slangasekSpamapS: so I have an experimental myodbc package now that will build against mysql-5.5 finally00:43
SpamapSslangasek: !!00:43
SpamapSslangasek: I've been shunning even looking at that hoping you'd figure it out00:43
slangasekupon prodding, I've disabled building the testsuite... since we can't run the darn thing anyway at build time :P00:43
slangasekSpamapS: where did we leave off?  Do I need to sponsor mysql-5.5 in with the _r.so compat fix?00:44
SpamapSslangasek: for Debian there's additional work needed to push back the stuff I've done for precise.00:45
SpamapSslangasek: I think actually all of it is legitimate ubuntu-only delta00:45
SpamapSslangasek: though eventually I'd like to get back in sync.. maybe after precise releases.00:46
SpamapSslangasek: I am working on preparing 5.1.61 packaging for stable as well.. since we're forced to release that as the security update00:46
SpamapSslangasek: meanwhile my DD app drips through the process like mollasses on a cold day.00:47
broderfrom my read of the new livecd-rootfs, it looks like we're not actually using the .iso that live-build generates, but just grabbing the stuff out of binary/ and reusing it somewhere else. is that right?00:50
SpamapSslangasek: anyway, it would appear that we're down then to just sphinxseach for libmysqlclient..00:51
SpamapSI believe a new upstream version came out recently that might address the last few issues.00:52
slangasekbroder: yes, we feed live-build artifacts into debian-cd so it can stick a germinated archive on the side00:52
slangasekSpamapS: ah, ok00:52
slangasekSpamapS: as for nis, I've dropped a comment on bug #569757... wondering what you think we should do00:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 569757 in nis (Ubuntu) "NIS upstart dependency broken for lucid" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56975700:53
slangasek(looking for feedback before I upload this to precise, since if you don't want us to go this route, it makes the SRU upgrade path harder)00:54
SpamapSslangasek: reviewing00:55
SpamapSslangasek: just a thought that I keep having.. we should look at patching portmap/rpcbind to use 'start on socket' in the next release. It would make this *much* simpler.00:58
SpamapSslangasek: same goes for the NFS jobs too.. no more ON_BOOT thingy00:59
slangasekthe NFS stuff isn't going to be that easy00:59
slangasekin part because it has to wait for /usr00:59
slangasekI suppose it shouldn't hurt to make portmap 'start on socket'01:00
SpamapSslangasek: ugh.. I just noticed.. upstart-socket-bridge isn't really built in.. so we'd have to start on started that anyway.. argh.01:00
SpamapSwas that one of those TODO's still left on Keybuk's plate?01:01
slangasekI don't know01:01
SpamapSSeems like upstart is already watching a few sockets.. :-P01:01
broderi think it was deliberate that the socket bridge live as a separate binary01:01
broderyou shouldn't have to wait for the socket bridge to start though01:01
brodererr, the thing that wanted to use the socket would have to, though01:02
SpamapSbroder: right, thats the point01:02
slangasekyes, and that's exactly what has to wait on portmap now :)01:02
slangasekSpamapS: I'm guessing this was an overlooked bug01:02
* broder promises to stop jumping in mid-conversation without thinking for at *least* the next 5 minutes01:02
SpamapSbroder: at least you *thought* at one point. :)01:03
SpamapSI'm having a harder and harder time doing that today..01:03
SpamapSslangasek: your loop in the ypbind post-start hits a bug I recently discovered in polling post-starts ..01:04
SpamapSslangasek: mysql had it too. If the job respawns or is stopped .. the polling doesn't stop.01:04
slangasekhmm, I think there's a bug report for that already01:04
slangasekpossibly from you01:05
SpamapSslangasek: but the respawn doesn't actually get tried until post-start exits01:05
SpamapSslangasek: yeah there is01:05
SpamapSbug 71163501:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 711635 in mysql-5.5 (Ubuntu) "init: post-start can cause respawn to hang" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71163501:05
SpamapSslangasek: in the workaround.. you have to drop the respawn limit lower.. because that sleep 1 always gets hit at least one time01:06
slangasekah, I meant an open bug on upstart01:06
SpamapSslangasek: 711635 is also against upstart :)01:07
slangasekah right01:07
