skaetthanks bkerensa!  :)00:24
skaetubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu, mythbuntu desktop's posted00:24
skaetwxl - its building now,  will emerge next00:25
wxldanke :D00:25
skaetubuntu-server, lubuntu alternate posted.00:26
wxlgrr ubuntu alternate for ppc is still oversized00:28
skaetwxl,  if I can get some focus on pulling it down to size,  you willing to test it for us?00:32
wxlskaet: absolutely00:33
wxlthat goes for x86 too (the desktop's oversized along with ppc)00:34
wxli've been focusing most of my attention on lubuntu but there a couple bugs i'd like to compare against an actual ubuntu install00:34
skaetwxl,  desktop x86 will likely be pruned back.  For final certainly - hopefully beta.00:35
wxlskaet: say the word when the ppc is trimmed down and i'll have at it00:36
skaetwxl,  coolio.    will do.  (and thanks!!)00:36
wxlskaet: np (thanks to tmux+irssi) i'm always here so don't hesitate to call me out and/or msg me. i'll get back eventually. i also do pay attention to the mailing list00:37
wxli actually would really like to post instructions for x86 users to test ppc by emulating (a la qemu) but it seems something is amiss with ppc emulation. there's a related bug out there…00:38
wxlphillw was hunting around to see if he could find some resolution to the problem but wasn't having a lot of luck. apparently, no one's really bothered with that before :D00:39
infinitywxl: I hear we actually have a PPC tester.00:40
infinity(That is, one who isn't me, which is good, cause the images don't boot on my hardware right now)00:41
wxlhahaha yep infinity00:42
infinitywxl: Fantastic.  What hardware are you running on?00:42
wxlinfinity: http://wxl.freeshell.org/()/comp/ppc/hardinfo_report.html00:43
infinitywxl: G4 PowerBook, then?  Perfect.00:44
wxli may be able to drum up some interest in testing among the few lubutnu ppc users we have00:44
infinitywxl: That falls directly in between my G3 desktop and my POWER5 workstation, so we get some decent coverage there.00:44
wxlinfinity: yep. i also have a g3 but it needs some work to get into a testable state00:44
wxl(it needs an openfirmware uprgade)00:44
infinitywxl: If you can actuallt get honest-to-gosh testers who are willing to test images, I'll happily get them into a sane size/state.00:45
infinitywxl: (keeping in mind that I won't work miracles, they'll boot on what they boot on, ie: people who report that they don't work on beige G3s get to pound dirt, etc)00:45
wxlinfinity: we've had a couple of funky bugs with the lubuntu images that kind of made us wonder if the problem isn't canonical-wide-- so we have wont to test against a standard ubuntu iso00:45
wxlyeah g3s are…crazy00:46
wxlopenfirmware's pretty funky to begin with, even current versions00:46
infinityMy G3 has a MacOS9 installation just to run BootX.00:46
wxlyeah the g3 i inherited (wallstreet pb) had the hd wiped00:47
infinityI feel kinda dirty using MacOS as a "bootloader", but that OF version and quik just never got along.00:47
wxland no install disks00:47
wxland trying to find just the right version of os9 to use-- good luck.00:47
wxlit's not like the disks are marked "will boot on stupid version of openfirmware!"00:48
wxlso yeah i keep looking. one of these days i'll find one :D00:48
infinityAnyhow.  I'm assuming your G4 more or less "just works" with our images (modulo size and random bugs), so we'll start there.00:49
wxloh yeah the g4 is good to go00:49
infinityI'll see if I can spend some weekend/community time whipping them into better shape and poke you.00:49
wxlsounds good!00:49
infinityWhile I'm at it, I'll make the images actually boot on my POWER5. :P00:49
wxlhave you been testing all the buntus?00:50
infinityBut, I have a personal interest in PPC images actually being smoketested to the point where we can at least publish them as "unsupported community images".00:50
wxlcuz i could always use the opportunity to muster support for lubuntu-on-ppc testing :D00:50
wxlexactly my thoughts00:50
infinityDo we build lubuntu on PPC?00:50
infinityGo figure.00:50
wxlthe alternate's now even appropriately sized00:50
infinityAll I cared about was ubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-server (and potentially ubuntu-alternate), but others work too, if people are willing to test.00:51
