mhall119balloons: he was complimenting my interview with him00:34
pleia2when does UDS registration open? (the https://forms.canonical.com/udsreg/ says February 24th, so I'm starting to get emails asking me :))01:26
mhall119jono: ^^01:27
bkerensainquiring minds want to know01:27
jonopleia2, I am not sure, will check with Marianna01:35
cjohnstonthe other question that ive seen is when will sponsorship responses be sent out01:38
Pendulumcjohnston: that's the Ubuntu community's version of "are we there yet?"01:42
cjohnstonPendulum: yup01:42
bkerensajono is the man with the answers01:52
jonocjohnston, they will be sent out when they are ready01:53
jonopatience... :-)01:53
bkerensamhall119: The SUMO instance is failwhaling02:22
mhall119bkerensa: it's debug-whaling02:33
mhall119trying to figure out why it doesn't like my apache setup02:33
bkerensamhall119: Make your setup more ninja like02:34
bkerensamhall119: What language is SUMO and what kind of db?02:34
mhall119bkerensa: you can test it running in just django at
mhall119bkerensa: python/django/mysql02:35
bkerensamhall119: Why no PHP/MySQL? :D02:36
mhall119bkerensa: since I don't have email configured, I'll have to activate your account after you register02:36
mhall119bkerensa: because PHP make baby Jesus cry02:36
bkerensaPHP never do no such thing... PHP make baby jesus propser02:36
bkerensaunless I do typos like that in my code and fail whale something :)02:37
mhall119bkerensa: have you ever done any python/django?02:38
bkerensamhall119: Not yet... I'm learning python now but progress is slow since I have very little time to read... Contributing to Ubuntu and all :P02:38
mhall119bkerensa: trust me, after you make your first python/django site, you won't say nice things about PHP anymore either :)02:39
bkerensamhall119: Facebook uses PHP + HipHop02:39
mhall119and I'm sure their devs curse it every day02:40
cjohnstondjango == really good stuffs02:41
jonomhall119, cjohnston any guidance you can offer on how to determine the accomplishments on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/Trophies/Scripts ?02:59
cjohnstonjono:  for uds it depends on the definition of activity participated... for running a session, the different fields of a bp are available (approver, drafter, assignee), what is meant by run a track? track lead?03:07
pangolinwhere do we report comment spam in a bug on LP?03:10
pleia2pangolin: I was going to ask the same thing, but then I forgot (some on a lernid bug, boo)03:10
pangolinhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/metacity/+bug/150721/comments/20 this is what i am talking about03:10
ubot2`Launchpad bug 150721 in metacity ".xsession-errors: 'Failed to read saved session file'" [Critical,Fix released]03:10
jonocjohnston, yeah, so I am thinking one accom could be actively participating UDS in the sense of visiting the event03:11
jonoanother could be running a session03:11
pangolinit's an old bug...hmm probably not worth the trouble03:11
jonostill very much brainstorming here03:11
cjohnstonpangolin: iirc file a question against the launchpad project03:15
cjohnstonjono: there is remote/physical attending of a sprint in LP03:15
jonocjohnston, would you be able to recommend some launchpadlib code on that wiki page to help me get started?03:16
cjohnstonjono:  the running a session im not sure about.. we dont track that per se03:17
cjohnstonjono: id have to research it.. Im not much familiar with lplib03:17
jonocjohnston, if you get the time to do that, that would be awesome03:18
cjohnstonanyone see the nascar fire?03:19
cjohnstonjono: if you can think of anything for determining running a session, let me know03:20
jonocjohnston, many thanks, pal!03:20
jonocjohnston, also, maybe some scripts on that page could query l.u.c ?03:20
jonocjohnston, such as checking if someone has run an event03:20
cjohnstonjono:  there is an api03:21
jonocjohnston, if you could offer any suggested code framents for that, that would be cool too03:21
jonoI just need enough to get started03:21
cjohnstonpangolin: I doing watch it.. but there was a jet fuel fire03:21
jonomhall119, is your site down?03:30
jonodaker you there?05:52
dholbachgood morning07:34
nigelbMorning czajkowski, dholbach07:38
dholbachhi nigelb07:41
nigelbI'm still sleepy and its 1 pm already.07:42
dpmgood morning all08:03
benonsoftwareHello dpm and how are you?08:04
dpmhey benonsoftware, very well, thanks, how about you?08:04
benonsoftwareI'm alright today08:05
dpmgood good :)08:06
s-foxHello =)10:30
s-foxczajkowski,  Thank you for changing the bug status's back11:22
dakerdpm, https://code.launchpad.net/~daker/ubuntudeveloperportal/fix.942113/+merge/94874/comments/20488711:22
czajkowskis-fox: there are a lot to do :/11:23
s-foxAbout 15 or so I think.11:23
dpmdaker, ah, let me recheck, I thought I had fixed that commit, but perhaps my branch is not yet in trunk, just a sec...11:24
czajkowskis-fox: though to be fair some of them should be closed by now tbh, as they have been confirmed of fix committed or still new, sould tbh could do with some spring cleaning11:25
czajkowskis-fox: and some I cannot change back now either11:26
czajkowskis-fox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuforums.org/+bug/410858  should be closed by now11:26
