licensedhello. i would like to know how can i add a folder to ubuntuone (i'm using kde)03:44
apwi have an ubuntu one client machine which was connected to my account; i missed when removing an old machine (or theres a bug) but the effect is now i have a machine 'de-authed'.  when i start the ubuntu one client it just goes 'File Sync error. (auth failed (AUTH_FAILED))' in the top right corner, and pops up a new dialog with 'Ubuntu One experienced an error' which is non-interactible... from there i am08:43
JamesTaitHappy Monday, everyone! :D09:21
apwdo i expect changes in the ubuntu-one files android app to be synced back to U1 ?09:31
Chipacamorning, all10:13
gatoxgood morning ninjas!!10:58
gatoxwrong channel10:58
gatoxgood morning u1!10:58
Chipacagatox: good morning master ninja sir!11:02
gatoxChipaca, :P11:03
Chipacaok, reboot time11:04
mandelgatox, morning!11:10
mandelgatox, how did the sprint go?11:10
mandelgatox, I mean the ninja one11:10
gatoxmandel, awesome! we increase the performance of ninja a lot! and now we can handle the highlight of as much errors as we wants in the editor11:11
gatoxmandel, were you travelling in the weekend?11:11
mandelgatox, no, I went to pick up mattgriffin from the airport in madrid and gave him a lift to the train :)11:11
gatoxmandel, ahh11:11
mandelgatox, there is the mobile world blah blah blah happening in barcelona11:12
gatoxmandel, i thought you went to party to another country11:12
mandelgatox, no no no11:13
mandelgatox, I had a birthdate and slept for 3 hours..11:13
mandelbrithday.. of a date :P11:13
mandelgatox, I'm off to get some food..13:24
gatoxmandel, roger that13:24
davidcalleChipaca, ping13:25
Chipacadavidcalle: pong!13:27
davidcalleChipaca, nice week-end?13:27
Chipacadavidcalle: not as nice as yours :)13:28
davidcalleChipaca, it was excellent, yeah13:28
Chipacadavidcalle: I'm seriously considering breaking the api of video search :-/13:29
davidcalleChipaca, I've pinged didrocks about a new upload of the lens and he wanted to know if it could wait after beta.13:29
Chipacayeah, waiting for after beta sounds fine13:30
davidcalleChipaca, what kind of change on the API?13:30
Chipacadavidcalle: you mind if I push a branch that makes the scope work with both the current api and the one I'm going to change it to?13:30
Chipacadavidcalle: move the results list under a dictionary13:30
davidcalleChipaca, sounds fine, I'm curious about this13:30
Chipacaso instead of [{'url': ...}, ...], you'd have {'results': [{'url': ...}, ...]}13:31
Chipacadavidcalle: this would let me include other information in the result (such as the original query, which sources actually responded, in what time, etc)13:32
davidcalleChipaca, sounds nice :)13:32
Chipacadavidcalle: all things I don't think I''l have time for just yet, but I hope to add those before moving to v113:33
Chipacav1 would have a separate recommendations api call and things like that13:33
davidcalleChipaca, ok13:34
Chipacathings to help the client cache smarter13:35
Chipacathings like that13:35
urbanapemorning, all.14:12
dobeymorning urbanape14:15
urbanapeChipaca: fwiw, that's sorta what we did with the N+1 API for Music Streaming14:17
urbanapequite proud of how that turned out.14:18
urbanapestill requires the client to have knowledge of the semantics of the app, but at least does away with clients having to compute URLs14:18
urbanapenow, if only anything were using it14:19
briancurtinmorning urbanape. bad news on starting the mac port - i wont have the install disc until tomorrow morning...apple store told me they had it over the phone, then i show up and they exclaim that they dont sell discs in store14:20
urbanapeokay, well, we can do shared screen (VNC or GNU screen) on my computer, if you like14:20
briancurtinyeah we can do that14:23
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* mandel back!14:40
mandelubuntulog, briancurtin, dobey, gatox most of ar (except gatox ofcourse) is on holiday, nevertheless lets have the stand up15:00
briancurtini didn't type anything yet, but me15:01
gatoxok.... go for me15:02
gatoxFixed Bug #934502, Bug #93452315:02
gatoxFinish with some tests, fix more ui related stuff.15:02
gatoxurbanape, go15:02