wxli know we have at least one guy who's testing on g3, g4, g500:51
wxlof course i seem to be the only ppc tester who knows how to use the qa tracker :/00:51
wxlwell (biased opinion) i think given the focus towards low resource usage, lubuntu is perfect for ppc00:52
wxland mac users tend to see their machines as so entirely disposable so…00:52
infinitywxl: Hey, my power5 (and power7s, and...) is hardly slow, or low resource. :P00:53
infinitywxl: Anyhow, there's no hard and fast rule (especially for community images) around the tester also being the tracker user.00:53
infinitywxl: If the guy testing on g3/g4/g5 can report his findings to you, you can fill out the tests. :P00:53
wxlinfinity: sorry work was calling but that's a good point! i'll see what i can do :D01:24
skaetwxl,  lubuntu desktop published...01:26
wxlskaet: thx! i'll get on it tonight!01:26
skaetedubuntu's posted02:20
rickspencer3hey all, what's the word on the street about B1? the smoke tests are looking good at leat ;)07:15
jibelhey rickspencer307:37
jibelno major breakage.07:37
jibeleverything has been respun during the night, and will be again today to catch latest fixes of ubiquity07:38
jibelwe'll have a good picture of the candidates this afternoon07:38
brendandanyone else having a problem with the keyboard layout screen in ubiquity?10:15
jibelbrendand, good morning10:17
jibelbrendand, what kind of problem ?10:17
brendandthe list views are unresponsive. i'm restarting and trying again10:18
jibelI have a problem in the sense that if I select French it uses a 'us' layout but not with the scren10:18
jibelbrendand, do you use arrozs to navigate the lists ?10:19
brendandjibel, that doesn't work10:19
brendandjibel, i can't change the selection at all10:19
brendandalso, i guess you've noticed the weird colours that notify-osd uses?10:20
jibelbrendand, could be a regression due to10:20
jibel    - To avoid issues when quickly changing the selection (easily done by10:20
jibel      using the keyboard), add a 600ms delay to any user action, reset with10:20
jibel      any further action10:20
jibelin 2.9.2210:20
rigvedhi everyone. what should i enter in as the api key on my user profile on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/profile?10:22
brendandjibel - seems to work better now, but the delay is weird10:22
brendandjibel - seems more than 600ms10:23
brendandfeels more like 2s10:23
jibelbrendand, trying10:23
brendandjibel, maybe just the speed of the system though10:23
brendandjibel - could be something i did last time disturbed it into not working10:24
jibelbrendand, system's speed shouldn't change time length. That's not a quantum laptop I guess10:25
brendandjibel - well, the perceived delay and the deliberate delay are different10:26
brendandjibel - did you see the camera bug i raised?10:27
jibelbrendand, yes, I'll confirm it today.10:27
jibelbrendand, I don't reproduce the 2s delay, but if the user is too slow, the focus changes from the list to the input field below the list11:15
brendandjibel, too slow to? make the first input on the screen?11:16
jibelbrendand, doesn't press up/down arrows quickly to change the layout11:17
jibelwell, and I can't focus the list with tab. keyboard navigation is broken on this screen11:18
brendandjibel, sounds like what i was seeing11:19
jibelhm, and cannot focus with the mouse even11:20
jibelfiling a bug11:20
jibeland it's interesting that the actual keyboard layout doesn't match the selected layout11:22
brendandjibel, ok. it must be the first time i did it i waited for a while before pressing anything, then the next time i did it quickly11:34
brendandjibel, do you see problems with notify-osd as well?11:34
jibelbrendand, yes, it's a nice light aubergine11:38
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brendandjibel - sometimes it's rede11:38
brendandsometimes orange11:38
jibelI saw it blue11:39
brendandwe can say it is non-deterministic :)11:39
jibelbrendand, did you file a bug already11:39
brendandjibel - not yet. i will now11:39
jibelthanks, I'll confirm it11:39
brendandjibel - how to file from within ubiquity itself?11:39
