Star_Lightops wrong channel00:00
yugandharActionParsnip, Any idea on this? please let me know00:00
kandinskihi, I have an encrypted disk with LUKS that works fine on my laptop, but I get "You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "diskfoo"" when I try to access it on a livedisk system, how can I fix that_00:00
kandinskiboth systems are Ubuntu 11.10, btw00:01
northernenI have a process running. Is it possible to modify it in such a way that it sends future error messages to /dev/null, without having to restart it?00:01
kandinskinorthernen, it's a bit of a hassle and you have to use gdb, but you can do it00:03
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kandinskinorthernen: please tell me how you went00:05
Guest11659hola denuevo00:05
Guest11659alguine de chile??00:06
Guest11659alguien de chile00:06
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Guest11659how can i get a nick name??00:07
soreauGuest11659: Type /nick yournick00:08
soreauGuest11659: Optionally, you can register a nickname if it is not already registered00:08
soreau! register | Guest1165900:08
ubottuGuest11659: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode00:08
Guest11659ok thanks a lot00:09
soreauNo problem00:09
mohan__when I try to update my Ubuntu..I am getting error message says " Failed to download repository information"..how to fix this ?00:11
darealdevelopahany admins?00:14
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Picidarealdevelopah: For?00:14
northernenkandinski, worked fine. Cheers.00:15
darealdevelopahI want to disconnect and I can't...00:15
darealdevelopahfrom the server00:15
darealdevelopahIs this enough to get kicked from the server? KIDS, SMOKE WEED! :D google for silkroad, online weed market00:16
EvilResistancedarealdevelopah, /quit00:16
EvilResistancesuch a simple command... :/00:16
kandinskinorthernen: black magic.00:17
kandinskiEvilResistance: I would have told him alt-f400:17
EvilResistancekandinski, that's just rude :/00:17
EvilResistanceanyways... *returns to coding*00:17
kandinskithat's just evil00:18
mega1looking for the command to let me make a dir in the folder /var/www it keeps telling me  Permission denied00:18
soreaumega1: You probably want sudo mkdir -p /var/www/your/directory00:18
northernenmega1, sudo mkdir, if you really want to.00:18
markgiffordhi guys, playing with nfs and am having a problem getting the client to mount nfs mount properly. Server works OK when mounting from a client which has support for NFSv4 in the kernel. When mounting from a VPS with only nfs (no nfsv4) I get "mount.nfs: No such device" errors00:21
kermithow do i open a '.numbers' file00:21
mega1want to be able to give user the permission to make there own in there00:22
markgiffordbut showount --all on server shows the failed mounts from the clients that attempted to using vers=3 ,but not the successful mount which used vers=400:22
EvilResistancekermit, use a Mac?  http://www.fileinfo.com/extension/numbers00:22
kermitEvilResistance: i dont have one handy00:22
EvilResistancekermit, that seems to be used by a specific Mac software...00:22
EvilResistancekermit, its only able to be opened with Apple Numbers, or iWork as far as i can tell...00:23
EvilResistancebut i'm not sure completely about that, i didnt search in-depth for software that does this00:24
mega1want to be able to give users access to there own folder in there so they can do what they want00:24
daniel___Can I get some help with nautilus-actions00:24
chipotlehow can i acess grub config so i can fix it with the liveCD?00:25
ZeepZopReplaced Windows 7 with Ubuntu on my main PC today, woot woot!00:25
daniel___Does anyone here know how to use nautilus actions? I have a question on it00:26
EvilResistancedaniel___, just ask your quesiton...00:26
mdpatrick_I need to set a static DNS to workaround a stupid modem issue I have where it gives up on fetching DNS results more often. How do I set a static DNS for my connection on an ubuntu machine?00:28
Jordan_Uchipotle: What problem are you having exactly?00:28
mark_umdpatrick_ /etc/hosts is common to many *nix platforms00:28
daniel___EvilResistance: I'm having trouble to get a script to run. I'm running a python script that fixes whatever simple scan doesn't correctly make when it makes pdfs. Anyways it runs fine with display output setting but it won't run in any other mod and I don't want windows to pop up on it.00:28
mdpatrick_mark_u: OK so given google's public DNS is, and
mdpatrick_mark_u: What would I place in /etc/hosts?????00:29
EvilResistancedaniel___, i'd direct your question to the hchannel rather than to just me, FYI.  But someone will probably answer (I'm on KDE, so I dont use nautilus)00:30
zykotick9mdpatrick_: forget about /etc/hosts (that for something else).  Do you use Network Manager?  there should be a way to enter DNS in there somehow (as N-M overrides /etc/resolv.conf which is actually used for DNS on non-N-M systems)00:31
wolfmitchellHow can I get the programs on Ubuntu Studio without getting them separately or getting another ISO? (Eg. metapackage)00:31
mdpatrick_zykotick9: I must not use network manager because I cant find it??? do I need to apt-get it???00:32
zykotick9mdpatrick_: are you using "ubuntu"?00:33
mdpatrick_zykotick9: yes, unity desktop00:33
zykotick9mdpatrick_: then you're using network manager00:33
zykotick9mdpatrick_: or 99% probablility you are00:34
kandinskiI want to remove the autologin from a flashmemory livedisk00:34
kandinskiso it prompts for login and I can choose my own user00:34
mdpatrick_zykotick9: Ok probably so then... what line am I looking for to set static DNS??? network proxy preferences doesnt look right00:34
SachIs it t possibe to open a .pages file in ubuntu 11.04 ?00:34
daniel___Anyone? In nautilus actions I'm having trouble to get a script to run. I'm running a python script that fixes whatever simple scan doesn't correctly make when it makes pdfs. Anyways it runs fine with display output setting but it won't run in any other mod and I don't want windows to pop up on it.00:34
kandinskiSach, have you tried?00:35
zykotick9mdpatrick_: sorry, i'm not sure how it works in N-M?  Someone who uses it might have a better idea.00:35
Sachkandinski, yes00:35
chipotleJordan_U: ubuntu doesn't boot when i select ubuntu00:35
kandinskiSach, it's easier in general if you tell us what you have already tried00:36
chipotleso i want to check the partition scheme in grub to see if there's a problem00:36
zykotick9Where are the DNS settings in Network Manager?  for mdpatrick_00:36
Sachkandinski  ok.  i assumed that my request indicated that I've tried....  what I've tried is doubleclicking on the .pages file.00:37
Jordan_Uchipotle: What does happen?00:37
StevenCodes22whats cgi used for mainly00:37
tullhow can i use a pendrive with exfat filesystem?00:39
kandinskiSach, there are a series of word processors for Ubuntu00:39
tulli've installed this driver : https://launchpad.net/~relan/+archive/exfat00:39
kandinskiI have looked and OpenOffice doesn't seem to offer .pages compatibility00:40
tullhow can i use this driver with Hal?00:40
SachKandinski -- i have libre office...doesn't open there00:40
kandinskibut maybe you can look in the Software Center, install all the word processors you see, and try them one by one00:40
kandinskithat's what I would do00:40
Sachok, thanks00:40
kandinskisorry I can't help better00:40
Sachkandinski -- no problem.  instead of a tedious trial and error method, I'll keep googling00:41
wolfmitchellCan someone tell me metapackage to install everything that comes with Ubuntu Studio. Any help?00:41
mdpatrick_zykotick9: Got it working definitevly. THANKS00:41
zykotick9wolfmitchell: you could check if it's included in list of "sudo tasksel"00:42
wolfmitchellI get "sudo: tasksel: command not found00:43
wolfmitchellPackage name?00:43
calamarihi. I'm sure this must be a FAQ somewhere, but I guess I'm just searching on the wrong things. I encrypted my root partition during the setup process. How do I change that password?00:44
scottjare there unstable cd images that are better at detecting hardware than 6.0.4 with firmware?00:45
jaequeryhey all, ive just bought a new hard drive and plugged it in, when i do fdisk -l, i see the device and says Not a valid partition table. it's an SSD, and I want to set it as EXT4. how can I do this?00:45
chipotleJordan_U: loads grub, i select ubuntu but nothing happens, i just get the same pink screen (or if grub loads up in a black screen, a black screen)00:46
calamarijaequery, do you want a partition table?00:46
zykotick9scottj: do you mean debian?00:46
jaequerycalamari: yes, so i can mount it00:46
scottjzykotick9: sorry wrong chan00:47
Jordan_Ujaequery: I recommend that you simply use GParted for partitioning and filesystem creation.00:47
calamarijaequery, you can run fdisk and choose option c to create a partition00:47
jaequeryi dont have GUI00:47
Jordan_Uchipotle: Does anything different happen if you select the recovery mode entry?00:47
calamarijaequery, (run it interactively I mean)00:48
calamarierr hang tight00:48
calamariI may have told you the wrong letter00:48
calamarijaequery, yes, I apologize.. n, not c00:49
Adycan someone tell me how i create a file.log ?00:49
jaequerycalamari: ok so i did that now what?00:49
calamarijaequery, do a p and make sure it has Id 8300:49
Adyi need the command to create a file "name.log"  pls00:50
calamarijaequery, then if you're satisfied, w to write changes and q to quit00:50
jaequeryhow can i set 83 ?00:51
jaequeryif i do L, it shows a bunch of fs types00:51
jaequeryand i do see 83 there00:51
jaequeryhow do i select it00:51
jaequerydamn its been such a while i used fdisk ...00:51
chris__I added the following to /etc/hosts "     www.facebook.com" is there a way to block https://www.facebook.com because using https seems to bypass it00:51
calamarijaequery, t option00:51
hoshi411anyone experienced with chroot of ubuntu on android tablet?00:51
jaequeryok cool00:51
jaequerynow im back to square one00:51
jaequeryhow do i set this to EXT400:52
ActionParsnipchris__: change the IP to  may help00:52
calamarinow you should have a partition like /dev/sda100:52
jaequeryyea i do, and i did,  sudo mkfs -t ext4 /dev/sdb100:52
jaequeryam i done?00:52
chris__127.0.0.1 didnt fix it00:52
calamariI believe so00:52
jaequeryok cool00:52
calamaritry mounting it00:53
jaequerywhy i still don't see it under when i do df -h ?00:53
calamariand you can see if it looks right when you issue the mount command without arguments00:53
calamaribecause df only shows mounted partitions00:53
diverdudewhy cant i do cp ../../../proj1/Plugin/TwigView . ? It just says omitting directory ./../../proj1/Plugin/TwigView. Why is it omitting the directory im instructing it to copy???00:53
ActionParsnipchris__: http://forums.untangle.com/web-filter/18493-how-can-i-block-https-facebook-com-without-blocking-other-https.html00:53
calamariwell mounted filesystems really00:53
jaequeryand what is /dev/mapper ?00:54
calamarino clue, sorry00:54
ActionParsnipchris__: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/iptable-rules-to-block-https-www-facebook-com-919096/00:54
chris__I think ip tables might fix it00:55
jaequerydoes this look about right? /dev/sdb1                 /ssd            ext4    defaults,discard,noatime      0       000:56
ActionParsnipjaequery: I suggest you use UIDs00:56
jaequerythe last two numbers, 0 0 , what do they mean?00:56
jaequeryActionParsnip: why ?00:56
Chipzzzdiverdude: permissions?00:57
amazingrandoi swapped out a motherboard on my ubuntu 11.04 x64 system.  ifconfig sees the interface but no connection00:57
ActionParsnipjaequery: the device may change if you change the disks etc, uIDs never change00:57
ActionParsnipamazingrando: does the interface have an IP?00:57
jaequeryi c00:57
amazingrandointeresting.  i can ssh into it, but it doesn't show a connection in the window manager00:58
ActionParsnipamazingrando: if you run:  echo "nameserver" | sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf     do you then get web access?00:58
ActionParsnipjaequery: pass-num Controls the order in which fsck checks the device/partition for errors at boot time. The root device should be 1. Other partitions should be either 2 (to check after root) or 0 (to disable checking for that partition altogether).    source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fstab01:00
amazingrandothanks actionparsnip  works now01:00
chris__doing nslookup and using the ip instead did the trick01:00
ActionParsnipamazingrando: ok, you aren't getting DNS via DHCP01:00
amazingrandoyeah, i see that now01:01
ActionParsnipamazingrando: http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using.html    will set that permanently01:01
amazingrandocool, thanks01:01
jaequerysomething weird happening, so /ssd is a 1gig partition that i just mounted,  im trying to copy a 380mb folder to /ssd,  and at 359M, it stops saying No space left on device. i do a df -h and says /ssd has 595M Available still.  what's going on?01:03
ActionParsnipjaequery: what format is the destination?01:03
jaequeryits exct401:04
ActionParsnipjaequery: if you run:  df -h    is there free space on the device?01:05
jaequeryyeah,  /dev/sdb1            1004M  359M  595M  38% /ssd01:05
Jordan_Ujaequery: How many files are in the directory? You may be out of inodes.01:05
jaequerynot sure but a lot01:05
Chipzzzjaequery: try rsync with the --inplace option01:05
jaequeryhow do i check?01:05
Jordan_Ujaequery: "df -i"01:05
ActionParsnipJordan_U: nice01:05
jaequeryhmm,,  /dev/sdb1              65280   65280       0  100% /ssd01:06
ActionParsnip!cookie | Jordan_U01:06
ubottuJordan_U: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!01:06
jaequeryso what do i do in this case?01:06
jaequeryor is this what we call false advertisement?01:07
jaequeryhow do i increase the indoes01:07
Jordan_Ujaequery: You can recreate the partition with more inodes. See the -i and -N parameters to mkfs.ext4.01:09
Jordan_Ujaequery: You could also convert the filesystem to btrfs, which has no such inode limits, but btrfs is still *experimental* so do *not* depend on it for data you care about, and there is also chances of btrfs crashing your machine.01:10
Chipzzzjaequery: you have plenty of room if you rsync it with --inplace01:10
jaequerychipzzzz: what does --inplace do?01:10
SachIs it t possibe to open a .pages file in ubuntu 11.04 ?  I've tried openoffice and libreoffice, but neither works.01:11
Chipzzzdoesn't make a phantom copy before making it visible01:11
ActionParsnipSach: what sort of file is it?01:12
Jordan_UChipzzz: I don't expect that would make much difference WRT inode counts (which is the limit that jaequery is running into).01:12
SachActionParsnip  it's a word-processed  .pages file from a mac.01:13
Jordan_UActionParsnip: Pages is Apple's Word processing app.01:13
ActionParsnipoh jeez01:13
ActionParsnipstandard apple using their own guff that nobody else can use01:14
rhizmoehi all. can i configure how notify-send appears? i only have default desktop notifications installed afaik01:14
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SachActionParsnip:  thanks....frustrating though!!  lol01:14
ActionParsnipSach: let me see if I can find anything01:15
rhizmoeah, it's notify-osd?01:15
* rhizmoe googlin' like mofo01:15
rhizmoeerf. launchpad is crappy01:16
jaequerydamn this is painful01:16
jaequeryitslike, how do i know how much inodes is too much01:17
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Anthony_11girls in for cyber?01:22
krycek__420!!! meet at zion for daily jah@@!!!01:23
BsimsI'm setting up a computer for dual boot I am presuming I install windows first?01:24
allainHello everyone. I've been bashing my head against a network card problem for 2 days without success and was wondering if someone could help me out. Card is atheros device with signature "168c:0032" when running lspci -nn01:25
allainNo matter what I do, I can't get the card to get recognized. Looks like it might be that I need to upgrade to a new kernel to get ath9k support for the card, but I've tried the debian version with that kernal and it just crashes hard when the screen is started. Radeon support is a joke I think01:26
Bsimsallain: yeah thats been the rule for years ATI drivers even on windows are crap01:27
allainI'd settle for 16bit leisure suit larry graphics right now.01:27
allainIt can't possibly be that the best answer out there is "You're boned"01:28
allainCan someone point me in the right direction on this.01:28
cyberNodeI had an old latitude c400 lying around and thought I would install ubuntu 11.10 but, I do not have a cd drive for it. Any ideas?01:28
hoshi411the xbmc site does not say that they support arm01:29
Bsimsallain: kernel has little to do with X support01:30
hoshi411so how are people running xbmc on raspberry pi01:30
orkidcyberNode: boot from network01:30
Bsimsallain: check what version of X drivers the debian version you used was01:30
allainUltimately, I'd like to run 10.04.4 LTS version and just have my wireless card supported.01:31
Bsimsallain: check to see if there is a backport01:31
allainIt looks like it's supported in the v3.0 kernel ath9k driver01:31
urfr332gOcyberNode, you can use a usb even if it does not boot one nativly with plop, what is the ram amount?01:32
allainwill do01:32
cyberNodeorkid: the net boot docs say use a dhcp server. I don't have one but, didn't know how to get c400 to see my tftp server through my router01:33
cyberNodeurfr: you can get it to boot from usb?01:34
ActionParsnipcyberNode: boot usb an option?01:34
cyberNodethe boot menu does not list usb as an option01:35
BsimscyberNode: usb would be how I'd work it01:35
BsimscyberNode: Hrm what does it say?01:35
cyberNodeI have 9.10 server on it right now01:35
urfr332gOcyberNode, you can use the tab to complete nics, yes plop will boot a thumb/usb, it is on the web. You will need ! gig of ram to run ubuntu though, there are lighter desktops though. what is the ram amout?01:36
cyberNodeboot options are: HD, card NIC, onboard NIC and diagnostics01:36
lqgr00vehow to i burn a win-xp iso to a bootable usb drive? (nevermind as to why i would want to)01:36
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urfr332gOlqgr00ve, if you can use a windows setup with admin use wintoflash.01:37
Bsimslqgr00ve: unetbootin01:37
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BsimscyberNode: yank the hd out? install it on desktop pc, then move it back?01:38
lqgr00veBsims: thank you very much01:38
BsimsI did that to recover data off a dead laptop once01:38
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lqgr00veurfr332g0: no idea how to get win root01:38
mohan7I have a media player which is hosting files at certain IP ( ie :- )...how to access the content of the files from Ubuntu by typing the IP address..Just like what we can do it from Windows01:38
cyberNodeonly has 500mb ram01:39
rtdosi think you need a mediaserver mohan701:39
urfr332gOcyberNode, you would probably want lubuntu then, there is xubuntu lubuntu would be my choice.01:39
rtdossomething like "freevo" i think mohan701:39
mohan7so, how to access a shared drive in a network from Ubuntu ?01:40
Bsimsmohan7: install samba and bob's yer uncle01:41
mohan7u know..in Windows we type in the \\172.20.XX in the run command01:41
urfr332gOlqgr00ve, you might get lucky with unetbootin, never worked for me. XP is rather hard to load to a thumb in linux as far as I know.01:41
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rtdosmohan7 like Bsims said install Samba01:42
mohan7will do01:42
SachAction{arsnip:  any luck?01:42
JoseeAntonioRpapachan Hello.01:43
papachanis it possible  resizing the window partition space , need more space for ubuntu01:43
Bsimspapachan: yeah use gparted01:44
JoseeAntonioRpapachan: Yes, you can. You can use GParted to resize the Windows partition, so that the space you remove stays as unused space.01:44
papachanok, but without risk of removing windows?01:45
JoseeAntonioRpapachan: Once you have done that, and have unused space, resize the Ubuntu partition01:45
JoseeAntonioRpapachan: No, there is no risk, as you are not formatting the partition.01:45
papachanthanks, will do that01:45
BsimsJoseeAntonioR: actually slight risk01:46
JoseeAntonioRBsims There is a risk if there is not enough space. (c.c. papachan)01:47
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BsimsJoseeAntonioR: windows 7 in particular, when you reboot windows it will recalculate the size of the partiton and write it to the mbr01:47
Bsimsbut indeed odds are will not be a problem01:48
SachIs it possible to open a .pages file in ubuntu 11.04 ?  I've tried openoffice and libreoffice, but neither works.01:48
BsimsSach: kinda01:49
BsimsSach: .pages is a even more closed format than anything from Microsoft01:49
Bsimsthere is a script that will convert the text but not pictures01:49
SachBsims:  text is all i need...01:50
erik1o6Hi, i'm having trouble installing the additional drivers for my 5970 Radeon card. It ask's me to install everytime I reebot and doesn't let me install the post release update because of some jockey... any tips?01:50
urfr332gOpapachan, Was the ubuntu installed from winodows in other words a wuni install?01:50
BsimsSach: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1453967.html01:51
SachBsims:  Thanks.01:51
BsimsSach: http://listarchives.libreoffice.org/global/users/msg15891.html01:51
BsimsSach: I tend to prefer plain text where I can01:52
Bsimseh say what?01:53
SachBsims:  you rock!01:54
Bsimserik1o6: does it ask you for sudo password?01:54
BsimsSach: thanks01:54
BsimsSach: heh been running linux as my sole OS now for 12 years01:54
Bsimsheh windows 7 is the first one actually good enough to install01:54
SachBsims:  I'm on my 6th year, but my students sometimes submit their assignments in .pages ...01:55
BsimsSach: make it a requirement that it be in docx or odt format01:56
Bsimsodt aka libre/OpenOffice is the US gov standard now IIRC01:56
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SachBsims:  evev .docx is not so great with libreoffice as comments dont save.  I've found that .doc is the best and most compatible format.01:57
maki_hi, how can i change my DNS servers?01:57
BsimsSach: yup thats been my experence01:57
erik1o6If it helps i've installed the ati catalyst but i'm still using the vesa drivers ;(01:57
JoseeAntonioRmaki_: What version of Ubuntu are you working on?01:57
JoseeAntonioRneoplus: Hello01:57
BsimsSach: I can explain why, basiacly docx/doc is a actual memory dump of the state of word/excel at the time01:57
ztag100is there a ppa for sun java?01:58
Bsimsdoc is old enough that the devels know the bugs/workarounds to read it01:58
SachBsims:  ahh...makes sense...I've always wondered that  :)01:58
