrl+alt+left+up hotkeys while on down right corner, in unity15:18
Myrttikarsten_: above that?15:18
karsten_Daekdroom, i think it is able to store the password for 15 minutes. but i hasn typed in since 11:00am, the updates was at 03:00pm15:19
allu2works well from up left to down right, down left to up right but it doesn't work down right to up left15:19
Gentoo64karsten_: sudo -k will reset the timer15:19
karsten_Myrtti, theres an option "When there are securtiy Updates" and the value of this is "Show instantly" (in my german distribution it is "Sofort anzeigen")15:19
karsten_Myrtti, so does it allow the installation of updates without typing in the root-password?15:20
Myrttikarsten_: there should be an option "Download and install automatically" - so security updates would be installed automatically15:21
Myrttikarsten_: it doesn't install normal updates automatically, though.15:21
karsten_Myrtti, yes, thats why i'm wondering. It asked me for some security updates, after i touched the "Update"-Button it started to install without the password-prompt15:22
SomelauwI noticed that in ubuntu 11.4, the xserver has moved to the 8th tty and the 7th tty is now used for logging?15:22
makarai want to mount a folder as a disk. how to do?15:26
simon__mount -o loop15:27
simon__makara: sudo mount -o loop /path/to/folder /mount/point/15:27
simon__bind rather than loop actually15:27
makarathanss. what is -o bind do?15:28
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makarasimon__: it says mount point does not exist15:32
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simon__makara: replace /mount/point with the folder you want to mount it at15:33
simon__makara: for example mount -o bind /etc /mnt/etc15:33
ogzyi am getting error while i am trying to repack the libaudiere for oneirich as sudo pbuilder build *.dsc the error message says This package is uninstallable Dependency is not satisfiable: libdumb1-dev15:35
ogzyalthough i have libdumb1-dev15:35
ogzyany idea?15:35
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Jan\i'm trying to figure out what this binary file opens with, theres no file ext and opening with text reader shows garbled text... any clues how to figure it out ?15:39
zykotick9Jan\: in terminal "file foo" replacing foo with the actual filename - might give a clue15:40
celthunderJan\: run it in a terminal15:40
Stormshadowhi all, im trying to implement a simple send-receive utility using the DBUS C api -- im OK sending  a signal and appending a string. I want to improve on that and send an array of strings -- Im calling dbus_message_iter_open_container() then dbus_message_iter_append_basic() twice (2 element string array)...on the receive end dbus_connection_pop_message() is returning NULL15:43
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MonkeyDustStormshadow  is that C programming?15:44
Stormshadowemm yep15:44
zykotick9yabai: FYI, uprecords part of the uptimed package is cooler then just "uptime"15:45
simon__yayabai: 14:43:58 up  19:17,  2 users,  load average: 0.04, 0.15, 0.5715:46
Gumpo1Hi, I have a script command that I want to run when the computer boots, how do I do that? Also, with around 30 sec delay so the wireless is up and running15:46
yabaizykotick9: :-P uptime works ok for me :-)15:46
simon__Gumpo1: rc.local?15:47
ActionParsnipGumpo1: does it need root access?15:47
zykotick9yabai: ya, but to you get "%up 99.997 | since Mon Jan 23 14:50:15 2012"?15:47
Gumpo1lets pretend i really, reeeally dont know anything about linux15:47
ActionParsnipGumpo1: but you can still read my question, and reply...15:47
simon__Gumpo1: step 1, install windows :P15:47
_MarcusHow do I run a bash command over FTP?15:47
Gumpo1i dunno15:47
_MarcusI've done it before, I just don't remember how15:47
simon__Gumpo1: whats it doing?15:47
Gumpo1i cant run windows from a usb stick. at least not well15:48
Gumpo1it mounts my time capsule15:48
ActionParsnipGumpo1: when you run the script yourself, do you need to run it with sudo?15:48
zykotick9ActionParsnip: did you see my message yesterday about the sizes of ubuntu mini?15:48
ActionParsnipGumpo1: then it need root15:48
ActionParsnipzykotick9: sorry, no15:48
ActionParsnipGumpo1: put the command in a script, and run the scrpt backgrounded. It will need a lengthy sleep command to make it wait long enogh15:48
ActionParsnipGumpo1: what command do you run and I can make you the script if you like15:49
Gumpo1i want to run this command15:49
Gumpo1sudo mount.cifs // /media/capsule -o pass=xxxxx15:49
zykotick9ActionParsnip: mini (base only) 872M, with Xorg 975M, with OB 1008M (after apt-get clean 974M), adding vim 1012M (1004M after apt-get clean)15:49
Gumpo1this mounts my capsule to /media/capsule folder15:49
Gumpo1how to do that automatically is beyond me. I tried fstab or whatever but it failed since the network is not laoded before it tried to mount it15:50
bastidrazorGumpo1: there are some options to tell it to wait to mount until a network connection is valid.15:51
Gumpo1how. also, it mounts stuff before login and whatnot. the wireless driver thingy is one of the last ones to load before the computer is fully functional15:52
ActionParsnipGumpo1: http://pastie.org/347267115:52
Gumpo1i really would like for this command to be run after around 30 sec after the computer has started completely15:52
ActionParsnipzykotick9: nice, 1Gb for an OS aint bad15:52
Gumpo1ill have a look at it15:53
bastidrazorGumpo1: _netdev option15:53
ActionParsnipzykotick9: is  that without the suggested packages too?15:53
okramMy 11.10 freezes how can I open System Log Viewer GUI in teminal?15:53
zykotick9ActionParsnip: that's all "default" no trickery, so it could certainly be smaller15:54
bastidrazorGumpo1: or the script ActionParsnip gave you.. either should work.15:54
bitcoin_mineranyone here have a good computer?15:54
ActionParsnipokram: if you press CTRL+ALT+F1   does it  drop to a CLI interface which you can log in to?15:54
ActionParsnipbastidrazor: mines a bit hackier, but should work15:54
ActionParsnipbitcoin_miner: please don't spam here15:55
bitcoin_minerif you leave that open you can make some money using distributed computng15:55
bastidrazorActionParsnip: should work yes. it should give the delay too. i don't know if fstab can delay like that15:55
Gumpo1ugh, lubuntu on sub is really slow :)15:55
_Marcusbitcoin_miner: And this has to do with Ubuntu, how?15:55
bitcoin_miner_Marcus: idk just cool15:56
ActionParsnipGumpo1: most GUI distros will be. Puppy has the toram cheatcode, makes things nice :)15:56
ActionParsnipbitcoin_miner: as I said, don't spam. I did say....15:56
dez4rkHello world! Finicky February! (dez4rk@freenode)15:57
_Marcusbitcoin_miner: If I was into Bitcoin mining, I wouldn't generate for you. And that's offtopic, you should see #ubuntu-offtopic15:57
tttwhere do I ask for help with coreutils15:57
_Marcusttt: What problem are you having?15:57
dez4rkYou were all just in a ubuntuforums.org screenshot, just saying. ;)15:57
_Marcusdez4rk: I'm famous now!15:57
tttI'm getting behavior I don't understand with tail piping to another program.15:58
okramYes ctrl+alt+f1 works and then?15:58
Gumpo1trying to make a photo frame so everything has to be automatic. its difficult to set up. all i really need is that time capsule mount and a photo viewer to begin automatically streaming pictures from the network15:58
ActionParsnipokram: run:  dmesg | tail -n 20     and read, it should give clues15:58
tttI pipe to a program that ends, but  I don't come back to a command prompt.15:59
makarasimon__: it says the mount point does not exist15:59
okramOk I got login promt and as I entered info it flashed some error wich was to fast to read and restarted computer15:59
ActionParsnipokram: sounds like bad ram to me dude, the command should only output some text. There is a memtester in Grub16:00
zykotick9makara: a "mount point" is just an empty directory YOU choose, BUT it has to exist BEFORE you try the mount command16:00
stpierrerunning 11.04. i rebooted this morning, and now emacs will not start (tried with and without X, and even daemon mode) _unless_ I strace it.  "strace emacs" works just dandy.  reinstalled emacs and all related packages.  other programs -- X and non-X start fine.  any suggestions?16:01
Prolachow can I check which version of specific software is in the repos?16:01
zykotick9makara: /mnt exists just for the purpose of temporary mounting16:01
_MarcusActionParsnip: If there was bad RAM, the computer wouldn't start up though16:01
ActionParsnipProlac: apt-cache policy packagename16:01
ActionParsnip_Marcus: RAM is randomly accessed, you could avoid the bad section during boot16:01
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okumhi, i have a pretty noobish question.. can you use any windows installer with wine?16:02
_MarcusActionParsnip: Oh. I'm guessing he doesn't have a RAM check at startup?16:02
ProlacActionParsnip: thanks :)16:02
_Marcusokum: Mostly. Some may not work as well as others.16:02
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ActionParsnipokum: yes but weather or not it will work is a different matter. Check appdb for compatibility16:02
ActionParsnip_Marcus: its in a defaultinstall16:02
_Marcusokum: http://appdb.winehq.org/ will tell you how well it works(if it's there)16:02
dez4rkhttp://img850.imageshack.us/img850/6685/99screenshotat201202271.png - you're all famous!16:02
sipiorstpierre: are you running strace via sudo? also, what error does it give when it fails?16:03
okumActionParsnip: i just mean, could i go download any trial of a windows program and it shall work if known to work? :P16:03
tttMarcus:  I'm getting behavior I don't understand with tail -f  piping to another program. I pipe to a program that ends, but  I don't come back to a command prompt.16:03
stpierresipior: no error (or output) at all.  i have not been running strace under sudo; root can't run emacs, either, though, fwiw.16:03