urbanapeDONE: Nothing15:02
urbanapeTODO: Working with briancurtin on getting a dev strategy for Mac client15:02
urbanapeBLOCKED: Not really15:02
urbanapedobey: you15:02
dobeyλ DONE: bug #939797, reviews15:02
dobeyλ TODO: rb extension bugs, look at twisted g/gtkapplication support/hanging issue15:02
dobeyλ BLCK: none.15:02
briancurtinDONE: messed around with changing the windows hard link implementation. still have to support/convert the old ones15:02
briancurtinTODO: mac stuff, working with urbanape15:02
briancurtinBLOCKED: none15:02
briancurtinNEXT: mandel15:02
mandelDONE: updated ssl-certificate-dialog branch. Read info regarding ssl and libsoup and qtnetwork,15:03
mandelTODO: Look at how I create a squid test case that has an ssl cert so that we can test those failing cases. Talk with dobey on how to approach that in u1-devtools15:03
mandelBLOCKED: no15:03
mandelok, comments or we are done :)15:03
mandelcool, sorted :)15:03
mandeldobey, got a min to talk about u1-dev-tools, how do you fill if I added a squidtest child that allows to use an ssl cert with squid to test that use case?15:04
dobeyand meh15:04
mandeldobey, sorry, you know my brain...15:04
mandeldobey, I'll assume meh is do what ever you want :)15:05
dobeyit is "i am pretty ambivalent about it"15:06
mandeldobey, ok, I guess that doing a small proof of concept will be a good approach, it can't be that hard15:06
dobeywell we already have a squid test case. ssl proxies are a given that we need to test15:07
dobeyhowever, we can't really ship it in precise i guess; at least not without a freeze exception15:08
mandeldobey, I'm not surprised.. I could add that to the sso code, but feels stupid to place it there15:10
mandeldobey, I could do some work with it and later talk with ralsina and nessita to see if we use it or add it in sso15:11
dobeymandel: well it doesn't matter where we add it; it would need an FFE i think15:13
dobeyyou might as well add it in the right place and get the FFE requests filed15:13
dobeyis there a bug for it?15:13
mandeldobey, yes, I have that feeling to..15:13
mandeldobey, I'll create one now15:14
mandeldobey, bug 94199415:19
* mandel wonders what happened with the stupid bot..15:19
dobeyugh; sinuses :-/15:25
* gatox lunch15:52
brendandhi - is anyone ok to discuss the new client? i have some feedback - i want it to be constructive16:22
dobeywhich new client?16:22
brendandin precise16:23
dobeyyou mean the control panel?16:24
brendandmust be16:24
dobeywell, ask your question or state your concern, and maybe it will be more clear to us. :)16:27
brendandso, why do we all of a sudden have to install the client?16:32
dobeythe client (the actual client, which does the actual syncing and everything, is already installed). you don't have to install it. what you have to install now, is the qt version of the control panel (as we are dropping the gtk+ version), becuase along with our switching to qt, some other applications in default install have grown considerably, so we haven't yet been able to find/make the necessary space on the CD to have it inst16:34
brendandhmm, that's what i thought. somewhat unfortunate16:35
dobeyyes, though we are working on it still. ubuntu 12.04 doesn't actually release for 2 months still :)16:36
brendandand i gather the long term plan is to make sure it's in the CD by default?16:36
brendandok. this next thing is a bit more touchy. i promise i'll raise bugs for these if they are already known16:37
dobeywell. after 12.04, i don't think the default install image will fit on a CD any more; and it will be 1 GB for memory sticks, as i understand16:37
dobeyso we will almost certainly be on then; even if we can't be on for 12.0416:38
brendandit seems strange to work on a ui which as far as i can tell is functionally very similar to the pre-existing one (which was one of the finer examples of a ui in ubuntu), when there are a few usability issues existing still16:38
dobeyhowever, we're still in middle of transition. in a couple weeks, upgrades should "just work" again, but it's a bumpy road at the moment16:39
brendandthe first thing, which is probably a bug - is that when i first run it it seems to keep 'dropping'16:40