jibelbrendand, without the desktop env, I don't think there is a way. you must quit ubiquity and it will start a session11:41
brendandi'll just do it from the live session11:43
brendandexcept i don't get any connection from the live session :(11:45
brendandjibel, so strange that it only happens in ubiquity11:55
brendandjibel, in the live session it's transparent11:55
brendandbug 94257213:03
brendandis mup on holiday?13:03
jibelbrendand, could you take a picture or a screenshot ?13:07
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jp_HraniceHallo. Got a question. My Ubiquity installer looks diferent after change from usb-creator to Unetbootin.13:55
jp_HraniceIt seems do not match testcases on iso testing tracker.13:55
brendandjp_Hranice, what does it look like?14:01
jp_Hraniceit is diferent. fistly it ask me for timezone14:03
jp_Hranice... keyboard14:03
jp_Hranicedisk partitioning is not fist step14:03
brendandjp_Hranice, which version?14:04
jp_Hranicedaily life14:04
jp_HraniceI do not know version of package14:05
brendandjibel - if i take a screenshot in ubiquity, where does it go? i can't find it14:05
jibelbrendand, it goes to ~/Pictures IIRC14:07
brendandjibel, i guess that's only the case if you started ubiquity from the live session. in which case the bug is not reproducable14:08
jp_Hranicebrendand: Miracle. I got no problem now.14:24
jp_Hranicebrendand: I looks problem was in running of ubiquity from Unetbootin menu.14:25
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jibelstgraber, bug 94270616:51
jibelstgraber, I think that explain the crash you fixed yesterday in ltsp-live16:52
stgraberjibel: yeah, I'll close it as LTSP on wireless can't work ...16:55
bdmurraycould somebody test going to youtube.com when running a live cd?  I think the plugin finder experience is poor.16:58
SpamapSHeh.. you go to bed with a download running and wake up and its invalid. Well, thank god for zsync17:02
roignacbdmurray: i tried going to youtube.com from livecd17:30
roignacfirefox sugegsted a plugin - only gnash, but failed to install it17:30
bdmurrayroignac: right, that was my experience too17:30
SergioMenesesbut why don't use youtube with html517:30
SergioMenesesor use the plugin non-free17:31
roignacSergioMeneses: that is livecd, no non-free components17:32
SergioMenesesroignac, oks... but you can use the html5 configuration17:32
SergioMenesesI did it17:32
SergioMenesesand works!17:32
roignacI would (and I did), but this is about Average Joe17:32
roignacbdmurray: i've reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/94277817:48
bdmurrayroignac: awesome, thanks17:53
SpamapSso.. 20120228.1 is cut, but I don't see it on iso.qa.ubuntu.com ... ?18:02
roignacSpamapS: I suppose, this is a candidate to Precise Beta18:08
jibelSpamapS, refresh your browser ? it's there excepted arm which is still rebuilding18:08
SpamapSjibel: I did.. but its very confusing.. I was looking at the old build.. it should be much more apparent than "(archived)" that it has been superseded and I need to go look for a new one.18:10
jibelSpamapS, desk is close for complaints against the tracker ;)18:13
jibelstgraber, ^ for you18:13
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balloonscr3, roadmr ping pong.. ;-)18:40
roadmrballoons: hey! how's it going?18:40
balloonsnot too bad, working on getting more tests out there.. I take it you saw my post.. I wanted to speak with ara and your team about plans for beta2 at some point18:41
balloonsbut for the moment I had a question about getting my branch onto the checkbox launchpad project18:41
balloonsI'm a newbie to bzr and lp.. it seems I need some sort of project to accept merge requests and my junk branch won't cut it18:42
roignacballoons: just do 'bzr push lp:~nskaggs/checkbox/my_super_checkbox_branch' from your local branch18:42
balloonsroignac, thanks :-) I knew there had to be a way to keep it in my personal18:43
balloonshowever it's a good point about potentially migrating to the actual project18:43
balloonsso I thought I'd bring it up18:43
balloonsi merged your gedit tests btw.. thanks!18:43
roignacI don't think checkbox guys will mind if you will create just another branch18:44
roignacgreat, I was just thinking about adapting checkbox UI to a real 'action' - 'result' layout18:45
