mikodoQuestion about using the Xubuntu Alternate installer (d-i) and choosing either the default install which gives one http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric-updates/xubuntu-desktop and choosing to install the Xfce meta-package: http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/xfce4 Will both work and be usable for a relative Noob? What is the difference between the two? I have only use Ubuntu with Gnome 2 before, and now want to go to the most pristine Xfc00:54
mikodoe, DE as I can manage, and still be not without a fair amount of "hand-holding by Xubuntu. I suppose I can then install all the other apps and dependencies, as I see fit, by going with the "Xfce meta-package install"00:54
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mikodoQuiet channel.. G'nite05:14
* jarnos thinks automatic security updates don't work in 11.04: red icon of update-notifier is visible.08:11
jarnosIs there some delay after automatic updates are started to be downloaded and installed after the red icon appears, or what is wrong?08:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 668077 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "Important security updates are not automatically installed" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:36
Jan_-hello, today when I tried to log in it just flashed black page with text and went back into the login screen09:33
Jan_-i solved it by deleting the old account and creating a new one, now the problem is that I saved the settings of the old account but the folder is encrypted and i dont know how to get the data back as it says i have restricted rights, i do have the text that i got when i encrypted it and the password that i used that account with, what kind of commands i need to know to access the folder?09:34
nicofsSomehow my window decorations crash on a regular basis... they look distorted an i can't activate any buttons on them or drag the window... any ideas?09:58
nicofsi deactivated composing and any other fancy stuff...09:59
nikolamWhy "http" process locked both synaptic and update manager from updating and downloading updates (i suppose) for himself?10:14
nikolamI guess he wants to do update (automatic installing of security updates is on)10:15
nikolamBut why user must lost control over update process during that time?10:15
nikolamand now, Every application that tries to list root dir ("/") freezes.10:17
nikolameather it is xfce file manager, thunar, pcmanfm or simple "ls" command10:17
TheSheepnikolam: you can only have one installation process going at a time, otherwise you would get conflicts, for example if one process is installing someting that depends on a package that is being uninstalled by something else10:18
TheSheepnikolam: freezing on access to / sounds like a hardware problem with the disk10:19
TheSheepnikolam: does dmesg show any disk-related errors?10:19
nikolamguess update I have not started the process, it started itself and I can not control it.10:20
nikolamno disk errors except "resume from disk failed" form some days ago, that I presume is regular for ubuntu 10.04 after updates10:21
nikolamok, will restart it, since i killed http process and apt is now <defunct>10:21
nikolamoh, no, http is back again on dowloading.. better kill net connection10:22
nikolamSeems like feature bug for unattended-update to me.10:23
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xslhello all... wen i create a new user and he loggs for the first time .. there are several folders created with reference on ~/config/user.dirs.dirs  - How do i change the folders that are created? Where is that defined ?12:00
Yancho_guys, i am installing xubuntu. after setting my keyboard layout etc, i clicked finish and now am in the Thank you screen. however the only button i have is skip. and the last msg is: ubuntu dbus[1160]: [system[ successfully activated service 'rg.freedesktop.UPower' - ad that was a msg of almost 2 hrs ago.12:26
Os_Maleushow about a restart of the machine?12:30
Yancho_cheers Os_Maleus  - was just afraid to do it in case it borkes the installation .. am now in my xubuntu12:32
Os_Maleusand if? ... if You are waiting more than two hours for Linux, then it is obviously hanging pretty high. ... considering that it happens during the installation.12:34
allu2is it a known bug that xscreensaver doesn't support scandinavic marks in password?14:43
GridCubeallu2, probably: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xscreensaver/+bug/79334414:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 793344 in xscreensaver (Ubuntu) "Xscreensaver lock box is having problem with special characters (display)" [Undecided,New]14:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 828682 in xscreensaver (Ubuntu) "In xubuntu, Xscreensaver login does not recognize the password with ascii characters" [Medium,Fix released]14:51