Cube``CRAP guys01:58
neoplusGood morning.01:58
Cube``how can i install openssh-server without it displaying the dialog?01:59
maki_JoseeAntonioR: 11.1001:59
BsimsSach: thats why one document in doc works great on one pc not the other01:59
Cube``or dropbear for that matter01:59
Cube``i can only access my server using webmin, so i can only send single line commands01:59
rmldHi, could anyone help getting my 6850's drivers working?01:59
JoseeAntonioR!enter > Cube``01:59
xanguaztag100: launchpad.net you can try and search it01:59
ubottuCube``, please see my private message01:59
scottjis there a way to run cat foo > /dev/bar with sudo without doing sudo bash?01:59
Cube``JoseeAntonioR: sorry. now, will you help me?02:00
neoplus@cube  : you can command #apt-get install ssh02:00
pokuyguys what is ding?02:00
rmldAfter installing FGLRX and rebooting, my monitor just shows an "Out of Range" error :/02:00
JoseeAntonioRCube`` Ctrl+Alt+T to open a terminal, and then type in 'sudo apt-get install ssh', without quotes;02:00
Cube``JoseeAntonioR: are you trying to troll me?02:01
JoseeAntonioRCube`` No, I am not.02:01
Cube``JoseeAntonioR: the servers half way across the globe, i cannot access it any other way but webmin02:01
Cube``but thanks for telling me how to open a terminal when using an X server :)02:01
rmldI'm the only one who has problems with AMD drivers? D:02:01
JoseeAntonioRmaki_ Please, on the top bar, click on the connection icon, and then in 'Edit Connections...' Then, select your connection, and click edit. On the IPv4 tab, you can change DNS servers.02:02
Bsimsrmld: no but can you manually specify the screen display02:02
rmldBsims: How?02:02
maki_Its disabled to edit02:02
Cube``guys, http://pastebin.com/mnTER3UX02:02
rmldBsims: I can CTRL ALT F1 for a console, if it matters02:03
erik1o6rmld how did ou install the drivers?02:03
mister2hey guys, i have a dell inspiron mini 10 (i know, they suck, it was free) and the wireless is listed in ifconfig as eth1, and there's no ethernet connection. eth0 isn't listed and the lan port doesn't seem to do anything. How would i test to see if that's a hardware problem?02:03
Bsimsrmld: look for screen size and orientation, I run kde not unity or gnome02:03
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rmlderik1o6: Using jockey02:03
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rmldBsims: as soon as X starts up, my monitor just shows an "Out of Range" error and that's it02:03
rmldtried on 11.10 and a 12.04 daily, same issue02:03
funnyfingersI setup a postfix email gateway and it worked as expected.  I then installed and configured MailScanner, SpamAssassin, and ClamAV and now the email is eaten with no rejection.  I can see the email in the hold folder, but can't tell why it is just staying there.02:04
rmldboth times installed using jockey, although manually installing the drivers from amd.com did no help either02:04
Zac_o_Ohi all - What is everyone using to back up their headlesss Ubuntu Server?02:04
erik1o6rmld: did you install the post release drivers02:04
Bsimsrmld: hrm exit /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?02:04
rmlderik1o6: no02:04
rmlderik1o6: but I think I had before, and same problem02:05
funnyfingersZac_o_O - mine are LVM based so I snapshot it and use rsync off server.02:05
kantlivelonganyone here have issues w/ sound in wine when playing hl2 engine games? its like sped up for me02:05
mister2is there a way to test an ethernet port for hardware problems?02:05
urfr332gO!broadcom | mister2 I believe you have a broadcom card run lspci ti confirm this aand follow this wiki if so.02:05
ubottumister2 I believe you have a broadcom card run lspci ti confirm this aand follow this wiki if so.: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:05
Zac_o_Ofunnyfingers: that's pretty awesome!  but unfortunately mine aren't lvm based.....looking for good solutions02:05
funnyfingersdo you have access to the host or is this a virtual machine?02:06
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Zac_o_Oi have access to the host - not a VM02:06
mister2urfr332g0 that seems to be the wireless, but the lan seems to be unlisted02:06
funnyfingerswhat does headless have to do withhow to back it up then:)02:07
BsimsOooh just discovered calendar from the command line aka this date in history02:07
Zac_o_Owell i guess i was hinting at no GUI installed02:07
mister2so how would you figure out why your ethernet card isn't listed in lspci?02:08
BsimsZac_o_O: I'd suggest good old rsync02:08
rmldAnyone know how to get ATI drivers working? Installed from jockey and amd.com, still get "out of range" error on monitor :(02:08
funnyfingersWell the backup depends on your data really.  I only know tar and rsync nothing more complicated. Zac_o_O02:08
kantlivelongmister2: onboard?02:08
urfr332gOmister2, they are running off the same .02:08
mister2yep, it's a laptop02:09
mister2urfr332g0 they're running off the same chipset?02:09
funnyfingersZac_o_O if you can stop some services for the time, rsync would work.  Rsync might have trouble with databases open for instance.02:09
Zac_o_Oi was thinking rsync, but shoudl i just rsync the whole / directory?  excluding /sys, /dev, /mnt, /proc?02:09
urfr332gOmister2, should be as far as I know.02:09
BsimsZac_o_O: give me a second and I'll paste you my script... it runs over ssh just fine02:09
funnyfingersThis is why LVM based and a snapshot is great.02:09
Zac_o_Othat would be awesome02:09
mister2urfr332g0 my card model is bcm4312, not 432202:10
BsimsZac_o_O: http://paste.ubuntu.com/859973/02:11
mister2oh nevermind there's more models listed02:11
mister2urfr332g0 are you saying that the default drivers installed by ubuntu won't allow both to function at the same time and i need to install STA drivers from the wiki?02:11
BsimsZac_o_O: this is the exclude file http://paste.ubuntu.com/859974/02:12
BsimsZac_o_O: its saved my bacon more than once02:12
Zac_o_OBsims:  thanks!  I'll take a peek.  I really appreciate it02:12
mcnellisI want to gunzip the most recent compressed file in a folder. I'm using ls -t ./*.gz | head -n 1 to get the filename, but how can I pass that filename into gunzip?02:12
BsimsZac_o_O: its assuming a usb removable hd, if its not clear just ask me02:12
funnyfingersgunzip `ls -t ./*.gz | head -n 1` mcnellis, might work02:13
Zac_o_Oit'll actually be an internal drive that gets rotated offsite.  but I think I should be able to edit as necessary02:13
mcnellisah use backticks instead of single quotes?02:13
BsimsZac_o_O: you do alot with ssh right?02:13
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BsimsZac_o_O: have you discovered gnu screen02:13
funnyfingersyes the ones under the ~ mcnellis02:13
Ian_Moonenetworking is turned off by default when I use openbox. How can I enable it, and how can I make that the default?02:14
mcnellisah yep, that worked! Thanks a lot funnyfingers02:14
Bsimsits basicaly a tabbed console that works over ssh, and saves what you are running even when you disconnect02:14
Zac_o_OI'm not familiary with gnu screen!  I've used byobu though02:14
Zac_o_Osame idea?02:14
BsimsZac_o_O: kinda... I ssh into my pc from work... I fire up screen... I can open several different consoles... close the connection and reconnect to it when I get home02:15
`KorvinI'm running kubuntu, can I clone my install onto another hdd?02:15
Bsimsand its like I never left02:15
`Korvinif I rsynced, would it boot?02:15
BsimsZac_o_O: I can send you my screenrc02:15
Zac_o_Obsims - wow, that sounds pretty great.  yes please!02:16
BsimsZac_o_O: http://paste.ubuntu.com/859981/02:17
BsimsZac_o_O: you can have one screen that controls ssh for as many machines as you want02:17
Bsimseach with its own name02:18
Zac_o_Owow.  that's really great!02:18
Zac_o_Othanks :)02:18
urupicasound problem: xubuntu 11.10, two user accounts. if user A mutes (via hotkey) it is not possible to unmute again. user B has to login and unmute. bug?02:18
Ian_Moonedid someonenetworking is turned off by default when I use openbox. How  can I enable it, and how can I make that the default?02:18
BsimsZac_o_O: lol last time I egosurfed... some chineese university was using my screenrc as default and how to document scripts02:18
Bsimsthat was flattering02:18
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Zac_o_Oahah nice02:19
BsimsZac_o_O: infact I am typing this into a URXVT running screen now02:19
funnyfingersI haven't done any restores with this, but here is what I do with the LVM based disks: http://www.pastie.org/347681402:20
Zac_o_Oshweet - what irc client do you use?02:20
ZenIRCBotBsims: Use weechat.02:20
* Bsims grins been running it long enough I can use it blind drunk02:20
dez4rkIs there any way to move the gnome panel to the bottom of the screen on 11.10?02:21
`Korvinanyone have an answer02:21
`Korvinwill rsyncinc my / directory to another drive boot02:22
urfr332gOdez4rk, gnome panel, which desktop are you using?02:22
dez4rkgnome w/ unity, default ubuntu desktop02:22
use_zfs_yo`Korvin: you still have to install grub bootcode02:22
dez4rkurfr332gO, the top toolbar02:22
urfr332gOdez4rk, in what desktop?02:22
`Korvinuse_zfs_yo, how can I do that?02:22
Zac_o_Ooops - sorry for the private message02:23
urfr332gOdez4rk, gnome 3 ubity or the fallbacl gnome?02:23
dez4rkgnome 3 unity.02:23
grkbloodwhat would be the correct name for the x-fi go? http://paste.ubuntu.com/859986/02:23
pokuyguys what channel on irc chat the compiz community02:23
use_zfs_yo`Korvin: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/intrepid/man8/grub-install.8.html02:23
urfr332gOdez4rk, gnome 3 and unity are diffrennt desktops, and no not movable.02:23
use_zfs_yo`Korvin: with the new disk as the target02:23
pokuyanyone help?02:24
urfr332gOpokuy, #compiz02:25
xanguause_zfs_yo: no, it has a fixed position02:25
`Korvinuse_zfs_yo, can't be mounted right?02:25
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kesiHi all, I have a dual-boot Ubuntu/win7 computer and need to remove Grub/Ubuntu. I understand that the best way to do this is via fix mbr from Windows recovery disk and then resize partition. Anyways, I can't boot to a windows install on flash drive or a cd on a usb cd drive. BIOS options are set correctly and both boot on other computers. Asus EEE02:26
use_zfs_yoxangua: i'm not sure i understand what you mean02:26
use_zfs_yo`Korvin: pretty sure it can be mounted still02:26
tensorpuddingkesi, try asking ##windows02:27
CellTechIs there a way to remote connect into a windows system from my Xubuntu? My gf's computer needs help02:27
urfr332gOkesi, there is a key prompt to boot cd or a thumb look in the manual or on the web.02:27
pokuyurfr332gO, when i add that network the display is mispelled i dont know why?02:27
kesitensorpudding, I doubt they're going to know why grub won't let me.02:27
Rurd2diu cant boot into windows, isnt that a  good thing :P02:28
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sacarlsonkesi: can't you still boot win7 from grub?  if so I think you can fix mbr from there02:28
kesiurfr332gO, no key prompt, straight to grub02:28
`Korvinkesi, start up in the windows disc and run startup repair02:28
kesisacarlson, according to what I've read, you have to do it from recovery02:28
rmldHere's my problem, if anyone wants to take a look at it :) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=193264302:28
BsimsCellTech: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/share-your-ubuntu-desktop-using-remote-desktop.html02:28
tensorpuddingkesi, grub won't let you what?02:28
kesi`Korvin, can't boot to anything on usb. Goes straight to grub.02:28
tensorpuddingkesi, you said that your problem is restoring windows's ntloader to the mbr, that has nothing to do with ubuntu02:29
urfr332gOkesi, you have to use a key propmt at powering on to get the boot from menu outside of the bios that info maybe in your manual which may be on the web or just info on the web.02:29
`Korvinkesi, grub doesn't start until after you choose the boot device02:29
sacarlsonkesi: then I guess you will need a working cd drive, can't fix it from ubuntu, other than set grub to default to boot win7 at boot02:29
kesitensorpudding, I can't get anything to boot from usb. Goes straight to grub. Re-read02:29
kesisacarlson, no cd-drive. netbook02:29
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`Korvinkesi, then  you shouldn't have an issue booting to usb02:29
tensorpuddingkesi, that's not a grub problem either, because booting to hardware would occur earlier in the process than reading the hard disk and finding grub02:29
urfr332gOkesi, read what I siad and investigate that is your correct answer.02:30
kesiAll, I can boot to Windows. I need to be able to boot to a USB drive and I can't. It's the first boot option, tested on other computers. Won't boot on this one, no boot option screen either. Bios to grub. See lots of forum posts about problems booting to usb with grub02:30
tensorpuddingit might be that you can't boot from usb cdrom, that would depend on the bios02:30
kesino real answers02:30
urfr332gOtensorpudding, not always some times people need the f12prompt this computer though I belive is not f1202:30
kesiurfr332gO, no f12 on this one.02:31
pokuyurfr332gO, can u give me a pdf book about terminal?02:31
kesiBIOS sees USB drive and flash drive and they're set higher in boot priority. Doesn't matter.02:31
urfr332gOkesi, right no f12 it is another key or keys look on the web that is the answer.02:31
phi__hey can someone help me02:31
tensorpuddingeven if there is not a boot device menu button like f12 you should be able to specify a boot device in the bios02:31
urfr332gOtensorpudding, not always sometimes it does not work.02:32
tensorpuddingthis *still* is not a grub issue, grub is not the one preventing you from booting usb02:32
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urfr332gOtensorpudding, right but your just clouding the actual answer. :)02:32
urfr332gOpokuy, I have no pdf book on the terminal.02:33
kesiurfr332gO, you were right, hit a bunch of other keys between bios and grub. Not sure which did it but it was either esc, del, or insert. None of which are indicted anywhere in the boot process. Thanks.02:33
lqgr00veunetbootn + winxp iso <> successful boot02:33
JoseeAntonioR!ask | phi__02:33
ubottuphi__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:34
mister2i'm on 11.04 and my ethernet controller isn't listed in lspci. It's a laptop. Any ideas?02:34
pokuyurfr332gO, ok thanks man02:34
urfr332gOkesi, no problem. bootrec .exe /fixmbr is the command needed hit r for repair and run it in the terminal02:34
urfr332gOkesi oops bbotrec.exe /fixmbr02:34
lqgr00vemister2: is the ethernet controller on the pci bus?02:35
phi__i have windows 7 installed in one hard drive and ubuntu installed on another seperate hard drive. even after changing the bios boot order options, windows 7 wont boot. it just goes straight to ubuntu. anyone know why?02:35
urfr332gOkesi sorry here is the correct command bootrec.exe /fixmbr02:35
mister2lqgr00ve i assume so. the wireless is.02:35
urfr332gOphi__, run sudo update-grub in ubuntu02:35
kesiurfr332gO, had it, thanks! No more Grub!02:35
mister2lqgr00ve it's not on lsusb02:35
urfr332gOkesi, cool.02:36
lqgr00vemister2: try lspcmcia02:36
tensorpuddingit might have installed grub on the windows disk too02:36
mister2lqgr00ve doesn't turn up anything02:36
phi__ok ran the command is that it?02:36
urfr332gOtensorpudding, it is possible it would have to be in te\he windows partition to matter.02:36
tensorpuddingyou can replace grub on a windows disk inside windows vista/7 using easybcd02:36
mister2lqgr00ve according to the gentoo wiki it's supposed to be a realtek rtl8101e02:37
Zac_o_OBSims: Thanks again for the backup scripts and rc.  gonna try it out this week :)02:37
urfr332gOphi__, did windows show in the terminal?02:37
tensorpuddingyou can even configure the windows bootloader to chainload grub if you want, although that's kind of weird02:37
BsimsZac_o_O: np, I wrote them to be shared and improved02:38
lqgr00vemister2: try lspci | grep 'Ether'02:38
mister2lqgr00ve, no dude, it's not in there at all. i've checked...02:38
Zac_o_Othis is a dumb question: how do I call out your nick if I'm trying to talk to you.02:38
urfr332gOZac_o_O, tab complete the nic.02:38
phi__no windows didnt show02:39
lqgr00vemister2: i'm not sure maybe someone else can help you, sorry.02:39
Zac_o_Otab complete?02:39
Zac_o_Osorry, newb here02:39
rmldZac_o_O: start typing the name and hit tab02:39
mister2lqgr00ve no worries, i've been working on this problem for a bit ;)02:39
urfr332gOphi__, run the script the bot will show and pastebin the results.txt02:39
phi__it found linus and memtest+8602:39
urfr332gO!boot | phi__02:39
ubottuphi__: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto02:39
sgo11hi, in ubuntu 11.10, how to enable a port access from other computer? I think I don't have any firewall running. ufw is inactive. why other computer can not access my port? thanks.02:39
* Zac_o_O new to IRC....DOH02:39
urfr332gOphi__, hold on I will get youn the link02:39
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phi__ok thanks02:40
JoseeAntonioRsgo11: You would have to forward the ports to your private IP from your router02:40
mister2urfr332g0 so i've found nothing about the broadcom chipset being both ethernet and wireless...02:40
satyanashsgo11, if it is a remote computer.02:40
sgo11JoseeAntonioR, I am trying to access internal PC. no need for router.02:40
urfr332gOphi__, run this script in ubuntu and pastebin the results.txt http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/02:40
sgo11satyanash, it's note remote. inside the same LAN. this issue is nothing related to router. this port just can not be accessed outside localhost.02:41
rmldhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1932643 any help?02:42
nathaneltitane_i am trying to match a regular expression through sed02:42
nathaneltitane_it doesnt seem to work02:43
b0ggsQuick question, I have a script initiating several SSH connections to my unbuntu install. I can ssh in just fine, but the script fails every other login, Is there, by chance, a setting that establishes delay between a logout and a login?02:44
nathaneltitane_its the init timing02:44
urfr332gOmister2, is the wireless working?02:45
mister2urfr332g0 yep, but it was to begin with02:45
urfr332gOmister2, with your install of the OS?02:45
javierf_Hi! I started today a course for making websites. Everyone has PC except me with ubuntu. So, I get double job trying to install the program in a different way that everybody and how the teacher explains it. I installed LAMS, but can't make Apache 2 work, following several tutorials from google. Someone can help me with that? thanks!02:45
sgo11anyone? I thought this was a very simple question. just open a port. I can do this very easily in opensuse.02:46
nathaneltitane_firewall rules02:46
mister2urfr332g0 well i had to install drivers for it, but yeah02:47
mister2urfr332g0 though thinking about it i have no idea how i did that without a network connection, unless it comes with 11.0402:47
urfr332gOmister2, hmm well hopefully somebody can help, I was just curious.02:47
sgo11nathaneltitane_, where is the firewall tool? I searched firewall in application and system setting. no result. thanks.02:47
nathaneltitane_look in software center02:48
mister2urfr332g0 i'm going to ask on the forums02:48
nathaneltitane_ubuntu doesnt let you configure it by default02:48
urfr332gOmister2, good ide. :)02:48
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phi__ok i have a result.txt file its pretty long do i paste all of it?02:50
use_zfs_youse wgetpaste02:51
urfr332gO!pastebin | phi__02:51
ubottuphi__: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:51
sgo11please forget my question. I solved it. thanks.02:51
dez4rkwe will never forget.02:51
sgo11?? because you never remembered? ^_^02:52
urfr332gOphi__, cool hold on02:52
phi__awesome thanks02:52
ghost_wassup fellas02:52
seekwillHello. I see that 11.10 likes to use Shift+Ctrl+foo for stuff, like opening a new terminal. Is there a way to map Shift+Ctrl to Alt?02:55
urfr332gOphi__, couple of problems you need a boot flag on the windows partition and you need these files to boot it  /bootmgr /Boot/BCD I can help you do thi if you have a W7 recovery or install disc. You also appear to have a boot partition sda1 that you don't need.02:55
roastedQuestion - has anybody seen an Ubuntu install where once you suspend, 5 seconds later it automatically wakes itself up?02:57
phi__ok i think i can get a hold of an install disc. if i cant is that bad?02:57
urfr332gOphi__, you need the files I posted to boot windows in the windows partition.02:58
urfr332gOphi__, windows will not boot without these.  /bootmgr /Boot/BCD02:58
phi__ok. is that a space after bootmgr02:58
urfr332gOphi__, you should see this Boot files:        /bootmgr /Boot/BCD  /Windows/System32/winload.exe02:59
urfr332gOphi__, easy fix with a recovery or install disc of W7.03:00
phi__i found the winload.exe file03:02
phi__nvm ill try to find install disc03:02
sacarlsonphi__: I have a eeepc that I've put windows and ubuntu on, it required to change bios settings on each boot to install win since it didn't see the usb until some time after boot03:03
urfr332gOphi__, cool you need to install gparted in ubuntu and put a boot flag on the sdb1 partition I can give you the commands to load those files using the repair terminal from the booted W7 disc, this will not work if you do not put that bootflag on the windows partition first.03:04
urfr332gOsacarlson, why are you commenting?03:04
pokuyurfr332gO, what software can download on youtube to be mp4 audio only03:05
urfr332gOpokuy, not sure.03:05
phi__ok ill put a bootflag on the windows partition right meow03:05
dez4rkphi__: A ubuntu live disk will rewrite the MBR, a windows boot record can't load ubuntu partitions.03:05
urfr332gOdez4rk, whay are you commenting here he has given us the bootscript it is a straight forward problem having nothing to do with your comment03:06
dez4rkurfr332gO: I reread what he said, thought he was doing something else. And why am I commenting? Because I can?03:07
sacarlsonurfr332gO: because I think there is no cd drive on a notebook as I thought it may be03:07
urfr332gOdez4rk, the channel ask that you know what your talking about03:07
dez4rkIt also asks that you can spell correctly, just saying.03:08
urfr332gOsacarlson, still out of the area of needs this is a straight forward sistuation extra comments cloud the actual one.03:08
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sacarlsonurfr332gO: or sometimes open new perspectives03:09
urfr332gOsacarlson, read the channel and freenode rules, yours is no new prespective.03:09