SpamapSI don't actually know what upstart should do.. but its definitely confusing the way it works right now.01:09
SpamapSI'm kind of hoping the 'expect exit' stuff will do away with most of the times where people use post-start to poll like that.01:09
slangasekoh hah, yes, this is the bit where it will never *hit* the respawn limit because the post-start script takes too long, blah01:09
slangasekwell, none of the usual 'expect's work for ypbind01:09
slangasekit daemonizes and then goes looking for a directory source01:09
SpamapSheh, so it also has races already?01:09
slangasekbuilt in01:10
slangasekthis post-start is copied from the init script01:10
SpamapSslangasek: are we in danger of breaking shutdown for some daemons by stopping on runlevel [!2345] ?01:10
SpamapSslangasek: like if a daemon needs to lookup users to run its shutdown..  would we be breaking it?01:11
slangasekpotentially, but that's not a regression vs. pre-lucid or debian so I figured I'd let someone else sort that out01:13
SpamapSslangasek: agreed. Other than the looping bug I'd say this is good to go.01:15
slangaseklooking to see if there's a way I can make the post-start fail faster in the case where ypbind isn't running01:16
SpamapSslangasek: well you could actually check for respawn before the check for the socket....01:17
SpamapSslangasek: that would give a better chance at hitting the default 10 respawns in 5 seconds limit01:17
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slangasekSpamapS: hmm? how would I check for respawn within the script?02:25
pittiGood morning04:43
ajmitchmorning pitti04:57
pittistgraber: accepting ltsp-cluster-agent for now, but please convert to dh_python2; it currently b-deps on pycentral, although I'm not sure that it actually uses that05:54
SpamapSslangasek: status shows it as a status.. start/respawn07:10
slangasekSpamapS: hmm?  how are you forcing it to respawn, just killing the process?07:28
SpamapSslangasek: if the process dies, upstart notes that and marks state as "respawn".. but it does not do another state transition until the post-start exits07:31
slangasekSpamapS: sure - you're seeing this in the wild, or you're testing it by killing the process?07:31
SpamapSslangasek: so in post-start at any time you can see if the process has died and is going to be respawned, and react07:31
SpamapSslangasek: I saw this with mysql when it had an invalid configuration07:31
slangasekoh, you're responding to my earlier question, aren't you :)07:31
slangasekright, so we could call status to get the info, cool07:32
SpamapSslangasek: mysql already does this to hasten the reaction time to horribly broken mysql configs07:32
dholbachgood morning07:34
dholbachgeser's merge of vim seems to have been rejected and I can't find an explanation in https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-archive/2012-February/thread.html or in the mail I received07:44
pittidholbach: there is one in unapproved: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+queue?queue_state=107:45
dholbachthanks pitti07:45
micahgdholbach: there was a sacrilegious removal of a sentimental comment apparently :)07:46
dholbachpitti, do you think you could move libquvi-scripts to main, so we can get libquvi to build?07:54
pittidholbach: I just did07:54
dholbachah, sweet :)07:54
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geserdholbach: see this channel around 23:00 (local time), infinity had feelings about the removed changelog entries and re-uploaded my vim merge with complete changelog09:23
geserdholbach: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/02/27/%23ubuntu-devel.html#t20:27 and http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/02/27/%23ubuntu-devel.html#t22:2509:25
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dholbachgeser, ok, I see09:49
AnAntHello, Debian has a new revision of fribidi which is multi-arch enabled (it should be in testing within a day or two), would it be possible to sync it after beta release ?10:03
tumbleweedAnAnt: file an FFe10:04
tumbleweedthere are a fair number of reverse-depends, you'll need to check that they don't have hardcoded paths10:04
jokerdinohey devs, just a question regarding https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usermode/+bug/60268010:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 602680 in One Hundred Paper Cuts "Description: About Myself" [Low,Triaged]10:16
jokerdinothe original assignee has gone awol for quite some time. and I don't mind fixing it. anything that i can do about that?10:17
