GH0How can I run a script through rc.local as a specific user and NOT root?00:20
GH0Or how can I run a program at startup and as a specific user?00:21
SentynelGH0: depending on what you're doing and when exactly you want it done, you can use system settings > startup and shutdown > autostart on the user account in question, or you can use cron with @reboot as the time, or you can have the init script or an upstart job run something with su00:24
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GH0Hm, alright.00:26
GH0But how would cron specify the user?00:26
GH0I can't use the first method, because no one will be logging into the system through the normal methods.00:27
GH0I have  ascript that already runs, but how would I be able to specify the username and password securely?00:27
GH0Or, rather, scratch that, I guess I wouldn't have to if I was root, would I?00:28
SentynelGH0: for cron, the user for whom the script should run puts the script into their crontab, and it's then run with their privileges00:29
Sentynelbut yes, for the su method, since init scripts run as root they can su to whoever they like00:29
SentynelGH0: you can also just manually edit the system crontab, given you have root; that one has a user field00:32
c_smithhello, How do I get rid of the Ubuntu packages that would cause problems with the Kubuntu Desktop?00:36
c_smithafter installing the Kubuntu-Desktop package.00:36
c_smithas in which packages would I need to remove.00:37
Sentynelc_smith: you don't need to remove anything; there won't be conflicts00:43
Sentynelc_smith: if you intend not to use the ubuntu desktop any more, and wish to free up disk space etc, you can use the 'remove ubuntu' command here http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde (check the ubuntu version at the top of the post first)00:44
c_smithhmmmm, interesting.00:44
c_smithSetynal, I do not in fact intend to use the Ubuntu desktop, but is it possible to keep basic GTK stuff by installing the Gnome Shell in case I need them (which the app should install it anyway being as they are in the repos)00:46
c_smithor is there really a need for Gnome Shell even if I needed, say, Gdebi?00:46
Sentynelc_smith: the shell etc from ubuntu aren't necessary just to run gnome software. any libraries needed will be installed automatically if necessary when you install the software, although basic gtk libraries are present on kubuntu anyway, which I think is all gdebi needs00:48
c_smithSentynal, ok, thanks, looks like it might be easier to just use the install CD, since I also want to get rid of Wine. and my encryption.00:49
c_smithmy home folder encryption, that is.00:49
Sentynelwine can be removed easily enough00:50
c_smithbut not the Home folder encryption. which really isn't too bad.00:50
SentynelI'm not sure if it's possible to permanently decrypt the home folder without a reinstall though; I don't use it myself00:50
Sentynelhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/4950/how-to-stop-using-built-in-home-directory-encryption there's some instructions for that here, but it's probably easier just to reinstall if there's nothing of particular importance you don't want to lose00:51
c_smithI know for sure I can't undo it myself without a clean install without someone who knows how to (if it's even possible.)00:51
c_smithSentynal, hence the reason I keep ISOs of all the Ubuntu derivitives I use on my external HDD.00:52
c_smithso far I've tried XFCE, Unity, KDE and GNOME shell, I like the Gnome 2.x shell and KDE the best.00:53
c_smithwell, that's all I needed to know, hopefully I can get Cairo Dock running alright on it.00:54
maximilliani'm new to this00:54
maximilliancan someone explain how irc works?00:54
Sentynel..not like that00:55
c_smithat least not likely.... :P00:57
GH0Anyone have any recommendations on how to edit startup daemons at boot?01:01
GH0Such as smbd, sshd, apached/httpd?01:02
GH0Just enabled or disabled, not necessarily editing the config file01:02
rtdoshow come Canonical is getting rid of Kubuntu? Should I switch distro's or will KDE still be available for download from the repositories?01:05
SentynelGH0: if they're upstart jobs, edit the "start on" line in their file in /etc/init; if they're still sysv init jobs, rename the S* files for that daemon in the relevant /etc/rcX.d/ directories to K* (there's README files there which provide more details)01:05
Sentynelrtdos: they're not getting rid of it, just dropping official support; it'll have the same status as Xubuntu etc01:06
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Avihayrtdos: they are just dropping official support, Kubuntu will be just like the other... what Sentynel said01:07
c_smithis it possible to use LightDM in Kubuntu?01:15
c_smithif so, I'll ask how after I get Kubuntu installed.01:16
c_smithmeh, better ask this question after I have Kubuntu installed.01:16
* c_smith goes off to install it01:17
BsimsI'm setting up a computer for dual boot I am presuming I install windows first? and how much of a bear is it to configure grub201:25
* rtdos breaths a *sigh* of relief.01:26
SentynelBsims: yes, windows first is easiest (it'll overwrite the bootloader if you do it second). the kubuntu install process will configure grub2 automatically01:27
BsimsSentynel: thats what I thought01:27
rtdosBsims kubuntu makes it easy.01:27
Bsimsalso, do I have to go with entire 64bit userland when all I want is the 64bit kernel01:28
SentynelBsims: there's no reason not to use 64 bit userland01:28
* Bsims grins... core i5 2500 2nd gen Sandybridge, 8gigs of ram, 1tb caviar black hd, and a intel motherboard stuffed into a antec silent case01:29
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`Korvinhey, will rsyncing my hdd to another hdd boot?02:22
Bsims`Korvin: no02:23
`Korvinhow can I clone my install?02:23
Bsims`Korvin: got to make it bootable with gparted02:23
Bsims`Korvin: I am fond of mondorescue02:23
* Bsims grins am mentioned in the changelogs eons ago02:24