stpierrei've been invoking it as '\emacs -nw -Q -q --no-site-file' to avoid loading ... basically anything other than emacs itself.16:03
ActionParsnipokum: sure, as long as the appdb says its ok then you'll be ok16:03
sipiorstpierre: and it just kicks you back to a prompt?16:04
Gumpo1thanks ActionParsnip ill do a reboot and see if it works16:04
okumActionParsnip: alright, that's all i wanted to know. thanks, and also thanks _Marcus for the link. (:16:04
stpierreyeah, after a few seconds.16:04
ActionParsnipokum: the appd also has little hints on settings too16:04
stpierreooh, looks like this one is my fault somehow.  if i start up a new bash with --norc, emacs starts fine16:04
* stpierre had better start sorting through his environment. thanks :)16:05
okumActoinParsnip: awesome, thanks.16:05
sipiorstpierre: interesting. is strace suid-root on your system?16:06
okramActionPArsnip: It passes mem test!?! Hence I can only run terminal normally then how can I open built in  system log viewer gui?16:06
zortnessso, trying to determine an issue on installation on my eeepc 1005HA that I've had for years with ubuntu... installation either locks up or restarts the machine when I'm trying to select my keyboard16:07
zortnessiirc it's happened since the 9x releases16:08
zteamHi all16:08
ActionParsnipzortness: did you MD5 test the iSO you downloaded?16:09
zteamIs there any easy way to encrypt the whole ubuntu-system in an existing install?16:09
luvsawtihello everyone !16:09
excowhat file is responsible for the kernel parameters (11.10, grub2)16:09
ActionParsnipexco: /etc/default/grub16:09
_MarcusHello, luvsawti16:09
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zortnessActionParsnip: not this latest one, but I have had the issue before with others that were verified16:10
Gumpo1awesomeness ActionParsnip, it works. thanks be to ye16:10
_Marcuszteam: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemHowto16:10
Gumpo1now have to autostart an image viewer to view pictures :)16:10
luvsawtican anybody tell me how i can create installer for pendrive ?16:10
ActionParsnipGumpo1: do you see what is happening in the script16:10
_Marcusluvsawti: What do you mean "pendrive"?16:11
Gumpo1is there a screensaver that can show pictures from a folder perhaps?16:11
okumhow to update wine? it won't let me through update manager cuz it's untrusted packages or something like that.16:11
ActionParsnipGumpo1: if you didn't use the script file and had it just running in rc.local it would hang the boot16:11
zortnessActionParsnip: over the past couple of years, I've probably downloaded 20+ images of ubuntu and attempted to install them via cd and usb stick16:11
MonkeyDustluvsawti  you mean unetbootin?16:11
ActionParsnipGumpo1: the script is backgrounded and running as root in the background, but the sleep makes the script wait a while so that it can do its thing later16:11
excoActionParsnip, there is vt.handoff=7 in my kernel parameters but I can't find the option in /etc/default/grub16:12
Gumpo1it works, im happy :) how it works? no idea :p16:12
ActionParsnipGumpo1: as it is backgrounded, the boot will continue as normal16:12
Gumpo1i see16:12
luvsawtino i mean removal media !16:12
ActionParsnipzortness: what happens when you try to boot?16:12
MonkeyDustluvsawti  do try unetbootin, then16:12
okramActionPArsnip: It passes mem test!?! Hence I can only run terminal normally then how can I open built in  system log viewer gui? It was something like tail -f /var/log/messages but I don't remember exactly?16:13
zortnessActionParsnip: I can boot off the USB and/or the CD fine, play around for a bit, but install always fails16:13
zteam_Marcus, thanks I'm looking into it right now16:13
v0lksmananyone know how to access notes on Ubuntu One from an iphone?16:14
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luvsawtino i want to create a installer which will be autorun  !16:14
ActionParsnipokram: dmesg and /var/log/Xorg.0.log are the main files to read, you can use less in cLI to read them16:14
ActionParsnipzortness: what happens when you try to boot, saying it "fails" doesn't give much detail16:15
makarazykotick9: thanks16:15
as001how can I check currently running windows manager in Ubuntu 11.04 ?16:15
luvsawtior i say i want to install ubuntu in pendrive , run it too .16:15
zortnessActionParsnip: so I can boot into the livecd mode, when I install everything is fine until I get to the keyboard selection screen. At that point the installation either locks up completely (mouse freezes, no keys work, have to hardware reset), or the machine resets on its own.16:15
okramActionParsnip: Thanks16:15
danileigh79zortness: Did you burn the CD?16:16
MonkeyDustluvsawti  http://opensource-sidh.blogspot.com/2011/06/install-ubuntu-on-external-hard-drive.html16:16
zortnessdanileigh79: that happens off of a burned cd or a liveUSB stick created with LiLi16:16
ActionParsnipas001: ps -ef | egrep 'compiz|metacity|openbox|fluxbox|kwin"     should cover enough bases.16:17
danileigh79What release are you using (sorry for coming into the convo late)16:17
luvsawtidoes it will work !16:17
ActionParsnipzortness: how does the keyboard connect to the system?16:17
zortnessdanileigh79: using the latest now, 11.10, but this has happened since the 9.x releases on this machine16:17
as001I have compiz-decorator and metacity --replace at the moment16:17
zortnessActionParsnip: it's an asus eeepc 1005HA, so it's a netbook with, i assume, an internally connected ps/2 connection16:18
ActionParsnipas001: then it's metacity :)16:18
ActionParsnipzortness: hmm, ok let me search16:18
danileigh79zortness: full install or side by side?16:18
as001Yes I started it to gain top of windows which dissapeared when I messed compiz.16:18
zortnessdanileigh79: full install16:18
as001Is there way to restart unity insted of metacity16:19
danileigh79zortness: how long have you left it alone ater it's frozen?16:19
ActionParsnipzortness: tried the boot option: acpi_osi=Linux16:19
zortnessdanileigh79: up to 12 hours once, left it while I was at work for the day16:19
okramActionParsnip: Any idea whats -> pci0000:00: ACPI _OSC request failed?16:19
zortnessActionParsnip: how can I specify that during the livecd boot?16:19
ActionParsnipokram: not sure, ask the web16:19
ActionParsnip!bootoptions | zortness16:20
ubottuzortness: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.16:20
okramCant acces web :D16:20
makarazykotick9, simon__: i'm trying to mount a folder to be seen as a hdd by virtualbox. I thought I could trick it but no. Can I mount the folder as a file, not as a folder. VBox accepts files16:20
danileigh79zortness: okram, wired or wirless?16:20
okramOnly terminal works16:20
danileigh79zortness: nm, sorry16:20
ActionParsnipzortness: possibly this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/56935416:20
danileigh79okram: wired or wireless?16:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 569354 in linux (Ubuntu) "Mouse and keyboard become unresponsive on Asus Eee PC 1005HA" [Undecided,Expired]16:20
ActionParsnipokram: how are you chatting now then?16:21
luvsawti<MonkeyDust>thank u for the link !16:21
okramchating via terminal16:21
spaceneedleI wonder if Nvidia-common -which is installed on my laptop even tho I have intel graphics--can be used to snoop around on my laptop? It's stated purpose is to "find" obsolete nvidia drivers.16:21
okramirssi :D16:21
ZenIRCBotokram: Use weechat.16:21
zortnessActionParsnip: ty, reading now16:21
ActionParsnipokram: you can use links and so forth for web access16:21
bmranyone know if stokes hangs out here?16:23
ActionParsnipspaceneedle: its in a default install, you could run:   dpkg -l | grep nvidia    to see the packages with nvidia in the names16:23
as001when I try to start unity from console my windows lose top and I can not drag windows or do anything...16:23
as001above suggested command after login gives just /bin/sh -c /usr/bin/compiz-decorator16:24
ActionParsnipas001: hold ALT and you can drag from any point in the window.ALT+F4 will close it16:24
ActionParsnipas001: nvidia GPU by any chance?16:24
as001yes but it worket great until I changed setting in Compiz and now i can not get back16:25
as001I mean it is not hardware issue16:25
ActionParsnipas001: try resetting compiz and unity settings, may help16:25
as001how can i do that16:25
ActionParsnipas001: sometimes nvidia gpus need extra settings if the decorator vanishes16:25
qazokmas001, are you using another desktop manager besides unity16:26
ActionParsnipas001: lots of guides online, here's one I found.http://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/how-to-reset-unity-to-default-settings-in-ubuntu/16:26
^BRILL^a< tutti16:26
as001at the moment metacity and gnome-panel to be able to do anything16:26
_MarcusHow do I find a file in ubuntu?16:26
_MarcusAnd then output the location to my terminal16:27
as001Yes unity --reset brings back unity16:28
qazokmas001 rm -f ~/.cache/sessions/16:28
ActionParsnipas001: sometimes nvidia GPUs need these options in the video card device section: http://pastie.org/347295016:28
qazokmdisable session saving too16:28
theadmin_Marcus: Find by what criteria?16:29
bilalakbar2344hello any girl is here for chating16:29
theadmin!ot | bilalakbar234416:29
qazokmhere bilalakbar234416:29
ubottubilalakbar2344: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:29
ActionParsnipbilalakbar2344: this is support only16:29
ikoniabilalakbar2344: not in this channel16:29
ikoniatheadmin: it's not even "suitable for #ubuntu-offtopic"16:29
ikoniabilalakbar2344: this channel is for ubuntu technical support16:29
_Marcustheadmin: I am creating an apache module, and I want to find "httpd.h".16:29
theadminikonia: Oh, really? Wow. Well I understand why.16:29
ikoniatheadmin: not really going to use #ubuntu-offtopic to help people find women16:30
theadmin_Marcus: Ah. "sudo find / -iname 'httpd.h' -print"16:30
_Marcustheadmin: Thanks16:30