scottjis ubuntu partner still the place to get sun java jdk?03:09
scottjfor 10.04 lts03:09
roastedQuestion - has anybody seen an Ubuntu install where once you suspend, 5 seconds later it automatically wakes itself up?03:10
urfr332gOdez4rk, sacarlson read the boorscript they posted.03:10
sp4zHi, I have the following problem when connecting to a cisco vpn using VPNC and trying to ping anything in the new network "ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted" cant ssh or anything03:10
sp4zanyone know how to fix?03:11
zykotick9scottj: if you want sun-java get it direct from Oracle (they changed the licensing)03:11
phi__ok i put a boot flag on the windows 7 partition03:12
urfr332gOphi__, cool do you have a W7 recovery or install disc or thumb that can be booted?03:15
phi__i need to make a drive to my friends place to grab a disc is that cool? are you gonna be around for about 20 mintues03:15
urfr332gOphi__, yep. :)03:15
phi__ok cool thanks ill be right back03:16
urfr332gOphi__, cool03:16
phi__thanks alot buddy!03:16
urfr332gOphi__, no problem.:)03:16
hex20decHow can I check if I have a firewall on my server?03:18
sacarlsonhex20dec:  sudo iptables -L  is one method03:22
aaGpdo someone know how in emesene i can go to preferences?03:23
hex20decsacarlson, thanks.03:23
BrandonBoltonIs there an easy way to install different Desktop GUI's and select them at the log on screen?03:24
sacarlsonhex20dec:  maybe the new method is ufw so man ufw to get more info on that method03:24
nathaneltitane_anyone good with sed in here?03:24
zhuangDoes anyone know why my programs don't show up in the taskbar as they do in Windows, when I'm using Ubuntu and the XFCE DE?03:24
urfr332gOBrandonBolton, if installed they will be available at login.03:25
hex20decsacarlson, I tried ufw, seems I don't even have it.03:25
hex20decsacarlson, iptables seems the right path.03:25
allainI've upgraded the kernel to 2.6.39 on my ubuntu 10.04 box and now on bootup the screen is completely useless. I can hear the ubuntu desktop sound but looks like I'm seeing ramdom data on the screen. I'm reading that nomodreset is how to work around it, but exactly how can I stop grub and specify that option. Is there a key combo?03:25
BrandonBoltonurfr332gO, I kinda don't want to mess up my system like when I installed Gnome 3.03:25
allain ATI Radeon GPU warning on screen before everything goes fubar03:25
urfr332gO!nomodeset | allain03:26
ubottuallain: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:26
urfr332gOBrandonBolton, not sure how you did can you elaborate?03:26
allainyes, but I can't seen the screen, that th problem.03:26
allain... reading linked page03:26
urfr332gOallain, the link will tel you how to insert nomodeset into the kernel at grub.03:27
urfr332gOallain, are you getting the grub menu?03:27
BrandonBoltonurfr332gO, Like, is there an package in the repositories to install, lets say KDE for instance, so that I can select it on log in? I am trying to get better at different desktop GUI's.03:27
allainI am not. Seems to blow right past it.03:27
allainReading that I may need to hold down shift03:28
urfr332gOBrandonBolton, in the terminal sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop03:28
BrandonBoltonurfr332gO, Ah, thank you. :)03:28
urfr332gOallain, yes shift to get grub the e for edit then put in nomodeset at the area where you see splash the crtl-x to bott.03:29
BrandonBoltonmaXXer, Hello, is there something you need help with?03:29
maXXera lot of things bout my extrabugged 11.10 :D03:30
etyrnalhow is THIS a bad fstab line??  kanji:/Volumes/ultra/ultra/+music/iTunes-ultra/iTunes\ Media  /mnt/music nfs ro 0 003:30
maXXerbut not now, it's just a irc-tour :)03:31
logmaXXer: You may want to check out #ubuntu-it for support in Italian.03:31
allainthank you! Not quite bricked yet03:31
etyrnalwhy is nfs such a hellion03:31
urfr332gOallain, give yourself time. :)03:32
maXXerwhy not, tnx log :)03:32
logmaXXer: No problem. :)03:32
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo etyrnal seen this?03:32
Zac_o_Ogoodnight all03:32
sacarlsonetyrnal: can it be mounted with the mount command?,  I assume you have already set export with the address of kanji?03:32
Zac_o_Othanks for the help03:32
etyrnalsacarlson, yes, and it mounts manually just fine03:33
etyrnalsacarlson, but if i issue a sudo automount -a, it says line 7 is bad (the one above)03:33
etyrnalsacarlson, yes, kanji is exporting just fine, and is mounted on other machines03:34
sacarlsonetyrnal: seems your line is incorrect in fstab see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo03:34
maXXerbye guys, nite!03:34
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etyrnalsacarlson, i have just about memorized the man pages for fstab and nfs03:35
etyrnalsacarlson, a hint would help03:35
sacarlsonetyrnal: I think it should look more like this when it's in fstab /home/users    /export/users   none    bind  0  003:35
etyrnalsacarlson, backwards?03:35
sacarlsonetyrnal: export has all the details of the link fstab just mounts it at boot03:36
sacarlsonetyrnal: I have also run into problems with nfs at boot that seems it takes some time to setle so I've writen script that mount it later as a work around in rare cases03:37
etyrnalsacarlson, so i do not need to specify ro03:37
allainok. now I can see the screen, but as soon as I specify a wep key it immediately freezes completely requiring me to hold down the power button for 10 seconds03:38
sacarlsonetyrnal: that might be a workable option but you have info that is not needed in fstab,  maybe pastebin your /etc/export file so give us more clues03:38
allainwireless was the point to the kernel upgrade in the first place.03:39
benbloom_why would suddenly Phonon only show "PulseAudio Sound Server" as output option in kubuntu? I had everything configured perfectly, and now it's just switched all devices to that, and gives no other options03:40
etyrnalsacarlson, /Volumes/ultra/ultra/+music/iTunes-ultra/iTunes\ Media -ro -mapall=nobody -network -mask
etyrnalsacarlson, that's it03:40
etyrnalsacarlson, it's not seeing the escaped space03:41
etyrnalsacarlson, it seems to be ignoring the escaped iTunes\ Media03:42
sacarlsonetyrnal: I'm not sue why you whould have this "s\ M" in the path03:42
jsoftAnybody know how to alter the behaviour of gnomes automounting?03:42
etyrnalsacarlson, can i put the pathname in quotes?03:43
etyrnalsacarlson, seems like it can't deal with  a space in the pathname ??03:44
etyrnalsacarlson, how do i fix THAT?  funny.  my Ubuntu machine can't handle it, but my os x clients can03:45
sacarlsonetyrnal: this doesn't look like an export file line as this is an example: /export,fsid=0,insecure,no_subtree_check,async)03:45
sacarlsonetyrnal: maybe if it's a file path problem just make a symbolic link to that path and export that03:46
sacarlsonetyrnal: I also assume that the path is not pointing at an ntfs (windows) partition03:47
phi__ok im back! and i have the windows 7 disc03:47
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jeremiah_gatongwhat is chkdsk /f on linux?03:49
urfr332gOphi__, cool boot it and follow these instructions there is a W7 forum link for orientation if needed. http://paste.ubuntu.com/813664/03:49
etyrnalsacarlson, the export is on an os x (BSD) system03:49
urfr332gOjeremiah_gatong, no that is a windows command, you don't want to run a ntfs fix in linux.03:50
sacarlsonetyrnal: oh your right I think I am thinking in reverse03:50
etyrnalsacarlson, when i do a sudo mount -a  ... i get "mount: mount point Media" does not exist"03:50
etyrnali'm on the client03:50
redtornado5252Hello. Could someone help a new user with "authentication" errors?03:50
phi__ok awesome thanks a lot! ill be back to let you know if it works or not03:51
etyrnali do not know how to properly escape the pathname apparently03:51
urfr332gO!fsck | jeremiah_gatong here is a linux command set for linux though.03:51
ubottujeremiah_gatong here is a linux command set for linux though.: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot03:51
cfhowlettbroadcom wifi is killing me!  broadcom 4312/ubuntu 10.4/installed b43 method/hardware driver says it's present and active but no wifi seen?!03:51
jeremiah_gatongeven though I'm using debian squeeze, I still can used it?03:52
pdaytonI can't seem to get ssh-agent forwarding to work correctly in 11.10.03:52
pdaytonI start the ssh-agent03:52
sacarlsonetyrnal: so on the client side fstab line should look like this then: nfs-server:/   /mnt   nfs4    _netdev,auto  0  003:52
jointim getting an amd HD 7750 video card03:52
dax2112rushI get the following when running glxinfo: Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig. Running on nvidia-current (280.13) on 11.10. What can be the cause of this?03:52
pdaytonI do ssh-add to add my key03:52
pdaytonobut it just does n't work, any thoughts?03:52
urfr332gOphi__, cool you will get a chkdsk prompt to run on reboot, you will need to boot straight to winows or into ubuntu to run sudo update-grub to add the windows to grub.03:52
jpnancei see that 12.04 will have a package i'm interested in but i'd like to try it now on oneiric; is that possible?03:53
urfr332gOjeremiah_gatong, debian is not supported here try their channel03:53
sacarlsonetyrnal: ya that could be the problem,  maybe try a simpler path just to see if the rest works03:53
cfhowlettHardware Drivers shows my broadcom b43 wireless driver activated and in use - so y u no C a wifi signal?03:54
etyrnalsacarlson, it's going to break stuff =)03:54
rxt0hi there, I'm mounting a chroot, but when I /var/run mounted with --bind cannot be seen from within chroot03:54
urfr332gOjeremiah_gatong, #debian03:54
redtornado5252I have a user account on Ubuntu 11.10 that was recently renamed. My orig. password work on the startup screen, but no where else. Trying to get apps etc from ubuntu software center. It wont accept my password for authentication03:54
jeremiah_gatongthank you urfr332g003:54
urfr332gOjeremiah_gatong, better safe than sorry really. :)03:55
sacarlsonetyrnal: can't you just make a temp export to a sybolic link on the server side just to prove that it's a path problem?03:55
etyrnalsacarlson, will have to...03:55
sacarlsonetyrnal: otherwise I'm not sure how to handle path with \ in it03:55
etyrnalsacarlson, "You can also specify spaces or other unusual character in the export name using a backslash followed by the character code as three octal digits."03:56
sacarlsonetyrnal: you could also try your original idea with the ""  or '' aournd the path03:56
etyrnalsacarlson,  now i have to figure out what " " is in octal =)03:56
javierf_hi. I'm learning how to use joomla, to create a website. Using this program throw firefox, it should copy and move files and create files, but all the time I get errors: joomla can't do that because administrator permissions are required. how can I give an external applications root permissions?03:56
sacarlsonetyrnal: can you try use nautilus to create the path for you?03:57
sacarlsonetyrnal: cut and paist the file name into gedit to see what it creates03:57
jeremiah_gatong@jacierf I guess you need to set it up on the Apache server, since you can only administer joomla by default locally03:57
etyrnalsacarlson, good call03:57
jeremiah_gatongEnable remote administration on the Apache03:58
sacarlsonetyrnal: I also use nautilus to create sybolic links so that might be another stupid way to fix it03:58
etyrnalsacarlson, cringe - on MY system nautilus is soooooo  slow =)03:59
etyrnalsacarlson, BINGO04:01
etyrnal\040  worked04:01
etyrnaltime to reboot and see if it mounts at boot-time ok04:01
phi__k im back. im on a different computer here. but my computer with windows isnt booting the windows disc for some reason04:01
phi__its just sitting idle on black screen with the underscore.04:02
etyrnalsacarlson, thanks for Your suggestions/help  -- i appreciate it04:02
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urfr332gOphi__, is it the same 32bit or 64bit?04:04
oconnorewhat does this mean on launchpad? "X must be configured in order for Launchpad to forward bugs to the project's developers."04:05
oconnoreI want to report a bug04:05
phi__its the same 32 bit. when i take the disc out it says NTLDR is missing04:05
urfr332gOphi__, not sure on that you might try the ##windows channel.04:07
lord_Dcan i edit files on my ubuntu server through putty/ssh?04:07
phi__ok ill try windows channel. thanks for all the help so far04:08
urfr332gOphi__, strange realy NTLDR is XP I believe.04:09
allainmy system is freezing solid when I specify a wep key, how do I even begin troubleshooting this?04:09
cfhowlettbroadcom headache here: installed the b43 drivers for my bcm4312 card / Hardware Drivers shows it's active and in use / I see no wifi signals?04:09
bastidrazorlord_D: yes, use 'nano'04:09
phi__hm thats weird ill see whats up. ill be back04:09
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sacarlsonurfr332gO: phi__: is this after grub bootloader tries to boot windows?04:10
lord_Dbastidrazor, wow thnx :)04:10
jsoftAnybody know how to alter the behaviour of gnomes automounting?04:10
bastidrazorlord_D: http://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/  this may help.04:11
chrislabeardHi, I'm trying to install airvideo I've added the PPAs and ran the update but It can't find the package04:12
sacarlsonurfr332gO: phi__: i have had grub not have needed drivers for certain file systems at times but for me it was nfs, that required adding drivers to the grub boot loader,  not sure that has anything to do with this case04:12
bazhangchrislabeard,  got the link04:13
chrislabeardbazhang: https://launchpad.net/~rubiojr/+archive/airvideo?field.series_filter=lucid04:13
bazhangchrislabeard, how did you add the ppa04:13
cfhowlettbroadcom wifi headache: installed the b43 drivers for my bcm4312 card / Hardware Drivers shows it's active and in use / I see no wifi signals?04:13
phi__hm would me adding the boot flag to the windows drive have anything to do with it?04:13
chrislabeardsudo add-apt-repository ppa:rubiojr/airvideo04:13
chrislabeardbazhang: I also added it manually to sources.list to see if that would change anything04:14
urfr332gOsacarlson, hard to say it just booting a W7 disc NTLDR is XP I wonder if it is a XP disc.04:14
bazhangchrislabeard, so you have two sources in sources.list.d ?04:14
urfr332gOsacarlson, no indication of XP antwhere in the bootscript or NTLDR04:14
chrislabeardbazhang: I added it to the sources.list not sources.list.d but I've removed it and started over still not showing up04:15
sacarlsonurfr332gO: phi__: ok if you are pointing bios direct to the cd then it shouldn't touch grub and it's not our problem04:15
urfr332gOsacarlson, they are on the windows channel for help. :)04:16
phi__ya right now it should be booting the cd first. but with the cd in it just shows me a blank screen04:16
chrislabeardbazhang: would it be possible to dl the .deb package manually and run it. If I could find it.04:17
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sacarlsonchrislabeard: yes you can in fact there is software that downloads all the dependancies of a package to allow installing packages without network access04:18
chrislabeardoh relaly04:18
bazhangsacarlson, for a PPA?04:18
sacarlsonbazhang:  yes ppa is just an added repository so it should work the same04:19
bazhangsacarlson, there is not a deb on that link04:20
chrislabeardsacarlson: sorry I thought there was its just a dsc04:20
`KorvinIs there a way to install kubuntu from kubuntu? I don't want to have to boot up into a live disc04:21
chrislabeardI think i know why its not working I'm running a PPC machine04:21
chrislabeardnot supported04:21
sacarlsonbazhang: the repository must have deb files in it,  the sofware I speak just gets all the needed debs from the repository and prepares them for install when there is no network04:21
bazhangsacarlson, which software is that04:21
cfhowlettbroadcom wifi headache: installed the b43 drivers for my bcm4312 card / Hardware Drivers shows it's active and in use / I see no wifi signals?04:22
sacarlsonbazhang: here is one method but I'm not sure it's the software I speak of http://kmandla.wordpress.com/2007/07/24/howto-download-packages-and-dependencies-for-offline-installation04:23
urfr332gO`Korvin, not having a disc is not good to be honest but here you go. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=154984704:23
`Korvinurfr332gO, I have one, just don't want to sit and watch my computer boot into the live disc04:23
stiltzkinHello folks. Hoping someone can help me with mounting an encrypted LUKS volume from a LiveCD. Long story short upgrading from 11.04 to 11.10 completely destroyed my installation - broke lots of packages, I get an immediate kernel panic on boot, etc. So I need to back up my data and reinstall. I've been following the guide here to mount the drive: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/rescue-an-encrypted-luks-lvm-volume.html but when I get to the04:24
stiltzkinmount step, I get "mount: special device /dev/luna/root does not exist" (my volume is named "luna). Any idea what's going on here? After vgchange I can see the drive and mount it in Nautilus, but it's read-only, which is a problem.04:24
FloodBot1stiltzkin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:24
urfr332gO`Korvin well the link is just for booting a ISO with grub same thing04:24
`Korvinurfr332gO, I mean I have kubuntu install on my computer, I'm booted into it right now. Can I get the install program and install kubuntu onto another hdd?04:24
`Korvinan external04:24
urfr332gO`Korvin not that I know of you could install in a virtual.04:25
stiltzkinOh, and if I run Nautilus as root (which I don't want to do) then I can read/write to the drive, but this seems like the wrong solution. I'm just wondering why /dev/luna/root doesn't exist.04:25
sacarlsonkorvin: I have booted iso files direct from harddisk to install on other partitions but It still came up just like a live cd04:25
rabbi1how can i find particular fonts in ubuntu04:25
urfr332gO`Korvin, you need to boot a disc or the ISO from grub to install or clone the one you have and install it.04:26
`KorvinI have it on usb, just don't want to wait till it boots04:26
sacarlsonkorvin: if you have many systems to install there are automated install scripts so you don't really have to touch anything04:27
stiltzkinAnyone experienced with LUKS/encrypted volumes would be very helpful.04:27
sacarlsonstiltzkin: I wrote this article with an example of LUKS/encryption https://sites.google.com/site/remotekeyencrypt/home04:29
okumgetting this error when trying to update wine using in ubuntu 11.10 http://i42.tinypic.com/16lwmqd.png04:30
stiltzkincfhowlett, you may need to use ndiswrapper for that card, my netbook has a BCM4313 and I'm having a hell of a time getting it to work (not with Ubuntu, with android-x86). The correct Linux driver is brcm80211 if I remember correctly.04:30
stiltzkinsacarlson, thanks very much!04:30
okumanybody know how to fix this error? http://i42.tinypic.com/16lwmqd.png04:30
sacarlsonstiltzkin: the details are in the pdf file found here https://sites.google.com/site/remotekeyencrypt/files/remote_key_encrypt.pdf?attredirects=0&d=104:31
stiltzkinsacarlson, this looks cool but I don't think it will help me mount my drive04:33
stiltzkinokum, have you installed the wine ppa properly?04:34
okumstiltzkin: you know what man, i really don't know. :\04:34
stiltzkinokum, if not try "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa"04:34
powerrangershow to remove ms office 2007 in ubuntu 11.0404:34
rabbi1how can i find particular fonts in ubuntu04:34
stiltzkinokum, and then do " sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"04:35
urfr332gOpowerrangers, it is wine right?04:35
stiltzkinrabbi1, you mean like the fonts directory?04:35
powerrangersyes , but hoe to remoe04:36
stiltzkinrabbi1, /usr/share/fonts or for single users ~/.fonts04:36
KM0201!fonts | rabbi104:36
ubotturabbi1: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/04:36
powerrangersyes ,how to remove ms office04:37
okumstiltzkin: does that update wine for me?04:37
okumstiltzkin: rather than using the update manager?04:37
stiltzkinokum, it will update wine (if necessary) but more importantly it should fix your key issues. Yes, it does the same thing as update-manager essentially.04:37
urfr332gOpowerrangers, not sure myself never used wine but if needed there is the #winehq channel.04:38
okumalright, thank you sir! some other guy told me how to do it, and was being a dick cuz he thought i should know how and it didn't even work lol.04:38
okumstiltzkin: ^04:38
KM0201okum, it depends on how you installed wine... if you have the wine repository enabled, wine should upgrade as part of your system updates04:39
okumKM0201: i think i just enabled it.04:39
stiltzkinokum, no prob, hope that helps. KM0201, I'm having him do add-apt-repository so it fetches the PGP key, I think that's his problem04:39
KM0201ah ok.04:39
okumstiltzkin: i'm pretty sure it did, it's updating in terminal now so.04:40
stiltzkinokum, if it updates and upgrades without errors you should be fine.04:40
L3toppowerrangers: there is an "uninstall wine software" button... which should work similar to add/remove programs04:40
stiltzkinStill hoping someone can help me mount a LUKS volume properly...04:41
okumstiltzkin: ok, great. i just wanted to update before installing a couple programs.04:42
urfr332gOpowerrangers, found this forums link might help. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150033804:42
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.04:43
sacarlsonstiltzkin: without details or your LUKS volume problem, all we can do is point to docs that show methods and resources needed: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/rescue-an-encrypted-luks-lvm-volume.html04:44
stiltzkinsacarlson, I posted all the details above. Can provide system information as necessary04:44
y0om4I installed truetype corefonts but the Times New Roman still does not show up in Libra Office. I do not understand.04:47
rams_panduwhat is the software that can convert images into text files in ubuntu04:49
stiltzkinrams_pandu, you mean OCR software. Tesseract is a popular suite.04:49
cbfreckhey anyone want to help me out, i wrote over my grub when i installed windows and the ubuntu wiki article about this doesnt work for me04:50
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sacarlsonstiltzkin: ok I found it up there, so you got results at this point in the steps sudo vgscan --mknodes  returned something?04:50
stiltzkinsacarlson, yes, I do...looks fine to me04:51
sacarlsonstiltzkin: and you did create the mount directory before you tried to mount it?04:51
