snap-lI mean, morning11:42
snap-lApparently tomorrow is BOGO at Caribou13:53
snap-l(buy one, get one)13:53
snap-l(with coupon)13:54
rick_h_ooh, they're going to regret that :P13:55
snap-lhttp://magnatune.com/artists/albums/ilic-sparkling/ <- Now listening14:06
rick_h_the internet is a sad place: http://i.imgur.com/y9Nai.jpg14:32
Scott_firebeta4chan, not even once14:42
snap-lI've seen some rather bright people do some really dumb things.14:46
brouschsnap-l: i need recommendations for music with a lot of drumming suitable for a 4 year old.14:46
snap-lLike one guy at $JOB that downloaded Win XP off of a torrent site, and used it14:47
rick_h_badass git trick of the day: http://vimbits.com/bits/17314:47
snap-lbrousch: What kind of drumming?14:47
snap-lJazz? More Tribal?14:47
brouschlike http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM8E0-ozlGA or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPkfLALLXKY14:48
brouschor the imperial march from star wars14:48
brouschi lack the experience and vocabulary to describe it14:48
brouschsounds right14:49
snap-lWell, what I was going to suggest was Kodo (Japanese drumming)14:49
snap-lor Blue Man Group: Audio14:49
brouschhe does not like my death metal music14:49
snap-lbrousch: Yeah, it's an acquired taste.14:49
brouschblue man group might be good14:50
brouschwe saw them in concert in chicago back in 2001 i think14:50
snap-lYeah, Audio is not quite like their show14:50
snap-lbut it's quite percussive14:50
brouschused from $0.0114:51
brouschhard to pass up14:51
snap-lMahler's 6th might also be good for him to improvise to14:51
brouschi hope some variety will help keep my wife's sanity14:52
brouschgeorge gets stuck on one song for a month and wants only to listen to it. a month of variations on the 20th century fox fanfare gets annoying14:53
brouschhe plays it a dozen times on his computer, then takes it downstairs and plays it on his drums until his arms hurt14:54
snap-lTataku : Best of Kodo II 1994-199914:55
snap-lI could see him getting into the second track14:56
brouschsounds good14:57
snap-lThere's another one that might be too subtle for him: Raise the Roof by Michael Daugherty14:58
snap-lStarts out really quiet, but, well, raises the roof14:59
snap-lSolo timpani15:01
snap-lWhat's not to love?>15:01
brouschhe likes some evelyn glennie15:02
snap-lI have not heard of her15:02
snap-lNot by name, at least.15:03
brouschshe even did a ted talk15:04
snap-lI stopped watching Ted a while back15:04
krondorIf you're just looking for singles; Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing) -- Benny Goodman is percussive and a hit w/ my 4 year old.15:06
krondorGoogle also told me to read; http://kidsmusicthatrocks.blogspot.com/15:09
brouschkrondor: benny goodman song looks good15:09
brouschkrondor: i need http://kidsmusicthatdoesntdriveparentsinsane.com15:10
krondorthat's the site's subtitle basically; "Music for kids that doesn't make adults want to rip their hair out."15:10
krondoronly skimming the content isn't that great15:10
brouschthanks guys15:18
snap-lkrondor: Just play 'em White Zombie when they're young15:19
snap-lthat's the tactic my bro-in-law has taken with his daughter.15:19
snap-lShe loves Lacuna Coil15:19
* krondor may be guilty of exposing his kids to not exactly 'age appropriate' music15:19
snap-l"Stop whining you little brat, or you'll get The Stravinksy" again"15:20
snap-l"NO Daddy, ANYTHING but early 20th centruty impressionistic classical music!"15:21
tjagodaAnybody have advice for managing cell phone costs when employees go internationally roaming?15:27
tjagodaTired of salesmen having like $1,100 phone bills for their trips to Korea15:28
krondorGSM phone you could try to teach them to use a local SIM (pay as you go) when on the trip15:28
krondorapndroid for android also lets you disable all data/roaming with a toggle15:29
snap-lImplement a no-trips policy, and give the salesmen tin cans and string for phones.15:31
krondorsome CDMA/GSM phones let you set a preferred network (so you could at least say only CDMA and stop GMS roaming).  S. Korea unfortunately has CDMA though...15:33
tjagodaAll my cells are GSM Blackberries15:33
krondorI think that's all the ideas I have for now15:33
tjagodaWith a few iPhones and Droids on the salesmen15:33
krondorwell there's your first problem :P15:33
tjagodaiPhones and Droids are like 80% of my cost15:33
