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jbichaRAOF: howdy, would you mind looking at libosinfo which has been stuck in the new queue for a while?01:41
RAOFjbicha: I'd love to, but I'm not an archive admin.  I've just got the powers for SRU work :)02:12
* RAOF should perhaps start working towards actual AA status.02:17
jbichaoh, tricky, I'll try pitti then02:18
desrtkenvandine: good evening02:59
kenvandinehey desrt02:59
desrtwhat brings you here at this time of night?02:59
kenvandinenotta, just doing some hacking02:59
kenvandinei usually avoid irc in the evenings, less distractions03:00
kenvandinebut not tonight... very distractable :)03:00
desrtwanna help rewrite the hud? :)03:03
desrtRAOF: so i just made an interesting discovery03:24
desrtRAOF: i'm under unity right now and i can overcome the barriers effortlessly if i aim for the corners03:25
desrtbut they're still there in the middle of the screen03:25
RAOFThat's because there's no barrier on the corner.03:25
desrti don't think that's true...03:25
RAOFWell, there's no barrier up the top, on the panel.03:25
desrtthere's something here03:25
desrtit's just not very strong03:25
RAOFBut there is a barrier on the bottom, and you can go under it.03:25
RAOFWhich is a known bug :)03:26
RAOFActually... didn't I fix that?03:26
* RAOF is currently in the process of writing tests for that functionality.03:29
RAOFWhereupon he shall fix up all the stupid.03:30
jbichaall? ;-)03:34
pittiGood morning04:43
pittijbicha: can have a look04:44
smspillazRAOF: around ?05:49
RAOFsmspillaz: Shoot.05:49
smspillazRAOF: do you know what the acceptable ranges of values are for XConfigureWindow ?05:49
smspillazeg for05:50
smspillazI know width and height need to be > 105:51
RAOFI don't know offhand.05:51
* smspillaz has a look at the X sources05:53
RAOFsmspillaz: Already there :)05:53
RAOFsmspillaz: You're after dix/window.c:ConfigureWindow :)05:53
smspillazRAOF: yeah, :P05:58
smspillazRAOF: goto ActuallyDoSomething;05:58
smspillazreturn Success;05:58
RAOFMmm.  I particularly like the way the code inconsistently uses return(Success); and return Success;05:59
didrocksgood morning06:58
pittihey didrocks06:59
didrocksguten morgen pitti, how are you?06:59
pittiquite fine, thanks! how about you?07:00
didrocksI'm fine, thanks!07:00
rickspencer3good morning all, what's the word on the street about beta 1?07:22
pittihey rickspencer307:22
rickspencer3hey pitti07:22
pittirickspencer3: respinning now for some issues, but nothing out of the ordinary so far07:23
didrocksbonjour rickspencer307:23
rickspencer3bonjour didrocks07:23
pittihey Sweetshark08:28
pittibonjour seb12808:53
seb128pitti, hey, how are you? happy meeting reminder day!08:54
pittiseb128: oh, thanks08:54
seb128hum, dsl ip change08:58
seb128pitti, I was saying08:58
seb128pitti, hey, how are you? happy meeting reminder day!08:58
seb128(dunno if that went through before the ip change)08:58
pittiseb128: still got that08:58
pittiSweetshark: do you have some time to work on the openoffice.org-report-builder package today, to fix upgrades?09:08
Sweetsharkpitti: yes, that should work.09:18
yawstick_1I deleted the status bar at the bottom where minimized programs usually show09:37
yawstick_1using ubuntu 10.04 on a laptop09:37
yawstick_1now if i minimize a program cant get it back09:37
pittiyawstick_1: get it back with alt+tab09:38
pittiyawstick_1: and/or re-add the task bar widget to a different panel09:38
yawstick_1Ive added another bar but how do I get the minimized programs to show on it09:39
pittiyawstick_1: please continue in #ubuntu09:40
yawstick_1i was there and got no response... thanks anyway09:41
ricotzgood morning09:45
pittihey ricotz09:45
ricotzpitti, hi, thanks for sponsoring libpst09:45
seb128hey ricotz, seems pitti beat me to it, he sponsored before I had to look at it today ;-)09:45
seb128pitti, thanks for the sponsoring btw ;-)09:46
ricotzseb128, hi09:46
pittithe early bird catches the upload :)09:46
ricotzseb128, i guess there is still vala 0.15.2 and folks 0.6.7 ;)09:46
seb128ricotz, I can do vala, the other one will be for kenvandine09:46
seb128ricotz, but feel free to work on that and ask for sponsoring ;-)09:47
ricotzseb128, i am currently doing 0.15.2 and pushed 0.6.7 to gnome3 ppa09:47
seb128ok, thanks09:47
* seb128 shakes fist at pitti09:48
pittiseb128: wh..what did I break?09:48
seb128pitti, would you stop closing bugs, you are still a bug ahead of me!09:48
* pitti hurries to send the report reminder09:48
pittioh, that :)09:48
seb128one little bug09:48
seb128I will get you, oh yes, I will ;-)09:48
* seb128 hugs pitti09:48
pittiseb128: and I fixed your .xsession-errors bug in trunk, too!09:48
seb128pitti, I saw, thanks a lot!09:48
ricotzseb128, https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3/+sourcepub/2278642/+listing-archive-extra09:52
ricotzmight be good to have vala done before uploading folks to have it build against the newer one09:53
seb128well I will do vala first anyway since that's not on the CD09:53
seb128the other one will be blocked by the freeze in any case09:54
ricotzpitti, could you bump the vala builds please? -- https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3/+sourcepub/2278642/+listing-archive-extra09:54
pittiricotz: done10:06
ricotzpitti, thanks10:10
seb128grrr, hate libxcb10:33
seb128why do we keep getting issues on random components due to it10:34
seb128ie bug #92461210:34
ubot2`Launchpad bug 924612 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGABRT in __GI___assert_fail()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92461210:34
chrisccoulsonthe gmail interface sucks. it doesn't let you do "Reply to list"!10:51
seb128chrisccoulson, please tell me it doesn't default to reply to all!11:04
* seb128 hates people replying to the list and to you directly as well11:04
didrockswell, thundebird defaulted to reply to all until very recently :)11:07
chrisccoulsonhuh, X just crashed, and after i restarted, my launcher is set to not auto-hide11:16
chrisccoulsonhow annoying :/11:16
seb128pitti, bah, those no change rebuild are not fair :p11:17
* seb128 gives up on catching with pitti11:17
pittiseb128: I didn't add tasks11:17
pittito the bugs11:18
seb128pitti, yeah, I was speaking about bugs closing count ;-)11:18
pittiso I'd hope they wouldn't count?11:18
pittiyes, it's rather pointless11:18
seb128not sure11:18
pittiseb128: if they do, for the huge set of rebuilds (after b1), I'll use LP #12345 then11:18
ubot2`Launchpad bug 12345 in isdnutils "isdn does not work, fritz avm (pnp?)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1234511:18
seb128pitti, no, don't worry about count, it was a side comment ;-)11:19
seb128you can maybe catch up with didrocks though :p11:19
pittiseb128: nah, competitions should be fair :) so sorry for these extra 511:19
seb128pitti, btw does it make sense to do rebuilds rather than wait another few weeks for stuff to clear by themself on normal uploads and then rebuild what wasn't?11:19
pittiseb128: want to upload 5 yourself to catch up?11:19
seb128pitti, no that's fine, I will get you even with those 5 :p11:20
pittiseb128: well, I already waited for the whole precise cycle until now11:20
pittiseb128: these are all packages which haven't built a single time  in precise11:20
seb128oh ok, I guess those are sources which don't get a lot of activity11:20
didrockswell, depending if you are lucky or not, but you can get a gnome tarball with a lot of upstream fixes:)11:20
pittiseb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/consolekit/+bug/875466/comments/9 is the list, FYI11:21
ubot2`Launchpad bug 875466 in libxt "Lots of packages shipping with broken md5sums" [Medium,In progress]11:21
pittiseb128: i. e. mostly stuff that nobody cares about; except perl, I need to have a closer look there11:21
pittiI believe it's fixed with most recent mangler, though11:21
seb128pitti, oh, I'm supprise that stuff like libxdamage and libxcomposite are on there11:22
seb128I though those were actively maintained with X, I guess they are mature and don't get lot of upstream work ;-)11:22
Sweetsharkpitti: do we want the libreoffice metapackage depend on libreoffice-gtk btw?11:32
GunnarHjmicahg: Hi Micah, did you forget https://code.launchpad.net/~gunnarhj/gnome-settings-daemon/patch43/+merge/91210 ?12:02
seb128pitti, can you build bump https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa/+build/3246056 and https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa/+build/3246057 for me?12:02
seb128lunch, bbiab12:02
pittiSweetshark: we currently seed -gnome, which pulls in -gtk12:14
pittiseb128: done12:14
* pitti utters a loud sigh for the first non-oversized image in months12:14
pittitook some squeezing for sure12:14
Sweetsharkyes, but if somebody manually reinstalls libreoffice he only gets the fugly generic UI.12:15
didrockspitti: nice!12:15
nessitahello everyone! I can no longer swicth workspaces with CTRL+ALT+<direction>... any idea what happened?12:19
seb128nessita, hey12:27
seb128nessita, upgrade, it's fixed with today updates12:27
seb128nessita, it was a design decision reverted12:27
seb128nessita, or use super-shift-direction (was the new keybindings)12:28
nessitaseb128: thanks god it was reverted!12:28
* nessita updates again12:28
nessitaseb128: hola, btw :-)12:28
seb128nessita, the intend was to have both old and new bindings but it's technically challenging so got postponed to next cycle12:28
seb128nessita, hey ;-)12:29
seb128nessita, how are you?12:29
nessitapretty good! and you?12:29
seb128nessita, I'm good thanks!12:32
