KM0201Using Lubuntu 12.04 (yeah i know it's alpha, but i don't thikn this is related)... when i add custom sound events in xchat settings, they work fine, until I restart my laptop.  At that point, the sound settings, and sound settings only, are gone.  My other settings (auto join channels, auto hidding the userlist) are all intact05:21
Unit193If you quit with xchat>quit or ctrl+q does it save it?05:23
Unit193And that'd explain your cycleing. ;)05:23
KM0201hold on05:27
KM0201lemme try that, brb05:27
KM0201weird, thats what it was05:29
Unit193Bug #85110405:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 851104 in xchat (Ubuntu) "Xchat fails to save sound preference Beep." [Undecided,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85110405:30
lulz87i have problem with sound volume, lubuntu find and install driver, but sound is silenced11:35
kuldeepdhaka-------hep-----i installed Lubuntu on my thin client  1Ghz processor,5 gb [1gb internal + 4 gb external pendrive],521 mb ram,,,,installed lubuntu on pendrive...now it is not loading...only text mode can be seen by pressing atl+ctrl+f112:32
kuldeepdhaka-------hlep-----i installed Lubuntu on my thin client  1Ghz processor,5 gb [1gb internal + 4 gb external pendrive],521 mb ram,,,,installed lubuntu on pendrive...now it is not loading...only text mode can be seen by pressing atl+ctrl+f112:32
kuldeepdhaka-------help-----i installed Lubuntu on my thin client  1Ghz processor,5 gb [1gb internal + 4 gb external pendrive],521 mb ram,,,,installed lubuntu on pendrive...now it is not loading...only text mode can be seen by pressing atl+ctrl+f112:32
kuldeepdhakahelp-----i installed Lubuntu on my thin client  1Ghz processor,5 gb [1gb internal + 4 gb external pendrive],521 mb ram,,,,installed lubuntu on pendrive...now it is not loading...only text mode can be seen by pressing atl+ctrl+f112:47
kuldeepdhakahelp-----i installed Lubuntu on my thin client  1Ghz processor,5 gb [1gb internal + 4 gb external pendrive],521 mb ram,,,,installed lubuntu on pendrive...now it is not loading...only text mode can be seen by pressing atl+ctrl+f113:00
Mito125I'm trying to add to main menu a new custom category, but I don't find a good tutorial to do it... I tried to modify *.menu file and created *.direcotry file, but it didn't work...14:51
smkatzhey. pardon the question, but how do I enable automount or equalivent?15:40
smkatzhow do I make something happen when I insert removable media?15:41
smkatz(btw, I fixed my problem from yesterday)15:41
KM0201smkatz, automount would be handled by fstab15:43
KM0201what are you trying to automount?15:43
smkatzI'm giving this computer to a novice user15:43
KM0201ok, but.. that doesn't tell me what you're trying to automount15:43
smkatzI'm relatively novice myself, but not as novice as she15:43
smkatzat the moment, cds and dvds15:44
KM0201cd's and DVD's should automount15:44
smkatzso.. where are they?15:44
KM0201(i don't use much of either, but i'm pretty sure they do)15:44
KM0201insert cd/open up FileManager, look on the left15:44
smkatzsorry, I assumed they didn't15:44
KM0201it's ok, they just don't show up on the desktop15:45
KM0201to unmount... simply open filemanager, right click the item, and choose "remove"15:46
KM0201there might be a way you can get removable items to show on the desktopp, hang on15:46
KM0201hmm, maybe not.. i thought there was..15:47
KM0201must be thinking of xfce15:47
smkatzwe have another problem first15:52
smkatzit's not actually mounting15:52
smkatzbut, it may be something funky with the drive15:52
smkatzI thought I needed to reinstall the other day15:52
KM0201thats likely (or the disk)15:52
smkatzand out of the several isos I burned15:52
KM0201does it mount a USB?15:52
smkatzonly one worked in terms of booting15:52
KM0201yeah, sounds like your drive might be going fubar15:53
smkatzthat's really weird because it installed ok15:53
smkatzI'll try usb. thanks15:53
KM0201well.. hardware can be very strange, and intermittent failures very difficult to diagnose15:53
KM0201are USB drives automounting?15:54
smkatzwhat file systems can it read?15:54
smkatzntfs ok?15:54
