apachelogger[kubuntu-members] Ask upstream KDE PIM on their recommendation of mysql vs sqlite: TODO00:00
* apachelogger is having a dejavu00:13
apacheloggerbug 94232400:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 942324 in kde-baseapps (Ubuntu) "Don't hide Kfind from menu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94232400:34
apacheloggerI think we can drop the patch for that00:34
apacheloggerrationale was that we did not use kfind as search thingy00:34
* apachelogger personally doesn't see the use of it with nepomuk around but ...00:35
apacheloggeras long as it is not on the cd (which it should not be anymore anyway) I do not see any harm in unhiding it00:35
apacheloggerparticularly since it is no more accessible from within dolphin (which was the case before the great nepomuk integration00:35
rbelemRiddell, bulldog98, i uploaded a new kde-artwork-active, that fixes the image path installation00:36
rbelemto kubuntu-active ppa00:36
apacheloggerdantti: https://projects.kde.org/projects/playground/base/print-manager/repository/revisions/7e9a2796866fb7211cdd842cb15b9933bf77fb2900:40
apacheloggeryou should totally git pull --rebase :)00:40
apacheloggerrbelem: where is your copyright generation script btw?00:41
apacheloggeralso I need a new mind buddy since jon is never here when I am being creative00:44
ScottKHe's pretty much never here period.01:03
ScottKWe get this shiny new updater and then upstream gets bored apparently.01:03
* apachelogger sends spam to nixternal01:10
apacheloggerneversfelde is also never here01:11
apacheloggerquite the council we have S:01:11
sreichScottK: what shiiny new updater?01:19
apacheloggerthe one that made me report a bug today :P01:25
apacheloggernew muon01:25
ScottKsreich: Muon.01:58
ScottK(the one that's shiny for us because it's optimized for our package system)01:58
danttiapachelogger: yes, I added it to git config --global yesterday..02:09
danttiapachelogger: I didn't know how to do it before I read some kde-core-mails02:09
danttiapachelogger: btw is it working nicely for you?02:10
apacheloggerI only thought of it because of the rant on kc ^^02:10
danttithe last push added a bunch of stuff02:10
apacheloggerdantti: didn't try it yet, lunchpad decides to screw with me02:10
danttiright :)02:10
apacheloggerdantti: FWIW... it worked fine last I tried which was last we talked about it02:10
danttiapachelogger: cool, if you can please test if adding new printers shows a nice popup (you have to restart kded and kill printer-applet)02:11
apacheloggertomorrow ... if I get a package ^^02:11
dantti(by adding I mean remove you usb from CUPS and then just plug and wait)02:11
danttiapachelogger: ok np :)02:11
danttiapachelogger: I'm working on colord stuff now... 02:11
apacheloggergood thing is ... thanks to packaging recipes we can roll packages right from lunchpad without much effort02:12
danttiso hopefully on kde 4.9 we have both in extragear of something..02:12
apachelogger*And* lock it to a given version02:12
danttiapachelogger: right you mean for inclusion on the 12.04 as an alternative?02:12
apacheloggerso technically we can deliver a daily build from lastest git and a QA'd version for more general concumption02:12
apacheloggerdantti: too late for 12.04 IMHO ... PPA should be fine though02:13
danttiok :)02:13
apacheloggerthen push it as default for KDE SC 4.10 (if there will be one) & Kubuntu 12.1002:13
apacheloggeras I said, last I used it it was working more reliable than printer-applet already02:14
danttiapachelogger: ok, cool... now let's try to get color stuff fast on KDE... :)02:17
apacheloggerdantti: what is that?02:24
* apachelogger has a broken fglrx and a broken plasma and a broken krandr \\o/02:24
danttiapachelogger: didn't you follow last color heat stuff on k-c-d? the colord vs oyranos... :P02:25
apacheloggerno, I was not reading stuff the past week02:25
danttiapachelogger: http://blog.tenstral.net/2012/02/wanted-kde-color-management-kcm.html   http://blogs.gnome.org/hughsie/2012/02/22/looking-for-a-cool-kde-person/02:26
danttiI was willing to help colord in kde since my led monitor sucked on it's colors... (now I plan on buying one IPS but still this is pretty usefull)02:27
apacheloggerplasma is still bugged, but we need color management :P02:28
apacheloggerpriorities anyone? :P02:28
apacheloggerdantti: so before you jump into color management.... what needs doing for print-manager before we can shuff it into KDE SC?02:28
danttiapachelogger: well I'm already doing sort of both, afiestas asked me to fill some pre reqs for a GSoc02:29
danttiso it's really just a few things now..02:29
danttifrom the localhost:631 point of view it's 1:1 in the features (tho I should add a context menu to "Reject Jobs"02:30
