AlanBell!info python-zsi00:07
lubotu3python-zsi (source: zsi): Zolera Soap Infrastructure. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1~a1-3 (oneiric), package size 694 kB, installed size 2128 kB00:07
AlanBell!info python-zsi precise00:07
lubotu3python-zsi (source: zsi): Zolera Soap Infrastructure. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1~a1-3 (precise), package size 694 kB, installed size 2128 kB00:07
AlanBell!info python-zsi testing00:07
lubotu3python-zsi (source: zsi): Zolera Soap Infrastructure. In component main, is optional. Version 2.1~a1-3 (testing), package size 692 kB, installed size 2088 kB00:07
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Tutorial Video: Reporting a Bug in Ubuntu - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/28/tutorial-video-reporting-a-bug-in-ubuntu/01:14
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ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] launchpadlib et al Guidance - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/28/launchpadlib-et-al-guidance/03:14
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Call For Manual Test Writers - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/28/call-for-manual-test-writers/04:14
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knightwisehey hey06:07
popeyMorning all07:38
TheOpenSourcererInteresting device: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/news/2012/02/linux-computer-the-size-of-a-thumb-drive-now-available-for-preorder.ars Not cheap though...07:40
popeyriding on the raspberry pi coat-tails of mindshare07:42
TheOpenSourcererWP7 has a rather gaping flaw: http://arstechnica.com/microsoft/news/2012/02/skype-beta-for-windows-phone-arrives-but-it-shows-the-limits-of-the-platform.ars07:50
popeydaubers: next time you see your guy from black magic, can you tell them their support sucks giant donkeys balls07:54
czajkowskiand good morning to you to popey07:56
knightwisehey everyone07:58
knightwisegood morning ! :07:58
MooDoohello all08:06
knightwisehey moodoo , how are you today08:10
MooDooknightwise: ah not bad thanks08:11
knightwiseDoin fine ,08:20
knightwisejust pimped out my old EEEPc 701 with Crunchbang , remote SSH and teamviewer08:20
knightwisegonna shove it under a closet at my parents place and use it as a remote little server08:20
dauberspopey: ?08:21
daubersalso, morning08:21
daubersNot got your card back yet? or back in the same state?08:22
popeyno, i moved the card to another pc to test it08:22
popeyand can't compile the silly binary driver for it08:22
popeyso can't use it at all08:22
daubersAh. *nix binary driver?08:22
daubersWhat kernel?08:22
daubersWonder if a kernel change has broked it... they test upto 11.0408:24
* daubers grabs and has a mooch08:26
daubersAlso, looking at a phone for work... don't want another galaxy s2 (too confusing) any opinions on the HTC sensation?08:28
dauberspopey: You running 64bit or 32bit?08:31
* daubers install dkms08:35
dauberspopey: Did you pop them a support thing?08:38
popeyi emailed them08:39
popeyon the 23rd08:39
daubersNo reply at all?08:39
daubersI'll ring them and harass them when their office opens08:40
popeyhence my donkey balls comment08:40
popeybut you shouldn't have to08:40
daubersHeh, general comment on _everywhere_ is that if you want something done, use the telephone08:40
daubersAs when you email, it'll depend who's desk the email ends up08:41
czajkowskitoday is a bacon sandwich day, which is usually only reserved for weekend treats, but due to emails at this hour of the morning, I need cheering up08:41
popeydaubers: gimmie their phone number and I will call them08:41
daubersczajkowski: http://youtu.be/BhUZmvAEIN4 <- that'll cheer you up08:42
dauberspopey: +44 1565 83004908:42
daubersOffice opens at 908:42
MooDoohugs and prods to czajkowski as i've not done in awhile and davmor2 isn't here08:44
daubersWhen I look at bike insurance costs, I often wonder why I own a car08:46
MooDoodaubers: costs me about 300 ish a year fully comp08:47
daubersMooDoo: Little commuter is £87 TFT08:47
daubersMooDoo: Car is ~£70008:47
MooDoodaubers: my bike is a 600cc08:47
popeymy car is ~30008:47
* daubers gets grumpy about old people who managed to get car insurance when it was sensibly priced08:47
MooDoodaubers: my insurance goes down this year to as i'm 40 ;) lol08:48
* daubers shakes fist in a grumpy manner08:48
daubersOld people have all the benefits. They had sensibly priced insurance, sensibly priced houses and managed to take advantage of things like the stock market before it broke08:49
* popey pokes aquarius with bug 94231208:49
lubotu3Launchpad bug 942312 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "Cannot resolve proxy hostname " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94231208:49
aquariuspopey, that's a dobey thing, or a mandel thing, that08:49
diploMorning all08:53
MezI know I connected to IRC for something ... but can't remember what...08:55
* christel cheers czajkowski up08:57
* MooDoo hugs christel just coz he can :D08:57
* christel hugs MooDoo 08:58
MooDooyay o/08:58
czajkowskichristel: <308:59
czajkowskichristel: wanna see bday pics of cuteness09:00
MooDooczajkowski: do we really wanna see pics of you? ;) lol09:03
christelhe loved rugby tots09:04
czajkowskieh no09:04
czajkowskichristel: awww09:04
MooDooi asked my son if he liked rugby the other day while watching england, he said no it's boring, i feel so ashamed :S09:07
AlanBellthis is a thing that bastubis (Paula) is putting together -> http://www.flossie.org/?page_id=17509:08