dholbachLaney, goocanvas and gda bindings are in now - it looks like the way is clear to get glom in again too10:49
dholbachI'm going to be a busy in the next days - do you think either you or seb128 could take a look at the current package in the openismus ppa?10:50
pittiLaney: btw, now would be an excellent time to start a haskell transition -- all buildds are idling11:11
Laneydholbach: nice, will see if I can get time but others are more than free to do it11:34
Laneypitti: aye, now would be good indeed to get ghc itself built in time for freeze ending11:35
Laneyiulian is going to do the ghc upload11:35
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seb128Laney, seems you are busy, I will try to have a look, ping me before looking at it in case you do so we don't dup work11:44
seb128dholbach, ^11:44
janimo`micahg, chrisccoulson hi, is either of you looking at the armhf chromium ftbfs?11:44
ogra_janimo`, i think micahg and infinity looked into it recently, seems to be a multiarch/naming issue11:47
ogra_not sure thesy came to any result, i just saw them discussion the issue11:47
janimo`ogra_, ok, indeed looks like an include path not being set to the gnueabihf dir11:47
ogra_if you have a quick fix, please go ahead ;)11:48
janimo`no idea if the fix sits committed somewhere though.11:48
* ogra_ thinks then we would have also seen an upload11:48
janimo`no quick fix, just wondering whether I should start investigating myself, there's no bug discussion11:48
ogra_i think they planned to revisit it after B111:49
* dholbach hugs seb128 and Laney11:51
* seb128 hugs back11:52
jokerdinohmm guys is branching from lp:gedit same as lp:lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gedit/ubuntu12:33
seb128jokerdino, no12:33
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seb128lp:gedit is an upstream import of full source without packaging12:33
jokerdinoi see.12:33
seb128lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gedit/ubuntu is the packaging vcs which contains de debian dir only12:33
jokerdinoso, if i want to submit a patch, i will be using the ubuntu-desktop branch..12:34
jokerdinowhat if ubuntu is the main stream?12:34
jokerdino(for software-center, unity, etc)12:35
seb128jokerdino, you usually want to use debcheckout12:37
seb128jokerdino, or apt-get source12:37
seb128jokerdino, i.e12:37
seb128$ apt-get source gedit12:37
seb128NOTICE: 'gedit' packaging is maintained in the 'Bzr' version control system at:12:37
jokerdinoah, i have been doing this incorrectly the whole time :/12:38
seb128jokerdino, the "standard" location for packages is ubuntu:<source> but if there a vcs in the control you should use this one12:38
seb128debcheckout has this logic and should give you the right source12:38
jokerdinohmm, thanks!12:40
jokerdinoso, if i want to patch something, how do i proceed?12:40
seb128jokerdino, desktop thing?12:40
seb128jokerdino, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Bzr12:41
jokerdinoi proposed a patch for gedit quicklist earlier.12:41
jokerdinoi branched from lp:gedit and made the changes by branching locally and deriving a diff file12:41
seb128jokerdino, basically bzr get lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gedit/ubuntu; cd ubuntu; bzr bd-do; edit patch; exit 012:41
jokerdinoand then i attached the patch to the bug report.12:42
seb128jokerdino, you can just add a debdiff or diff to a bug if you prefer12:42
seb128that works fine12:42
seb128jokerdino, I put those patches review on hold since we are frozen for beta1 and we need to sort of some details on those unity list instructions12:42
seb128jokerdino, especially we need to sort out what's the standard wording we want and a minor detail with the syntax, I will review your patch in a few days12:43
jokerdinoah, cool.12:43
seb128jokerdino, sorry about that, we noticed some issues in consistency when we started reviewing patches, especially on capitalization of the text used12:43
seb128so we need to sort those out before merging in12:44
jokerdinoi am fine, either way.12:44
jokerdinoand, one small addition.12:44
jokerdinocustom groups in a desktop file should have a X- in front. please do update the unity quicklist api..12:45
seb128jokerdino, yeah, sorry, the syntax is about to change, I will fix those when merging12:45
seb128jokerdino, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/LauncherAPI?action=diff&rev2=32&rev1=3112:46