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xslis it possible to define a panel to bottom instead of a x= y= positioning?16:29
tsunami_hi there!16:38
tsunami_I have a problem with my xubuntu16:39
tsunami_everything was ok until today16:39
tsunami_I think it has something to do with xfce16:39
tsunami_all my windows lack the minimize, maximyze, close buttons16:40
tsunami_all of them open in the top left corner16:40
GridCubetsunami_, press alt-f2 and write >xfwm4 --replace16:40
tsunami_and they do not resize16:40
baizontsunami_: yes it is a xfce bug16:42
tsunami_thank you very much!16:42
tsunami_do you know when or why it happens ?16:43
GridCubeit happens because for some reason xfwm4 crashes16:43
GridCubeprobably after playing with compiz or other wm16:43
tsunami_and this replace command.... it just restarts xfwm?16:45
GridCubebasically, it replaces any other wm running at the moment, if there is non then it just restart it16:48
tsunami_thank you very much for your help16:49
tsunami_one other thing... is there any chance I can spread a window through several workspaces?16:50
GridCubeno idea16:51
TheSheepworkspaces are separate16:51
TheSheepnot like the fake workspaces of compiz16:51
TheSheepwhich are just one large desktop16:51
tsunami_hummm interesting...16:52
tsunami_I would like to try compiz but not to screw my xubuntu. is it possible to add it as an option windos manager in the login?16:57
tsunami_other question... is xubuntu 64bit compatible? I do not have a lib/64 directory17:00
tsunami_usr/lib64 i mean17:02
magerquarkthere is a 64.bit version17:02
magerquarkso it depends on the version you have installed17:02
tsunami_I only found 64bit for amd17:03
magerquarkthe architecture is called amd64, actually it is also für intel cpus17:03
magerquarkthe amd64 version is for all x86-compatible cpus17:03
tsunami_so it means that I have a 32bit installed on a 64bit machine... bad luck...17:04
magerquarkdo you have more than 4 GB RAM?17:04
tsunami_does this also mean that I will have to reinstall the 64bit version?17:05
tsunami_I will check that now magerquark17:05
magerquarktsunami, the 32bit version is perfectly fine for most of all users17:05
magerquarkyou dont have to reinstall a new version17:06
magerquarkthere are rare use-cases where the 64bit-version is necessary17:06
magerquarkbut you can if you want to reinstall it17:06
tsunami_the system tells me I have 8 gigs memory17:09
tsunami_cat /proc/meminfo tells me that17:09
tsunami_MemTotal:        8166220 kB17:09
tsunami_does this means it is a 64bit installation?17:10
magerquarkwich .iso did you download?17:10
tsunami_and thank you for the info magerquark17:10
tsunami_Origin: Ubuntu17:19
tsunami_Label: Ubuntu Suite: oneiric Version: 11.10 Codename: oneiric Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 19:15:52 UTC Architectures: i386 Components: main restricted universe multiverse Description: Ubuntu Oneiric 11.1017:19
tsunami_dont know why but now I cannot open the partition where I have the image17:20
tsunami_do not have permissions to write on the windows partition and on usb external discs17:21
tsunami_which is a pain17:21
xsli have a problem with the lower panel ( its configured for x= and y= ) is there an option to configure it to "bottom" instead of coordinates?17:21
tsunami_i opened thunar with root access but it says there is no trash directory when i try to delete something...17:22
tsunami_any suggestions?17:22
tsunami_strange thing... a cannot see what I have on another partition (a 60gig extf4) but if I ask qBittorrent to open destination folder (that Im using for downloads on this other partition) it opens the directory but I cant see anything else but that directory and I can only see the directories, not the files... any suggestion?17:39
tsunami_strange behavior xubuntu has today..17:40
tsunami_ strange thing... a cannot see what I have on another partition (a 60gig) but if I ask qBittorrent to open destination folder (that Im using for downloads on this other partition) it opens the directory but I cant see anything else but that directory and I can only see the directories, not the files... any suggestion? strange behavior ubuntu has today..17:56
Os_Maleushey together! is it possible to have a parallel installed windows next to xubuntu and let the same windows run in a virtual machine under xubuntu?18:26
baizonOs_Maleus: no18:28
baizondriver are differenz18:28
baizonwindows would crash18:28
baizonand the licence key wouldnt be vaild18:28
Os_Maleusbut I can let run windows in a virtual machine. can't I?18:28
baizonyes you can18:29
baizonbut running windows in a vm and at the same time native isnt possible18:29
Os_Maleusso, I would need to perform the whole installation from the basics for that?18:29
Os_Maleusthanks, baizon!18:31
mic_I have some problems setting up my dual monitors with xrandr and ati drivers20:18
