darthanubisyofel,thanks, but mostly?00:17
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jimericksongot the daily build running on the Pandaboard ES. quite an improvement over 11.10. thank you ubuntu!02:04
oconnorewhat does this mean on launchpad? "X must be configured in order for Launchpad to forward bugs to the project's developers."04:06
KM0201is anyone elses networking applet randomly disappearing... (but i'm still on myw ireless network)04:37
preecherKM0201, mine doesnt disappear but i do show a no connection alot while its connected04:40
KM0201preecher, hmm weird... mine just randomly disappears, then reappears, but i never lose a connection (LXDE)04:40
preecherim on unity an gnome shell-like you i dont lose connection, just that funky empty signal thing04:41
KM0201if i click the space where my networking applet would be... it shows my available wireless networks, etc... at first i thought it was a theme issue(and it was just blending w/ my panel) but now that i've watched it a while, it's disappearing and reappearing04:41
preecherif i hover over the network applet it doesnt list my available networks and "enable wireless" is greyed out but im still connected04:42
KM0201now this is weird, i set up some custom sounds for xchat, and as soon as i restartred, they are gone04:50
KM0201hmm, still can't figure that one out.05:17
hdpbjust upgraded to Precise, but my wife can no longer log in. accepts her password, but kicks back to login screen. Suggestions?05:58
snadgecheck which session you're trying to log in with05:59
snadgetry choosing another one05:59
hdpbCan you explain? Been on U for a few releases but still learning. Learn by doing so jumping in works best with some patient help...06:01
snadgenext to the login name theres a widget you can click on06:01
snadgeto select alternative sessions.. stuff like recovery console.. Ubuntu.. Ubuntu 2d06:02
snadgedepending what you have installed06:02
KM0201i love Lubuntu's new login screen... my family will be so happy they can now click their username, as opposed to typing it.06:08
hdpbsnadge: originally it was Ubuntu. Restarted and tried 2d with same result06:13
hdpbMy son's also works, but he hadn't change anything under oneiric06:16
snadgei think thats happened to me once before.. i but i forget how i fixed it.. probably did something extreme like nuke all of my settings06:19
snadgeyou could try creating a new login, and logging in with that to see if its settings or missing package related06:21
hdpbThat's what I was thinking, but being fairly new to testing wanted another opinion. Fortunately, backed everything up...06:22
xiambaxWhere can I find more details on how ubuntu for android is actually implimented?06:55
xiambaxI want to buy a phone that I can run it on as i need and upgrade but i want to buy a phone i can run it on06:55
urfr332gOxiambax, you might look here. http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android06:59
xiambaxMost likely going to get the HTC One X07:00
xiambaxThe international version. The LTE one isnt quad core which im not overly stoked on07:01
Trewasquite weird why they push the multi-core angle with ubuntu for android so much, it hardly actually depends on the processor having >1 cores so that's just marketing...07:14
Trewas"... canonical is THE leader in ARM linux support...", now they are just joking :)07:16
casHi, my resolf.conf get being reset even I don't have DHCP. Is there a new way to configure DNS servers staticly? (I use 12.04)07:26
popeyTrewas: who is then?07:37
popeyTrewas: I think the 'multi-core' angle implies next-gen phones, not current ones07:38
glosoliAnyone here uses Ubuntu One Indicator ?08:04
bullgard4Red Red offers a "Netdump" crash dump facility.  what is the nearest Ubuntu program to it?08:15
thevincitrying to change my login screen background on 12.0408:21
thevincilightdm manager or whatever isn't doing the trick08:21
thevinciis this just something I have to wait for the final release for?08:21
pmjdebruijn"isn't doing the trick" what trick?08:24
thevinciI installed it just fine08:24
thevinciand when I go through the gui and click apply, and it says it applied08:25
pmjdebruijnthevinci: doesn't the background change along with the first user?08:25
pmjdebruijnat least it did for me08:25
thevincibut then i log out to check and it's still the default08:25
thevincii know its supposed to08:26
pmjdebruijnhmm odd08:26
thevincii've watched and read a buncha stuff on it08:26
pmjdebruijnand you're fully up to date08:26
thevinciup to date as far as 30 minutes ago08:26
pmjdebruijnplease do note, once you change lightdm preferences I'm not sure the auto background change keeps working08:26
thevincieven tried fully restarting08:26
thevincieh, the post i read and video i watched on OMG ubuntu made it seem like it still worked like that08:27
thevincigranted, that was a post for Oneric08:27
thevinciits not a huuge deal, but it would be reeaally nice to be able to change that one little thing lol08:28
pmjdebruijnOneiric didn't have that AFAIK08:28
thevinciis this something you've succesfully done?08:29
thevincilemme link the site, hang on08:29
pmjdebruijnIn ever used the "manager"08:34
pmjdebruijnjust changing the background for my primary user, automatically changed the background for lightdm on precise08:34
thevinciis there another way?08:34
pmjdebruijnno clue08:34