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seb128pitti, same on https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa/+build/3246089 and https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa/+build/3246090 please? ;-) I did a stupid error in the previous version12:36
pittiseb128: bumped12:42
seb128pitti, danke12:43
tkamppeter_pitti, hi12:47
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pittitkamppeter: hallo Till, wie gehts?12:49
tkamppeterpitt, gut, it is about PPD updating via CUPS trigger, bug 932882.12:50
ubot2`Launchpad bug 932882 in gutenprint "The PPD version (5.2.7) is not compatible with Gutenprint 5.2.8-pre1." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93288212:50
tkamppeterpitti, problem is that the updating is not reliable. If in one update run (for example an update to a new distro release) a printer driver package is updated along with cups, the PPD update does not happen.12:51
tkamppeterpitti, this is because cups get shut down and the old version stopped making it unconfigured and cups gets only configured again much later in the update process. This makes the printer driver packages not executing the cups trigger as when it is trigger time, between unpacking of all packages and setting up all packages, cups is not configured.12:53
tkamppeterpitti, how can I change the dependencies of printer driver packages to assure that the triggers get always executed, for example putting the trigger execution somehow after CUPS being configured?12:54
pittitkamppeter: perhaps you could change the trigger itself12:55
pittitkamppeter: i. e. if the trigger gets called, but cups is not running, you leave a stamp file in /var/run/cups/update-ppd instead12:55
pittitkamppeter: and cups' postinst would then run update-ppd during configure if it finds that stamp file?12:55
tkamppeterpitti, the "Processing triggers for cups ..." does not even appear onnn the screen. This is a message of dpkg, telling that the trigger of CUPS will get executed. So the postinst script of CUPS does not get executed at all when it is supposed to do the triggers.12:59
pittitkamppeter: hm, that sounds weird; are you sure? perhaps you could add a touch /tmp/trigger-called or so to the postinst to check this?13:01
nessitaseb128: so, I'm fully up to date, I rebooted, and I still don't have the proper keybindings for switching workspaces... shall I report this?13:04
seb128nessita, dpkg -l | grep compiz-plugins-main13:06
seb128nessita, what version did you get?13:06
tkamppeterpitti, I will try that.13:06
nessitaseb128: compiz-plugins-main-default            1:                     Compiz plugins - main default collection13:08
seb128didrocks, ^ help! ;-)13:08
didrocksso nessita, if you open gnome-control-center13:08
didrocksin the keyboard panel, shortcut tab13:09
desrtgood morning didrocks, seb128, pitti, nessita, tkamppeter13:09
pittihey desrt, how are you?13:09
seb128desrt, hey, how are you?13:09
didrockswhat do you have for ws switching?13:09
didrockshey desrt :)13:09
desrtgood.  today is the day the hud work gets finished!13:09
nessitadidrocks: looking!13:09
nessitahola desrt!13:09
seb128desrt, \o/13:09
seb128desrt, I'm reading for testing ;-)13:09
desrtseb128: maybe in a few hours i have dbusmenu stuff working again in a preliminary state13:09
didrocksoh oh13:09
nessitadidrocks: boo, why I can't resize that window?13:10
didrockspitti: you are going to hate me13:10
seb128desrt, ok, let me know13:10
tkamppeterdesrt, hi13:10
pittididrocks: 'nother respin?13:10
didrockspitti: yeah, there is the case where compiz has a race13:10
desrtpitti: it's not didrocks's fault.  it's bzr.13:10
didrocksand sometimes it take the compiz bindings13:10
didrockspitti: should be fine on new install13:10
nessitadidrocks: looks the shortcut is 'shift+ctrl+alt+left'13:10
desrt(this game is getting less and less plausible....)13:10
didrockspitti: but on upgrade, they will take the metacity one13:10
didrocksnessita: yeah, I know what you get13:11
didrockspitti: even sam isn't really aware of all the magic integration happening in compiz for that, as the keys are duplicated13:11
didrockspitti: the fact is that unity-2d has different keybindings anyway because of metacity13:11
desrtdid compiz finally stop using the metacity gconf namespace?13:14
didrocksdesrt: it still does, but continue copying the same13:14
didrockswhich makes horrible things like above ^13:14
didrocksnessita: you are running 2d or 3d?13:15
* desrt wonders why they even bothered with only one cycle left to what is seemingly like an increasingly likely switch to gsettings13:15
didrocksdesrt: well, we want to ship a working LTS :)13:16
desrtdidrocks: ya.  that's why you don't mess with things and leave them as they are :p13:16
nessitadidrocks: 2d13:16
didrockspitti: so basically, 3d as the previous ws switching, not 2d13:16
didrockswhich makes sense, but we can still have a racy upgrade for some13:17
didrockspitti: if we accept that some people still get the old keybinding until beta1, that's fine, I can just stage the upload13:19
pittididrocks: sure, that's fine13:19
didrocksok, uploading then, and let's see how it goes13:19
pittididrocks: would you mind adding a quick sentence about this to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/TechnicalOverview , so that we have something to point to when users ask?13:20
didrockspitti: sure, doing :)13:20
pittimeh, can this silly HUD please stop appearing all the time13:20
pittiI'm just switching desktops or do other stuff, I don't just press and release Alt by itself13:20
didrockspitti: there is a compiz version under testing that get the support for it13:21
didrockspitti: however, the unity branch is still not merged13:21
pittididrocks: for better alt key handling you mean?13:21
pittie. g. if I press ctrl+alt and release it, it appears13:21
desrtpitti: but... don't you love the hud?13:21
didrockswe will have the fundation for it13:21
pittidesrt: well, it doesn't to much for me yet, and I don't really use menus much13:21
didrocksbut not the fix, I set it as unity 5.6 goal13:21
pittididrocks: good to hear13:21
pittiI'll just suffer quietly until then :)13:21
didrockspitti: well, HUD is taking 4s blocking everything here13:22
didrockspitti: so, speaking on suffering on false positive… :p13:22
pittidesrt: I actually had expected hud to search in bookmarks etc., but it doesn't seem to do any of that13:27
pittithat would be convenient in firefox IMHO13:27
seb128pitti, it does13:27
pittinot here13:27
desrtpitti: searching bookmarks is more of a shell thing, imho13:27
desrti wonder if anyone wrote a gnome-shell extension to do that yet13:27
seb128pitti, it's supposed I though13:27
desrt(or a lense?)13:28
pittioh, it takes a while to find it13:28
seb128desrt, hum, it should list anything which is in the menu of the focused app no?13:28
seb128desrt, bookmarks are in firefox menus, why shouldn't it work?13:28
desrtseb128: because firefox appmenu integration is presently broken? :)13:29
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seb128desrt, well, then bug, not "it's a shell thing"13:29
desrtseb128: i'm saying that i'd expect it to be a shell thing13:29
desrtso i can go straight to my bank or the CBC without first going through the "open a web browser" step13:30
ryeseb128, i suppose that hud does not have the menu entries until that menu is opened, as if firefox creates the menus only after click. listening on "before-selected" or something signal13:31
seb128rye, oh, right13:31
seb128it's chrisccoulson's fault!13:31
ryewhich is why i don't use hud - both firefox and thunderbird, my default apps don't have menus available to hud. And xchat/terminal are perfect with current keybinding.13:32
ryebtw, while I am still at this - my ubuntuone-indicator is displayed as "Untitled indicator" - what piece of info and how should I supply to unity for it to become titled?13:33
ryeargh, this is still a unity question, sorry, /me goes to #ubuntu-unity13:34
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Sweetsharkricotz: "The new ppa update for LibreOffice for Ubuntu Lucid is broken: the 'print file directly' toolbar icon points to 'pdf' rather than to the default printer."13:48
Sweetsharkricotz: Could you check that? Its a (unpublished) comment on the TDF blog.13:49
ricotzSweetshark, works as expected here14:02
ricotzSweetshark, "direct printing" uses the default printer, and pdf export works too14:03
desrttedg: hey14:09
desrttedg: can i grab a slice of your time?14:09
desrttedg: the appmenu registrar sends WindowRegistered signals, but never WindowUnregistered14:09
tedgdesrt, Hmm, I thought it did on shutdown...14:10
desrterm.  maybe.14:10
tedgdesrt, Perhaps the object isn't getting unref'd14:10
desrtbut i'd expect it to do so when the window closes14:10
desrt(unless that's what you meant...)14:10
tedgYeah, it seems that it should.14:10
desrtgdbus monitor --session --dest com.canonical.AppMenu.Registrar --object-path /com/canonical/AppMenu/Registrar14:11
desrtopen a window, close it, open a window, close it14:11
desrtyou see only WindowRegistered signals14:11
tedgBut, I guess there's not a *huge* worry there in that the amount of memory is tiny if there's no items.14:11
desrttedg: well, as you mention, it probably indicates some sort of leak or other memory problem within the appmenu registrar14:12
desrtand it's also raining on my parade :)14:12
tedgIt would be a slight leak for applications that stayed open for a very long time and opened and closed lots of windows.14:12
desrti disagree with that...14:12
desrtthe unregister doesn't even get sent when the entire app is closed14:12
tedgOh,  you're saying the registrar doesn't send it... I thought you were saying the application.14:13
