fluvvellsuperm1, mrand and anyone else listening to my ramblings - I added a user via the tty console, and was able to log in with that. The ubuntu user will NOT let me log in (apart from via tty)00:15
fluvvellbut only after adding the user to a group called nopasswdlogin00:17
fluvvellnow I'm in, there is no way of configuring the network.  Honestly, was this disk ever tested???00:17
superm1fluvvell: when safe graphics mode kicks in (X server crashing) all bets are off on how things work00:46
superm1but it sounds like you are hitting more problems than most people would when this would happen00:46
superm1on the disk, at the boot menu, have you tried to just pick "Install Mythbuntu"?  It boots to a special X session that if the standard driver can't handle your hardware will fall back to VESA to let you install00:47
superm1usually that works for most people who hit issues00:47
superm1it does sound like you must have some fairly modern hardware if X is crashing and you can't seem to connect to the network at all00:53
fluvvellsuperm1, I don't actually want to install, just boot and test some hardware. I can get into an x session with all the mucking around I've done but still it seems broken, no access to Network tools on the desktop.  I need this to work to support a myth user who is 240Km away from me whose new card doesn't work properly in his 20.04 myth install00:58
fluvvellsorry 10.0400:59
fluvvellI have dual core AMD hardware and Nvidia 9600GT graphics card, its only a couple of years old01:00
rhpot19919600 should work just fine01:42
rhpot1991thats what I have01:42
rhpot1991fluvvell: try the "install" option just to see if it goes through01:42
rhpot1991also if he upgrades its a bit of a different process than what you are testing01:43
fluvvellrhpot1991, yeah nothing wrong with hardware.  I would but thats not the point, I am trying to solve an issue with a running 10.04 install that had a Tiivii 420 card added that did not show up. Our card supplier said "try booting with a newer distro to see if it detects it correctly"01:44
fluvvellunfortunately the machine is about 240Km away from me, I support by remote connection. But not with a live cd, with out a few tweaks and with this live cd? Yeah I'm in a bind01:44
fluvvellyeah its a different process, I agree. But if the upgrade goes wrong01:45
fluvvellOh I'm repeating myself all over sorry.01:46
rhpot1991fluvvell: yep remote is hardthat way01:50
rhpot1991upgrade over ssh and hope01:50
fluvvellThat is of course an option, I have done that a number of times. The plan was to test the card, then if it works on the newer os and kernel, do the upgrade. I might just try a different live myth disk01:52
fluvvellDoes anyone feel like downloading the cd and test booting it somewhere?01:52
dkamhi guys - at some point my mythbuntu box stopped automatically starting X and mythfrontend - now I'm trying to get it going again.   Is the fronted normally run by the mythtv user?12:01
dkamHuh - thanks to the link to the forums, autologin now works, but mythfrontend isn't starting.12:09
dkamLooks like  lightdm isn't starting mythfrontend - any tips?12:17
dkamsshing in and "export DISPLAY=:0.0 ; mythfrontend &"  does the job - but how do I get mythfrontend to start by itself?12:33

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