Bsims`Korvin: mondorescue or bacula sounds like what you want for baremetal restore02:25
`Korvinso what's the setup there02:26
`KorvinI've got a formatted hdd02:26
DarthFrogAlso, if you rsync your installation to another HD, you'll have to manually correct the new /etc/fstab to make sure that the various partitions are correctly identified.02:26
`Korvinsomeone in ubuntu said that I could rsync and run grub-install02:27
Bsimsit might work02:27
`Korvinthat's true DarthFrog my partition table is a lot different than the drive I'm on =S02:27
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DarthFrogrsync then grub-install is only part of the procedure.  You'll have to mount the new system in the old system, then  bind mount /proc, /dev & /sys from the running system to the mounted rsync system copy, edit the fstab file on the clone, chroot to the new system partition (after you've done the bind mounts), then and only then can you run grub-install.02:30
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate02:30
DarthFrogMight be easier.02:30
hardc0dedoes anyone have nvidia card with optimus? my laptop is get so heated, without doing anything but start up02:30
`Korvinyeah I've looked into that, I was just hoping there would be a quick way02:31
`Korvinsettings are more the issue than packages02:31
`Korvinhardc0de, make sure your drivers are up to date02:31
DarthFrogWhy not do a fresh install on the new HD then copy the settings over?02:31
`KorvinI'm not quite sure where everything is located =p02:32
hardc0deyes, I've already installed nvidia-current, and ironhide, but not helping. `Korvin02:32
`Korvinis there a way to install kubuntu on another drive without booting into a live cd?02:32
DarthFrogSystem wide settings are in /etc.  Personal settings are in /home/`korvin02:32
DarthFrogYes, what I told you above about rsync'ing, mounting and chroot'ing is installing onto a second drive.02:33
* Bsims smiles rsync back /home/user and it all should be quite similar02:33
DarthFrogOh yeah.  CYA and backup your home directory *before* you do anything. :-)02:34
`Korvinis that install kubuntu program available in full install?02:34
DarthFrogGood judgment comes from experience.  Experience comes from bad judgment.02:35
GH0I have been trying to setup ssh, but it doesn't seem that the daemon/service is constantly running after I restart it. I always get the following two lines when I do a start or status:03:26
GH0ssh start/pre-start, process 868403:26
GH0ssh stop/waiting03:26
GH0That is literally within ten seconds of one another.03:26
GH0ps -aux | grep ssh doesn't show anything either.03:27
SentynelGH0: you mean, the ssh server? that's sshd03:32
benbloom_why would suddenly Phonon only show "PulseAudio Sound Server" as output option. I had everything configured perfectly, and now it's just switched all devices to that, and gives no other options03:38
GH0Yes, but if I attempt to use sshd as a service, it doesn't exist.03:39
SentynelGH0: did you install it..?03:41
Sentynelpackage is openssh-server iirc03:41
benbloom_I believe my problem may be related to installing virtualbox.03:43
GH0Yeah, it's installed Sentynel: http://pastebin.com/E68Ncugf03:44
SentynelGH0: sshd should run automatically when it's installed03:45
GH0Well, I am unable to connect to it either way.03:45
GH0andrew@server:/var/log$ ssh
GH0ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused03:46
SentynelGH0: if you start sshd manually, without init scripts, what does it say?03:46
GH0andrew@server:/var/log$ sudo service sshd start03:46
GH0sshd: unrecognized service03:46
GH0If you are referring to that?03:46
Sentynelno no03:46
Sentynelsudo sshd03:46
Sentynellooking at the init script03:47
Sentynelcheck if /etc/ssh/sshd_not_to_be_run exists and delete it if so03:47
GH0That file doesn't exist03:49
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tsimpsonGH0: the service is "ssh", see what the output of "status ssh" says03:53
GH0Figured it out, its an issue with the config file.03:54
GH0Not sure what the error was, but I got it fixed when I replaced the config file.03:55
ravl1084hi. i'm using 11.10, when i boot the backlight of my laptop is off until the second icon of the splash screen appears. is there a way to fix this?04:08
almoxariferavl1084: sounds like the graphics kicks in right then04:15
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c_smithhello, is it possible to install LightDM with the Unity Greeter, and is it safe to do so?04:30
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hoshi411how i can input japanese in scim in kubuntu?06:08
hoshi411ubuntu works scim-bridge06:08
hoshi411but kubuntu no work scim06:08
hoshi411i made bashrc for scim06:09
hoshi411and run scim -d for daemon of scim06:09
hoshi411i install scim-anthy06:10
hoshi411but scim anthy no use ni kubuntu06:10
phoenix_firebrdYesterday i was browsing the web using the chrome browser. When i visited a website, an windows exectuble was executed in wine. My chrome doesnt have any extension installed and i think this arbitary code execution is because of a vulnerablity of the browser.06:17
phoenix_firebrdhow can i make my system more secure ? other than uninstalling the wine and chrome06:17
phoenix_firebrdI have deleted the wine directory and checked for any unwanted programs running in the baground, nothing like that.06:19
L3topphoenix_firebrd: Your wine is just as vulnerable as an unprotected windows system.06:54
phoenix_firebrdL3top: ya i know06:55
phoenix_firebrdcan a linux executable be run ?06:55
phoenix_firebrdL3top: can a linux executable be run ?06:55
L3topsorry I misunderstood your question06:56
phoenix_firebrdL3top: if suppose i uninstall wine, will that make my system safe? can there be a arbitary execution of a linux exe or a command?06:57
L3topexploiting is not my area... but I think you are pretty well trapped in the wine environment for exploitation06:58
L3topmeaning I don't know how easy it would be to hit the outside system...06:58