tedgHmm, okay.14:13
desrtso being logged in and opening/closing apps for a few weeks results in more and more leaks14:13
desrt(probably small leaks, but still...)14:13
tedgI bet it's just not sending that signal.  I mean, I only had it there to play with, I don't think anyone uses it :-)14:13
* desrt uses it now :)14:14
desrti wrote a rather complete client for the registrar yesterday14:14
tedgOkay, fine, edit: "anyone important"  ;-)14:14
desrtwhich was probably a waste of my time14:14
desrtsince afaik, the hud service will soon be in the same process as the registrar14:14
desrtbut it's useful code anyway :)14:15
tedgHeh, good for testing I'd imagine.14:15
desrtit already found a bug!14:15
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pittiseb128: there's not much on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2012-02-28, so I don't expect that we have a meeting today14:36
pittiseb128: but if something turns up, would you be able to run it? I have an appointment this evening14:36
seb128pitti, sure, no problem14:36
kenvandinehello everyone!14:42
kenvandinei need to run out for an hour or so14:42
pittihey kenvandine14:43
seb128hey kenvandine, bye kenvandine ;-)14:43
kenvandinepitti, i guess i'll miss you, so good night :)14:43
pittikenvandine: o/14:43
jbichaman, trying to package boxes is frustrating, now I need a new libvirt, libvirt-glib, & tracker14:43
kenvandinejbicha, fun stuff!14:43
* kenvandine heads out14:44
pittijbicha: urgh -- tracker for boxes!?14:44
pittijbicha: I thought boxes was a VM host, not an entire OS14:44
jbichapitti: yeah, so you don't have to remember where you stuck your iso's?14:44
pittijbicha: does it have a mail client yet?14:44
seb128does it make coffee?14:46
pittiSweetshark, didrocks: not sure whether Trevinho already talked to you, seems the current oneiric-proposed libreoffice changes -tool to --tool in a .desktop file which breaks bamf14:46
didrockspitti: yeah, and I asked him to check with Sweetshark ;)14:47
pittiSweetshark, didrocks: in the interest of also supporting backports (which have -tool) and avoid another huge download, it seems to me that it's easier to backport the bamf fix than reverting this in LibO?14:47
didrocks(and you to ensure you are aware on the SRU side)14:47
pittierr, the backports have --tool, I mean14:47
didrockshum, yeah, but that would mean that the libroffice and bamf should be released at the same time?14:48
didrocksnot sure about the policy of a SRU breaking another SRU14:48
pittididrocks: yes, they would; that's why I'm asking, it's not a normal situation14:48
pittifor a "normal" package we'd just revert that bit14:48
didrockswe can backport bamf I guess, Trevinho, thoughts?14:49
pittiand I'm not against reverting it in the LibO SRU, but according to ricotz there's a magnitude of 10.000 users running his PPA backports alone14:49
Sweetsharkpitti: backports was my argument too.14:49
Trevinhodidrocks: yes it's basically a copy&paste14:49
pittiso it seems to make more sense to SRU this to lucid and oneiric14:49
Trevinhoto the oneiric branch14:49
TrevinhoI can prepare it if you want14:49
didrocksSweetshark: would be nice to have that checked on libroffice upload btw :)14:49
pittididrocks: well, not strictly "at the same time"; it's rather "no later than LibO", moving it to -updates before is no problem14:50
pittiTrevinho: would it be easy to backport to lucid, too? that has the same problem14:50
pitti(with newer LibO versions, I mean)14:50
Sweetsharkpitti, didrocks: bug 873702 and bug 919659 are blockers anyway14:50
didrockspitti: well, it will break as well the matching on -tool, isn't it? if it's released before14:50
ubot2`Launchpad bug 873702 in libreoffice "some function names in Calc appear in english others in local language (mixed up) " [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87370214:50
ubot2`Launchpad bug 919659 in libreoffice "Can't open/save document or spreadsheet with password" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91965914:50
Trevinhopitti: I'm not sure what version of bamf is using lucid14:50
didrocksSweetshark: right, I'm just telling it would be nice to have that tested when you upload a new libroffice :)14:50
Sweetsharkdidrocks: ah, yes. willdo.14:51
didrocksI guess we don't really care about lucid?14:51
pittiTrevinho: ah, it still had the old name back then, what was it again?14:51
didrocksunity is not installed14:51
pittididrocks: ah, right14:51
didrockspitti: I know, it feels like ages, isn't it? ;)14:51
pittiricotz was telling me about his LibO 3.5 lucid PPA14:51
pittiso I guess it doesn't matter any more14:51
pittis/any more/for lucid/14:52
pittididrocks: yeah..14:52
didrocksso Trevinho, we can backport that for oneiric14:52
didrocksTrevinho: tomorrow is my sponsoring shift, nice timing!14:52
* Trevinho backporting14:52
didrocksTrevinho: just ping me or send the merge proposal my way14:52
mterryseb128, heyo.  Just FYI so we don't tromp each other's changes again, the nautilus you based your ubuntu-desktop PPA version on hasn't been accepted into the archive yet.  So when you push yours, just check for that and use -v if necessary14:53
pittiback in the days, when computers were still real computers, and men still real men, and green furry animals from Alpha Centaury were still real green furry animals14:53
SweetsharkLO 3.5.0/3.5.1 still has a few issues, but in my guess is still better/stable in general than some 3.4.3/4 already anyway ...14:53
pittiand ubuntu was brown! http://www.tuxtree.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Ubuntu-desktop-2-410-20080706.png14:53
seb128mterry, hey, I noticed but thanks for the warning, I plan to stack nautilus and gnome-control-center change and not upload before thursday, no need to queue uploads during freeze14:54
Davieypitti: is that screenshot a mockup for 12.10? :)14:54
seb128mterry, good to see you on bug fixing btw ;-)14:54
Sweetsharkpitti: back in those days I had a customized gentoo desktop with -funroll-loops ...14:54
pittiDaviey: radical desktop simplification14:54
mterryseb128, heh :)  my fav thing to do14:54
Davieypitti: seems to have a global desktop menu? :)14:54
didrockspitti: I remember in 2007, for various reason, I had no network connexion anymore and in the research center I was, I needed to reinstall my computer and upgraded. I found a warty CD image to boot from. It was already a shock like "did I really used that at some point?" :) I can't imagine if I have to do the same experiment today14:55
SweetsharkDaviey: trollbaiting much arent you?14:55
Trevinhopitti, Sweetshark can you take care of opening a bug and of the SRU testcases?14:55
DavieySweetshark: I try.14:55
desrtTrevinho: seems the bamf changes have not all landed yet?14:55
desrttwo outta three ain't bad, of course14:56
ricotzTrevinho, hi, thanks for backporting it14:56
desrtbut the one left is the serious one :)14:56
Trevinhoricotz: yw14:57
Trevinhodesrt: did you propose a merge for your fixes?14:57
seb128desrt, you will need to talk to didrocks I guess ;-) he frozen the unity trunks earlier14:57
TrevinhoI saw only the patch14:57
desrtTrevinho: i opened a bug and did a patch14:57
desrti was expecting someone with launchpad-fu to do all the other stuff14:57
Trevinhodesrt: can you please do the MR as well, it would be faster to get included14:57
didrocksit's a cold day :)14:57
seb128desrt, you refuse to use lp on principle right? ;-)14:58
desrtseb128: i've used it soem times before14:58
ricotzpitti, 3.5 is actually in the official libreoffice ppa now for lucid and oneiric14:58
seb128desrt, how hard can it be, bzr commit, bzr push, bzr lp-submit14:58
desrtbut it seems that every time i do, something is screwed up14:58
ricotzpitti, just building it in my ppa14:58
desrtlike i pushed a branch before... a *branch*14:58
desrtthen did a merge proposal14:58
seb128desrt, I admit, commit and push are hard to use commands new in vcs worlds :p14:58
desrtand somehow the result was a conflicted diff14:58
desrti'm not really sure how a branch, that i push as a whole entity, can be conflicted14:59
seb128desrt, well maybe the vcs you branched off changed while you were doing your change14:59
mterrydesrt, trunk probably changed since you made your branch?14:59
desrtactually... ted did the merge proposal, i think14:59
desrteither way, my MR got rejected14:59
desrtso i'm bitter :p14:59
seb128desrt, honestly it's trivial, bzr branch lp:something, hack, bzr commit, bzr push lp:~desrt/something/fix; bzr lp-submit14:59
mterryfamously thin-skinned desrt15:00
desrtseb128: i'll try again :D15:00
desrtbzr: ERROR: Conflicts detected in working tree.  Use "bzr conflicts" to list, "bzr resolve FILE" to resolve.15:00
seb128desrt, let me know if that doesn't work for some reason15:00
desrtText conflict in lib/libbamf/bamf-window.c15:01
seb128mterry, btw I will put a bunch of extra stuff on the milestones bugs list so you and others don't get short of bugs to pick on ;-)15:01
desrtlulz.  no changes in this file at all.15:01
* desrt resolves it, i guess?15:01
seb128desrt, bzr diff it or lock for >>>15:01
seb128desrt, don't, you will have conflict markers in there15:01
desrtseb128: ya.  there's absolutely nothing there at al.15:01
seb128desrt, if you are sure you have no change just bzr revert lib/libbamf/bamf-window.c && bzr resolve lib/libbamf/bamf-window.c15:02
seb128desrt, you can cp the file before15:02
seb128just to diff it later and see what was the diff ;-)15:02
desrtthere is no change at all15:02
desrtnot sure what happened15:02
seb128well bzr revert && bzr resolve15:02
seb128the revert to be sure15:02
seb128well, revert just the file15:03