christelMooDoo: haha09:08
christelMooDoo: i felt slightly mean taking him to rugby tots, they do 2-3.5 years, the other kids were like 3-3.5, he started the day before his second birthday09:09
christelso he was TINY compared to the rest of them09:09
christelhe was a tad unsure to start with but then he got really into it09:09
MooDoochristel: well he's only 3 lol09:10
christelhis paternal grandfather used to play for pontyprydd(sp?) and rugby is huge on that side of the family09:11
christelso i had no choice but to start him early as they've decided he's going to become an international (grandad has it all sussed out, he says that if he's really good he can play for wales, if he's not quite as good he can play for england and if he's really rubbish he can play for norway)09:12
christel(it makes me giggle)09:12
bigcalm[xoom]Good morning 1 and all09:18
czajkowskichristel: wales did very good at the weekend against england :)09:19
TheOpenSourcererthat was a cracking game - best I have seen in ages.09:19
TheOpenSourcererEngland played really well for a new team but Wales deserved the win.09:20
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: see now why can't you be as gracious when ireland win :)09:20
christelyeah, thank god -- we had the in-laws here and i feared they'd get divorced (i always do when england - wales play)09:20
TheOpenSourcererIsn't it obvious czajkowski?09:20
christelhow was your game in reading btw?09:21
czajkowskichristel: good fun09:21
czajkowskiwinning till the last 2 mins literally09:21
TheOpenSourcererWe are taking the kids to this: http://www.saracensatwembley.com/09:21
czajkowskilotta messy ball playing but was nice09:22
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: sweet09:22
czajkowskishall be going back to ireland that day09:22
TheOpenSourcerer£40 for the family :-D09:22
czajkowskithats very good09:22
czajkowskiI do liek the fact that rugby gamves over here are pretty reasonable to go to tbh09:22
TheOpenSourcererYeah - £15 adults, £5 kids. Via the school.09:22
czajkowskibar the flipping international ones :/09:23
diplobigcalm[xoom], Still broke then ? 12.47 didn't come to fruition ?09:25
* czajkowski wants tickets for ireland v engalnd on paddys day :(09:26
daubersbigcalm[xoom]: time to change providers?09:28
matttczajkowski: oooh, that'll be a good game09:33
bigcalm[xoom]diplo: this is the case. The service status page still says 12.47am today. They aren't very good at communicating to customers09:33
bigcalm[xoom]daubers: na, it's just a bumb in the road I hope. Will wait it out but will still be moaning about it ;)09:34
diploheh I know bigcalm[xoom]09:34
diploHave you tried via twitter/mailing lists09:35
diploUsed to be very active on ML's09:35
diploLevel 2's09:35
daubersbigcalm[xoom]: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha09:36
daubersbigcalm[xoom]: VM have always been terrible (YMMV)09:36
daubersIt also seems to vary hugely on which cable provider used to be in your area before VM bought them09:37
bigcalm[xoom]I've had a good service from them in general09:37
bigcalm[xoom]Morning pope09:38
TheOpenSourcererThat's a bloody good deal: www.somobile.co.uk/news/2012/02/28/htc-one-x-available-free-on-31-t-mobile-tariff/09:38
czajkowskiwe've just handed in notice to VM and are leaving them09:38
TheOpenSourcererThink now I'm going to wait for the S III though.09:38
czajkowskiupping rates for no reason09:38
diploheh TheOpenSourcerer I'm thinking the same thing09:39
bigcalm[xoom]Telewest here09:39
diploTW for me as well, overall they were always good09:40
daubersI'm half tempted to get a windows phone for work09:40
daubersjust to see if they're any good09:41
TheOpenSourcererdaubers: Did you see this? http://arstechnica.com/microsoft/news/2012/02/skype-beta-for-windows-phone-arrives-but-it-shows-the-limits-of-the-platform.ars09:41
daubersTheOpenSourcerer: Yeah... they're still a bit behind09:42
TheOpenSourcererNo multi-tasking for voip - so Skype is pretty broken.09:42
daubersIt's annoying that vodafone don't seem to have any phones with NFC in other than the Nexus09:44
bigcalm[xoom]|It's still a new09:46
bigcalm[xoom]|Blah tablet keyboard. I should use the voice to text09:47
matttyikes, i just subscribed to VM :-/09:47
mattti thought the service so far has been good tho, the guy who installed the service gave me someone's mobile # to ring if we had any issues/questions09:48
matttthought that was kind of out htere09:48
gordonjcpmattt: if it's an initial install quite often the engineer will give you one of his install team's mobile numbers in case there are problems with the install09:49
diploDoubt it works mattt  :)09:50
matttdiplo: kinda had that feeling also :)09:50
matttgordonjcp: suppose so, guess i haven't had cable set up enough :)09:50
diploheh like the women who give out fake numbers09:50
diploTheOpenSourcerer, Going to use your new notes tonight for OpenERP on my home PC09:51
diploWill let you know how well they work :)09:51
TheOpenSourcererHave had almost 30 comments already.09:51
TheOpenSourcererSeems to work fine for most.09:51
diploGood, mine was working fine but want a clean install now I sort of understand it09:52
diploGoing to make an image for these guys to play with at home09:53
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:00
hooverhi all10:03
brobostigonhi hoover10:04
JamesTaitGood morning all! :D10:07
brobostigonwhere are $term entries stored?10:10
brobostigonie, the entries i get, when i run set in terminal.10:11
dwatkinsstored whilst the terminal is running, or read from when it starts, brobostigon?10:11