ubot2`Launchpad bug 410858 in ubuntuforums.org "Ubuntuforums.org is currently down." [Undecided,New]11:26
s-foxI thought bugs get auto marked "won't fix" after a set period anyway11:27
s-fox@ czajkowski11:27
meetingologys-fox: Error: "czajkowski" is not a valid command.11:27
popey@ alanbell should probably fix this11:28
meetingologypopey: Error: "alanbell" is not a valid command.11:28
s-foxPlus I expect when Canonical finally upgrade the forum software to 4.x half of the bugs filed will be invalid11:29
czajkowskis-fox: not sur ebut that doesnt mean teams //projects can do their own spring cleaning either :)11:29
dpmdaker, fixed and added a comment. Would you mind pulling from trunk, applying the changes and resubmitting?11:30
s-foxczajkowski,  Yes on some of the bugs. On some canonical are the ones who have control to apply any fixes. For example I saw one about the forum not complying to xhtml standards :)11:31
czajkowskis-fox: as I said not all but some11:32
s-foxAnywho, thank you for updating the status's11:32
* AlanBell adds a note to implement the AlanBell command11:37
dakerdpm, ok11:37
dpmcool, thanks daker!11:37
AlanBellI did implement an @Pendulum command some time ago as a joke11:37
s-foxczajkowski,  Just noticed that the bug supervisor is Joeb454, I will update it to a forum council member :) It will help keep on top of the new bugs11:38
czajkowskis-fox: and old bugs :)11:38
s-foxOh will it? Great/11:38
czajkowskis-fox: no just reminding you to look at old baugs not just new bugs :)11:39
s-foxGoing through all 11 of them, lol11:41
s-foxOh wow, I aquired karma haha11:52
s-foxOnce a bug has had a fix commited how does one mark it as closed? It is still listed in "open bugs"11:59
dakerdpm, done12:22
dpmdaker, yeah, I've merged your fix too :)12:22
* dpm hugs daker12:22
dakeroh good12:22
dpmdaker, if you spot anything else on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntudeveloperportal/ you'd be interested in looking at, or if you notice any other bug while using the site, now you know how to fix them :)12:24
dpmhey mhall119, good morning!13:02
* dholbach → off to the dentist13:08
dpmdholbach, ouch, I hope it's not too bad13:34
* dpm goes for late lunch13:34
jcastroczajkowski: hah, I have those 2 angry birds too14:58
jcastromine are the bigger ones14:58
czajkowskijcastro: gret for throwing at people! :)14:58
alouriegood day15:01
dholbachdpm, it took a bit longer than expected, but it's alright15:24
dholbachthe root canal massacre is over15:25
dpmouch, that does not sound "alright" to me15:26
dpmbut glad it went well15:27
czajkowskidpm: ouchiess15:27
czajkowskidilikes dentists15:27
akgranerdholbach, that was quick!15:54
dholbachakgraner, eh?15:54
akgraneryour root canal15:54
dholbachhum, I thought it took long enough - and it wasn't the treatment I expected today, but it's alright - at least right now there's no pain involved :)15:55
akgranerlast time I had one I was at the dentist for 5 hours...and was not saying "it's alright" afterward.15:55
dholbachakgraner, wow15:55
akgranerlucky you :-)15:56
jonohey all15:57
jonodholbach, dpm, jcastro, balloons, mhall119 meeting in 3m15:57
jcastroI am ready15:57
jcastroand prewritten15:57
jcastroand all set15:57
dpmmorning jono, all set15:57
dholbachjcastro, hangout, right?15:58
jonodholbach, you are joking, right :-)15:58
* dholbach hugs jono15:58
balloonswhat? this has to be irc day15:58
jcastroman, awesome15:58
jonofor the 30th time, this is IRC day15:58
jonoeveryone, team meeting in a minute for those who want to ask questions16:00
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Feb 28 16:01:18 2012 UTC.  The chair is jono. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.16:01
meetingologyAvailable commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #progress #rejected #replay #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #subtopic #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote #voters #votesrequired16:01
jonoalrighty, folks!16:01
jonowelcome to the weekly Canonical Community Team meeting!@16:01
jonowe will run through some status updates and everyone is welcome to ask questions16:01
jonolets kick off with...the man that other men want to be...mhall!16:02
jonomhall119, you are up :-)16:02
mhall119oh, how did I get to be first?16:02
mhall119ok, here we go16:02
mhall119* Reached out again to Asian LoCo teams, up to 5 regional events now (up from zero last cycle, and 2 a year ago)16:03
jonowha wha16:03
mhall119it looks like we're doing better in Asia, Oceana and Africa16:03
mhall119it's Europe and the Americas that are slacking16:03
mhall119* Finished unity-lens template for Quickly, based on Singlet16:03
mhall119didrocks is reviewing and giving me changes to make as we speak16:04
mhall119* Blogged about adding Unity Quicklists to applications (15 submissions so far)16:04
mhall119I had a *lot* of great community involvement around that, but I need to keep following up with them to make sure they all get to where they need to be16:05
mhall119* Blogged about upstreaming Quicklist submissions16:05
mhall119^^ like that16:05
mhall119* Worked with the ARB to finalize rules for getting Unity Lenses and Scopes into Software Center (first attempt using the new process this week)16:05