phoenix_firebrdL3top: ok. how long do you think google takes to fix this browser vulnerability06:59
L3topI am not the best person to ask.06:59
L3topI would have no way of guessing.07:00
L3topseems to me, purging and reinstalling would fix the situation07:01
phoenix_firebrdL3top: ok, is there a way to disable wine, other than uninstalling it07:01
L3topI have never heard of an infected wine system affecting the host linux system07:02
L3topI would personally uninstall, purge, and reinstall.07:02
L3topI don't use wine much.07:03
phoenix_firebrdL3top: ya thats right, the wine cant affect the system much, but i wonder what if  a linux command or binary was executed07:05
L3topIt would have to access the system that it cannot natively see...07:06
L3topI mean... perhaps through samba it could do something...07:06
L3topbut I am not thinking that it can break out very easily07:06
L3topthough I hesitate to say it is unrealist07:07
phoenix_firebrdL3top: it was surprising for me when i saw the sandbox was overcome by the exploit07:07
L3topwell... lol... its windows07:08
L3topof course its crap.07:08
L3topluckily it is trapped inside something that isnt.07:08
phoenix_firebrdL3top: all this windows crap is entering linux07:08
L3topnot really07:08
L3topit lives in its own partition sort of.07:09
L3topan emulated windows environment07:09
phoenix_firebrdL3top: but we have to think about the browser which is a linux binary07:09
L3topit has no more practical interoperability than a windows machine on your network...07:11
L3topI say this... I could very well be wrong07:11
L3topbut as I understand it.07:11
phoenix_firebrdL3top: i better uninstall the wine, i am using it just for the testing purpose07:12
phoenix_firebrdL3top: Thats for the support buddy :)07:16
phoenix_firebrdL3top: thanks\07:16
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faLUCE hi. is there an utility/command that shows the average power compsumption of the CPU? (kW/h)09:23
eagles0513875_hey guys how can i change proxy settings on firefox in the kubuntu-netbook desktop09:29
eagles0513875_i cant find the firefox menu or anything of the sort09:29
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ubottuTesting help needed in #kubuntu-devel ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, em10:03
Riddellgo go iso testing! http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/208/builds10:03
worlockany body ther10:47
nixmaniackHi, My WiFi doesn't autoconnect after reboot or waking up from sleep. here's the syslog http://paste.ubuntu.com/860366/10:49
worlockusing ubuntu10:58
bazhangworlock, kubuntu support question?11:00
bazhangworlock, yes? this is the kubuntu support channel, di d you have a kubuntu support question?11:02
worlockno not yet....11:04
worlockjust have a query11:05
worlockhow can i join other channels11:05
bazhangworlock, /join #channelname11:07
worlockand how do i get the channel name and ther password11:07
bazhangworlock, password? for what channel11:07
worlockwher i press join11:08
worlockit tells me channel no nad password11:08
bazhangworlock, what channel11:08
worlocksame thing...i also not getting11:09
bazhangworlock, what channel name11:09
worlockcan u provide me the channel list11:09
bazhangworlock, try alis11:09
bazhang!alis | worlock11:09
ubottuworlock: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*11:09
worlocki m not so much handy woth IRC11:11
worlockhelp me out to join the channels11:11
bazhangno problem11:11
bazhangworlock, then tell me the channel you wish to join11:12
worlockwhen i click join11:12
worlockand type that alis11:12
worlockit just promote me a new tab and thats it11:12
bazhangtry this:   /join #quassel11:12
worlockwhare should i type this11:13
bazhanghere, of course11:13
worlockall right11:13
worlockthankyou dude11:13
bazhangyou are welcome worlock11:13
worlockit's Ishan11:13
worlockyou ??11:14
bazhangworlock, any other kubuntu support questions?11:14
bazhangchat in #kubuntu-offtopic please11:15
worlockdude...is ther any channel for hackers11:17
worlockand E-bussiness11:17
worlockwhat is this freenode11:19
bazhanghttp://freenode.net/faq.shtml   <---- worlock11:20
worlockcan i join freenode channel11:22
TopGearHi. I can't get KMail working properly. I want to make a folder for every e-mail account, but I can't set an account to a folder.11:30
simenanyone knows a systemtray addon that works for thunderbird?11:47
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Tm_Tsimen: didn't thunderbird have systray icon?11:50
simenTm_T: by default?11:52
Tm_Tsimen: yes, I haven't been using it for many many years so don't know, which is why I'm asking11:55
simenTm_T: hmm im not sure, ill look more into it then :)12:03
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BluesKajHowdy all12:49
kaddiheya :)12:51
kdebluthello, how can i connect to my phone with bluetooth on kde?13:41
designbybeckgreetings all14:33
designbybeckhey BluesKaj , have you ever had this problem....I booted into Kubunut 11.10 64bit this morning, and now it will not load!14:34
designbybeckI get to the login screen, and everything looks fine. I put in usr/pwd it takes it, then goes to a blank screen and doesn't pull up anything14:34
designbybeckI tried Failsfe and login, and it just flashes and goes back to the login screen14:34
designbybeckis anyone else having problems logging into Kubuntu today?14:39
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  can you get to a tty , ctl+alt+f1 or f2 , then do an update/upgrade as you would in the terminal14:48
designbybecki have done that BluesKaj14:49
designbybeckThe update went fine14:49
designbybeckthere were 6 upgrades and those seemed to go ok, I rebooted and still couldn't get in14:49
designbybeckHello L3top14:49
* BluesKaj wonders about nomodeset , but that prob should have shonwn up a lot sooner14:50
BluesKaj!nomodeset | designbybeck14:50
ubottudesignbybeck: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:50