brobostigondwatkins: good question, i am getting an error with byobu, that asks me to edit $term, when i try and start it from connectbot.10:12
popeythat will be set by your terminal10:13
popeyconnectbot in this case10:13
dwatkinsI thought it was in /etc/termcap or something like that, but I may be misunderstanding10:13
dwatkinsIs it not an uppercase $TERM?10:13
dwatkinsI had to set this up manually for my serial-connected WYSE 35 terminal a few years back, I just used 'termcap' iirc10:13
brobostigonpopey: ok, so it will be a setting in connectbot somewhere10:13
dwatkinsPerhaps 'terminfo' instead, but you shouldn't have to do that. What's the error, brobostigon?10:14
dwatkinsI tend to cheat and set TERM=linux screen -dr10:15
dwatkins(because I connect to screen from inside screen and it doesn't understand the TERM setting it provides to itself, ironically)10:15
brobostigonERROR: Sessions should be nested with care. Remove 'screen' from $TERM to force.10:16
brobostigonthat is the error.10:16
HoaxKey\join #latex10:16
dwatkinssounds similar to what I get.10:16
popeysurely you're already in screen, trying to start screen10:17
popeythat seems not what you want10:17
dwatkinspopey: I run screen on my Mac, ssh to my ubuntu machine, and reconnect there.10:18
dwatkinsI also ssh to a BSD box and reconnect to a screen session there.10:18
czajkowskiis AlanBell alive? or have the chickens come home to roost10:19
dwatkinshmmm, it doesn't seem to need my "TERM=linux" today, I wonder what changed.10:19
popeydwatkins: i mean, brobostigon is inside screen and he's trying to re-attach to screen10:19
popeywhich seems to not be what he wants10:19
brobostigonbyobu with screen, yes.10:20
dwatkinsah yes, that does seem a little recursive ;)10:20
dwatkinsI've had nested screen sessions on the same machine before, though.10:21
czajkowskibah poxy credit checks am gonna keep failing them for 2 more years so cant buy a phone on contract10:24
dwatkinswas someone at your address naughty, czajkowski? :-/10:26
MooDooczajkowski: pain in the ass that is isn't it :(10:26
bigcalm[xoom]Note to self: tablet Internet connection will drop if you remove the phone from house10:29
DJonesbigcalm[xoom]: Stop working in the garden then10:31
czajkowskidwatkins: I'm not here three years10:31
czajkowskidoesnt matter about my address10:32
bigcalm[xoom]DJones: I went to bring the wheely bin back to the house. Never know when you'll need your phone10:32
bigcalm[xoom]Mmmmm, that was a good pot noodle10:36
gordi've never seen the words "good" and "Pot noodle" in the same sentence before... you must be sick, poor guy10:37
* diplo agress with gord 10:38
matttczajkowski: when we moved to UK, my gf was able to get a contract w/ vodafone immediately, i wasn't10:40
matttneither of us had lved in UK before :-/10:40
bigcalm[xoom]I add soya and tabasco sauce10:40
brobostigonok, weird, byobu -r -d, worked in connectbot.10:40
diplobigcalm[xoom], and that makes it better... it's still a pot noodle :D10:41
gordbigcalm[xoom], buy a wok, boil up some noodles or rice, throw some veggies and meat in the wok, cook it up with some nice sauce, throw the noodles in, instant tasty food, takes about as long as a pot noodle too :P10:42
daubers\o/ confused the estate agents10:42
bigcalm[xoom]gord: far too much hassle10:43
AlanBellczajkowski: yes, quite alive10:47
andyloughranguys - anyone know of good alternatives to TinyMCE / CKEditor?10:51
andyloughranpref Open Source (bien sur)10:52
andyloughranbig part would be the images side of things?10:52
andyloughranman, quiet in here today?10:54
diploKCFinder andylockran10:54
andyloughranis that not open source ?10:55
diploIt is10:55
andyloughranCKFinder _is_ open source?10:55
diploIt's licensed, KCFinder is a rewrite of CKFinder because he didn't like the license10:55
diplosunhater.com or something i think10:55
diploThis is from memory, not looked in a while :)10:56
diploWe use kcfinder in our app, funnily enough working on it right this second10:56
oimoncan anyone convince me that 12.04 is worth trying to solve my performance problems for gnome shell / nvidia / 11.10 ?10:56
oimonabout to go back to 10.0410:57
davmor2morning all, czajkowski prod!10:57
czajkowskidavmor2: ello ello10:57
AlanBelloimon: I tend to thing forwards is a better direction than backwards11:01
oimonAlanBell, define "forwards" :)11:03
oimonlinux is broken for me since 201111:03
* popey notes a potential large performance boost in compiz in the pipeline11:03
AlanBellso go to the latest release, and fix it11:03
AlanBellor beyond the latest release as the case may be11:04
AlanBellpopey: on specific chipsets or in general?11:05
popey"DOUBLED the CPU performance of compiz. "11:05
oimonlooks like unity has the same issues http://askubuntu.com/questions/78237/unity-3d-with-nvidia-driver-becomes-very-slow-and-laggy11:05
popeythis build of compiz should have it https://launchpad.net/~sil2100/+archive/ppa11:06
TheOpenSourcererandylockran: Have you seen http://aloha-editor.org/ before?11:06
popeyoimon: bug filed?11:07
* popey filed bug 942545 if anyone has five mins to test from a live stick I'd appreciate it11:07
lubotu3Launchpad bug 942545 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity leaves a scrollbar on screen if you unmounted a partition" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94254511:07
oimonpopey, yes i clicked "me too" but can't find it atm11:07
diploTheOpenSourcerer, I like the look of that, and you poked the wrong andyloughran11:10
diploI did to before11:10