KM0201ntfs has been pretty well supported by Linux for several years15:54
smile4everhi :)15:58
smile4everhow are you? ;)15:59
smkatzyes it mounted16:00
smkatzgave me a nice prompt asking me what to do16:00
smkatzI did have a broken package system yesterday16:00
smkatzI did fix it16:00
smkatzbut given that it can't boot off of cd either16:00
KM0201smile4ever, livin the dream. :)16:01
KM0201smkatz, yeah, i think your cd drive is fubar, but thats my opinion16:01
smile4everKM0201: your life dream? :)16:01
KM0201can the cd boot on another machine16:01
smkatzI'll test that. I know it can see it in another machine (the machine that burned it)16:03
smkatzI also have a disk containing photos, it can't read that either16:03
KM0201well, if the other machien boots it without issue, (or maybe try an unreladed 3rd machine if possible)16:03
KM0201does the photo disk read on the other PC?16:03
smkatzyes, it's a mac16:04
smkatzbut it reads it fine16:04
KM0201then i'd say that pretty well narrows it down, the drive on the problem machine is fubar.16:04
KM0201if it's a desktop, you can replace it for a song16:04
KM0201man, skype works so well with 12.0416:05
KM0201i think a lot of it is this new laptop, the hardware jsut seems to be very linux compatible16:05
KM0201other than the friggin wireless, which doesn;'t work in 11.10, but works great in 12.0416:05
smkatzbtw, I have the ubuntu software center on lubuntu. is that going to be ok?16:05
smkatzyeah, I really like usb wireless dongles16:05
smkatzthey work great16:06
smkatzbut if it works in 12.04, the patch will eventually get into a stable release16:06
KM0201yeah, it should.16:09
KM0201but i'm a gamer and live on the edge, so i'm just using 12.0416:09
KM0201ubuntu software center should be fine on Lubuntu, why you'd want it, i don't know, but it should be ok.16:09
KM0201for what it's worth, there's a far less bloated version on Lubuntu 12.04.16:10
KM0201smkatz, http://imagebin.org/20121716:12
smkatzwell lubuntu's software center was in ppa16:12
smkatzwhich was defined as cutting edge16:12
smkatzI was having trouble with the package system16:12
smkatzso I was worried about third-party sources16:12
KM0201it's installed by default on 12.04 (or at least right now it is, i can't imagine that changing)16:12
smkatzI'm trying to set it up for a novice user16:12
smkatzapt-get or synaptic is fine for me16:13
KM0201right... i actually find synaptic pretty easy... but it's really easy when you know what you're looking for16:13
KM0201when you don't, it can be a little daunting (that's what makes software center appealing, it simply shows available software, rather than every single package available16:13
smkatzIf I were to dual boot a system, would it see the ntfs drive in the file manager (the partition)?16:17
KM0201then you could do one of two things16:18
KM0201simply click it and mount it (and thus access it)16:18
KM0201or, edit fstab, and mount it automatically16:18
smkatzcan you recommend any good resources to learn linux?16:18
smkatzediting the fstab for instance16:19
KM0201smkatz: not to be a smart aleck, but just google.. ubuntu has a bazillion tutorials out there for different things.... for insance, google "editing fstab ubuntu" and the first link is an official ubuntu doc (thats what i used to learn how to do it)16:19
smkatzthe open source community is so kind16:20
smkatzI'm used to having to read books on things16:20
KM0201no no, don't misunderstand, not saying RTFM..16:20
KM0201just saying, thats the best way to learn about this.16:20
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/16:20
KM0201or you can use that16:20
KM0201it's based on 10.04, but a lot of it will still apply to 11.0416:21
KM0201smkatz: here's an example of an fstab entry to automount an NTFS partitoin   http://paste.ubuntu.com/860699/          line 1316:22
smkatzI don't mind rtfm16:26
KM0201smkatz: i never do..lol16:26
KM0201smkatz: i just remember going into slackware/debian channels, and jackasses constantly saying RTFM!  i think it's rude to tell people that... help them, or point them to the section of the manual that deals w/ their problem16:27