designbybeckyeah like i said, I was working fine yesterday, then powered down when i left work. Came back today and now it logs in, just gets to a blank screen14:50
designbybeckBluesKaj: I doin't think it is a nomodeset issue14:54
designbybeckBecause I can get to the tty's and the login screen, it just stalls after that login, and on Failsafe it starts to go, then just comes back to the login screen again14:55
designbybeckno keystrokes seem to take affect. no right click menu or anything pulls up.14:56
designbybeckthe only thing I do see get affect is when i pretty Esc Ctrl Alt pulls up the skull&crossbones cursor14:57
designbybeckbut does nothing when i click anything14:57
BluesKajdesignbybeck, try sudo ddpkg--configure -a15:08
BluesKajoops dpkg15:08
designbybeckah ok, i haven't tried that one yet, let me do that now15:08
L3topdesignbybeck: what did you do?15:10
L3topWhy are you in here annoying these good people?15:10
designbybeckI don't annoy everyone L3top just hte LinuxMCE guys15:11
* L3top is dubious15:11
designbybeckBluesKaj: i did the dpkg --configure -a15:11
designbybeckrechecked updates/upgrades15:11
designbybeckit did a few things15:11
designbybeckrebooting now15:11
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  startx15:11
designbybecknope same thing15:12
designbybeckLogin screen comes up fine BluesKaj but after putting my usr/pwd it just hangs15:12
L3topis this an lmce machine? Or some other kubuntu?15:12
designbybeckI can see the graphic in the background and my mouse moves around the screen15:13
designbybeckbut no click or right click15:13
designbybeckno, sorry L3top  this is my main Kubuntu 11.10 64bit laptop15:13
L3topdmesg |tail15:13
designbybeckit's my main work computer15:13
designbybecki'm having to use this Mac/Apple thingy15:13
L3toppoor dear15:14
L3topgimme a pastebin15:14
designbybeckwell i can't copy and paste from that term15:14
designbybeckany way to push to a pastebin via cli?? that would be cool15:15
L3topapt-get install pastebinit15:16
L3topdmesg | tail > dtail; pastebinit dtail15:17
designbybeckthere is the last line L3top15:17
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  install pastebinit , you can pastebin from dirs and files by entering the path15:17
designbybeckthat is cool!!! didn't know that15:17
designbybeckthat is VERY COOL!15:18
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com15:18
designbybeckthat's like magic or something!!15:19
designbybeckL3top: did you see the pastebin?15:19
L3topI gotta bail...15:19
designbybeckok, thanks for the help L3top15:19
L3topload livecd and check that drive for errors15:19
L3topsee ya15:19
designbybeckBluesKaj: per L3top 's recommendation i'm running a check on the harddrive, although not sure why it would the the problem with not loading, but i'm giving it a go15:22
designbybeck...no errors found on the disk15:22
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zaneit's so quiet in here15:40
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
zanehey can someone give me a quick hand for a second?15:55
zanei can't get muon to run15:55
James1479zane: update via command line: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"15:57
zaneit finds no update15:57
zanei've also tried removing and reinstalling via bash15:57
zanei looked at the crash report and it said that their was a segmentation fault in the program, not quite sure what that means15:58
zaneany ideas? :-(15:59
James1479zane: its a bug in the program15:59
zanecould it have anything to do with the parsing faults i've found in privelage restricted files?16:00
James1479zane: only thing I can suggest is to use an alternitive packagemanager, muon has had a few problems in kubuntu16:00
James1479zane: not sure ^^16:01
Peace-James1479: hey16:01
James1479Peace-: Heya16:01
zaneany good package managers you can suggest?16:01
James1479kpackagekit is what kubuntu use to use16:01
Peace-zane: apt-get ?16:01
Peace-James1479: nope muon now+16:01
James1479Peace-: ???16:02
zanepeace: i supposedly have about 300 updates i needed to run before muon started sucking air16:02
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zanepeace: apt-get won't quite cut it XD16:02
=== James1479 is now known as James147
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zanehave either of you two had problems with the filesystem in the new 11.10 release?16:05
Peace-zane: you can do really fast with apt-get16:05
zanePeace-:i can cue all the updates i need?16:05
Peace-James147: before kubutnu used kpackagekit => Now is called Apper , but because it had bugs => they selected Muon package manager16:06
James147Peace-: :) and muon has bugs as well16:06
zanePeace-: i never had a problem using kpackagekit on the 8.0? release16:07
erik1o6Hi guys i've been trying to install the ati driver for my 5970 on ubuntu 11.10 i have spent around 2 days looking online for an answer the only thing i've been able to fix is so that i have dual monitors but aside that i get massive stutter i'm actually considering going back to windows 7 cause this is to much of a hassle ;(16:07
erik1o6*massive stuttering when draggin windows16:07
James147zane: if the command i gave you dosnt give you any updates then you are probally already uptodate16:07
erik1o6i tried the additional drivers16:07
zaneerik1o6:have you browsed the ATI website?16:07
Peace-zane: if you do sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade16:08
erik1o6but it does not let me install the post release update16:08
erik1o6i have the aticcatalyst16:08
erik1o6but it says that im still using vesa drivers16:08
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto16:08
Peace-zane: well devs had feedbacks...16:08
zanePeace-: thanks for the commands, it's been a while since i've used a linux setup so i'm still trying to remember all the old bash commands XD16:09
Peace-zane: you don't need to remember...16:10
Peace-zane: read this16:10
erik1o6VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Hemlock [ATI Radeon HD 5900 Series]16:10