TheOpenSourcererandyloughran: Have you seen http://aloha-editor.org/ before?11:10
oimonis the global menu "turn off" option coming to 12.04?11:11
andyloughranTheOpenSourcerer:  I've not, thamnks11:11
popeyoimon: not sure yet11:12
oimonstill hoping that it will move the buttons onto the app window for maximised apps11:13
popeythe close/min/max buttons?11:15
popeywhere would they go in the window?11:15
AlanBelloimon: put your buttons back on the left!11:16
oimoni've tried...i just hate the left buttons/global menu layout so much11:19
davmor2MooDoo: Morning dude11:20
MooDoodavmor2: ello laddo...11:20
daubersYou know sometimes you have one of those days? Should they last 2 weeks?11:29
davmor2daubers: in your case you possibly deserved it who did you annoy ;)11:34
davmor2popey: morning dude11:34
popeythis is an odd question.11:34
popeyis it possible to stop the clock on my laptop?11:34
popeyor slow it down dramatically11:34
popeyso it always says "12.04" for like an hour11:34
daubersumm... why?11:34
popeyso i can record video and know it will always say that11:34
daubersyou could just put "date" into a while loop?11:35
daubersMight break stuff that relies on the clock11:35
davmor2popey: what happens to the clock if you open up clock setting and unlock it does it carry on as normal or does it stop where it is like a watch does?11:36
popeyit carries on11:36
dauberspopey: Be better to patch the clock widget thing :)11:37
gordubuntu one decided to lose my files11:38
davmor2gord: blame aq11:39
czajkowskigord: you're not having a good week are you11:39
dauberspopey: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/860402/11:40
dauberspopey: May break things that rely on the clock :)11:40
bigcalm[xoom]Does u1 not have versioning?11:40
popeyhaha daubers11:41
gordugh yeah it lost my entire .vim directory11:41
popeyhave mine, it's empty already11:42
daubersHmm... might have broken my mqtt connections by faffing with the clock...11:42
daubersAlso apparently it breaks ping :)11:42
davmor2gord: you mean you have no backups, and has it actually wiped them from you system or just lost them online if it is the latter I'm pretty sure you can set it up to resync11:43
gorddavmor2, i had an old .vim directory inside ~/Ubuntu One/ - copied my new vim directory into it, it decided to sync over the old vim directory that contained almost nothing11:44
davmor2gord: yes that's what it does you need to rename the file if you want more than one11:45
gorddavmor2, no, it should of synced the new directory into the cloud and replicated on my other machines11:45
daubersAnybody know what the clock widget is actually called?11:46
gordi didn't want more than one, i wanted it to replace the old with the new11:46
gorddaubers, indicator-datetime - its not a widget11:46
dwatkinsheh, Ubuntu just told me I have a good password ;)11:48
daubersgord: Ta11:48
daubersgord: Can't actually find the indicator in the source... am I looking in the wrong place? Found all the gumpf for the settings panel11:52
daubersah, hang on11:52
daubersfound it11:52
daubersme being dumb again11:52
popeyi tried attaching to the indicator-datetime using gdb to pause it11:57
dauberspopey: Found a way to do it :)11:59
dauberspopey: Use gconf editor, goto com->canonical->datetime set custom-time-format to 12:04 andd time-format to custom12:00
daubersand reberta is your transexual aunty12:00
daubersdconf-editor even12:01
daubersand it doesn't even break the system clock \o/12:02
daubersThere's probably a way to do this using gsettings too12:02
popeyi dont have datetime in canonical12:02
popeyahh, indicator12:02
daubersIf you put random text in the custom-time-format box that appears in there too :)12:03
* popey notes it's nearly 12.0412:03
daubersIt's been 12:04 for the last 4 minutes :p12:04
popeymine didnt work12:04
popeyahh, didnt set format to custom12:05
popeythank you!12:05
daubersDon't fprget to change it back, or you'll be late/early for everything12:05
daubersI do like the fact that my HDD is now the bottleneck with USB312:43
directhexssd time!12:46
directhexi have a new bin! \o/ o// \\o12:47
AlanBellpopey: perma-lunchtime12:52
popeydoubly so12:52
directhexi have a box of wine boxes i can't use :(12:52
popeyi bought a USB3 to SATA converter. don't buy it, its broken ☹12:52
popeyhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/TeckNet-2-5USB-SATA-Drive-Enclosure/dp/B000WP3GG8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1330353401&sr=8-1  <- good12:52
daubersI've got an icybox one12:53
popeyhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Midte-External-Drive-Adapter-Cable/dp/B004LO59MK/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1330353299&sr=8-11  <- bad12:53
popeylink me up please!12:53
directhexi've got sata ports on the back of my case12:53
directhexand some molex power sockets12:53
daubersThink it's this one... http://www.amazon.co.uk/IB-250StU3-BH-Enclosure-inch-12-5mm-Height/dp/B003XG08PA/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1330433610&sr=1-212:53
daubershang on, I'll find the box :)12:53
daubersIt's an IB250 series12:54
daubersIt is that one12:54
dauberspart numbers match12:54
popeydoes it have a USB 3 port?12:54
popeydoesnt look big enough12:54
daubersIt's got one of the long USB3 ports12:54
popeydid it come with a cable?12:54
daubersYup :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Connector_USB_3_IMGP6033_wp_.jpg <- It's one of those12:55
popeyneed one kinda pronto ☹12:55
daubersOh dear12:55
davmor2hey bigcalm[xoom] sadtrombone.com on VM12:55
popeyooo icybox is eligible for prime12:55
