DaekdroomThat's a feature.00:00
thumpersnadge: push harder00:04
thumpermhall119: ping00:08
snadgeyeah i know00:16
snadgebut im trying to figure out why thats changed00:16
snadgeor how to turn it off00:17
DaekdroomThat change happened a few weeks ago, I think.00:22
thumpersnadge: I don't think you can turn it off00:29
thumperDBO: the multimonitor barrier can't be removed can it?00:29
DBOthumper, nope00:30
mhall119thumper: pong00:33
thumpermhall119: one sec, back shortly00:33
thumpermhall119: back00:41
bilalDBO: Any idea what in my code might be causing this? http://pastebin.com/Ddjbrbqu Tried several clean rebuilds already00:44
bilalI defined a new SCLauncherMoveWindow class btw, and it's in a file that's already included during the build00:44
thumpermhall119: I was thinking about how to socialise the idea of writing autopilot tests for unity00:45
thumpermhall119: as something people could do to in unity00:45
thumpermhall119: python based (mostly), rather than C++00:45
thumpermhall119: unless you need to expose more data00:46
snadgeof course... it continues on in the tradition of unwanted changes, that cant be undone00:46
snadgealong with dodge windows ;)00:46
thumpersnadge: it was very much wanted00:47
DBObilal, not really...00:48
thumpersnadge: perhaps we may want to allow it to be switched off, but then you can't reveal a hidden launcher on a secondary monitor00:48
snadgei dont want a launcher on my second monitor00:48
snadgeyou can adjust the sensitivity from memory.. i remember seing an option for it00:49
thumperno there isn't a setting for it00:49
snadgereveal sensitivity in desktop background -> behaviour00:49
snadgeim not sure if thats relevant to that00:49
snadgebut because i dont understand what that means i've just left it alone00:50
mhall119thumper: how hard is it to write auto-pilot tests?00:56
thumpermhall119: quite simple01:02
thumpermhall119: we could get thomi to help write a guide01:02
mhall119thumper: if we can make a simple, step-by-step tutorial like I had for quicklists and keywords, I'm sure we can get some community involvement01:02
thomithumper: mhall119: I wrote a guide ages ago on the ubuntu wiki, but it's fairly out of date now01:03
mhall119especially if we can give a handful of target tests for people to write01:03
thomibut the basics are the same01:03
mhall119thomi: "out of date" seems to be the perpetual state of the wiki :(01:03
thomiI also have a blog post that I need to finish for the QA team blog that explains what one needs to do01:03
thomimhall119: "wikis are where documentation goes to die" ;)01:04
mhall119thomi: do you have a link to the wiki page?01:04
mhall119thomi: so true01:04
* thomi looks01:04
mhall119but it's zombie documentation, because after it's dead it's still around causing pain and suffering01:04
thomimhall119: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/QA/Autopilot01:04
snadgefinally turned off the fragging desktop hints .. much relief was had02:22
snadgethey're broken anyway, to add insult to injury :p02:23
snadgewhen switching desktops, the previous desktop is seen through the transparent background02:24
snadgeand also zooming desktops it gets in the way.. has anyone proposed fixes for these yet? ;)02:24
snadgealso.. is there any particular reason why super+ctrl wasn't considered for the default change desktop shortcut? (over super-shift)02:25
snadgealso.. if someone proposes to invert the behaviour of the scroll wheel.. i will literally kill that person ;)02:56
snadgethat will be the proverbial straw that breaks the camels back02:57
Daekdroomsnadge, inverting the behaviour of scrolling only makes sense for touchscreen.03:01
snadgeit was a light hearted poke at apple03:05
snadgei thought maybe i'd shift the attention of dubious interface decisions to another party temporarily ;)03:06
DaekdroomAll you did was state that it's possible the Unity-design team would take a decision that's far more controversial than anything done by them so far :P03:06
DaekdroomDoes Apple use natural scrolling in Macs?03:07
snadgei personally haven't used any apple products, but i was aware of that particular controversial change in particular03:07
DaekdroomI know they do it in iPhones, iPads and whatever, but it kinda makes sense to do there.03:08
snadgeand they did invert the scroll wheel behaviour by default, and they did include a toggleable option to change it back again03:08
