_MarcusWhat is the recommended hardware for running Ubuntu TV on a virtual machine?13:28
_MarcusI mean, what hardware should I have it emulate?13:28
popey11:07:01 < Saviq> Horanche, for ubuntu-tv in VBox you need to disable OpenGL, 'cause it requires shaders, which VBox's OpenGL drivers don't support13:29
_MarcusSo disable OpenGL. Anything else?13:29
popeyI haven't run it in a VM, so I don't know actually13:30
_MarcusI'll just try running it on the default hardware in Virtual Box13:30
_MarcusWhat is a "10' interface"?13:32
_MarcusIs that touchscreen?13:32
L-----D_Marcus, I think that means you watch from 10' distance13:33
popeyit does13:40
popeysit back, remote control in hand.13:40
_MarcusWhere is the Ubuntu TV source code?13:40
L-----D_Marcus, see launchpad13:42

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