thevincihmm, well i changed my BG in the Dash>Appearance08:34
pmjdebruijnusing a configuration tool like that "manager" might break that mechanism08:34
pmjdebruijnbut I'm just guessing08:35
thevinciand it didn't change my login bg08:35
thevinciI've been on precise for a little over a week, never had my login bg change, first time i've tried lightdm manager is tonight08:36
thevinciand changing my default bg is one of the first things i did haha08:36
Trewaspopey: (re: arm linux) well I have not seen any evidence of canonical doing any linux&arm stuff, and lots of smartphone companies do (android, meego etc)08:38
popeyTrewas: we do a fair amount, otherwise HP wouldn't have chosen us for their new ARM server line08:41
thevinciwhen i try to use gksudo to edit my unity-greeter.conf, i get this error repeated 4 times "Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap","08:45
thevinciand the .conf file is empty08:45
thevinciany one know the directory location for unity-greeter?08:54
thevinciit's not under /etc/lightdm/08:54
pyrosrock_hey guys have a mouse issue with 12.04 how can i navigate without the mouse?08:57
Chipacathevinci: dpkg -L unity-greeter08:59
thevincithank you!08:59
thevinciwell apparently, there is no unity-greeter.conf anymore?09:00
thevincican any one confirm this for me?09:00
Chipacathevinci: as of when? i've got it, and i updated yesterday evening09:01
thevinciI've done every update since i installed alpha209:01
thevinciand just today decided i wanted a different log in back ground, and nothing i'm trying is working09:02
thevincicould i just copy another unity-greeter.conf from some one and put it in the proper directory?09:03
thevinciwould that work?09:03
god-zotacyou'd also need any images/backgrounds or other files needed by their unity-greeter.conf09:04
thevincior just replace them with my own and input the proper directions to them09:06
thevinciI may have found the reason for the problem though...09:06
thevincianyone mind checking this link? See if i'm in the right direction?09:06
thevincithe third answer down sounds like my problem09:07
pyrosrock_hey trying to report a bug in 12.04 but dont know the package details can anyone help?09:18
glosoliAnyone knows if Integrated Local Menu will be available in Precise ?10:07
pmjdebruijn"integrated local menu"?10:07
pmjdebruijnjust old-school application menu's as opposed to global menu?10:08
glosolipmjdebruijn: well something like that, like Mozilla Firefox has that button,  there was a rumor about it to change global menu in Ubuntu, don't you red Omg Ubuntu Blog ?10:09
jokerdinoglosoli: not everyone read every article, it might help if you could share the link to the article10:09
glosolijokerdino: wait :)10:09
jokerdinobut, i do know what you are talking about.10:10
glosolijokerdino: here you go: http://goo.gl/s0kF010:10
jokerdinoand i think it is highly unlikely that it will land in precise.10:10
jokerdinobecause feature freeze has already kicked in10:11
glosolijokerdino: ah, yes. have you heard anything about dodge window coming back ?10:11
pmjdebruijnoh great10:12
pmjdebruijnlocalized screenshots10:12
pmjdebruijnI have no clue what they mean10:12
jokerdinoglosoli: nothing more.10:12
snadgenot to sound like a chipped record.. but who looks after fglrx10:13
snadgetheres a catalyst pre 12.2 available for winders10:13
glosolisnadge:   12.2 available now ??10:13
snadgeno mention of a linux version.. i would've thought someone on the ubuntu team would get access to the juarez10:13
snadgeor at least be liasing with someone from amd10:13
snadgetheres a couple of annoying bugs that need further attention10:14
glosolisnadge: ah, seen that for Windows some days ago, tryed to edit link to 12.1 to see if 12.2 available, that always worked, so it seems there is still no 12.2 for Linux, hate them taking windows as priority10:14
snadgeyeah they're being a bit douchey about it.. perhaps we can take that as a good sign10:14
snadgeie.. they're testing it with ubuntu 12.04 (precise is a supported build target even on the current release 12.1)10:15
snadgewith 12.1.. if i play a video with totem.. X just exits10:15
snadgeand theres the window title not updating bug10:15
snadgewhich could be a problem with compiz.. nobody is sure 100%10:15
popeyglosoli: we dont know yet10:16
snadgeall we know is that radeon driver doesnt trigger the problem10:16
popey(referring to LIM)10:16
glosolisnadge: I know a workaround10:16
glosolipopey: so this is just a conception10:16
popeyglosoli: feel free to try it out https://launchpad.net/~unity-team/+archive/lim10:16
snadgeperhaps you should tack that onto the bug report10:16
glosolisnadge: for example if you use VLC you can set output to GLX and it just works fine10:17
popeyglosoli: no, it exists10:17
snadgeoh right.. for the video crashing.. so its a problem with xv then.. got it10:17
glosolisnadge: there is a bug in launchpad which was already reported, using GLX, works just fine, I don't seem to have any performance reduction10:17
glosolipopey: It won't crash my current configs  ?10:18
snadgeright but not everyone uses vlc10:18
snadgeits good to know though, that the problem is more than likely with xv10:18
glosolisnadge: there is ability to set in gstreamer I think, or smth,10:18
snadgeyeah but theres still also the window titles not updating problem.. thats really annoying10:18
glosolisnadge: gstreamer-properties10:18