seb128not the whole tree15:03
desrtdid that just blow away all my changes?15:03
seb128desrt, you have .~1~ with the version before revert15:03
desrtit was a small change. i'll just make it again15:03
* desrt decides to stop typing 'bzr' things he doesn't fully understand15:04
seb128desrt, you should have your file.~1~ which was the pre revert15:04
desrtoh.  handy.15:04
desrti understand that :)15:04
seb128I'm sure there is a command to restore those, or undo the revert, I don't know it though15:04
seb128desrt, bzr revert is basically "undo any local change" you can use it on the tree or on a file15:05
seb128desrt, i.e bzr revert lib/libbamf/bamf-window.c && bzr resolve lib/libbamf/bamf-window.c15:05
desrtsounds like git reset --hard15:05
seb128desrt, is "go back to the vcs version and declare the conflict resolved"15:05
desrtbtw: is there some preferred notation for bug numbers?15:05
* desrt has seen (lp: #234234) in places15:05
didrocks--fixes lp:23423415:05
didrockswhen you commit15:05
didrocksit links your branch to the bug :)15:06
seb128desrt, in changelogs what matters is "lp: #nnn"15:07
seb128desrt, you can put in between parenthesis or not doesn't matter15:07
desrtThe Ubuntu computer called moonpix now has access to your Launchpad account15:07
desrtscary :)15:07
TrevinhoI do prefer to do that via web interface btw15:07
seb128desrt, but yeah, for commit what didrocks said15:07
seb128Trevinho, the lp-submit?15:07
desrtis this good?15:07
Trevinhoseb128: no, the fixes ...15:08
seb128desrt, will tell you in a sec, lp is computing the diff...15:08
Trevinhodesrt: I'll look15:08
seb128desrt, but the url, target branch, etc seems good15:08
Trevinhodesrt: yes, it's fine15:08
* Trevinho looks at the revisions15:09
seb128desrt, did you put --fixes in the commit message?15:09
seb128desrt, it's bzr commit --fixes lp:...15:09
seb128desrt, but it's a detail15:09
* didrocks thinks that now desrt need to load the "achievement soft" to get a trophee :)15:09
Trevinhodidrocks: I've backported that bamf LO fix at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/bamf/oneiric/revision/42815:09
* desrt is used to writing bug annotations directly into the commit15:10
didrocksTrevinho: excellent, will sponsor with the rest in my shift tomorrow :)15:10
seb128Trevinho, desrt: ok, diff generated on https://code.launchpad.net/~desrt/bamf/refcount-fix/+merge/9497815:10
Trevinhonice didrocks , do I need to do something else15:10
didrocksTrevinho: is there a bug with the incoming issue to track it?15:11
didrockswill be nice to have it with a test case15:11
Trevinhodesrt: branch approved... ;)15:11
desrtso... autolanding or something will happen now?15:11
Trevinhodidrocks: well... can we get the LO guys to do that :P15:11
didrocksSweetshark: please ^15:12
desrtis didrocks going to yell at me because i didn't write a test?15:12
didrocksyeah, he breaks, he fixes :p15:12
didrocksdesrt: someone need to ensure it get tests or that it's covered by existing tests15:12
didrocksdesrt: need to approve it15:12
didrocksdesrt: if it's approved, it's normally build, tested, merged automagically15:12
desrtdidrocks: i have a test here: my hud rewrite crashes without the patch :)15:13
didrocksdesrt: but we are in a freeze period :)15:13
Trevinhodesrt: well... the tests in bamf are something bad right now...15:13
didrocksdesrt: is the older "hud" working with it?15:13
didrocksdesrt: ok, but the new "hud" rewrite won't land in 5.615:13
desrtalthough i suspect valgrind would still have some bad things to say there15:13
didrocksso it can wait for the freeze to end :)15:13
Trevinhodesrt: see if you can include your testcase in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/bamf/trunk/view/head:/tests/libbamf/test-matcher.c15:13
didrocks(and there are some huds tests)15:14
didrocksdesrt: can you please comment on the merge req with what you just told? that otherwise, the HUD crashes15:14
didrocksand so running the HUD tests is enough15:14
desrtdidrocks: i actually have a self-contained testcase in the bug that's probably more suitable15:14
seb128didrocks, desrt: only issue if the fix doesn't land this week we will need to maintain a bamf ppa build with the patch to be able to test desrt's code15:14
desrtbut it needs to be run manually15:14
dpmtedg, thanks for your reply on ubuntu-app-devel - quick question, though, should it not be 'from gi.repository import AppIndicator3', instead of AppIndicator?15:15
didrocksdesrt: that would be great15:15
* desrt comments on the MR about the testcase in the bug15:15
didrocksseb128: it would be in the unity-team/staging15:16
seb128didrocks, ok15:16
didrocksseb128: so no need to maintain a ppa15:16
desrtbasically, you just do this:15:16
desrt1) open some random window15:16
desrt2) run the testcase15:16
desrt3) close the window from #115:16
desrt4) observe criticals15:16
seb128didrocks, still, it couple the new hud-service to staging, but I guess we can deal with that15:16
desrt5) patch bamf, repeat, observe no criticals15:16
didrocksseb128: right, I think with the other changes in lim, it's not a biggie :)15:16
seb128didrocks, is gmenu support linked to lim?15:17
didrocksdesrt: please, post, it would be merged once approved after the freeze period15:17
seb128didrocks, what desrt work on is gmenus support15:17
desrtdidrocks: i did post15:17
didrocksseb128: no, I meant that we already have other dependant ppa between them15:17
desrtseb128: is didrocks going to panic when he finds out what "adding gmenu support" means? ;)15:18
didrocksdesrt: sweet, now, the magic will hopefully happen on Thursday after beta1 freeze :)15:18
didrocksdesrt: I already knew it! :)15:18
desrtoh.  good.  no surprises, then :)15:18
didrocksso already had some nightmares if that was the question :p15:18
* desrt is currently writing gtk-doc to make the bitter pill a bit easier to swallow15:18
tedgdpm, Uhm, I'm not sure.  I'd think you're probably right though.15:20
tedgdpm, I've not played with all the GIR stuff to see what it assumes there.15:20
nessitadidrocks: so, I got lost regarding the workspace switching shortcuts... shall I expect an update that will fix it, or shall I just edit them by hand?15:21
dpmtedg, yeah, it seems AppIndicator does not work, but AppIndicator3 does, just tested it on a small script15:22
dpmI just wanted to make sure, thanks!15:22
didrocksnessita: not before thursday15:22
didrocksnessita: so change back them yourself in gnome-control-center until then15:23
nessitadidrocks: thanks!15:24
pittigood night everyone! need to run a bit earlier today15:24
desrtto anyone who is interested: i just pushed my WIP15:24
nessitabye pitti15:24
desrtpitti: g'night15:24
didrocksnessita: yw! ;)15:24
didrockshave a good night pitti15:25
Sweetsharkricotz: do you build 3.5.0 on lucid with -kde?15:27
didrocksTrevinho: please UNBLOCK desrt's branch if you are happy about it (but edit the comment so that it makes sense and ensure the attached bug is set to fix committed, has an unity task, targetted to 5.6…)15:28
tedgdesrt, You didn't seriously do the whole thing in one revision?15:29
desrttedg: i can split it up better later15:29
seb128'night pitti15:29
desrttedg: but it's a pretty substantial rewrite....15:29
tedgdesrt, Yes, which is why I'd expect you to have used more than one revision :-)15:29
desrtso my abilit to split it up is pretty limited15:29
tedgI forgot, you're a git user, you like to write the history after doing the work :-)15:30
desrttedg: you know dave parnas?15:30
desrthe wrote this great paper....15:30
desrtone of the pioneers of software engineering.  who am i to argue?15:31
tedgdesrt, "even faking it is quite difficult" -- I like to just keep a semi-rational process along the way and avoid making thing up in the end :-)15:33
tedgBut, it's true, git doesn't really allow for that as you screw up the trunk's history.15:33
* desrt had never considered using parnas's "how and why to fake it" as a justification for git-rebase until now, but it actually fits very well15:34
desrttedg: anyway... it's sort of interesting because there are competing ideals here15:35
desrton one hand is the ideal of "small commits"15:35
desrton the other hand is the ideal of "don't break the tree"15:35
desrtand right now, my code is in a state of introducing some rather serious regressions to the hud as it worked before15:35
tedgdesrt, You don't break the tree using small commits.  You only break a branch of the tree.  I haven't found anyone that can give a reason to use bisect on anything other than trunk.15:36
desrttedg: either way, you end up with the same result: something used to work and now it doesn't and the one commit between now and then is this monster branch-land15:36
tedgdesrt, Yes, and no.  If you only look at trunk, that's the perspective.  But when I look in annotate for instance I see the commit message you made when changing that line.15:37
desrtin any case, i really enjoy subscribing to the "i'm a superhero who gets it right the first time" school of thought :)15:38
tedgI'd argue that the biggest advantage of small commits is that frequently I wake up and realize I need to back out what I did before falling asleep :-)15:38
* seb128 hugs mterry15:38
seb128mterry, thanks for looking at this g_object_get() nautilus segfault, it's collecting quite some dups15:39
tedgI view it more as "check points" rather than "commits" :-)15:39
ricotzSweetshark, yes15:39
desrtanyway... a couple of things to note, in case it's not obvious15:39
desrtmy changes are strictly limited to the hud-service15:39
desrtno external interfaces were harmed15:39
tedgHeh, that's a T-shirt ;-)15:39