popeydoes it work in ubuntu daubers ?12:56
daubersUmm... seems to be on my laptop :) Suppose it should do as long as your USB3 ports work12:56
daubersIt's just a mass storage majibber12:56
popeyi have discovered this today12:57
popeyFeb 28 12:36:10 ubuntu kernel: [  438.138656] xhci_hcd 0000:0e:00.0: Timeout while waiting for address device command12:57
popeynot all usb enclosures are the same12:57
dauberswell, I'm currently copying stuff onto mine at ~ 80MB/s12:57
daubersusing ubuntu12:57
popeywhich kernel?12:57
daubersworks with 12.5mm drives too, which is why I got it12:58
bigcalm[xoom]davmor2: you've just noticed? ;)13:01
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]: no I just had time to mention it as I've killed the thing I'm testing and now need to wait for the devs to fix it13:01
* popey wonders how long to cook his beef wellington13:02
davmor2popey: long enough for it to be cooked13:02
AlanBellpopey has beef wellington, I have beans on toast13:03
gordgord has nothing because the delivery man will show up the minute he leaves the house to get some grub13:04
brobostigonhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1507816 interesting, for those that use android.13:10
popeyi have an iphone with siri and have yet to use it other than test it for amusement ☺13:13
brobostigonagreed, that it is,13:13
gordi do use google voice search quite often13:14
gordbut that is mostly because i hate typing on touch screens13:14
gingi tried evi on my s213:14
gingi asked it what oil i needed to top up a 2005 mini cooper S, it gave me an answer about losing weight13:15
gingnow they are threatening to remove evi from the apple app store because it's too similar to siri, which i guess means siri is also terrible13:16
gordonjcpging: to be fair if you lost weight the engine wouldn't have to work so hard and you'd get longer oil change intervals13:17
gordonjcpdepending on how much you weigh to begin with13:17
gingthe answer was something about being worried you are losing too much weight13:21
gingtold me maybe i have a medical condition13:21
gingto be fair the correct answer did turn out to be stupidly complicated13:24
shaunoI hope our robot overlords have a little more tact than that.  "it's difficult to explain .. so have a veiled insult instead"13:25
davmor2czajkowski: prod13:35
czajkowskidavmor2: herrrrroo13:36
davmor2czajkowski: stop trying to sound cute it doesn't suit you ;)  I'm down your way on the 6th13:38
czajkowskiof march?13:38
aquariusdirecthex, I have 1.2. :)13:45
davmor2czajkowski: yeap13:45
gordoh, u1 lost a bunch of other files too13:46
czajkowskidavmor2: cool will be around13:48
directhexaquarius, apparently they forgot to enable video call support in 1.2 for the n9, just the n950 @_@13:48
aquariusdirecthex, doh. Good thing I don't use video calling13:48
Myrttiaquarius: you got N9 then?13:49
aquariusdirecthex, and annoyingly they've implemented HTML5 audio, but stupidly; it can't be controlled from JS, you just get a button which you can push to open the audio fullscreen like a video. Doh.13:49
aquariusMyrtti, ya. Blog post on that subject is in preparation ;)13:49
Myrttioh dear :-P13:49
directhexi plan on blogging the lumia 800 too13:49
MyrttiI deny all responsibility13:50
AlanBelllove it when customers try to get technical14:05
AlanBell"program form to fit smaller screens (600 x 800 dpi)"14:05
popeywow, can i get one of those screen?14:08
bigcalm[xoom]Aww bless14:13
popeybeef wellington was yummy btw14:13
czajkowskioh that is one yummy dinner14:14
* czajkowski wonders if she can bribe the mothership to cook it when she's home in April 14:14
davmor2czajkowski: what you doing at popey's14:14
czajkowskibeef wellington is a ymmy dinner14:14
=== awilkins is now known as dr_barnowl
=== dr_barnowl is now known as awilkins
* oimon received his jot stylus for capacitive touchscreen.15:04
* oimon sings happy birthday to himself15:04
MooDooyour birthday oimon ?  Happy Birthday :D15:05
matttwewt, happy bday :D15:05
oimonwhy thankyou sir15:05
oimoni haven't told the chaps in the office or they will try to make me drink beer15:06
oimoni also discovered that applying a screen protector to a large surface such as a tablet is incredibly dificult15:06
davmor2oimon: hippo birdies15:08
oimonalmost as old as popey :-S15:08
oimoni get tired walking down stairs now, not just going up then15:10
* MooDoo is old in april...blimey that's close15:11
davmor2oimon: no that's no old thats just idle :P15:12
diploOlder than me, that's fine :)15:12
MooDoodiplo: no one is older than you :p15:12
MooDoodiplo: saying that don't even know how old you are lol15:13
diploA mere young one, well that's what I keep telling myself15:13
diploA mere 3515:13
* oimon is older15:13
diploWell I was guessing that as I'm sure popey is older than me15:14
oimonmy benchmark when testing which generation someone is from , do you remember what you were doing during liveaid 1984?15:14
popeyI was watching it on telly ☺15:14
diploSame here i think15:14
oimoni was playing on my bike on a lovely summer day in the garden, and the concorde flew over the house15:14
popeylooking for my brother and sister in the crowd15:14
oimonwe had the telly on in the house and were listening throug the french doors15:15
popeyyou aged yourself there calling them "french" doors ☺15:15
oimononly time i ever saw concorde15:15
popeyi used to watch it take off most weeks. I worked in a building overlooking the runway15:15
oimontook a strange route that day15:16
davmor2oimon: well according to popeys wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elvis January 8, 1935  so popey is looking good for his age :D15:16