popeyglosoli: it's a ppa, there's always the potential for that10:18
snadgehence why im just using radeon for now10:19
glosolipopey: but as long as you used it, it was quite fine ?10:19
glosolipopey: will I need to remove global menu ?  or it will replace it automatically ?10:19
popeyglosoli: just try it, and if you dont like it, purge the ppa ☺10:22
glosolipopey: if I purge ppa it will revert to the old configurations automatically  ?10:22
glosolicoz I see it wants to update compiz, unity and etc10:22
glosolipopey: ok downloading, but this thing is going to change global menu someday ?10:23
yofeldarthanubis: it'll refuse to upgrade if you have skype installed, and kmail doesn't like the upgrade. Otherwise fine10:24
glosolibrb rebooting to see if lim works10:25
jokerdinothanks for the ppa link popey10:28
glosolipopey: do I need to isntall any package from that ppa or just upgrade ? coz with upgrade nothing happened10:29
popeyyes ☺10:30
popeydconf-editor -> com -> canonical -> indicator -> appmenu -> menu-mode , change it to 'locally-integrated'10:30
popeyand toggle it back to switch off10:31
glosolipopey: pretty good, but it looks weird with not maximized window, when you press on the white space in indicator-applet10:32
jokerdinofiled a bug report for video lens shortcut (bug #942476)10:35
glosolipopey: stopped working at all, don't know how to screenshoot because now it isn't working for me10:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 942476 in unity (Ubuntu) "Keyboard shortcut for Video lens is not available in the shortcut overlay" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94247610:35
jokerdinorequires design input, apparently10:35
popeyglosoli: i use shutter for screenshots10:36
popeymuch better than the gnome-screenshot tool10:36
glosolipopey: I mean that local integrated menu stopped working,10:36
glosolipopey: do you have unity-team/ppa enabled ?10:36
popeynot on this computer10:37
jokerdinounity-team/ppa and staging going together?10:37
glosolipopey: that ppa even crashed expo plugin it doesn't work properly10:37
popeythey're separate ppas10:37
popeynice ☺10:37
jokerdinowhat i mean is he has both of them enabled together? :S10:38
jokerdinogd luck glosoli10:38
popeyyou can purge it if it's horrific10:38
glosolijokerdino: nah, purging ppa ;D10:38
jokerdinopopey: can i eventually blog about the supposed lim ppa?10:38
glosolipopeu: sudo ppa-purge unity-team/lim ?10:39
jokerdinoyes glosoli10:39
popeyglosoli: sudo ppa-purge ppa:unity-team/lim10:39
jokerdinowas going to correct that mistake10:39
glosolipopey: or it can be because I didin't log out and log in ?10:40
popeythat wont help ☺10:40
jokerdinopopey: is gtg working there? what are you doing for the liblarch dependency?10:40
popeyjokerdino: given we don't know if it will land in 12.04 or not.. I'd hang fire for now10:40
popeyyeah, gtg seems to work, thanks!10:40
jokerdinoah, that is great to hear.10:41
glosolipopey: I don't remember if I asked you ;D but sorry if I double post, have you heard anything about Dodge ? :D10:41
popeyabout dodge?10:41
popeycan you be more specific?10:41
glosolipopey: Dodge Window, I mean to hide that panel only when window maximized, by panel I mean Unity Dock10:42
jokerdinododge launcher10:42
popeythat was removed AIUI10:42
glosolipopey: AIUI  ?10:42
popeyAs I Understand It10:42
jokerdino"as i understand it"10:42
jokerdinobbl after dinner ;)10:43
ph8hey all, i need to wipe my oneiric system because gnome 3 and unity/parts of the whole desktop subsystem are knackered in strange ways - i noticed Precise is beta, are there any big cons from me installing precise now? Do you think i'll get into trouble around main release time?11:11
ph8I know whatever response i get is just a guess, so i won't come back angry :p I'm a software developer so don't mind a bit of hacking around11:12
crizzyshould work fine11:12
crizzyfeature freeze is in effect already11:12
crizzyso only bugfixes11:12
crizzyunity changes are sweet11:13
crizzy+ hud11:13
ph8i hope so11:15
ph8unity has been a real downer for me11:15
ph8hence an attempt to change to gnome311:15
ph8but looks like something at the core of my desktop is borked11:15
crizzywell the damned panel doesn't hide anymore11:15
ph8not bad11:16
ph8can you move it yet11:16
ph8or make the icons smaller?11:16
crizzyicons ye11:16
ph8they come out as cartoon-sized on mine11:16
crizzythere's even a slider for it11:16
ph8gotta live sliders11:16
ph8* love11:16
crizzycan't change the placement though11:16
crizzywithout hacks, that is11:16
crizzybut i've learnt to live with it11:16
ph8not the end of the world i guess, on three screens though it means i have to come over to the left all the time11:16
ph8i'm probably more likely to use windows key and type11:16
crizzystill, i can't live anymore without <super><type><enter> to launch apps n stuff :P11:16
ph8which is hyped as a 'big feature' but it puts all the normy users off11:16
ph8normal people don't type fast!11:16
crizzyand hud does the same for menus11:16
ph8i use 'launchy' in windows which gives similar functionality, it is indeed a lifesaver11:17
crizzyhud = hit alt11:17
crizzyalso there's nice little reminder in unity now11:17
ph8is there an official beta or should i just get the daily build?11:17
crizzyhold super = shows shortcut keys11:17
crizzythere's alpha2 iso.. no beta i guess11:18
crizzydoesn't really matter which you install11:18