mhall119we should hopefully start seeing a lot more lenses and scopes available in the software center now that this process has been agreed upon16:06
mhall119davidcalle is starting it off by submitting his graphic design lens and scopes16:06
mhall119* Recreated Mozilla SUMO instance for ubuntu-docs team testing16:06
mhall119and fixed the apache+wsgi bug so that users can actually login now16:06
mhall119(still need to configure it for sending email)16:07
mhall119* Interviewed and blogged about Oregon team's jams16:07
mhall119bkerensa is rocking the west-coast16:07
mhall119* Interviewed and blogged about Florida team's jams16:07
mhall119cjohnston is rocking the east-coast :)16:07
mhall119* Blogged about adding Unity searchable keyworkds to applications16:07
mhall119this was a specific request from the DX team, and I'm hoping to get as much excitement around it as we had around quicklists16:08
mhall119* Worked with dpm on cleaning up and moving Unity documentation to developer.u.c16:08
mhall119(much more cleanup to be done)16:08
* dpm high-fives mhall11916:08
mhall119* Fixed permissions issues on summit that were preventing people from voting on sponsorships16:08
* mhall119 is done16:08
dholbachmhall119, will we have to reject some of the quick list contributions for the 12.04 time-frame? there was a question about the current contributions in the sponsoring queue in a discussion on ubuntu-devel@ - should they be ignored for now?16:08
jcastrohow's sumo look? Is it awesome?16:08
jcastrolike, do you think it's going to be good for us? Or we still just evaluating?16:09
mhall119dholbach: yes, Universe packages will not get these quicklist submissions for 12.0416:09
jonojcastro, it looks like it *could* be good16:09
jonooffers a useful foundation16:09
dholbachmhall119, so those merge proposals should be rejected? everything else can go in?16:09
mhall119jcastro: it has a lot of potential16:09
* jcastro nods16:09
mhall119dholbach: I think that was the desktop team's position, yes16:09
jonodholbach, we need a wider discussion re. translations and universe16:10
jonomhall119, can you sync up dholbach and dpm on this and see if we can find a solution?16:10
mhall119dholbach: we're getting updated specs for making quicklists anyway, so I'll go back to all the contributors with those changes too16:10
ahayzenjono: There is a typo on your latest blog entry ...'rythmnbox' should read 'rhythmbox'16:10
jonothanks ahayzen16:10
dholbachok, I'll have a chat with seb128 again - I don't want sponsors to feel "there are submissions I should not look at"16:10
mhall119jono: sure16:10
jonomhall119, thanks16:10
dholbachso the earlier we make a decision the better16:10
ahayzenjono: Anytime :)16:10
mhall119dholbach: how about you and I chat with him after the meeting16:10
jononext up....16:11
dholbachthanks mhall11916:11
jono...a man familiar with the art of rhythm...the rhythm of love...dholbach!16:11
dholbachjono, I don't hear that the first time16:11
dholbach - Dev initiatives: formed Fix It Friday team, planned the event, announced it, blogged about its success.16:12
dholbach - Dev Advisory Team: more planning with huats, mailed a lot of contributors, followed up with a number of them. Working on a number of automated check-lists for the d-a-t.16:12
dholbach - Uploads Data: some minor fixes.16:12
dholbach - Dev News: got out another issue, interviewed bkerensa.16:12
dholbach - Sponsoring: did my patch pilot shift. Helped integrate a change into Sponsoring Overview (http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/) to visualise age of submission - thanks Andrew Starr-Bochicchio and Benjamin Drung. Send reminders about patch piloting. Discussions about improving sponsoring.16:12
mhall119man, everyone is interviewing bkerensa16:12
dholbach - Dev Docs: some updates to Packaging Guide: finally use the same branding, couple of other fixes. Thanks Andrew Starr-Bochicchio and Alexander Fougner.16:12
dholbach - UGJ: mailed the Egyptian team about their missing venue - sorted out and I was excited to learn they are having a Packaging Jam!16:13
dholbach - GSoC: some discussion about the organisation. Application time-frame started yesterday - not sure how well things stand for us.16:13
dholbach - Discussed backports process with dpm.16:13
dholbach - Fixed checkbox-beta1 packaging with balloons.16:13
dholbachDone. :)16:13
mhall119dholbach: did you talk to the LC about making Fix It Friday a global event on loco.u.c?16:14
dholbachmhall119, no, in the end I decided to not do it - it doesn't make too much sense - it's a virtual event in one place (IRC)16:14
mhall119it still might give it more exposure and get loco-teams talking about it among themselves16:16
mhall119loco.u.c supports virtual (online/irc) events at any rate16:16
dholbachit's a possibility - I think'll about it16:16
jonoany further questions?16:17
jononext up...16:17
jono...a man so cool he even looks cool in Metallica pajamas...believe it or not....jcastro!16:18
jcastro## Jorge's Weekly Report16:18
jcastroThis report is best consumed with this [background music](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfAtqCTs39A):16:18
jcastrowhoops, drop the ): on that, sorry16:18
