DrumplayrHi. Anyone here?03:24
DrumplayrWhat's up???03:24
holsteinnot much... working on an album cover for my RPM challenge03:25
DrumplayrI'm a Ubuntu Studio Newbie and have a question.03:25
DrumplayrSounds cool!03:25
DrumplayrI've got a Presonus Firepod connected via Firewire...03:26
Drumplayrand I was hoping to use my Sound Blaster Live! card for playback/monitor.03:26
DrumplayrBut I can't seem to get the Firepod and the sound card to work at the same time.03:27
holsteini dont03:27
holsteini have the firepod too03:27
holsteini would just use it03:27
holsteinAFAIK, you wont easily use alsa drivers for the SB and the ffado driver for the FW device at the same time with JACK03:28
holsteinone way to go is to just let pulse use the SB and JACK use the firepod03:28
holsteinpersonally, i would just not use that SB03:28
DrumplayrIs there a way to make pulse and jack work at the same time??? But I think you answered my question. It's probably not worth the time to figure out.03:29
DrumplayrI've been gathering parts for a couple years to build this box (I'm a poor musician). I finally got it built last night and have been up for 36 hours playing with it.03:30
DrumplayrA friend of my has a really good PC running Sonar. I built this machine on Linux so I can compare the perfomance.03:31
holsteinfor me.. i just start JACK with the firepod, and pulse is still running on my internal sound card03:31
holsteinDrumplayr: i actually choose to use this software and linux for the performance03:32
Drumplayr_Srry bout that03:35
Drumplayr_So you can hear the playback while recording? I can't03:35
holsteinDrumplayr: 11.10 has pulse routing to JACK03:35
holsteinor is trying to at least03:35
holsteinso, pulse stops, and tries to route through JACK03:35
holsteini personally dont want that, but whatever03:35
Drumplayr_In order to hear what I've recorded, I have to unload the firewire driver inside Jack and load ALSA in to Jack.03:36
holsteinaudacious plays audio files with JACK03:37
Drumplayr_I guess that's the newbie in me.03:37
holsteinardour is what i track in03:37
holsteini just play back there03:37
Drumplayr_oh.. so I'll give that a try.03:38
Drumplayr_So how do you get Audacious to play the audio files?03:41
holsteini just hit the play button03:41
holsteinafter setting the JACK output03:41
Drumplayr_Audacious doesn't show up in Jack. Gotta troubleshoot some more.03:42
holsteinDrumplayr_: you have to set the output to JACK in audaious03:42
holsteinthen you have to play the file03:42
holsteinthen it shows up in JACK03:42
Drumplayr_Still not having any luck04:03
Drumplayr_Audacious shows up as a readable client but not a writable04:04
holsteinDrumplayr_: not sure what to tell you04:07
holsteini would close it.. install VLC and the JACK plugin04:08
holsteinor try aqualung04:08
holsteinor just play the thing in the application you are tracking in to monitor04:08
Drumplayr_So basically you're saying I should find another application to be my output for ardour?04:10
holsteinDrumplayr_: im saying just play it in ardour04:11
holsteinOR, if audacious is giving you a hard time, try something else04:11
holsteinmy workflow doesnt consist of exporting tracks and then listening to them04:11
holsteini just listen in ardour, and mix/master.. or whatever and then export them04:12
holsteinif i need to audition them further, i fire them up in audacious04:12
* cwillu pokes /proc/sys/kernel_sched with a stick09:32
cwilluer, ./kernel/sched_* I mean09:32
cwilluanyone with any interesting opinions on any combination of jack, non rt kernels and pianoteq?09:33
* cwillu seems to have such a thing working without xruns, but would like to compare notes re: what acceptable latency would typically be, etc09:34
Riddell"ubuntustudio-meta 0.97 produces uninstallable binaries: "13:49
* cwillu listens to the echo23:40

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