snadgebut the reaction from some apple users, was priceless03:08
snadgepeople threatening to boycott apple products, violent acts towards steve jobs etc03:09
snadge"Its very annoying. I tried turning the mouse upside down, but that doesn't work!"03:11
DaekdroomTo be honest, I'm trying it and it doesn't feel wrong.03:12
DaekdroomIt's just that I have to pay attention to the change.03:13
Daekdroom(therefore, it doesn't pay off)03:13
snadgekinda like the other changes i dont like and have to get used to ;)03:13
snadgeperhaps the option should be there to invert it though.. might be useful for people who are used to OSX 10.703:14
snadgei cant believe i just said that03:14
snadgeactually.. im an evil man.. but not only should it be an option, but it should be enabled by default for 12.04 .. *chuckles*03:15
Daekdroomsnadge, well, it is possible to change it through Ubuntu Tweak.03:23
snadgethat doesnt sound mainstream enough ;)03:24
thumperbschaefer: ping04:16
thumperbschaefer: I'm trying to determine if the ibus changes need a feature freeze exception04:17
thumperbschaefer: if the primary code was just moved from unity to nux + bug fixes04:17
thumperbschaefer: we are all fine04:17
thumperbschaefer: if it was more substantial, we may need a FFe04:17
bschaeferthumper, sorry, was at the store04:30
bschaeferthumper, that is pretty much what happened, but we don't have gtk in nux04:31
bschaeferthumper, so I had to re do it using the ibus apit04:31
bschaeferjay and I *04:31
bschaeferthumper, also pretty much all the code was in Nux before the feature freeze also04:32
bschaeferthumper, it was named TextEntryIM, and when we finished it we replaced TextEntry04:32
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smbdidrocks, Just for letting you know, because I had the feeling this will change anyway. I re-mapped the workspace changing keybindings to super+ctrl+cursor and I think not only my brain is happier about that combo. My hand started to hurt a bit too. :)08:35
smbSome nitpick there is bug 942460... ;)08:36
ubot5Launchpad bug 942460 in unity (Ubuntu) "Keyboard shortcut help screen does not show real bindings" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94246008:36
jokerdinowhere is the keyboard shortcut overlay in the unity trunk?08:51
thumperjokerdino: what do you mean?09:06
jokerdinoi am looking for the code for shortcut overlay in the unity branch09:07
thumperjokerdino: there are two parts, one in UnityCore, on in the plugins/unityshell/src directory09:07
thumperjokerdino: andyrock knows more as he wrote ite09:08
jokerdinowell, i just found it :)09:08
andyrockjokerdino, thumper morning :)09:08
andyrockjokerdino, what do you need? :)09:09
jokerdinoi thought it will be good to add the shortcut for video lens :)09:09
thumperwe do need to be careful about adding too much there09:10
thumperscreen sizes and all09:10
jokerdinoi note that it is not in that file09:10
andyrockjokerdino, yuo cannot add it without design input09:11
andyrockbut but but...09:11
jokerdinoi can just hack it in here right?09:11
andyrockwe need to add an item for the HUD09:12
andyrockif you want, you can do it09:12
jokerdinoHUD is already there09:12
jokerdinohints_.push_back(new shortcut::Hint(menubar, "", "", _("Reveals application menu."), shortcut::HARDCODED_OPTION, "Alt"));09:13
andyrockno :)09:15
jokerdinoandyrock: just adding in the src file and compiling won't make the shortcut for video lens to show up?09:15
andyrockbut the layout is a little weird09:15
jokerdinoand why are the shortcuts not dynamic?09:15
andyrockjokerdino, what do you mean?09:16
jokerdinoI changed a couple of shortcuts and that is not reflected in the overlay09:17
andyrocksome of them are hardcoded09:17
jokerdinoI wonder if I am in the right file :/09:18
andyrockjokerdino, unityshell.cpp09:19
jokerdinoah, ok. i am right there.09:19
jokerdinocan i file a bug for video lens shortcut not being there?09:20
andyrockjokerdino, yeah09:20
andyrockJohnLea, ^^^09:21
jokerdinois the addition as easy as:09:21
jokerdinohints_.push_back(new shortcut::Hint(dash, "", " + V", _("Open the Dash Video Lens."), shortcut::COMPIZ_KEY_OPTION, "unityshell", "show_launcher"));09:21
andyrockbut it can break the layout...09:24
andyrockan easy way is to add it removing another item09:24
jokerdinolooks like it09:24
jokerdinoi have another bug in mind.09:25