roignacwith potential connection to CaseConductor and so on18:45
balloonsroignac, yep.. that's an idea I've been tossing around also18:46
balloonsdo you think you could write anymore tests today roignac?18:48
roignacehm, 'today' - no, it is 10 PM here =)18:49
roignactomorrow - yes, yes, definitely!18:49
balloonsawesome.. did you see the list of apps?18:49
balloonsyou can see some have nothing.. I'm working on filling in the gaps but I can "save" an app for you if you wish.. lol18:50
roignacyep, I guess, I'll be able to write smoke tests for each app18:50
roignacI later will reserve some - like gedit18:50
balloonsok, I REALLY appreciate it18:50
balloonsby the time you see the branch again it will have tests for everything on that list.. however basic.. feel free to expand on them18:51
roignacexpanding is always easier than creating something from scratch, so this will draw more attention sooner or later18:52
roignacYet checkbox should be modified for these changes - like screenshot button or 'report the bug' with pasting the steps possibly18:53
balloonstrying to move the branch to lp:~nskaggs/checkbox/checkbox-app-testing18:53
balloonsroignac, I am working with cr3 on making sure apport pops up to file a bug when you say 'no' to a test :-)18:53
balloonsit's a start on getting there18:54
roignacyeah, the branch was created and can accept merge requests18:54
roignachmm, good idea!18:54
roignacI'm not familiar with apport-bug, but can we insert a predefined text in bug description? That would be a great feature!18:55
balloonswe can predefine a tag18:55
balloonsshould be able to do description as well.. will have to talk to cr318:55
balloonsand yes.. it would be sweet ;-) we're thinking along the same lines18:55
yofelyou can pre-define bug titles in apport hooks18:57
yofeldescription should be doable as well18:57
balloonsarggh. I can't push to my own branch.. got that same bzr bug :-(18:59
roignacballoons: hmm, which bzr bug?19:03
balloonsi had to push to old one and rebranch19:04
balloonsone I reported yesterday19:04
balloonssort of a weird error19:04
balloonslet me find19:04
roignachmm, yeah, sometimes bzr just goes crazy out of nowhere19:04
balloonsthanks for letting me know on the merge tho.. updating the post and wiki19:05
roignacsee ya guys tomorrow19:05
yofelagainst what should one file a bug about the system not booting with 'vt.handoff=7' on?19:31
SpamapSyofel: probably 'linux'19:35
SpamapSyofel: thoul could be plymouth too19:35
yofelI'll file it against linux and hope someone notices it19:36
SpamapSyofel: hope is not a strategy.. ;)19:37
yofelfor kernel bugs hope is the only strategy in my experience...19:37
yofelok, it's not plymouth. Plymouth is actually there on tty7, but by default I always only get a blinking cursor instead. Filed against the kernel19:49
balloonscr3, whenever your around I'd like to have some more help on the apport error :-)20:14
cr3balloons: ok, all yours now. what's up?20:18
balloonscr3, :-) kk20:18
balloonswe had started to discuss this error:20:19
balloons2012-02-28 15:11:17,684 ERROR    Error running event handler /usr/share/checkbox/plugins/apport_prompt.py ApportPrompt.prompt_test(<checkbox_gtk.gtk_interface.GTKInterface object at 0x217add0>, {'status': 'fail', 'data': '', 'description': u"1. Open Terminal using the dash, and typing 'terminal'\n2. Click on Edit, select Profiles, select Edit and select colours.\n3. Modify the colours to a different set\n   -> Colors change in terminal\n4. Set a20:19
balloons Background Image\n   -> Terminal background changes\n5. Change the Zoom Level\n   -> Zoom level changes in terminal", 'plugin': 'manual', 'suite': '__gnometerminal__', 'type': 'test', 'requires': ["package.name == 'gnome-terminal'"], 'resources': [{'status': 'Installed', 'desired': 'Install', 'version': '3.3.0-0ubuntu1', 'name': 'gnome-terminal', 'description': 'GNOME terminal emulator application'}], 'name': 'gnometerminal/ter-002'}) for event20:19
balloons type 'prompt-test'20:19
balloonsTraceback (most recent call last):20:19
balloons  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/checkbox/reactor.py", line 74, in fire20:19
balloons    results.append(handler(*args, **kwargs))20:19