KM0201or just sit on your hands16:29
KM0201debian is the worst...lol, those guys take jackass to a whole new level..lol16:29
KM0201slackware can be pretty bad as well.16:30
KM0201smkatz: you can also try the forums  ubuntuforums.org  which generally has very friendly folks there16:30
KM0201and there's also linuxquestions.org/forums16:30
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Timo_hi lads, I've got a second monitor, and trying to get it work with Lubuntu. Anyone has experience with this? As using the nvidia-settings doesn't really work well :(17:06
Timo_The monitor is on, and I can get my mouse in the screne, but when I access the screen, the cursor becomes a black X, so it's not functioning properly :(17:07
SentynelTimo_: how do you have nvidia-settings configured? I've not used a multi-monitor lubuntu system, but there's loads of options in the nvidia settings17:20
Timo_Sentynel: 2 monitors, both on 'Seperate X screen'17:31
SentynelTimo_: you almost certainly want the TwinView option, not separate x screens17:32
Timo_Enable Xinerama is turned off, when I turn it on, it act really weird17:32
Timo_mm okay17:32
Timo_aaah oops :D17:32
Timo_Sentynel: I got it to work now, thanks a lot! :D17:38
SentynelTimo_: great17:38
valdur55Timo_, what you did?17:39
Timo_valdur55: use TwinView, instead of Seperate X Screen18:19
valdur55Timo_, ok!18:22
topobluI just upgraded to lubuntu 11.10, and I got some strange errors19:46
wxlhowdy izzaboo20:48
* izzaboo reading through FAQ real quick before asking my Q20:48
izzaboonot seeing it. anybody here have any suggestions for good GUI for altering CPU speed gov?20:49
izzaboo(in Lubuntu, of course)20:49
wxlwell there's an lxpanel plugin to monitor it but not for altering afaik20:51
user_Hi. Just reinstalled lubuntu. When I boot my laptop I see the lubuntu login screen, then I enter username and password, the screen turns black for half a second and then I see the login screen again. You know how I can fix this problem_21:38
Unit193What session do you select? Also, did you have caps/right pass?21:39
user_I tried every session. before reinstallation I selected lxde and it worked, now not anymore. username and pass is correct21:40
user_If I use false username or pass the login screen doesnt disappear for this half second21:40
Unit193Do you see a "Lubuntu" session?21:41
user_tried it and it doesnt work....i tried every session21:42
Unit193Right, drop to a TTY, login, and look at the logs in /var/log/21:43
phillwuser_: can you boot to a terminal?21:43
user_I also reinstalled lubuntu again. but still same problem21:43
user_how can I log in to terminal?21:43
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.21:43
user_okay, see ya21:44
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user33So. Just updated and upgraded the system, even got the new linux image. still the same problem. logfile says22:04
user33lxdm-binary pam_succeed_if(xdm:auth):requirement "user ingroup nopasswod login" not met by user "matt"22:06
user33session opened for user matt22:06
user33session closed for user matt22:06
user33thats pretty much everything22:06
user33I think I know...22:09
user--me again, still doesnt work22:16
phillwuser--: take a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10522180&postcount=4 which points to your install media having as little as one byte of place22:19
phillwsee if have an error in you log file.22:19
user433sry, live distribution crashed22:23
user433could it be, because I changed partitions before I reinstalled lubuntu?22:23
user433I changed also the partition of /home22:23
phillwit should not know out things. as it is the only meaningful mention of your error I can find I'd be tempted to have a look in .xessions-errors to see if you also have a syntax error reported.22:25
user433where is the file .xessions-errors?22:26
phillwI am assuming you did test the integrity of the installation media you are using22:26
user433hmm, nope22:26
phillwshould be in your home directory.22:26
phillwuser433: then, when in the land of funny and wierd errors, that's always a good place to start :)22:27