popeywe taught SAP courses, and the delegates would always ask to be on breat when it took off15:16
popeyhttp://g.co/maps/hwtmf  <- that window ☺15:17
davmor2oimon: I remember15:17
davmor2oimon: the real way to test is,  which doctor who did you grow up with15:18
oimonyeah, tom baker + peter davison15:18
oimoni remember when adric died, i was sad15:18
oimonalthough my wife is far younger but her dad had them on video, so providing a skew15:19
DJonesDoes Doctor Moreau count?15:19
davmor2oimon: Tom Baker → Matt Smith,  I still think David Tennant was the best though15:21
MooDoo+1 davmor215:21
oimoni saw empire strikes back at the cinema , and RotJ15:21
MooDoothe first film i ever saw at the cinema was the last starfighter15:21
davmor2oimon: I saw all 315:21
davmor2oimon: I just don't remeber the 115:22
MooDoowow last starfighter - 198415:22
davmor2MooDoo: indeed15:22
MooDooi was 12 lol15:22
davmor2MooDoo: along with war games15:22
MooDoodavmor2: yeah :) loved em15:23
oimonfirst single i bought was ghostbusters15:23
MooDoooimon: SNAP!15:23
davmor2oimon: first vinyl I got was the police reggatta de blanc15:24
* DJones still has the Ghostbusters album sat in a cupboard somewhere15:24
oimonlost a load of rare singles during my parents house move15:25
MooDoomy sons first cinema trip was to watch cars 2, and that was 2 weeks ago :D15:25
oimonmy boy thinks the imperial march is called the doggy song. he's gonna get a shock one day15:26
davmor2oimon: first single was Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick15:27
oimonian dury15:27
davmor2oimon: yeap,  then some abba, then some queen, then some dire straights and so on15:27
diploOh god what have we started, come back to the future!15:29
* davmor2 remembers the start and the first video of MTV15:29
diploI'm bad enough for listening to 80's most of the time, don't want to drag you all back15:29
diplodavmor2, me 215:29
diploStart of MTV, not the video15:29
davmor2diplo: Video Killed the Radio Star the buggles15:30
diploNot one of these with idetic(sp?) memorys ?15:30
DJonesWhat is the recommended way of installing google earth on 11.10, there's a package to build a debian package but that doesn't sound right, medibuntu or a precompiled deb from google.com15:31
bigcalm[xoom]Wine ;)15:32
DJonesI try not to drink & compute :)15:32
davmor2diplo: I remember singles being 60-80p  before about 83-84 then they basically added a £1 to the font of it15:34
diploI think I only bought half a dozen singles ever, always have bought albums15:35
DJonesdavmor2: I misread that and thought you were talking about single spirits being 60-80[ in 83/84 in pubs :)15:36
davmor2diplo: I didn't get lots of pocket money so it was singles till I was old enough for a paper round15:36
diploFunnily enough old man got all my 12" LP's out this weekend, got to get myself a usb record player at some point15:36
diploGot a lot of them on digital now, but some I haven't found15:37
diploLot's of picture discs signed15:38
bigcalm[xoom]Aldi has one for 30 quid atm15:38
* diplo checks website15:38
davmor2I also remember the video of the making of Thriller that got released in order that they had enough money to finish the thriller video15:40
diploCan't find on website15:40
AlanBellDJones: google earth has .deb files, the ones from earth.google.com work fine15:40
DJonesAlanBell: Thanks, that was what I was going to suggest, but my wife has sorted it on her own15:42
AlanBellmy son was pestering me to install google earth, so I did, got it all set up and installed and ran it and he said it was the wrong thing and he wanted to put the little yellow man on the road to see our house15:43
AlanBellwhat he wanted was maps with streetview, google earth does now zoom in to streetview which is quite cool15:43
diploMine aren't there yet, just games at the mo15:44
directhexwe live in a world without mindmaze :(15:51
davmor2I always used to get confused by the buzz of grangehill when you'd been at school all day why did you want to see a show about what had just happen earlier :D16:03
DJonesdavmor2: Didn't you want to find out what Tucker had done and what he was going to get in trouble for16:04
davmor2DJones: I watched it I just never got the hype it seemed to cause16:05
czajkowskiaww ant n dec!16:05
bigcalm[xoom]Growing up in the country, I could never relate to that show16:05
gordlets get ready ready...16:06
bigcalm[xoom]czajkowski: are you thinking of biker grove?16:06
davmor2why don't you, biker grooooooooooooovvve16:06
davmor2thunder cats16:07
davmor2battle of the planets16:07
DJonesHe Man16:07
diploByker Grove* ( Spell it like the northerners )16:07
* daubers gets the bongos16:07
czajkowskiaww remember thundercats!16:07
bigcalm[xoom]Semi good news, I can claim back for the time without internet. Once I get the connection again that is16:07
MooDooit's friday it's five to five....it's16:08
DJones...Time to go to the pub :)16:08
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]: that's how I ended up not having to pay them for about 6 months16:08
bigcalm[xoom]It's Saturday, no school today, so what ya gonna do?16:08
diploczajkowski, Thundercats has been revived.. my kids love it16:08
davmor2MooDoo:  CrackerJack16:08
diploNew animation series16:09
czajkowskidiplo: ohh16:09
bigcalm[xoom]davmor2: still not a good way to live16:09
czajkowskibigcalm[xoom]: hasnt stopped you being on irc during the whole time either16:09
davmor2czajkowski: thanks to 3g tech16:10
bigcalm[xoom]czajkowski: priorities ;)16:10