crizzyjust more updates to dl ;)11:18
crizzyalso the browse web listen to music blahblah large buttons are gone from unity menu11:19
crizzyit just shows latest/most used apps11:19
crizzyand it's nice that in lightdm login screen.. it displays your background instead of default unity gfx11:20
ph8all sounds positive11:25
snadgemostly positive yes ;)11:26
jokerdinoph8: you would do fine upgrading now.11:28
jokerdinoyou can install all the updates when the actual release comes around11:28
jokerdino!final | ph811:28
ubottuph8: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Precise and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 12.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.11:28
ph8cheers all, i'm just downloading the images - 50 minutes on my obviously blisteringly fast residential connection11:29
ph8it's almost faster for me to download it in the office and take the tube home with it (london)11:30
jokerdinoheeh :/11:31
ph8they're rolling out 100mbit residental to most london homes, my exchange is enabled but they haven't done the street cabinet yet!11:32
ph8first world problems11:32
thevinciI can't seem to install any lenses/scopes in 12.0411:33
ph8what's a lense/scope?11:33
jokerdinowhich one are you trying to install thevinci ?11:33
jokerdinoubottu fail.11:34
ubottuWe don't need factoids for *everything*, or ten factoids for the same thing ;)11:34
thevincithe google contacts scope11:35
thevincii get this error:11:35
thevinciThe following packages have unmet dependencies:11:35
thevinci scope-contacts-google : Depends: gir1.2-dee-0.5 but it is not installable11:35
thevinciE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.11:35
jokerdinoah, seems like they are not ported yet.11:35
jokerdinoported to unity v511:36
thevincithat's kinda what i was thinking...11:36
jokerdinoph8: it is a search plugin in unity dash11:36
thevinciso it's not an issue with Precise per se, but with the Unity team gettin their butts in gear?11:36
thevinciI kid, lol11:36
thevincithese guys are all doin a great job. really enjoying Precise so far11:37
jokerdinogoogle contacts scope is not by unity team. you should contact the person maintaining it.11:37
thevinciI imagine these things will start getting ported any how when 12.04 is out of beta11:38
thevinciI can wait.11:38
thevinciooohh! More updates!11:43
thevinciThis is why I stay up late on my laptop...11:43
ph8crizzy, can I expand the taskbar in unity so i can have 2 or 3 rows of icons?11:47
ph8i don't like grouping and i always have too much open for the taskbar to take11:47
ph8grouping == slow11:48
thevinciI want that snazzy new lock screen GNOME is working on... love me some eye candy11:48
crizzydon't think so.. no idea11:48
will__is anyone else finding the timeout too short when pressing alt to bring up the HUD?12:23
mortalme, it weirds me out12:24
will__mortal: good to know i'm not the only one!12:29
will__i don't think it's too far out, but it's just sensitive enough that i assume it's broken12:29
will__it doesn't help that it's currently slow enough that it sometimes takes a while to come up anyway, but that's more of a side issue :P12:29
glosoliwill__: same here12:30
glosoliwill__: I made it to be ALT+S12:30
glosolibut it's too slow that way, and being ALT is disturbs my work12:31
will__glosoli: i think i might report it as a bug then, unless it's already been set up that way12:32
will__sorry. that sentence made no sense. i mean unless it's already been reported12:32
will__i've had no breakfast12:32
glosoliwill__: well if it isn't later I will report it :)12:34
tarvidDaily build - alternate - from yesterday fails to complete installation when installing packages. The option to write "grub" also fails. I'd like to start testing precise, what do you recommend?12:53
tarvidAny improvement in laptop hardware recognition? I had ongoing problems with my Acer laptop.12:58
dupondjeAlways improvements ;)12:59
TronicKubuntu desktop goes completely unresponsive for about 10 seconds whenever I try to pan Bing Maps in Firefox.13:01
TronicXorg CPU usage peaks to 99 %. 7 GiB RAM free and no other significant CPU consumers.13:02
TronicUsing Nvidia drivers.13:02
Tronic(and other video, 3d, etc. appears to be working fine)13:03
TronicEnabling/disabling desktop effects makes no difference.13:03
tarvidTronic, networking issue? Firefox will be trying to download significant amounts of data13:16
TronicI don't see how network could freeze my desktop rendering.13:17
DaekdroomIt looks like the ISO limit for precise is still only 700MiB13:20
tarvidIt could if the kernel were to decide getting data to render is more important than managing your desktop13:21
tarvidDaekdroom, at least today's daily build fits on a CD13:22
tarvidTodays desktop-i386 boots but will not install. No option to partition hard drive14:11
brendandtarvid, i don't see it14:20
brendandwell, at least i see the installation type screen14:20
brendandah right, selecting 'Something else' crashes the system14:21
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tarvidThis is not going well. Mouse is rough and slow and gparted does not detect the hard disk.14:45
tarvidIs there an i386 install image which will invoke auto-partitioning?14:48
