mgrandiit seems bzr explorer does not like huge trees00:56
poolieyes it's a known bug01:17
pooliei thought bialix was going to turn file watchers off by default01:17
poolieit is too risky to be on til it's more stable01:18
mgrandiit was going to be turned off on windows by default01:18
mgrandicause of its wonderful practice of one thing locking a file and then nothing else can use it01:18
mgrandii'm on a mac atm01:18
poolieah, maybe it should be off everywhere01:20
mgrandithis is a pretty extreme case, i'm just running a script (thats in a bzr directory) and by default it outputs stuff to the same dir the script is in01:21
mgrandiand it has 6,721 items totaling 800 mb sooo =P01:21
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mgrandibe back on later~01:34
AfCbzr 2.5 is released, right? Does that mean in will be in ppa:bzr/ppa soon?03:22
poolieafc, right, quite soon03:42
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AfCpoolie: cheers (just hit a github repo that I'm trying to branch that gave me an error to do with nested trees; I'm hoping that 2.5 will parse it)04:09
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mgrandiso, does bzr-git support pushing to github?05:45
mgrandidont want to push to test it cause i dont wnat to mess up the branch >.>06:10
LarstiQmgrandi: afaik it does06:40
mgrandione way to find out06:40
mgrandiand aww yeah thats sexy.06:45
mgrandirequires a dpush but it works perfectly.06:51
mgrandianyway, bedtime~06:59
MilkyHello all07:28
MilkyI am going to host a private bazaar for an internal team development07:28
Milkybut can't come across a descent doc/manual that goes through this...07:28
Milkyespecially users administration07:29
MilkyI still have no idea how this works, assigning branches to specific users, setting read-only one a mainstream branch for all users but one for example... etc07:30
Milkycould anyone point me to the right direction?07:30
MilkyThanjs in advance07:30
jelmerhi mgz08:17
poolieo/ jelmer, mgz10:17
mgzhey poolie10:17
jelmerhey poolie10:18
pooliehi there, sorry i missed you before10:19
stefancti am trying to setup a daily build recipe for a svn import, but i obviously have problems with the the deb-version string (or to be more precise with fulfillment of its prerequisites).12:32
stefancti have included a nest-part statement for the debian part of the ubuntu package12:33
stefanctthe first line of the recipe is bzr-builder format 0.4 deb-version {debupstream-base}-0~r{svn-revno}12:33
stefancthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/860449/ is the complete recipe + bzr dailydeb output12:35
jelmerstefanct: hi13:04
stefancthi jelmer13:04
jelmerstefanct: I think the 0.4 recipe format still has issues on launchpad13:04
jelmerstefanct: you might want to try 0.3 (though that unfortunately doesn't support some of the variables you're using13:05
stefanctagreed@0.4 but i am testing locally. shouldnt it work there?13:05
jelmerstefanct: it should work locally indeed13:05
jelmerstefanct: there isn't any packaging in lp:flashrom I guess?13:06
jelmerin that case you want {debupstream-base:packaging}13:06
stefancta "packaging" directory?13:07
jelmerstefanct: packaging refers to the branch you're nesting13:07
jelmerstefanct: your deb-version has {debupstream-base} which would take the version string from the 'debian/changelog' file in the root branch (lp:flasrom)13:08
jelmerexcept there is no such file in the root branch13:08
jelmer{debupstream-base:packaging} makes it look at the branch nested under the 'packaging' name13:08
stefanctare there any good docs about that? this is all missing from the help.launchpad.net pages :/13:09
stefanctwell.. i should recheck that first before blaming.. :)13:10
stefanct"Here fix-build is a unique short name that we'll use to refer to this branch throughout the recipe." my bad.13:10
jelmerstefanct: see also 'bzr help builder'13:13
stefanctah. i was looking at the man page...13:14
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stefanctjelmer: thanks a lot! --no-build completes now successfully locally and i think i know enough to solve the ppa build on my own13:17
stefanctbut it explodes ofc on launchpad due to https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-buildd/+bug/915505 :)13:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 915505 in Launchpad Auto Build System "bzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'cStringIO.StringI' object has no attribute 'split'" [Critical,Triaged]13:25
jelmerstefanct: yep, that's the bug I had in mind earlier13:27