davmor2star fleet on a saturday morning16:11
davmor2the other way to guess someones age is to ask what Chris Tarrent did before Who want to be a millionaire16:12
shaunoI'd just confuse you then, because I never watched telly as a kid16:13
DJonesStingray, Thunderbirds, Space 1999, Fireball XL5 (mostly repeats.... Honest)16:13
DJonesDid anybody see that there were plans to "reimagine" Space 1999 with a new TV series16:15
davmor2Joe 90, captain scarlet,16:16
bigcalm[xoom]davmor2: tarrent on tv16:16
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]: yeah if the first one that springs to mind is Tis-Waz16:16
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]: same works for noel edmonds16:17
bigcalm[xoom]davmor2: you are old :)16:17
shaunoso you're old if you actually owned the mr blobby xmas single? oh dear.16:18
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]: multi-coloured swap shop16:18
gordoh... i didn't need to be reminded that mr blobby existed at one point...16:18
DJonesThe other way of working out how old somebody is, is who were your Blue Peter presenters - Peter Purvess, John Noakes, Valerie Singleton & Shep the dog :)16:19
AlanBellGoldie and Simon Groom and some others16:20
MooDoojanet ellis16:20
AlanBellSarah Greene and Peter Duncan16:21
DJonesDid anybody ever build Tracey Island out of toilet roll tubes, crumpled paper and a pair of Val's old knickers?16:21
MooDooand then peter duncan was in flash gordon :D16:21
bigcalm[xoom]AlanBell: same as me, odd16:22
davmor2MooDoo: indeed as the initiate stung by the stump viper16:23
davmor2MooDoo: and Timothy Daulton the original killer of Bond16:26
davmor2I still remember the blue peter episode where they announced that Shep had died, Noakes was not a happy bunny16:28
davmor2who remembers the Tripods, and Wuzzle Gummage16:30
daubersCaptain Scarlet is the _worst_ superhero ever16:34
daubersHe couldn't solve a problem without dieing!16:34
daubers"I'll save those people by throwing myself off a bridge!"16:34
bigcalm[xoom]|But he can't die16:35
daubersYes he did! He just came back to life!16:35
daubersI'm pretty certain if you threw him into the sun he wouldn't come back16:35
daubersThe guys in Joe 90 had the right idea, after all, children are expendable right?16:36
daubersOnce they've gone you can just make some more16:36
bigcalm[xoom]|I'd feel sorry for the puppetier16:36
DJonesTripods +116:41
oimonguys...i have no resize corner when using unity - any suggestios for packages i may have accidentally removed16:55
oimonactually, may only be terminal application16:55
oimonsorry..forget that..just a glitch ..restart terminal it works16:55
diplogn all, going to try and miss traffic16:55
davmor2oimon: you sure it was there it's been changed to 6 pale dots now17:04
oimonis this what OSD notifications should look like? http://i.imgur.com/lTq1H.png17:06
oimondavmor2, i'm on 11.1017:07
popeythats not unity17:07
oimonpopey, really?17:08
oimoni chose "ubuntu"17:08
oimonmaybe i've completely shagged my system17:08
popeydo you have a launcher on the left?17:08
popeynot sure what you've done to that then17:08
popeywhy would you want two docks?17:09
DJonesI didn't think AWN was still around17:09
oimondocky behaves like i want it to17:09
oimontime for home17:09
oimoni'll look at this again tomorrow then17:09
DJonesIs that docky, not AWN?17:09
popeyyou have a dot in the top right of your window17:10
popeythere's some messed up desktop there17:10
popeyso yes, "Not unity"17:10
gordthat is unity17:17
gordbut its weirdly messed up17:17
popeytelnet miku.acm.uiuc.edu17:21
popeygord will like that17:21
gordpopey, i guess we have to provide our own soundtrack? ;)17:22
bigcalm[xoom]Now I need a tlnet client for my Xoom17:24
gordapt-get update takes reeeeeeeeally long if you have 40kb/s17:25
davmor2gord: apt-get update takes an age for me anyway17:26
gordtook longer to update than it did to upgrade even17:28
davmor2gord: yeap that happens fairly often but don't forget I have a million and one ppas for it to work through17:31
gordhrm, wonder what i have to bribe to get ubuntu to not use the minimum display brightness on startup17:34
opt1musgord: Just write your own script.17:35
bigcalm[xoom]|Is it home time yet?17:54
bigcalm[xoom]Is it home time yet?17:54
bigcalm[xoom]I'm building APIs for two seperate projects, my time sheet looks a little confusing17:57
jacobwhey dutchie19:09
jacobwhow are you opt1mus19:09
jacobwjhey penguin_19:11
dutchiehi jacobw19:34
dutchiein a very greety mood tonight19:34
jacobwhow so?19:36
* AlanBell likes to see libreoffice updates19:37
gordi hate them, adds another 200mb onto an update :P19:40
jacobwmy curent downstream is ~50kB/s19:40
jacobwi don't libreoffice updates :(19:40
AlanBellI am waiting for the fix that means I can run it with libreoffice-gtk, someone broke it for big monitors19:41
MartijnVdSI've removed LO19:43
MartijnVdSI use Google Documents anyway19:43
MartijnVdSand at work we have >100mbit19:43
MartijnVdS(so libreoffice downloads aren't an issue)19:43
gordi sometimes remove it, just because i might as well just re-install it when i need it rather than wasting my time with the upgrades19:44
* MartijnVdS loves the OpenWRT build system19:45
MartijnVdSSo self-contained!19:45
AppleJOr you guys could just deselect it on every upgrade :P19:45
MartijnVdSSo "just works"!19:45
directhexatom zombie smasher!19:46
MartijnVdSdirecthex: ?!19:46
MartijnVdSdirecthex: some kind of tower defense?19:46
directhexMartijnVdS, it's a bit too far past the boundaries of tower defense, IMHO, so let's just go with "strategy"19:47