tjagodaThe blackberries are the opposite of problem =P15:33
krondorapndroid, no clue for iphones15:34
tjagodaCosts me $50 to get a new BBerry Torch 981015:34
tjagodaCosts me $500 to get some salesmen their iPhone 4s15:34
tjagoda ./rage15:34
snap-ltjagoda: Yeah, nobody wants to use their blackberries15:34
snap-lMight as well send them into the field with a brick15:35
snap-lActually, they might find that an improvement15:35
snap-lhas a more usable interface.15:35
tjagodaI love this torch15:36
krondorhmm, maybe your bb users are the most expensive given that backdoor to let foreign governments spy; http://www.osnews.com/story/2548615:36
tjagodaWould much rather use it than support Google's growing ownership of life15:36
tjagodaI find myself becoming the anti-google15:37
tjagodaEver since I realized they use the position data from Latitude in conjunction with your email trends to target adds to you based on what location and time of day it is15:38
tjagodaFeels slightly too big brother15:38
brouschkrondor: Now that i think about it, Benny Goodman might not work. He doesn't like the cantina songs from Star Wars. He says they're "too bouncy"15:40
snap-lAs opposed to checking in via Four Square?15:40
krondorbrousch:  lol I love kids impressions of things15:40
snap-lOr your cellphone company knowing where you are based on cell towers?15:40
krondoryou have to sign into latitude (not required to use maps (yet))15:41
snap-lbrousch: George is Anti-Jazz?15:41
snap-lHo boy15:41
brouschi think so15:41
krondorbut yeah ... targetted ads will continue to get scarier and big money for google/facebook/foursquare/twitter/theNET15:41
brouschwhich is fine, because i like very little jazz15:41
snap-lYou just haven't heard the right jazz15:41
brouschoh god, it's the tool thing all over again15:42
krondormy 4 year old is very specific in his rock picks.  He says if they don't have the drums that are boom boom crash crash it's not rock15:42
snap-lBeBop and Post-Bop are what I really dig15:42
* krondor flailing hands to illustrate point15:42
snap-lkrondor: He sounds like most of the people on reddit/metal15:42
brouschhe's been reading my music reviews15:42
snap-lIf it has keyboards, it's crap15:42
snap-lbrousch: You might want to try some Finntroll on him. :)15:43
snap-lActually got my dad listening to that. :)15:43
snap-lNattfödd (2008)15:44
brouschare those bagpipes?15:45
brouschhe loves bagpipes15:45
snap-lThey have a lot of bagpipe-sounding instruments15:45
brouschnah, the singing will be "Too rough"15:45
brouschi like it though ;)15:46
snap-lJust tell him they're muppets15:46
brouschyou must have an awesome dad15:47
snap-lHe likes heavily produced stuff15:47
snap-lOne of his favorites is Meatloaf's Bat Out Of Hell15:47
snap-lBut yeah, growing up I raided his record collection like crazy15:47
snap-lwhich explains a lot of my musical tastes15:47
tjagodaI've been thinking about setting up an ownCloud on my VPS15:48
snap-lHarry Chapin next to Focus next to novelty records.15:48
tjagodaso I can reduce my google reliance15:48
tjagodafor googledocs, image hosting, contact sync, etc15:48
tjagodaFor those who haven't heard of it15:49
snap-lNifelvind is the album that I introduced my dad to15:49
krondorI haven't played with owncloud yet, but I like the idea.  I'm looking forward to the cloud desktop owncloud bits from KDE.15:49
tjagodaThere's desktop sync in the pipes for ownCloud too15:49
krondorI've been looking at rsync to s3 lately15:50
tjagodaSeems to be less buggy than Ubuntu 115:50
tjagodaSurprised ubuntu 1 doesn't utilize ownCloud really15:50
snap-lbrousch: Eluveitie - Slania is also very good15:50
krondorowncloud wasn't really doing much when u1 was out15:50
tjagodaI like that I can use it from both Windows and Linux15:51
tjagodau1 is shittons of buggy when I try the windows client15:51
snap-lbrousch: Though much less muppety15:51
rick_h_seriously? php? You're expecting that to scale to every Ubuntu user out there?15:51
tjagodaI have faith in the ability of compiler nerds to do some crazy compiled php shit =(15:52
snap-ltjagoda: Your faith is misplaced.15:52
rick_h_about 6 test files in the base project?15:52
krondorsomeday we'll get something as awesome as ifolder was (until Novell crapped on it)15:53
tjagodaThe other major downside15:53
tjagodais that it uses the apache variables for max upload size15:53
tjagodaphp.ini variables for max upload size*15:53
tjagodaderp herp derp15:53