jcastro### Juju16:18
jcastro - Kicked off the [juju charm school contest](http://cloud.ubuntu.com/2012/02/juju-charm-contest-help-bring-free-software-into-the-cloud/) We're giving away Amazon gift cards so tell a friend, or submit something awesome.16:18
jcastro - 3 new incoming community charms in review, LodgeIt (a cool python pastebin) and Stack Mobile (run your own mobile interface for stackoverflow. Not anything other people would use, but the guy runs the service and wanted it managed, so woo woo.) The third charm is the Symfony PHP framework, not ready to review but the guy is working on it, good progress.16:19
jcastro- A bunch of other server team charms being worked on, lots of James Page work on the Hadoop/HBase stack, this will be awesome in Precise. Little fixes around the charms due to mmim's work on automated testing. Soon broken charms will just make things blink so we know. Got Jenkins, the whole 9 yards.16:19
jcastro - Some charm browser stuff with Kapil, graphs are ninja now, and he's upgrading it to bootstrap 2.0 so we can make it look more Ubuntuish. Talked about how we want to make it more social so people can disqus (pun!) directly on the charm pages and be able to share the charm browser pages with friends via social networks.16:19
jcastro - Charm Store allegedly in time for Beta 1 in 2 days. Allegedly. :)16:19
jcastro- juju Charm School Webinar, March 8th, already have 90(!) people signed up!16:19
jcastro   - Rehearsed with Petra today, slides @ design getting finalized. Webinars, serious business.16:19
jcastro   - Way more people than the IRC charm schools so far, perhaps use this venue more?16:19
jcastro- Server Blog planning with Clint and MMims, but webinar/slides in the way, Mims on his way to Strata this week.16:20
jcastroso not much progress on the blog16:20
jcastro- Summit Charm should be done today, if Mims can't finish it (he's off the grid this minute) Clint will finish it up tonight, he made good progress yesterday. He's made it so the django charm will be reusable, fixing dpm's use case from the other day.16:20
jcastro- Marketing team wants juju marketing materials to be a whitepaper, not a handout for events, Matt Barker sorting it, pinged Antonio for guidance.16:20
jcastro - CharmSchool for the OpenStack Summit is now on. 5-8pm on the thursday, waiting on food/drinks quotes, from Cezz, but not much left for me to do there other than show up. :)16:20
jcastroAny questions on juju?16:20
jcastrook, moving on16:21
jcastro### Other16:21
jcastro - Global Jam Tasks (Server/juju/askubuntu) all on the wiki and ready to go.16:21
jcastro - Blogged about the [awesomeness in Michigan](http://www.jorgecastro.org/2012/02/23/how-ubuntu-michigan-runs-jams/). Thanks snap-l for the interview.16:21
jcastro- Repinged other teams, got a bite in Mexico, but they seem to have made a separate event instead of adding onto the existing one.16:21
jcastro- Forums upgraded to 3.x.pointsomething, this takes care of the security issue, IS looking at 4.x upgrade this week. <3 Forums Council and Technoviking for their support. Good progress being made.16:21
jcastro - A bit behind on OpenWeek planning, but nothing major.16:21
jcastro - As always you can watch my Trellos for what I am working on:16:22
jcastro   - [Random Community things](https://trello.com/board/community-team/4e6febfb247e35000000aab1)16:22
jcastro   - [Juju Stuff](https://trello.com/board/juju-growth/4ec1696da3f94bd2ea5b2b01)16:22
jcastro   - [OpenWeek](https://trello.com/board/classroom/4e94f7afaef5aa0000a5d2ea)16:22
jcastroAny questions?16:22
jcastroI was determined to not get flamed for being too short this week. :)16:22
dpmgood work jcastro16:22
mhall119jcastro: too short16:22
jcastrowait for DPM16:23
jcastrohe probably has a 35 minute multimedia presentation16:23
jononext up....16:23
jonoa man defined by talent, quality, and conditioner....dpm!16:23
dpmhere we go!16:23
dpmApp developers16:23
dpm• Reviewed the documentation for Unity and related technologies that is relevant to app developers and needs to be moved to developer.ubuntu.com with mhall11916:24
dpm• Reviewed, tested on a live staging site and merged a fix for the developer.ubuntu.com theme http://pad.lv/942113 - thanks daker for the fix!16:24
dpm• Requested a deployment of the latest d.u.c theme to IS, with a bunch of bug fixes since the last roll out.16:24
mhall119daker rocks16:24
dpm• Started proofreading and editing a blog post on d.u.c on how to submit commercial apps to d.u.c16:25
dpm• Started writing a "Marketing your app in the Software Centre" guide on d.u.c16:25
dpm"guide" as in a blog post16:25
dpm• Set up the ubuntuappdeveloperportal-editors team to enable community participation in d.u.c content. David Callé started by drafting a Unity Lenses tutorial, and we'll publish it as soon as the Quickly lenses template hits universe16:25
dakerdpm, mhall119 thanks16:26
* dpm waits for jono to come back, so he doesn't miss the rest of the activity and thinks he's slacking16:26
dpmgood work daker16:26
mhall119is the lens tutorial using Singlet + Quickly?16:27
jonosorry, machine hung16:27
dpmmhall119, let me tell you in a minute, I had a quick glance at it last week but I can't remember - I would think it is if David said we should wait for the template to be packaged16:27
