thelinuxerreve99: thanks :)15:03
reve99so any special preparation for the event15:05
reve99or u will just attend the event like any one else15:05
thelinuxerwe are actually working on some rough edges15:06
thelinuxerwe will have a booth isA if everything goes well15:06
thelinuxerand you will be able to meet us their :)15:06
reve99available if you needed any help15:07
reve99u know who am i exactly right ?!15:07
reve99I'm Mohamed El Feky15:07
thelinuxerreve99: oh didn't know until u told me :D15:07
thelinuxercan you please send an email to anas telling him you want to help ?15:08
thelinuxercause he's the project owner15:08
reve99no prob ....will talk to him15:08
thelinuxerreve99: cool15:08
ashamsuys, can you please mention in the topic of this channel that it's logged.17:02
ashamsFreenode requires that users should know that their activity can be logged17:03
ashams<quote>Public channel logging should only17:04
ashams* - take place where the channel owner(s) has requested this17:04
ashams* - and users of the channel are all made aware (if you are17:04
ashams* - publically logging your channel, you may wish to keep a17:04
ashams* - notice in topic and perhaps as a on-join message).</quote>17:04
ashamsthelinuxer, EgyParadox ^ :)17:04
thelinuxerashams: of course EgyParadox please add this to the topic of the channel17:05
ashamsthelinuxer, Thank you, I appreciate it :-)17:05
thelinuxerashams: sure ya man :)17:05
thelinuxerashams: i having trouble with the saas-class homework17:07
thelinuxeri don't know when am i going to prepare for the freaking session :D17:07
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ashamsEgyParadox, Thanks :D17:07
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thelinuxerEgyParadox: thanks man17:07
ashamsthelinuxer, saas class ezzay ay3ni ? :)17:07
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thelinuxeru know about the berkly saas class ?17:08
thelinuxersomeone shared this a couple of month ago17:08
thelinuxeri joined this webclass17:08
thelinuxerand we have homework17:08
thelinuxerand i am actually stuck :D17:08
thelinuxeron very basic stuff if u ask me17:08
thelinuxershakly kebert :D17:08
ashamsI was about to say it :D17:08
ashamsso, how can I help dude :)17:09
thelinuxeri don't think u can help me17:09
thelinuxerunless u decide to give the session ;)17:09
ashamssession of packaging?17:09
ashamsno way17:09
ashamsNO WAY17:10
thelinuxerthought so17:10
ashamsI can't, I don't know it17:10
thelinuxeri am not that good actually ..17:10
ashamsI was relying on you to learn :)17:10
ashamsnot a big problem just start engines :)17:10
ashamsthelinuxer, Enta hatgeeb wara delwa2ty ? Ay 7aga ya man, keda walla keda I will kill you As2ela :)17:12
thelinuxermashy we will see17:12
thelinuxerprepare ur questions so i can actually do my research and answer them17:13
ashamsok, good point17:13
ashamsgive me 24 hrs17:13
thelinuxerdeneela 3alaya !17:13
EgyParadoxThanks for joining reve9917:13
thelinuxeri had the correct answer 30 mins ago!17:14
thelinuxeri was chasing wild geese!17:14
ashamsthelinuxer, what are doing right know, cuz I can imagine some nad things17:14
thelinuxerimagine bad things ezay ?17:15
thelinuxeri am doing my homework, didn't have any for so long el sara7a :D17:15
ashamsthelinuxer, ha2ollak ba3dain :P17:15
reve99sorry guys i was kind of busy working ...eating17:30
ashamsthelinuxer, I have to move the wiki.u.com/EgyptTeam/ArabNet section to wiki.u.com/Arabnet, it is making problems with Palestine team, it shows up Egypt Team/ on the fb links!!!17:48
thelinuxerthat's like saying Arabnet is a partnet with ubuntu17:49
bahaa2008how are you guys17:49
thelinuxerthere is no problem that the url shows EgyptTeam17:49
thelinuxerand u can copy the page their if u want17:49
thelinuxerhi bahaa200817:49
ashamsbahaa2008, Hi o/17:49