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows22:27
user433.xessions-errors is emptz22:27
phillwif you have the live cd, boot with that and ask it to test itself.22:27
* KM0201 never verifies md522:28
user433.xinitrc: exec startxfce422:28
user433is this right? does lubuntu use xfce4?22:28
phillwKM0201: some people never clean the led laser on their burners and wonder why they suddenly have problems.22:29
KM0201lol, i never do that either22:29
phillwuser433: yeah, parts of xfce4 are used, such as power management.22:29
KM0201i don't think i've ever had a bad Ubuntu burn in the 6yrs I've used Ubuntu22:29
phillwKM0201: not have I - I always use CD-RW - forces the beast to burn at X1 speed :P22:30
phillwOh. soz, yeah - once - when it burned at CD at X822:31
KM0201i usually set my app to burn at the slowest speed possible, usually use cdr22:31
phillwhence me only ever using CD-RW for image burning.22:31
KM0201usually i end up burning at 4x on most linux apps.22:31
phillwKM0201: there was a bug in 9.10 that didn't allow you to burn 'slow' and it was not the newest laptop in the world :)22:31
KM0201hmm, don't really remembeer that far back22:32
KM0201i was testing ubuntu a lot, but was really using pure debian by then22:32
phillwI've had to get some DVD-RW's for the CentoOS and Scientific Linux images.22:33
KM0201well yeah, but.. when an image is over 700mb, that is to be expected22:33
phillwbut, we digress. this is a chat for -offtopic :)22:33
user433(EE) Failed to load module "fglrx" (module does not exist, 0)22:36
user433oh gosh...i definitely need the fucking laptop tomorrow22:40
user433will reinstall once again22:40
KM0201lol, poor fella22:42
KM0201i don't do ATI, so i'm no help22:42
phillwKM0201: until he has confirmed his install media is okay - there is precious little anyone can do....22:45
KM0201phillw: affirmative22:45
phillwand using swear words on an official channel will earn him a warning and possible ban :(22:46
KM0201i kinda dig the new software center in lubuntu 12.0422:47
KM0201i hate the one in Ubuntu, it's to slow and very very bloated22:47
KM0201like everything lxde, Lubuntu's has a sexy simplicity to it.22:48
phillwKM0201: it is just a stripped down DE, no bloat.22:48
KM0201yeah, but i'm referring more to it's software center, vs Ubuntu's.22:48
KM0201i never used Ubuntu's, because it was so freaking slow/bloated, it was easier to use Synaptic22:49
phillwit is the rule for lubuntu :)22:49
KM0201i was gonna remove it from Lubuntu 12.04 w/o trying it, figuring it was just the ubuntu package, but i decided to try it, and was pleasantly surprised.22:49
wumucklhi, anybody can help me installing my soundchip? would be very happy22:50
KM0201wumuckl: installing your sound chip... ? what is your "sound chip" or do you know?22:50
wxlapt has even less bloat ;)22:51
KM0201wxl: i won't argue that... but i do like the software center for newbs22:51
wxlKM0201: agreed22:51
KM0201with all the new unhappiness and bloat of unity, it would be one more thing to help steer people to Lubuntu22:52
wumucklKM0201: its an ati ac 97 soundchip22:52
KM0201wumuckl: pastebin the output of lspci22:52
wxlor just `lspci | grep -i audio`22:53
KM0201lspci is fine, either one22:53
wumuckl00:00.0 Host bridge: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon 9100 IGP Host Bridge 00:01.0 PCI bridge: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon 9100 IGP PCI/AGP Bridge 00:13.0 USB Controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 4367 (rev 01) 00:13.1 USB Controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 4368 (rev 01) 00:13.2 USB Controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 4365 (rev 01) 00:14.0 SMBus: ATI Technologies Inc SMBus (rev 03) 00:14.1 IDE interface: ATI Technologies Inc D22:54
KM0201guess someone doesn't know what a pastebin is22:54
phillw|pastebin | wumuckl22:54
phillw!pastebin | wumuckl22:54
ubottuwumuckl: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:54
wxl!pastebin | wumuckl22:54
holsteinmaybe the bots are on vacation ;)22:55
holsteinnm... i see it22:55
KM0201bots were  born on vacation, it's the ops that are always awake22:55