jokerdinolet me finish filing it. :)09:25
jokerdinofiling the first one i mean09:25
jokerdinohmm, you sound annoyed :/09:27
jokerdinoam i disturbing your work flow?09:27
jokerdino(bug 942476 has been filed)09:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 942476 in unity (Ubuntu) "Keyboard shortcut for Video lens is not available in the shortcut overlay" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94247609:28
andyrockjokerdino, of course not :)09:32
andyrockjokerdino, i've just a problem: I just woke up! :)09:33
jokerdinooh right. that makes plenty of sense09:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 770283 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "[fglrx]title bar does not update on non-maximized windows" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:03
snadgethis needs some traction :p10:03
ubot5Ubuntu bug 879156 in unity (Ubuntu) "Window border focus indication misbehaves" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:05
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Saviqdidrocks, did you already shut the merger bot down?13:13
didrocksSaviq: will do in 15 minutes13:14
didrocksstill another branch to merge?13:14
Saviqdidrocks, yes, one last13:14
didrocksSaviq: ping me once approved13:14
didrocksif not already13:14
Saviqdidrocks, alread yis13:14
didrocksgreat, I'm waiting for the 20's run13:15
didrocksand will shut down then13:15
Saviqok great thanks13:15
jibelcould you look at bug 937421 , it occurs pretty frequently when I press alt.13:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 937421 in unity (Ubuntu Precise) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in gdk_pixbuf_get_width()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93742113:26
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seb128gord, DBO: ^13:31
seb128jibel's bug13:31
gordwill do13:32
gordreally need to fix this optimized out thing in our stacktraces, it really makes a useful stacktrace worthless13:34
ryeHello, my ubuntuone-indicator is listed as "Untitled indicator", where do I make it titled?13:34
seb128rye, call app_indicator_set_title13:37
seb128with a title13:37
ryeseb128, thank you!13:37
didrocksSaviq: your branch for rejected13:40
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
Saviqdidrocks, yeah I saw that13:42
Saviqdidrocks, the tests pass here, no idea what happened there13:42
didrocksSaviq: issues with a local dbus-launch?13:43
Saviqdidrocks, those were unit tests that failed13:44
Saviqnot ui tests13:44
didrocksSaviq: I'm freezing, feel free to UNBLOCK this one once you will get to it13:44
jokerdinohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-2d/+bug/910167 guys, i am planning to have a go at this, any inputs/13:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 910167 in unity-2d (Ubuntu) "In Unity-2D, the desktop does not have a global menu" [Low,Confirmed]13:45
Saviqdidrocks, will do13:47
ryeyay! for python that's indicator_instance.set_property("title", "some title")13:48
mhall119has anyone seen johnlea?13:59
seb128mhall119, he's away (at a conference)  this week14:00
seb128mhall119, use emails if you need to contact him14:00
kamstrupmhr3: i s'pose by now we need to unblock all branches for dee if we want to land anything14:10
mhr3kamstrup, yea, although the leader writability doesn't make sense without libunity part14:19
mhr3well, as in it's not going to fix anything by itself14:19
mhr3didrocks, so how do you feel about some unblocks? :P14:20
gordjibel, hey, if you are comfortable building unity, would be great if you could test https://code.launchpad.net/~gordallott/unity/fix-937421/+merge/94970 as its entirely unreproducible for me14:20
didrocksmhr3: are they justified?14:22
didrocksmhr3: that's the question :)14:22
kamstrupmhr3: it has been requested by libdee consumers multiple times14:22
mhr3didrocks, how does 4 bugs sound? :)14:22
kamstrupsi I think it does make sense14:22
didrocksmhr3: show me! :p14:23
mhr3but, yea, first i'd like to finish the libunity part14:23
mhr3not that the api is set in stone (ie in trunk)14:23
kamstrupdidrocks, mhr3: it's all bugs on the 1.0.6 milestone https://launchpad.net/dee/+milestone/1.0.614:25
didrockskamstrup: ok, dee is small14:26
didrockskamstrup: so even if the bug all don't make sense to me for the release, quickly unblock them :)14:26
kamstrupwe have a truckload of tests! :-D14:26
