bkerensapleia2: I will be back in a few... I have to run and grab a energy street00:39
pleia2bkerensa: ok, let me know when you're back :)00:40
bkerensapleia2: back00:50
pleia2just updating the ~uwn code real quick so you can pull down the proper version00:52
bkerensaremind me what the lp for that was again00:52
pleia2just pushed up my change, so might want to wait a minute or two :)00:54
bkerensapleia2: Ok I branched with your latest revision00:55
pleia2ok, I'm ready whenever you are00:57
bkerensapleia2: I'm ready :)00:57
pleia2ok, I think I invited you to a hangout00:58
pleia2oh, I don't know how to make this secret hangout00:59
pleia2random people can join!00:59
bkerensapleia2: LOL01:00
bkerensathis is too funny01:00
* Unit193 is random01:02
pleia2The new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue25401:15
bkerensapleia2: thanks for the tut01:23
bkerensapleia2: Do we know who that person was?01:23
pleia2haha, no, he said he'd be up for writing summaries though :)01:24
pleia2I clicked the wrong spot on g+ so invited you in your last post01:24
bkerensaI kept hearing pans and pots banging01:24
pleia2I am ace with g+ :P01:24
pleia2technology is hard01:24
pleia2ok, of to the gym!01:30
Unit193Oh, and pleia2: iproute does seem crazy...01:31
akgranerpleia2, et al  - thank you!01:56
bkerensaakgraner: does et al include the random person who joined the hangout at had pots banging in the background?01:57
akgranerI suppose that constitutes *some-kind-of* contribution :-)01:57
akgranerbkerensa, maybe they were just happy you were willing to learn an new skill and give of your time to such an awesome part of the community :-)01:58
akgranersee I can find the awesomeness in all things... :-P01:59
bkerensaakgraner: Have you checked out power-usage-report?01:59
akgranerum nope01:59
* akgraner is afraid too01:59
bkerensaits a pretty cool script that analyzes all your running apps and tells you which ones use the most power02:00
akgranersome times ignorance is bliss02:00
akgranerthough I did want to at some point :-)02:00
* akgraner goes back to editing more stuff 02:02
pleia2wow, my brain loves simplified /UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter wiki03:39
pleia2thanks for doing all that review work akgraner!03:39
akgranerpleia2, :-)03:39
* pleia2 working on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/EditingPolicies/HowToEdit03:40
pleia2ok, so instead of duplicating descriptions of each sections in the IssueTemplate and EditingPolicies/HowToEdit I just tell EditingPolicies/HowToEdit to look at the raw text of the IssueTemplate04:20
pleia2and added the details from EditingPolicies/HowToEdit that weren't in IssueTemplate :)04:20
pleia2we're down to 24 steps: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/EditingPolicies/HowToEdit04:21
pleia2I should look at it again tomorrow to clean up further, and as we train more people we can add details as needed04:22
akgranerpleia2, that's awesome!07:16
akgranerwoot woot!07:16
dholbachgood morning07:34
bkerensagood morning dholbach07:55
dholbachhey bkerensa :)07:55
dholbachbkerensa, you rock09:05
bkerensadholbach: Thanks :) now I must sleep09:09
dholbachwell deserved :)09:09
dholbachsee you 'tomorrow' :)09:09
bkerensadholbach: Wow09:16
bkerensaHow many people does Canonical really have in Portland?09:16
bkerensaI just found five more that I didnt know about so now were at 20+09:16
dholbachbkerensa, no idea, but there's loads of them :)09:49

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