balloons  File "/usr/share/checkbox/plugins/apport_prompt.py", line 229, in prompt_test20:19
balloons    'suite:' : test["suite"]}20:19
balloonsKeyError: 'suite'20:19
balloonsyikes.. that was a bit bigger to paste than i thought, sorry20:19
wxlballoons: hello?20:19
cr3balloons: yeah, what wxl said :)20:20
balloonsvery sorry20:20
wxlsorry for being complainy but that sucks :D20:20
cr3no worries, honnest mistake :)20:20
wxland yes, complainy is a euphamism :D20:20
wxlbut yeah, no worries20:20
wxlirssi won't let you make those big pastes without prompting you (hint hint)20:21
cr3balloons: let me try your branch to reproduce the problem20:21
balloons:-) I'm lame wxl.. I use znc, but xchat anyway20:21
balloonscr3 I moved my branch fyi20:21
cr3wxl: all other irc clients should spontaneously combust when irssi was introduced :)20:21
balloonsbzr branch lp:~nskaggs/checkbox/checkbox-app-testing20:21
cr3balloons: thanks20:21
wxloooh that is semi lame balloons ;)20:21
wxlcr3: +1 ;)20:22
wxltmux+irssi+bitlbee ftw!20:22
balloonsyep.. znc running on an ec2 machine.. that I xchat into from my desktop20:22
cr3wxl: I also use bitlbee but not tmux, what's it for?20:22
wxlcr3: tmux is a screen replacement that's a lot nicer and not so "antique" feeling :D20:22
balloonsit's like byobu i think20:22
cr3wxl: I'm a curmudgeon, so screen all the way20:23
wxli resisted it for a long time20:24
wxlin fact i re-bound all my keys to be screen-like20:24
cr3wxl: I also use ratpoison, which I hope will not get me kicked from this channel, which is like a screen window manager. same key bindings and all, except for the control key of course :)20:25
wxlhahahah sweet20:25
wxlreal users use wmii tho cr3 ;)20:25
cr3wxl: it's the reuse of key bindings that attracted me, just like I use the same key bindings in my editor as in my shell. my brain can only take so much20:26
wxlno wait dwm is more hardcore :D20:26
cr3wxl: I also tried ion but I could feel the lua oosing from it, to which I couldn't relate20:27
wxlhahah understandable20:27
wxli'm entertained by ratpoison/wmii/dwm/etc. but in the end i'm comfortable with a terminal when i need it and a standard desktop when i don't20:27
wxlfor that matter, i much prefer just a terminal anyways, but there's a few things that are easier with a traditional gui20:28
cr3wxl: a terminal and browser are usually the only two windows I have open, that's it20:28
wxlto give you a sense, i'm one of those rare mac users that knows how to use the terminal (and its incredibly funky take on freebsd)20:29
wxli must admit i haven't found the perfect email client for terminal. alpine is darn close but it a pain when it comes to dealing with highly organized imap folders across many different accounts (which i strangely have)20:30
wxlhonestly though it deals with it a heck of a lot better than most gui clients, thunderbird excluded20:30
cr3wxl: I settled for mutt when I finally took the decision to pull email locally and leave a backup copy in gmail, along with procmail it's really powerful20:31
wxlmeh maybe i should give it a go again20:32
cr3wxl: you could then pickup chicks: "hey baby, I use mutt"20:33
cr3works all the time20:33
wxlyeah because my sex life has increased greatly since using bitlbee20:33
cr3wxl: utopia!20:35
cr3balloons: I just tried answering "no" to a gedit test and I'm seeing apport collecting information which will probably finish at some point20:36
balloonslol.. of course you are!20:36
cr3balloons: so, here's a suggestion: 1. rm -fr ~/.checkbox and try again; 2. let me know which test you tried and failed to get apport to report20:36
cr3balloons: oh wait, I was running on oneiric though!20:36
balloonsok, well still that's a good sign20:37
cr3balloons: let me try something else but please try to rm -fr ~/.checkbox while we're at it20:37
balloonsyep, same error after clearing.. tried saying no to first gedit test20:38
cr3balloons: I can reproduce the problem, now looking into it20:47
balloonscr3, awesome thank you20:52
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balloonscr3, any updates?22:15
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cr3balloons: sorry, got side tracked :(22:25
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