seb128jokerdino, the wiki got updated yesterday12:46
jokerdinooh awesome, i didn't check it yet.12:46
seb128jokerdino, it's an accepted xdg spec now, and the syntax has changed a bit, the code supports both though12:47
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jokerdinowell yeah the code supports both, but desktop-file-validate invalidates it, as you pointed out in the bug report.12:48
jokerdino[X-Screen Shortcut Group]12:48
seb128jokerdino, right, using the updated way should work fine12:48
jokerdinoshould be like that ^12:48
seb128ie with action groups12:48
jokerdinoso, the proposed way is to do like [Desktop Action Screen], right?12:51
jokerdinoi mean recommended, not proposed.12:52
seb128jokerdino, yes, what the current wiki describe12:52
jokerdinoseb128: there should be a colon (;) after the last Actions entry.12:58
seb128jokerdino, thanks, it's a wiki feel free to add it12:58
seb128i.e you can probably edit the page ;-)12:59
jokerdinoHeh :)12:59
jokerdinowiki has been updated.13:01
jokerdino(by adding a single character)13:01
jokerdinoshould I then proceed to update my patch?13:02
seb128jokerdino, yes ;-)13:02
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jokerdinocheers seb128, patch has been updated.13:17
jokerdinoand i have removed the older patches.13:17
seb128jokerdino, thanks, I will review it a bit later13:17
dokozul, python-tz tries to test the installed pytz, ... and ftbfs ...13:41
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zuldoko: ok ill have a look13:42
larsduesingHi together13:59
larsduesingShort question, how to get a patch I wrote and put to a ppa into ubuntu?14:00
larsduesing(I think I made some error in launchpad...)14:01
larsduesing(hopefully, this is the right place...)14:01
ScottKbarry: Would you have time to look at Bug 942408?14:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 942408 in python-support (Ubuntu) "python-support not cleaning up during Lucid -> Precise upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94240814:02
ScottKlarsduesing: File a bug (or find an existing one), attach the patch to it, and then subscribe the ubuntu-sponsors team to the bug.  Someone will review it for inclusion.14:03
larsduesingthanks ScottK ... #22382514:03
larsduesingOh.. 223825 is the bug14:04
larsduesing(i made it fix released14:04
larsduesingin error...14:04
larsduesinghmm... ubottu is not liking me..14:05
apwjodh, wondering what inotify events upstart uses to monitor its configurations14:05
ScottKlarsduesing: I moved it back to Triaged.14:05
brendandbug 22382514:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 223825 in aiccu (Ubuntu) "aiccu init.d script will race dhclient (upstart issue?)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22382514:06
larsduesingthanks ScottK14:08
ScottKYou're welcome.14:08
larsduesingah you have to add bug in front of the number to get ubottu like you... *learn*14:09
apwjodh, against /etc/init ?14:11
jodhapw: yes.14:12
stgraberpitti: thanks14:16
stgraberhighvoltage: saw pitti's comment above on ltsp-cluster-agent* and pycentral?14:17
highvoltagestgraber: I have now. I was planning on doing that a few weeks back but got hasty when feature freeze approached. (I uploaded them 8s before FF). I can still fix that, right?14:21
barryScottK: sure14:29
ScottKbarry: Thanks.14:31
pittihighvoltage: yes, of course14:43
stgraberhighvoltage: yes, though you may need a FFe for that (easy one to get though) as changing the build system may trigger side effects14:47
highvoltagestgraber: ok14:47
pittiis it using pycentral anyway?14:48
pittidebian/rules had no indication of this14:48
pittiit might just be an obsolete build depends14:48
stgraberpitti: I'd have to look at exactly what highvoltage uploaded as I believe he made some changes on my initial packaging. ltsp-cluster-agent definitely ships a python module so it might be using pycentral (was using python-support before) and would need a switch to dh_python2 if that's the case. ltsp-cluster-agent-weblive just ships a bunch of files, no python modules so shouldn't need pycentral/pysupport anyway.14:50
stgraber(ouch, that was a long line, wondering if it got cut...)14:51
highvoltageit seems to have made it. last part was "pycentral/pysupport anyway."14:53
barryis anybody look at the python-tz ftbfs? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/94621468/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-i386.python-tz_2011k-0ubuntu4_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz15:21