henrihey all, i've just installed the beta, then installed the proprietary ati drivers - now on reboot i can't 'click' anything in dash? Any ideas? I can search for something e.g. 'terminal' and i see it but when i press enter or try and click it nothing happens, the dash window stays visible14:54
DaniG2kI'm in a BackBox Linux liveCD now15:29
DaniG2kcause I can't seem to start my ubuntu box15:29
DaniG2kI was messing around with taking off Unity and installing Xubuntu15:29
DaniG2kand I messed things up15:29
DaniG2kI'm not sure where to troubleshoot to fix it15:29
DaniG2kI basically installed Xubuntu, then uninstalled Unity15:30
DaniG2kand then I didn' tlike Xubuntu so I tried installing gnome desktop15:30
DaniG2kand then I wasn't able to log in again15:30
bazhangxubuntu has no unity afaik15:30
DaniG2kI took a look at Xorg.log and it said there was no screen found15:30
DaniG2kI know, I think I messed the system up a bit15:30
DaniG2kI've chrooted into the ubuntu box15:31
bazhangimportant items on it?15:31
DaniG2kbut I'm not sure what I should fix15:31
DaekdroomCheck whether ubuntu-destkop package (and its dependencies) are installed.15:31
DaniG2kwell, not really but it's my main partition and I'd like to get back on it15:31
philinuxDaniG2k: try installing ubuntu-dekstop from the chroot15:31
DaniG2kthat will be installing a good number of packages :P15:32
DaniG2kis there a way to completely remove xubuntu? I really didn't like xfce15:32
lan3yit should get you back on your feet to try again15:32
philinuxDaniG2k: if it says it's installed try reinstalling it anyway15:32
DaekdroomRemoving xubuntu-desktop won't remove any of its dependencies, so.. :(15:32
DaniG2kphilinux: it doesn't. so it should be installing it anew15:33
DaekdroomYou'll have to find the packages and remove them.15:33
DaniG2kDaekdroom: that's a pity15:33
DaniG2kDaekdroom: thanks15:33
DaniG2kDaekdroom: it was one feature I used to like about Gentoo. It resolved all the dependencies of a package. Pretty amazing15:33
DaniG2kalso, I think it wasn't prompting me about which desktop environment to use15:34
DaniG2kI might have erased some package15:34
DaniG2kdoes anyone know how I can get the default desktop environment selector15:35
DaniG2kthe greeter or whatever15:36
Daekdroomunity-greeter package?15:36
DaniG2kis it just unity-greeter?15:36
DaekdroomThe greeter xubuntu uses might have overridden it as default.15:36
DaniG2kcan I eliminate it?15:37
tarvidearlier I posted problems during install. After replacing the hard disk, I am making progress. Inspecting the BIOS, the drive old drive was no longer recognized.15:37
DaekdroomI don't know which package is it.15:37
DaekdroomBut reinstalling unity-greeter might be enough.15:38
philinuxDaniG2k: check this apt-cache policy unity-greeter and apt-cache policy lightdm both should be installed15:39
bullgard4My T61 uses the »synaptics« input driver. How can I switch off gestures on it?15:39
tarvidand the mouse problem was the surface under the optical mouse15:40
DaniG2kyup they should be installed15:42
DaniG2kphilinux: do you know if i can completely remove xfce?15:44
DaniG2kis there a way/15:44
philinuxDaniG2k: You would normally follow this but for 12.04 not sure http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome15:45
tarvidwhy not re-install15:45
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kakeru_sanHello Guys, i just installed the last build of Pangolin in order to test HUD, but i couldn't use it, because after i press ALT nothing happens16:04
kakeru_sanunity --version returns 5.416:05
kakeru_sani also installed compizconfig and enabled unity plugin, and so i am sure Alt is the key that activates HUD16:06
kakeru_sanbut not happens either16:07
kakeru_sancan you help me?16:07
philinuxkakeru_san: Just jab the alt key16:08
kakeru_sannothing happens16:09
philinuxkakeru_san: what about open Dash then jab alt key16:09
kakeru_sannothig happens16:10
philinuxkakeru_san: works here so maybe log out then in16:10
kakeru_san<like a windows solution :)16:11
kakeru_sanill try16:11
KM0201anyone dealing w/ the disappearing networking applet on lxde?16:16
KM0201i don't lose my connection, but the network applet disappears, if i click where the applet should be, i see my networks, etc.16:16
kakeru_sanafter restart, HUD still not appears after hit ALT key16:17
henrihey all, any thoughts on this? Whenever i try and start a video playing in vlc, xine or movie player the whole X session crashes and i see: XIO:  fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0"16:17
henri      after 2539 requests (2539 known processed) with 26 events remaining.16:17
henrii don't actually see that, i had to run xine from terminal and > log.file 2>&116:17
henrithen log back in after the crash and check it :p16:17
kakeru_sani am using a fresh installed (and updated) version of Precise AMD64 (not-mac), do i have to install something to use HUD?16:20
philinuxkakeru_san: not that I know of. Is the unity launcher and dash working ok16:27
will__kakeru_san: have you tried pressing it more quickly?16:29
will__i've found the key to be way too oversensitive to holding it down too long16:29
will__oh, looks like someone has already suggested that16:30
henriwhat is hud?16:31
henriif i press alt i just see the menu bar on the window i'm in16:31
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS will include the first step in a major new approach to application interfaces, the Head-Up Display, or HUD, which will ultimately replace menus in Unity applications. See http://ubottu.com/y/hud for the background on this and discuss it in #ubuntu+1 or #ubuntu-offtopic16:32