stiltzkinsacarlson, yup, created /volume (also tried /media/volume)04:52
KM0201what are you trying to mount? (sorry, i left for a second so i could automount an NTFS partition..lol)04:52
=== ar0nic is now known as marowanna
stiltzkinKM0201, me? Trying to mount an encrypted LUKS partition properly. It's not really a big deal now since I already have Nautilus running the copy as root. I just didn't want to resort to that.04:53
sacarlsonstiltzkin: oh your on a livecd boot so those directory are readonly,  try the user directory provided at boot of the livecd to create it in04:53
rams_pandustiltzkin, can I convert png image into text using tesseract?04:53
MrKeunerhello, what may be wrong if one sees TX packets:130290 errors:392 in ifconfig eth0?04:53
KM0201stiltzkin, hmm, yeah, and running nautilus as root is kinda nasty anyway04:53
MrKeunerRX errors is 004:54
stiltzkinKM0201, sacarlson, don't worry about it, as long as I can back my data up this installation is getting nuked anyway.04:54
sacarlsonstiltzkin: ya I'm sure it won't be worth fixing,  just recover what you might have of value in the /home dir or others04:55
y0om4how come I install true type core fonts but then Libra Office does not show Times New Roman still?04:55
stiltzkinsacarlson, lol it's gonna take a while, my /home is about 200GB04:55
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stiltzkiny0om4, try reinstalling msttcorefonts. It's possible it didn't pull down Times New Roman from Microsoft's site properly. Are the other fonts installed?04:56
sacarlsonstiltzkin: well it might have some value then if it's 200gb, that will take 3 weeks to recover your media from the net04:56
y0om4let me try to reinstall it then04:57
L3topy0om4: ls /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts04:57
stiltzkinsacarlson, I'm missing my eSATA adapter as well, so it's gotta be over USB 2.0 <_<04:57
L3topthrow a -l in there and make sure the size is good too if it does exist04:57
L3topmsttcorefonts is notorious for screwing up on download04:58
stiltzkiny0om4, yeah what L3top said ^^04:58
KM0201L3top, i've never had a problem with it.. ever04:58
L3topthe dl manager is very time aggressive, and hops immediately to other servers.04:58
y0om4l3top, thanks, I went there and it said README file with license refuse and to reinstall it. i must not have accepted the policy the first time04:58
L3topif it does not get a response immediately from everywhere, it will fail.04:59
stiltzkinL3top, can't that be fixed in wget options? I mean it's just a script right?04:59
L3topKM0201: I download it about 5 times a week04:59
L3topfails a lot04:59
L3topit has to do with that very license04:59
L3topand the way servers are managed04:59
jsoftAnyone here have any ideas how I can kind of alter the way devices are auto-mounted? (ie, flash drives)05:00
L3topalter how?05:00
jsoftIe, I want to check the device's serial number, and depending on what it is, mount it read only, or to certain mountpoints, or run a program05:01
stiltzkinAlright I've got another question. Is there an easy way to do a copy from one directory to another making sure that the files are copied fully and correctly? I mean I have some of my /home backed up to an external, but not all of it. If I want to start copying again, how can I make sure not to copy files I've already transferred again?05:01
rabbi1stiltzkin: thank you, but could not find one font lmmonoprop10-oblique05:02
zykotick9stiltzkin: rsync might work for that05:02
L3topstiltzkin: rsync05:02
stiltzkinzykotick9, L3top, any good tutorials for that?05:02
L3topjsoft I can show you some code to look at from our project...05:03
stiltzkinrabbi1, I'm sure if you google for that you can find it freely and stick it in the appropriate directory05:03
jsoftL3top: Ok sure, that might be helpfull :)05:03
sacarlsonstiltzkin: cp -a /pathfrom/  /pathto/05:03
L3topwe do all but read only... and we are using messagesend which you wont have... but could alter to pop some other sort of notifier... perhaps metacity...05:03
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L3topone sec.05:03
signpostwhat's the lightest-weight virtualization I can do if my only concern is separation for security's sake, not running other OSs, etc.05:04
jsoftsignpost: might as well just use virtualbox05:04
jsoftkvm also works05:04
=== tabern is now known as indigo
signpostjsoft: I mean in a server environment05:04
jsoftsignpost: prolly kvm05:04
signpostif I want two applications walled off from each other, but don't really need to run another os that isn't ubuntu05:04
jsoftOr whatever the linux equiv of jails is05:05
rabbi1stiltzkin: yeap, i got that from google ... :)05:05
sacarlsonsignpost: maybe chroot?05:05
stiltzkinsacarlson, any way to show progress with cp though? this will be a long transfer05:05
L3topjsoft: http://svn.linuxmce.org/trac.cgi/browser/branches/LinuxMCE-1004/src/PlutoStorageDevices05:05
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
L3toplook at StorageDevices_Radar.sh05:06
sacarlsonstiltzkin: I would have to check with man cp but probly add -v05:06
zykotick9stiltzkin: fyi rsync would only copy what has changed/or is new05:06
L3topthere are also network radars etc.05:06
stiltzkinzykotick9, so just rsync /pathfrom /pathto?05:06
zykotick9stiltzkin: more to it then that actually...05:06
L3topthey use lshwd, I would recommend sticking with StorageDevices_Radar's use of lspci05:06
sacarlsonstiltzkin: ya rsync might be a better solution if something fails in the download like your usb locks up, when you restart with rsync it won't have to start completly over05:08
jsoftL3top: so is it basically a case of telling gnome/whatever to bugger off, and doing the mounting yourself?05:08
L3topand if you make changes, you can do incremental updates05:08
L3topwe dont use the desktop at all05:08
jsoftOh right05:08
L3topbut give you access to it05:08
L3topif you want05:08
stiltzkinsacarlson, that was my thought, as the drive has disconnected prematurely in the past05:09
stiltzkinsacarlson, zykotick9, how about rsync -azv /pathfrom /pathto?05:09
zykotick9stiltzkin: z will slow things down considerably05:09
L3tophowever, the mounting persists in desktop... and it is automagic.05:09
stiltzkinzykotick9, OK, don't want that then. -av?05:10
zykotick9stiltzkin: i "think" that should work ok05:10
L3topit mounts VERY briefly and provides all information about the device, serial, name, size, avail space... and asks you if you want to mount it05:10
L3toplike I said... you could use a little metacity notifier in gnome05:11
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
stiltzkinzykotick9, alright great, giving it a try05:11
L3topbut its a start :)05:11
brun0l3zHello People05:12
brun0l3zwhat is going on here?05:13
konzaHi all I am using ubuntu 11.10 and skype  I am facing some issues in screen sharing.. I am unable to get acces of windows of my system. if i do a right click the the window will be shown but i wont be having any controll. Please help05:13
cbfreckanyone want to help me get grub back ontop of windows bootloader05:13
brun0l3zSorry Konza, I am using backtrack 5 and i have not setup skype yet05:13
stiltzkincbfreck, try super grub disk: http://www.supergrubdisk.org/05:14
cbfreckahh this looks great thanks stiltzkin05:16
cbfrecki should be able to do grub-install from inside my regular installation i think05:16
stiltzkincbfreck, no prob. I know how frustrating a borked grub install is05:16
cbfreckcuz its just not working from this live cd05:16
cbfreckyeah it really is lol05:16
zykotick9cbfreck: to reinstall grub from livecd, i've always used the chroot method documented in the !grub2 link05:17
cbfrecki did chroot05:17
cbfreckand then...05:17
MrKeunerhello, what may be wrong if one sees TX packets errors:392 in ifconfig eth0?05:17
KM0201i think the newer live cd's (11.04+) have an easy grub reinstallation tool in the repos.05:19
mfpocketsHello, how can I make it so I can login through vino if I only have ssh.  Seems like it only boots when I login physically05:20
cbfreckzykotick9: hmmm the grub2 documentation is different, let me give this a shot05:20
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urfr332gOcbfreck, if you continue to have problems there is a script you can run that shows what is where that is helpful, if needed run it and pastebin the results.txt  http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/05:32
cbfreckurfr332gO: ok thanks, im trying the grub-setup method right now but its giving me cant guess root device error05:33
urfr332gOcbfreck, I just use suorgrub to get in myself and fix it from the desktop, a reload of grub to the mbr should have worked.05:34
rmldhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1932643 any help?05:35
cbfreckurfr332gO: yeah im about to do that if i cant get this working05:35
urfr332gOcbfreck, Do you know the commands to reload grub from the terminal?05:36
cbfreckurfr332gO: when your chrooted or booted into the os its just grub-install /dev/sda right?05:36
urfr332gOcbfreck, yeah just make sure it is sda run sudo fdisk  -l to confrim05:37
cbfreckurfr332gO: i wasnt able to do it while in chroot since grub-install doesnt seem to be installed on that, and apt-get wont work from chroot05:37
cbfreckurfr332gO: yeah its sda05:37
urfr332gOcbfreck, that can get switched though if you use a usb flash to boot with though, always confirm it hasn't been.05:38
cbfreckurfr332gO: oh yeah good point05:39
urfr332gOcbfreck, I have had my sda hd read as sdb at times with a usb boot.05:39
chipotlehi, how do i figure out which hard drive has my boot partition on it? i know sdc2 is it, but i need to edit grub for the right physical drive so i don't get an initramfs prompt when i select ubuntu during startup05:40
chipotleit is because my boot drive is in the 4th or 5th connector, and when i installed ubuntu, no other drives were attached, because it dual boots with win7 and i didn't want win7 formatting all drives05:40
urfr332gOchipolte, you still running a GUID?05:41
chipotleurfr332gO: msdos05:43
urfr332gOchipolte, you should not need a boot partition, do you mean the mbr?05:44
urfr332gOchipotle, you want grub to be the boot?05:45
chipotleurfr332gO: well, right now i get an intiramfs command when i try to boot into linux05:45
chipotlebecause grub2 has hd0 as the drive with the boot drive for linux05:45
chipotlewin7 boots fine05:46
chipotlebut the physical drive is actually sdc and the boot partition is sdc205:46
urfr332gOchipotle, so you have a actual boot partition?05:46
chipotleurfr332gO: yes05:47
urfr332gOchipotle, it is not just the root partition with a split home from it?05:47
chipotleurfr332gO: no05:47
chipotlesdc2 is my 100mb /boot partition05:47
chipotleso what do i put in grub?05:47
urfr332gOchipotle, you don't need a bootpartition with your setup05:48
chipotlebut i have one05:48
chipotleso what do i enter so grub loads ubuntu05:48
urfr332gOchipotle, I can't really help there.05:48
Yadira-007i cant format a micro sd,,tried gpartded,,and even gksu nautilus and browsing to delet all contend of sd,,i just cant,,here is a display of error http://imagebin.org/201155,,wile deleting it does tells me that all together is about 10Gigabites and the sd is a 2G,,wierd :(05:48
jellybellysAnyone want to help me? Stuck on update-grub while installing.05:49
KM0201Yadira-007, your link doesn't work05:49
KM0201jellybellys, what do you mean stuck on update grub?05:50
urfr332gOjellybellys, you sure it is not just loading updates?05:50
Yadira-007i tried on windows,,and i get errors also,,is a write only filesystem,,something like that05:51
humungulousjellybellys: what specific error do you get05:51
KM0201Yadira-007, well if it's an error on windows as well, why are you surprised it's an error on linux?05:51
Yadira-007im not surprised,,i just cant do it anywhere,,,i thought it was easier on linux05:52
KM0201Yadira-007, if something is read only, it's very unlikely linux is going to change that05:53
Yadira-007even as root ?05:53
EpicGeekZYadira-007: is there a hardware lock on the sd card?05:53
KM0201gparted runs as root... so i guess you have your answer there05:54
Yadira-007no hardware lock,,is on a usb adapter05:54
EpicGeekZwhat card is it exactly?05:54
Yadira-007is a micro sd05:54
KM0201well, if youc an't format it in windows, and you can't format it in Linux, something is going on on the hardware end..05:54
EpicGeekZahhh, micro sd.  I asked about the lock because I thought you ment a standard SD05:55
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Yadira-007when i tried to delet in the progress bar it says that all together in the microSD is about 10G,,when the card is a 2G05:56
EpicGeekZtry a different usb adapter?05:56
Yadira-007when i check the properties it tells me i have about 140MB free og a 2G filesystem05:57
cbush14How do you shape traffic?05:57
humungulouscbush14: google qos05:58
hex20decIt's been about 40 something hours that I'm awake trying fix this mail server and it keeps giving me problems, I need help desperately, is anyone willing to help set it up the right way? Please don't ask what is the problem, because I messed with so much settings that nothing is working now. Please, I'm begging.05:58
chipotlehex20dec: start over05:58
chipotlefollow a linode guide, it's quite self explanatory05:58
hex20decI followed the whole ubuntu guide and it fucked me up so badly.05:59
hex20decIt keeps saying to do different stuff.05:59
humungulousmail transport specialists are highly paid for a reason05:59
humungulousits freaking hard06:00
hex20decTell me about it.06:00
humunguloushire one, if youre spending company $06:00
humungulousyou dont have to do everything yourself06:00
KM0201hex20dec, what version of ubuntu server are you using?  also, you might try asking in #ubuntu-server06:00
humunguloushe just did06:00
hex20decAnd yes, I did.06:00
chipotlewhat ubuntu software is on the liveCD to edit grub?06:01
hex20decI bought a VPS.06:01
humungulouschipotle: nano, vi06:01
KM0201chipotle, to edit grub?... nothing.. just use nano... there's aboot repair utility, if grub is jacked up06:01
hex20decOh, I thought you're talking to me.06:02
humunguloushex20dec: i feel for you but i dont speak a word of sendmail.cf06:02
chipotleKM0201: where is the repair utility?06:03
hex20decI wish you did, you've helped me before with stuff, humungulous. Thanks anyways.06:03
KM0201chipotle, it's in the repos.06:03
humungulous!grub | chipotle06:03
ubottuchipotle: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)06:03
humunguloushex20dec: go to sleep for 24 hours06:03
hex20decI promised myself I won't until I get this fixed.06:04
hex20decGet this, everything was working fine, I just wanted to connect thunderbird so I can read and send mail like a normal person, and I installed so much shit and now it isn't even working, nothing is working.06:04
KM0201hex20dec, have you considered just using openwebmail, or maybe squirrel?06:04
hex20decI DID.06:05
humungulousyou added IMAP, or POP306:05
hex20decI installed roundcube.06:05
humungulouswhy cant you purge everything you did and go back to how it was before06:05
KM0201i've never use OWM, but i've always heard it was very easy to setup.06:05
hex20decI installed postfix and IMAP and dovecot06:05
hex20dechumungulous, How would I list the last installed packages so I can purge them all?06:06
humunguloushex20dec: well for one place /var/log/apt/06:06
hex20decBut it's not even that, I know I did it correctly as stated, I understood everything, it's just they missed out on shit, I know it for sure. I need to add cname imap.mydomain.com and they did not state it anywhere.06:07
hex20decAny expert here? I'm willing to pay, even though I'm broke.06:08
urfr332gOhex20dec, you can pay canonical.06:09
humungulouscraigslist gigs section could work too06:09
KM0201hex20dec, i think i agree, you need to sleep for 24hrs, then come back to this,,, you're blaming a tutorial, that nobody else has had a problem with06:09
humungulousbut the most qualified MTA admin would already have a job06:09
hex20decI wish there was a fucking installation pack for all this shit.06:11
hex20decWould make people's life so much easier.06:11
hex20decI think I'll stay up for a few more hours trying to figure it out.06:12
urfr332gO!language | this is the second time you have used that word.06:12
ubottuthis is the second time you have used that word.: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:12
hex20decubottu, sorry.06:12
hex20dechumungulous, do you know any experts on this channel that I can private message them?06:13
humungulousafraid not. tell you the truth ive only been active here for less than a week06:14
hex20decOh wow, you seem very active.06:14
humungulouswell, im very bored06:14
cbush14I keep trying to change the motd and it just changes back?06:15
humungulouscbush14: it's controlled from the contents of /etc/update-motd.d/06:15
humungulouscbush14: poke around there06:15
humungulouscbush14: you found it?06:17
cbush14Yeah cheers.06:17
humungulousah good06:18
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ogreI lost sound suddenly. been trying to figure out how to fix. any help appreciated. here is an lspci http://paste.ubuntu.com/860147/06:21
vaccineIm trying to install 11.10 on a MacBook Air, I can boot the installer off a thumb drive, but the install crashes with an I/O error right after it detects no CD drive.  Anyone have any suggestions?06:21
fairuz_Which one is better to create local mirror, using debmirror or apt-mirror?06:22
crazycheeseHi, Im searching linux specialist in rostov-on-don, russia. Anyone?06:22
Flannelfairuz_: What's your use-case?06:22
MayazcherquoiHey guys, is it possible to import wireless networks into Ubuntu from Win7? Regards :)06:22
fairuz_Flannel: We are a small of grup want to do an upgrade jam but the internet connection is not good.06:23
fairuz_So I think we could turn one machine to an mirror06:23
fairuz_Download all the upgrades in advance06:23
tweezeI was having some trouble installing ipac-ng, everytime i ran sudo apt-get install ipac-ng, I got the error of can't find that package.  What repository do i need to add to get this package?06:25
Flannelfairuz_: Well, apt-proxy means that you'll only have to download each package that you use once.  But it won't be downloaded until it's used.  debmirror will let you mirror everything.06:25
geirhafairuz_: you might want to look into apt-cacher06:25
Flannelfairuz_: Since the upgrades won't require a full mirror, I imagine apt-proxy will be best, and if you're worried about time during, do an upgrade prior, that'll pre-cache the files in the apt-mirror06:25
geirhaFlannel, fairuz_: Don't use apt-proxy, it's got bugs and is no longer maintained, so those bugs won't be fixed.06:26
Flannelfairuz_: Another way to do it is to download the alternate CD (which you can torrent, if that helps), and then upgrade from that.06:26
Satisfiedi just upgraded to to 11.10 ( i think ) ... this new interface is totally crazy?!  is this how its supposed to be ..... i just want to open a terminal but can't figure out how to do it.06:27
Flannelfairuz_: I believe everything I said is still correct using apt-cacher instead of apt-proxy.06:27
nubcakeSatisfied: did you try alt+f2 -> gnome-terminal  ?06:28
SatisfiedI'm not even sure what to click anymore... I've been wanting to change the window themes but I cannot figure for the life of me how things work in this crazy place.. i'm going crazy06:28
radencan ubuntu be installed on top of software raid at the bios level ?06:28
fairuz_Flannel: geirha: I'm still not getting it. apt-cacher will be used to get necessary packages for update. So can I use these packages for another machines to upgrade too? Or it need to be done for each machine06:29
Satisfiedi'm thinking this must be some sort of a joke... on me ? this interface is just bizarre06:30
Satisfiedis this really gnome?06:30
geirhafairuz_: you set up a box with apt-cacher, then you change your sources.list to point to that box instead of archive.ubuntu.com.06:30
Flannelfairuz_: Yeah, you point each machine to the cacher ('instead of' a repository), then whenever a machine asks for a package, the cacher checks to see if it has it, if it does, it hands it over, if it doesn't, it downloads it from the real repositories, and caches the package for when someone else asks for it.06:30
nubcakeSatisfied: how are we supposed to know what you're looking at?06:30
Satisfiednubcake, shrug, ... i just installed the latest ubuntu and the desktop is just goofy06:31
Satisfiedthere are big blockish and clumsy icons on the left side that make no sense06:31
fairuz_Flanner geirha: Understood. So I have to have one box/machine that is already upgraded so that the other machines can take the upgrade from it. Is that correct?06:32
tweezeI was having some trouble installing ipac-ng, everytime i ran sudo apt-get install ipac-ng, I got the error of can't find that package.  What repository do i need to add to get this package?06:32
nubcakeoh that netbook-like sidebar-thingy06:32
FlannelSatisfied: It's not GNOME, it's Unity--Canonical's take on how a UI should behave.06:32
Satisfiedunity--canoical   ?06:32
FlannelSatisfied: Unity is the UI.  Canonical is the company that made it.06:32
Flannelfairuz_: If you want to have everything cached beforehand, set up the cacher, point a machine at the cacher and upgrade with that machine ahead of time.  This will fill the cache with the packages for the upgrade.06:33
Satisfiedthis is really bad... I dont know who that company is but they should be fucking fired yesterday.06:33
Satisfiedthis interface is totally crazy06:33
FlannelSatisfied: Please mind your language.  And if you'd like to rant about Unity, please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks.06:33
Satisfiedhow do I open skype from this new gnome ?  it was really easy before... 3 clicks.. i have no clue how to do it now06:34
fairuz_Flannel: Ok got it. Thanks.06:36
geirhaSatisfied: Click the icon in the top left corner (or hit the Windows-key) Type skype and enter06:36
SatisfiedI'll take that as a no06:36
Satisfiedgeirha, nothing happened ?06:37
urfr332gO!language | Satisfied06:37
ubottuSatisfied: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:37
urfr332gOFlannel, sorry I missed your post.06:37
napolignociao a tutti06:37
geirhaSatisfied: That doesn't help much. What part didn't "work"?06:38
Satisfiednothing happened06:38
phoenix_firebrdYesterday i was browsing the web using the chrome browser. When i visited a website, an windows exectuble was executed in wine. My chrome doesnt have any extension installed and i think this arbitary code execution is because of a vulnerablity of the browser.06:39
phoenix_firebrdhow can i make my system more secure ? other than uninstalling the wine and chrome06:39