ScottKbarry: zul is supposed to look into it.15:29
barryScottK, zul: okay15:29
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siretartIs the beta freeze a soft freeze or are all uploads moderated? I've prepared a fix for lightdm and would like to upload it to the archive. I'm OK for it to hit the archive after beta release15:55
ogra_siretart, all uploads are moderated atm. and i'm not sure putting lightdm into the queue would be a clever thing, in the case wheer we might find a serious bug during testing in lightdm your upload would have to be recected before the fix goes in if we dont want it on the image15:59
ogra_siretart, but better ask the release manager :) (skaet) in #ubuntu-release16:00
seb128siretart, what fix?16:01
skaetsiretart, its a hard freeze - we're only letting release critical fixes through for the seeded images.16:01
seb128siretart, better to get review for lightdm changes, it's not like we didn't have active maintainers16:01
siretartseb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/lightdm/+bug/87776616:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 877766 in lightdm (Ubuntu Oneiric) "lightdm login fails with NFS home and strict (mode 0700) permissions" [Medium,Triaged]16:21
siretartthe patch is obvious, and I have personally tested it on a spare machine at our lab16:21
siretartand we really should SRU that patch16:22
siretartthe patch is in the linked bzr branch16:22
seb128siretart, can you put a merge request against lp:lightdm on? I mentioned that to robert_ancell before and he looked at it but I think he had some concerns16:22
seb128siretart, or it was breaking some tests in the testsuit16:23
seb128he said he needed to do some work before landing it I think16:23
siretartseb128: is having the patch as quilt in my packaging branch a problem for requesting a merge for lp:lightdm?16:23
seb128siretart, yes, can you bzr branch lp:lightdm, apply you patch, bzr commit, bzr push lp:~sirestart/lightdm/nfs and propose it for merging?16:24
seb128siretart, I'm not sure robert_ancell keeps up with bug emails, he does with merge requests though16:24
siretarthow annoying :/16:24
siretartI'll put that on my todo list16:24
seb128siretart, it's not that hard...16:37
seb128siretart, I will ping him again about the patch16:37
seb128siretart, but I'm sure review would be easier in a merge request16:37
siretartlet's please don't argue about necessary or silly burocracy16:39
seb128siretart, it's not "silly burocracy"16:40
seb128siretart, it's "people don't keep up with thousand of bug emails a week so don't see your comments"16:40
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Sweetsharkdammit launchpad! *shaking-angry-grandpa-fist*17:02
Sweetsharkhow do I get rid of this stupid duplicate libreoffice (openSUSE) tracker on bug 56202717:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 562027 in libreoffice (Ubuntu Lucid) "[Upstream] Unable to shutdown / reboot / logout when quickstarter is active" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56202717:03
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ScottKSweetshark: I think you want #launchpad.17:04
ScottKsiretart: I'd upload it, but I'm not a fan of silly bureaucray either.17:05
stgraberSweetshark: so you want to drop the opensuse task entirely?17:06
Sweetsharkstgraber: at least get rid of the duplicate tracked bug at freedesktop ...17:08
Sweetsharkstgraber: funny thing is: there is a minus button behind almost all the other remote trackers, but not behind baltix and opensuse ....17:10
stgraberSweetshark: hmm, yeah, the UI is confusing and forcing it gives me a LP oops ... you'll need #launchpad17:11
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ScottKAnyone having trouble with pbuilder on a oneiric host system.  With --debug, I get "ignoring trap saveaptcache_umountproc_cleanbuildplace_trap exit sighup"17:45
ScottK(right before it dies with E: Invalide operation)17:45
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smoserslangasek, bug 94278818:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 942788 in util-linux (Ubuntu) "sfdisk without --no-reread is likely to cause race conditions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94278818:10
smoserslangasek, your hunch on --no-reread is correct. sfdisk is broken-by-design if udev is running and you do not pass --no-reread.18:11