danttibut that's very easy..02:30
* apachelogger wonders whether it is feasable to target kde sc 4.9 even02:30
danttiapachelogger: well as it's 1:1 to cups web interface I'm going to push it to at least extragear so distros can start shiping as an alternative...02:31
apacheloggerdantti: why not SC?02:32
apacheloggerdantti: I mean, it matches the current printer-applets features, no?02:32
apacheloggerso I do not see why that should not be replaced entirely, then you do not have to care about release stuff yourself :)02:32
danttiapachelogger: well, the printer-applet can be replaced but the Add New Printer wizard doesn't has all the features...02:33
danttilike samba browsing, ipp queue query and best PPD finder...02:34
danttibasically that...02:34
apacheloggerdantti: does the printer-applet do that?02:34
apacheloggerso it does not matter02:34
danttiit just show jobs and show a popup when a printer is added and the udev rule installs it automatically for you02:34
danttiapachelogger: aren't s-c-p-kde connected to the printer-applet?02:35
apacheloggerthey are the same thing02:35
apacheloggeror something02:35
apacheloggerwell, created at the same time anyway02:35
apacheloggerdantti: tell you what, I'll have a look at the current state tomorrow, it is hard to talk about things I don't know about ^^02:36
danttiafaik they are two components of the s-c-p-kde, so the applet can be replaced the KCM not entirely02:36
apacheloggerbut really, I would push it out rather sooner than later02:36
danttiapachelogger: sure, pretty much try adding new printers you will see the differences02:36
apacheloggerthen again my mantra is release or perish ^^02:37
danttiapachelogger: sure that's why I'd like to at least push it to extragear02:37
apacheloggerso, I think we should put a snapshot into the beta ppa and lock that on a revision we know works well02:38
apacheloggerand keep a rolling snapshot in the experimental ppa02:38
apacheloggerthen call for people to test the beta thing02:38
apacheloggerthat should give reasonable testing for the existing features02:39
danttiapachelogger: sure :D I also need to blog about last changes so if you do that please tell me the ppa so I put it into the blog post02:47
apacheloggerdantti: once lunchpad decides to do things faster than 12 hours ;)02:49
danttik :P02:49
MamarokGood morning everyone :)06:33
tsdgeosRiddell: will 4.8.1 made it into precise "easily" ?08:09
agateautsdgeos: kubuntu usually ships with 4.x.2 if that's what you are looking for?08:27
agateauso I expect 4.8.1 to be available in precise soon as a simple dist-upgrade08:27
tsdgeosagateau: what i'm looking for is to have the "virtuoso eats 400% of my cpu fixed"08:41
tsdgeosthat is suppossedly fixed in 4.8.108:41
agateautsdgeos: should be there in a few days08:41
Riddell"200 units of Original Buff® will be €6.98 + vat and €50 shipping"  I want Kubuntu buffs :)09:08
Riddellhi stefan` 09:11
stefan`sorry ;)09:12
Mamarokinteresting, virtuoso doesn't eat CPU for me in KDE 4.8 on Precise09:41
tazzanyone here using kvm-qemu for cd testing ?09:41
Mamaroktazz: nope, testing on an old laptop09:42
tazzMamarok, lucky you :)09:43
RiddellI've used virtualbox in the past but it hasn't worked for me recently, linux driver broken09:43
Mamarokwell, yes, I kept it for my translation work with Trados which sadly doesn't work on Linux09:43
ubottuTesting help needed in #kubuntu-devel ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, em10:03
Riddellgo go iso testing! http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/208/builds10:03
Riddellnote to self: ubiquity needs the little corner image removed, it was for the old wallpaper10:33
Riddellyofel: yes the keyboard selection does seem to have disappeared, that might be due to fixes to stop it crashing10:33
Riddellquestion to self: usb keys are so much better than CDs, why did I use CDs for so long?10:34
yofelwhy are we hiding kfind? (bug 942324)10:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 942324 in kde-baseapps (Ubuntu) "Don't hide Kfind from menu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94232410:58
Riddellyofel: kfind isn't installed by default11:00
Riddelldolphin is better for finding files11:00
Riddellprobably the NoDisplay=true is a patch from when i started kubuntu and wanted to tidy up the kmenu11:01
yofelsure, but if it's not installed by default there's no point in hiding it when someone does install it11:02
Riddellyes, feel free to fix11:02
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kde-baseapps] Philip Muškovac * 208 * debian/ (patches/kubuntu_04_hide_kfind.diff changelog patches/series) Don't hide kfind by default now that it's not installed by default anymore (LP: #942324)11:05
Riddellwhere do qapt bugs go?11:10