dpm• Published PyGI AppIndicator API documentation on d.u.c, after noticing it wasn't being generated16:28
mhall119if it is, it might need updates16:28
dpmok, yeah, let me check at the end of the notes and I can be more detailed in the answer16:28
dpm• Researched, discussed and learnt more about backports from dholbach, thanks! ;-)16:28
dpm• Started working on the Complete 12.04 Chinese Desktop project with kyleN:16:29
dpm   ∘ Reviewed actions16:29
dpm   ∘ Provided a first version of the schedule16:29
dpm   ∘ Contacted the community reviewers and arranged call for this week16:29
dpm• Coordinated publishing the full language pack in preparation for Beta-116:29
dpm• Provided feedback on a few User Interface Freeze exceptions affecting translations16:29
dpm• Discussed translations accomplishments with translators - added to this week's translations call agenda to come up with a good set and implement them https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/TrophySuggestions16:30
dpm• Worked on a "20% time" project to port the existing translations stats - here's a demo for you
* dpm loves django16:30
dpmLoco teams16:30
dpm• Ubuntu Global Jam Q+A videocast http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/20661432 - a new jam in Mumbai got signed up during the session :)16:30
dpm• Behind on blogging about the Slovenian and Catalan UGJ events, but about to catch up16:31
dpm• Reviewed and assessed currently remaining work items and their priorities with Jono, agreed to postpone a few16:31
dpm• Talked with xdatap1 about localized ISOs and pointed him to the right places to find the information - the Italian team is going to generate a localized Italian derivative https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ItalianCD16:31
dpmOk, these were the highlights. Any questions?16:31
mhall119jcastro: he does have fancy bullets, doesn't he?16:31
jcastroI know right16:32
jonogreat report dpm :-)16:32
dpmha :)16:32
dpmmhall119, http://developer.ubuntu.com/?p=1340&preview=true16:32
balloonsdeem bullets16:32
dpmthanks to tomboy16:33
jononext up...a man defined by quality...balloons!16:33
mhall119dpm: can't view it16:33
dpmyou'll need to log in first16:33
balloons         ,~-.16:33
balloons         (  ' )-.          ,~'`-.16:33
balloons      ,~' `  ' ) )       _(   _) )16:33
balloons     ( ( .--.===.--.    (  `    ' )16:33
balloons      `.%%.;::|888.#`.   `-'`~~=~'16:33
balloons      /%%/::::|8888\##\16:33
balloons     |%%/:::::|88888\##|16:33
balloons     |%%|:::::|88888|##|.,-.16:33
balloons     \%%|:::::|88888|##/    )_16:33
balloons      \%\:::::|88888/#/ ( `'  )16:33
balloons       \%\::::|8888/#/(  ,  -'`-.16:34
balloons   ,~-. `%\:::|888/#'(  (     ') )16:34
balloons  (  ) )_ `\__|__/'   `~-~=--~~='16:34
balloons ( ` ')  ) [VVVVV]16:34
balloons(_(_.~~~'   \|_|/16:34
balloons            [XXX]16:34
balloons            `"""'16:34
balloons:-) I win16:34
mhall119oh snap, ascii art? How can we compete with that16:34
balloonsAlrighty here16:34
balloonsI have been working diligently on launching desktop application testing this cycle. Hopefully everyone saw the annoucement last evening about submitting testcases. The response has been amazing, I hope everyone can contibute by running the tests, help write them, or both :-) http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2012/02/opportunity-manual-application-testing.html16:34
* balloons has stunned and captivated his audience16:34
mhall119"Spent all day developing ascii balloon for this meeting" better be one of his items16:34
jonoballoons, any tests submitted balloons?16:34
balloonsjono, yes, my inbox has some new gedit tests in it16:35
jonoballoons, cool16:35
balloonsturns out you can't submit merges to junk branches16:35
balloonsI need to fix.. whoops!16:35
mhall119balloons: didrocks asked me about trying to get community involvement writing autopilot tests for unity, can  I get with you about that later today?16:35
balloonsmhall119, yes you can16:36
balloonsalthough I'm offically not here today16:36
balloonsI'm writing tests :-)16:36
balloonsmaybe that's my other balloon16:36
balloonscontinuing... I have been working with the checkbox folks alot about how the tool can be revamped for better ease of use, and cleaned up and created some documentation surrounding the tool. These guys are excitied to see the increased usage of the tool, so if your interested in digging in here, get involved! The code lives on launchpad here: https://launchpad.net/checkbox16:36
* mhall119 hums "99 red balloons"16:36
balloonsLaunched my first ppa and built my first deb with lp, both for the manual application testing -- thanks for helping dholbach!16:37
balloonsI spoke briefly about the future of testing inside ubuntu -- using a standardized test case management system (we're still looking at case conductor), a standardized test delivery framework system (checkbox is getting looked at now :-) ), and a standardized metrics/feedback/reporting system. We're looking at possibly using ubuntu accomplishments, launchpad, the ubuntu wiki, or something else entirely for metrics -- it's pretty wide open.16:37