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smoserinfinity, ^18:12
slangaseksmoser: does this affects disks other than vda?18:12
smoserif you're using sfdisk, you need to be using --no-reread.18:12
smoserslangasek, yes.18:12
smosertheres a shell snippet in the bug there.18:12
smoserjust run that somewhere and it will fail eventually.18:12
infinitysmoser: I wonder if we're using no-reread in jasper because we ran into that problem, or by sheer luck of cargo-culting from elsewhere. :P18:12
infinitysmoser: And as I mentioned yesterday, we're using no-reread already. :)18:12
slangaseksmoser: oh, but your snippet uses /dev/vdb ;)  My question is, does this affect other storage backends or is there something about this driver (virtio?) causing the issue18:13
smoserslangasek, i think its all backends.18:14
slangasektested though?18:14
smoser(i thought your question about vda was "root")18:14
smoserwell, smb has seen it on xvdb18:14
smosererr.. a xenblock device.18:14
smoserits very clearly broken.18:14
smoserbasically: blockdev --rereadpt; blockdev --rereadpt;18:15
smoserthe second one is almost certain to fail at some point.18:15
smoseri dont have a non-virtual system with an un-used block device or i would test18:16
slangaseksmoser: could you do one more test and capture 'udevadm monitor -e' output while you're running sfdisk?18:17
smbGiven that there will be an event for each partition and the main device for remove and then for each partition and the main device after scanning, it could be "worse" the more partitions there are...18:20
slangaseksmoser: n/m, found a usb stick here to test with - confirmed that I get change events on reread even when there are no changes to the table18:21
slangasekso yeah, it's universal18:21
smbslangasek, Right, this is not intelligent, it just drops all knowledge and re-iterates18:22
smoserslangasek, attached to bug.18:22
smoserslangasek, smb, thank you both for your help.18:23
* smoser goes to fix bug 937352 the right way18:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937352 in cloud-initramfs-tools (Ubuntu) "root partition may not be grown" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93735218:26
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smosersmb, so what do we think about the 'udevadm settle' that we added to growroot before invoking growpart (which in turn invokes sfdisk)18:29
smoserafter the disk is mounted, do we think we need that settle?18:29
smoseror do we think, since a partition on $DEV has been mounted, that udev events related to it have been finished.18:30
smoseri guess it might just be safest to leave it there.18:30
smbsmoser, Well, I think it jsut should not hurt much and at least helps to ensure anything that began before has sort of quieted down18:30
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kklimondais there something in debian policy preventing packages from shipping scripts that meddle with files in /usr/share (creating new ones) in the directories owned by those packages?19:02
kklimondafor some reason I don't like it ;)19:02
kklimonda(freeipa server install script configures apache to use /usr/share/ipa/wsgi.py which will serve a custom html file (and some other things)19:04
slangasekkklimonda: the FHS says /usr is for static files; scripts generating data there are generally non-compliant19:11
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iulianpitti, Laney: Do you want me to upload GHC now? I have it ready, just need to push the button and fire the missiles.19:21
iulianWe'd have to apply the two patches from http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/5824 in order to fix the arm{el,hf} build failures.19:52
micahgjanimo`: no, I don't have a fix, if you have one verified, I'm happy to commit it an upload (chromium is seeded in mythbuntu and lubuntu though, so we'd have to be sure that it builds and won't affect the other archs)20:07
janimo`micahg, no fix here. I touched chromium only once before and its build system is not the easiest to grok. No idea where the cflags are figured out21:00
micahgjanimo`: should be in the gyp files, unfortunately, I have more pressing things to look at ATM, I can poke Debian's build to see if they have a fix (but  don't remember seeing one)21:02
janimo`micahg, I did not see one either in debian, no prob though21:02
micahgjanimo`: will multiarch allow you to run the armel builds for now?21:02
micahg\o/ progress :)21:03