Peace-zane: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/alias-apt-with-auto-complete-kde-4-kubuntu/16:10
Peace-zane: for example i do :===>           u ; g16:11
James147erik1o6: and you installed the drivers from additional drivers program?16:11
zanePeace-: cheater XD16:11
erik1o6yes but they dont activate and they ask me to reinstall16:12
Peace-zane: nope , i am lazy16:12
zanePeace-: I'm actually relishing in the challenge of rewriting linux for my personal comp again ^_^16:12
James147erik1o6: are you fully uptodate? run: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" to make sure16:13
zanePeace-: I spent a good 600 hours working on the cpu threader, filesystem, and GPU threshhold system for an old dual-core on kubuntu 8.0? series i think16:13
zanePeace-: then my harddrive burned up and i lost all of it.........i'll admit i cried a little16:14
James147zane: thats what raid is for :D16:14
zaneJames147: I was running it on a small dual-core laptop, no raid allowed XD16:15
zaneJames147: i did up the power to such an extent that i could emulate 10 desktops running a wine program on each and used the old cube model popout to watch all of them without lagging16:16
James147and no backups?16:16
zaneJames147: on a dual-core with 1 gig of ram and built in intel graphics card XD16:16
zanejames147: i still considered it beta and i was close to perfecting my code, still a few bugs, so i never backed up pass the initial install16:17
James147zane: no version control? I use that for all code I write, even if I don't plan keeping it very long16:18
zanejames147: i didn't write for version control for this comp, but i had it for that one16:19
zaneJames147: when i say the hard drive fried, i mean i opened it up and the platter in it had melted16:19
zaneKames147: freakin maxtors16:19
zaneJames147: I'm in the process of developing a voice recognition security setup right now ^_^16:21
mr-richcrap. kununtu support is being dropped ... double crap. I haven't used Gnome since RH 9.x ... and Unity SUCKS ...16:22
zanekubuntu support is being dropped from where?16:22
mr-richzane: cononical is dropping paid support afger 12.04 ...16:23
mr-richcommunity support only ,,,16:23
mr-richtripple crap ...16:23
zaneJames147: do you have a lot of experience in translating .exe compilations to a .tar.gz formatting?16:23
James147zane: no ^^16:24
zaneJames147: do you know of anyone that would? all the experience i have is with programming within a windows environment16:25
James147mr-rich: kubuntu currently only has one paid developer ^^16:25
zaneJames147: i doubt the program would run well with wine support XD16:26
James147zane: tar.gz is just a compressed archive file, there is no real convension for their formatting16:26
mr-richJames147: who is in poor health (but recovering) and is unable to do Kubuntu work in his spare time ...16:27
mr-richkununtu is dead ... quadrupal crap ...16:27
James147mr-rich: still have the rest of the community, dosn;t mean its dead16:27
erik1o6james147: i did both and nothing happened16:28
zanemr-rich: why not just work on kubuntu yourself? kubuntu is opensource16:28
erik1o6i mean nothing was out of date16:28
zaneerik1o6: have you tried pulling your drivers from your driver install disc?16:29
erik1o6the problem from what i understand is something to do with jockey since it tell me to look at its log16:29
zanejockey handled my windows based driver files just fine for my nvidia card16:29
erik1o6i dont know what the fuck  jockey16:29
James147zane: that shount be nessory, and is not a very good think to do even on windows16:29
erik1o6driver install disc?16:29
mr-richWhat the hell is so great about Unity anyway? I use it on my laptop and I can't find shit or customize anything ... it's just plain boring ...16:30
mr-richquintuple crap ...16:30
bazhangmr-rich, erik1o6 no cursing here16:30
James147erik1o6: jockey is what "addition drivers" is actually called16:30
zaneJames147: to use the driver disc he got with his graphics card?16:30
erik1o6oh i see16:30
bazhang!info jockey-kde | erik1o616:30
erik1o6do you know where ther error log for jockey is?16:30
ubottuerik1o6: jockey-kde (source: jockey): KDE user interface and desktop integration for driver management. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9.4-0ubuntu10.1 (oneiric), package size 9 kB, installed size 136 kB16:30
James147zane: firstly, cds contain outdated drivers, secondly, they contain windows drivers16:30
erik1o6sorry :(16:31
zaneJames147: right, i'm running the drivers off my cd just fine, although i did update a few weeks ago16:31
mr-richbazhang: sorry ... not even mild explatives? :)16:31
James147erik1o6: try running it from command line, see if it gives any intresting ouput16:31
erik1o6sudo jockey-gtk?16:31
James147erik1o6: not sudo16:32
James147erik1o6: never use sudo for gui programs, jockey shouldnt need to be run as root (it can aquire prevliges its self) and if you need to use "kdesudo" for gui applications16:32
pakphhow can i login by root in gnome?16:33
James147pakph: why do you want to?16:33
bazhangpakph, you dont16:33
erik1o6james147: i have gnome16:33
zaneeik1o6: using root is a buyer beware situation, very rarely needed16:34
pakphis it impossible to login by root?16:34
erik1o6kdesudo is currently not installed16:34
James147erik1o6: then why arn t you on #ubuntu?16:34
zanepakph: why do you want to log into root?16:35
erik1o6cause they couldnt help me either and i thought it wouldnt really matter where i ask since it related to drivers16:35
James147pakph: its not impossible, just HIGHLY descuraged16:35
pakphJames147:  just tell me how can i do it?16:35
James147pakph: and unless you have a really good reason your unlikly to get help.... there are notmally other safer means to acheve something you think you need16:36
erik1o6i went to jockey once again and it says driver not activated16:36
zaneerik1o6: did you check the driver compatibility for the ubuntu version your using with your graphics card before you installed?16:36