stefanctlast question hopefully: is it possible to have comments in recipes? # obviously is not ignored :) i would like to add a 0.4 template for later when that bug is solved13:29
jelmerstefanct: yes, you can have comments but they have to start at the beginning of a line13:30
jelmerI'm not sure if launchpad preserves them13:30
stefanctit does not13:38
jelmerstefanct: I guess you can put it in the recipe description13:43
stefanctgood idea, but i dont trust launchpad... ill save it locally too :)13:44
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wilxIs it possible to sync-pipeline and then work with the pipeline in the other location?18:18
wilxI have done this: 1) created a pipeline and done some changes. 2) bzr sync-pipepile /my/usb/flash/memory. 3) bzr sync-pipeline /home/wilx/mysharedrepo.18:19
wilxNow, it has created two branches in the shared repor with the names of the pipes in the pipeline.18:19
wilxBut the branches are not the pipeline it seems.18:19
wilxI cannot bzr swp in them.18:20
wilxWhile bzr pipes still shows the pipeline pipes in each of the branches.18:21
stefanctjelmer: first binary package just built successfully by the recipe, thanks again and bye :)18:34
jelmerwilx: hi19:11
jelmerwilx: no idea, you might want to talk to abentley19:11
abentleywilx: you ought to be able to, but I haven't tested it recently.19:13
wilxHere is a log of what I have done. The bottom shows the problem.19:24
abentleywilx: Right, you need to create a lightweight checkout of branch1 or pipe2.19:35
wilxWould that be bzr co --lightweight in the branch1 dir?19:37
abentleywilx: co --lightweight $PATH_TO_BRANCH1 anywhere except the branch1 dir.19:38
wilxI see. It works that way.19:42
wilxHowever it makes layout different from the inital pipeline which is surprising.19:42
abentleywilx: I mostly use sync-pipeline for pushing to Launchpad, and producing that sort of layout wouldn't work.  Launchpad needs the branches to be separate.19:44
wilxI see.19:46
wilxMaybe there should be a switch to allow the original repo layout for other destinations/transports.19:46
abentleywilx: probably the easiest way to reproduce that layout manually is to colo-init, and then sync-pipeline into colo/.bzr/branches19:48
abentleywilx: btw, until recently, the layout produced by reconfigure-pipeline is one I never used.  I would do "bzr init-repo --no-trees branches; bzr init branches/branch1; bzr checkout --lightweight branches/branch1/"19:55
wilxI see.19:56
abentleywilx: if you're using reconfigure-pipeline, init-repo isn't strictly necessary.  reconfigure-pipeline creates a shared repository.20:00
jonohey all20:05
jelmerhey jono20:05
jonohey jelmer!20:05
jonoif I have a branch that I want to merge into another one, and the branch I want to merge in has much of the same code structure, but re-factored, is bzr smart enough to find the right code fragment and merge the branch?20:06
jelmerjono: the branches aren't related in any other way?20:07
jonojelmer, so this is what is happening:20:07
jonoI have a branch and someone is re-factoring the code20:07
jonobut moving the code around, changing some of the method names etc20:07
jonomuch of the original code logic is the same20:07
jonobut I want to write some changes and I am not sure if I should hold off20:08
wilxAre your changes conflicting his changes?20:08
wilxThen hold off. Otherwise proceed.20:08
jonowilx, this is the thing, I don't know - I suspect they won't because he is just moving some code around - the code itself doesnt change20:09
jonobut as an example if I patch my_func() and the file my_func() is in changes, would the patch still apply?20:09
jelmerjono: if you're going to be changing the same code that he is moving around then I would wait20:09
jonothanks jelmer20:09
lifelessjono: best way to tell: just try merging :)21:21
lifelessjono: you can always do your changes on top of his branch, rather than in trunk21:21
lifelessjono: or you can do yours in trunk and let him(or her) merge from you before they submit21:21
thomijelmer: I just saw your bug on indicator-jenkins - I didn't think anyone knew about that yet21:31
thomijelmer: the bug's been fixed in trunk, and there's a package building - should be done in 1 hour21:32
* jelmer hugs thomi 21:33
jelmerI don't remember where I learned about indicator-jenkins, but it seemed like a nice thing to try21:33
thomilet me know if you have any more problems with it. I'll get it working well then send an email out to the canonical QA lists...21:33
wilxjelmer: Hey, thanks for the quick patch for the bzr:// URI mirroring.21:37
jonothanks lifeless21:59
pooliehi all22:29
wgzhey poolie22:34
jelmerhi poolie, wgz22:44

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