henrioh man i definitely don't see a hud when i press alt16:32
henrialso on a brand new 12.04 daily install16:32
henriis there a place where it's enabled/disabled?16:32
kklimondahenri: you can check in ccsm if the shortcut for it is enabled16:33
kklimonda(that's how I've disabled it ;))16:33
henrii have to install ccsm first it seems!16:34
henriccsmany idea where in ccsm kklimonda ?16:35
henrioh i see16:35
henrithe ubuntu unity plugin16:35
henricurrently disabled16:35
kklimondawell yeah, disabling unity could have caused it ;)16:36
henriright-o so i've done an apt-get install gnome-shell16:37
henriand logged in with the 'gnome' option16:37
henriit does *not* look like all the snazzy screenshots i've seen! no fancy curved menus or effects16:37
henripretty much looks like gnome 2, but a broken version16:37
henriany idea what's out of whack on my machine?16:37
jbichahenri: that's the fallback because gnome-shell failed to load, do you having working 3D graphics?16:38
henriprobably not16:38
henrii've got fglrx across 3 screens16:38
henrithat sounds like something that will fail my 3d right? :o)16:38
henriXinerama as well16:38
henrithat explains a lot16:38
henriall i wanted for Christmas was seamless multi-monitor support16:38
henrijbicha, any idea how i can check/confirm/debug? is glxgears a bit old school now?16:40
henriglxinfo says 'direct rendering: Yes' - i thought that == 3d support16:41
jbichaI don't know, 3D usually works for me16:41
jbichadoes unity 3d work?16:41
DaniG2kis there a way to force the reinstall of the ubuntu-desktop packages?16:41
DaniG2kand its dependences16:42
henrii don't think so jbicha in that it looks distinctly unimpressive, no wonder i've been so underwhelmed with new ubuntu, all my FX are broken16:42
jbichahenri: one easy way to tell the difference between Unity 2D & 3D is whether Alt-Tab looks old or not16:45
henriit definitely does16:45
henri(look old)16:45
henribut i can't see anything in the xorg error log16:45
henridoes gnome shell have a log somewhere?16:45
kakeru_sanphilinux, laucher is ok16:51
kakeru_sanwill__: yes,  i tried pressing very quicly, slowly,  holding .... nothing happens16:52
kakeru_sandoes anyone have a clue?16:57
philinuxkakeru_san: No idea. It should look like this. http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/01/hud-new-unity-feature/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+d0od+%28OMG%21+Ubuntu%21%2917:04
kakeru_sanphilinux: yeah, i have already seen it working on a video, but i can't make it work in my computer17:24
kakeru_sanwhen i hit alt, it shows (next the close button) the menus (file, edit, etc), but not HUD17:25
philinuxkakeru_san: I'm afraid I'm at a loss to explain your lack of hud.  Is this a clean install?17:27
willwasn't there a way to access the hud through a text interface?17:27
willfor debugging17:27
kakeru_sani would like to know17:27
philinuxkakeru_san: try in a terminal unity --reset17:27
willkakeru_san: or unity --reset & disown if you don't want the terminal to be paired to unity after the reset17:28
kakeru_sanwow that worked17:28
willcongratulations :)17:28
philinuxkakeru_san: you must have had some odd config in your home folder17:29
philinuxkakeru_san: key bindings or something not standard17:30
kakeru_sanwell it's working (kinda buggy, but working) now17:30
philinuxkakeru_san: Try out myunity 3.0 for customising17:30
kakeru_santhank you guys17:30
philinuxinstaead od ccsm17:31
kakeru_sanok thanks17:31
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darthanubisyofel: no skype and what doesn't kmail like;)20:49
yofelgood question...20:50
glosoliAnybody here might help me with this error: http://pastebin.com/FmVMqWnK core :/an't install ATI Binary anym20:50
glosoliDaekdroom: maybe you smartass are here ? ;D21:02
DaekdroomI'm not sure how I should take that.21:02
DaekdroomBut.. what's wrong?21:02
glosoliDaekdroom: Like: I think you are the smart one21:02
yofelglosoli: only thing I see there is a missing file for an alternative21:02
yofelopencl related21:02
yofelfile a bug against fglrx21:02
glosoliyofel: do you think I am able to install it ?21:03
yofeluh, no idea, I don't know where that file comes from. That's a warning though, so it shouldn't make the installation fail21:04
glosoliyofel: it seems to make ,because when I reboot I get Unity Dock like huge icons and one workspace21:04
glosoliit doesn't seem to use driver at all21:04
yofelyour /var/log/Xorg.0.log will tell you what driver is actually being used21:04
jcorneliI am having troubles after upgrading from 11.10 on a Linode21:23
jcorneli"Your Linode appears to have stalled mid-boot at around the time that the start up process is handed off to init. It looks like the kernel handed off control to init, as it didn't panic, however it doesn't appear that any further services were started after that."21:23
jcorneli"You'll want to contact the Ubuntu community for more information on known issues with 12.04 and virtualized environments."21:23
jcorneliThis is what the support person at Linode.com told me.21:23
jcorneliSince I can't SSH in and can't get Console access, I seem somewhat hosed.21:23
jcorneliCan anyone here give advice on this matter?21:24
PiciWhat does lish say?21:24
jcorneli@Pici: it just gives me the log21:24