didrocksyeah, that's the part who makes me feel "I can't say no" :p14:26
kamstrupmhr3: ^^ will you have the honor?14:27
didrockssee, tests bring confidence14:27
didrocksand more flexibility :)14:27
mhr3kamstrup, could you, pls, i'm adding this to libunity14:27
kamstrupmhr3: k14:27
jibelgord, hey, I can't, beta 1 is in 2 days and I need this machine for testing but I can test from a ppa14:30
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seb128jibel, do you use any application you don't normally use since the issue started?14:31
jibelseb128, heavy usage of vbox and kvm which use 'ctrl+alt' to exit 'pointer capture' or 'alt+arrow' for console switching14:33
seb128jibel, can you trigger the bug by opening the hud on any of those?14:33
seb128jibel, it seems it's the icon or pixmap it tries to use which leads to the bug14:33
seb128jibel, is the icon of any of those changing while running or something?14:34
jibelseb128, the bug occurs on the host not in vms14:35
* jibel reenables HUD14:35
seb128jibel, right, but I wonder what's the trigger, if that's the vb icon or something14:35
jibelseb128, yep, that's what i'm checking14:36
seb128jibel, for the record no issue opening the hud on vb here14:36
jibelseb128, hm, the icon in front of the hud changes while I stay on the same application and press alt multiple times14:46
jibelseb128, sometimes it's a question mark on a grey background, sometimes it is a white sheet of paper14:46
seb128jibel, but no segfault?14:46
jibelseb128, not always. when the whole thing crash, there is a segfault logged in dmesg in libgdk_pixbuf-2.0.so.0.2502.014:48
seb128jibel, right, I've seen the bug and patch from gord, I just wonder how you end up having an invalid icon there14:48
seb128jibel, nobody else reported it so it seems a pretty special case, I was wondering if an application like virtualbox was shipping with a broken icon which triggered the issue every time14:49
seb128but seems not14:49
seb128jibel, thanks for testing14:49
jibelseb128, thanks for investigating :)14:50
mhr3kamstrup, one quickie pls https://code.launchpad.net/~mhr3/libunity/use-owned-models/+merge/9497514:55
* mhr3 starts attaching bugs to that branch14:55
kamstrupmhr3: you need to require dee >= 1.0.5 for this14:56
mhr3kamstrup, there's no dee 1.0.5 :/14:56
kamstrupmhr3: oh, sorry, forgot we didn't do post release version bump anymore14:57
mhr3and it would need a mr :/14:57
kamstrupmhr3: can you add an explanatory comment in create_master_model()? otherwise it looks like dark magic14:59
mhr3but it is dark magic :)15:00
kamstrupmhr3: also, noting why filter model shouldn't be leader_writable15:00
mhr3kamstrup, pushed15:03
kamstrupmhr3: how much of a rush is this? I really want to test this in jhbuild before approving if there is time15:07
kamstrupas we're activating a lot of new code with this15:07
mhr3kamstrup, i'd like this in 5.615:08
mhr3we really need to push it early, cause the only way to know it worked is by not getting any more dupes15:08
kamstrupmhr3: doing a jhbuild now... should be reay in 30 mins or so15:08
mhr3but fwiw i'm running it, and it still works :)15:09
mhall119didrocks: have you had a change to review the unity-lens template yet?15:11
didrocksmhall119: I think I did yesterday and gave you some feedback, isn't it?15:11
mhall119didrocks: in email or IRC?15:12
mhall119didrocks: you mentioned that uninstall wouldn't remove non-empty directories15:13
mhall119but it's removing the only files the install command put there, so if it's non-empty at that point it means the user has added something else, and so removing those things may not be appropriate15:13
didrocksmhall119: IRC15:14
mhall119didrocks: ^^15:14
didrocksmhall119: this, and that you need to make a run command15:14
didrocksmhall119: well, I think rmtree will still make more sense, but as you wish for this one :)15:15
didrocksthe run command to tell to run "install" if not done is important though IMHO15:15
mhall119ok, I'll add that and ping you again in a few15:16
ryeit takes around 25 seconds to get into unity on my machine. Is there any log I can see what is taking how much time?15:16
kamstruprye: are you running your own build or with debug symbols?15:17
kamstrupbecause the unity plugins for compiz takes ages to load with debug symbols15:18
kamstrup(maybe also without, not sure)15:18
mhr3damn, you launchpad, why can't i mark 917194 as duplicate of 91635615:19