geirhaSatisfied: when? When you clicked the icon, nothing appeared? When you typed skype, no results were shown?06:39
phoenix_firebrdI have deleted the wine directory and checked for any unwanted programs running in the background, nothing like that.06:39
Satisfiedresults?  no sort of search button arrived for me06:40
Satisfiedwait... why the hell do I need search results for skype ?06:41
Satisfiedi just want to load it.. not search for it06:42
MayazcherquoiHey guys, is it possible to import wireless networks into Ubuntu from Win7? Regards :)06:42
geirhaSatisfied: That's how unity works. For applications you haven't pinned on the dock on the left, you open the Dash and search for the app.06:42
Satisfiedgeirha, that is a very curious comment06:43
tweezeany help on installing ipac-ng?  i tried to apt-get install it, and i can't locate the package?  what repository should i add for this?06:43
geirhaSatisfied: How so?06:43
Satisfiedwhy should I have to search for such simple things?06:43
humungulousMayazcherquoi: no, you have to configure the client settings anew, but it should be trivial, there is no meaningful benefit in the "import" youre envisioning06:43
Mayazcherquoihumungulous: Damn :-/06:44
geirhaSatisfied: *shrug* someone though that was a good idea?06:44
humungulousMayazcherquoi: all you need to know is the SSID and passphrase. you would engineer an entire automated export/import pipeline just for that?06:44
geirhaSatisfied: Anyway, you only need to search it up once, then pin it to the dock.06:44
zykotick9!notunity | Satisfied06:45
ubottuSatisfied: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic06:45
Satisfiedhow do i pin someting ?06:45
geirhaSatisfied: Once you've started an application, an icon for it will appear in the dock. Right-click it and select "pin"06:46
zykotick9Satisfied: if you are looking for a more Gnome 2-like environement, check out xfce06:46
Satisfiedzykotick9, i was using gnome yesterday and now I have this weird and confusing interface.... this is not gnome06:46
zykotick9Satisfied: it's gnome+unity06:47
kthomas1if I start an X session,  I don't have an app pager;  how to start one?06:47
Satisfiedi just want gnome... no idea what unity is06:47
geirhaSatisfied: It is Gnome3. The gnome developers have made some radical changes since gnome2.06:47
Satisfiedi'm typing this from the computer next to my new ubuntu install... i dont even know how to load xchat06:48
Satisfiedthis is gnome...06:48
Satisfiednot some sort of 'unity' thing06:48
omeHow would you access the docs under /usr/share/doc/ ? obviously not ungz'ing and using the editor way.06:48
zykotick9Satisfied: unity is not gnome (it just uses gnome as a base)06:48
T_H_Xhex20dec: i'll do it if you want to give me ssh / root access06:48
tweezeany help finding a repository for ipac-ng?  i was having some trouble installing it06:49
geirhaSatisfied: Previous releases used  gnome + gnome-panel, now it's gnome + unity06:49
Satisfiedzykotick9, what happened to the regular gnome then?06:49
hex20decT_H_X, really??06:49
humungulousome: they intend for you to open a web browser to file:///usr/share/doc/06:50
T_H_Xhex20dec: sure, i have nothing better to do06:50
zykotick9Satisfied: gnome2 is deprecated, and gnome3 is almost as bad as unity.  Linus T. switched to xfce for a sanner environment06:50
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
omehumungulous: but they are mostly .gz and it's not convinent to download the files from your own computer, unziping then using an editor !06:51
Satisfied*sigh* I dont what to do with this computer that I installed it on... the interface is so weird.  I just want it to run but i can't figure anything out.  I want to configure things but there are all sorts of buttons and stuff06:51
humungulousome: nobody actually uses it :)06:51
Satisfiedits so strange06:51
omehumungulous: there is pretty good stuff. I wonder why there isn't a tool to use them.06:51
humungulousome: a browser would gunzip them in passing, is the idea06:51
omewhere does info fetchs the information, IRRC, it doesn't has a DB like man.06:51
geirhaome: I just do   less /usr/share/doc/something/README.gz06:52
omegeirha: sound a good idea.06:52
humungulousome: echo $INFOPATH06:52
humunguloushmm, maybe not06:53
omehumungulous: all I got was this06:53
zykotick9geirha: less doesn't support .gz on my system???06:53
humungulousi dont even know06:53
MayazcherquoiI'm getting several conficts from a package (libgnome-keyring0), which is making me unable to install gnome-shell :-/06:53
MayazcherquoiHow can I overcome this?06:54
geirhaSatisfied: Well, you got two choices really. Install a different desktop environment, such as xfce or lxde, which are very similar to the "gnome" you're used to, or learn how to use unity.06:54
humungulousah, of course06:54
humungulousome: /usr/share/info/06:54
omehumungulous: nice.06:55
humungulousome: you could do gunzip -c <file> | less06:55
Satisfiedgeirha, not sure.. is there ubuntu with xfce? (never used xfce)06:55
tweezeam i actually posting? lol06:55
humungulousome: but theres really no reason to use those06:55
MayazcherquoiWhy the hell does uninstalling a package warrant a necessity to install ~120 new packages?06:56
EpicGeekZor you can install xfce4 through apt-get06:56
humungulousome: when you have google and the entire internets06:56
geirhazykotick9: less runs it through lesspipe, which figures out it is a gz file and passes it through gzip06:56
omehumungulous: fair, but there is lots of good stuff in docs that _normally_ you find crap solutions in web.06:56
zykotick9geirha: not here?  odd, gives me a message like "this is binary, still want to show it?" and i get binary output06:56
humunguloustweeze: no one must know06:57
ome****btw, less *.gz works just fine.***06:57
jaequeryhoanyone know how i can find out random IOPS (4k) of my drive in linux?06:57
humungulousjaequery: man hdparm06:57
tweezehumungulous: i feel like im invisible!06:57
geirhazykotick9: echo "$LESSOPEN"  # shows   | /usr/bin/lesspipe %s06:57
humunguloustweeze: we see it06:57
jaequeryisnt hdparm just for max throughput?06:57
jaequeryi need random iops numbers (4k)06:58
humungulousjaequery: it can do a few different tests06:58
omehumungulous: as an example, the answer for gnome3 power button in web (as in google first pages) is 'use a plugin!' but doc says press alt. :D06:58
geirhaSatisfied: Yes, xubuntu is ubuntu preinstalled with xfce instead of gnome, but you can just install xfce in your current ubuntu install.06:58
fairuz_Flannel: geirha: One more question :) The packages cached on the cacher will be independant from the packages used by the cacher machine itself right?06:59
jaequeryhumungulous: how can i use hdparm to give me the 4k random iops numbers? all i know now is just hdparm -tT <device>06:59
zykotick9geirha: if i call lesspipe it does work, neat, thanks.  easier then the zcat method i used to use.06:59
mohan7I can't update my Ubuntu...in my Update Manager it's showing "Failed to download repository information"..May I know how to fix this ?06:59
geirhafairuz_: right06:59
webPragmatistso… quite honestly i'm a noob… I just installed haproxy from souce (make / make install) and i'm not sure whether the haproxy init.d file came from it or the old apt package i isntalled06:59
webPragmatistany help here? does make install create daemons?07:00
omemohan7: open Software Sources and check the Download From.07:00
Satisfiedgeirha, okay.. i'll check that out, anything can be better than what I'm going through here.  I dont know how to do anything and these big buttons on the left side are just odd... not sure why they're there.07:00
zykotick9fairuz_: yes, each system (including the host, even if it's pointed to the apt-cacher) downloads the packages to the local cache07:00
SatisfiedI dont need buttons on the left hand part of the screen...  what the heck07:00
humungulousjaequery: youre right, there is no standard tool for random access testing07:00
Satisfiedthis is gnome? wow.. I must be going crazy07:01
bazhang!notunity | Satisfied07:01
ubottuSatisfied: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic07:01
MayazcherquoiI'm getting several conficts from a package (libgnome-keyring0), which is making me unable to install gnome-shell :-/07:01
urfr332gOmohan7, not knowing what you have done try looking here. http://askubuntu.com/questions/82509/failed-to-download-repository-information-error-what-to-do07:01
MayazcherquoiHow can I overcome this?07:01
bazhangSatisfied, #ubuntu-offtopic for extended criticisms of Unity07:01
zykotick9Satisfied: it's not gnome, stop calling it that.  It's ubuntu's custom shell on top of gnome07:01
jaequeryhumungulous: so any ideas?07:02
Satisfiedzykotick9, interesting........ has the ubuntu team approved of this ?07:02
mohan7Will try nwo07:02
omezykotick9: Huh ? it's gnome3 just like you get it in Fedora.07:03
humungulousjaequery: the page i googled up, the guy actually wrote his own small throwaway .c program to test it07:03
zykotick9ome: unity != gnome-shell07:03
humungulousjaequery: so, theres that hehehe07:03
omezykotick9: ah, I thought you are talking about gnome32, my bad.07:03
Satisfiedi just want ubuntu with gnome.. not this unity nonsense07:03
zykotick9Satisfied: ubuntu is a top down organization, it's all decided by one person.  not a democracy.07:04
EpicGeekZSatisfied: try an older version of ubuntu07:04
MayazcherquoiWow... Ubuntu's absolutely ridiculous.07:04
omeSatisfied: install gnome-shell and use the classic. problem solved.07:04
geirhaSatisfied: you want gnome+gnome-panel instead of gnome+unity is what you're saying.07:04
Satisfiedjesus, this conversation is crazy.. sorry., i'll go because I dont understand07:04
bazhangSatisfied, that is enough. you have been given many other options. xubuntu-desktop package should you wish to install xfce4 and the other options mentioned since. this is not the place for a rant about unity07:04
tweezeany help installing ipac-ng?07:05
humunguloustweeze: how are you trying to install it, and whats going wrong07:06
tweezetrying to install using sudo apt-get install ipac-ng, it is just saying can't find package ipac-ng07:06
bazhangmunin-plugins-extra seems to contain ipac-ng tweeze07:06
humunguloustweeze: are you certain it exists in any repository07:06
humunguloustweeze: or are you just stabbing in the dark07:07
MayazcherquoiTime for my 11th f**king reinstall...07:07
bazhangMayazcherquoi, no cursing here07:07
MayazcherquoiNo cursing, I censored myself.07:07
tweezehumungulous: lol i'm following the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMonitorInternetTrafficTotals07:07
bazhangMayazcherquoi, no obfuscated swearing either please07:07
MayazcherquoiOh well, you'd probably be doing the same if you were in my position07:08
humungulousok, so07:08
humunguloustweeze: in /etc/apt/sources.list did you uncomment the Universe repos07:08
tweezehumungulous: also tried sudo aptitude install ipac-ng07:08
zykotick9tweeze: did you see bazhang's comment above?07:09
bazhangtweeze, did you not see my comment about munin-plugins-extra07:09
tweezehumungulous: sorry, did not see that, trying that now07:10
humunguloustweeze: never mind07:10
humunguloustweeze: do what bazhang said07:10
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
tweezesorry, looking through the past logs now07:11
humunguloustweeze: he wants you to sudo apt-get install munin-plugins-extra07:12
humungulousi believe07:12
tweezehumungulous: allright, did that07:12
tweezestill can't find that package when i run apt-get install ipac-ng07:13
humungulousi dont match ipac-ng in any package in any suite using ubuntu package search07:15
tweezehumungulous: huh.  well those instructions are a bit misleading then07:15
bazhang!find ipac-ng | tweeze07:15
ubottutweeze: File ipac-ng found in munin-plugins-extra07:15
bazhangtweeze, it's part of the install of munin-plugins-extra07:16
tweezeso are those directions for setting up traffic monitoring wrong07:16
sacarlsontweeze: i used ipac-ng back in like 2008 but later is seems it was no longer supported in ubuntu when I moved to 10.04.  is it working again?07:17
gabyhello - i have made mass with my ubuntu and i dont know what is it - can any body tell me how to get back the first mood of ubuntu07:17
tweezeoh i have no idea, really all i'm trying to do is get some network monitoring up in here07:17
humunguloustweeze: mrtg07:17
bazhanghttp://www.darkcoding.net/software/setting-up-munin-on-ubuntu/ tweeze you mean this?07:18
sacarlsontweeze: you just want to see the total trafic or do you want to single out one ip usage ?07:18
humungulousgaby: depending on how deep a mass you made, you can reinstall07:18
tweezesacarlson: i want to be able to see total traffic on my networkd07:19
sacarlsontweeze: I now mostly use cacti to track most trafic nodes with smtp from each node07:19
gabyhumungulous : i can reinstall because i have many things for work and i dont know how to recover it or back it up07:20
gabyi think i installed some Environments and need to remove it07:20
tweezesacarlson: ok i can try that out, or i can try mrtg07:20
tweezethanks all you guys!  this was a wonderful first irc chat experience!07:23
sacarlsontweeze: mrtg looks very similar to cacti from what I see from a quick google,  I've just never used it07:23
casHi, my resolf.conf get being reset even I don't have HDCP. Is there a new way to configure DNS servers staticly? (I use 12.04)07:23
humungulouscas: #ubuntu+107:25
cashumungulous: Thanks07:25
sacarlsoncas: I think to set static you need to kill networkmanager,  is that the problem?07:28
=== aman_ is now known as amanthakur
cassacarlson: could be, but it's a server version07:33
sacarlsoncas: I just run a script when I want to be static http://paste.ubuntu.com/860195/  but I'm sure there are other better ways07:33
humungulouscas: you can manipulate /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf07:34
humungulouscas: oh wait you said not dhcp07:35
AngabladeAnyone have a suggestions for an app to sync to my iphone with on ubuntu?07:36
sacarlsoncas: for a permanent change maybe look at something like this http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/static-ip-under-ubuntu-11-10-a-918165/07:36
urgodfatherwill someone help me get wireless working on this laptop07:42
EtheraelAnyone know the command to reconfigure networking frmo the shell (the one that would have happened during initial system install but was not working at the time)07:42
urgodfatherit shows in lspci but is "missing firmware"07:42
humungulousEtherael: edit /etc/network/interfaces07:43
humungulousurgodfather: no idea07:43
gabyiam trying to remove some Environments but i cant - can any one help me please07:44
Etheraelhumungulous: So there's no way to actually go through the text based UI after install?07:44
sacarlsonurgodfather: if it's hard to setup then it must be a broadcom wifi device,  I'm not sure there is a 100% solution for all of them07:44
urgodfatherit is broadcom07:44
humungulousEtherael: appears no07:45
Etheraelhumungulous: Ok, thanks.07:45
humungulousgaby: what did you type to install them07:45
urgodfatherthe laptop has internal and i have one shoved in the pcmia slot too b/c i cant get internet on it07:45
humungulousEtherael: bit its not hard to do by editing the underlying config files07:45
urgodfatherthe cat5 port is bad07:45
humungulousEtherael: /etc/network/interfaces, /etc/resolv.conf, etc07:46
Gitzodoes skype work for ubuntu?07:46
Etheraelhumungulous: Yeah I can figure it out, just prefer to use the UI if it's available.07:46
CFHowlettGitzo   yes07:46
sacarlsonurgodfather: I see articles like this http://techie-buzz.com/foss/wifi-ubuntu-install-broadcom-drivers.html  if that method fails just keep your other device pluged in and wait for better drivers to apear07:47
CFHowlettsacarlson   just got into the irc after reintstalling broadcom - can i help?07:48
sacarlsonCFHowlett: sure talk to urgodfather to give him the secreets07:48
CFHowletturgodfather   I just installed broadcom (again) - can I help?07:48
urgodfatherby all means :)07:49
CFHowletturgodfather   buntu version?07:49
gabyany help ?07:49
CFHowletturgodfather   ?07:50
urgodfatherfirst boot no upgrades07:50
gabyi typedsudo apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop       and       sudo apt-get install lxde07:51
humungulousgaby: so sudo apt-get remove kde-plasma-desktop lxde07:51
gabyand i tried now to remove it - but its always telling me that it cant be removed07:51
ZenBalanceI just upgraded my 11.10 version and I am now stuck with grub that only tells me: "error: out of disk , you need to boot the kernel first" tried Boot-Repair and mounting in the terminal07:51
CFHowletturgodfather   OK, I installed on 10.04.4 without no internet connection following this tutorial  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx07:51
humungulousgaby: what it say07:51
CFHowletturgodfather   I used STA - No Internet access and grabbed all 4 debs from the boot usb, dpkg'd rebooted and voila07:53
gabyPackage lxde is not installed, so not removed07:53
gabyPackage kde-plasma-desktop is not installed, so not removed07:53
gaby0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not upgraded.07:53
urgodfathercfhowlett i have dvd, not usb... how do i grab from?07:54
humungulousgaby: ubuntu version?07:55
CFHowletturgodfather   I just dragged them from the usb to the desktop and clicked on them.  Note: there is a sequence bcmwl-kernel wanted to download the other debs.  No deb, no download.  Install patch, dkms and the other one before bcmwl-kernel07:55
CFHowletturgodfather   you did get the url I sent?07:56
urgodfatheryes but ur talkin way over my head... still getting familiar to linux07:57
sacarlsonurgodfather: I thought that device still had internet from your pcmci slot device, can't he  use the b43-fwcutter method if it does CFHowlett, that was also in that article you gave him07:57
humungulousgaby: should be in ~/.xinitrc07:57
CFHowletturgodfather   ok, lemme slow down.07:57
humungulousgaby: can also try startx /usr/bin/gnome-session07:58
CFHowlettsacarlson   yeah, the article includes b43, sta and fwcutter methods07:58
sacarlsonCFHowlett: ok07:58
urgodfatherplease do :)07:58
CFHowletturgodfather   ok, let's identify your wifi set.  In your terminal type lspci -vvnn | grep 14e407:59
CFHowletthit enter and then paste for us07:59
ubottuurgodfather: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:59
gabyhumungulous : it tells me that user is not allowed to run Xserver08:00
urgodfatherim on a different pc08:00
CFHowletturgodfather   just about to ask that .. what is the text after08:00
CFHowlettBroadcom Corporation08:00
urgodfathersupported device08:01
CFHowletturgodfather   brilliant!08:01
urgodfatherthats why i kept it08:01
CFHowletturgodfather   according to our handy dandy tutorial, you need the b43 package08:01
CFHowletturgodfather    so moving to the b43 No Internet Access ...08:02
sgo11hi, after setuid and setgid for a directory, how to remove them? first, I did sudo chmod 6755 dir. works fine. then I tried sudo chmod 0755 dir. it does not work. any ideas? thanks.08:02
CFHowletturgodfather   Step 1 identifies two files that we need.  Find them on your dvd and copy em to your desktop08:03
ZenIRCBotsgo11: http://is.gd/afolif08:03
CFHowletturgodfather   am I making sense?08:03
urgodfatheri tried the command like a ding dong08:05
sgo11ZenIRCBot, ?08:05
CFHowletturgodfather   drag and drop works too  :)08:05
CFHowletturgodfather   you found both files?08:05
NyLesi installed Ubuntu 11.10 in my laptop, how will i add icons on the luncher at the left?08:05
NyLesi installed Ubuntu 11.10 in my laptop, how will i add icons/shortcuts on the luncher at the left?08:06
CFHowletturgodfather   so you should be at two files with a .deb suffix, right?08:06
CFHowletturgodfather   double click on b43-fwcutter.  that'l launch the extraction/installation08:07
urfr332gONyLes, when the icon is there when open right click it then add to launcher I believe.08:07
urfr332gONyLes, or keep in launcher.08:07
daniilrHello eveyone08:07
urgodfatherb43cutter? i thought i needed dkms08:08
NyLesurfr332gO: when the icon is THERE? where?08:08
NyLesurfr332gO: ooohh ok thanks..08:08
urfr332gONyLes, when the app is open you want to add.08:08
CFHowletturgodfather   no I needed dkms for the STA driver.  YOU need the b43 driver ...08:09
NyLesurfr332gO: can i also switch their places?08:09
urfr332gONyLes, yeah some drag up and down.08:09
urgodfatheri see08:09
NyLesurfr332gO: im trying to drag them but all of them are moving lol08:09
sgo11forget my question. found the answer. use -s instead of chmod 075508:10
urfr332gONyLes, I believe you left click them, then with the click held down drag them to the desktop slighlty then to where youwant then then release the click.08:11
mister2hey guys, i know there's a program for this but i can't remember the name. i want to export select programs from my current ubuntu install with dependencies so i can install them on another system... thoughts? dependencies are none essential, and i know about the cache and that i can simply copy things that way.08:11
mister2urfr332g0, about my lan issue earlier with it not showing up it was because i had lan disabled in the bios.... "saving power" i believe was te thought behind that xD08:11
CFHowletturgodfather   how's it looking?08:11
NyLesurfr332gO: thanks so i need to wait before dragging thanks so much..08:12
urgodfatheri just installed b43-cutter08:12
CFHowlettalright same process to patch08:13
urfr332gONyLes, I used unity for a long time but had another bar I used regularly and just use gnome 3 now, so I'm not hip on all the controls.08:13
daniilrI want to report bug but I d ont know which package is problematic.Kernel I think. My keyboard NUM LOCK LED got crazy. It glows in the rhythm of music. Sory for my English :308:13
NyLesurfr332gO: but you're good thanks..08:13
urgodfathercfhowlett, patched08:14
daniilrWell, not in rhythm of music, just chaotic08:14
NyLescan i use empathy to chat in IRC?08:15
daniilrUbuntu 12.0408:15
mister2hey guys, i know there's a program for this but i can't remember the name. i want to export select programs from my current ubuntu install with dependencies so i can install them on another system... thoughts? dependencies are none essential, and i know about the cache and that i can simply copy things that way.08:15
CFHowletturgodfather   moving to step 2: see those 2 files?  get em, copy em (usb is fine) drop em on your desktop08:15
NyLescan i use empathy to chat in IRC? how to edit the timeout in grub? and how will i know if ubuntu is using the right driver for my video card?08:15
CFHowlettNyLes   no08:15
CFHowlettNyLes   no empathy irc solution yet.08:16
NyLesCFHowlett: thanks..08:16