wxlif you're really good, use irssi and just /exec -out <command> | pastebinit22:55
wumuckl 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 00:00.0 Host bridge: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon 9100 IGP Host Bridge 00:01.0 PCI bridge: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon 9100 IGP PCI/AGP Bridge 00:13.0 USB Controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 4367 (rev 01) 00:13.1 USB Controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 4368 (rev 01) 00:13.2 USB Controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 4365 (rev 01) 00:14.0 SMBus: ATI Technologies Inc SMBus (rev 03) 00:14.22:55
wumucklsorry i dont know22:56
wxlanywho wumuckl don't see no audio there22:56
ericusHey! Does the Zenbook work as well with lubuntu as with ubuntu?22:56
KM0201thats the real point22:56
KM0201ericus: i told you, there should be no difference22:56
KM0201Lxde is just window dressing on whatever kernel your'e using... ubuntu 11.10 and lubuntu 11.10, use the same kernel22:56
ericuswhat window manager does lubuntu use?22:57
wxllxde is the desktop environment, openbox is the window manager22:58
wxltechnically you're welcome to change the default window manager but that's another story…22:58
KM0201phillw: aw now see, the apps basket isn't working in the new software center22:58
phillwKM0201: stephan still has time to fix little bugs before beta2 :)22:59
KM0201yeah.,, it's minor.22:59
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com22:59
wxlwumuckl: `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pasetbinit`22:59
icerootany not documentaed results for this black-bug? or is the bug-status the current one?23:00
KM0201wxl: lol23:00
* wxl shrugs23:00
wxliceroot: dev's working on it from what i gather23:00
wxliceroot: sounds like canonical chanegd something…23:00
KM0201dang, gnome-terminal isn't working with 12.04..lol23:01
KM0201probably better, i shouldn't use it anyway23:01
KM0201i just like it better than lxterminal23:01
wxllxterminal isn't my fave but i haven't bothered to install another23:01
icerootKM0201: of course its working23:01
icerootwxl: thx for the info23:01
KM0201not on 12.04.. i start it, i get no cursor, etc.. just a black window23:02
wxli need a tabbed terminal where the tabs show some sort of notification upon completion of a command23:02
icerootKM0201: working here without problems, atm i am writing with gnome-terminal to you23:02
wxlthat may be related to the lubuntu-artwork problem KM020123:02
phillwKM0201: it will be a black flashing cursor on a black back gorund.23:02
wxliceroot: np23:02
icerootnot here, white cursor :)23:02
KM0201philipballew: lol, is that right?23:02
KM0201lol, philw is exactly right23:06
KM0201i just changed the theme on gnome-terminal, and sure enough, thats what it is.. black on black23:06
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...23:06
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com23:06
KM0201man, i didn't think getting a pastebin would be such an issue.23:06
icerootwhat about setting the bug to critical and put it in the topic?23:07
wxl…especially given the exact command was provided23:07
KM0201wxl: lol23:07
KM0201reading is fundamental23:07
wxlwumuckl: hold down ALT and hit F2 and in the resulting dialog type `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y pasetbinit` without the ``s23:08
wxloh and hit enter when you're done23:09
wumuckli tried to install bit it said package not found... n0ow its installing, thank you23:09
wxloh hahaha23:09
wxlmy bad23:09
* wxl goes and registers pasetbin.com23:10
phillwiceroot: Let us see where Rafael has gotten up to for the meeting tomorrow evening.23:10
KM0201i can't believe they done that w/ gnome-terminal.. that is blatant stupidity.23:10
KM0201wumuckl: how you coming along?.. did you get pastebinit installed?23:13
icerootphillw: ah yes i forgot the last mail on the mailinglist23:14
wumucklyes its installed but now how to use this23:15
KM0201wumuckl: now type this    pastebinit | lspci23:16
KM0201then hit enter23:16
KM0201then give us the link it gives you23:16