desrti think the dbus protocol could use some tweaks, but strictly speaking, it's fine as-is15:40
desrtand i've kept to it15:40
tedgGood, I'm sure that seb128 would love Unity changes :-)15:40
desrtin fact.. i think gmenumodel + gactiongroup would make a great replacement for the bus protocol :)15:40
desrtbut that's for another day...15:40
desrt(there's only so many ways to carry an array of dictionary entries to the other side of the bus... we may as well use one we already have)15:41
dobeythe code i write is always perfect; gcc often turns it into invalid instructions though.15:41
* desrt would not describe his encounters with gcc bugs with the word 'often'15:42
tedgdesrt, Eh, but then you loose specification for generic transport.  I don't think that being generic there provides too much value.  But, yes, a debate for another time.15:42
desrttedg: ya.. certainly off the table for now15:43
Sweetsharkricotz: congratulations, bug 696299 is yours (and fixed).15:43
ubot2`Launchpad bug 696299 in libreoffice "LibreOffice ftbfs with KDE on lucid" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69629915:43
didrocksdesrt: you won't get it in the new and great unity 5.6 release if Trevinho doesn't unblock your branch with the instructions above for the notice :p15:43
didrocksSweetshark: speaking about bugs, did you see my request before? :)15:44
desrtdidrocks: the bamf changes or hud changes?15:44
ricotzSweetshark, oh, this already worked for my 3.3.3 backport15:44
didrocksdesrt: bamf ;)15:44
desrtdidrocks: how about the hud changes?  can i push those now?15:44
mterryseb128, :)15:44
desrtthey're really minor...15:44
didrocksdesrt: in unity itself?15:44
didrocksor in the backend? :)15:44
desrtbackend only, fortunately :)15:44
didrocksdesrt: sorry, you can bother me then! :-) get into troubles with seb128 ;)15:45
desrtyou're only concerned with unity and things-with-which-unity-links?15:45
didrocksdesrt: not "links", but direct project to unity yeah, still more than 20 sources though :)15:46
didrocksso it's already way enough ;)15:46
Trevinhodidrocks: I'll do it soon15:46
TrevinhoI was fixing something :)15:47
didrocksTrevinho: I mean, if it's not merge in 20 minutes, I can't copy it to the other ppa and it's delaying the call for testing to the community :)15:47
desrtdidrocks: how about panel service stuff?15:47
didrocksdesrt: ah, you start to freak me out now! :)15:47
desrtgood.  that's what i'm aiming for :)15:47
didrocksheh, seeing that ;)15:48
Trevinhodidrocks: I'll unblock it in few seconds15:48
Trevinhodidrocks: also we'd need a milestone for 5.8.0 ;)15:48
Trevinhoah, it'st here now15:48
didrocksTrevinho: I'm way faster than you! \o/15:48
desrtso does this mean we're getting the bamf changes in during the freeze?15:48
didrocksTrevinho: yeah, see my comments above, milestoning it to 5.6, adding unity task if not there, fix committed, sensible description :p15:49
* desrt is lost in all of the process15:49
Sweetsharkdidrocks: I never see requests. This quite an convenient thing actually.15:49
didrocksdesrt: it's not ubuntu freeze, it's unity one :)15:49
Sweetsharkdidrocks: what request?15:49
didrocksSweetshark: heh! please backlog for the last ping ;)15:49
didrocksSweetshark: so, as you are breaking us, you won the right to:15:49
didrocks1. open a bug stating that bamf is broken15:49
didrocks2. test case15:49
didrocks3. add the SRU team :)15:49
Trevinhodidrocks: yes, you are... Even if I just didn't ask that before when it come up on my mind not to load you too much of stuff :)15:50
Sweetsharkdidrocks: meh.15:50
didrocksTrevinho: shhhhhh, don't tell me that :-) /me will start opening milestones until 2050 now :)15:50
Sweetsharkdidrocks: Breaking other peoples software was more fun in the old days.15:51
didrocksSweetshark: oh, with a smile please! ;)15:51
didrocksheh, indeed!15:51
didrocksdesrt: so, FYI, the merge description is used as the commit message15:51
didrocksdesrt: by the bot15:51
didrockswhich, in this particular case will end up with:15:51
Trevinhodesrt: didrocks desc updated: https://code.launchpad.net/~desrt/bamf/refcount-fix/+merge/9497815:51
didrocks"plz merge this?"15:51
didrocksthanks Trevinho ;)15:52
desrtdidrocks: excellent :)15:52
didrocksdesrt: Trevinho put a boring message now, no fun! :-)15:52
desrtTrevinho: good description15:52
desrtless fun, but quite accurate.15:52
desrtwould buy again15:52
Trevinhodesrt: please take care of setting the bug as fix commited once you receive the notification of merge from the glorious unity-merger15:52
didrocksTrevinho: everything looks excellent, thanks!15:53
dobeyTrevinho: it doesn't automatically mark bugs as fix-committed?15:53
didrocksdobey: seems there is a bug, not everytime, quite weird, couldn't reproduce exactly15:54
dobeydidrocks: it will only mark the bug fixed if it affects the correct project/series for the target branch, and if the bug is linked by bzr commit --fixes=lp:foo; manually linked bugs on launchpad get ignored15:55
didrocksdobey: I know, but even in some cases like that, it happens it didn't15:56
didrocksit's like on pre-requisite branch, we had the issue as well (and they had in unity-2d when they only used upstream tarmac)15:56
* didrocks needs to find time to really debug it15:56
didrocksdidn't happen enough to investigate it without delaying the other tasks15:57
dobeydidrocks: hrmm. if you can log a few branches that it fails for sometime, and give me the list, maybe i can find some time to take a quick look at it15:57
didrocksdobey: will do then! :)15:58
didrocksbtw, it will be good at UDS to restart the discussion about the tweaks that we need for our use case15:58
didrocksbut not now, too busy :)15:58
BigWhaleHmm, why is lock screen again all ugly? :'(16:01
seb128BigWhale, was it different before?16:01
Trevinhodesrt: merged and marked as fix committed (manually, btw)16:01
BigWhaleseb128, I vaguely remember it being the same as greeter screen16:02
BigWhaleam I mistaken? :)16:02
seb128BigWhale, we tried that for a few days, using the greeter as lock screen, it has issues16:02
BigWhaleI knew it! :)16:03
tkamppeterpitti, I have tested the postinst scripts calls of CUPS now (for bug 932882), by adding "touch /tmp/X; echo $* >> /tmp/X" to the beginning of the postinst. After "sudo dpkg -i <cups package> <printer-driver-gutenprint package>", /tmp/X contains "configure 1.5.2-5" twice and no "triggered" line. So the trigger is never executed.16:03
ubot2`Launchpad bug 932882 in gutenprint "Update of a printer driver package does not update the PPD files of the existing queues for this driver" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93288216:03
seb128tkamppeter, he left for today16:03
tkamppeterseb128, thanks, so I mail it to him so that he gets it in his morning mail.16:04
didrocksdesrt: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/bamf/trunk for your information :)16:04
didrocksthanks Trevinho for approving16:04
seb128cyphermox, hey16:09
mterryNo meeting/agenda, eh?16:42
seb128pitti is out, I was supposed to ask around and lead the meeting if there is any topic16:44
didrocksseems the topic is empty :)16:44
seb128didrocks, kenvandine, mterry, tkamppeter, cyphermox, Sweetshark, agateau, Riddell, others: hey, meeting time (slightly after meeting time) if somebody has a topic16:45
Riddellseb128: a topic but I think it's for jason, can I expense the bits I need to get this pandaboard working?16:45
RiddellHDMI monitor is the most princey one16:46
seb128jasoncwarner_, ^16:46
seb128Riddell, yeah, question for jason ;-)16:46
mterryBest way to help beta?  Test ISOs?16:46
desrtseb128: jason is very sick (and on vacation)16:46
mterryOr is beta past the point of being helpful?16:46
Riddellmterry: test ISOs yes16:46
Riddelltest upgrades too, from oneiric and lucid16:47
seb128desrt, well hoppefully he will better and back one day and read scrollback16:47
Riddellseb128: I think I'll just e-mail him :)16:47
seb128mterry, I'm sure some people would appreciate testing, my personal opinion is that we have enough testers and your time is more valuable fixing bugs but that's my personal opinion16:48
seb128mterry, maybe fire some vm installs while hacking ;-)16:48
mterrycan do16:49
* seb128 checks http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-desktop/precise.html16:49
seb128it's a bit short on bugs, I will put a few extra ones there16:49
seb128well it's not "short" but it could use some extra diversity ;-)16:50
Riddell"Ubuntu Desktop i386 2/6" plenty of room for more testers!16:50
Riddelland no mercy, I won't be releasing the images unless they are tested :)16:50
seb128mterry, btw about your nautilus bug comment, feel free to just stack patches in the vcs16:50
seb128mterry, we will do an upload after the freeze ends with everything there16:51
seb128mterry, if you want testing on some changes also just upload to the team ppa as well16:51
* kenvandine is fixing gwibber account migration from lucid to precise16:51
seb128mterry, btw bug #929064 I wonder if that's the same issue than the one you debugged earlier16:51
ubot2`Launchpad bug 929064 in nautilus "nautilus crashed with SIGSEGV in set_floating_bar_status()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92906416:51
mterryseb128, yeah I looked at both, but I think it might be different.  Same overall code path, but I think different cause16:55
seb128mterry, ok16:56
cyphermoxseb128: sry, debugging this weird 10hz poll bug17:15
seb128cyphermox, hey17:15
seb128cyphermox, no worry17:15
cyphermoxseb128: how are you17:15
seb128cyphermox, I'm good thanks, how are you?17:15
seb128cyphermox, did you ever get anywhere with the webkit ld optimizations tests?17:16
cyphermoxseb128: ah, not much farther17:18
