jrgiffordflash? who needs flash?12:45
paultagjrgifford: :)14:23
locodir-userHello everyone.18:17
locodir-userHow do I go about changing my name? Slightly new to IRC chat =/18:26
dzho  /nick newnicknamegoesherebutmakeitshorterkthx18:26
dzholocodir-user: ^^^18:27
dzholocodir-user: also, hello :-)18:29
dzhocanthus13: I dunno, maybe we lost them.18:29
=== locodir-user is now known as randip
randipthere we go18:31
randipHey everyone, so I assume you are all fellow ohioans? lol18:33
thafreakwell paultag is an honorary ohioan for life18:34
paultagI'm still in Ohio in spirit18:34
randiphaha.  Im fairly new to Ubuntu... again.  I used to use it alot back when it was in the 8.x stage if I remember right...18:34
thafreakso in 2008 ish18:35
paultagthat was the first release I really contributed to :)18:35
randipI decided to get back into it again just to fiddle around with  it, but then again, Im rsuty, lol18:35
yanotelnet miku.acm.uiuc.edu18:35
randipBut now I am dualbooting Windows 7/Ubuntu as of last night18:36
jrgiffordyano, isn't that the nyan cat telnet server?18:40
Unit193You have nyaned for 143 seconds! This doesn't seem to have as much of a limit.18:44
paultagI bet it'll int overflow18:45
paultagthat was popular a while ago18:45
paultagUnit193: I made one on pault.ag port 201718:46
thafreakyou were popular a while ago18:46
paultag[tag@lucifer:~]$ nc pault.ag 201718:46
paultagthat was to prove a point :)18:46
thafreakyou're to prove a point18:47
paultagyou're to prove that I'm to prove a point18:47
* canthus13 has nyaned for over 400 seconds now.18:50
thafreakremember turntable.fm?20:20
paultagoh yeahhhh20:20
thafreaki guess they're hiring python devs20:20
paultagforgot about that20:20
* canthus13 has nyaned for 6500+ seconds now.20:31
canthus13(mostly because I don't remember the telnet escape sequence off the top of my head)20:31
yanoisn't that it?20:32
canthus13thanks. I think so.20:32
yanothough thankfully sounds can't be transmitted over telnet20:32
paultagit can :)20:35
paultagooohhhh, that's make for an awesome service20:35
paultagshit, trying that now20:36
canthus13try prepending any url with nyanit.com/20:37
paultagnot now chief, I'm in the zone20:37
paultagfrack, no .wavs20:38
paultagGOT IT.20:38
paultag2 minutes, new record20:39
paultag]$ ssh pault.ag cat ~/test.mp3 | mplayer -20:39
paultagI can hear the grooves20:40
paultagall I need to do is send that out on a port20:40
paultagmeh, proof of concept is enough for me. Nice work, guys.20:41
canthus13 heh.20:43

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