erik1o6zane: where?16:37
erik1o6console : erik1o6@erik1o6-System-Product-Name:~$ lspci | grep VGA16:37
erik1o60a:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Hemlock [ATI Radeon HD 5900 Series]16:37
erik1o6erik1o6@erik1o6-System-Product-Name:~$ sudo lshw -C video16:37
erik1o6PCI (sysfs)16:37
erik1o6  *-display16:37
FloodBotK1erik1o6: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:37
erik1o6       description: VGA compatible controller16:37
zaneerik1o6: probably ubuntu website, not sure myself where the specific list is16:38
zaneerik1o6: here's a ubuntu help site for installing graphics drivers though, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Video#Graphics_Cards16:38
DarthFrog!root | pakph16:38
ubottupakph: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo16:38
erik1o6zane : do you know how to purge16:39
erik1o6all my drivers16:39
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zaneerik1o6: ok, why do you want to purge your drivers?16:39
erik1o6graphics drivers including xorg<<idk what that is16:39
James147erik1o6: is "fglrx" installed?16:39
erik1o6James147: this is what happen once i go into jockey i install and reboot np16:40
erik1o6once i reboot however the drivers appears not to be active16:40
James147erik1o6: ignore jockey, check in your packagemanager to see if fglrx is instaleld16:40
zaneerik1o6: can you activate the drivers?16:40
erik1o6James147: how do i check my packagemanager16:41
erik1o6zane: how do i do that?16:41
James147"dpkg -i | grep fglrx"16:42
James147-l sorry16:42
James147"dpkg -l | grep fglrx"16:42
James147erik1o6: sudo apt-get install 44b816:44
James147erik1o6: sudo apt-get install fglrx   even16:44
* James147 curses clipboad not having what he thinks is in it16:44
* zane hi16:45
zaneteeheehee irc yay ^_^16:45
erik1o6it does not work16:45
erik1o6sudo apt-get install 44b816:45
* zane slaps James147 with a fish16:46
James147erik1o6: sudo apt-get install fglrx   ^^ not 44b8 :)16:46
erik1o6unable to locate package16:46
James147erik1o6: what version of ubuntua re you on?16:46
zaneubuntu is only on 11.10?16:47
zanenvm stupid question ^_^16:47
James147erik1o6: sudo apt-get purge fglrx fglrx-amdcccle-updates fglrx-updates && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get install fglrx "16:47
erik1o6james146 i already ranned fglrx and itseem to work16:48
erik1o6but should i do what you posted before?16:49
James147erik1o6: according to the output you gave, it isnt installed :p16:50
James147but the -updates packages are16:50
zaneJames147: what does unity do?16:51
James147zane: its a desktop shell/enviroment linked to gnome 316:51
erik1o6DKMS: install Completed.16:51
erik1o6update-initramfs: deferring update (trigger activated)16:51
erik1o6Processing triggers for gnome-menus ...16:51
erik1o6Processing triggers for bamfdaemon ...16:51
erik1o6Rebuilding /usr/share/applications/bamf.index...16:51
erik1o6Setting up fglrx-amdcccle (2:8.881-0ubuntu4.1) ...16:51
FloodBotK1erik1o6: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:51
zaneJames147: ah i see..........thanks ^_^16:52
erik1o6james147: http://paste.ubuntu.com/860741/16:53
James147erik1o6: looks good, now try running "sudo aticonfig --initial" then reboot16:54
zaneJames147: i'm not quite sure he ever read the instructions i sent him17:01
zanenap time ^_^17:02
benbloom_why would suddenly Phonon show "PulseAudio Sound Server" as the only output option in kubuntu? I had everything configured perfectly (multiple output devices), and now it's just switched all devices to "PAS", and gives no other options17:23
emanyone know of a good productivity logger/manager for KDE ?17:34
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James147em: ktimetracker17:36
emJames147: okay cool thanks James14717:36
ironfroggyi have some severe audio trouble lately and i've run out of diagnostic ideas18:03
ironfroggyaudio doesn't only fail to reach my devices, but seems to fail to play at all. pavucontrol shows 0 levels on all playback streams, even if the application is clearly playing.18:04
ironfroggyi have seen oher people with recent kubuntu+pulseaudio troubles. have there been recent problematic updates?18:08
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James147ironfroggy: is phonon configured to use the correct device? (system setting > multimedia)18:41
James147ironfroggy: also see if any channel are muted in alsamixer (f6 to chance to the relevent device)18:42
sealonehallo zusammen!18:43
`Korvinhow can I edit the icon of an executable file?19:15
sharpspearcan i use this thou im on kubuntu?19:19
sharpspearthis is: http://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/java19:20
James147sharpspear: if it can be used on ubuntu it can be used on kubuntu19:21
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sharpspearJames147: ah ok, didnt know. tyvm19:21
L3topbuntu is buntu19:21
sharpspearthe only difference is the desktop looks?19:22
sharpspeari mean gnome or kde?19:22
James147sharpspear: they both share the same base system and packages, the only difference is what packages are installed (kubuntu uses kde where ubuntu uses gnome/unity19:22
sharpspearJames147: i see :)19:23
L3topgot same guts19:23
James147sharpspear: you can even install "ubuntu-desktop" in kubuntu and "kubuntu-desktop" in ubuntu to have them both installed on the same system19:23
sharpspearJames147: i have actually19:27
sharpspearanyone knows a good and easy guide for installing java that works19:27
James147sharpspear: sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre19:29
sharpspearJames147: thats it?19:29
sharpspearJames147: should i remove everything ive tried before i install it?19:29
James147sharpspear: for openjdk yes, but oricles version no, but its illegle to distraute oricles version so there is no easy way19:30
James147sharpspear: you shouldnt need to, any conflicts should be handeled by apt-get or dpkg19:30
sharpspearJames147: ok ill try19:31