theadmin_Marcus: There's also the "locate" command, but it requires to index files first and is generally harder imo16:30
as001thanks problem solved..16:31
Oer_Marcus, lot of options > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/find16:31
okumwould somebody be able to help me here, trying to update ubuntu 11.10.. http://oi44.tinypic.com/314xxy1.jpg16:31
kermithow do i make ubuntu stop changing my cpu speed whenever i go on battery16:32
qazokmfix your ppa okum,16:32
as001only thing which I miss in unity is start button from which I can get menus. Is there a way to put that button in unity ?16:32
ikoniaokum: did you not read the instructions that said disable all PPA's before an update16:32
qazokmas001 install xubuntu /thumbsup16:33
theadmin_Marcus: If that file is not currently on your system, but can be found in your repositories, use "apt-file httpd.h"16:33
okumikonia: no, actually i didn't.. cuz i had to install 10.10 and update to 11.10 3 diff times.........16:33
ActionParsnipokum: can you give a pastebin of the output of:   sudo apt-get update     close software centre and such first16:33
_Marcustheadmin: It said the command "apt-file" couldn't be found.16:33
_Marcustheadmin: I'll just install it16:34
okumwhats a pastebin - ActionParsnip16:34
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:34
ActionParsnip!paste | okum16:34
charnelhow can I use my ubuntu web server -- Apache -- from another lap top with windows to debug with IE ? :)16:34
ubottuokum: please see above16:34
^BRILL^qualche italiano?16:34
theadmin_Marcus: Need to install that first (sudo apt-get install apt-file)16:34
ActionParsnipcharnel: use ssh via putty16:35
_Marcuscharnel: What, exactly, do you mean?16:35
theadmin!it | ^BRILL^16:35
ubottu^BRILL^: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:35
charnelI want to be able to visit the page I am developing in ubuntu from my windows internet explorer not shell16:35
_Marcuscharnel: Ah. Are you on the same network?16:35
^BRILL^grazie mille ubottu =)16:35
theadmincharnel: Yes right, edit it on SSH and then view it in IE16:35
_Marcuscharnel: Then just type in the private IP of it.16:35
_Marcuscharnel: Of the Ubuntu machine that is16:36
okramWell ok I enabled  ASPM in my bios and now pc works fine! Where to search problem if I Disable it then loging in everything freezes and I only can run terminal. Any Ideas?16:36
charnelwell thats another issue I have no idea on getting ips etc16:36
_Marcuscharnel: type "ifconfig" on Ubuntu16:36
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com16:36
_Marcuscharnel: Look for "196.*.*.*" where * is a number. Or look for 10.*.*.* if you set it up for that16:37
theadminBah, brb, switching from normal shell to tmux16:37
okumActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/859393/16:38
vivanovhow to view number of threads created by a running process ?16:39
charnel_Marcus, I16:39
ActionParsnipokum: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 5A9A06AEF9CB8DB016:39
charnelI ve found my ip but typing it in the ie does not seem to be working16:39
ActionParsnipokum: if you'd added to PPA correctly, you wouldn't have this issue16:39
_Marcuscharnel: Do you have a firewall enabled on the Ubuntu machine?16:39
charnel_Marcus : found it thank you very much for your help16:40
_Marcuscharnel: Okay. You can connect now?16:40
charnelyes thank you very much.16:41
okumActionParsnip: i'm 2 weeks new to linux >.<16:41
_Marcusokum: You'll get used to it, Linux can be easy.16:41
ActionParsnipokum: the guides are still followable....16:42
ActionParsnipokum: its a single command to add both PPA and key..16:42
okramactually I had ASPM disabled and I changed it auto, but still I don't understand where to search problem why pc goes crazy if I disable  it16:42
darkknightwhat i can do using nmap?16:42
=== bonch_ is now known as bonch
okum_Marcus: yeah, i already am kinda used to it.. i just run into problems i've never had before as i was a windows user lol. ActionParsnip: ok, i did not know that simple command to add both ppa and key.. thanks for teaching me, i won't need to ask next time.16:43
SomelauwCan anyone help me uninstall wmii. When doing make uninstall, it says cc: /usr/local/lib/libixp.a: No such file or directory. But I just want to remove it16:43
neersightedscan servers16:43
P1rateSomelauw: delete the directory?16:43
ActionParsnipokum: http://www.winehq.org/download/ubuntu    states:   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa     and you are done. You don't need this as you already have the PPA added16:44
SomelauwP1rate: That won't uninstall anything16:44
SomelauwI tried overwriting the install by using apt-get to be able to remove it, but it doesn't work that way.16:44
ActionParsnipneersighted: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo#Sharing_a_Scanner_Over_a_Network16:45
P1rateSomelauw: sudo apt-get autoremove?16:45
stephanbSomelauw: you should compile something in ubuntu in the standard directorys...16:45
SomelauwBut I think I need to uninstall it again to be able to properly install it.16:45
theadminP1rate: Please don't "help" if you have no idea what you're talking about.16:45
Somelauwstephanb: What do you mean.16:45
stephanbSomelauw: use apt or if you want to compile things, compile them to /opt so you can safely remove them16:46
cancerWhich is best of All kubuntu 11.10 or 10.4 LTS?16:46
theadmincancer: The LTS is older but considered more stable.16:46
ActionParsnipcancer: there is no best16:46
stephanbcancer: depends on what you want to do with it16:46
ActionParsnipcancer: i'd go for the latest. The newer kernel and drivers may help support hardware better16:47
Somelauwstephanb: I just did a sudo make install. So it has picked the directories itself.16:47
stephanbSomelauw: yeah, thats what you did wrong, now you wont easily be able to uninstall it16:47
theadminSomelauw: Read the Makefile for the uninstall target, see what it does, do the same :D16:47
cancertheadmin: actionparsnip: stephanb: What you all recommend. which will work in all parts of functions16:48
theadmincancer: Both will.16:48
stephanbcancer: depends on what you want to do with it16:48
ActionParsnipcancer: both16:48
tyteen4a03Hi, is there documentation for apt that runs in the "Manual Package Selection" in Ubuntu Server install?16:48
oCeancancer: 1) this channel is not for polls. 2) That said, you can try them and find the one that fits your needs best16:48
meadhikariplease help i keep getting files list file for package 'libboost-thread1.42.0' is missing final newline16:48
meadhikari when trying to do apt-get install16:48
cancerstephanb: any example.16:48
stephanbtheadmin: haha, nice suggestion concerning the makefile...16:49
theadminstephanb: Well it looks like it does... something wrong :D16:49
Somelauwtheadmin: the Makefile is hard to read (for unexperienced me). I couldn't find the place where it deletes libixp.a, which I wanted to simply uncomment.16:49
=== The is now known as Guest67169
canceroCean: linux is new for me. so it's better to get info about versions, so i don't face much errors and go to find updates or upgrades.....16:50
theadminSomelauw: It's not hard, it's a bunch of commands. Just search for the line starting with "uninstall" and see the lines after it16:50
ActionParsnipcancer: install 11.10 and you will be fine16:50
stephanbSomelauw: if you are inexperienced you should definetely not just compile something when you don't know what you are doing, otherwise you end up with a completely fucked up system some day16:50
oCeanstephanb: control your language here, please16:50
theadminstephanb: Watch the language16:50
=== prashant is now known as prshntgoel
_MarcusI want to download the Apache source code to play around with. I will have to compile it and install it like normal. Will this affect websites, or the httpd program?16:50
_MarcusI don't want to have to remove it.16:50
theadmin_Marcus: Use PREFIX.16:51
_Marcustheadmin: ?16:51
cancerActionParsnip: Thanks. that's what is called solution. :) Thanks to all.16:51
stephanboCean theadmin: what do you propose instead of "fucked up"?16:51
theadmin_Marcus: You can install compiled software to a fake root, basically.16:51
theadminstephanb: messed up16:51
oCeancancer: that might be, but this channel concentrates on solving technical issues. If you want to talk/discuss ubuntu with others, /join #ubuntu-offtopic channel16:51
stephanb_Marcus: don't do it if you dont know what you are doing16:51
_Marcusstephanb: Then how will I learn?16:52
stephanb_Marcus: first, learn how to compile something to a directory other then the standarddirectory16:52
canceroCean: i was here yesterday for more than 4-5 hours & my problem didn't solved. so i was advised to upgrade.... that's why i was asking here.16:52
=== prshntgoel is now known as prashantgoel
stephanbcancer: from where do you upgrade?16:53
oCeancancer: in that case you have to describe your issue/problem/question more detailed: what is it that you want to do/solve16:53
cancerstephanb: ubuntu 10.4 i think16:53
stephanbcancer: well i think there is a big chance for breakage to occur, when you upgrade that system to 11.1016:54
stephanbcancer: you could try it, but make a backup before16:54
canceroCean: many thanks for adivse, i did more than that. :)16:54
sandyeggoboygood morning ll ...16:54
sandyeggoboyhi there i need some assistance ... i think my LANG deely-whopper is wrong16:55
stephanb_Marcus: try reading something regarding the "configure"-script and the prefix option16:55
theadmindarkknight: Why are you CTCP-ping'ing me?16:55
sipiorsandyeggoboy: appears to be. "deely-whopper" isn't part of en_US :-)16:56
cancerStephanb: i have nothing to take backup from ubuntu, coz i'm using xp instead. i was trying to learn ubuntu. but fall in drivers issue. so i planned to upgrade. i'll uninstall ubuntu 10.4.3 then i'll install kubuntu 11.1016:56
sandyeggoboyhaha ... ok, well what i have for evidence is on pastebin16:56