jcorneliI don't get a proper console21:24
jcorneliI can reboot the machine to my heart's content, but that's all I can do21:24
PiciI know the folks in #ubuntu-server have been testing 12.04 on the more server-side of things.  I personally don't upgrade my linode until after the release.21:26
jcorneli@Pici: here is the log: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=4cMh5Gcr21:26
jcorneliMaybe I'll ask on #ubuntu-server21:26
guntbertjcorneli: running an alpha on a remote machine is courageous :-)21:26
jcorneli@guntbert: well, someone has to do it first21:29
kubuntuHi, I unpartitioned a space and booted from cd but I got guided and manual partitioning, I thought there should be use free space21:36
yofelkubuntu: what does guided propose to you?21:38
yofelit should show what it wants to do below21:39
kubuntuyofel: it's saying guided install in entire disk or sthg similar21:43
yofelhm, no, that's wrong21:44
yofelguess you'll have to go with manual partitioning21:44
kubuntuyofel: If I go manual, is there recommendations for swap place and size?21:45
yofelfor place not really, and size depends on how much memory you need. Probably not more than RAM + SWAP = 4GiB21:47
yofelworst case you can add a swap file to the list later21:47
kubuntuyofel: I have a 16G RAM so i still make 4G swap?21:49
yofelwith 16GiB RAM I wouldn't make a swap partition at all, but that's my personal opinion21:50
yofelor are you expecting to use more than 16G memory?21:51
kubuntuyofel: does hibernation have anything to do with swap?21:52
yofelit does, but for hibernation you need at least as much swap as you have memory in use when you hibernate21:52
kubuntuyofel: the swap is needed even if you have a 1T of RAM as far as I remember reading somewhere21:54
DaekdroomHuh... it's hard to need more than 16GiB.21:55
yofelno idea, I've been using systems without swap, so it's certainly not required21:55
DaekdroomEven for caching purposes.21:55
yofelyou do need swap for hibernating though, right21:55
DaekdroomYes, definitely.21:55
DaekdroomI have 4GiB RAM, 1.9GiB SWAP and my system never uses more than about 100MiB swap :(21:55
diegoviolawill ubuntu 12.04 come with wayland for testing?21:56
kubuntuyofel: so I need to make it 16G at least if I need hibernation?21:58
yofelkubuntu: well, you need as much swap as you're using memory at the moment you hibernate. So if you have a 8G swap partition, you can only hibernate if you have only 8G of memory used21:58
kubuntuyofel: I found this now: http://docs.redhat.com/docs/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/html/Installation_Guide/s2-diskpartrecommend-x86.html22:00
diegoviolaany ideas please?22:02
yofeldiegoviola: I know there are wayland packages in the archive, but I have no idea if they're in any way functional22:02
kubuntudiegoviola: I guess no22:03
yofelkubuntu: well, that doesn't sound too unreasonable  - but what I said about hibernating still counts22:03
diegoviolawhy does Mark Shuttleworth and Phoronix gets everyone excited and then nothing happens?22:03
kubuntudiegoviola: does he say it will be in precise?22:04
kubuntuyofel: thanks for your help. it's clear now22:06
glosoliFinnaly fixed my ATI issues22:28
glosoliit was unity/compiz who was causing problems22:28
ericusHi. Does the beta version of 12.04 support gnome, the classic DE?23:01
ericus'cause I don't like unity23:02
KM0201Gnome, as you know it, is gone23:02
KM0201ericus: if you don't like Unity, you really have only a couple choices if you want to stay with Ubuntu23:03
KM02011. Embrace it23:03
ericusso there is just this bloated crap left? (no offence)23:03
KM02012. Get one of the other GUI's (lubuntu, xubuntu, kubuntu)23:03
KM02013.  Install Gnome 3 (which will frustrate you even more than Unity)23:04
KM0201frankly, i'd choose option 2.23:04
KM0201some have reported a lot of problems with gnome-shell, which basically gave you something similar to Gnome 2.x23:04
KM0201but.. even that will be gone eventually, so just embrace the horror now, you gotta learn a new GUI23:05
ericusWhats up with gnome-session-properties btw? Show not at all the startup applications23:05
ericus*It doesn't show23:05
ericusSo a simple thing like turning off bluetooth-manager is now not that simple23:06
ericusand ubuntu one etc etc23:06
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KM0201most of that stuff is pretty easy w/ Lubuntu, since most of it is not installed by default...lol23:08
ericusI want the best battery life23:08
KM0201so you just install what you want23:08
DaekdroomKM0201, ericus there is classic gnome in 12.0423:08
diegoviolaif you want old gnome use xfce23:08
KM0201is there?.. i thought it went away23:08
Daekdroomgnome-session-fallback package23:08
Daekdroom!info gnome-session-fallback23:08
ubottugnome-session-fallback (source: gnome-session): GNOME Session Manager - GNOME fallback session. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.1-0ubuntu5 (precise), package size 3 kB, installed size 157 kB (Only available for any all)23:08
KM0201diegoviola: but xfce4 sucks big time.23:09
KM0201Daekdroom: hmm interesting.. i thought it was unsupported at this point, that would be an interesting try23:09
ericusright now I'm in gnome-session-fallback23:09
diegoviolaKM0201: i don't know then23:09
jbichaericus: what's wrong with System Settings>Bluetooth?23:09
ericuswith 11.10 ubuntu23:09
DaekdroomIt IS unsuported.23:09