thelinuxerhow r u ?17:49
ashamsthelinuxer, I an't make him understand to change the link title on fb we khalas17:50
bahaa2008still alive17:50
ashamsbahaa2008, lucky you :)17:50
thelinuxerashams:  i don't understand what u mean ..17:51
ashamsone sec17:51
bahaa2008moved my main system to debian :)17:53
thelinuxerbahaa2008: that's actually pretty good :)17:54
thelinuxerdeveloping kaman ?17:54
ashamsbahaa2008, Congrats :-D17:54
bahaa2008debian unstable :)17:55
bahaa2008it doesn't defer too much17:55
bahaa2008mostly the same17:56
ashamsbahaa2008, just some package upgrades and bug fixes :)17:58
bahaa2008but it's more traditional17:59
bahaa2008keep the gnu/linux traditions :)17:59
bahaa2008and that's what i'm looking for17:59
bahaa2008ubuntu trying to be the new Apple17:59
bahaa2008and that's what I hate18:00
ashamsit trays hard to reach the average user18:00
ashamsand if it's apple's way, then no problem18:00
bahaa2008I didn't leave windows to get back to another closed system "some how"18:00
bahaa2008I don't like anyone to lead me in his own way18:01
bahaa2008I want to take my way18:01
ashamsMac gives a really good user experience18:01
ashamswhat you mean?18:01
bahaa2008why to change to this unity thing18:01
bahaa2008i like classic way18:02
bahaa2008i'm not comfortable with this change in UI18:02
ashamsyeahm it's the hardest age in Ubuntu's life18:02
ashamsno kidding18:02
bahaa2008I'm not too old linux user18:03
bahaa2008but i like Gnome way18:03
ashamsgnome 3 or 2 :)18:03
bahaa2008I'm classic :)18:04
bahaa2008I don't even like gnome shell18:04
reve99sorry for intruption18:05
ashamswell, there's a global belief that user needs have changed and thus should the ui do18:05
ashamsreve99, soot18:05
reve99i like gnome 318:05
reve99and i like unity18:05
reve99and u don't like them18:05
reve99because u got used to doing every thing by hand18:06
reve99and customizing every thing18:06
reve99u don't like getting someone to do it for u18:06
bahaa2008that's why i moved to linux18:06
reve99i think it's all about usability18:06
bahaa2008to have my own system18:06
reve99and linux big issue is about getting new users18:06
reve99and getting new users means not making them learn how to do all the work18:07
bahaa2008usability vs features18:07
ashamsbahaa2008, not necessarily!18:07
reve99features was always  back there in linux18:08
reve99but u always needed who tells u how to use them18:08
reve99and for some how u do not need them all18:08
reve99but usability is about making the user find those features easily18:08
reve99and make best use of them18:09
bahaa2008i mean features that are accessible18:09
bahaa2008not hidden one18:09
bahaa2008it's not about linux18:09
bahaa2008blender, 3d max as examples18:10
reve99ok let me get u another example18:10
reve99u use twitter or facebook !?18:10
bahaa2008of course18:11
bahaa2008to keep a good representation of both it's not easy thing18:11
bahaa2008and you had to learn people how to use it18:11
bahaa2008and get to the hidden features18:11
bahaa2008not hidden18:12
bahaa2008you had to gave groups18:12
bahaa2008and so on18:12
reve99ok what do u think about the new twitter style18:13
reve99u think it's  strange right18:13
reve99and the older one18:13
reve99was strange too18:13
reve99people don't know what they really want18:14
reve99u should force them to use something18:14
reve99then they get used to it18:14
bahaa2008i don't like the right thing18:14
reve99hhhhhhh we all don't18:14
reve99not me18:15
reve99but it's all about the change18:15
reve99human nature doesn't like to change18:15
reve99but change sometime gets better18:15
bahaa2008may be18:15
bahaa2008you meat it's about get used to something18:15
bahaa2008may be18:15
reve99we can make it meat18:17
reve99i'm kind of hungery and still at work18:18

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