sharpspearJames147: got a big blue license screen, how do i pass it?19:32
James147sharpspear: combo of tab or enter or space :)19:33
sharpspearJames147: lol ty :)19:34
James147oo oneriic has openjdk-7-jre as well :p19:35
kriseim useing kubuntu19:38
krisei upgraded something and now on boot menu it shows im running ubuntu19:38
krisebut everithing looks same like before the upgrade19:39
James147krise: the boot menu dosnt care, you are effectivly running ubuntu base system with kde ^^19:39
sharpspearJames147: it didnt work19:39
James147sharpspear: define didnt work19:40
kriseThanks James14719:40
kriseonly thing my system freeses now sometimes19:40
sharpspearJames147: well i tested it on http://java.com/en/download/testjava.jsp and it didnt work19:40
James147krise: when?19:40
krisewhen im surfing in internet19:41
James147sharpspear: install icedtea-plugin for browser support (also you might need to logout and back in after installing java)19:42
kriseit takes about 30 sec to 1 min when it starts run again19:42
sharpspearJames147: logout of the system or firefox?19:42
James147sharpspear: system, java needs some envrioment varibles set inorder to work, these are set during login19:43
sharpspearJames147: ok ill restart then19:44
James147install icedtea-plugin first19:44
sharpspearits already installed19:44
sharpspearso brb19:45
sharpspearJames147: it still doesnt work19:48
sharpspearthink there is an plugin issue or something19:48
* James147 grumbles about java...19:48
James147sharpspear: is there any perticular reason you need to it work in a browser?19:49
sharpspearJames147: yes, chess :P19:49
James147sharpspear: dose "java --version" work in a console?19:50
James147-version even :)19:51
sharpspearJames147: command not found19:52
James147that indicates its not installed ^^19:52
James147sharpspear: whats the output of "dpkg -l | grep openjdk"19:52
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:52
James147also "dpkg -l | grep jre"19:54
sharpspearhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/860987/ James14719:55
sharpspearJames147: and http://paste.ubuntu.com/860992/19:56
James147sharpspear: try "sudo update-alternatives --set java"19:56
sharpspearJames147: http://paste.ubuntu.com/860997/19:59
* James147 tries to remember the correct options for the command19:59
James147sharpspear: try "sudo update-alternatives java"20:00
sharpspearJames147: update-alternatives: error: unknown argument `java'20:01
James147hmm, try jre20:01
sharpspearJames147: same :/20:01
James147sudo update-alternatives --config java :)20:02
James147^^ should be that one20:02
sharpspearhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/861003/ James14720:04
James147sharpspear: hmm, that looks fine, (press enter to select the default (0) )20:05
James147then try "java -version20:05
sharpspearJames147: can u type the excact command cause it doesnt work for me20:10
James147if it says cannot find java then you have a problem20:10
James147sharpspear: thats find :) it found the java exec, and java complaied at --version (its -version and the only reason for it is to make sure it dosnt return "command not found: java")20:13
sharpspearah ok20:13
James147sharpspear: so java, is installed, what dose "echo $JAVA_HOME" say?20:14
James147sharpspear: then logout and back in (or reboot)20:15
sharpspearJames147: ehm ok ill logout then20:15
sharpspearJames147: now what20:16
James147echo $JAVA_HOME   again20:17
sharpspearJames147: still nothing20:17
James147sharpspear: lets try purging and reinstalling all java stuff before trying ugly hacks :)  (http://paste.ubuntu.com/861029/)20:24
James147(make sure it dosnt want to remove anything critical :)   )20:25
James147sharpspear: after purging is done run http://paste.ubuntu.com/861031/ then reboot20:26
sharpspearJames147: ok work in progress :)20:28
sharpspearshall i try this http://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/java? James14720:28
James147sharpspear: nah, try purging and reinstalling first20:28
sharpspearok its done James14720:29
James147sharpspear: purge and reinstall?20:29
sharpspearJames147: no i havent reinstalled20:30
sharpspearwhat is the right order to do it in?20:30
James147run  http://paste.ubuntu.com/861031/ if you have finished purging20:30
sharpspearJames147: ok work in progress...20:35
James147sharpspear: reboot when its finished and check "echo $JAVA_HOME" again20:36
sharpspearJames147: will do master20:36
sharpspearJames147: nothing happened20:39
sharpspearJames147: it was echoe $JAVA_HOME right?20:39
James147echo $JAVA_HOME    if it returns a blank line that means the variable is empty20:40
sharpspearJames147: its blank yes20:40
James147and i take it that it still dosnt work in the browser?20:40
sharpspearJames147: nope20:42
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James147sharpspear: and java -version still works?20:46
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:53
sharpspearJames147: http://paste.ubuntu.com/861061/20:53
James147sharpspear: what browser are you using/.20:54
sharpspearJames147: i fixed it20:57
sharpspearby doing this: http://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/java20:58
sharpspearfor 32 version20:58
jmichaelxi don't want to get too carried away here, but as of today's updates, are the ghost task manager icons gone??20:59
sharpspearJames147: but thank you for all the effort you put into it, i really appreciate it21:01
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Xiziuzhi peeps.. can i get some help ? i am new in kubuntu, and i want to update my kub, but cant find any update manager :/21:10
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melXiziuz: You are looking for the 'package manager'21:15
=== GUIpsp_ is now known as GUIpsp
melXiziuz: it handles the updates and if your wanting to download other programs21:16
melXiziuz: what version of Kubuntu are you using?21:17
Xiziuzhey mel. i didnt know it wasnt legal to ask in more than one chan about the same quest. so sorry for that, i got help :)21:17