janimo`you mean armel chromium on armhf right?21:03
micahgyes :)21:03
janimo`then s/yes/probably/. Never tested :)21:03
micahgI wish armel would build on the stable releases, but that's another story :)21:04
janimo`I do not particularly need chromium on armhf now, just going through the FTBFS21:04
micahgjanimo`: you have time to bootstrap gnat-4.6? :D21:04
* janimo` runs away in horror21:05
janimo`infinity is the masochistic one, he should do it21:05
micahgwow, something more scary than chromium's build system :)21:05
smoserstgraber, hallyn how bad is this:21:19
smosershould i even bother checking /proc/1/cgroup ?21:20
smoseri realize its very limited21:20
hallynsmoser: well, you might do that *after* the other checks.  i.e. if running-in-container is available, use it.21:21
hallynif it isn't available,21:21
hallynthen chances are init hasn't moved itself toanother cgroup21:21
stgraberhallyn: +121:21
hallynthat's not to say initramfs couldn't be messing with you, so it's not 100%21:21
hallynsystemd moves itself to /systemd very early on21:22
hallyn(i think.  maybe not.  maybe it just sets it up for user sessions)21:22
smoseri just created a container21:23
smoserlogged in with ubuntu ubuntu21:23
smoserand then tried sudo21:23
smoserand its prompting me for a password21:23
smoser(i justrealized i had a password)21:23
infinitymicahg, janimo`: gnat's being worked on.21:24
micahginfinity: ah, good :)21:25
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dokoinfinity, if you build gnat for armhf, you might want to disable multilibs21:39
elmowhere do the modules in a d-i rescuse environment come from?21:45
elmoand are any more available?21:45
elmohmm *-modules-* udebs, butthey're not in Contents21:49
infinityelmo: They're in main/debian-installer/binary-*/Packages*, I assume.21:51
elmoinfinity: sure, but not the individual files21:52
infinityOh, no.21:52
elmobut a for loop and dpkg -c confirms ipmi isn't any of them21:52
Davieyelmo: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/installer-amd64/current/images/udeb.list ?21:52
elmowhat would be the right package for a bug asking for new modules?  the kernel?21:52
infinityelmo: If it's kernel modules you're after, yeah.21:52
elmoinfinity: cool, thanks21:52
elmoDaviey: ta also21:53
brycehelmo, can you give me `lspci -vn | grep VGA` on the box you saw the compiz crash on a couple hours ago?  want to verify this is sandybridge specific22:02
elmo00:02.0 0300: 8086:0126 (rev 09) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])22:04
elmobryceh: ^--22:04
elmobryceh: deej (Canonical) also saw it, FWIW22:04
brycehelmo, thanks.  snb-m-gt2+ in your case22:05
brycehelmo, also was this with a dual head or external monitor set up by chance?22:05
elmobryceh: nope, vanilla laptop display22:06
brycehhmm!  interesting22:06
brycehelmo, ok thanks.22:06
elmobryceh: no prob22:06
mahmohare armhf precise containers working? What I'm doing wrong?  If I enter the container it appears to work fine but I'm trying to execute commands externally to get info. from within - http://paste.ubuntu.com/861153/22:15
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stgrabermahmoh: lxc-attach isn't supported by our kernel22:19
stgrabermahmoh: and lxc-execute is only for single application container, not for system containers22:19
stgrabermahmoh: in your case you'll want "lxc-console -n <container>" then login and run whatever you want22:20
mahmohstgraber: ok, thank you for that info.; is there a plan to support -attach or no?22:20
mahmohstgraber: and shouldn't it emit a message like, unsupported kernel feature?22:21
stgrabermahmoh: we're waiting on the patches to enter the upstream kernel, so that won't be there for 12.04 at least22:21
mahmohDaniel's patches?22:21
stgrabermahmoh: hallyn is working on the new server guide which will mention what commands work and what don't and why, I agree lxc-attach could print something slightly more useful though :)22:22
mahmohstgraber: :) thx again22:22
stgrabermahmoh: yeah, IIRC the pid_ns attach patch is a patch from Daniel and reworked by Eric Biederman22:22
stgrabermahmoh: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/ebiederm/linux-namespace-control-devel.git;a=summary22:24
mahmohI saw that for Natty and just imagined it would have been in by now22:24
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mahmohstgraber: btw, thx for that blog post earlier this month ;)22:27
elmobryceh: I have an up to date stacktrace in #942799 but the duplicate checker deleted all the data :)23:21