stephanbcancer: thats a new install, not a upgrade, but i think this is definately wiser then an update16:56
ActionParsnipcancer: you can only upgrade 10.04 to 10.10 (next release) or 12.04 (LTS to LTS).16:57
cancerstephanb: now one thing i am not sure of, i even don't know about what is wubi but i have heard of virtual box as well. don't know wt different it brings.16:57
sandyeggoboyi was trying to run webhttrack and it gets to the first page and then dies. Upon investigation, i noticed a recurring problem with the LANG settings. i thought i had fixed it long ago but need to make sure,16:58
neersightedapt-get source apache2-mpm-prefork16:58
neersightedoops, was reading up16:58
cancerActionParsnip: where can i learn basic about linux (kubuntu)16:59
ActionParsnipcancer: same place you learned windows16:59
oCean!manual | cancer17:00
stephanbcancer: there are several free ebooks17:00
ubottucancer: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/17:00
cancerActionParsnip: i learned window by practicing from the time of Dos, win 3.1 and so on. but stoped on xp. i like command prompt and linux is full of it.17:00
sipiorsandyeggoboy: should be LANG, not LANGN, surely?17:00
ActionParsnipcancer: same way then. You learned by using the OS, that's on of the greatest ways to learn Linux too17:00
ActionParsnipcancer: you can use CLI in XP, it's called powersell17:01
cancerActionParsnip: but it seem bit confusing to me. maybe coz i have not tried it yet.17:01
theadmincancer: "man intro" is a good start for basic commands.17:02
ActionParsnipcancer: indeed, just use the OS and you'll be ok17:02
theadminActionParsnip: PowerShell was introduced in Vista, no?17:02
ActionParsniptheadmin: i believe its usable in XP17:02
stephanbpowershell doesn't even come close to what you can do with a unix shell, tough17:02
oemi came here to ask: would someone tell me how to navigate/browse to the .local folder?17:02
zykotick9stephanb: +117:03
ActionParsnipstephanb: I'd say it was very close. We use it to check SQL databases using redgate17:03
Treat1I'm having printing issues, help needed.17:03
ActionParsnipstephanb: it will re-kick off backups if they fail and send a nice report17:03
stephanbActionParsnip: in my opinion you cant compare it, it's like comparing a bycycle to a ferrari, just because both have wheels17:03
JelouHello. Is there any way to reset usb ports without restarting the computer?17:03
ActionParsnipTreat1: wassup.17:03
ActionParsnipstephanb: depends how good you are with powershell dude17:04
stephanbActionParsnip: has it something like pipes?17:04
theadminActionParsnip, stephanb: Powershell discussion is... way offtopic :P17:04
ActionParsnipstephanb: indeed17:04
arshzinghI was using ssh with the terminal..... a process was running and it suddenly stopped...... its stuck ... ehat do i do now ????17:05
ActionParsnipstephanb: you can tell powershell to look at the hardware of every PC and  reboot any system with less than 2Gb ram, for example :)17:05
Treat1After a fresh install I can't install my wireless network printer, it doesn't even show up.17:05
ActionParsnipTreat1: can you ping it's IP?17:05
stephanbActionParsnip: the difference is, on unix the shell was first and everything else got build around it, the powershell just got introduced17:05
Treat1I've put the ip in the box and no printer is found17:06
ActionParsnipstephanb: doesn't make it lesser17:06
ActionParsnipTreat1: but can you ping it?17:06
Treat1the printer works on every other computer on the network17:06
oCeanstephanb, ActionParsnip. Please drop the offtopic17:06
ActionParsnipoCean: done and done17:06
Treat1from .cli?17:06
ActionParsnipTreat1: yes17:06
arshzinghActionParsnip: Can you help with my ques above?17:06
_MarcusWhen I install this Apache from source, will it be a service?17:07
_MarcusLike, when I type "sudo service apache2"17:07
Treat1what is the code exactly?17:07
ActionParsniparshzingh: kill it via it's PID17:07
_MarcusWill it call the new one?17:07
_MarcusEven though I didn't put it in the default place17:07
stephanb_Marcus: yes17:07
ActionParsnipTreat1: ping ip.of.printer.here -c 417:07
stephanb_Marcus: no17:07
stephanb_Marcus: eheheh17:07
_Marcusstephanb: Yes, or no?17:07
_hardy_hi to all . I am having issue with booting Ubuntu over windows17:07
arshzinghActionParsnip: i ran the sh command via ssh ..... its not giving any output17:08
_hardy_I have a live CD . but i dont know how to fix ubuntu using it17:08
stephanb_Marcus: no, but you can start the initscript in the place you installed it, like "/opt/etc/init.d/apache2 start" if you installed it to "/opt"17:08
ActionParsniparshzingh: what was the command you ran?17:08
arshzinghActionParsnip : sh somefile.sh17:08
ActionParsniparshzingh: ok then run:  ps -ef | grep somefile      what is output>17:09
stephanbi'm heading off, bye17:09
zykotick9arshzingh: did you try CTRL+C?17:09
_hardy_hey guys... need help in urgent basis...17:09
ActionParsnip_hardy_: details are useful17:09
hex20dec_hardy_, Ask your question.17:10
_hardy_ActionParsnip: I am having issue in booting up ubuntu17:10
_hardy_I hav installed over windows17:10
Treat1Yes, it worked, I was able to ping the printer17:10
ActionParsnip_hardy_: ok, what happens when you boot?17:10
ActionParsnipTreat1: ok what make and model printer?17:10
arshzinghzykotick9: That will stop  it. ..  should i stop and run the sh comand again17:10
_hardy_It was worked well yesterday night..  But after installing some flash plugin it stopped working.17:10
Treat1Canon Pixma MX88217:10
_hardy_I am just getting a ubuntu loading screen17:10
zykotick9arshzingh: i thought that's what you wanted to do?  stop it?  is that not what you want?17:11
ActionParsnip_hardy_: what GPU do you use?17:11
_hardy_and it flickers back to console kind of screen and again back to ubuntu loading scrreen17:11
_hardy_GPU ? ??17:11
ActionParsnip_hardy_: video card chip17:11
arshzinghzykotick9: i want the sh command to be completed17:11
zykotick9arshzingh: then DON'T CTRL+C it!17:12
_hardy_windows is working fine.17:12
arshzinghzykotick9: then what ?17:12
ActionParsnipTreat1: ok under network printers select to find the printer and type the IP in that box17:12
zykotick9arshzingh: wait until it finishes17:12
ActionParsnip_hardy_: windows is a completely different OS, with different support. So is of no value17:12
ActionParsnip_hardy_: what video chip do you use?17:12
Treat1No printer was found at that address17:13
arshzinghzykotick9: it has stopped giving any output ....17:13
_hardy_I am not sure. But its AMD17:13
ActionParsnipTreat1: try the other options then17:13
_hardy_not know in details. :(17:13
ActionParsnip_hardy_: try the boot option:  nomodeset17:13
zykotick9arshzingh: depends on the script you are using.  either: end it or wait.17:13
_hardy_ok.. Anything with Live CD ?17:13
Treat1this has always been a breeze, I don't understand why it's such an issue now17:14
_hardy_Coz the only thing I have right now is this LiveCD17:14
ActionParsnip_hardy_: yes you will need that in the live CD to get the desktop more than likely too17:14
arshzinghzykotic9: sent you a scrnshot17:14
_hardy_ActionParsnip: Is there anyway to load up my ubuntu from this live CD ?17:14
Treat1It's always come up automatically.17:15
ActionParsnip_hardy_: you can chroot and the commands you run will afftect the installed OS. I suggest you reboot and hold SHIFT and you can then add the boot option there17:15
ActionParsnipTreat1: do the other options work?17:15
grandrewhi all! Is there any decent "find files" tool available for ubuntu? Some time ago it was possible to search for files dated/modified from xx/xx/xx to yy/yy/yy (by date) but I cannot find anything with UI to accomplish this :-\17:15
ActionParsnipgrandrew: find in terminal is pretty sweet, or you can run: sudo updatedb   then use the locate command to find files17:16
_hardy_ActionParsnip: ok last thing. I am using dual boot. Means I have installed ubuntu using wbui. So any tips or suggestions regarding that ?17:16
Treat1I don't know what other opitons you are talking about17:16
_hardy_in account to fix the problem17:16
ActionParsnipgrandrew: find has an age option in it17:16
Treat1Trying LPD....17:17
ActionParsnip_hardy_: oh jeez that adds all kinds of extra stuff17:17
tediHI all, Im quite new to Ubuntu and Linux in general. Anyone know why I cant use Gnome, when I try start it with gnome shell it just goes black and the screen gets no signal.17:17
ActionParsnipTreat1: in the add printer dialogue....17:17
theadmintedi: No GPU drivers?17:17
_hardy_:( But i need to do that anyhow today to get all my data..17:17
tediI installed them through the additional drivers program17:17
bmrstokachu, dude17:18
grandrewActionParsnip, I just wanted anything with graphical UI :-(17:18
ActionParsnipgrandrew: why?17:18
bmrstokachu, sorry about the "legal eagles".. :-/17:18
ActionParsnipTreat1: http://blog.kenweiner.com/2011/04/using-canon-pixma-mx882-all-in-one-with.html17:18
grandrewActionParsnip, because I thought ubuntu has made a step towards the usability .. at last :(17:18
kirill_Всем хай17:19
ActionParsnipgrandrew: there are searching apps but I don'y knoe them personally. find is very usable...17:19
ActionParsnipgrandrew: ust because you are  typing stuff doesn't make it not usable...17:19
_hardy_ActionParsnip: If you have any tutorial or something just then plz give me the link. I will manage my way.17:19
teditheadmin: Just checked, got GPU drivers installed and activated.17:19
grandrewkirill_, тебе наверное надо на #ubuntu-ru17:19
NitroTigerI had custom xorg.conf  for SyncMaster 204B how I apply it to 11.10 to get screen working normally?17:19
kirill_А почему17:20
ActionParsnipgrandrew: sudo find/ -type f -mtime +3       willfind all files older than 3 days...17:21
OEMcolincolincocan someone tell me how to browse to the .local folder? I thought I'd see it under home/myusername but I don't17:21
Treat1Thanks, I'll work on it for a min and get back to you later.17:21