ryekamstrup, hm, well, this happens on 2 systems, on is my build with the cherrypick of "hollow pips" fix and another is on netbook which has 2 times less CPU speed but it is running off SSD and the times are virtually the same, as if there is a timer somewhere15:19
kamstrupif there is a 25s timeout in compiz startup then someone needs to be killed :-)15:20
mhall119didrocks: run.py addition has been pushed, rev 1515:22
mhall119kamstrup: IIRC, there was something about compiz startup on some intel GPUs (like mine) that has been slow lately15:23
didrocksmhall119: ah nice, looking15:24
kamstrupmhr3: approved... now to get the unblock acked15:29
mhr3didrocks, ^^?15:29
didrockson libunity?15:29
mhr3didrocks, https://code.launchpad.net/~mhr3/libunity/use-owned-models/+merge/9497515:30
didrocksmhr3: ok, but for the record, I hate you :p15:32
mhr3didrocks, cat updated_record | diff == 0 lines :P15:33
didrocksmhr3: ahah ;)15:33
didrocksmhr3: kamstrup: all is sorted out then? nothing new?15:34
mhr3didrocks, would you like us to prepare some more unblocks? :)15:35
didrocksmhr3: that's enough for a day, isn't it? :p15:35
mhr3there's never enough code15:35
didrocksmhr3: isn't it normally, there is always too much code? ;)15:36
mhr3didrocks, you know the saying, the more the merrier15:36
didrocksheh ;)15:37
mhr3and now i can finally work on making everyone's system slower15:39
kamstrupmhr3: ohhh, awesome, what's the plan?15:40
mhr3integration of locate to files lens of course15:40
mhall119needs more XML15:42
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jmlthe way the dash/launcher stays open when I change desktops is really adding to the stress of my day15:58
didrocksjml: it's been reverted btw this morning16:00
didrocksthe keybindings change16:00
didrocksmhall119: ok, your turn now :)16:00
jmldidrocks: ah cool.16:00
jmldidrocks: it's a pity, because they are better keybindings.16:00
didrocksjml: it will come back next cycle, when we can support multiple combination16:00
mhall119didrocks: ready for me to file an FFe?16:01
didrocksjml: but switching ws will be Control+Super+arrows16:01
didrocksmhall119: "your turn" was, "I can start looking" :)16:01
didrocksmhall119: is it still under the singlet project?16:01
mhall119didrocks: you want the branch or the source package?16:01
didrocksmhall119: maybe, it would be better to create another project16:01
didrockschange debian/copyright and setup.py to point to it if needed16:02
didrocksisn't it?16:02
* didrocks wants to bzr branch lp:unity-quickly-templates16:02
mhall119didrocks: the branch is hosted under singlet16:02
didrocksmhall119: yeah, so we don't have real trunks and bzr don't like mixing repo for different sources16:02
didrocksmhall119: anyway, you need to align debian/copyright and setup.py to the branch you want :)16:03
didrocksmhall119: ok, the run.py change looks good, you can remove the compile gschemas though16:06
didrockssame for X display test :)16:07
didrocksnot needed16:07
didrocksmhall119: tell me once you do those changes16:07
mhall119didrocks: ok, in a meeting atm, I'll get on that shortly though16:08
didrocksmhall119: also, as you need sponsorship, maybe move to somewhere than in ~mhall119? (like for packaging changes)16:08
didrocksmhall119: ok, keep me posted16:09
didrockskamstrup: mhr3: libunity fails on armel: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/94691031/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-armel.libunity_5.4.0%2Bbzr123ubuntu0%2B101_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz16:18
didrockscan you please fix that quickly? :)16:18
kamstrupdidrocks: it doesn't have latest dee16:19
kamstrupdidrocks: it needs dee trunk16:19
didrockskamstrup: ahah!16:19
didrocksok, dee built16:19
didrockslet me retry16:19
kamstrupdidrocks: and that was not enforcable in configure.ac since *someone* requested we didn't do post release version bumps... ;-)16:19
didrockskamstrup: oh you can, just not after release :p16:20
didrockskamstrup: well, there is another bug in bzr merge-upstream now that forces me to take the revision16:20
didrockskamstrup: so you can post-bump again :)16:20
kamstrupmhr3: ^^!16:20
* kamstrup pops the champagne16:21
kamstrupok... maybe overdoing it a bit16:21
mhr3we can be nice upstream again16:21
didrockskamstrup: "maybe overdoing it", right :p :-)16:23
kamstrupthat's the only way I know ;-)16:23