elmobryceh: is there any easy way for me to re-submit the data?23:21
seb128elmo, tag the "master" bug "apport-request-retrace"23:23
seb128elmo, that will make the retracer attach the stacktrace of the next duplicate to the master rather than clean it23:23
brycehseb128, that was already done23:23
seb128elmo, well tag the master and then resubmit23:23
seb128bryceh, and it didn't work?23:23
brycehdoesn't look like it23:24
seb128bryceh, elmo's bug was retraced before you tagged23:24
seb128elmo, can you resubmit it?23:24
elmoseb128: as in, just rerun apport and open a new bug?23:25
seb128elmo, yes23:25
elmocool, will do23:25
seb128elmo, the master bug got tagged so next retrace will be attached rather than cleaned23:26
seb128elmo, thank you23:26
brycehseb128, is this a changed behavior?  Seems like it used to do retracing on dupes too, but am I just remembering wrong?23:26
seb128bryceh, you are remembering wrong23:26
seb128bryceh, we can't make apport retracing public without checking for password etc23:26
seb128bryceh, so duplicates always got cleaned and set to public23:27
elmodamn, apport-bug's tab complete is hella slow23:27
seb128bryceh, it's not ideal but the alternative is to get somebody to manually review all the duplicates to mark them public if appropriate23:28
seb128which is often tedious and not that useful23:28
elmoshould I retarget this at mesa?23:29
elmoit's trying to report it against unity23:29
seb128elmo, no23:29
elmo(sorry for all the dumb questions)23:29
seb128elmo, worth case it doesn't dup it and you get a new stacktrace anyway :p23:29
brycehactually targeting at mesa would be nice; it would collect a lot of the missing X files we're currently missing on this one23:30
elmobryceh: what files do you want?  I'll just add them by hand23:31
seb128bryceh, I don't think you can do that for segfaults23:31
elmoah, I see in your reply to salgado23:31
seb128bryceh, like you can change the component once you are on launchpad but that will not change the collecting job23:31
seb128bryceh, it always collects the infos for the package which did hit the segfault23:32
brycehelmo, yep, thanks23:33
brycehseb128, you keep making me sadder ;-)23:34
seb128bryceh, sorry :(23:34
seb128bryceh, good news is that apport is open source and the maintainer is responsive so we can get it improved ;-)23:34
brycehseb128, well seems you're right about dupe crashes having their useful info excised, now that I look.  Probably I'm thinking of gpu lockup bugs where we collect register dumps (that won't ever have passwords or other such stuff.)23:35
brycehseb128, that is cold comfort; from what you say most of these issues are policy not lack-of-fix23:36
seb128bryceh, well that's why we got that tag telling the retracer to get an updated stacktrace23:36
seb128that should cover most cases, like if you care about the bug it's likely because users still hit it23:37
brycehseb128, but yes it's open source.  I've sent in a patch to fix one of our more annoying issues we see but am still waiting (for some months) on the branch to get picked up.23:37
brycehseb128, yes, it's good to know about that tag.23:38
seb128bryceh, on apport?23:38
brycehseb128, yeah23:38
seb128bryceh, https://code.launchpad.net/~bryce/apport/source_lookup/+merge/81172 ?23:38
seb128bryceh, pitti wrong a long reply, it seems blocked on you to write back ?23:38
brycehseb128, no, I spoke to him in person about it at UDS23:39
seb128oh ok23:39
brycehguess it can't hurt to add a comment though.23:39
elmobryceh: added to 94296623:40
brycehelmo,  thanks.  lp isn't displaying it, but will try again in a bit23:44
elmobryceh: meh, publicized23:45
seb128bryceh, elmo: it's private until retracer picks it up23:45
brycehbingo, there we go23:45
brycehhoho, and a core dump!  lucky day23:46
seb128bryceh, get the coredump saved before the retracer gets there if you need it ;-)23:46
elmoI'd only just booted my machine, there can't possibly be anything interesting in that coredump23:47
elmo(that would require privacy I mean)23:47
brycehseb128, trust me, I know23:56
brycehelmo, I have it locally and will not be posting it anywhere.23:57
bryceh(and it will be deleted when I'm done with it)23:57
seb128bryceh, elmo: retracing done, it updated the master bug as wanted: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/94731013/Stacktrace.txt23:59

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