snap-ltjagoda: Any cloud solution that requires you to upload is not a cloud solution15:53
snap-lThat's just called a file store.15:53
tjagodaDesktop sync is in teh pipes15:54
rick_h_and no build server, kthx done looking at owncloud15:54
tjagodaAnd calendar and contacts syncing is all automated15:54
snap-ltjagoda: If it can keep more than three devices in sycn, I'll be impressed15:55
snap-lrick_h_: What's wrong with two-word API docs? :)15:55
rick_h_and that's -2 :)15:55
rick_h_yea, can't imagine why this hasn't taken over the OSS world yet15:55
tjagodaWe could play the "look at outdated Ubuntu wiki pages" game all day too15:55
krondorwell to be nice to owncloud it does look much farther along than when I looked 6 months ago15:55
krondorand they have an android client now apparently15:56
tjagodalooks like the next major roadmap goal is to integrate an eBook reader15:57
tjagodaso you can read books in your ownCloud15:58
tjagodaI kind of like that15:58
tjagodaas I have not embraced Kindles and etc.15:58
tjagoda"HTML 5 Drag/Drop Uploader Enable drag and drop so that users can a drag a file from the local desktop into the ownCloud browser window for uploading."15:58
tjagodaSo uh... does HTML5 actually work yet?15:58
rick_h_if you've got the right browser and do it right it can15:59
rick_h_gmail is using an html5 drag/drop email attachment deal15:59
tjagodaI see nothing but horrible press regarding the video streaming in HTML5, wasn't sure about much else in it15:59
rick_h_html5 == css3 + html5 + EMCA5 basically so there's more than video streaming in it16:00
snap-lYeah, HTML5 is a major improvement over more than just video streaming16:02
tjagodaI knew that16:02
tjagodaI did not know how much of it actually worked16:02
snap-lwould webgl and canvas also fit the HTML5 umbrella?16:03
rick_h_yea, loosely as well I guess. /me hates the html5 sticker16:03
snap-lIt's as amorpheous as web 2.016:04
snap-lDid we ever figure out what web 2.0 means?16:04
rick_h_web 2.0 == html5 :)16:05
krondorwell meaning I took it as (social integration (visitors are content producers), marketing I took it as our site is shiny and has flash/ajax)16:05
rick_h_damn, was going to say web2.0 means pretty buttons16:06
krondorno html5 is web 2.5/3.0 get your BS terms right :)16:06
rick_h_sorry, I haven't caught up on my BS Terms Monthly subscription lately16:06
krondorwatch the marketting peeps say mobile apps are 3.0 or unweb or some crap16:07
krondoroh man android user meetup snuck up on me again.  I missed the last two.16:08
rick_h_native vs web is all the rage16:08
rick_h_and I mean actual screaming rage inducing16:08
snap-lDone right, it shouldn't matter.16:09
brousch"people" are saying that users don't like a kind-of native experience, which mobile web provides. it angers and confuses them16:10
brouschi have not met these people16:10
brouschthey must be ios users16:11
krondorbrousch: ++16:11
* rick_h_ walks away before two hours of discussion kicks off16:11
brouschi don't give a shit how something looks as long as it works. which is why i'm fine running pidgin on kubuntu16:11
tjagodaI think pidgin looks nice on Kubuntu16:12
brouschit looks like gtk on kde16:12
tjagodaI was not of the opinion that is bad16:14
brouschme either, but it is not a consistent look and feel16:16
brouschand some people are said to become angered and annoyed by such thing16:16
rick_h_any of you guys using vim from the cmdline have tips for making the bg not look odd?17:13
rick_h_especially in the area where there's no content in the current file?17:14
snap-lrick_h_: Transparent bg?17:19
snap-lI've pretty much given up on transparent terminals because of vim and themes17:21
rick_h_snap-l: like this http://uploads.mitechie.com/vim_cmd_line_color.png.png17:22
rick_h_I've gotten the lines to get the darker bg until the end of the terminal17:23
rick_h_but still have issues at hte bottom where there's no text17:23
snap-lI think that's a function of your theme.17:23
rick_h_right, so I'm trying to find the right thing in the theme to fix17:23
snap-lrick_h_: colorscheme metacosm. ;)17:24
snap-lAlso, there's a tmux fix as well17:25
snap-lone sec17:25
snap-lset -g default-terminal "screen-256color"17:25
snap-lin .tmux.conf17:26
snap-land then fire up tmux with `tmux -2`17:26
snap-lrick_h_: Did thay help?17:33
snap-lYahoo can officially suck it.17:41