cyphermoxit does seem to help17:18
cyphermoxseb128: maybe ask if micahg got anywhere too17:18
seb128cyphermox, what did you change?17:18
cyphermoxhe was trying the same ld options as well17:18
seb128cyphermox, was there in the packaging?17:18
seb128micahg, ^17:18
cyphermoxyeah, it's just in packaging17:18
seb128cyphermox, can you give me the magic? ;-)17:19
cyphermoxsomething like CFLAGS += -Wl,--no-keep-memory17:19
seb128cyphermox, I plan to throw .90 to the ubuntu-desktop ppa17:19
cyphermoxlet me double check :)17:19
seb128cyphermox, thanks17:19
cyphermoxseb128: here's how I was doing the testing: http://paste.ubuntu.com/860779/17:20
cyphermoxif you give me ~30 min I can hook up a good rig for more of this testing, on real 32 bit, rather than running sbuild on my laptop with a ulimit :)17:21
seb128cyphermox, don't bother, keep debugging what you were on17:22
seb128cyphermox, I do plan to throw it at the ppa anyway, let's see how it goes17:22
seb128cyphermox, thanks17:23
cyphermoxI can do this in parallel though, I was going to install a virtual machine on another box17:23
seb128cyphermox, well if you want to play with it feel free17:23
seb128just don't feel like you have to do it ;-)17:23
cyphermoxbuilding webkit tends to be a little cpu intensive ;)17:23
seb128just to a tide17:23
cyphermoxI like the linking part, where my mouse starts going slowly17:23
seb128is there an equivalent of "bzr uncommit" to git? ;-)17:36
brycehseb128, yes17:38
seb128bryceh, hey, which one? ;-)17:39
brycehgit revert and then git reset if you want to chuck the commits17:39
brycehso usually something like, 'git revert HEAD; git reset --hard HEAD'17:40
seb128bryceh, that doesn't do it17:45
seb128hate git hate17:46
seb128I've not a "revert" commit added on top of the one I wanted to revert17:46
seb128I guess I will just rm -r and checkout again17:46
seb128I knew I should have cp-ed the directory after checkout :p17:48
ricotzseb128, git checkout .17:50
ricotzwill reset your changes17:50
seb128ricotz, what does that do?17:50
seb128I already commited my change locally17:50
seb128I want to undo it17:51
ricotzyou can use git reset HEAD^17:51
seb128I don't want to switch branches...17:51
ricotzthis doesnt switch branches17:51
seb128why is git so hard ;-)17:51
seb128can't they just have a "uncommit"? ;-)17:51
seb128ricotz, thanks, I've deleted the dir and I'm redoing a new checkout (started before you replied)17:52
seb128hate git hate17:52
seb128but next time I will try that17:52
ricotzi like it more than bzr ;)17:52
brycehseb128, git doesn't have an uncommit because that would be too easy, which is un-gitlike17:53
seb128well you probably spent enough effort learning it that you feel like it would we wasted time if you didn't like it now :p17:53
brycehseb128, but yeah git checkout -f . ; git reset --hard HEAD would do what you want.  See I've been using it years and I still get it wrong.17:54
ricotzbryceh, he already committed ;) so HEAD^ will go back one commit17:55
seb128it's over me how people can like git ;-)17:56
seb128should be easy, the opposite of commit is uncommit :p17:56
seb128not checkout and reset and then add some --hard or no wait a ^ is missing ;-)17:56
brycehseb128, yeah it's definitely a learning curve thing; I spent years hating it passionately because it always screwed my stuff up.   I'm still not good at it, but I know enough to do more than I can do in bzr, so can't say I hate it anymore.  I'm not quite to 'like', but am not far off.17:57
seb128is that like "I like writing my debian rules with an hundred lines of makefile rather than using dh because I learnt the difficult way and I want to show off I can do it" sort of things? ;-)17:58
brycehof course, after all this _is_ linux we're talking about17:59
brycehseb128, your git will work better after you've rebuilt your kernel17:59
* didrocks waves good evening :)18:00
seb128didrocks, 'night18:00
didrocksseb128: merci, à demain! :)18:00
seb128waouh, got it18:00
seb1285 minutes writing the patch and opening a bug, 15 minutes dealing with git to just edit my commit message18:01
seb128thanks guys ;-)18:01
jbichaand the opposite of git add is git subtract?18:01
brycehjbicha, hehe18:02
ricotzgit remove ;)18:05
chrisccoulsonmvo, is there anything i can do about bug 942778? (ie, is there a way to detect that i need to update the package cache?)18:08
ubot2`Launchpad bug 942778 in ubufox "Gnash plugin is not installable from precise livecd" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94277818:08
seb128cyphermox, your patch seems weird btw18:11
cyphermoxmy patch seems weird?18:11
seb128cyphermox, shouldn't you add the --no-keep-memory to LDFLAGS rather than CFLAGS?18:11
cyphermoxIIRC it didn't work18:12
cyphermox--no-keep-memory alone to LDFLAGS probably should have been fine yeah18:12
seb128cyphermox, it didn't work or would be fine?18:12
cyphermoxseb128: IIRC it didn't work when I tried it; I think gcc would complain and die18:13
cyphermoxseb128: but I also expected that was the right way to do it18:13
cyphermoxmaybe I hallucinated things18:13
seb128cyphermox, LDFLAGS +="-Wl,--as-needed"18:13
seb128I wanted to try that18:13
cyphermoxwell, maybe that ;)18:13
seb128I will try that18:13
seb128it sounds about right to me :p18:13
cyphermoxyeah, to me too18:14
cyphermoxseb128: btw, reading back on a ping I missed; so the g-c-c checkbox shouldn't have been removed ? :D18:14
seb128cyphermox, designers fights, I'm out of it18:14
desrt100% symbol docs coverage.18:33
seb128desrt, congrats18:34
desrttedg: you should be able to build complete gtk-doc for the hud service off my branch now18:35
seb128desrt, you missed my git ranting but at least you got work done  ;-)18:35
desrtif you want to get an overview of what i'm up to18:35
mterrycjwatson, is ubiquity's keyboard layout widgets being insensitive a known bug?18:35
desrtseb128: felt the need to balance off my bzr-ranting? :)18:36
seb128desrt, no, just wasted 15 minutes to try to "uncommit" to rm and checkout again18:36
seb128git makes me want to kick in stuff around me ;-)18:37
dobeygit the-hell-outta-my-way18:39
dobeygit always makes me feel like i'm a scot, trying to use voice recognition18:40
desrtfunny.  that's how bzr makes everyone-who-doesn't-work-for-canonical feel :)18:41
dobeyi doubt that18:41
BigWhaleI hope someone soon does something about fglrx drivers and constant crashing if using Xvideo18:41
seb128BigWhale, like "use ati"? ;-)18:42
desrtdobey: i was trying to figure out how the heck to use it yesterday and i found quite a lot of people doing hg/git/bzr comparisons18:42
desrtjust googling around18:42
dobeydesrt: yeah, i'm sure people who are used to the insanity of hg/git probably have issues with bzr18:42
seb128desrt, well at least simple things are simple in bzr, commit, push, uncommit, revert18:42
desrtthe conclusion i found is that people are not generally happy with the fact that bzr exists18:42
BigWhaleseb128, radeon drivers are slow :/18:43
desrtdobey: that's just the point, though18:43
dobeyyes, well; people are not generally happy18:43
BigWhaleand last time I checked, the support for multiple screens was poor18:43
desrtbzr and git/hg are complicated and similar systems with different ways of communicating with them18:43
desrtthe entire world is familiar with git (or hg to a somewhat lesser extent)18:43
dobeydesrt: no. the point was that people used to cvs/svn/etc wouldn't have to do some insane crack to use a dvcs18:43
desrtbzr is a distance third also-ran18:43
desrt*distant third18:43
desrtdobey: this reminds me of linus's comments on svn :)18:44
dobey"the whole world" is also a very generalized opinion, of a very small subset of the whole actual world18:44
seb128desrt, not true, git (dunno about hg) is complicated, bzr is much simpler (at least for easy stuff)18:44
dobeydesrt: yes, well, it's linus.18:44
desrtdobey: fine.  developers (open source and otherwise), generally use git18:44
desrtseb128: that myth is simply a myth18:45
seb128desrt, well, I'm too stupid to use git if you prefer18:45
seb128which is fine18:45
desrtand it's one that i found getting called out rather regularly as i was searching about yesterday18:45
dobeydesrt: more people probably still use svn.18:45
desrtseb128: and i'm too stupid to use bzr, apparently18:45
desrtbut that's just my point18:45
dobeygit people are just loud about anyone who doesn't use git18:45
seb128desrt, that's not true18:45
desrti'm also too stupid to speak french18:45
desrtthat doesn't mean that french is insanely complicated18:45
desrtwell... bad example18:46
seb128desrt, no, you miss the point18:46
desrtbut you know what i mean18:46
brycehBigWhale, only AMD can fix the Xv issue in fglrx.  When you choose to use proprietary software, dem's the breaks.  But I'd think we should get a fixed driver any day now.18:46
seb128desrt, bzr basic command are bzr <command>, where command is a logical word, commit, push, uncommit, revert18:46
desrtdobey: we don't have to be loud.  everyone is using git.18:46
dobeyno everyone is not18:46
desrtseb128: git commit, push, reset, revert18:46
desrtdobey: right.  there are hg users and canonical employees :)18:47
seb128desrt, git is weird, like git commit doesn't commit anything, git uncommit doesn't exist, git revert doesn't do what I want18:47
seb128desrt, I needed to use --hard and some ^ after HEAD18:47
seb128like stuff I don't even get18:47
desrtgit reset resets the current state of the branch to the specified commit18:47
seb128why do I need to specify HEAD at all to revert a commit18:47
desrtyou give a commit ID there18:47