wumucklthank you for this help, i know i am a noob but i am new with ubuntu...23:16
wxlwumuckl: ALT-F2 again but this time type `lspci | pastebinit`23:16
KM0201wxl: other way around23:16
wxlKM0201: nuh uh they both work23:16
KM0201oh, you're right.23:16
wxler maybe not23:16
wxlpastebinit < lspci23:16
KM0201yeah, you're right23:17
KM0201i stepped in it.. lspci | pastebinit23:17
wumucklthis was right?23:17
wxlhey at least you can spell paste23:17
wxlMultimedia audio controller: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB300 AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 03)23:17
wumucklyes i think this is my audio chip23:18
KM0201no thinking23:18
KM0201it is23:18
wumucklwhats sofunny?23:19
KM0201if it were me23:19
wxlthere was a bug with this in karmic23:19
KM0201i would try installing pulseaudio, thats what i always do when i have sound probs.23:19
KM0201wxl: i was just looking at that as well.23:19
wumucklwith apt-get?23:19
KM0201wumuckl: sure, you can use apt-get   sudo apt-get install pulseaudio pavucontrol23:19
wxlwumuckl: hold on that's a somewhat drastic solution23:19
wxllet's see if we can find something simpler!23:20
wumucklok, i already klickes 2 days through many forums and didnt find a solution23:21
KM0201is that a fairly new laptop?... don't think i've saw that chipset before23:21
wumucklno its a old tower..ö.23:21
wumuckla fujitsu siemens23:22
wxlwhat do you get with aplay -l?23:22
wumucklno soundcards23:22
KM0201and the truth shall set you free.23:23
KM0201i'd install pulseaudio, but... thats just me.23:24
wxllet's see what modules are loaded if any23:24
wumucklwhat is pulseaudio?23:24
wxlwumuckl: ALT-F2 and `lspci -v | grep -i audio -A 7 | pastebinit`23:24
wumuckllspci -v | grep -i audio -A 7 | pastebinit23:25
wumuckloh sorry+23:25
KM0201"capabilities: <access denied>23:26
KM0201i have no idea what that means, but it doesn't sound good23:26
wxlshoot i gotta jet for a sec23:27
wumucklits strange i have installed ubuntu and the chip worked with the live system but not when then installing was finished, after this i did install luibuntu and the chip dont work ;(23:27
wxli'd search that snd-atiixp module and see if it's problematic23:28
wxli don't think the access denied is an issue23:28
KM0201cough, pulseaudio, cough23:28
wxlor you could use KM0201's lame solution23:29
wumucklsorry i dont understand, thats the alsa driver? where can i find tzhis23:29
wxl"oh my ubuntu doesn't work" "oh did you try installing windows?"23:29
wxlanyways bbl23:29
KM0201wumuckl: just try this first..23:29
KM0201sudo apt-get install pulseaudio pavucontrol23:29
KM0201and let all that stuff install23:29
wumucklok, i will try23:30
wumucklthank you for your help23:30
wumucklbut what is it, pulseaudio?23:31
KM0201it's just another sound driver.23:31
KM0201i'm not sure i'd draw the comparison to "oh my ubuntu doesn't work, did you try installing windows".. but.. lol23:32
wumucklafter this i zhave to reboot, right?23:32
KM0201wumuckl: probably..23:32
KM0201i'm not sure how to manually start the daemon, so it would be easiest23:32
KM0201wumuckl: is it installing ok?23:34
wumuckli do the reboot now23:35
phillwiceroot: are you on the lubuntu-qa list?23:38
wumuckl_no, notjhing happened23:39
phillwKM0201: I did see a bug raised where live-cd user was not in the audio group, not sure if it is still live or applicable,23:39
KM0201wumuckl_: go to menu/sound and video/pulse audio volume control23:40
wumuckl_where is menu/sounbd23:40
KM0201menu?... thatrs the little bird in the panel23:41
KM0201at least i think its a bird23:41
wumuckl_in lubuntu?23:41
KM0201it's definitely not a plane or superman23:41
KM0201yes, in lubuntu23:41
phillwKM0201: can you /join #lubuntu-offtopic23:41
KM0201just go to your Lubuntu menu, then sound and video, then pulse audio volume control23:42
KM0201i'm there23:42
wumuckl_sorry i cant find, i m from germany its in german, may be its different?23:43
KM0201wumuckl_: did you mange to get pulseaudio volume control up?23:43
KM0201do you have a sound and video optin in your menu?23:43
wumuckl_i have it23:43