rick_h_snap-l: no, I've got 256 colors, it's just that the color scheme for that area isn't set or someting. The default background from the terminal is showing17:43
snap-lrick_h_: Did you do both of the things I recommended?17:44
snap-lalso, how does it look without tmux?17:44
rick_h_snap-l: hmm, so looks good sans tmux17:46
rick_h_I did try both the thing you mentioned17:46
snap-lI think that was the only two things that I did to make it work17:47
rick_h_well I'll see at CHC maybe17:51
snap-ltmux does some really funky things with 256 colors. I noticed it most with vim17:52
snap-lalmost got me running back to screen17:53
rick_h_hmm, yea. I want to try to start using some tmux splits and cmd line vim more17:53
_stink_oh no17:54
_stink_should i be using tmux instead of screen?17:54
_stink_i hope the answer is no, or else my whole world will be turned upside-down17:54
rick_h__stink_: yea17:55
snap-l_stink_: WElcome to the world turning.17:55
snap-lstrap in17:55
rick_h_it's basically official now, I resisted but caving17:55
_stink_ahhh god17:56
_stink_the pain.17:56
_stink_wow, text search switching17:56
rick_h_yea, it's pretty good for most things17:58
rick_h_just this colorscheme issue for me now and I'll be a happy camber17:58
rick_h_even has diff17:58
rick_h_tiling modes :)17:58
krondortmux > screen I concur and byobu even wraps it now :)18:37
rick_h_ugh byobu18:38
krondorsurprised rick_h_ is ughing a python project :)18:38
rick_h_I've got a few on my list18:40
snap-lbyobu has it's moments18:42
snap-lI only use byobu as a dashboard for my remote host.18:43
snap-lthat's about it.18:43
_stink_yeah.  like i want to reach for F9.18:49
snap-lSheesh, it's not like it requires you to use F918:50
_stink_heh, i wasn't clear.  if you want to use the menus, you gotta reach all over.  might as well just use it like vanilla screen, in which case it only offers the status bar stuff.18:54
_stink_then you're down to using it like a dashboard.18:54
_stink_which is really its only useful stuff imo.18:54
_stink_so we agree!18:57
snap-lYep, common ground18:59
snap-lIt's like you read my mind18:59
_stink_sorry, i'll stop18:59
* snap-l wonders if _stink_ is his soulmate19:00
_stink_i already wrote this in a trashy romance novel19:00
snap-lHis byobu is so dashing19:01
snap-lBut only the F9 key-press kept them apart19:01
snap-lIt was as if a screen divided them19:02
* snap-l writes a new wrapper called boddice-ripper19:02
snap-lWell, I'm a chump20:14
brouschadmitting it is the first step20:14
nixternaltell us something we don't already know though20:14
snap-lthose two days that I worked for $lastjob at the end of the year in lieu of buring the vacation is going to cost me those days.20:15
nixternalanyone in here:   a) looking for a job     b) familiar with c++/java, loadbuilding, sql, and jboss20:15
nixternal"work from home"20:15
nixternali have a client that is looking for someone to contract/consult to fit the bill20:15
snap-lnixternal: Not I, but thanks. :)20:16
Blazeixa QA guy just emailed me a docx with a screenshot of the results of a sql query :(20:17
Blazeixi'm allowed to hit him, right?20:17
nixternali did work for what i was told was an "all linux company" and they had a guy do the same crap to me20:17
rick_h_Blazeix: yes, that's definitely allowed20:18
nixternalBlazeix: no to the punch, you are allowed to pimp slap him though to get his ass back in line20:18
snap-lBlazeix: It's the least you could do for him20:18
nixternalif you all know of anyone who you think might fit the bill on that job stuff, have them email me nixternal@gmail.com with their info so I can pass it on20:20
nixternalgotta go get more work done20:20
brouschany of you east siders care about this kind of job? http://www.stardock.com/about/jobs.asp#jr_web_designer21:44
rick_h_I'd rather they get someone to fix that website page there21:44
rick_h_wtf...animated job req's? seriously?21:45
brouschgame company21:45
brouschmy sister might actually have made that page, so don't get too mean ;)21:45
rick_h_:/ ummm...so yea.21:45
brouschbut probably not. doesn't look fancy enough21:47
rick_h_heh, goodreads bombing for anyone else?21:48
brouscha little slow, but working21:49
rick_h_hmm, getting nginx error21:49
rick_h_talk about sites needing a makeover :/21:49
brouschit must be newish if it's using nginx!21:52
rick_h_heh, that's just deployment, not the actual application21:53

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