NyLes how to edit the timeout in grub? and how will i know if ubuntu is using the right driver for my video card?08:16
CFHowletturgodfather   drop em in your /home08:17
vkgdreHi, I wonder why grub sometimes need interaction when booting. Usually it just starts the default/only kernel entry, but after changes to the kernel it appears to need me to press enter once. This is not very convenient, as I use the computer without keyboard (or monitor)08:17
masterlord65Hi everyone. I have wery intresting problem with my ubuntu 11.10 server. i try making partition on one of the disks sda or sdd. everything is ok but... after restart system dont see new partition. if i come again to to cfdisk (or fdisk) i see that partition exist.... bud i dont see him on /dev....08:18
CFHowletturgodfather   step 3: easiest method is to copy/paste those commands.  Do not include the ~$08:18
MayazcherquoiIs 12.04 stable for daily use?08:18
NyLeskeyboard shortcut for terminal?08:18
ubottuMayazcherquoi: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:18
CFHowlettMayazcherquoi   no08:18
urgodfatherdifferent pc08:18
MayazcherquoiCFHowlett: Okay, thank you08:19
CFHowletturgodfather   wait what?  /08:19
daniilrMayazcherquoi: NO. Don't use it08:19
CFHowlettMayazcherquoi   it's not even in beta yet   :)08:19
MayazcherquoiWas just wondering, cos' this 11.10 is completely stuffed :P08:20
_nullthreeAgreed with the don't use sentiment; it's still too early to use 12.0408:20
CFHowletturgodfather   copy and paste a text file and usb that to the machine we're fixing08:20
NyLeshow will I know if Ubuntu is using the right driver for m video card?08:20
MayazcherquoiAnyways, I have to shut down to reinstall Ubuntu for the 11th time :-/08:20
dos000is it possible to route the traffic through an ubuntu guest running on a windows guest (using vmaware) ?08:20
urgodfatheri got a fail on 2nd command08:21
CFHowletturgodfather   "sudo b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware wl_apsta-" ??08:22
CFHowletturgodfather   that one?08:22
urgodfathergot it08:22
* CFHowlett I DID suggest copy & paste, right?08:23
vkgdreDoen anyone know why GRUB sometimes (I believe after kernel updates/changes) wants me to press enter to boot?08:23
vkgdreI have not changed the default configuration08:23
Mayazcherquoivkgdre: It's probably just the timeout?08:23
MayazcherquoiDo you want it to skip pressing enter and boot straight into Ubuntu?08:23
urgodfatherfinished step 308:24
CFHowletturgodfather   OK then Step 4: make it so!08:24
MayazcherquoiCFHowlett: Would you advise removing Unity if you plan on just using gnome-shel?08:24
urgodfatheri got lights!!08:24
masterlord65who can help my with specific problem in partitioning disks ? after restart system dont see new partitions08:24
urfr332gO!nounity | Mayazcherquoi08:25
ubottuMayazcherquoi: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic08:25
sacarlsonvkgdre: I noticed that and seems on the next boot it again has a timeout of 10 secounds, not sure what makes the timeout condition change08:25
vkgdreMayazcherquoi: Usually the computer just boots without any interaction needed, but sometimes it just stops in the GRUB menu, without any working timeout. Pressing enter once makes it boot as expected (without keypresses) for the next times, until the kernel is changed again (I believe)08:25
Mayazcherquoiurfr332gO: I know how to install it...08:25
CFHowletturgodfather   *patiently awaiting a status report*08:25
MayazcherquoiI was wondering if an aptitude purge on suitable .*unity.* packages would be advisable?08:26
urgodfathertried to activate the driver... got an error then no proprietary drivers are in use on this syster08:26
vkgdresacarlson: yes strange, I believe it might have something to do with remembering the default enttry or something like that08:26
urfr332gOMayazcherquoi, youi can remove unity but it is not advised really, it is rather small.08:26
CFHowletturgodfather   reboot08:26
Mayazcherquoivkgdre: gksu gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg08:26
CFHowlettMayazcherquoi   feel free to install another DE - just leave unity in place.08:26
Mayazcherquoivkgdre: And check GRUB_TIMEOUT :)08:26
sacarlsonvkgdre: I was manipulating things in grub or I had installed some new package that must have trigered it, but only one time08:27
MayazcherquoiCFHowlett: But why though, if I'm not going to use it at all? :s08:27
urgodfatherbut i CAN see networks so im gonna try to login to mine08:27
sacarlsonopps no more power I got to go.  laters all08:27
CFHowlettMayazcherquoi   it's tiny and IMHO not worth the risk of breaking something via removal.  YMMV08:27
zykotick9Mayazcherquoi: if you remove Unity i imagine it would remove the ubuntu-desktop metapackage, which can cause issues for upgrading to new release08:28
MayazcherquoiCFHowlett && zykotick9: Ohk. Thank you :)08:28
CFHowletturgodfather   do step 5 commands.08:28
Mayazcherquoivkgdre: If you modify that file (e.g. by setting GRUB_TIMEOUT to '0'), then don't forget to run "sudo update-grub" :)08:29
MayazcherquoiAnyways, bbl, reformatting my Ubuntu :P08:29
urgodfatherits connected08:29
urgodfatherhavent done them yet08:29
CFHowletturgodfather   but you've got wifi???08:30
urgodfatherits on08:30
CFHowletturgodfather   A li'l momento for your efforts: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7001421/Pictures/Success.jpg08:30
vkgdreMayazcherquoi: the issue is GRUB apparently does not respect the timeout settings after kernel changes/other modifications08:31
urgodfathernice lol08:31
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
urgodfathernow i gotta find a way to update this bios b/c i dont have a floppy08:32
urgodfatherthat's my choices... i just want the bin out of it but dunno how i can get it08:32
CFHowletturgodfather save that page.  Hell, download it and save it in a dropbox/ubuntuone file - you will see it again.  :)08:33
urgodfather_this is pc #208:34
CFHowletturgodfather Dell has a linux bios update utility somewhere...08:34
urgodfatherfor this old thing?08:35
CFHowletturgodfather lol..08:35
urgodfatherits an inspiron 400008:35
CFHowletturgodfather right - no usb!08:35
urgodfatherseriously, has p3 with 1/4GB ram08:35
vkgdreMayazcherquoi: I have just searched the bug reports, I believe these are related: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/669481 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/87224408:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 669481 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Timeout should not be -1 if $recordfail" [Medium,Triaged]08:35
urgodfather1 usb08:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 872244 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grub2 recordfail logic prevents headless system from rebooting after power outage" [Medium,Triaged]08:35
urgodfatherbut cant boot from08:36
urgodfatherhoping bios update might help08:36
masterlord65  if anyone  can help with partitioning drives.08:36
masterlord65 System after  a reboot does not  see created  partition.08:36
zykotick9masterlord65: what are you using to create the parition?08:37
masterlord65cfdisk or fdisk08:37
dabbudoes ubuntu support three finger action on touchpad?08:37
zykotick9masterlord65: with fdisk are you using "w" to write the change(s)?08:37
masterlord65everythin is fine to restart... after restart system dont see new partition..08:37
dabbu3 finger touch action on touchpad...is this possible08:38
masterlord65more intresting... if after restart i come to fdisk i see this partition.... and amazing is discovered in dev08:38
=== arno is now known as Guest720
zykotick9masterlord65: did you format the partition?08:39
urgodfather_cfhowlett, thanks for the help08:39
masterlord65i use server edition ubuntu 11.10. this problem is not on one disk08:39
CFHowletturgodfather no problem.  have fun/be safe08:40
ph8hi all, any idea how i can increase the size of the taskbar in gnome 3? I Want two rows of windows08:42
MayazcherquoiHey guys, I'm trying to remember this package (but I can't and was hoping someone could lend an assist!). It was a game which, given X numbers (I think between 2 and 6 numbers), would try to make an equation out of those numbers which meets a user-set target. What was it called? :S I believe it begins with 'F', but I forget :-/08:43
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
masterlord65  if anyone  can help with partitioning drives.08:45
masterlord65 System after  a reboot does not  see created  the partition.08:45
novataxmasterlord65 : what's the filesystem?08:46
Jordan_Umasterlord65: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l" and "cat /proc/partitions"?08:47
masterlord65Novtax - file system i try do this on linux or FD etc this is not important :)08:48
Jordan_U!pastebin | masterlord6508:49
ubottumasterlord65: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:49
zykotick9!pastebinit | masterlord6508:49
ubottumasterlord65: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com08:49
Jordan_U!pm | masterlord6508:49
ubottumasterlord65: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.08:49
pyrosrock_hey guys i have a mouse problem with 12.0408:50
ubottupyrrosrock: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:50
pyrosrock_is it a known bug?08:50
ubottupyrosrock: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:50
masterlord65Disk /dev/sda: 2000.4 GB, 2000397852160 bytes08:51
masterlord65gĹowic: 48, sektorĂłw/ĹieĹźkÄ: 29, cylindrĂłw: 2806772, w sumie sektorĂłw: 390702705508:51
masterlord65Jednostka = sektorĂłw, czyli 1 * 512 = 512 bajtĂłw08:51
masterlord65Rozmiar sektora (logiczny/fizyczny) w bajtach: 512 / 51208:51
masterlord65Rozmiar we/wy (minimalny/optymalny) w bajtach: 512 / 51208:51
masterlord65Identyfikator dysku: 0x0000000008:51
FloodBot1masterlord65: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:51
Jordan_Umasterlord65: Please read the messages sent to you. You were specifically told not to do that.08:51
masterlord65sorry i first time use this IRC08:53
Jordan_Umasterlord65: Do you understand how to use http://pastebin.ubuntu.com?08:53
pyrosrock_can anyone tell me how to navigate the precise interface without a mouse?08:53
sadersHi there, I have installed ruby 1.9.3-p125 using "rvm", it says it succesfully fetches the files compiles and installs, but when I type on console "ruby -v" to see if it is installed, it says not such a package installed and does not work, does anyone have an idea about it?08:53
ubottupyrosrock_: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:53
sadersI am using ubuntu 11.10 32bit by the way08:54
CFHowlettpyrosrock_   precise isn't even in beta and most of the people in this channel aren't using it.08:54
masterlord65Jordan_U in fact no :(08:54
crizzypyrosrock_: #ubuntu+108:54
pyrosrock_ok where do i go? CUHowlett08:54
crizzypyrosrock_: this channel is for stable08:54
pyrosrock_kk thz08:54
Jordan_Umasterlord65: Go to http://pastebin.ubuntu.com . Paste the text you want us to see into the large box, and put your nick in the small box, then hit "Paste!". Then copy the URL of the page that creates, and post it here so that we can follow the link.08:56
theadminJordan_U: It's paste.ubuntu.com, not pastebin.ubuntu.com08:57
prashsI have installed ubuntu as wubi. Suddenly getting problem while loading - grub CLI comes and if i type boot it says no kernel found. How to resolve this? Thanks!!08:57
theadminJordan_U: Never mind lol08:57
theadminmasterlord65: If you are using a non-English system, please run "export LANG=C" before running any commands, so that we can see the output in English (and make sense of it)08:58
Jordan_Uprashs: Are you still able to boot Windows?08:59
prashsJordan_U : Yes. I am able to09:00
Jordan_Uprashs: Do you have any important files in your Wubi install?09:00
prashsif i do ls /boot/ it shows nothing. Yes, i do have some files :-/09:01
prashsJordan_U : If i can recover some files, that will also be good.09:01
CokeIs 11.10 unstable and LTS the stable for ubuntu?09:01
almoxarifeprashs: look here, http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/bootinfoscript/index.php?title=Boot_Problems:Wubi_9.1009:02
Jordan_Uprashs: OK. Do you know where those files are within Ubuntu? It's pretty easy to backup the files from Wubi using an Ubuntu LiveCD/USB, and then I'd recommend doing a normal dual boot rather than using Wubi.09:02
CokeJust tried the 11.10 download and aside from Empathy not connecting to jabber and thunderbird crashing, the overall experience was pretty laggy, is it possible LTS could solve this?09:02
zykotick9Coke: ubuntu is not debian, there is no "stable" ubuntu.  11.10 is a regular release vs. LTS09:02
Cokezykotick9: ok. well, the regular release is way to unstable for proper use, is LTS more stable?09:03
ashok_shettyunknowingly i removed some files from computer janitor now my vlc is not wrking, any one tel me how to fix it09:03
zykotick9Coke: Lucid would be yes, the next LTS i doubt it.09:04
Cokezykotick9: how come?09:04
almoxarifeashok_shetty: re-install vlc?09:04
zykotick9Coke: 12.04 is using unity09:04
prashsalmoxarife : Thanks!! This version is 10.10. So can download the one in the link you mentioned?09:04
almoxarifeprashs: what is version 10.10? ubuntu or wubi.exe?09:05
Cokezykotick9: eh. I'm a slackware / archlinux user, I don't know those fancy names for window managers and desktops. My experience with gnome so far is crashy-crash-crash and rendering errors.09:05
Cokezykotick9: I just want a system that doesn't have every other app crash09:05
ashok_shettyalmoxarife@im getting error wen i reinstalling like "package vlc has no installation candidate"09:05
zykotick9Coke: if you value "stability" ubuntu might not be the distro for you09:05
prashsalmoxarife : wubi.exe . 10.1009:05
Cokezykotick9: but everybody keeps saying it's a good way to replace windows09:06
Cokebut tbh, windows 7 is WAY more stable09:06
prashsalmoxarife : I mean i installed Ubuntu 10.10 from wubi.exe file.09:06
zykotick9Coke: "everybody" is not always right.  And that's usually coming from former-MS users, that might not know better.09:06
Cokezykotick9: gotcha. well, I havent used non-free systems since 97-9809:07
prashsJordan_U : Ya i know the location. Do i need to know the exact device detail like sda etc or just location like /home/username/Desktop ?09:07
zykotick9Coke: lol, ubuntu is non-free.09:07
Cokezykotick9: my standards are pretty high. if ANY software on my computer crashes more than once within 10 years, I think it's shit09:07
Cokezykotick9: I havent used ubuntu09:07
almoxarifeprashs: i would try to use the instructions given09:07
prashsJordan_U : I know the latter one only.09:07
Cokezykotick9: im evaluating to see if it will give me more or less headache than winblows09:07
Cokeso far it's not looking promising.09:07
prashsalmoxarife : Fine. But that says its for 9.10. Can i go ahead and give a try for 10.10?09:07
Jordan_Uprashs: Just /home/username/Desktop/. More than that is needed to get at the files, but I can help you with everything else :)09:07
CokeI also tried LinuxMint, but Gnome3 keeps crashing leaving "dead" windows.09:08
almoxarifeprashs: yes, for 'wubi' the installer, not ubuntu, two different things09:08
prashsJordan_U : Cool. Its enough if i get just one folder :)09:08
ashok_shettyunknowingly i removed some files from computer janitor now my vlc is not wrking, any one tel me how to fix it09:08
zykotick9Coke: mint is based on ubuntu, don't expect any difference in stability between them09:08
Cokezykotick9: so, stability isn't a priority any more for users then? they gave up?09:09
prashsalmoxarife : Sorry , cant get you.09:09
zykotick9Coke: most ubuntu/mint people suffer from !sns09:10
Cokezykotick9: what is sns ?09:10
zykotick9Coke: it's a debian factoid09:10
prashsJordan_U : Can i do like booting from USB Stick and try to get the device in which Ubuntu is installed and fetch the data?09:10
almoxarifeprashs: you are confusing the version number of 'wubi' a windows installer with 'ubuntu' the OS, 'wubi.exe' is what the 9.10 is refering to09:11
Cokezykotick9: dpkg does not want to give a reply09:11
Cokezykotick9: but basically, with ubuntu being less stable than Windows I'll have to look elsewhere, is what youre saying?09:11
Cokezykotick9: and also stay clear of ubuntu based spin-offs, I guess.09:11
Jordan_Uprashs: Yes. If you can do it soon I can walk you through it (I'm planning to go to sleep soon).09:11
zykotick9Coke: up to you.09:12
prashsalmoxarife : Oh Sorry :) Fine then :)09:12
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prashsJordan_U : Have booted in USB09:12
Cokezykotick9: got any recommendations? I can always shove in slackware 13.37, it WORKS 100% all the time, but it requires a lot of post install work09:12
Jordan_Uprashs: OK. Can you pastebin the output of "sudo blkid"?09:12
prashsalmoxarife : Will try to do that . Trying USB right now :)09:12
almoxarifeprashs: as you please09:12
prashsJordan_U : Just a sec. Right now in different maching. Will switch the internet to the ubuntu machine. be right back in 1 min.09:13
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jessieunknowingly i removed some files from computer janitor now my vlc is not wrking, any one tel me how to fix it09:15
zykotick9jessie: if you start vlc from a terminal to you get an error message of some sort?09:18
prashs_Jordan_U : http://paste.ubuntu.com/860276/09:19
Jordan_Uprashs_: Could you also pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"?09:22
NyLeshi, i have an ATI video card, and Ubuntu only use vesa, how will  i force ubuntu to use ati driver?09:22
NyLesor can someone tell me how to generate a Xorg.conf? coz i don't have 1..09:23
amanATdeskI've recently installed gnome 3 on Ubuntu 11.10 and I am having difficulty figuring out why on occasions nautilus does not respond when I right-click and select "extract here" over rar files, even though I have installed the correct software to allow it do work with rar files (and this has been tested and shown to work).09:23
faLUCE hi. is there an utility/command that shows the average power compsumption of the CPU? (kW/h)09:23
crizzyfaLUCE: powertop shows something09:23
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amanATdeskAlso, out of gnome 3 shell and unity 3d, which would you guys say is the quicker and less resource hungry? I've used both and although I like the look of them I would appreciate it more if they were nippier.09:26
faLUCEcrizzy: it doesn't show the power in watt09:26
prashsJordan_U : Thats the link!!09:29
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prashsJordan_U : 59GB partition is the one were ubuntu is installed09:30
almoxarifeprashs Jordan_U, wubi istalled ubuntu here /dev/loop0: TYPE="squashfs"09:31
yawstick_1I deleted the status bar at the bottom where minimized programs usually show09:32
theadminprashs: Ok, in that partition, there is a file ubuntu/disks/root.disk. loopmount it and grab your files09:32
yawstick_1using ubuntu 10.04 on a laptop09:32
yawstick_1now if i minimize a program cant get it back09:33
wookienz_hi, i am trying t remote into my ubuntu box from my ubuntu laptop but i seem to have view only priv even though ihave allowed full access. any ideas?09:34
almoxarifeprashs: Jordan_U: theadmin: i suggest you all read this, especially the very end of the blog, http://www.omaregan.com/?p=60809:35
theadminalmoxarife: I know how wubi works, thanks lol09:35
pengwwhere i can find a hacking channel ?09:36
Jordan_Uprashs: Those two outputs taken together seem impossible to me at the moment. I may be too tired to help.09:37
almoxarifetheadmin: if you did you would know that the 'wubidldr' fix is the one that works, i know, i used it many times after going the circles with livecd!09:37
pengwor  a assembly language channel ?09:37
theadminpengw: If you mean "hacking" as in "gaining access to a system with unauthorized means", it's offtopic on Freenode09:37
Jordan_Uprashs: The thing that is confusing me is that you have an msdos partition table with 4 primary partitions, yet you somehow *also* have partittions 5 and 6 on the same drive. Maybe I'll be able to help you tomorrow when I'm more awake.09:38
BlueWolfI am using Ubuntu 10.04 and I would Like to know how to add a new Log on screen?09:38
theadminJordan_U: Um, huh? (s)he only has 4 partitions according to parted output09:39
prashsJordan_U : Sure, thanks !! :) Will check the loopmount and the wubildr method till then :) Thanks for your help !!09:40
Jordan_Utheadmin: Yes, but look at the blkid output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/860276/09:40
theadminJordan_U: ...Weirdness. I can only guess that wubi creates fake partitions. Not sure though.09:41
theadmin...though they're all ntfs09:41
BlueWolfI am using Ubuntu 10.04 and I would Like to know how to add a new Log on screen? Help09:42
almoxarifetheadmin: wubi created partion /dev/loop0: TYPE="squashfs"09:42
zaufihi all! I'm trying to setup my repository for amd64 oneiric, but apt-get update trying to access binary-i386 dir on target server (wich is definitely amd64!) -- anyone have idea WHY???09:42
prashstheadmin : mount says Input/Output error. Means its corrupted? :-o09:43
theadminprashs: Wut are you trying to mount exactly?09:43
prashstheadmin : root.dsk09:43
theadminprashs: How, what's the command?09:44
almoxarife<theadmin> prashs: Wut are you trying to mount exactly?  partion /dev/loop0: TYPE="squashfs"09:44
Jordan_Utheadmin: Wubi does not create fake partitions.09:44
theadminprashs: Wait, are you on LiveCD now?09:45
almoxarifeJordan_U: wubi created partion /dev/loop0: TYPE="squashfs"09:45
Jordan_Ualmoxarife: No. That's part of the LiveCD/USB.09:45
prashssudo mount -o loop /media/D498B8AF98B8920A/ubuntu/disks/root.disk /vdisk/09:45
theadminprashs: That looks about right to me09:45
almoxarifeJordan_U: perhaps, but it is what wubi also creates /dev/loop009:46
theadminprashs: Yes, it does look like it's corrupted then :(09:46
theadminalmoxarife: We're not currently in a wubi setup, so that node has nothing to do with wubi09:46
Jordan_Ualmoxarife: Yes. They both use loop mounting.09:46
prashstheadmin : Hmm. So must be corrupted? :-o09:46
Jordan_Uprashs: Does the directory /vdisk/ exist?09:47
theadminprashs: Probably, check the path though (I don't exactly remember whether wubi uses american or brithish spelling (i.e. "disk" or "disc")09:47
prashsJordan_U : I created one manually09:47
almoxarifeprashs: before you completely trash your install follow the directions of the blog, you can always get all script-kiddie with it if that simple fix does not work, or not, i am done09:48
ActionParsniptheadmin: should be disk, disc is a removable media :)09:49
pengwhi all09:49