balloonsIf you've got ideas on this I would love to hear them.16:37
mhall119not the wiki16:38
balloonsI plan on having UDS sessions about how testing will happen in the Q cycle.. and I want to hit the ground running with in-place processes, tools, etc.. so it's important we do some prototyping if we can while we can this cycle16:38
balloonsmhall119, everything is open as an option.. :-) I'm assuming we can find a better tool16:39
balloonsPolished up a criticial packages list (did I mention this last time?) -- I'm going to be using the list to target which applications we want tests for; you'll notice the critical basic productivity apps are all being targeted for beta1 :-) Check out the list here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/CriticalPackages16:39
balloonsI got interviewed by s-fox! Obligitaory linky: http://serial-coder.co.uk/blog/2012/02/an-interview-with-balloons/ If you care to know anymore about me, feel free to read it.16:40
balloonsdoing the interview was fun, thanks for asking s-fox -- I hope someone found it useful ;-p16:40
s-foxoh right, no worries. thank you16:40
mhall119balloons: are your critical packages mostly for desktop, or are you also targetting server apps?16:42
jonois that everything balloons?16:42
balloonsFinally, the ubuntu qa landscape is still a bit difficult to follow, and I hope I'm helping to change that.. with that in mind I have been Working with Alvaro from U+1 subforums to help give a more offical status (and responsibilities) to those who are testing U+1 and running/reporting bugs on a day to day basis. I'm not sure what the ultimate form of this will take just yet, but I suspect we will talk more about structure in preparation16:42
balloonsfor the q cycle16:42
balloonsmhall119, the server page still needs work.. I got some other folks to also have a look.. I will eventually get back to it.. the desktop page is complete16:43
balloonsthat's all folks!16:43
mhall119balloons: is there a CLI verson of checkbox for servers?16:43
jonothanks balloons16:43
jonoany questions, folks?16:43
balloonsmhall119, indeed there is16:44
jonoI will go next16:45
jono * General16:45
pangolinwhat, no intro?16:45
jonoand here is jono:16:46
mhall119the man who needs no introduction...16:46
jono  * Looking good - burndown is in shape. Postponed some work items to re-focus some parts of the cycle more effectively.16:46
pangolinhehe ok :)16:46
jono * Developers16:46
jono  * Getting our sponsorship situation is shape. Reminded Engineering Managers to remind their teams.16:46
jono  * Discussed getting the DAB finalized.16:46
jono  * Better visualization of different developer on-ramp statuses in a Trello. Looking forward to moving forward with this.16:46
jono * App Developers16:46
jono  * Getting the docs coordinated for our various app-dev facing Unity technologies.16:46
jono  * Produced a video overview of our technologies that will accompany this work.16:46
jono  * Brainstormed next steps for empowering app devs in Ubuntu.16:46
jono  * Continued work with OMG! over app reviews.16:47
jono * QA:16:47
jono  * Working to get our Beta1 testing support finalized.16:47
jono  * Discussing pre-release testing requirements to prevent re-spins.16:47
jono  * Further planning of wider testing plans.16:47
jono * Upstream:16:47
jono  * Coordinating the QuickList campaign with Mike.16:47
jono  * Got our stats in place and metrics for tracking further work.16:47
jono  * Defined scalable icons as a next target.16:48
jono  * Coordinated some inter-team workflow and optimizing upstream target work with upstreams.16:48
jono * Juju:16:48
jono  * Putting in place new outreach goals.16:48
jono  * Defining charm school targets.16:48
jono * LoCO Teams:16:48
jono  * Lots of Ubuntu Global Jam work - blogging, reaching out to teams etc.16:48
jono  * Organized my own Ubuntu Global Jam in Walnut Creek. :-)16:49
jono * UDS:16:49
jono  * Finalized UDS sponsors list...you folks should be getting confirmations of whether you got sponsored or not soon, so hang fire!16:49
jono  * Discussing UDS plans for the Nov event.16:49
jono  * Coordinating team sprints.16:49
jono  * Starting to ratchet into place UDS logistical plans.16:49
jono * Ubuntu Acomplishments:16:49
jono  * Adding a bunch of other accomplishments.16:49
jono  * Working with Duncan to get the accomplishments daemon ported to twistd so we can issue a proper release of the system.16:49
jono * Other:16:49
jono  * Promotion and social media growth of Ubuntu on Android.16:50
jono  * Coordinating with the Comms team over the 12.04 release and LoCo initiatives.16:50
jono  * Produced a "How to file a bug report in Ubuntu video" - http://youtu.be/18nsScrDIa016:50
jono  * Lots of testing and QA. Looks like my wirless bug is fixed, woo!16:50
jonoand that's me16:50
jonoany questions?16:50
balloonssweet news on the wireless fix!16:50
mhall119jono: repete was wondering what, if any, community involvement we can do around Ubuntu on Android16:51
jcastrooh cool to see Duncan around16:51
jonomhall119, right now there is not much needed16:51
dholbachjono, I guess I can replace my video with yours on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs then :)16:51
jonoballoons, yeah I am stoked it is fixed16:51