Andy80jono: are you aware of this problem in "ubuntu Accomplishment System" https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-accomplishments-system/+bug/942738 ? I've reported it in the mean time and I'm trying to figure out why is happening. Please note that I'm usinig a fresh installed 12.04 and probably I could not have everything configured properly...16:46
ubot5Ubuntu bug 942738 in Ubuntu Accomplishments System "ValueError: No JSON object could be decoded" [Undecided,New]16:46
mhall119seb128: do you have a few minutes to talk to dholbach and I about the outstanding Quicklist MPs?16:54
jonoAndy80, when did you run it last?16:55
seb128mhall119, "talk", IRC is better if you can16:55
seb128but yes16:55
Andy80jono: the first time, and it was working, it was on my netbook. Now I'm testing in the development environment inside VirtualBox, but... maybe I've found why it happens. I don't have configured a U1 account yet on it. Of course the daemon should not crash anyway, but at least I know how to workaround. Let me try :)16:56
jonoAndy80, aha!16:56
jonocould you test it with a working U1 and let me know how you get on16:57
jonoI asked when you ran it because I noticed the server was down16:57
jonomy validation server16:57
Andy80jono: uhm...... so I have to test without adding an U1 account? Or do you prefer I configure mine first?16:58
jonoAndy80, can you add your U1 account and then test16:58
jonoand then I know if it is a U1 issue16:58
jonofortunately I know a fix for the U1 issue16:59
Andy80jono: ok. I will also fix the damon.py code so it won't crash in any case, if it's ok for you.16:59
jonoAndy80, sounds good, if you could submit a merge proposal, that would be great - we are re-factoring the daemon right now and then I will merge in your changes when it is done17:00
Andy80jono: U1 account configured, now it doesn't crash. I'll fix the code in the case the account is not condigured.17:03
jonothanks, Andy80 as far as I am aware we just need to perform a connect to U1 and if no account is there it should show the register dialog, but I have not had a chance to look into it17:04
jonoif you can take a look and fix, that would be awesome17:04
Andy80jono: I don't know how to display the U1 dialog, but in the mean time I submit the fix for the crash, then I'll give a look to the U1 dialog :)17:06
jonoAndy80,  the U1 team built it so if you try to connect and there is no U1 account it should automatically show the dialog17:06
jonobut I need to dig into the details17:06
jonoprotecting the daemon from crashing is a great first step17:06
jonoalso Andy80 if you have any insight into how we can write scripts to detect the things on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/Trophies/Scripts that would be great17:07
jonowhile Duncan is re-factoring the daemon to use twistd I am looking to grow our accomplishments coverage :-)17:07
Andy80jono: how do I erase my U1 settings, so I can test if it doesn't crash after the fix?17:16
ryeAndy80, what settings?17:17
Andy80rye: I've configured an U1 account. I want to remove U1 settings, just like I had to reconfigure it from scratch on this PC.17:18
Andy80rye: of course I don't want to delete the account eh ;) just removing settings17:18
ryeAndy80, do you want to reauthorize (e.g. remove the credentials) to be able to reconnect?17:19
ryeAndy80, since the settings are only for the bandwidth throttling, notifications etc.17:19
* rye reads the backlog17:19
Andy80rye: something like that, yes... is it ok if I remove ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/ folder?17:19
ryeAndy80, ~/.local/share/ubuntuone folder contains the metadata for the client, if you want to see how the client will react when you use it on new computer, you can remove the auth tokens only - these can be accessed from seahorse - search for Ubuntu One @ hostname token17:20
ryeAndy80,  or you can do this from ubuntuone-control-panel-{gtk,qt} - Devices tab17:21
Andy80rye: done with seahorse, let me try and I tell you if it was enough :)17:22
ryeAndy80, okay17:22
Andy80rye: it was enough, thanks :)17:23
ryeAndy80, you are very welcome17:24
Andy80jono: merge request submitted17:34
jonothanks Andy80!17:38
jonoI will merge this in when I get the completed re-factored branch from Duncan17:39
jonohis changes are going to be quite invasive, so I would rather merge your fixes in when he is done17:39