dobeydesrt: no; there are git people who are loud and annoying; and then there's everyone else who just doesn't really give a damn so much, and use what they feel is the best tool for the job, or what they have to use18:47
desrtHEAD^ is just shortest way to say "the commit that came one commit before HEAD"18:48
desrtwhere HEAD is the shortest way to say "where i am now"18:48
seb128desrt, why do I need to specify HEAD and a commit18:48
seb128I just want to "pop"18:48
seb128that should be no argument18:48
seb128that's my point, git is making it hard18:48
seb128same for commit18:48
desrtseb128: pop is a complicated question18:48
seb128git commit should just commit what I've as a diff18:48
desrtdo you want to keep your changes?  have them blown away18:48
desrtseb128: ah.  i really have to disagree with that18:49
seb128bzr uncommit put you back where you were before "commit"18:49
desrti really really miss 'add -p' in bzr...18:49
seb128it's just like "undo" in a file manager18:49
desrtseb128: people who use git generally don't uncommit things18:49
seb128undo should be easy18:49
desrtrather there's a more powerful tool 'git commit --amend'18:49
desrtthat's how you fixup18:49
seb128desrt, I wanted to edit my commit message before pushing18:49
desrtso 'git commit --amend'18:49
desrtedit, save18:49
seb128what commit does that edit?18:50
desrtthe last one18:50
seb128ok, thanks ;-)18:50
desrtTHIS is my point18:50
desrtthey're both good systems18:50
desrtand they both have a learning curve18:50
seb128desrt, what if I wanted to drop a printf and don't want to edit the patch by hand?18:50
desrti'm annoyed by bzr mostly because it's differnet from what i'm familiar with (just as you are by git)18:50
seb128desrt, my point is that the bzr learning curve is much easier18:50
seb128desrt, not only18:50
desrtseb128: then drop the printf and say 'git commit --amend -a'18:51
desrtor drop it, manually add the change then 'git commit --amend'18:51
seb128really bzr is easier, it's "bzr <command>" no parameters, no --18:51
seb128no --hard18:51
desrtseb128: how would i edit a commit message in bzr?18:51
seb128no HEAD or HEAD^18:51
desrtseb128: and how would i totally delete the effect of the last commit (ie: throw away the changes)?18:51
seb128desrt, I usually uncommit and commit again with the new message ;-)18:51
seb128desrt, uncommit && revert18:51
desrtseb128: sounds harder....18:51
desrtseb128: so that's the difference between reset --soft and reset --hard18:52
desrtsoft ->you keep your changes, but they are not committed anymore18:52
desrthard -> your changes are gone18:52
seb128so reset --soft revert one commit?18:52
seb128if I want to undo 2 commits I use it twice?18:52
desrt'git reset HEAD^'18:53
desrtfor 2 commits:18:53
desrt'git reset HEAD^^'18:53
dobeygit is so incredibly usable; that's why nobody complains about its usability. ever.18:53
desrtdobey: plenty of people do.  but what i'm trying to say is that i found plenty of similar complaints for bzr yesterday18:54
desrtthis idea that bzr is somehow the most intuitive thing in the world is really a canonical myth18:54
seb128desrt, well, thanks for teaching me a few stuff, but honestly, both have learning curves but the bzr model is easier to understand, it's mostly simple commands and no tag and arguments you need to remember18:54
dobeydesrt: no it's not. we don't have any sort of myth18:54
dobeydesrt: the myth is that people outside canonical seem to think it is a canonical thing18:54
desrtdobey: okay.  i guess you're right.18:54
seb128desrt, like it still doesn't make any sense to me that I've to use HEAD rather than nothing in git commands ;-)18:55
seb128desrt, I know I do, but still doesn't make sense18:55
dobeynobody thinks bzr is infallibly perfect with usability. but it is generally better than that of git18:55
desrtseb128: i'm not going to make claims that 'git reset' is a particular great example of good UI18:56
desrtseb128: honestly, you don't even know half of what that tool can do18:56
desrthell... i don't know half.  you probably know 1/1018:56
desrtgenerally there are too many things overloaded there18:56
desrtbut i'd say it's the worst example18:56
seb128desrt, but I guess it has to do with the fact that branches in git and magic part of the same tree which doesn't really work with my mental model either, having to checkout in the same dir to change trees confuses me18:57
seb128I like the good old "I've separates dir for separate tree and my path tell me where I am"18:57
desrtah ya.  that's a good old argument :)18:57
seb128desrt, well, true, I don't unsually do a lot from a vcs and I don't need to git power, I need something simple when I can commit, diff and push basically and uncommit,revert,resolve when I screw something18:57
desrtseb128: there exist some 'nice' frontends to git18:58
seb128desrt, I guess different people have different needs and different tools fit them better ;-)18:58
desrtseb128: although they've grown less popular as the git core tools UI has improved18:58
desrtseb128: are you still using that emacs crap?18:58
seb128desrt, lol18:59
desrttime for lunch :D18:59
seb128what that comes out you know there was enough trolling :p18:59
seb128desrt, enjoy ;-)18:59
dobeyi use an etch-a-sketch pen on my hard drive.18:59
seb128ricotz, there?19:19
BigWhalebryceh, yeah, I know that only AMD can fix that. I was just whining in general. :/19:32
BigWhaleThere's always a thin line with proprietary drivers ... can't decide if I should be glad because they actually did some work or if I should bitchslap them for the crappy work they did... :>19:34
ricotzseb128, barely19:35
seb128ricotz, I was wondering if you had a vcs for the vala update and I figured that not so I took the changelog from your ppa (seems it was the only change) and sponsored that19:36
ricotzseb128, yeah, the gnome3 ppa package is a plain uupdate19:36
ricotzseb128, not the testing ppa one!19:37
seb128ricotz, well I just copied the changelog over that's fine ;-)19:37
ricotzok ;)19:37
seb128too many ppas, I got confused :p19:38
ricotzexactly ;) -- when i copy packages from one to another it is pain to find the right one19:38
ricotzand the folks package is documented19:39
seb128kenvandine, ^19:39
seb128kenvandine, if you want to sponsor that after beta, ricotz has the update in the gnome3 ppa19:40
seb128jbicha, hey, there?19:41
seb128jbicha, where was the gnome-bluetooth update you worked on again?19:41
jbichaseb128: aloha, I emailed it to you, do you want me to send it again?19:41
kenvandinewill do19:41
seb128jbicha, in my inbox, ok, no that's fine ;-)19:41
seb128jbicha, I knew it was on my todo but I was not sure where :p19:42
brycehBigWhale, the only thing they care about is if the system and card integrators are happy.  So if you don't like what AMD is doing, complain to whomever you bought your hardware from that you want better linux support.19:47
brycehwell, let's say s/only/main/.  AMD cares in the direction their $$ comes from.19:48
=== ayan_ is now known as ayan
ricotzkenvandine, thanks19:58
BigWhalebryceh, unfortunately OEM's/vendors around here are so small, that AMD probably doesn't even know they exist. So, I mostly complain to AMD. :)20:02
micahgseb128: I was trying webkit on oneiric, but it --no-keep-memory and --reduce-memory-overhead, I still had issues with it building (but that might just be a build failure), it still takes a long time to build though, what I don't understand is how I can build chromium with the same basic webkit tree in ~25 minutes or 45 on a builder20:10
seb128micahg, did it failed on resources issues or ld being stopped?20:41
seb128micahg, one thing is that webkit is building twice (gtk2 then gtk3)20:45
seb128micahg, it takes 2 hours on the powerful buildds so it's about an hour a build20:45
micahgseb128: it seemed to be spurious build failures, I'm going to retry with .90 after I finish with this Firefox/icedtea regression, I'll let you know if I find any improvements20:48
seb128micahg, thanks20:48
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seb128robert_ancell, hey22:41
robert_ancellseb128, yo22:41
seb128robert_ancell, how are you?22:41
seb128robert_ancell, how is the pam refactoring stuff going? still no testing needed?22:42
robert_ancellseb128, the branch works, except for a small logging fix.  So you can play with it tomorrow22:43
seb128ok, good22:43
robert_ancelldesrt ruined my day and I had to go back to the drawing board a bit22:43
seb128robert_ancell, somebody wanted to upload http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~siretart/lightdm/fix.877766/revision/57 today22:44
seb128robert_ancell, I said him I would ping you for comments and to hold off the upload until you upload22:44
robert_ancellseb128, ok, will take that upstream if it's still applicable.  Otherwise it seems fine22:45
seb128robert_ancell, that's the nfs permission issue bug we discussed at UDS, it got somewhat stalled, siretart said the change was working fine for him so he wanted to upload it22:45
seb128robert_ancell, ok, I was unsure if you had an issue with it or not so I told him to wait for your comment22:45
seb128robert_ancell, thanks ;-)22:45
robert_ancellseb128, has that been sitting there a while?22:45
seb128robert_ancell, the actual vcs and patch no, but the bug is the once we discussed at UDS22:47
seb128robert_ancell, it's just swapping lines22:47
seb128robert_ancell, you were unsure about it by then and you said you preferred to not include it in the first SRU by then22:47
seb128robert_ancell, and I guess it got dropped on the way22:48
robert_ancellI'll add a regression test for that22:48
seb128robert_ancell, next time I will make sure we put a merge request up so it stays visible22:48