jonodholbach, :-)16:51
dholbachI'll do that later16:52
jonothanks everyone!16:53
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jcastrook so I still don't get what the ascii art is supposed to be16:55
jcastrois that a balloon and clouds?16:55
balloonshot air balloon16:55
jcastroI can't believe you went ascii art.16:56
jcastroit's going to have to be _on_ for next week16:56
mhall119jcastro: yeah, but he didn't use colors16:59
jcastroI found daniel ascii art17:01
jonoseems apt that the deadmau5 thing is made out of dollar signs17:01
jonothat guy is an asshole17:01
jcastroI feel the need to come up with some other animal mask we can put on daniel during UDS17:02
jcastroI would seriously wear a big head with LEDs to every session17:02
jcastro<----- ok lunch for me. BBI 60m.17:02
balloonsyummy lunch17:03
jcastroon tuesdays I can be bad17:03
jcastroand eat a Spicy Chicken17:03
jcastroso I always look forward to it17:03
jonodholbach, all set?17:12
jonodaker around?17:41
dakerat work17:41
dakerjono, ^17:41
jonoballoons, do you know about launchpad.net/checkbox-editor17:41
balloonsi do17:42
balloonsnever tried to use17:42
jonodaker np prv msg17:42
balloonsnot sure it works or not?17:42
balloonsjono, check this out : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apport/+bug/92791217:44
ubot2`Launchpad bug 927912 in apport "Apport doesn't point out third-party packages in reports" [Wishlist,Fix committed]17:44
balloons:-) +1 mpitt17:44
jonoballoons, nice!17:45
jcastroanyone seeing a little white box rendered on occasion on the top left of the screen17:58
jcastroit doesn't go away so I assume a driver issue?17:58
jonojcastro, holy crap18:19
snap-lNot sure I like the paperless ticket thing18:21
snap-lbut the rest is awesome. :)18:21
dholbachalright my friends - see you all tomorrow18:22
jonosnap-l, will be great to see them playing Seventh Son content18:24
technovikinganyone having menu drawing slowly or not till mouseover?18:25
jcastroargh no Florida!18:32
snap-lDetroit in July. :)18:33
snap-lMan, that's a hell of a schedule18:33
jcastroit's awesome is what it is18:34
jcastrodang, that's like one of my favorite records too18:34
jcastroI am still debating spending the cash on Roger Water's this time18:34
jcastrohmm, june 16th.18:38
jcastrojono: is that date on your sprint radar at all?18:38
jonobut I am going18:39
jonobrb, breakfast18:39
jcastroto maiden or roger waters?18:40
angela-androidI can recommend the Roger Waters show18:41
jcastroI had tickets last time18:45
jcastroand then UDS happened and I had to give them up. :(18:45
jcastroso I want to be double sure, since they're going for north of $300 a pop here18:45
angela-androidWell my walet is still hurting but I have to say it was worth it18:46
angela-androidbesides, I saw the 7th son tour first time round18:46
jcastromhall119: hey so did we talk bug control admin responsibilities yet?21:45
jcastroI need to get that card out of my TODO list21:45
jcastroballoons: ok so should I reping stefano about case conductor again?21:46
mhall119jcastro: was there more than "Be careful and don't break stuff" that we needed to talk about?21:46
jcastroor is it still in the waiting for it to work part.21:46
jcastromhall119: yeah so the tl;dr is21:47
jcastroupstreams who want to control their own bugs in launchpad should be able to do so21:47
balloonsjcastro, he should be able to deploy it and get it up and running at any time now21:47
jcastrothe thing is, that's part of the bug control, and usually it's like this huge application process21:47
jcastrosince it's for general triagers21:47
jcastrowith bug control we say "you want your own bugs, absolutely, here you go."21:47
mhall119we can't make a new team for upstreams to manage their own project's bugs?21:48
jcastroin ubuntu21:48
jcastronot in their projects21:48
mhall119oh, ok21:48
jcastrotheir projects might not even be on launchpad21:48
jcastroso then, when joe smith applies for control of VLC for example21:48
czajkowskisome projects have holding pages on lp but mostly to message adn let people know where to go on their project pages21:48
jcastrothe QA people tell him to ping me21:48
jcastroand they send me a mail21:48
jcastroall you have to do is do some due diligence to make sure the guy is actually from the project21:49
jcastrofor me I almost always find the person's activity in the upstream VCS or bug tracker21:49
jcastrothen you can just add them to the team21:49
mhall119add them to the bug control team?21:49
jcastrothat's it21:50
mhall119easy enough21:50
jcastroand then a little Spider-man "with great powers comes great responsibility" thing in the reply mail21:50
jcastrousually it's something like "thanks for contributing to ubuntu ... blah"21:50
jcastrolast I was told anyone in bug control can change bugs around21:51
jcastroso we don't want joe smith with VLC bug control access to go mess with glibc bugs or whatever21:51
mhall119jcastro: but we can't actually stop them once they're in bug control, can we?  We just give them the spider-man speech and honor system21:51
jcastrobut like, no one in the 4 years I've been doing it has ever done anything bad21:52
mhall119seems like a shortcoming in LP21:52
jcastroif they're involved in an upstream project they're usually not dumb21:52