mhall119didrocks: lp:unity-quickly-templates rev 1717:39
jo-erlendhey, jono. I saw your message this morning. I'm around now, if you have time?17:39
jonothanks so much for the contribution Andy80!17:39
jonoyou are the first person to submit a merge proposal :-)17:39
jonojo-erlend, cool17:39
Andy80jono: oh it's just few lines :) I was starting giving a look on creating new trophies and I found that bug :)17:40
jonoAndy80, new accomplishments would be great :-)17:40
Andy80the first? Got an idea for a new trophy :D17:40
didrocksmhall119: Upstream-Name: unity-singlet17:40
didrocksin debian/copyright17:40
jonoas I mentioned, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/Trophies/Scripts provides a list of ones that I think could work well17:40
didrocksthis one has to change as well :)17:40
didrocksmhall119: the rest is fine, you can open a FFe :)17:41
jonoAndy80, :-)17:47
mhall119didrocks: do I need to put anythign specific in the bug title for a FFe?17:51
mhall119and do I need to attach the source package, or just reference the bzr branch?17:52
mhall119didrocks: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/94278217:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 942782 in Ubuntu "Add unity-quickly-lens-template package to Universe" [Undecided,New]17:55
didrocksmhall119: just say it has a low impact on the existing bits17:59
didrocksmhall119: and will stay in universe17:59
didrocksmhall119: that should do it :)17:59
dobeywhere is the indicator-messages trunk now?19:40
gorddobey, lp:indicator-messages ?19:41
dobeyoh right. got confused with libindicate version vs indicator-messages version19:42
dobeyhrmm. did something seriously break api with the libindicate 0.7 bumping? this code seems to be showing a message, though the messages indicator isn't turning blue, nor does it show the message in the list :-/19:44
seb128tedg, ^19:47
tedgdobey, I don't think anything that would mark those type of reactions.19:49
dobeytedg: ah; it appears the expected type for the indicator's "time" property changed to GTimeVal20:03
tedgdobey, Hmm, I think that actually changed a while ago... but, glad you've found it :-)20:06
dobeytedg: except even if i pass GLib.get_current_time(); i get the same traceback in the logs :-/20:08
* dobey wonders why the heck we're using the time property anyway20:09
tedg dobey, you kinda need either time or a count20:09
tedgdobey, Not sure which makes sense for you guys.20:10
tedgdobey, Are you using set_time ?20:10
dobeytedg: was doing set_property_time()20:12
mhall119seb128: you still around?20:26
seb128mhall119, yes20:38
mhall119seb128: do we need OnlyShowIn=Unity on the new quicklists?20:42
seb128mhall119, not especially no20:42
seb128mhall119, that's if we wanted to limit those to unity bug nothing else use that spec yet that I know about so in practice we don't know if others want it or not20:43
seb128ignore that20:43
seb128if something else start unity those groups and doesn't want the lists we added we will add those20:43
mhall119seb128: can you review these comments before I post them to the respective MPs?20:51
seb128mhall119, yes20:51
mhall119one if for packages in Main, the other for Universe20:51
mhall119if the recommended changes is correct, I'll update my blog too20:54
seb128mhall119, where are those?20:54
mhall119seb128: lines 9, 10 and 11 of the pastebin20:58
mhall119oh, my pastebin url didn't post?20:58
mhall119there is it20:58
mhall119I swear I pasted it 5 minutes ago....20:59
seb128mhall119, no it didn't, looking20:59
seb128mhall119, looks mostly fine, small comments21:00
seb128- maybe you can put a not about the fact the capitalization use since that was incoherently used before21:00
seb128- for the universe case you might want to write something saying that we will discuss how to deal better with those in Ubuntu at UDS to provide a better solution next cycle21:01
seb128mhall119, but otherwise it looks good ;-)21:02
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
mhall119seb128: I've updated all the add_quicklist MPs I know about22:57
mhall119you can reject the Universe ones now if you want22:57
seb128mhall119, thanks22:58
bschaeferthumper, ping23:19
thumperbschaefer: hi23:40
bschaeferthumper, hey,23:44
bschaeferthumper, so did you need to do an FFe for the ibus code?23:45

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