Riddellit isn't registered in bugs.kde.org11:10
Riddellmm still 9MB and 28MB to be removed from the alternate CDs11:16
Riddell(before beta 2)11:16
Riddellguess we can be more reckless there and just remove an app or two, they're less important11:16
ScottKRiddell: Muon is registered on b.k.o.  I'd send them there.12:04
apacheloggerRiddell: remove print drivers ;)12:33
apacheloggerthey are gigantic12:34
BluesKajHowdy all12:49
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ScottKapachelogger: But not for any printers I own, please.13:49
BluesKaj'Morning folks , where is the kdm conf file stored? ...thought it was in /user/share , but it's not there14:06
ScottKBluesKaj: /etc/kde4/kdm14:07
BluesKajScottK,  thanks :)14:08
ScottKYou're welcome.14:08
debfxis the just me or is the lp api currently broken?14:16
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macoRiddell: does Muon have package version pinning?16:07
macoi know aptitude and synaptic can lock a package version16:07
macoapt-get, stupidly, lacks this functionality16:08
macoand i've got a kubuntu user whose internet goes POOF every kernel update because the linux kernel lacks a working driver for her and she has to compile one from scratch every time it updates, which requires my assistance16:08
maco(i've never used muon. or oneiric for that matter)16:09
yofeliirc you can prevent kernel updates if you remove the kernel meta packages16:09
yofellike linux-image-generc etc.16:09
yofelapt-get does know pinning, but only manual using /etc/apt/preferences16:10
macoyeah pinning manually is kinda a pain in the rear. aptitude lets you say "aptitude hold package"16:10
macohttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto#Introduction_to_Holding_Packages could work though16:11
Riddellmaco: no I don't think so 16:16
* yofel syncs images again16:20
shadeslayerRiddell: poke poke16:34
Riddellshadeslayer: mm?16:34
shadeslayerRiddell: good idea to move Qt 4.8 into Kubuntu Backports?16:35
shadeslayeror should I leave it in Experimental ... afiestas tested it and said all looked good16:35
Riddellshadeslayer: kubuntu-ppa/backports?  yeah I guess so16:36
shadeslayeryes, okay, I'll copy them then16:37
shadeslayerhmm ... new icons for LP?16:37
shadeslayeruhh .. what's the "s-series"16:37
yofelO, P, Q, R, S?16:38
Riddellfuture versions of ubuntu16:38
Riddellyet to be named16:38
shadeslayernope, just s,r and q16:38
yofelwell, yeah, they just don't have names yet16:38
* shadeslayer ponders why LP would create release pockets for those16:38
shadeslayerhahah : http://harmful.cat-v.org/software/c++/linus16:40
* shadeslayer can't stop laughing after reading the first few lines16:40
Riddellshadeslayer: so we can target bugs and specs to them16:41
shadeslayerRiddell: uhh ... I think LP is planning too far ahead into the future16:41
yofelshadeslayer: they just do 'from __future__ import s-series', and considering LP is python that's perfectly valid :P16:44
shadeslayerpython ... doing nasty stuff to your present *and* your future16:45
BarkingFishAfternoodles guys, long time no see. How's everything going with the prep for Precise?16:49
yofelBarkingFish: testing isos for beta1 right now, feel free to chime in16:49
yofelotherwise, bugfixing time16:49
BarkingFishyofel: I'm probably gonna have to go bugfixing more than iso testing, I'm a disk drive down at the moment and can't immediately grab a new one to stick a second OS on16:51
Riddellcrashers in rekonq and plasma activities I've found just by logging in16:52
Riddellalso an easy fix to be made in ubiquity16:52
BarkingFishUnless I can get my hands on a new 1 or 2TB SATA within a week or so, I'm gonna be stuck16:52
Riddellwe need testing today and tomorrow, but we'll be back into testing in a few weeks too16:53
* shadeslayer can help with seeding and stuff16:54
BarkingFishwhat are we looking at for an expected release date?16:55
yofel!schedule | BarkingFish16:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about schedule16:55
yofel!schedule-#ubuntu+1 | BarkingFish16:55
ubottuBarkingFish: A schedule of Precise Pangolin (12.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PreciseReleaseSchedule16:55
BarkingFishexcellent, thanks yofel :)16:56
BarkingFishso 26th april... that's...barely 8 weeks :P16:57
BarkingFishgotta scoot for a bit, see you later :)16:58
BluesKajwell, my samba connections to the windows 7 pc which i use as a media backup drive , is oger accessible , so trying to resset the samba/smb networking won't allow deletion the old connections in order to replace them 17:09
BluesKajno longer accessible17:10
RiddellBluesKaj: ask rbelem 17:14
Riddellapachelogger: http://dantti.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/print-manager-improvements/18:25
