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RedSingularityjibel: PM07:05
yawstick_1anybody home09:25
brendandkeyboard layout screen in ubiquity unresponsive for anyone else?10:14
Johnster_in Ubuntu 11.10, what is the package name of the update manager?12:05
ogra_update-manager :)12:06
Johnster_there is a typing bg in it12:08
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om26eranyone on 11.10 using thunderbird right now?16:31
om26ercan you hold alt key and see if the menu appear or not16:32
hggdhnot here16:32
hggdhmeaning not on 11.1016:32
om26erbug 938832 this guy think that worked previously but I have doubts16:32
ubot2`Launchpad bug 938832 in unity "application menu not shown anymore" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93883216:32
om26eratleast it never worked for chromium but he thinks they used to work that makes me wonder if his other assumptions are wrong as well16:33
roignacom26er: works fine in 11.1016:38
om26erroignac, oh thanks, its a regression then :/16:39
om26erroignac, you using xchat ?16:40
roignacno, empathy16:40
om26eraha ok16:40
om26eranyone else using xchat on 11.10 please try to hold alt key and tell if the menus appear ?16:41
davmor2om26er: you sure it's a regression or is it hud taking over control of the menus,  and xchat on 11.10 works16:41
om26erdavmor2, but it works fine with terminal16:41
om26erfor nautilus for that matter16:41
roignacom26er: xchat is also affected. Will try on latest precise16:42
davmor2om26er: I have the feeling that it is a random issue I've seen it with terminal but hud worked fine, try rebooting and seeing what works then in comparison16:43
om26erseems its working only for gtk3 apps16:49
om26erfirefox is still on gtk2?16:51
om26ermicahg, ^16:51
roignacom26er: yep16:54
om26erroignac, thanks :)16:55
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flyingsolow1I just encountered a crash with gnome-terminal. When logging the bug with apport, I found an existing bug and selected it, however, I don't see any of the crash logs. How do I upload my crash data to the existing bug?18:55
roignacflyingsolow1: double-click on your '.crash' file or use 'apport-cli <your crash file>'18:56
s9iper1bug number plz18:56
s9iper1follow the way he told18:58
flyingsolow1k, thanks18:58
flyingsolow1It doesn't seem to be uploading the files as attachments(or at least not visible to me)19:02
flyingsolow1ill view the report with apport-cli, create some text files and upload them manually19:02
roignacattachments will be added later, automatically19:02
flyingsolow1ill check on it tomorrow19:03
flyingsolow1thanks for your help19:03
hjdAre 'upgrade-software-version' bugs handled any differently now that packages are frozen? Normally I'd tag them, but should I leave a comment on how to file FFE requests or somthing? For instance bug 930747, which seems to be in Debian already.19:56
ubot2`Launchpad bug 930747 in sphinxsearch "sphinxsearch update to 2.0.3-release" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93074719:56
yofelhjd: if you want that in precise you'll need to file a manual sync request together with a FFE19:58
hjdThe thing is I don't know the package all that well, so I was thinking more about pointing people in the right direction rather than filing a sync request myself.20:02
micahgom26er: I think you have to hit alt then down for the menu in thunderbird to appear20:05
yofelhjd: well, I'm not sure where the sync instructions are, but FFE docs are20:12
ubot2`Feature Freeze Exception. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess for the freeze exception process.20:12
hjdyofel: hm.. reading it now. Do you know whether the sync request and FFE is filed separately, or simply add the extra info to the sync request or something else?20:21
yofelask in #ubuntu-motu, it's been a long time since I've filed one (and I think never together with a sync)20:23
hjdyofel: ok. I'm a bit busy right now, but I'll ask there later. Thanks :)20:28
Ampelbeinhjd, yofel: You can call requestsync with the "-e" option, it will DTRT, you just need to fill out the reason for the exception.20:41
yofelah cool, didn't know that yet :)20:51
njinHello I cannot understand this message: (II) evdev: WebCam: Configuring as keyboard is it right ?20:56
RedSingularityhere we go again...21:18
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