grandrewActionParsnip, yes it does make it less usable since you have to dig in man pages instead of just clicking and doing it17:21
ActionParsnipOEMcolincolinco: press CTRL+H and you will see the hidden folders17:21
grandrewkirill_, здесь общаются только на английском17:21
ActionParsnipgrandrew: there are sample commands online, that's where I got that. never used a man page17:22
kirill_А где можно с девченками попробовать не подскажешь17:22
tediNo got any other ideas why the screen goes black when running Gnome, drivers are there and working. Not sure where else to check :<17:22
MonkeyDust!ru| kirill_17:22
ubottukirill_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.17:22
MonkeyDust       17:23
thingamagicsalut a tous!!(je suis tous nouveau!)17:23
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:23
jazzz22un petit soucis ici pour transfère une boite mail volumineuse depuis évolution vers mac osx17:23
oCean!ru | kirill_17:23
ubottukirill_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.17:23
jazzz22quelqu'un peu m'aider?17:23
oCeanjazzz22: /join #ubuntu-fr17:23
thingamagichey ubuntu poeple17:24
jazzz22oh sorry17:24
jazzz22i think i was there17:24
thingamagici'm looking for a meeting chat is it here?17:25
_Marcusthingamagic: This is the Ubuntu support channel. I don't see why your meeting would be here.17:26
compdocthingamagic, welcoem to the meeting!17:26
oCeanthingamagic: this is ubuntu tech support. If you're looking for the meeting channel, then  /join #ubuntu-meeting17:26
thingamagicwhere should i go? <_Marcus>17:27
theadminoCean: I don't think that's what they mean by "meeting", most likely they mean "dating" or something... Which is not even on Freenode :D17:27
theadminoCean: Maybe there are channels like that, I dunno of course, but17:27
thingamagicthank you!! :)17:27
_Marcusthingamagic: I don't know where your meeting is supposed to be. Didn't someone tell you?17:28
sandyeggoboyi am hvaing a meeting here ....17:28
sandyeggoboyjust me and my guinea pig....17:28
oCeanok, let's move back on topic please17:28
ActionParsnipgrandrew: if you can learn CLI stuff, it will benefit you later17:29
NitroTigercan anybody help me to get  SyncMaster 204B working17:30
ActionParsnipNitroTiger: what video card?17:30
NitroTigerintel mobile 417:30
vicivaciHow do I list my internal LAN ip via command line? :P17:30
zykotick9vicivaci: ifconfig17:31
ActionParsnipNitroTiger: and what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc17:31
theadminvicivaci: ifconfig, among others, will have that info17:31
hv /join #hbase17:31
vicivaciIs it possible I dont have one?17:31
vicivaciIm using a ECS17:31
kane77how can I find all files in a given directory, but only list each file once when it has more than 1 hardlink?17:31
theadminvicivaci: It's possible if you're not connected or if connection is broken pretty much17:31
NitroTigerActionParsnip: oneiric!?!17:31
thingamagici've another question : is there a french channel for meeting?17:32
ActionParsnipvicivaci: ifconfig eth0 | grep inet | cut -f2 -d ":" | cut -f1 -d " "17:32
theadminthingamagic: No, all the official Ubuntu meetings are held in English.17:32
vicivaciActionParsnip: That gives me my "internet" IP17:32
thingamagicok thanks!! :)17:32
vicivaciUpon reading the ifconfig, All i can find is localhost and that "inet" ip17:32
ActionParsnipvicivaci: yes youo asked for "internal LAN ip"17:32
theadminvicivaci: "inet addr" IS what you are looking for17:33
vicivaciHmm, I mean 192.x.x.x :P17:33
ActionParsnipNitroTiger: you may need an xorg.conf file to define the display if it is not being detected.17:33
vicivaciif there is one using a ECS (im clueless)17:33
vicivacihmm ok17:33
theadminvicivaci: It's normally in the for m of 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x17:34
ActionParsnipvicivaci: you mean the WAN IP you would connect to to access the system17:34
vicivaciYes, im trying to link my mysql config file to php17:34
vicivaciAnd it says in the documentation if i just use localhost17:34
vicivaciit wont work17:34
vicivacisetting the bind-adress*17:34
vicivaciI'm looking for my own internal IP adress to clarify :)17:34
NitroTigerI have it from old ubuntu.17:35
ActionParsnipvicivaci: then thats not your internel IP you need is it...17:35
vicivaciNo, probably not, sorry17:35
grandrewActionParsnip, yep I've googled-out the solution: 1. create a temp file, touch it to DATE1, 2. create a second tmp file with DATE2, then find -cnewer ./date1 ... ! -cnewer ./date2... yep, THATS user friendly!?!17:35
ankitbhye folks, i want to known where pkt loss happened in the loss...plz suggest me any tool and method for this...17:35
ActionParsnipvicivaci: IP=`wget -q -O - http://ip.keithscode.com`; echo $IP      will give your routers WAN IP. .If you ask for the wrong thing youo will get the wrong reply17:35
ActionParsnipgrandrew: i'd say so17:35
theadminActionParsnip: Isn't that overkill? What's the point of assigning the output to a variable and echo'ing the variable when you can just run the command you gave in ``'s?17:36
vicivaciActionParsnip: That gives me the same IP adress17:36
MonkeyDustvicivaci  try curl ifconfig.me17:37
=== max is now known as Guest41094
vicivaciSame IP17:38
ActionParsniptheadmin: just  what I found online...17:38
vicivaciI think I mentioned it but I'm using an Elastic cloud server if it bears any relevance17:39
theadminActionParsnip: Ah, mk17:39
ActionParsniptheadmin: plus could copy and paste the  command into scripts etc and use it later :)17:39
ActionParsnipvicivaci: i'd contact your provider then17:39
vicivaciokay thanks all17:40
IpSe_DiXiThi, how do i upgrade my old version of amule to 2.3.1 on ubuntu lucid lynx 10.04 LTS ??17:40
ActionParsnip!ppa | IpSe_DiXiT maybe there is a PPA17:40
ubottuIpSe_DiXiT maybe there is a PPA: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa17:40
grandrewvicivaci, you may use localhost bind address if you do not plan to expose the service to the internet, in other cases you should choose one of your assigned IP addresses from 'ifconfig'17:40
theadminMonkeyDust: That's a neat site, thanks :)17:40
IpSe_DiXiTActionParsnip: thank u but i dunno whatcha talking about, would u mind explaining, im a noob and have no idea17:41
ubottuuse @whoami17:41
=== newbie is now known as Guest57750
MonkeyDustglad you like it theadmin  :)17:42
NitroTiger<ActionParsnip> where I copy xorg.conf17:42
ActionParsnipNitroTiger: /etc/X1117:42
ActionParsnipf3bruary: http://pastie.org/3473493   ;)17:43
dtcrshrhello everyone, im trying to install ubuntu on the netbooks bought to lend for the users here in the college library17:43
theadminMonkeyDust: Thanks.17:43
dtcrshrbut all of them, with either ubuntu or mint instalation after some minutes they simply crash, with a bunch of errors, the last being - "panic ocurred, switching back to text console". all are brand new hp mini netbooks, all came with windows 7 working like a charm, no disk / hardware issues17:44
dtcrshrdoes ubuntu work on netbooks? is something with the kernel? im installing the latest 11.10 32bits version17:45
ActionParsnipdtcrshr: yes it works fine17:45
ActionParsnipdtcrshr: is the RAM healthy?17:45
ActionParsnipdtcrshr: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?17:45
dtcrshriv installed via usb stick17:45
dtcrshrbut used the same usb stick to install another desktop pc here thats up and running for 3 days17:46
ActionParsnipdtcrshr: so its an installed OS, or are you getting the issue during install?17:46
dtcrshrno, the install goes fine, its on the normal use17:46
dtcrshrwith, or without oppened apps17:46
ActionParsnipdtcrshr: what video chip does it use?17:46
dtcrshrwell, didnt tested the ram, but I unboxed all of them last week, they are all new17:47
dtcrshrthe video listed in lspci is - VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation N10 Family Integrated Graphics Controller17:47
ActionParsnipdtcrshr: what is the make and model of the netbook?17:50
=== rexor_ is now known as rexor
dtcrshrits the latest hp mini, no model specified on the box17:51
ActionParsnipdtcrshr: anything on the bottom?17:51
dtcrshrthere are some similar issues on the google17:51
f3bruaryActionParsnip, thanks17:51
minnalhi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu to a Compaq Presario 2100, but at no point the installation finds keyboard, anyone met the similar pproblem?17:52
minnalI've tried also external ps/2 and usb keyborads17:52
minnalbios sees all keyborads, but ubuntu installation doesn't :)17:53
spook_alguien de venezuela por aca17:53
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.17:54
dabbumy laptop touchpad support multi touch. but no option to add three finger action?17:55
ActionParsnipminnal: try the bootoption: noacpi17:55
minnalat which point?17:56
minnalthe installation just starts and hangs17:56
minnalis there a way to change bootoptions on start manually? :)17:56
ActionParsnipminnal: also try turning OFF USB legacy mode. Source: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141661417:57
tsunami_ strange thing... a cannot see what I have on another partition (a 60gig extf4) but if I ask qBittorrent to open destination folder (that Im using for downloads on this other partition) it opens the directory but I cant see anything else but that directory and I can only see the directories, not the files... any suggestion? strange behavior ubuntu has today..17:57
minnaltried the usb legacy support off17:57
minnalno change17:57
minnalthing is same thing also happens even with fedora installation17:57
minnalbut keyboard work in win xp or bios17:58
minnalvery strange issue17:58
tsunami_do not have permissions to write on the windows partition and on usb external discs which is a pain i opened thunar with root access but it says there is no trash directory when i try to delete something... any suggestions?17:58
dtcrshrActionParsnip: hp mini 21017:58
ActionParsnipminnal: try changing the USB option, as I said.17:59