mhall119honor systems sometimes work better than enforcement21:52
jcastrobut yeah, I don't know why LP isn't ACLed like that21:52
mhall119I do21:52
jcastrobut then again, it's just bug switches21:52
mhall119have you *seen* Zope code?21:52
mhall119czajkowski knows what I'm talking about now, don't you czajkowski ?21:53
czajkowskiI'm learnign fast21:53
czajkowskiadn yes bug control is interesting! spent today removing spam and someone dediced to close bugs and add fix committed to them and marking all sorts of projects effected21:53
czajkowskithen when I wanted to remove the spam I had to ask webops to do so as new features stop people doing stuff21:54
snap-l"thanks for contributing to ubuntu ... blah" <- My new signature.21:58
=== albrigha is now known as Guest54222
jcastroheya mhall11922:24
jcastrowhen you get a chance can you clean out your items from the trello and put them in Done! or Postpone?22:24
cjohnstonyo yo yo22:25
jcastroI'm going to clear out that bad boy today22:25
jcastrohey cjohnston22:25
jcastroso mims is charming up summit22:25
jcastroand he told me:22:25
jcastro"seems like summit is well-built from what I've seen so far"22:25
jcastro"those guys know what they're doing"22:25
cjohnstonthanks to mhall119  and nigelb22:25
jcastrohey nigelb22:31
jcastroyou going to enter the charm contest?22:31
jcastroI am in need of the server side firefox sync server22:31
cjohnston+1, go nigelb22:32
nigelbMorning jcastro.22:33
nigelbI wasn't planning to. But now, *maybe*.22:33
mhall119jcastro: it's certainly a far sight better than it was when we started22:33
mhall119I think spending that full cycle on nothing but fixes, testing, and cleaning really paid off22:34
jcastronigelb: next time I head out to the left coast I want to stop by MoCo and convince someone on your web infra team to dig it.22:34
nigelbjcastro: I think the problem there is Mozilla deploys to RHEL, not Ubuntu :(22:34
nigelb(well, most of the time)22:35
jcastrowhile that's important to me (getting them to use Ubuntu), I mean the other way around as the important use case22:35
jcastro"oh neat, some cool infra tool from mozilla, *type type*, deployed!"22:36
mhall119*cough* sumo *cough*22:36
jcastrocaseconductor, etc. etc.22:36
jcastrothink of startups just firing those up right on the fly.22:36
nigelbI don't know about caseconductor, but I know sumo isn't proudctized very well yet.22:38
nigelbon the other hand, the crash reporting stuff is installed all over the place.22:38
nigelbSteam uses it.22:38
nigelbAnd a bunch of other gaming companies.22:38
* jcastro nods22:38
jcastroI've got a dude doing case conductor for the contest already22:38
jcastrowhat's the crash one?22:39
jcastrook so the server piece is socorro22:40
jcastroand the clients?22:40
jcastrodo people just make their own stubs to feed socorro?22:41
nigelbpeople run their on servers and clients22:41
jcastrooh I see, breakpad libraries22:41
nigelbfor other desktop software22:41
jcastroblam, that is so charmable22:42
jcastronigelb: is there a list of projects using this?22:42
nigelbjcastro: I don't think so. I've only heard laura (the manger for the team) talk about it at conferences.22:43
jcastrook, filed a bug, man that would be a slick one for the contest.22:46
jcastronigelb: what else do you guys have server side that is this cool?22:47
nigelbif its not done yet22:47
jcastroit's on the list somewhere22:51
nigelbjcastro: so, nothing else jumps out at me yet, but if it doesn, I'll ping you :)22:54
cjohnstonmhall119: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-florida/1445/detail/23:10
jonowhat is the best pad to use?23:22
jcastrolike etherpad?23:22
jonothat type of pad23:23
jonowhich is the best one to use for Ubuntu?23:23
jcastrowe have a charm for it too yo23:24
jonocool :-)23:25
jcastrowe enable anyone to make a link farm, hah23:25
jonohow persistent are the URLs?23:25
jonoe.g. http://pad.ubuntu.com/g0Qpg4pRIJ23:26
jcastrothough I recommend just making them human readable23:26
jcastroyou can do pad.ubuntu.com/whatever-you-want23:26
jonooh nice23:26
jcastroindeed, it's quite a nice system23:27
popey\o/ etherpad23:28
jonohmmm how do I switch of the tagging thing?23:29
jcastrotagging is a place I am not sure of23:29
nigelbdon't use hashes ;)23:29
jononigelb, lol23:29
jcastroyou can't escape a hash?23:30
jonoit's no big deal23:30
jcastroactually dude, you leave a full link to the web thing we embed anyway23:30
jcastrothat'll work23:30
jonoalright, anyone want to help flesh out the docs on http://pad.ubuntu.com/accomplishments ?23:48
jonojcastro, can you flesh out the Juju ones on http://pad.ubuntu.com/accomplishments now?23:55
jonoand then I will add them23:55
jonojcastro, they are near the bottom23:56
cprofittjono: looking now23:56
jonocprofitt, thanks for your help!23:56
jcastroare dependencies in here?23:56
jcastrolike the one depending on the other one?23:56
jonojcastro, I took them out to keep this simple23:57
jonobut they are already in there23:57
jonojcastro, I would to make the instructions more specific and expansive23:58
jcastrook no worries, I was just wondering if that was on purpose or not23:58
jonothanks jcastro23:58

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