ScottLlen-nb, i'm sorry, you are correct02:08
ScottLi rolled the menu files into the -default-settings package because of setting the applications menu icon02:09
ScottLmicah and i talked about this 02:09
len-nbScottL what would you like me to do?02:09
len-nbI can pull settings and mod it if you like.02:09
ScottLsure, that sounds good....again, i'm sorry about that02:10
len-nbSo long as you are finished with it for a bit02:10
ScottLlen-nb, i think so, but that really is up to micahg at the moment since he should be reviewing what i did and upload to the repo02:11
len-nbScottL, I don't want to get in the way of changes you might be doing either :)02:11
len-nbOk, I will wait a day or so. Till settings gets to iso02:12
micahgTheMuso: would you be up for looking at the ubuntustudio-lightdm-theme package, I think the maintainer scripts might need a migration, but I'm not sure05:35
micahgScottL: ok, ubuntustudio packages finally uploaded, meta coming soon10:23
micahgmeta uploaded11:36
scott-workthank you micahg, we most likely wouldn't have gotten this done without your efforts15:43
micahgscott-work: we're not out of the woods yet, the meta is still uninstallable18:01
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scott-workmicahg: and that is because of the lightdm package, no?18:40
scott-workmicahg: but the meta being uninstallable doesn't affect the image building does it?18:40
micahgscott-work: it does18:42
astraljavaNeeds some work, still, but is almost done. Basically just requires descriptions, titles and names for missing tasks that we want to add.20:29
astraljava...in templates file.20:29
astraljavaAlso, the FFe bug needs to be filed, I'll do that tomorrow.20:31

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