dobeynot sure which issues you are speaking of exactly. the qt panel was written for us to have one that works on all our supported platforms (windows and linux at the moment, and others in future)16:40
brendandalso, it's very slow to sync the folder list. not sure what could be taking it so long16:40
brendandwell, yes. first it says it's connected. then disconnected and connects again16:41
brendandit's usually only on first launch16:41
dobeythat is odd; since it doesn't cache that itself16:42
dobeyplease open a bug about that16:42
dobeyand another bug about the folder list speed16:42
brendandnext thing is a feature...16:43
brendandoften, for me at least, i have installed a new system and there is a specific file/files i want to get (like i need them *now*). there should be some way to 'sync now' a specific file/files16:44
brendandany plans for that?16:44
dobeynot specifically, though there are i think a few bugs requesting similar ability, and improvement in sync prioritization16:45
brendandwhich package is the best to use?16:46
dobeyfor those previous 2 issues, they are in ubuntuone-control-panel16:47
dobeyyour "sync this folder/file now" request probably would affect it and ubuntuone-client as well16:47
brendanddobey - but for the folder sync speed and the disconnecting?16:48
brendandbug 942078 raised. seems like not a log of logs were attached16:58
brendandno bot on this channel?16:58
dobeyit apparently wasn't happy and ran away from home at some point. i've pinged someone to get it back, but i guess i will have to ping more people after lunch16:59
dobeyand i need to go get lunch :)17:00
Chipacadavidcalle: ping17:06
davidcalleChipaca, pong17:06
Chipacadavidcalle: found a little bug in the remote scope, courtesy of me :-/17:06
davidcalleChipaca, what is it?17:06
Chipacadavidcalle: it should be session.props.user_agent, not session.user_agent :)17:07
davidcalleChipaca, so I guess the same thing applies for session.timeout17:08
Chipacadavidcalle: probably, and that's fortunate17:08
Chipacadavidcalle: because 3s is too low :)17:08
Chipacadavidcalle: the server tries to respond in less than a second, but if you've selected a single, slow source, it might take longer. And, some places on the planet have 5 seconds of ping.17:08
Chipacadavidcalle: 3 seconds is, thus, too low for a client timeout17:09
davidcalleChipaca, ok. 5 or more? Or no timeout?17:09
Chipacadavidcalle: (as an example of a slow source, select only the sohu source, and search)17:09
Chipaca10-15 seconds is probably good. But.17:10
mandelanyone has an idea on how to set squid to use ssl certificates?17:10
mandelI want to test that we get an issue when trying to connect to a proxy server that has them worng..17:10
Chipacadavidcalle: what was your intention when setting the timeout?17:10
davidcalleChipaca, my attention was to avoid searching slowly for a word and having 10 seconds where nothing happens, then seeing search results for the first part of the word for 10 seconds before the actual wanted results.17:12
Chipacadavidcalle: i see. Well... to do *that*, we'd have to change to Soup.SessionAsync, and change over to async all the talking with the server. Then if a new search term comes in, you just cancel the older one17:13
Chipacadavidcalle: it's probably a little late to do that without an exception. But we can try :)17:14
Chipacadavidcalle: (i mean a feature freeze exception)17:14
mandelChipaca, that sounds like a bug rather than a feature, right?17:14
Chipacamandel: gray area :) but yes17:14
Chipacadavidcalle: what say you?17:15
davidcalleChipaca, if you can cancel running async searches, that sounds good.17:15
Chipacadavidcalle: it would require some major changes to the scope's code17:15
Chipacadavidcalle: let me throw together a branch and show you :)17:16
davidcalleChipaca, yes please :)17:17
Chipacadavidcalle: what does flush_revision_queue do?17:23
davidcalleChipaca, it commits all the results to Unity.17:24
davidcalleChipaca, when you fire it, everything in the results model is displayed in the Dash.17:24
Chipacaok, the code that calls update_results_model is the one that needs to be reversed17:25
Chipacathat's a little bit hairy :)17:25