baizonmic_: yes, and the problem is?20:19
mic_xrandr tells me "xrandr: screen cannot be larger than 1600x1600",  of course I've looked it up, and the solution for most people was to at the line 'Virtual x y' (where x and y being the size for the virtual desktop) in their xorg.conf, this didn't fix the problem for me though..20:21
baizonmic_: what drivers?20:22
baizonfor me it didnt workd either20:23
mic_gotten of amd site: amd-driver-installer-12-1-x86.x86_64.run20:25
tsunami_my xubuntu is collapsing I dont know why as I did not messed around, first it was xfwm4 that started going crazy, I did xfwm4 --replace and it was ok. BUT after that I cant access other partitions on my hard disk and my keyboard is completely dis-configured... It is just colapsing.         Anybody has a suggestion or should I just reinstall ubuntu again?20:26
mic_I'm guessing that those do have something to do with it -  before I installed them, it was no problem to extend the desktop (though I did this in xubuntu -> settings editor)20:26
baizonmic_: you cant use the proprietary drivers and xrandr20:36
baizonmic_: you can use the open source ati drivers, or if you want to use the current one you have to use xinerama20:37
baizontsunami_: you can try to delete the .cache for xfce20:39
baizonit helps ofen for me20:39
mic_But, I can, I mean, xrandr works fine, except for that 1600x1600 desktop limitation. But I wish amdcccle wasn't so buggy: it just doesn't do anything. I'll look into xinerama and otherwise I'll go back to the open source drivers.20:40
baizonim using the proprietary one and have to use xinerama for dual-screen20:40
baizonxrandr doesnt work with ati20:41
mic_okay quick question: 'you must restart your computer', can I just log out and back in? lol.20:46
tsunami_baizon, it said invalid filename when I try to delete .cache...... funny20:46
baizon.cache folder :P20:46
mic_baizon: Thank you for setting me onto xinerama. I thought I had bad memories about this, but everything is working fine :)20:57
tsunami_I have a .cache folder with lots of folders there do you whant me to delete them all?20:57
baizonmic_: good to hear20:58
tsunami_baizon, I have a .cache folder with lots of folders there do you whant me to delete them all?20:58
baizontsunami_: no20:58
baizontsunami_: ~/.cache/sessions20:59
tsunami_ah ok shoul I delete all tose txt files?21:03
baizonand restart X server21:03
mic_baizon: I just noticed the resolution on my right monitor isn't quite right. (I thought I'd fix that by turning xinerama off, change resolution, turn on; description in amdcccle made me think so) but I think the new resolution didn't stay when going into xinerama21:04
baizonmic_: try... sudo aticonfig --initial=dual-head --screen-layout=right21:04
baizonaticonfig --overlay-on=121:04
baizonRestart X Server.21:04
baizonaticonfig --xinerama=on21:04
mic_baizon: no change21:08
baizonaticonfig --resolution=0,1680x105021:09
baizonaticonfig --resolution=1,1680x105021:09
baizonand try to change the resolution21:09
baizonfor your screen21:09
tsunami_baizon, all is the same, cant access partitions21:10
baizontsunami_: are they detected?21:10
baizonfdisk -l21:10
mic_baizon: errir at set screeb resolution : screen1 does not exist21:11
mic_(for --resolution=1)21:12
tsunami_baizon, http://pastebin.com/9AJAGjgn21:16
tsunami_baizon, yes they seem to be detected21:17
baizonwhats the error msg?21:18
baizonis it mounted?21:18
baizonmic_: google ;)21:18
tsunami_they say to be mounted but there is nothing there when I go there /media/xxxx21:19
tsunami_I think it might be something to do with fstab but I cant fix it21:21
tsunami_baizon, can you have a look here?  http://pastebin.com/45cegSGR21:22
baizontsunami_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab21:25
tsunami_do you think is the fstab, I am afraid of braking it21:29
tsunami_baison, do you think something is wrong in the fstab ?21:30
spanner3003how do i stop the gui in xubuntu?21:30
spanner3003from within tty121:31
tsunami_it seams that https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab is down21:32
tsunami_and this one too https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Autofs21:32
baizonspanner3003: what version?21:32
tsunami_up again! :)21:33
baizonspanner3003: http://www.uptechtalk.com/?p=16221:34
baizonfirst link that google search gave me :P21:35
spanner3003can i do the with sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm stop?21:37
baizonspanner3003: but it will start at next boot21:38
baizonso it is pointless21:38
spanner3003not if your build and it's on all the time21:39
spanner3003thank you :D21:39
andythenoobhi all, does anyone know a good place on the web to understand the dmesg output properly please?21:46
baizonandythenoob: http://linuxgazette.net/issue59/nazario.html21:48
andythenoobperfect, many thanks!21:49
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