redtornado5252Hello. Could someone help a new user with "authentication" errors?03:59
redtornado5252I have a user account on Ubuntu 11.10 that was recently renamed. My orig. password work on the startup screen, but no where else. Trying to get apps etc from ubuntu software center. It wont accept my password for authentication03:59
urfr332gOredtornado5252, you a member of the ubuntu forums04:03
redtornado5252i dont think so. im @ askubuntu.com atm04:03
redtornado5252the recovery mode pass reset did not work for me last time04:04
urfr332gOredtornado5252, I have link that a mod gives there but you have to be a member to access it04:04
redtornado5252ok, thanks. ill register04:05
urfr332gOredtornado5252, check the 5th link. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=82168504:07
redtornado5252haha, geez04:15
redtornado5252you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:   Your user account has less than 50 posts.         Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to  access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access  administrative features or some other privileged system? If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be04:15
redtornado5252ill try again in a few, maybe awaiting activation04:15
holsteinredtornado5252: the recovery console is what you want.. from the grub list.. hold down shift while rebooting.. get to a root shell.. use the command passwd to change your username password04:16
redtornado5252Ok, ill try that again. Thanks04:16
holsteinlet us know the errors... check the caps lock... try a simpler one just for a moment.. you can always change it in the GUI where you may feel more comfortable later04:17
redtornado5252ok, rebooting now04:18
redtornado5252Ok so, recovery mode root access was not working. kept geting "read only file system" errors. just tried it in Xterm "passwd" and it seems to have worked for the moment04:39
redtornado5252are the read only errors something i should be concerned with04:40
redtornado5252thanks for the help.04:45
Guest720hi all. got a question. what's the difference between synaptic and gdebi?08:39
geirhasynaptic is an apt frontend. gdebi is a dpkg frontend08:40
Unit193Synaptic works with the repos and I don't think installs .deb fils, gdebi doesn't actaully install from the repo, bu.... That.08:40
Guest720do I need both on system with nothing on it?08:42
geirhaYou need neither; you can use apt-get and dpkg on the command-line. synaptic and gdebi are just guis that allow you to install packages without using the command-line.08:44
Guest720Alright, let me ask like this: Is there anything that gdebi does, that I can't do with synaptic?08:45
Guest720Alright, I'm doing a Debian netinst and somebody tells me to install both...08:47
Guest720In Virtualbox08:47
geirhawell, it's easier to install standalone deb-files with gdebi than synaptic08:48
geirhawith gdebi installed, you just double click a deb file and click install.08:49
Guest720Ah OK thanks , didn't know that08:49
geirhaWith synaptic, you first have to run synaptic, then go to the file menu and select one of the options there, then browse your way to the deb file, then mark the package for installation, then install.08:50
geirhaBut the end result will be the same in either case08:50
Guest720thanks for the info!08:55
Guest720I recon Ubuntu has gdebi installed by default?08:55
geirhaHm. Or it used to08:55
geirhaI have it on my 10.04 install, but not on 11.1008:56
geirhaAh, the Ubuntu Software Center has encompassed that part08:57
geirhaSo gdebi is no longer needed with the newer versions of the software center.08:57
Unit193Unless you would like to replace USC with gdebi.08:58
Guest720OK, I'm trying out an install in Virtualbox I wanna do on my mom's old laptop. It'll use LXDE and no software center, so I'll go with synaptic/gdebi.09:03
Unit193For pangolin, there will be a lighter weight software center called "Lubuntu Software Center", but it is made in python for now.09:06
yawstick1I deleted the status bar where minimized apps usually show12:55
yawstick1i added back bar but cant seem to gets minimized apps to show up12:56
nothingspecialyawstick1, which version of Ubuntu are you using?12:59
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s-foxHello boxODER17:29
gribblyI am trying to access a shared folder from a windows host on a ubuntu guest in vmware. I have installed open-vm-tools and enabled a shared folder. but the folder does not show up in /mnt/hgfs. there were a few errors during the open-vm-tools install "make: *** vmxnet: no such file or directory" and "make: *** vsock: no such file or directory".18:28
gribblyi'm running ubuntu 11.10 desktop with kernel 3.0.0-16-generic18:30
urfr332gOgribbly, you might try #vmware18:31
gribblycan do18:32
philipballew_sometimes the people who are in this channel dont always know vmware because they dont use it. They run Ubuntu on their physical hardware and thats the only system they want to run18:33
urfr332gOI know vbox but never used vmware.18:33
philipballew_yeah, I only use virtualbox to test other linux distros and have no idea about vmware18:34
philipballew_some businesses  think its the best18:35
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gribblyi'm the opposite, never used virtualbox. We had a copy of vmware here no one was using so I started playing with it. so far it has made my life a lot easier for testing distros and client/settings on a virtual network. does virtualbox have a virtual network option?18:40
gribbly*client/server settings18:40
gribblyanother question. when using dd, if i know the part of the file i want starts at block 2000, would i then use skip=1999 or skip=2000?19:12
geirhathe latter19:21
Xiziuzhi peeps.. can i get some help ? i am new in kubuntu, and i want to update my kub, but cant find any update manager :/21:11
Unit193!crosspost | Xiziuz21:12
ubot2`Xiziuz: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.21:12
Unit193It's called something else in K, don't remember as I don't really use it. Muon? Anyway, open a terminal and type sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade21:13
Xiziuzok. ty ill try that :P21:13
Xiziuzits working :D tysm21:15
Unit193Sure. sudo apt-get dist-upgrade is something else that'll install new kernels and such.21:16
Xiziuzand searched for muon, and yes it is :D21:16
Unit193Mel got you in the other channel too.21:16
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roswithahi all. got a question. I'm running ubuntu on a notebook with 512 MB RAM. Should I use Unity 2d?21:44
roswithaI ask because I want to increase the size of the icons in the launcher. Can't do that in Unity 2d...21:44
Unit193Well, you'd have to see if you can live with that, and if you can't there are other options such as Xubuntu since some think it's a little like Gnome2.21:45
roswithaMy mom uses the notebook. After I found out how much RAM it has, I installed Lubuntu with LXDE. Thing is, my mom's eyes are real bad and there's no option to increase text size for the whole OS as in ubuntu21:47
roswithaso should I use unity 2d on a system with 512 MB RAM?21:49
Unit193I haven't installed Unity once on my system, and I never said anything about Lubu this time. :P21:51
Unit193Also, I need to leave 5 minutes ago, someone else should be around?21:51
lukjadCan anyone here help me with this issue: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1172107223:35
urfr332gOlukjad, did you look in printers to see if there was a driver there?23:36
lukjadurfr332gO How do you mean?23:37
urfr332gOlukjad, ubuntu has many drivers already.23:37
lukjadurfr332gO When I installed it the printer refused to work, was listed as "Generic Text Only printer."23:38
lukjadSo I had to manually install it23:38
urfr332gOlukjad, I understand, but maybe it is the same but in printers your driver will be scanned and if there is adriver available it will ask if you want it installed, just curious if you started there.23:41
urfr332gOprinter scanned that is23:41
lukjadurfr332gO It installed it automatically, detected the right version. But it doesn't work.23:42
lukjadI have to force an install using dkpg23:42
urfr332gOlukjad, ah, bummer, not sure really.23:42
lukjadurfr332gO It's just frustrating that I can't install anything without reinstalling my printer23:43
E3D3I installed another distro (Blag), edited fstab and hoped to reach my Ubuntu & Storage partition. But now I need certain rights. Anyone who can point me in the right direction ?23:54

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