yofeldoes someone remember when jockey was supposed to show up after installation?18:40
BluesKajrbelem , samba no longer connects to W7 pc which contains a lot of our backed up media files . ssh and fish work on the linux to linux networking , but W7 just times out 18:53
rbelemBluesKaj, did you try the cmd line client?18:58
rbelemapachelogger, it is not complete yet. a very begging work in progress, but it will be ready for uds-q18:59
BluesKajrbelem, smbclient -L //IPaddress -U target-pc ?19:00
rbelemBluesKaj, smbclient -U target-pc-user //IPaddress/folder19:02
BluesKajrbelem,  session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE19:05
rbelemBluesKaj, create a new user in thw w7 machine, set a password for it and try again using the new user19:06
BluesKajrbelem,  had log off for a few mins ,  with a new user on W7,  "smbclient -U target-pc-user //IPaddress/folder", returns , "session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_TYPE_NOT_GRANTED"19:28
BluesKajthe whole C drive is temporarily shared , just for convenience19:30
rbelemBluesKaj, this seems to be a w7 security setting19:32
rbelemBluesKaj, try this one http://simplygenius.com/2006/04/accessing-windows-shares-from-os-x_14.html19:34
Mamarokhm, how can I modify the sources to avoid getting these ignore messages about the translations when updating?19:39
BluesKajrbelem,  your suggestion worked . I added myself as an admin on the W7 pc and I was able to login as the different user with admin priveleges19:45
BluesKajthanks rbelem :)19:45
rbelemBluesKaj, u r welcome :-)19:46
BluesKajI went thru the add network folder procedure19:46
BluesKajok , now back to my taxes :(19:48
yofelhm, the german ubiquity slideshow isn't completely translated as always - where does one fix that again?20:01
ScottKplasma network manager 0.9 final release is in Debian.20:04
ScottKyofel: In launchpad, somewhere.20:05
yofelScottK: oh great, less work for me (nm)20:05
ScottKrbelem: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-active/daily-live/20120228.1/21:28
starbuckhello, I have been installing kubuntu lately in German (German language, timezone and keyboard), and noticed, that the country was still set to USA. That resulted in clock displaying am/pm etc. Is this a known problem of ubiquity and fixed in 12.04? Which setting should actually influence country (I guess the timezone?).21:29
ScottKyofel: ^^^ Is that like the problem you were having?21:31
yofelhm, I didn't check the country settings actually. What I had was using german language and ubiquity selection english keyboard layout by default21:34
starbuckyesm that is true also21:34
ScottKPerhaps you two should collaborate on a really good bug report.21:36
starbuckalso the colors for showing the partitions during setup are pretty similar default (blue and light blue) and therefore imo hard to distinct :21:38
yofelstarbuck: that hasn't changed in precise. Can you file a bug against ubiquity?21:42
yofeloh cool, we have a kubuntu active image to test \o/21:44
ScottKyofel: Just i386 for now, but we'll do arm once we've smoke tested it on i386.22:01
yofelwell, means bulldog98_ has work to do :D22:01
starbuckyofel: where do i do that again (bugfile)?22:22
yofelstarbuck: preferably after installation run: ubuntu-bug ubiquity22:23
yofelwhich will take you to launchpad (you need an account there)22:23
starbuckisnt color for ubuntu different than kubuntu?22:24
debfxmaco: you can hold packages in apt (at least apt-get respects that but I assume muon will too) with apt-mark hold <pkg>22:28
macodebfx: apt-mark is a new one for me. thanks!22:35
Riddellanyone tested active yet?  I doubt it does anything22:48
Riddellthere's no xsession file22:48
ScottKRiddell: At least it built.22:49
RiddellScottK: yes one step closer22:52
RiddellScottK: I set it to i386 only for now, we can add arm when we know it works and we have testers22:53
nixternalis kde-telepathy going to be any better before release?22:54
Riddellnixternal: yes but what issues have you had with it?23:20
nixternali keep getting popups to verify a person who added me. i select "deny" and everytime I log in, i get that same message23:29
nixternalto fix it, i got rid of all IM carriers except for gtalk23:29
Riddellnixternal: ask in #kde-telepathy23:30
nixternali am sure there is a bug for it. i was trying to find the source but i couldn't find it in extragear. that is where it is supposed to be located according to a blog post23:30
Riddellit could also be in the telepathy backend23:31
nixternalalso need to try and figure out what happened to CUPS and my printer. the driver is listed but it doesn't work in precise23:31
* Riddell snoozes23:32
* yofel is off to bed - good night23:50

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