minnalActionParsnip: I have tried that already, as said no change17:59
dtcrshrfound this topic  - http://askubuntu.com/questions/92212/panic-occurred-switching-back-to-text-console17:59
ActionParsnipminnal: do you have the latest BIOS?17:59
dtcrshrregarding kernel 3.0 to 3.1 upgrade, with a simple apt-get update / upgrade ill get this kernel or do i have to compile it by hand / choose an older ubuntu version18:00
minnalthat I'll need to check actually18:00
ActionParsnipdtcrshr: get fully updated in text mode, may help18:00
dtcrshrdoing this18:00
minnalbut the usb issue is with grub, don't think installation disk loads grub at start18:00
dtcrshrill let you know18:01
ActionParsnip!bootoptions | dtcrshr18:01
ubottudtcrshr: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.18:01
minnalbut thanks for help, I'll continue my battle :)18:01
dtcrshrjust for record, iv installed the ubuntu with the normal "fully use disk" option, theres no other OS on the netbooks18:01
tsunami_any suggestions on this issue?18:03
tsunami_I have lots of data that i cannot access :(((18:03
=== riktking_ is now known as riktking
kryceksudo reboot -V18:04
dtcrshrActionParsnip: what is the graphic environment on ubuntu + unity? lightdm?18:05
dtcrshrdoes something as /etc/init.d/lightdm restart works?18:05
tsunami_krycek: is that for me?18:05
ActionParsnipdtcrshr: default oneiric uses Unity and will use lightdm as the login manager18:05
krycektsunami_: sry its 420 over here18:05
excohow do I find out where grub is installed18:05
Liranhi guys, is there any way of installing firefox from firefox-10.0.2.tar.bz2 in a way that the system will recognize it as default browser?18:05
excowhat drive/partition?18:06
zykotick9dtcrshr: "sudo service lightdm restart" is the upstart version of your init.d above.18:06
knopeany one here play minecraft?18:06
dtcrshrthanks zykotick9 , ill keep this noted18:06
ActionParsniptsunami_: is the partition healthy? When you last disconnected the device, did you safely remove it or just yank it out?18:06
ActionParsnip!anyone | knope18:06
ubottuknope: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.18:06
joallardI have the source. How do I compile a driver with options?18:06
dtcrshrim still lost in the gnome - lightdm - unity thing18:06
theadminexco: This is a bit messy but: for i in /dev/sd* ; do echo $i: $(file -s $i) | grep -i grand ; done18:06
knopebad script18:06
knopedidn't really apply to my type of question'18:07
tsunami_ActionParsnip: the partition is on the harddrive where the system is installed18:07
ActionParsnipknope: it does, directly18:07
mobheroHi, No such map passwd.byname. reason can't bind to server which server this domain error in nis ubuntu 10.0418:07
mobherocan u please help on this..18:07
knopeno i was looking to branch out and socialize18:07
Liranhi guys, is there any way of installing firefox from firefox-10.0.2.tar.bz2 in a way that the system will recognize it as default browser?18:07
knopeminecraft is a game18:08
knopepeople play it from time to time..18:08
ActionParsnipknope: asking if anybody does something is redundant. If you ask your next question, the people who DO will reply18:08
neersightedupdate-alternitives --config www-browser18:08
knopethis is an open ubuntu chat18:08
ActionParsnipknope: no its support only18:08
theadminknope: You know, not everyone here is talking to YOU18:08
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)18:08
ActionParsnipknope: it tells you when you joined the channel...18:08
knopeno im speaking with ... im an irc-tard18:08
mobheroHi, No such map passwd.byname. reason can't bind to server which server this domain error in nis ubuntu 10.0418:08
neersightedThat much is obvious18:08
theadmin!patience | mobhero18:08
ubottumobhero: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:08
bLiNdRaGewhat's the next LTS release? 12.04?18:09
ActionParsnipknope: you can free chat in #ubuntu-offtopic18:09
ubottublindrage: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+118:09
dtcrshrknope: so you should try to find a #minecraft channel or something, maybe on the irc gaming servers, as quakenet or rizon. freenode is all about nerdysh techy stuff, 99% dont wanna make new friends18:09
joallardI have the source. How do I compile a driver with options?18:09
bLiNdRaGenice didn't know that trigger18:09
excotheadmin, not found18:09
bLiNdRaGethanks CFHowlett18:09
theadminexco: What not found?18:09
neersightedknope: irc://irc.esper.net/minecraft18:09
excotheadmin, the disk where grub2 is ...18:09
krycekis there a terminal minecraft out?18:10
theadminkrycek: No, and I don't think there will ever be. You can run Minecraft Server without gui though18:10
krycektheadmin: k18:10
ActionParsnipLiran: there is a ppa if you want18:10
theadminexco: Oh... probably it's not installed at all?18:10
ActionParsnipLiran: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc18:10
excotheadmin, well, the machine boots so it better be ;-) and /dev/sd* are where the disks are18:11
LiranActionParsnip, i don't want the ppa because it updated long after the regular release18:11
excotheadmin,  can't I check some grub2 conf or the like18:11
LiranActionParsnip, im on oneiric18:11
excoalso update-initramfs works so that should know where it installs grub2 to18:11
ActionParsnipLiran: I see, you can extract the file in /opt    then symlink the firefox biary in /usr/bin   and it will be runnable18:11
krycekmaybe chmod -x as well ./.18:12
ActionParsnipLiran: I suggest you use an obscure name so other apps don't overwrite the file18:12
LiranActionParsnip, alredy did that. ~/firefox and ive symlinked it to /usr/bin18:12
ActionParsnipLiran: did you uninstall the firefox package too?18:12
LiranActionParsnip, it works from terminal when i run: firefox but the system open web pages links with gedit18:13
tsunami_ActionParnsip: I can see the partitions , but when I open the directories in /media/7738-E691 there is nothing there. never happened before, yesterday was ok18:13
theadminexco: Hm, try this: sudo find /dev -name "sd*" -exec file -s '{}' \;18:13
LiranActionParsnip, yes ive uninstalled it18:13
ActionParsnipLiran: when the package is updated it will overwrite the link file18:13
=== BullShark` is now known as BullShark
ActionParsnipLiran: cool, then you need a firefox.desktop in /usr/share/applications   and it will be runnable from dash etc18:13
=== Mud is now known as Guest3260
LiranActionParsnip, i didn't get the last part18:14
ActionParsnipLiran: the apps in dash are the files in /usr/share/applications18:15
excotheadmin, http://pastebin.com/f3RgHfjJ18:15
ActionParsnipLiran: so you will need to make one to launch your firefox binary18:15
LiranActionParsnip, how i do that?18:15
joallardHow do I build a driver with options?18:15
ActionParsnipLiran: gksudo gedit /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop18:16
theadminexco: I don't see anything with grub here, weird.18:16
fairuz_Hi, on this link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Debmirror , at this step -> Set up your keyring to correctly verify Release signatures, what if I want to do a mirror host for precise? What should I modify?18:16
ActionParsnipLiran: http://paste.ubuntu.com/859517/    that is the default file, you can change it as you want. The Exec= line may need changing and the icon may need downloading18:16
theadminexco: Sorry, no idea18:16
excotheadmin, indeed18:16
steven_reidenquien habla español18:17
theadmin!es | steven_reiden18:17
ubottusteven_reiden: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.18:17
ActionParsnipLiran: good job I forgot to install the junky browser, or I wouldn't have had that file:)18:17
LiranActionParsnip, 10x man i'll try this!18:18
steven_reidenok thank18:18
ActionParsnipLiran: its how you add any command in dash, you may have the icon missing but you can download one and put it in /usr/share/icons18:19
=== smf is now known as smallfoot-
LiranActionParsnip, what do you mean by "dash"? sry for being n00b18:20
tsunami_ActionParsnip: any suggestion to diagnose my problem?18:20
tsunami_ strange thing... a cannot see what I have on another partition (a 60gig extf4) but if I ask qBittorrent to open destination folder (that Im using for downloads on this other partition) it opens the directory but I cant see anything else but that directory and I can only see the directories, not the files... any suggestion? strange behavior ubuntu has today..18:20
theadminLiran: dash is the unity menu thingo18:20
ActionParsnipLiran: when you press the windows key, the dash is loaded18:21
Treat1now I have a tar.gz file that I don't know what to do with, everything that I read online say's do this or that and nothing is working18:21
theadminTreat1: If you don't know what to do with it, leave it alone. Install software from repositories (Ubuntu Software Center provides a way to access those, for instance)18:22
ActionParsnipTreat1: what is the file for?18:22
Treat1printer driver18:22
CFHowlettClick20644   greetings18:22
theadminTreat1: Doh. HP?18:22
Treat1actually you told me where to get it18:22
Click20644CFHowlett where I take a bnc ?18:23
LiranActionParsnip, ohh lol i use gnome shell18:23
ActionParsnipTreat1: extract it and there will be more achives in, one will be debs, extract that and install the debs18:23
CFHowlettClick20644   "bnc" ?18:23
ActionParsnipLiran: same difference18:23
=== karthik is now known as treadstone90
neersightedznc <318:24
CFHowlettClick20644   where do you take a bouncer?  That's unfamiliar ubuntu terminology to me.  Sorry.18:24
LiranActionParsnip, really thanks a lot for the help man!18:24
Treat1typically software center picks it up and does the rest, I'm using Lubuntu and it doesn't have software center18:24
ActionParsnipLiran: np, thanks for the gratitude :)18:25
=== Click20644 is now known as y0
dtcrshroh crap, on the middle of the apt-get upgrade it gave me the panic again, on the reboot the wireless stoped working18:25
exco__theadmin,  sudo grub-probe -t device /boot/grub18:26