prashsalmoxarife : ya sure. wubildr replacement is the next step. But it looks like root.dsk is corrupted right? So replacing it , will it have effect on root.dsk. :-/ Both are like independent to each other rigt09:49
pengwI have  a problem09:49
pengwI try to install my ubuntu on a usb stick09:50
theadminActionParsnip: Remember /dev/discs? :P09:50
almoxarifeprashs: no, the corruption is on the windows side09:50
lyscerI am seeing the following in my mail.info log, any idea how to resolve it? certificate verification failed for aspmx.l.google.com[]:25: untrusted issuer /C=US/O=Equifax/OU=Equifax Secure Certificate Authority09:50
prashsalmoxarife : So why am i unable to mount root.dsk in Ubuntu now? :(09:51
ActionParsniptheadmin: looks like some WRT thing09:51
prashstheadmin : Path exist09:51
ActionParsnippengw: use unetbootin09:51
almoxarifeprashs: follow the instructions on the blog link, its a simple replacement of one file!, then we can play ifs09:52
theadminActionParsnip: There used to be /dev/discs/disc0/part3 => /dev/sda4 style stuff in /dev earlier. Old though. Not so sure what was responsible for those either (udev? hal? kernel?... idk)09:52
ActionParsnippengw: remember to MD5 test the ISO too09:52
prashsalmoxarife : He he..ya sure.. brb...will do that and come :)09:52
sudiptahow to recover the user  password in ubuntu from login shell?09:52
BlueWolfI am using Ubuntu 10.04 and I would Like to know how to add a new Log on screen? Can anyone help please?09:52
almoxarifeprashs: fine09:52
ActionParsniptheadmin: wasn't aware of that09:52
theadminsudipta: You can't really recover it, you can change it though09:52
ActionParsnipBlueWolf: you mean a new background image?09:53
theadmin!password | sudipta09:53
ubottusudipta: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords09:53
BlueWolfActionParsnip, Ya for the Log in Menu.09:53
ActionParsnipBlueWolf: i always used this: http://becouz.net/tips-to-change-your-login-and-boot-screen-in-ubuntu-lucid.html09:54
ActionParsnipBlueWolf: remember to run the last command when you log back in09:55
big_balls_2hello, uh, I want to configure the listbox where it says "Ubuntu" , "Ubuntu Classic" , "KDE" etc09:55
big_balls_2I can't seem to find the file on disk where this happens09:55
big_balls_2any ideas ?09:55
BlueWolfActionParsnip: And it will take me through everything?09:56
ActionParsnipBlueWolf: yes..09:56
theadminbig_balls_2: Stuff under /usr/share/xsessions/ for oneiric and later09:56
ActionParsnipBlueWolf: basically, it makes the wallpaper chooser run on the login screen which is dead handy. You can also change the colour of the login box in the same dialogue09:58
myjimmywebanyone know how to enable mbstrings via apt-get?09:59
BlueWolfActionParsnip:  I have another problem - I was installing themes to see which one would suit me and I was mixing and matching. I then removed all of the themes to add a new one and its saying this; Installation for theme "Overglossed" failed. Can't move directory over directory. What does this mean?09:59
theadminActionParsnip: Looking at the "lucid", I take it this guide would only work for pre-Oneiric releases, though.09:59
ActionParsniptheadmin: indeed, but the user is using Lucid so its all groovy10:00
theadminActionParsnip: Ah k10:00
ActionParsnipBlueWolf: no idea, I theme very little. Doesn't interest me. Sorry10:00
theadminHow do you pronounce "oneiric" anyway? Where's the stressed syllable? "onEyrik"? "Oneyrik"? "one-E-rik"?10:02
prashsalmoxarife : Sadly ,it dint work10:02
ActionParsnipon-E-i-rik  here10:02
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big_balls_2theadmin: I'm on 11.0410:02
big_balls_2theadmin: is that natty ?10:02
theadminbig_balls_2: Yeah.10:03
almoxarifeprashs: brought you back to the same place?10:03
ActionParsniphttp://www.thefreedictionary.com/oneiric    seems to be o-ny-rik10:03
theadminbig_balls_2: Oh, apparently it's the same directory though10:03
llutztheadmin: "e-leven-ten"10:03
theadminllutz: Heheh10:03
lyscerI am trying to forward mail sent to my domain and it it forwarded to a google account; It isn't working and the log says "untrusted issuer /C=US/O=Equifax/OU=Equifax Secure Certificate Authority" I've googled and I am stumped10:03
theadminActionParsnip: Thanks10:04
ActionParsniphttp://dictionary.reference.com/browse/oneiric   yep, it's o-ny-rick10:04
prashsalmoxarife : Copied that wubildr file. Pasted in the place where i installed ubuntu and replaced already existing file. Thats it right? If so, brought me to grub :(10:04
myjimmywebanyone? mbstrings?10:05
|DM|this goddamned channel is always pinging me.10:05
almoxarifeprashs: no, thats not where it belongs, you would have replaced the existing "wubildr" with the copied one10:05
BlueWolfActionParsnip: Thanks for the Assist10:06
ActionParsnipBlueWolf: np man10:06
theadminprashs: The wubildr file is in the root of the partition you "installed" ubuntu to iirc10:06
ActionParsnipBlueWolf: considering the login screen is around for at most 4 seconds. I don't see the point in changing it personally10:06
theadminActionParsnip: What if (s)he has a 250-character-long password and types it for half an hour? People have their reasons ;)10:08
prashsexisting wubildr? Thats what i did :-/ i replaced this one : '/media/D498B8AF98B8920A/ubuntu/winboot/wubildr'10:08
BlueWolfActionParsnip: I know, bit stupid. But it looks better none the less. I hate that purple. :D10:08
prashswhere the device mounted is 59GB memory space where ubuntu is installed10:08
almoxarifeprashs: looks like you did something with a live cd?10:09
ActionParsnipprashs: mounty may be able to mount it in GUI for you10:10
Leonessaciao a tutti, nessuno scrive italiano?10:11
DJones!it | Leonessa10:11
ubottuLeonessa: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:11
prashs59 GB hard disk space , where i installed ubuntu, was chosen from places. Thats why it appeared in media as D498B8AF98B8920A10:11
Leonessagrazie e scusate10:12
almoxarifeprashs: did you replace the file in c:/ ?10:12
BlueWolfActionParsnip: What did I do wrong? - mv: cannot stat `/home/byron/The': No such file or directory10:13
BlueWolfmv: cannot stat `Blue': No such file or directory10:13
theadminBlueWolf: If you haz spaces in the name, you have to quote it, like this: '/home/byron/The Blue/'10:13
zykotick9BlueWolf: if you have spaces either A) "put double quotes around it" or B) escape\ the\ spaces10:13
theadminOr yeah escape, though that's a bit difficult10:14
prashsalmoxarife : I am right now in Ubuntu live OS. that 59GB is nothing but C: in windows10:14
BlueWolfmv: cannot stat `Wolf.jpg': No such file or directory10:14
BlueWolfActionParsnip: What did I do wrong?10:14
theadminBlueWolf: You were just told. If the filename/path has spaces, it has to be either 'single-quoted', "double-quoted" or escaped\ like\ this10:15
almoxarifeprashs: is there some reason why you cant make the correction as shown in the blog http://www.omaregan.com/?p=608 , as stated?10:15
BlueWolftheadmin: Sorry how?  -   sudo mv ~/The Blue Wolf.jpg /usr/share/backgrounds10:15
theadminBlueWolf: sudo mv "~/The Blue Wolf.jpg" "/usr/share/backgrounds" # Basically10:16
theadminBlueWolf: You may also use the Tab key to complete filenames: sudo mv ~/The<tab> /usr/share/backgrounds10:17
BlueWolftheadmin: Is it correct? sudo mv ~/The "Blue" "Wolf.jpg" /usr/share/backgrounds10:18
theadminBlueWolf: No... I just stated how: sudo mv "~/The Blue Wolf.jpg" /usr/share/backgrounds10:18
prashsalmoxarife : I did replace  in  the path i told.. found another wubildr file in C: :D similar mistake was pointed out in te blog. Will replace the C:\wubildr and check :)10:18
theadminBlueWolf: Quotes around the whole name, not parts of it10:18
almoxarifeprashs: Don't try to open the file. Move the file to "C:\" to replace the faulty "C:\wubildr". (to get to "C:\" go to "My Computer" or "Computer" and double click the "C:drive")10:18
prashsalmoxarife : be right back10:19
prashsalmoxarife : Ya thats what i am going to do10:19
ActionParsnipBlueWolf: your file has a space in it which needs escaping, you don't actually need to move the file either10:20
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ActionParsnipI've seen lots of guides for speeding up ubuntu by installing the preload package, does this actually make things faster or is it a hangup from older reelases??10:21
Guest9068I am new here can anybody help me?10:21
ActionParsnipGuest9068: ask away10:21
ActionParsnip!info preload10:22
ubottupreload (source: preload): adaptive readahead daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-1 (oneiric), package size 34 kB, installed size 184 kB10:22
Guest9068ActionParsnip, can you please get me on the track?10:22
ActionParsnipGuest9068: not without details....10:23
theadminGuest9068: What is your problem?10:23
Guest9068I am new to linux and this kind of chart, I just do not know anything. help will be highly appreciated10:24
ActionParsnipGuest9068: I suggest you just use the OS and get a feel for it10:25
almoxarifeActionParsnip: i use preload, i believe it does help10:25
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: sweet, cheers dude10:25
theadminGuest9068: Well, what do you need help with anyway?10:25
prashsalmoxarife : that just brought up one change. instead of grub> i see now as sh:grub> thats it :(10:25
daggs123hello, I'm using kubuntu 10.04, I've added lucid partner to the sources but I cannot find packages from that source, why?10:25
georgieeehow can I start nautilus after "killall" without having the home folder opened?10:25
Guest9068I need to create a user name just like you guys10:26
ActionParsnip!register | Guest906810:26
ubottuGuest9068: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode10:26
theadmingeorgieee: nautilus --no-default-window10:26
ActionParsnipGuest9068: you need to use the nick command to grab a free nick, then register it. By default your client will use your username10:27
* MonkeyDust ruined ubuntu 3D10:27
jnwhitehSo, my Thinkpad has this lovely 'feature'. If I press any four keys on the same row in succession (such as 4567) then it produces an earsplitting beep in my headphones. I've removed pcspkr, I've muted it in almamixer, nothing seems to get rid of it.10:27
jnwhitehHere's an article about removing it on Windows, but I can't find an Ubuntu solution: http://www.intelliot.com/2006/12/thinkpad-keyboard-beeps-fixed/10:28
qbitzaHi Guys, can anyone help with Reminna?10:28
georgieeetheadmin thanks!10:28
qbitzaRemmina even10:28
theadmingeorgieee: np. The opposite of this command is "nautilus --no-desktop" by the way (start the filemanager, but don't attempt to manage the desktop)10:29
qbitzaReinstalled the package and now RDP plugin is missing10:29
qbitzaeven though Synaptic says it's there10:29
ActionParsnipqbitza: try:  sudo apt-get --reinstall install remmina10:29
qbitzaActionParsnip, perhaps with all the plugin packages too?10:30
ActionParsnipqbitza: have you tried tsclient?10:30
qbitzaActionParsnip, yes, but I prefer Remmina, as it also includes NX10:30
ActionParsnipi see10:30
qbitzaActionParsnip, Also Remmina does a better full screen / windowed RDP than tsclient10:31
ActionParsnipor rdesktop maybe..10:31
MayazcherquoiSoo, umm, how do I enable restricted software again? :S10:31
almoxarifeprashs: now i would consider root.disk corrupt, and root.disk is a file in windows, so you need to ask your self if its worth the time to repair or re-install, you could keep root.disk by saving it to else-where and then bringing it back into the folder after a fresh install by another name10:31
ActionParsnipMayazcherquoi: which software?10:31
MayazcherquoiActionParsnip: Wireless drivers10:31
ActionParsnipMayazcherquoi: for broadcom wifi you mean?10:32
MayazcherquoiActionParsnip: I have no idea what card is in this machine. I believe so, though.10:32
ActionParsnipMayazcherquoi: run:   sudo lshw -C network     does it say: Broadcom 43xx10:32
MayazcherquoiThe last 10 installs it WiFi seemed to work fine.10:32
maahescan't remember the name of the command which searches the network for ip's.10:33
ActionParsnipmaahes: nmap10:33
almoxarife!info zenmap10:34
ubottuzenmap (source: nmap): The Network Mapper Front End. In component universe, is extra. Version 5.21-1.1 (oneiric), package size 489 kB, installed size 2400 kB10:34
MayazcherquoiActionParsnip: Nevermind, for some reason my hardware wireless switch was off :)10:34
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)10:34
maahesnmap, from what I can tell needs me to specify a target IP10:35
maahesor rather: how to I get nmap to just look for ip's t might be able to connect to?10:35
llutzmaahes: nmap-sP
ActionParsnipmaahes: it can scan ranges10:35
llutzmaahes: use your actual network-range10:36
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
llutzand add a space nmap -sP10:36
tm_hi. how do i prevent apparmor messages appearing in dmesg? it is so annoying10:36
MonkeyDust!details| tm_10:41
ubottutm_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:41
wolfricReading package lists... Done10:42
wolfricW: GPG error: http://ie.archive.ubuntu.com oneiric Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>10:42
maahesdamn, I'm plugged into my wife's time machine, which is plugged into the router, which is plugged into the cable modem. I'm getting nothing on nor, anyone know the default ip for time machines?10:42
tm_ok.. running beta of 12.04. apparmor logs profile-updates to kern.log (i.e. dmesg)10:42
wolfricnot a new install or anything10:42
llutztm_: #ubuntu+1 for 12.0410:43
tm_iirc the problem is not 12.04-specific10:44
theadmintm_: Still, 12.04 is unsupported here. Fixes which work for Oneiric might fail on Precise and vice versa.10:44
tm_theadmin: s/12.04/11.10/ a solution for oneiric would be ok for me at first10:45
llutztm_: check rsyslogd.conf, /etc/rsyslog.d/*10:45
ActionParsniptm_: regardless, the release is still not supported here at all until release day10:45
tm_ActionParsnip: regardless, assume i said 11.1010:46
ActionParsniptm_: it doesn't work like that10:46
tm_what *work*?10:46
ActionParsniptm_: this channel supports Lucid to Oneiric inclusive, not Precise until release day10:47
tm_i mean somewhere in the system apparmor is configured to output stuff to kern.log which i highly doubt is 12.04-specific10:47
boba88hi, could someone help me to figure out if my normal user has all the user rights that it should have... it is weird i need root access for some stuff that i did not need before10:48
llutztm_: " s/12.04/11.10/ " nice try but too late. just repect the rules here and ask in #ubuntu+110:48
zykotick9boba88: most rights are determined through group memberships, in a terminal type "groups" and you'll get a list of the groups your user is in.  admin, and plugdev are important (as are several more)10:50
boba88zykotick9: adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare10:51
zykotick9boba88: that appears ok to me (but i can't confirm).  What are you having issues doing exactly?10:51
MonkeyDustboba88  basically, you need sudo for anything outside /home10:52
zykotick9is boba88 missing a sound/audio group above?  or anything else?10:52
tm_ok found it - just for the record and if anyone tries to solve this in april, it is not configured in rsyslog* but in apparmor.d10:52
boba88zykotick9: for example i could not svn check out without sudo ... and now the folder is root only10:52
ActionParsnipboba88: strange you are not in the group which is your own username...10:53
ActionParsniptm_: could report a bug10:53
theadminzykotick9, MonkeyDust, boba88, ActionParsnip: The "power" and "users" groups are not used on Ubuntu, right?10:53
zykotick9boba88: as soon as you sudo'ed it, i'm sure it would become root only10:53
ActionParsnipboba88: what is the output of:   lsb_release -sc10:54
boba88zykotick9: yes, and then if i need to launch program with eclipse.. it requires also sudo10:54
tm_a bug? no definitely not - this seems to be intended. one just has to know10:54
zykotick9boba88: use gksudo for any GUI stuff10:54
boba88ActionParsnip: oneiric10:54
boba88zykotick9: what do you mean use gksudo10:54
ActionParsnipboba88: I don't have a power group here.Is that something you added?10:55
zykotick9boba88: never use sudo with a GUI application, use gksudo instead10:55
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)10:55
cancerAlmoxarife /are you there?10:55
boba88ActionParsnip: for example eclipse should be with gksudo eclipse?10:55
ActionParsnipboba88: if it is a graphical app, yes. If it sits in the terminal then use sudo10:56
ActionParsnipboba88: technically you can use gksudo for both if you want :)10:56
boba88ActionParsnip: it is an IDE with graphical interface10:56
ActionParsnipboba88: then use gksudo10:56
boba88ActionParsnip: ok :)10:56
cancerActionParsnip: hi, i have downloaded kubuntu 11.10. Now which is best to use virtualbox or wubi10:57
theadminboba88: Why do you need to run Eclipse as root at all?10:57
boba88ActionParsnip: but overall i am not sure if my user rights are ok10:57
theadmincancer: Virtualbox is much more of a natural environment. Wubi installs break too often10:57
ActionParsnipcancer: I'd go with virtualbox, I'm not a fan of wubi10:57
boba88theadmin: because my projected had to be checked with sudo svn co and then i do not have access to it as a normal user so neither eclipse run without sudo10:58
futiliusI have a computer that won't start any live CD distro, but I remember I turned off some kernel features on the command line and it worked. anyone have an idea what those could be?10:58
theadminboba88: ...you just had to change access rights for the project files, not run eclipse with sudo10:58
boba88theadmin: how can i change the rights ?10:58
cancertheadmin: Iso will work with both wubi & virtualbox? i am using Xp as well, so how to work with virtualbox?10:58
ActionParsnipboba88: you sure you aren't running BSD of some form?10:59
theadmincancer: Install Virtualbox, use it...10:59
theadmincancer: It has an interface anyone can easily understand10:59
theadminboba88: chmod10:59
theadminActionParsnip: What makes you think of BSD?10:59
ActionParsnipcancer: virtualbox can mount ISOs as is. Be sure you MD5 test it.10:59
ActionParsniptheadmin: http://docstore.mik.ua/orelly/unix/upt/ch22_13.htm10:59
boba88theadmin: so just "chmod" on the folder11:00
boba88ActionParsnip: what do you mean by running BSD?11:00
theadminboba88: No, you change ownership in this case: sudo chown -R your_username:your_username folderpath11:00
ActionParsnipboba88: its a separate branch of free opensource OS, the 'power' group seems to be used by it11:00
theadminActionParsnip: So... what in that is so BSD-specific that boba88 has?11:01
NyLeswhat i am missing? I've tried glxgears and 53 FPS is the highest :(11:01
ActionParsniptheadmin: the 'power' group you mentioned11:01
cancerActionParsnip: i'm actually confused about virtual box. in wubi it installed my last ubuntu in seperate partition. that's the point virtualbox brings confusion.11:01
theadminActionParsnip: The "power" group is used by many Linux distros to allow normal users to poweroff the system (used in Gentoo at least), but I don't think Ubuntu uses that.11:01
theadmincancer: Virtualbox creates a virtual hard drive in a file, just like Wubi, but it does it properly11:02
ActionParsnipcancer: wubi installs ubuntu to a disk file which is then loop mounted at boot. Virtualbox install to a similar file but is accessed inside windows so yourun both OSes at the same time11:02
cancerActionParsnip: and what to do with md5?11:02
boba88theadmin: why do i need "boba88:boba88" and not only "boba88" for the user11:02
ActionParsnipcancer: you should test the ISO you have to see if it is complete and consistant. MD5 testing does that11:02
theadminboba88: user:group11:03
ActionParsnipboba88: so that it gives the group ownership to your user too11:03
NyLesplease help me..11:03
boba88ActionParsnip: theadmin thanks11:03
bazhangNyLes, help with what11:04
cancerActionParsnip: ISO just downloaded. how to md5 test.11:04
bazhangNyLes, what video card do you have11:04
NyLesbazhang: I've tried glxgears and the highest FPS is only 53.. what am i missing?11:04
theadmin!md5 | cancer11:04
ubottucancer: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows11:04
bazhangcancer, take a look at the link above11:04
ActionParsnipyay new pci usb arrived ust now :)11:04
NyLesbazhang: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon IGP 330M/340M/350M11:05
bazhangNyLes, that is a very old card?11:05
theadminbazhang: Seems like so :D11:05
NyLesbazhang: yeah I think?11:05
bazhangNyLes, so probably not going to get very high score on glxgears11:05
NyLesbazhang: I'm reading this thread; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=11365 he reached 500FPS :(11:07
boba88ActionParsnip: that worked out.. i have access now... but then i have the following problem: when i do svn up and then i get Password for '(null)' GNOME keyring:11:07
boba88ActionParsnip: i type my user passwd and it does not work11:07
NyLesbazhang: or the version of Ubuntu matters?11:07
boba88ActionParsnip: authorization failed: Could not authenticate to server: rejected Basic challenge (http://xp-dev.com)11:08
ActionParsnipboba88: the gnome keyring password can be different to your logon password11:08
ActionParsnipboba88: svn is not something11:08
boba88ActionParsnip: what is the gnome keyring passwd used for?11:08
wookienz_how do i kick an old nick that is still logged on?11:09
ActionParsnipboba88: storing password for ftp servers and suchlike11:09
NyLesbazhang: when i tried this; glxinfo | grep 's3tc\|direct'.. it says direct rendering: No..11:09
boba88ActionParsnip: it is not my personal computer.... someone else set a user for me i use it11:09
boba88ActionParsnip: or does it have to do with the wallet11:10
theadminwookienz_: ghost11:10
MonkeyDustmental note to self: "help yourself and you will be helped"11:10
ActionParsnipboba88: you can still store accounts as yourown user11:10
boba88ActionParsnip: that stores the master passed11:10
bazhangNyLes, I seriously doubt you can get high scores with such a old card. hardware limitations. you could ask in #compiz , I suppose11:10
boba88ActionParsnip: but then what is the gnome passwd when i have not set it11:11
=== wookienz_ is now known as wookienz
bazhangwookienz_, it's release, ask in #freenode for more help11:11
wookienztheadmin, thnks11:11
cncerActionParsnip: theadmin: MD5 are same11:11
ActionParsnipcncer: then the image is good11:11
cncerActionParsnip: theadmin: what about virtualbox versions?11:11
theadmincncer: Ok good, then just go to Virtualbox and feed it to it11:11
NyLesbazhang: Ok thanks,, last question, when I tried lshw -c video, what is the meaning of UNCLAIMED there?11:11
theadmincncer: Get the latest version11:12
ActionParsnipcncer: head to the virtualbox website and download the app and install.11:12