Chipacadavidcalle: and when should search.finished() be called?17:29
davidcalleChipaca, when we're finished updating the model. (It turns the spinning dash search icon into the crossed circle icon)17:31
* davidcalle reboots17:46
* gatox need to reboots....... brb!17:47
dobeywow. the recipe builders must be pretty backed up18:13
Chipacadavidcalle: done18:24
Chipacadavidcalle: easy peasy :)18:25
mandelok, EOD for me.. my brain is toasted after reading squid3 configurations.. and the compiled version in ubuntu was not compiled using --enable-ssl..18:26
dobeyrly? that seems like fail18:26
mandeldobey, yeah, at least squid3 -v does show the enabled flags18:27
davidcalleChipaca, testing :)18:31
davidcalleChipaca, it's amazing! One of the biggest issue using remote calls in scopes... just gone :D18:34
davidcalle<davidcalle> Chipaca, testing :)Chipaca, it's amazing! One of the biggest issue using remote calls in scopes...18:42
davidcalleChipaca, it's amazing! One of the biggest issue using remote calls in scopes... just gone :D18:42
Chipacahm, disconnected18:49
Chipacadavidcalle: did you say anything after "testing"?18:49
davidcalleYeah, I said you have killed one of the biggest issue using remote calls in scopes.. and that's amazing :)18:50
Chipacaheh :)18:51
Chipacadavidcalle: right now when you cancel a request, the lens is emptied (I'm not sure if it's emptied when you start the search also). This might be suboptimal; maybe we want to leave old results there?18:52
Chipacaunsure, tbh18:52
Chipacadavidcalle: also, note that in the limit case you'll have the same issue in the local scope, because you run locate synchronously18:53
Chipacai wouldn't worry about that one just yet though18:53
Chipacaand now, i'm off18:54
davidcalleChipaca, empty is fine, IMHO only the final results matter.18:54
davidcalleAnd the little spinning thing is explicit enough to say we are working.18:54
Chipacaah, good, because it makes the code a tad easier :)18:54
davidcalleChipaca, btw, I've noticed nex recommendations from Youtube18:54
Chipacacan you confirm the spinner doesn't stop?18:54
Chipacayes, i added recommendations for a bunch of sources today18:54
davidcalleChipaca, It doesn't, but I will take more time to chech that.18:55
Chipacaah, good. I'll go through the code on the train and file a bug if there's anything i missed18:55
Chipacanow i've got to run, for reals :)18:56
davidcalleNice evening ;)18:56
gatoxis there anyone around for a qt review?19:04
briancurtingatox: how in depth is the qt part? i can at least look over it for other things if you want19:12
gatoxbriancurtin, that would be really nice, thanks! https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/overlay-improves/+merge/9482819:12
briancurtingatox: approved, although the other person who reviews should probably be a better Qt person than i :)19:27
gatoxbriancurtin, thanks! :D19:27
dobey"Pending build: in 25 minutes" for over an hour :(19:37
nhainesdobey: at least it's consistent.  :)19:55
gatoxbriancurtin, when you have a moment, if you can: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/934502/+merge/94841 (small branch)19:58
briancurtingatox: sure, will look in a few mins19:59
gatoxbriancurtin, thanks20:00
gatoxok, EOD here!20:00
gatoxsee you on wednesday20:00
Chipacadobey: +1'ed21:31
urbanapebriancurtin: finally got qt built. Man, what a beast. Anyway, should be ready to start hacking tomorrow. I'll see if I can get the multiuser screen fixed up.21:34
briancurtinurbanape: sounds good, and supposedly the CD will be in my hands by noon according to FedEx21:35
urbanapeyou going Lion?21:36
dobeyi had fedex site show me "delivery by 3:00 pm" up until 3:00 pm one day. they actually held it in TN for over 24 hours, and it showed up 2 days later. :-/21:37
briancurtinurbanape: the CD is for snow leopard, but i may as well just go through with the lion upgrade once i get SL on21:37
dobeyalright; way past time to head off22:58
popeyIs it known that there's a "cannot resolve proxy hostname ()" in the U1 client and in Rhythmbox music store?23:21
popeyor should I file a new bug?23:21
* popey files bug 942312 anyway ☺23:24

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