exco__theadmin, that did it and it's in sdd2 ...18:26
theadminexco__: Great, GLaD you figured it out :D18:26
tsunami_hey guys, any idea why I cant see what I have on other partitions? yesterday everything was ok...18:27
Treat1typically software center picks it up and does the rest, I'm using Lubuntu and it doesn't have software center18:27
=== michael is now known as Guest33050
michael_a tutti18:27
michael_ciao a tutti18:27
ubottumichael: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:28
theadminTreat1: You can install it easily: sudo apt-get install software-center18:28
CFHowlettsteven_reiden   greetings18:28
theadminTreat1: I beleive you're looking for the drivers tool though (jockey-gtk)18:28
tediHello, need some help with installing my grafic drivers, anyone know any good tutorial18:28
milen8204what was the name of "C" compilator and debuger in Linux18:29
theadmintedi: The "Additional Drivers" tool will install the drivers for most major manufacturers, i.e. Nvidia and AMD18:29
CFHowlettmilen8204   gcc IIRC18:29
sstamilen8204: gcc/gdb usually18:29
theadmintedi: gcc and gdb, respectively.18:29
milen8204ok thanks CFHowlett AND ssta18:29
DarsVaedawhen inserting a crypted device i get "missing cryptsetup" which package do i need again?18:29
teditheadmin: hmm then it should be installed since I used it, sadly cant still use the Gnome Shell :<18:30
theadmin!find cryptsetup | DarsVaeda18:31
ubottuDarsVaeda: Found: cryptsetup, libcryptsetup-dev, libcryptsetup118:31
theadminDarsVaeda: I take it it's cryptsetup18:31
DarsVaedaoh that name...that was obvious ^^18:31
DarsVaedacan't believe its still missing18:32
tsunami_ strange thing... a cannot see what I have on another partition (a 60gig extf4) but if I ask qBittorrent to open destination folder (that Im using for downloads on this other partition) it opens the directory but I cant see anything else but that directory and I can only see the directories, not the files... any suggestion? strange behavior ubuntu has today..18:32
dtcrshrafter iv apt-get update / upgrade, i have this message - 0 packages..... 4 not updated18:32
tsunami_do not have permissions to write on the windows partition and on usb external discs which is a pain i opened thunar with root access but it says there is no trash directory when i try to delete something... any suggestions?18:32
dtcrshrthis are linux-generic, linux-headers-generic, linux-image-generic and software center18:32
dtcrshris there a way to upgrade and force this 4 to be updated?18:32
theadmindtcrshr: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:33
CFHowlettdtcrshr   one does not simply force packages...18:33
theadmindtcrshr: "upgrade" does not care about deps when upgrading, so use dist-upgrade18:33
dtcrshrhm ok18:33
dtcrshrcause im having this annoying "panic, switching back to text console" so i need to "UPDATE ALL THE PACKAGES!"18:34
dtcrshrone does not simply gives me a text mode panic18:34
dtcrshr9gag for the win18:34
Treat1Thanks, you guy's/gal's always come though!!!AWESOME!!!You make ubuntu a great OS18:35
minnalActionParsnip: just letting you know, the BIOS was old and upgrading it helped with the issue, now keyboard works just nicely, thank you for your help in reminding about bios upgrade :)18:36
spook_llego mi chica18:36
spook_see you all18:36
tsunami_ActionParsnip: any suggestion to diagnose my problem?18:36
Escherialhey, what would you all recommend for editing files on a remote machine? kate has a tendency to freeze up or become slow if the connection isn't so great, and it has no way to restore the connection if it's broken18:36
Escheriali do like kate, though, so something like it would be nice18:36
theadminEscherial: vim18:37
auronandaceEscherial: why not nano, far less overhead18:37
the_hydrahi all18:38
=== Knorre is now known as Knorre`BNC
CFHowlettthe_hydra   greetings18:38
the_hydrawhat is your recommended web based system monitoring?18:38
the_hydracacti? nagios? zabbix?18:38
the_hydraCFHowlett: hi18:39
CFHowlettthe_hydra   I'm not an admin, but I see frequent references to nagios18:39
the_hydraCFHowlett: hm i see18:40
Escherialtheadmin, auronandace: i was hoping for a graphical editor, unless you're recommending gvim18:40
the_hydraCFHowlett: i got same impression too, especially since LinuxQuestions latest polling list nagios as #1 in that category18:40
Escherialbut fair enough, i probably should learn to use vim someday outside of simply being able to type, save, and quit18:40
CFHowlettthe_hydra   well then - asked and answered!18:40
theadminEscherial: gvim is okay too. Try cream as well.18:41
the_hydraCFHowlett: thanks :)18:41
CFHowlettthe_hydra   have fun/be safe18:41
Escherialmy main concern is the performance over ssh...do they choke like kate does? can you restore your session if it's broken (e.g. if your laptop goes to sleep)?18:41
auronandaceEscherial: no offence but if you are editing text over a remote connection why have the overhead of a gui?18:41
zykotick9Escherial: if you using a terminal based editor with screen - then yes18:41
Escheriali have to wonder if i'm in a minority for liking to use a mouse while editing text, heh...18:42
auronandaceEscherial: nano is very simple18:42
Tm_Tusing mouse != gui18:43
EscherialTm_T: practically, using nano or vim like they've suggested won't by default support a mouse afaik18:43
CFHowlettEscherial   do what works for you.18:44
Escherialmeh, well, kate is working ok for now; it just gets laggy, which is surprising considering that i'm running it locally18:44
Escheriali have to wonder if it's saving every character i enter, which would explain the latency somewhat18:45
theadminEscherial: jedit, geany, cream, gedit, mousepad # List of some friendly GUI editors sorted by lightweightness. Try them and see which you like.18:45
Escherialtheadmin: right, thanks :)18:45
theadminEscherial: It's from least-lightweight to most-lightweight by the way18:46
MonkeyDustEscherial  and leafpad18:46
Escherialslightly off topic, but is mounting a folder via scp not a recommended way to edit files on a remote machine?18:46
MonkeyDustEscherial  NFS18:46
MonkeyDustor SSH18:47
MonkeyDustEscherial  scp is cp over ssh18:47
Escherialah...right, apologies, it's actually using sftp as far as i can tell...18:47
theadminEscherial: I don't see why sshfs/sftp would fail on you18:48
Escherialit's not failing, but it's not exactly resilient to flaky/closed connections. if i were using, say, winscp on windows, it'd at least attempt to reconnect if i were disconnected18:48
zykotick9Escherial: using sftp to actually edit seems strange to me18:49
Escherialzykotick9: as opposed to opening up an ssh session and using a non-graphical editor, you mean?18:49
zykotick9Escherial: or ssh with X forwarding for a GUI editor18:50
XenethIs there a shortcut in Ubuntu 10.4 to delete an item without sending it to the trash?18:50
Xenetherr 10.0418:51
theadminXeneth: Sure, shift-del18:51
theadminXeneth: Like usual :D18:51
Xeneththeadmin, Thanks.  I could have searched, but I'm lazy.18:51
Escherialzykotick9: but then wouldn't the latency be even worse, as even just interacting the editor would incur delay?18:52
Martin79Hi, does ubuntu 11.10 and 12.04 have OSS sound system installed? (even the old version)  I only want to uninstall pulseaudio and alsa and stay only with OSS because it has very low latency18:52
michael_ciao a tutti18:52
ubottumichael: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:52
zykotick9Escherial: if your method works, use it :)  If you use windows as a client, probably not too many options.18:53
theadminMartin79: I don't think you can use OSS anymore. Gnome, which is what Ubuntu uses, depends on pulseaudio since version 3. Apart from that, I'm not even sure if OSS is in the repos.18:54
auronandace!find oss18:55
ubottuFound: krosspython, libossp-uuid-dev, libossp-uuid16, libqca2-plugin-ossl, libsdl1.2debian-oss, alsa-oss, alsaplayer-oss, amiga-fdisk-cross, autossh, bve-route-cross-city-south (and 193 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=oss&searchon=names&suite=oneiric&section=all18:55
theadminauronandace: "and 193 others"... :D18:55
ActionParsnipMartin79: seems to be in the repos18:55
auronandace!info alsa-oss18:55
ubottualsa-oss (source: alsa-oss): ALSA wrapper for OSS applications. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.17-5 (oneiric), package size 30 kB, installed size 152 kB (Only available for linux-any)18:55
ActionParsnipMartin79: http://paste.ubuntu.com/859560/18:56
theadminauronandace: That's not it, it's "oss4-base" apparently18:56
Martin79theadmin actionparsnip thank you very much, looking that ...18:56
SerythHow can I set the default browser via terminal?18:57
joallardHow do I build a driver with options?18:57
Martin79I only want to make  a full uninstall of pulseaudio and alsa (because of sound lag) so it's great oss is in the repos18:57
KipIngramAny word on how soon "enthusiasts" can get their hands on Ubuntu for Android?18:57
Martin79thank you !18:57
CFHowlettKipIngram   ask at #ubuntu-phone18:57
KipIngramThank you!18:58
ActionParsnipSeryth: here is the gui way: http://ubuntuguide.net/change-default-browser-mail-musicmovie-player-in-ubuntu-11-1018:58
zykotick9Seryth: one version is "sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser" and "sudo update-alternatives --config gnome-www-browser" but there is also an XDG thing...18:58
SerythActionParsnip: I'm using openbox, I don't have all those settings things.18:58
ActionParsnipSeryth: ahhh, gotcha18:58
zykotick9Seryth: you might be interested in 'galternatives - graphical setup tool for the alternatives system'18:59
Serythzykotick9: So say I want to change it to a certain browser that I have in a dir, rather than from repos, it would be "sudo update-alternatives --config /path/to/browser/"?18:59
ActionParsnipSeryth: http://paste.ubuntu.com/859565/19:00
luvsawti`hello frds !19:00
CFHowlettluvsawti   greetings19:00