seb128it's easy to loose track of bugs reports...22:48
seb128 22:49
seb128RAOF, hey22:50
desrtrobert_ancell: sorry :/22:50
RAOFseb128: Yo!22:50
seb128bryceh, RAOF: do you have any clue if bugs like bug #924612 are client issues or xcb issues?22:50
ubot2`Launchpad bug 924612 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGABRT in __GI___assert_fail()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92461222:50
seb128"gnome-settings-daemon: ../../src/xcb_io.c:273: poll_for_event: Assertion `!xcb_xlib_threads_sequence_lost' failed.\n"22:50
seb128 22:50
seb128we seem to get quite some similar bugs on different components22:50
seb128I wonder if that could be a gtk or an xcb one22:51
robert_ancelldesrt, :P22:51
seb128or if that's an issue in each source22:51
seb128like that stacktrace doesn't say a lot22:51
seb128gdk_event_source_check -> XPending -> _XEventsQueued22:51
RAOFseb128: I'd guess that it's a client bug.22:52
seb128RAOF, do you have any clue of client "typical" errors?22:53
RAOFhttps://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=657255#c8 seems like one candidate.22:53
ubot2`Gnome bug 657255 in gsettings "gnome-settings-daemon assert failure: gnome-settings-daemon: ../../src/xcb_io.c:575: _XReply: Assertion `!xcb_xlib_extra_reply_data_left' failed." [Critical,Resolved: fixed]22:53
seb128RAOF, several users on that mentioned hitting it on multiscreen when crossing screen or similar, I was wondering if that could have to do with barriers and I could blame you ;-)22:54
seb128that one was a desrt's bug22:54
seb128but it's fixed in precise22:54
seb128but maybe something similar...22:55
RAOFYeah, I saw that barrier comment.22:55
RAOFI'm not convinced that's the same bug, though; gsd crashing shouldn't kill unity, or prevent ctrl-alt-f122:56
seb128those bugs are no fun to debug, they happen randomnly to random users, i.e we neither get people who get it often and can help debugging nor steps to trigger them22:56
seb128RAOF, right22:56
desrtRAOF: shouldn't, or doesn't? :)22:57
brycehseb128, generally if you see "assertion failed" in XCB (as opposed to segfault), it tends to mean XCB noticed a bug in the client's X requests.  (E.g. bad client threading implementation appears to be common)22:57
seb128desrt, I blame you, maybe your fix for gsettings was not enough ;-)22:57
seb128bryceh, yeah22:57
RAOFdesrt: I guess it could *concievably* do funky keymapping madness in a crash path, but that would seem excessively perverse, even for gsd :P22:57
* desrt doesn't remember a gsettings fix22:57
seb128threading bugs are no fun22:57
brycehseb128, threading problems are never fun22:57
seb128desrt, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=657255#c822:58
ubot2`Gnome bug 657255 in gsettings "gnome-settings-daemon assert failure: gnome-settings-daemon: ../../src/xcb_io.c:575: _XReply: Assertion `!xcb_xlib_extra_reply_data_left' failed." [Critical,Resolved: fixed]22:58
brycehand these sound like they're maybe race conditions22:58
desrtoh.  that.22:58
desrtis gsettings in the backtrace anywhere on this one?22:58
seb128desrt, no22:58
desrtwhat is?22:58
seb128it's not the same error either22:58
desrtah.  okay.22:58
desrtyou just wanted an excuse to tease me :)22:59
seb128desrt, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/91580044/ThreadStacktrace.txt22:59
brycehseb128, I got one of those myself on one of my machines, but only one time and only right after rebooting from having done an upgrade22:59
seb128desrt, well rather than "tease you" trying my luck in case you had an idea about what could be the issue22:59
seb128desrt, I'm quite clueless about how to debug those22:59
desrtseb128: i'd use valgrind in this case23:00
seb128bryceh, yeah, seems like the "standard" description from users for those ;-)23:00
desrtdo you have someone able to reproduce it?23:00
brycehseb128, for that one, I sort of wonder if perhaps something during the upgrade (mismatched libraries?) was the cause23:00
seb128desrt, oh, that stacktrace has dconf in it!23:00
seb128desrt, I do blame you again!23:00
desrtseb128: no it doesn't :p23:00
seb128#5  0x00007f3fb121a78b in dconf_context_thread (data=<optimized out>) at dconfcontext.c:1123:00
desrtdconf is sitting, idle, in its own private worker thread23:00
desrtas is gdbus23:00
seb128nothing seems "busy"23:00
brycehI wonder if reinstalling oneiric and then upgrading that to precise might be one way to try and trigger it?23:01
seb128bryceh, no, I just read the most recent duplicates23:02
seb128RAOF, several of those mention interacting with the unity launcher or multi screen or barrier btw23:03
seb128RAOF, like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/93924623:03
ubot2`Launchpad bug 939246 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGABRT in raise() (dup-of: 924612)" [Undecided,New]23:03
ubot2`Launchpad bug 924612 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGABRT in __GI___assert_fail()" [High,Confirmed]23:03
seb128"X crashed and restarted leaving me on the lightdm launcher page. I believe this issue is being triggered by me having a multi monitor unity setup. Occasionally when I scroll between the two screens, an xcrash occurs"23:03
seb128that description suggests that users mix issues as well23:04
RAOFRight, that probably is a bug in the barrier stuff.23:04
RAOFJust an *entirely* different bug :)23:04
desrtis the distro in some sort of freeze right now?23:04
seb128desrt, yes, beta freeze23:04
seb128hard freeze23:04
seb128desrt, until thursday (if everything goes ok)23:04
desrtah.  in other words, i won't be seeing my bamf patch any time soon23:04
desrtby nook neither crook23:05
desrtreminds me.  fedora alpha is out, i think23:05
desrttime for a reinstall23:05
desrtmy system didn't quite survive the /usr thing unscathed23:06
brycehdesrt, not unless you sweet talk a release manager, or unless the patch fixes a release critical bug23:06
desrtbryceh: it's not that important23:06
seb128desrt, it's in there: https://launchpad.net/~unity-team/+archive/staging23:06
seb128desrt, bamf23:06
seb128desrt, those are the candidate packages for thursday post freeze upload23:07
desrt7 hours ago.  hrmph.23:07
seb128desrt, so "any time soon" is an ok delay23:07
desrthave i really been awake that long?  madness23:07
seb128desrt, ;-)23:07
robert_ancelldesrt, ha! serious face http://www.flickr.com/photos/kitty-kat/6775758128/23:07
desrti had a stupid face for the photo before23:07
desrtso kat told me "look normal!"23:08
desrtthat's the best i could do23:08
robert_ancellI am serious desrt, and this is serious patch23:08
jbichadesrt: my Fedora needed a reinstall too :(23:08
desrtrobert_ancell: i don't really care that much since i have a local install anyway23:08
desrti'm just trying to get a better handle on how this new DX->Ubuntu process stuff works23:09
desrtit sounds very red-tapey23:09
desrtbefore it was insane chaos23:10
desrtnow we have red tape23:10
desrtnext cycle i bet DX pushes back again and it gets a bit more chaotic23:10
desrtmaybe the cycle after that we'll have it finally figured out23:11
robert_ancellthere's always another cycle23:11
RAOFBy then DX will have ALL THE TESTS and so the chaos will be tamed, and everything will land perfectly in the distro.23:11
seb128desrt, well, it's not that red tapey, you just caught Didier on a freeze day after he has been dealing for a few hours with late "can we get that in requests"23:12
desrtseb128: meh.  i've heard a lot of complaints about the new process23:12
desrtfrom both sides of the fence, actually23:12
seb128it's for their good ;-)23:13
seb128I'm having the opposite issue with robert_ancell :p23:14
desrttoo many tests? :p23:14
seb128he keeps writting tests and there is no way to get updates out from him:23:14
robert_ancellseb128, heh, I'm too careful :)23:14
robert_ancell101 tests now \o/23:14
seb128maybe we should send robert_ancell to dx for a cycle ;-)23:14
desrtrobert_ancell: it's not that bad23:15
desrtyou get to drink with david barth23:15
robert_ancellI guess I am physically a long way away23:15
RAOFArgh!  Why do these tests not reliably pass or fail? http://paste.ubuntu.com/861236/23:25
RAOFrobert_ancell: You've got X testing experience, any guesses? ^^^23:27
robert_ancellRAOF, which ones? all of them?23:28
RAOFrobert_ancell: Anything involving moving the pointer against a barrier.23:29
robert_ancellRAOF, does MovePointerTo call WarpPointer?23:30
RAOFIt calls XTestFakeMotionEvent, which generates an absolute motion event.23:30
robert_ancellRAOF, add a test that moves by one pixel in a loop and see if it smashes into the barrier23:31
robert_ancell(wondering if the large movements could be causing a problem)23:32
RAOFHm, maybe.23:32
RAOFAt the moment these tests are expected to fail...23:32
RAOFHm.  I'll give that a try.23:33
RAOF(And I can *fix* them, I'd just be more confident in the tests themselves if they dependably failed!)23:33
robert_ancellaside from that the testing looks fine23:34
robert_ancellRAOF, oh, it's unreliable?23:34
RAOFYeah, it's unreliable.23:34
robert_ancellthat's odd.  XLib is synchronous, so everything should be done by the time XQueryPointer is called23:35
jbichawebkit2 for GNOME 3.6? that'll be fun23:36
RAOFrobert_ancell: Well, not all xlib calls are synchronous.23:37
RAOFBut I should be synchronising appropriately.23:37
robert_ancellRAOF, Do you even need the WaitForMotion?23:38
robert_ancellRAOF, yeah, "synchronous when the X protocol expects an immediate response" I guess23:40
RAOFOh, urgh.23:42
RAOFThe fixed server was dependably passing these tests last night; now it does not.23:43

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