melXiziuz: oh I didn't know it wasn't "legal" either. I'm not sure why it wouldn't be acceptable, since nobody here knew you were asking the same question twice.21:18
=== GUIpsp is now known as GUIpsp_
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Xiziuzsome are in 2 ore more chans at the same time :P like the bot who was writing to me about it  :P21:19
Xiziuz<ubot2`> Xiziuz: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.21:19
melXiziuz: somebody had way too much time on their hands ;)21:20
Unit193Also, as a person in more than one, I'm more likely to ignore you as I don'tknow if I am wasteing me time.21:20
designbybeckLogin issues, it hangs after trying to login21:40
designbybeckmouse moves, but i can't click or see any part of the kmenu or anything else21:41
designbybecki just see the wallpaper in the background, Any ideas?21:41
L3top_designbybeck: dmesg |tail > dtail; pastebinit dtail21:41
L3top_I am barely here but I will try when I can21:42
designbybeckok, i jsut got back myself21:42
designbybecki am in TTY 221:42
designbybecki'll try that comand again21:42
James147designbybeck: dose "alt+f2" popup a window you can type in? if so launch "konsole" and run "plasma-desktop"21:43
James147see if it out puts anythign intresting21:43
designbybeckL3top_:  ^21:43
designbybeckJames147:  it doesn't apper to be pulling up anything when pressing buttons or keys21:43
designbybeckmy mouse moves21:44
James147designbybeck: "pgrep -l krunner"21:44
James147does that output anything?21:44
designbybeckthe only thing i can get to change in GUI is pressing alt ctrl esc ..pulls up the cross bones21:44
L3top_and you ran a check on the drive from live boot?21:45
designbybeckyes L3top_ i did run the check disk and no errors21:46
designbybeckJames147:  that command didn't output anything21:47
designbybeckjust went back to the prompt21:47
James147designbybeck: is kubuntu-desktop installed?21:47
designbybeckThis is a farely clean install James147 of Kubuntu 11.10 64bit21:47
designbybeckso I didn't do a kubuntu-desktop install21:47
James147designbybeck: dpkg -l | grep kubuntu-desktop    best to check just incase21:48
designbybeckit was working yesterday after work, i shut it down, and this morning it ill not go past the login21:48
designbybeckor does but doesn't go past that21:48
designbybeckthat did not show up anythign James14721:48
designbybeckJames147:  isn't kubunut-desktop only needed if you install on top of Ubuntu ?21:49
James147designbybeck: then "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"21:50
James147designbybeck: it is a meta package for everything installed by kubuntu by default, it should be installed if you are using kubuntu21:50
designbybecki did update to KDE 4.821:50
designbybeckand had been using that for a week or so with out problems21:50
designbybeckhow in the world could that have gotten taken off James147 ?21:52
designbybecki did check another system  I had (desktop this time not the laptop i'm on) and you are right It is on there!21:52
James147designbybeck: apt-get trying to be smart21:53
* James147 finds apt-get gets confused when you have lots of extra ppas installed or you dont upgrade very often :p21:54
yofelmind sharing your /var/log/apt/history.log please?21:54
yofelapt can be rather creative sometimes - sadly21:54
designbybeckI do update often, but i have added a number of ppa's lately James147 ...rebooting now with kbuntu-desktop installed...fingers crossed!21:54
designbybeckThat worked James14721:55
James147designbybeck: i suggest you do what yofel asked21:56
* yofel hits apt with a kubuntu logo - the gears hurt, hrhrhr21:56
designbybeckL3top, James147 suggestion, had me check to see if kubuntu-desktop was installed, and it wasn't, (no clue how that got uninstalled) but installing it solved the problem. I was able to login now! Thanks James14721:56
designbybeckoh soryr just saw that yofel21:57
designbybecklet me get that21:57
yofelthe history might not tell why it removed it, but at least when21:57
designbybeckyofel: http://www.pasteall.org/2957221:59
designbybeckthat goes back a few days21:59
designbybeckI do see where it was removed yesterday22:00
designbybeckbut I didn't type that in22:00
James147designbybeck: it was during an upgrade ^^22:01
designbybeckhow/why would an upgrade remove that of all things22:01
designbybeckthat's not very nice of it!!22:02
James147designbybeck: dependncy conflict... not sure apt-get has a concept of an important package ^^22:02
designbybeckLOL the DESKTOP was pretty important to me22:02
designbybeckbut all is right now! Thanks to you guys!22:02
designbybeckgood call on that one James147 i was looking way in the wrong place22:03
James147designbybeck: have seen it happen before :) quite a few times22:03
designbybeckI'll pay it forward22:04
James147designbybeck: most the time it is that or a user config error (which creating a new user can test :)  )22:04
yofelwell, at least I know what the problem was..22:05
James147yofel: ^^22:05
designbybeckyofel: any way to avoid it down the road? or what caused it?22:05
yofeluhm, well, this was caused by me stupidly using a wrong dependency version in workspace ~ppa4 by mistake when backporting a fix from precise22:07
yofelbut I would really love it if one could tell apt to NOT remove kubuntu-desktop22:08
yofeldesignbybeck: sorry btw22:10
designbybeckno problem! I'm glad We the People of the Open Source Community could come together and solve it!22:11
designbybeckKeep it up yofel, Thank you and all the rest of your Kubuntu and KDE Users for supporting Open Source Software!!!22:11
* James147 really has to stop typing ls in his webbrowser when he forgets what he was looking for22:13
* sithlord48 has to stop trying to use ls on dos machines....22:14
* rork seconds that22:14
* James147 tries not to work on dos machines22:14
* yofel has a ls.bat on dos machines in PATH22:16
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