luvsawtihow i can install nokia pc suite ?19:00
zykotick9Seryth: if you're using an out of repo browser i doubt alternatives is going to be aware of it?!  sorry, don't know what you'd need to use - good luck.19:00
luisthow do i create binary-amd64 with reprepro?? some machine is asking for …/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz inside my repo but i only have binary-i38619:00
ubottuluvsawti: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu19:00
CFHowlettluvsawti   try in wine19:01
SerythActionParsnip: Same thing as what I said to zykotick9: I'm using an out of repo browser (nightly, to be precise)...so would that work?19:01
mobheroHi, No such map passwd.byname. reason can't bind to server which server this domain error in nis ubuntu 10.0419:01
luvsawtiare u sure about it because i donot like to waste my time !19:01
auronandace!appdb | luvsawti19:02
ubottuluvsawti: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help19:02
skinnymg1hello everyone19:02
CFHowlettskinnymg1   greetings19:02
theadminauronandace: You can't install drivers in wine, and Nokia PC suite is a pack of those (as well as an overlay to use them)19:02
ActionParsnipSeryth: its just a bunch of symlinks, just link up how mine isand it'll be ok19:03
auronandacetheadmin: ahh, didn't know that, thanks for the info (just thought it was some windows app)19:03
CFHowletttheadmin auronandace   as did I19:04
SerythActionParsnip: Gotcha, thanks.19:04
CFHowlettFavst0   greetings19:04
SockPantshi all,19:05
darrenloobyDo I need the user "debian-sys-maint" in my mysql?19:05
SockPantsi have a server installation that i am trying to get gnome working on19:05
luisthow do i create binary-amd64 with reprepro?? some machine is asking for …/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz inside my repo but i only have binary-i38619:05
SockPantslong story short i need to change the default graphical shell to gdm from the command line. where can i do this?19:05
luvsawtii typed wine in usc but its showed many think !19:06
=== sandeep is now known as Guest28134
Rewt`SockPants: look into runlevels19:06
theadminluvsawti: sudo apt-get install wine19:07
skinnymg1SockPants, sudo nano rc.conf and add gdm to the Daemons list19:07
theadminskinnymg1: ...this ain't Arch19:07
PiciSockPants: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm19:07
luvsawtibut it is 104 mb !19:07
Pici!runlevels | Rewt`19:07
ubottuRewt`: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.19:07
skinnymg1it will still run from the daemons just like arch19:07
theadminSockPants: When apt-get installs gdm, you'll be prompted to choose the default login manager. You can use dpkg-reconfigure gdm to select it at a later stage.19:08
theadminskinnymg1: Ubuntu doesn't *have* an rc.conf though.19:08
auronandace!upstart | skinnymg119:08
ubottuskinnymg1: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/19:08
theadminskinnymg1: Startup is configured differently... It's not the same19:08
skinnymg1ok my bad then19:08
Xenethany way to open VCE file in Ubuntu?19:08
CFHowlettXeneth   see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87056119:09
Guest28134how to use 915resolution in grub ,my device is intel 810e19:09
luvsawtihow i can the grub background image !19:10
elsombrerohi @ all, i've got an 11.10 installation that has a minor issue: it plays the startup chime when X is started, but i cannot play back any media, and the sound prefpane does not show any devices or anything.19:10
elsombreroit used to work until ubuntu software center updated the system19:11
Stevan94NoTAnyone here who can help me I have problem installing Ubuntu?19:12
BarbariandudeHi guys, got an ubuntu 11.10 server, I'm currently SSHed into it, LAN works fine but I can't connect to the internet through it despite having it specifically in a DMZ, gateway is correct and IP address is set. Anyone got an idea what's going on?19:12
* P1rate says hi!19:12
CFHowlettStevan94NoT   what's the problem?19:12
XenethCFHowlett, Thanks, trying now.19:12
CFHowlettXeneth   good luck!19:12
Stevan94NoTI cant start installer I burned it on cd19:12
Guest28134please help me19:13
Stevan94NoTand when i start autorun and click demo and full installation and reset pc it nothing happens19:13
Dr_willisStevan94NoT,  you are booting the cd? to do a full install?19:13
Stevan94NoTI putted CDROM in 1st boot device and HDD in second19:13
skinnymg1Stevan94NoT, go into the bios and make sure your cd is set to boot before your hard drive19:13
CFHowlettStevan94NoT  version of ubuntu?19:14
* captainfixerpc14 seeks direction - with 10.10 using same workgroup name - can ping a windows xp pc no prob - unable to view ANY workgroups in nautilus - need to find out what I am not seeing - never had this problem - usually see entire network - now doesn't see itself19:14
elsombrerofwiw: my audio device: 00:14.2 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) (rev 40)19:14
CFHowlettStevan94NoT   and it completed the installation?19:14
Dr_willislatest alpha? ;)19:14
Stevan94NoTwhen I restard PC it automaticly starts windows19:15
CFHowlettStevan94NoT   confirm that you're installing ubuntu 11.10 ...19:15
elsombrerofunny thing is i can set the volume, but i cannot play anything back19:15
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zykotick9Stevan94NoT: as Dr_willis just pointed out, "Latest" could be several versions.19:15
=== michael is now known as Guest47822
ActionParsnipStevan94NoT: is the BIOS set to boot CD first?19:15
P1rateDid you burned it on the cd correctly?19:16
luvsawti how i can change the grub background image !19:16
Stevan94NoTYep used Nero burning rom19:16
carcharodon# oie19:16
ActionParsnipStevan94NoT: did you extract the iSO then burn the data?19:16
ZeloZelosluvsawti, get grub customizer19:16
Stevan94NoTextracted using daemon tools19:16
ActionParsnipStevan94NoT: you don't extract it!19:16
ch33z__LOl I love this19:16
luvsawtiand how to get it ?19:16
CFHowlettStevan94NoT   whao, what?19:16
ZeloZelosluvsawti, you will need to add the ppa19:16
ActionParsnipStevan94NoT: you just open the file with nero and it will burn ok (burn as slowly as possible)19:17
Picich33z__: This channel is for support, please don't post random links here.19:17
luvsawtiwhat is that ppa !19:17
ActionParsnipluvsawti: the grub bootloader is smart19:17
Stevan94NoTI mounted ISO file, and burned all things that was in Iso and burned on CD i did wrong huh?19:17
ZeloZelosluvsawti, see this page   https://launchpad.net/~danielrichter2007/+archive/grub-customizer19:17
zykotick9Stevan94NoT: that's not how you burn ISOs... you should reburn it properly19:17
ActionParsnipluvsawti: if you copy the image to /boot/grub/    it will be used when you run:   sudo update-grub19:18
auronandace!ppa | luvsawti19:18
ubottuluvsawti: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa19:18
CFHowlettStevan94NoT   you need to burn an IMAGE file not a data file.19:18
Stevan94NoTok, i will do that thank guys for your help19:18
CFHowlettStevan94NoT   does your computer support usb boot?19:18
ubottuCD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto19:19
CFHowlettStevan94NoT   consider creating a boot usb19:19
Dr_williswhy do people always seem to want to use deamon tools. :)19:19
Stevan94NoTwell im a newbie :D19:19
P1rateDr_willis: why not? :P19:19
ActionParsnipStevan94NoT: burning ISOs is not an Ubuntu specific thing19:19
Dr_willisat least you dident open it with winrar.19:19
CFHowlettStevan94NoT   no worries - next month you'll be much smarter!19:19
zykotick9carcharodon: do you have an ubuntu support question?  if so, ask it.19:19
ActionParsnipDr_willis: did, but used daemontools19:20
Dr_willisI tend to use infrarecorder to burn isos to disk.19:20
* Dr_willis recalls someone asking over and over once how to burn an rar to cd.. since the iso was opening in winrar for some insane reason. :)19:20
P1rateI think infra is the one that official ubuntu tut uses19:20
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)19:20
elsombreroregarding my audio problem: i installed mpg123, to have something terminal based, and this is what happens: http://pastebin.com/GDtCkN8g19:21
kurtwp_Is 12.04 will be considered LTS for the server19:21
Picikurtwp_: Yes.19:21
kurtwp_Pici, when is the release date19:21
vubuntor932hi all19:22
theadminkurtwp_: 12.04 means April 201219:22
=== Companion is now known as companion
kurtwp_oh the .04 = April19:22
ActionParsnipkurtwp_: exacty19:22
Picikurtwp_: The 26th of april. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule for more info, also #ubuntu+119:22
vubuntor932for list text file 'use ls *.txt'19:22
kurtwp_Great thanks for the info19:22
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luvsawtii am worried about this third-party , is there any other way to change grub bg image ?19:22
module000luvsawti: you can edit it in your grub.cfg, all the syntax is included in the appropriate man pages19:23
=== LuizArmesto is now known as ultronion
Dr_willisluvsawti,  the grub2 docs detail how to give the grub menu an image.19:23
vubuntor932if i want to list *.txt and *.deb19:23
vubuntor932what to do?19:23
ActionParsnipluvsawti: yes, copy the image to /boot/grub19:23
theadminvubuntor932: ls *.txt *.deb19:23
theadminvubuntor932: :P19:23
elsombreroPlease? anybody?19:23
Dr_willisvubuntor932,   the trick to rember is that its the shell expanding the *, not the ls command. echo *.txt  *.deb would also work.19:24
elsombreroi need some tunes and my flatmates are making fun of me :)19:24
=== LuizArmesto_ is now known as LuizArmesto
vubuntor932theadmin: pls19:24
dtcrshri have a pretty old notebook here, looking on xp information it has a sis 650 vga, will it work if i install ubuntu?19:24
theadminvubuntor932: Seriously. "ls *.txt *.deb"19:24
Dr_williselsombrero,  plenty of music streaming services out there.19:24
vubuntor932if use ls???19:24
elsombreroDr_willis: all useless, if my audio device doesnt work19:24
vubuntor932theadmin: ok19:25