mwhudsonwhat the heck?00:00
mwhudsonhave they just scattered the island names around at random?00:00
snailmwhudson: my guess is that their processing has been thrown off by either macron-containing names or slash containing names00:04
ibeardsleeor general ignorance?00:11
snailibeardslee: that is a possibility that that cannot be ruled out00:17
ojwbhmm, google maps walking directions just suggested I walk down a no exit side street and back in the middle of a route00:30
Gojwb: everyone knows that NZ has no pedestrian crossings :P01:19
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GIn case noone saw, looks like Raspberry Pi release is 7pm tomorrow our time02:02
Gthey haven't gone out and said it, but the hints and retweets certainly seems to point to that is what is happening02:04
codepalmy first laptop provided to deliberately spread ubuntu18:25
codepalI chose Lubuntu 11.04 for an elderly man who *just wants to download music*18:26
codepalso glad to  spread the awesome18:26
codepalClementine is the music player, Chromium & Firefox as browsers18:27
codepalvlc for video18:27
codepal& LibreOffice just in case he needs to do some letters18:28
ibeardsleewhy clementine?18:29
* chilts uses cplay, a lovely curses interface18:30
codepalit has a nice interface18:31
* ibeardslee uses banshee, tried to to back to rhythmbox (default with 12.04) but that misses too many features that are in banshee18:32
codepalloads of music search engines18:32
codepaland I like it ;-)18:32
codepalreminds me of Amarok18:32
codepalhave you tried clementine 1.0.0 ?18:32
ibeardsleeno I haven't .. just looking at their page now .. seeing if it has anything that would make me want to switch18:33
codepalthey have cross-platform too...18:34
codepalwhich is a way to encourage people who see it to install the windows version18:34
ibeardsleeno android18:34
ibeardsleewhich is the only reason I'd need something cross platform ;)18:35
codepalyou can copy to portable devices18:36
codepalI don't see why Andriod would be any different18:36
ibeardsleeI meant running it on android18:36
codepalI see18:37
* codepal compares screenshots....18:39
* codepal decides he's chosen the right player18:39
codepallubuntu had a whole bunch of stuffs that I decided he wouldn't ever use18:40
codepaluninstalled audacious, sylpheed etc, etc18:40
* ibeardslee should make more effort into trying new things18:47

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