c_smithbkerensa, do you know if PCLinuxOS is a community project?00:29
c_smithdoes anyone here know what packages I would need to install to get LightDM with the Unity Greeter on Kubuntu 11.10 and what else I would possibly need to do?04:35
* c_smith is going to test the KDE LightDM greeter, looks neat.04:41
c_smithbkerensa, is the Freegeek that the Global Jam is going to be hosted at the FreeGeek store at 1731 SE 10th Ave in Portland?06:14
bkerensa|mobilec_smith: there is only one freegeek06:16
TRAVISgHello all06:39
TRAVISgI have a question anyone happen to be up?06:39
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bkerensaTRAVISg: Yes07:10
bkerensaI'm here for a few more minutes whats up?07:10
TRAVISg__no worries I'll catch up later gotta go to bed07:13
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