MartijnVdSSo.. everyone has set their alarms for tomorrow morning?19:48
MartijnVdS( http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/716 )19:48
SuperEngineer[that's when the Rasp Pi actually proposes to us all ;)19:49
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: WANTWANTWANT19:49
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS:   me too :)19:50
* SuperEngineer gets ready to say "i do" to a Pi19:50
SuperEngineerwhat a wonderful week - today a U-Uk podcast... &tomorrow a Raspberry?19:52
gord6am? i'd rather not get one!19:52
popey\o/ UUPC in 30 mins ☺19:53
MartijnVdSpopey: *\o/*19:53
MartijnVdSpopey: (and if you read that one on the show, "asterisk, backslash, o, slash, asterisk")19:54
* SuperEngineer "asterisk, backslash, o, slash, asterisk"'s the U-UK podcast19:55
AlanBellor "MartijnVdS  being a cheerleader with pompoms and a leotard on"19:56
AlanBellI may have made up the leotard bit, not quite sure where that came from19:56
MartijnVdSAlanBell: well my running clothes ARE skin-tight19:56
SuperEngineerare the leotards compulsory this season - or just recommended?19:57
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: yes.19:57
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS:  ;)19:57
czajkowskidoes it work for anyone in chrome ?20:06
AlanBellnot working for me in chromium, but works fine in firefox20:13
AlanBelltotem http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org:8000/uupc.mp3 also works20:14
MartijnVdSye olde timey musicke20:29
mempokewell this might be fun20:30
mempokeworking with computer for quite a while but never used irc20:30
mempokeanyone there?20:30
TheOpenSourcererevening all20:35
TheOpenSourcererMux D appears to have dropped off the Freeview transmitter at Midhurst...20:35
brobostigongood evening TheOpenSourcerer20:36
TheOpenSourcererhey brobostigon how's it going?20:36
brobostigonTheOpenSourcerer: generally ok, other than some of my bones in my left heel being inflamed, and you?20:36
TheOpenSourcererGood thanks.20:37
TheOpenSourcererpingly pingly peep christel20:37
=== matti_ is now known as matti
AzelphurDid anything ever come out to replace ksplice since it's dead now?21:37
AlanBellksplice isn't dead, it got oracled21:57
shaunoa fate worse than death :/21:58
AlanBellTV related hack day thing http://rewiredstate.org/events/boat-hack-at-mipcube-201222:02
AzelphurAlanBell: it is dead, you can't sign up any more22:03
AlanBellI wonder if popey is going to this http://www.mipworld.com/en/mipcube/22:03
AlanBellAzelphur: even if you have RHEL?22:04
AzelphurAlanBell: I dunno, I don't have RHEL obviously22:04
AlanBellI am not surprised at them dropping the free Ubuntu/Fedora updates22:04
Azelphurhense the desire for alternatives22:05
AlanBellhttp://www.ksplice.com/uptrack/download-ubuntu don't you just download the .deb and run it?22:06
Azelphurno, that's desktop only, if you want server kernels you have to subscribe, which is now blocked22:06
Azelphuronly way to get ksplice is to install a desktop environment and switch to desktop kernel on a server :/22:07
AlanBelloh right, well do that then :)22:07
Azelphurthat's not really an option on a server :/22:07
AlanBelldesktop kernel is *fine* for most server workloads22:07
AzelphurI don't want a full desktop environment and X on my server22:08
AlanBellyou don't need it, just install the kernel, it shouldn't bring in any X stuff22:08
Azelphurno, you have to run the desktop updater which requires X22:08
Azelphuryou have to pay for the command line updater22:09
AlanBellssh -X22:09
Azelphuronly, you can't pay because they shut it down22:09
AzelphurI'm pretty sure that installing the desktop updater will pull in all the reqs too22:09
AlanBellprobably some of them, but they won't be running22:10
Azelphur*shrug* might work, a lot of effort for a project that is rapidly dieing though, still interested in alternatives22:10
directhexaquarius, "touch /etc/call-ui/callUIVideoButton" and reboot adds video call support22:10
AlanBellAzelphur: fair enough22:11
AlanBellI thought that after a few years of ksplice coming out that someone would put rebootless updates into the upstream kernel22:12
Azelphuryea, it's a bit silly after all this time that the server distros don't have rebootless updating built in22:13
ubuntuuk-planet[Laura Czajkowski] Ubuntu Global Jam  Limerick - http://www.lczajkowski.com/2012/02/28/ubuntu-global-jam-limerick/22:17
aquariusdirecthex, interesting. Not sure what I'd use video calling for, though; who can it call?22:50
brobostigongood night everyone, sleep well.22:51
directhexaquarius, not other n9's, since it doesn't advertise video call capability :p22:56
aquariusdirecthex, the only person I know with an n9... doesn't have one any more ;)22:56
DaveMorrisI use a squeezebox slave on my machine, which I've created a small upstart script for. I wish to run it as a user ('squeezebox') but it won't play audio since it isn't the current user logged in.  Any ideas on where to look to change it?22:57
DaveMorrislooks like I can't (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/TheAudioGroup) and need to run it as my user23:05
ujjainI am supposed to complete 3 sentences with the same word... it seems impossible: "like all great oopera singers,pavarotti had an imposing ...", "She showed great ... of mind and led the children calmly downstairs to safety", "There was a huge police ... at the football match".23:50
shaunopresence.  enjoy your homework :)23:50
ujjainah thanks!23:51

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