KM0201lxde baby!23:09
DaekdroomWell, unsupported by Canonical.23:09
KM0201Daekdroom: ah ha!23:09
DaekdroomGnome upstream plans to drop it at some point, but they "support" it23:09
KM0201"support"  lol23:10
KM0201we all love  "support"23:10
DaekdroomIt's pretty much forgotten.23:10
diegoviolaKM0201: there was a fork of gnome2, mate23:10
DaekdroomBut iirc, Ubuntu was working on trying to make it look like old Ubuntu GNOME2 instead of Gnome Shell.23:10
DaekdroomI haven't checked it.23:11
ericusjbicha: does not work, just tells me that it's turned off23:11
ericusi dont want the daemon to load at all23:11
ericuswhich was simple before23:11
KM0201diegoviola: i don't care, ericus wants gnome2..23:11
arandBy now gnome-shell has enough extensions that make it legacy-ish, that fallback is only really needed for unsuported graphics drivers, which is being fixed...23:11
KM0201diegoviola: but even that was a 3rd party project, and we all know how those go23:11
KM0201small team= teenagers start to get girlfriends, and the project never get updated23:12
ericushaha :)23:12
yofelyou could still have someone invent Gubuntu23:12
yofelor was that what mint was?23:12
KM0201yofel: mint should be renamed Wannabebuntu23:12
KM0201but Mint will be moving to Gnome 3 soon23:13
yofeltoo long23:13
* diegoviola wants wayland23:13
arandDid they not move already?23:13
yofelbetter ^^23:13
ericusfully charged battery (almost, 91%), and it gives me 5hours23:13
ericusI need more23:13
ericuslike 5.5h-6h23:13
yofelused powertop to check what's consuming power?23:14
ericusyofel: yeah i know, i have a powertop script on startup as well23:14
ericus9.21W atm23:15
diegoviolawhy are people hating on gnome 3 and unity?23:15
KM0201diegoviola: cuz they suck.23:15
yofeldiegoviola: people don't like change, that's all23:16
ericushow do you enter the grub boot menu in 11.10?23:16
ericusi've never seen it23:16
yofelhold left shift pressed after bios screen23:16
yofelwe don't support 11.10 in here though23:16
ericusthanks anyway yofel23:17
ericusdidnt work23:19
KM0201ericus: you can always unhide the grub menu by default (thats what i do)23:21
jtayloror install another distro, like 12.04 :)23:22
jtaylorif you have two it will show23:22
KM0201this is true.23:22
KM0201grub unhides by default if it's not a single boot machine23:22
KM0201but i always unhide it on my single boot machine23:22
jbichaericus: those items are hidden from Startup Applications because making it easy to disable them is not good, but...23:23
jtaylorthat is a good idea, in my experience usb keyboard support is abyssmal with grub23:23
jbichayou can remove the NoDisplay=true line from the files in /etc/xdg/autostart and then run sudo update-desktop-database if you insist23:24
KM0201jtaylor: really?23:24
KM0201on a PC I built like 12yrs ago, it works fine, and it works fine on all my other PC's23:24
jtaylorKM0201: I never owned a machine yet where an usb keyboard worked well with grub23:24
KM0201jtaylor: you gotta be kidding?23:24
jtaylorand my current one is only 8 month old23:24
jtaylorit is kind of working23:25
jtaylorbut arrow down is on "n"23:25
jtaylorarrow up does not exist23:25
jtaylorbut "a" is pos123:25
jtaylorgreat fun on the first few boots ^^23:25
arandYou must be buying some spacey keyboards...23:26
jtaylorits working perfectly after grub23:26
KM0201arand: that may be, i always use generic keyboards23:26
jtaylorbut to be honest I ahve owned many pcs but only two usb keyboards, probably those two are just crap :)23:27
KM0201that's a really good possibility23:27
KM0201my $15 dynex keyboard from best buy works just fine w/ grub23:27
ericusjbicha: yeah but making them harder to disable is not good either..23:27
ericusThink I'm gonna try that one out23:29
KM0201that'll be awesome on a server (but i ain't messing with it till its stable)23:30
jbichaericus: nobody needs to disable bluetooth from Startup Applications, using the Bluetooth panel is the right place to do it23:31
ericusI need to disable some other stuff23:31
jbichayou can open a bug if there's something that really ought not be hidden....23:33
ericusevolution alarm notify, gnome login sound, personal file sharing, print queue applet, remote desktop, ubuntu one, visual assistance23:33
ericusjbicha: from what i've read they're hidden by default23:34
ericusfrom now on23:34
KM0201ericus: none of that crap is even installed by default on lubuntu..lol23:35
jbichaericus: yeah, people don't need to disable any of that23:35
ericusit's all a matter of getting the most hours out of my battery life23:37
ericusbattery time23:37
jbichaif any of those actually affect your battery life, please open a bug23:37
ericusmaybe, how would I say that?23:37
ericusjbicha: I believe you. I will try the 12.04 and RC6 and see how that works out for me23:38
ericusI'll guess I'll have to give Unity a shot :C23:41
ericusI'll go for 12.04 and the daily build23:42
KM0201ruh roh23:42
ericus/win 623:44
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nardeyI can not install pdf printer on ubuntu 1223:52
nardeydoes not enable to add a printer. have reinstalled several times the cups-pdf and nothing appears. is disabled "Add Printer"23:55
jbichanardey: printing to pdf is enabled by default, just click Print and choose "Print to File"23:59
jbichano need to install cups-pdf23:59

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