KM0201in that, do you have something like "Pulse Audio Volume Control:23:44
wumuckl_yes i have itr23:44
KM0201ok, opent hat23:44
KM0201and you should see a tab called "Output devices"23:44
KM0201whats it say there?23:45
wumuckl_ausgabe means outpout23:45
KM0201do you see where it says "port"23:45
wumuckl_then there are 2 faders23:45
KM0201should say something like "analog output" next to it23:45
KM0201it's not muted right? (you can move the sliders)23:46
wumuckl_yes they are on 100 %23:46
KM0201wumuckl_: ok, but you can move them right? (if you can't move them your sound is muted)23:47
wumuckl_but i can dfecide between hardware or virtual output devices and its only a virtual one, may be this is wrong?23:47
wumuckl_yes i can move them23:47
KM0201click on the configuration tab23:48
wumuckl_i cant find analog output23:48
KM0201whats it say next to "profile" on the configuration tab23:48
wumuckl_on the konfiguration tab there is a message like no cards existing to configurate23:49
KM0201hmm, seems thats your problem23:49
KM0201what version of lubuntu did you install?23:49
KM0201i'd try the current version.23:50
wumuckl_you think it can help to install a newer version?23:50
wumuckl_or older?23:50
wumuckl_ah ok thanks23:51
KM020110.04 was the first lubuntu release.. frankly, i found it to be problematic, even if it was LTS23:51
KM020112.04 should be much better if you want LTS, but it won't be out for a couple of months, you can just upgrade 11.10 to 12.0423:51
wumuckl_ok, i chose it because LTS23:51
icerootlubuntu does not have lts23:52
icerootnot 10.04 and not 12.0423:52
KM0201LTS is pointless for 99% of home users, unless you're paying for support, or you're supporting multiple machines23:52
icerootboth are supported 18 month23:52
wumuckl_canm i update out of my current version?23:52
KM0201iceroot: really?23:52
icerootKM0201: yes23:52
wumuckl_or its better to mske complete new23:52
KM0201lol, guess i should pay  more attention to release notes23:52
KM0201wumuckl_: i never upgrade, i always clean install, but that is entirely up to you23:52
icerootKM0201: lubuntu is supported 18 month, all other packages which are also used in gnome/unity are 5 years supported23:52
wumuckl_ok nice info23:53
icerootKM0201: apt-cache show packagename   there is a line "support" there you can see how long it is supported23:53
KM0201wumuckl_: is it a single boot machine, or a dual boot?23:53
wumuckl_its single boot23:53
iceroote.g. Supported: 5y23:53
KM0201wumuckl_: ok, so it should be easy to reinstall.23:53
wumuckl_yes but i have no cd or dvd right now23:54
KM0201can it boot usb?23:54
wumuckl_i've already downloaded the iso23:54
wumuckl_no i tried but couldn get it23:55
KM0201if the machine can boot usb, and you have a 2gig thumbdrive... you can put the iso on a thumb drive23:55
KM0201you tried... can the machine not boot USB, or did you have trouble setting up the USB>?23:55
wumuckl_yes but it cant boot usb23:55
KM0201gotcha, just making sure i understood23:56
wumuckl_or how can i sure know if it can or not23:56
KM0201it should be in the BIOS23:56
KM0201how old is the machine?23:56
wumuckl_i had a stick and boot another machine from this stick but i coulnd find an option withn boot from usb on this machine23:57
KM0201it should be in the BIOS...23:57
KM0201assuming the PC is within 5yrs old, it should boot USB just fine23:57
KM02016-8yrs, it gets kinda shaky..23:57
phillwwumuckl_: drat, 10.04 was very young :/23:57
KM0201wumuckl_: i woul dthink it can boot usb23:58
KM0201have you checked the BIOS?23:58
KM0201no USB option in the "boot sequence" section?23:58
wumuckl_i found in the boot priorities an optiuon FDD23:58
KM0201thats floppy disk23:58
wumuckl_i think its the card reader23:59
wumuckl_ah ok23:59
wumuckl_thanks for this information23:59
wumuckl_i found no usb23:59
KM0201those card readers are an IDE device usually (on a machine that age) or nowdays, they are a sata device23:59
KM0201then it can't boot usb23:59
phillwif you cannot get a newer iso, then it *is* possible to update to 10.10 --> 11.04 --> 11.10 But a newer CD would be much better23:59

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