rabbi1how to install ttf-aefonts and ttf-gentium11:12
wookienzwhat NFS options do i need sot here is no UID GID permission issues?11:12
rabbi1how to install ttf-aefonts and ttf-gentium  on ubuntu 11.04 ?11:12
sharpKhow can I run a shell script from SSH as it would run if I were to double click it in usr/bin/?11:12
wookienzsharpK, "./scriptname"11:13
wookienzsharpK, ./path/scriptname11:13
sharpKwookienz, it's returning an error and not openning the program, whereas doubleclicking that shell script opens it up (XBMC)11:13
boba88ActionParsnip: and for example when i type sudo svn up.. then the kde wallet application starts11:13
ActionParsnip!info ttf-aefonts11:13
ubottuPackage ttf-aefonts does not exist in oneiric11:13
wookienzlvoe that prog!11:13
ActionParsnipboba88: i don't use svn, as I said earlier.11:14
auronandace!find ttf11:14
ubottuFound: fonts-arabeyes, libfont-ttf-perl, ttf-alee, ttf-arabeyes, ttf-arphic-bkai00mp, ttf-arphic-bsmi00lp, ttf-arphic-gbsn00lp, ttf-arphic-gkai00mp, ttf-arphic-ukai, ttf-arphic-uming (and 201 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ttf&searchon=names&suite=oneiric&section=all11:14
boba88ActionParsnip: ok :)11:14
wookienzsharpK, "./usr/bin/xbmc" work11:14
cncerActionParsnip: Virtualbox linux host or windows host?11:15
ActionParsnip!info ttf-aenigma11:15
ubottuttf-aenigma (source: ttf-aenigma): 465 free TrueType fonts by Brian Kent. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.20080510.dfsg-1 (oneiric), package size 10419 kB, installed size 25504 kB11:15
sharpK  warnings.warn(str(e), _gtk.Warning)11:15
sharpKError: unable to open display11:15
sharpKFEH.py: cannot connect to X server11:15
sharpKis the error that gives me, same for jsut "xbmc", and other variations..11:15
ActionParsnipcncer: windows host, as your Windows OS is going to host the Linux guest11:15
MonkeyDustcncer  i use vbox, what are you trying to do or achieve?11:16
ActionParsniprabbi1: seems its been renamed ttf-aenigma according to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/ttf-aenigma/0.0.20080510.dfsg-111:16
theadminsharpK: Is X running at all?11:16
sharpKtheadmin not sure what that means?11:16
theadminsharpK: Are you running this command from a graphical terminal application or real (fullscreen) console?11:17
kbringardhey guys, quick ? about preseed in 11.0411:17
MonkeyDustsharpK  are you trying to run graphical apps, or command line?11:17
cncerActionParsnip: monkeydust: i'm running Xp and want to use both OS normaly.11:17
sharpKtheadmin I am SSHing (putty from a windows box) into an ubuntu box...11:17
kbringardit seems that when I select atomic as the partman recipe it's now creating / and /home, the way the home recipe used to work11:17
ActionParsnipcncer: define 'normally'11:17
kbringardam I doing something wrong?11:17
theadminsharpK: Ah. Do you want to start XBMC on the windows box or on Ubuntu?11:17
sharpKon the ubuntu box11:17
theadminsharpK: Cool. Run: DISPLAY=:0 xbmc11:18
sharpKas it does run when I double click the xbmc shellscript in /usr/bin11:18
ActionParsnipsharpK: XBMC is not supported here11:18
sacarlsonsharpK: maybe pastebin the script that is run.  the script should have a line like ssh -X user@host:/pathtoappname11:18
MonkeyDustsharpK  then  you have to forward X somewhere in the putty preferences11:18
rabbi1ActionParsnip: thanks, is there a way, where i can find all fonts for ubuntu in one page11:18
cncerActionParsnip: XP is my command Center for now, maybe will change when i become well familiar with kubuntu. so i am aware that no harm cause to xp.11:18
sharpKtheadmin that did it indeed, thanks....11:18
theadminsharpK: np11:18
wookienzit hink sharpK is running it connected to a t as opposed to running it though th ssh connection11:19
ActionParsniprabbi1: it's changed name to ttf-aenigma which is in the repos, which is why ubottu responded when I asked her to...11:19
cncerMonkeyDust: ActionParsnip: VirtualBox 4.1.8 for Windows hosts <--- Finally i'm downloading this.11:19
ActionParsnipcncer: its a good way to try the OS, although all the hardware is virtualized it will still run11:19
sharpKso whenever I launch a graphical application from SSH I need to include the display selector?11:19
theadminsharpK: Pretty much so, or just do "export DISPLAY=:0" first and then run commands as normally11:19
theadminsharpK: -as11:19
ActionParsnipsharpK: if you want it to run on the server's display, yes.Otherwise it will display on the system you launch it via X forwarding11:20
sharpKActionParsnip ahhh, that makes sense...11:20
wookienzX forwarding, cool!11:20
sharpKtheadmin thanks for the knowledge, will try to add that to my repertoire...11:20
ActionParsnipwookienz: dead handy, especially media players.So the sound comes out of the remote system but shows on the client :)11:21
wookienzwho can tackle my NFS prob. what mapping do i need so i dont have UID GID permissions problems.11:21
cncerActionParsnip: i have a single drive & have made 3 partitions of it. my Active drive (C:) have only 1-2 G.B left. so i want to ask from where Virtual Box will use space?11:21
wookienzActionParsnip, cool trick.11:21
ActionParsnipcncer: virtualbox won't use a partition. It installs to a file11:21
MonkeyDusta .vdi file11:22
ActionParsnipcncer: by default it will install to somewhere inside %profile%11:22
cncerActionParsnip: where will it install file?11:22
theadmincncer: You will be able to choose11:22
ActionParsnipcncer: wherever you downloaded it to11:22
theadminMonkeyDust: Not necessarily, VirtualBox supports many virtual HD formats (VDI, VHD, Parallels' HDD and some other one)11:23
theadminAh, VMDK11:23
MonkeyDusttheadmin  i know that, but tnx :)11:23
dr_willisno one ever reads the vbox manual.  :)11:23
MonkeyDustthe vbow whàt? ;)11:23
theadminMonkeyDust: It also supports real hard drives/partitions11:23
kbringardeverything I'm reading tells me if my partman recipe in preseed is set to atomic it should put everything on one partition… did this change recently, or am I just being dumb?11:24
cncertheadmin: ActionParsnip: I'm confused again. installing virtual box is not my issue. i am asking about kubuntu space....? sorry if it my fault that i'm not understanding. (not good in english)11:24
jsoftHow are usb devices mounted? What process does this? Obviously must be some kind of priviledged process?11:24
theadmincncer: Basically. VirtualBox uses a file on your hard drive, anywhere you want, to "store" the "hard drive" of the guest (your Ubuntu install)11:24
ActionParsnipcncer: like I said, it will install to a file in your users my docs some place11:24
nixmaniackMy WiFi doesn't autoconnect after reboot or waking up from sleep. here's the syslog http://paste.ubuntu.com/860366/11:25
auronandacecncer: you can configure where virtualbox stores the virtual harddrive images11:25
theadminjsoft: Automount is handled by gvfs, which does it via dbus11:25
ActionParsnipcncer: it installs to a file which is treated as a 'disk'11:25
cncerActionParsnip: theadmin: can one of you please give exact link to virtual box.11:25
theadmincncer: You already downloaded it, no?11:26
cncertheadmin: not virtual box but kubuntu.11:26
theadmincncer: You already have the ISO too...11:26
ubottuVirtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox11:27
cncertheadmin: I have download ISO, i'm asking for virtual box link:11:27
theadmincncer: Um, you will use this ISO for Virtualbox as well.11:27
theadmincncer: Bah, give me a sec, I'll just record a video -_-11:27
auronandacecncer: download virtualbox for windows from the virtualbox website11:27
ActionParsnipcncer: http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/4.1.8/VirtualBox-4.1.8-75467-Win.exe   its on the website link which ubutu gave, this is basic stuff you know....11:29
cancer_theadmin: download started from this link. http://dlc.sun.com.edgesuite.net/virtualbox/4.1.8/VirtualBox-4.1.8-75467-Win.exe11:32
cancer_theadmin: just want to confirm, i'm doing the right thing11:32
auronandacecancer: yes11:33
cancer_auronandace: thanks :)11:33
JRamboPlease help me with this superquick user test, it's just 1 click! Results will be published on @michelkusters and in this channel in an hour! http://www.solidifyapp.com/p/11311:33
bazhangJRambo, dont spam11:33
JRambobazhang. it's really not spam - really interesting.. i'll share the results11:34
bazhangJRambo, its nothing to do with ubuntu support dont do  it11:35
jsofttheadmin: hmmm, so whats the process? device gets plugged in, and dbus notifies gvfs?11:35
lulz87ubuntu found and install sound drivers for my card, but sound is silenced11:35
theadminjsoft: Not so sure.11:35
lulz87when i set on max, the sound is 50% silent then before on windows11:35
jsoftdbus is just a message routing gizmo though right?11:36
jsoftdoesnt do anything beyond that?11:36
bazhanglulz87, whats pcm set to in alsamixer11:37
cancerauronandace: i don't see this Nick > "almoxarife" in list. is he off today.11:37
auronandacecancer: if the nick isn't in the list then he likely isn't here11:38
MayazcherquoiUmm guys.11:38
MayazcherquoiAll of my text went white..11:38
cancerauronandace: just want to know do he come here in daily routine?11:38
auronandacecancer: no idea, you could check the chat logs11:39
bazhang!1984 | cancer11:40
ubottucancer: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/11:40
cancerauronandace: ok thanks11:40
ActionParsnipMayazcherquoi: in what app? or is it all the desktop?11:40
wookienz!seen almoxarife11:40
ubottuI have no seen command11:40
MayazcherquoiActionParsnip: Everything11:41
ActionParsnipMayazcherquoi: if you log off and on, is it ok?11:41
MayazcherquoiActionParsnip: Nope. Not even after a restart11:41
lulz87bazhang: pcm 18<>1811:41
MayazcherquoiActionParsnip: :-/11:41
MonkeyDustMayazcherquoi  start from the beginning, what have you done and tried before you came here11:42
tgywaHow can I delete multiple files older than one month ?11:42
MayazcherquoiMonkeyDust: Just installed gnome311:42
MayazcherquoiWell, as they call it nowadays, gnome-shell.11:42
MonkeyDustMayazcherquoi  what ubuntu version?11:42
bazhanglulz87, whats the max setting for pcm then. drop it down to around 80-85%11:42
MayazcherquoiMonkeyDust: Oneiric.11:43
bluefrogtgywa, find /path/to/files* -mtime +30 -exec rm {} \;      should do the trick11:43
MonkeyDustMayazcherquoi  in a terminal,  type sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade11:43
cancerauronandace: do i need to change any setting while installing virtualbox.11:43
ft_mnHi all... I have mounted the postfix mail server on a ubuntu box... So now I can sucessfuly send emails from my root account my real email adress.... Now how is it possible to send an email from my real email to the root@XX.XX.XX.XX mail of mine?11:44
MayazcherquoiMonkeyDust: I was just about to do an update via update manager (since it popped up after log in, still all white text :-/_11:44
lulz87bazhang: thank you very much!11:45
lulz87when i set pcm to 80 its good :D11:45
lulz87what about master mono sound, its on 3511:45
lulz87is that enough11:45
Shakyjis help.ubuntu.com having issues?11:46
Shakyjstruggling to load pages11:46
auronandacecancer: what do you mean any setting?11:46
simenanyone knows a systemtray addon for thunderbird that works?11:48
bazhangsimen, alltray ?11:48
kahrnCan anyone help me out with an issue I'm having with my package manager?11:49
kahrnIt's completely broken and perl is screwed11:49
bazhangkahrn, what error message pastebin it please11:50
Kartagisdo you guys know a tool that is capable of checking broken links behind CAS?11:53
simenbazhang: is that a name for an addon?11:53
bazhangkahrn, try ing to compile something?11:53
bazhang!info alltray | simen11:53
ubottusimen: alltray (source: alltray): Dock any program into the system tray. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.71b-1 (oneiric), package size 53 kB, installed size 240 kB11:53
karparhi all, do anyone start emacs daemon in a upstart script?11:54
kahrnbazhang: nope. I am just trying to run apt-get..11:55
kahrnmy package manager is completely broken11:55
kahrnfrom perl11:55
kahrnso I can't upgrade anything11:55
bazhangkahrn, whats the command ? I dont see it in the pastebin. and why is it /usr/local/11:56
Kartagiskahrn: reinstall perl maybe?11:56
kahrnKartagis: I have reinstalled it several times :(11:57
kahrnbazhang: the command I used was 'sudo apt-get install update-manager-core'11:58
bazhangkahrn, what version of ubuntu11:58
kahrnI'm trying to upgrade it11:59
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support continues until 2013. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.11:59
ohs6ohQuis compiz grid broken on ubuntu or did i misconfigure something? cycling through window sizes does not work with left and right positions, it works with other positions.12:00
bazhang!eolupgrades | kahrn12:00
ubottukahrn: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:00
theadminkahrn: Impossible. It's EOL, you can no longer use it, update to an up-to-date version (the oldest still supported one is Lucid, which is 10.04)12:00
kahrnbut it says it's still supported until 201312:01
theadminkahrn: And by "update" I mean reinstall. Repos are down now12:01
kahrnI have 8.04 server12:01
theadminkahrn: So, you're using the server edition?12:01
theadminkahrn: Pastebin the output of: apt-get update12:01
theadminkahrn: "sudo apt-get update", rather12:02
theadminkahrn: sudo apt-get update | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us12:02
Kartagisdo you guys know a tool that is capable of checking broken links behind CAS?12:02
MonkeyDustwhat is CAS ?12:02
kahrntheadmin: ^12:03
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theadminkahrn: Seems to be working. Okay, so what happens when you do, for instance "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"?12:04
bazhanga vps?12:04
MonkeyDustok, "Definition: CAS: Computerized Autodial System"12:04
SubjectOnehello, does anybody know if it is possible ( to activate another motd ) when loggin in with SSH on a different port ? ( i got 21 for internal usage, en port : lets say 2500 for external usage ) but i want to show a different message depending on the connection ? is t'is possible ?12:06
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=== senayar is now known as senayar^
kahrntheadmin: http://pastebin.com/eedtCXHn12:07
ActionParsnipSubjectOne: you may be ableto run 2 instances of ssh on the server and have each with its own motd12:08
theadminkahrn: huhwhat. I never encountered such an issue, sorry... (not an APT fan honestly, and never really had problems with APT when I did use it)12:08
SubjectOneoh that i didn't know12:08
kahrnok :(12:08
kahrnthanks anyways.12:08
SubjectOnenow it's configured 1 SSHDconf with 2 ports12:08
guest4568how can take screenshot login screen12:10
zagibukahrn: you sure there is not already some kind of update process running/pending (maybe in the gui)?12:10
MonkeyDustkahrn  doesnt look good, this is about libattr, not debconf, but it is similar http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=144010812:11
guest4568i want to take screenshot of lightdm login screen12:11
lixmanalguien que hable español???12:12
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.12:12
gilmarI can't download Sunbird do Ubuntu... The link in the Mozilla page doesn't work... I've been trying since yesterday...12:13
kahrnzagibu: nope. Pretty sure no other apt related processes are running. :)12:14
theadmingilmar: Isn't sunbird discontinued?12:14
ActionParsnipguest4568: install imagemagick and on the login screen press CTRL+ALT+F1, log in and run:  sleep 20; import ~/shot.png     then press CTRL+ALT+F7 and wait.The cursor may change to a crosshair and you can select the section of the screen to shot12:14
kahrnMonkeyDust: Thanks. I'm going to try and use dpkg -i to install each package that was downloaded when running dist-upgrade and see where it gets me.. fingers crossed. :)12:15
gilmarmaybe, I am going to check if it's discontinued, thanks12:16
ActionParsnipgilmar: i'd ask in #mozilla    afaik, sunbird isn't developed anymore12:16
theadmingilmar: It's an age-old project which never even exited the beta stage. Try Google Calendar.12:16
T_H_XSubjectOne: in sshd_config, you can set a Banner (displayed before login) for each user using Match user ... or Match group ..12:16
ActionParsnipgilmar: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Calendar/Calendar_Versions   yep, its dead12:17
fishcookerhello fellas12:17
dedicated1could anyone help me explain what the differences are between a root user, su and sudo? I thought that is was the safest to make a seperate root user and a limited user, but now I have done that I lost my access to the sudoers file. any help is welcome12:17
ActionParsnipgilmar: last release was March 201012:17
fishcookeri need backup my ubu*box..is there any sugestion.. actually i want to cloning it to another box12:17
ActionParsnipdedicated1: su is a command to switch users, if no name is given then root is assumed12:18
fishcookerany help or experience on this stuff would be appreciated12:18
dedicated1ty action12:18
ActionParsnipdedicated1: sudo will run commands as your user using your users locales and environment but will run with the same access as root12:18
theadmin!clone | fishcooker12:18
ubottufishcooker: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate12:18
ActionParsnipdedicated1: root is the highest account and has free reign over the OS. The account is disabled by default in Ubuntu and you can become it if you run:  sudo -i12:19
T_H_Xdedicated1: man su   and  man sudo  for detailed info12:19
overdubor: sudo su -12:19
MonkeyDustfishcooker  and backup your /home using rsync, after that use rsync again to copy it to the new machine12:19
LjLoverdub: which is a bit like cat | grep12:19
LjLoverdub: i.e. overkill12:20
ActionParsnipdedicated1: there is already a root user, it must exist in a Linux OS for it to work12:20
overdubLjL: point taken12:20
BattlestarBi have a problem with wireless12:20
guest4875do someone know how to take screenshot of lightdm ?12:20
BattlestarBplease help me12:20
gilmarI am taking a look in the Lightning...12:20
T_H_XBattlestarB:  prtscrn button on keyboard12:20
dedicated1ActionParsnip: but what confuses me is that I can't remember entering a root password with the installation12:20
nstridesouti cant log onto my ubuntu 11.10 after upgrade12:20
ActionParsnipdedicated1: if you want to reset your password when you forget it, you can boot to root recover mode and run:  passwd name    and reset the password12:20
BattlestarBi will write my problem12:20
ActionParsnipdedicated1: there isn't one, that's why. Your first user can use sudo as it is in the 'admin' group. There is no root password and the account is disabled12:21
MonkeyDustguest4875  only thing that comes to my mind: run ubuntu in vbox and take a screenshot there12:21
ActionParsnipdedicated1: you can't possibly remember something that never happened. It makes no sense12:21
BattlestarBwireless doesn't work when enable it from laptop, i can see the led is open. If i restart computer, wireless is working!12:22
spajderixI've created partitions on 4 hard drives using same parameteres per each hdd, and I ended up having them everything identical including UUID's. Is it normal, or should I recreate those?12:22
BattlestarBanyone help me please!12:23
guest4875MonkeyDust: that is the way i thought too but looking for a different solution12:23
ikasleifconfig ra0 or ifconfig wlan012:23
MonkeyDustBattlestarB  you say it is working, how can we help?12:23
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: gone12:24
fishcookertheadmin, monkeydust thankyou for your quick response.. how about my configuration file like etc and also there is a partition on /usr/local?12:24
mar3kHello, can someone tell me a channel where i can get help for video streaming12:25
_MarcusActionParsnip: Some people lack the power to wait, huh?12:25
dedicated1ActionParsnip: There is no root password and the account is disabled <-- this confuses me. I can log in with the first created account, sudo would give me root access and I do that with the password of the first created account? is that right?12:25
T_H_Xrage quit12:25
ActionParsnipdedicated1: yes, if you run:    su root    you will be asked for root's password, which doesn't exist12:26
HaBSHi, I've installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my Desktop computer but it doesn't detect my Logitech MX 5500 Revolution Mouse/Keyboard, is there a way I can get Ubuntu to detect it?12:26
T_H_Xif you run su alone it will also12:26
HaBSIt's a wireless Mouse/Keyboard btw12:26
ActionParsnipdedicated1: when you use sudo you are asked for a password and you use your login password to authenticate12:26
MonkeyDustHaBS  it's some parameter in grub12:26
gr0biHy there. http://lists.launchpad.net/ isn't reachable at the moment :(12:26
gr0biis it?12:26
brkologmar3k: did you try VLC channel12:26
HaBSMonkeyDust: What do you mean?12:27
dedicated1ActionParsnip: so if someone hacks my account he has root access right away?12:27
T_H_Xsu = superuser12:27
HaBSI can use the keyboard on the boot loader but once I get past that, I can't use it.12:27
BattlestarBIs there a way to index different partition for reachhing from unity dash?12:27
shomonhi, what is a good way to delete information in ubuntu - shred?12:27
ActionParsnipdedicated1: if they get your password, yes12:27
ActionParsnipT_H_X: no12:27
T_H_Xsudo = superuser do , and you need to be in the sudoers file to use that12:27
Lord_Dshomon: yes12:27
ActionParsnipT_H_X: su = switch user12:27
T_H_Xman su12:28
LjLdedicated1: if someone obtains your account's password, yes, but not if someone simply manages to be in your account in some other way12:28
guest4875gr0bi: yes it is12:28
shomonthanks Lord_D12:28
dedicated1ty THX12:28
Lord_Dshomon: but that is a great way to do it in any unish system12:28
BattlestarBcan i index d: partition in unity for fast search?12:28
ActionParsnipT_H_X: if you specify no account then root is assumed, you can su to any account on the OS12:28
qwemoHow safe is it to use internet while installing a fresh Ubuntu??????? Can the info be hijacked and a malicious program get in????12:29
MonkeyDustHaBS  you have to modify a line in the grub menu, i'm searching12:29
ActionParsnipT_H_X: therefore switch user, not super user12:29
T_H_Xchange the man page12:29
HaBSAhh alright thanks, let me know if you come up with anything.12:29
Lord_Danother great way to delete data is to just sand it down using popey's sideburns12:29
gr0bican someone bring lists.launchpad.net back online please? does anyone know how feels responsible for this mailing list?12:29
ActionParsnipT_H_X: it doesn't need changing.It backs up what I said12:29
T_H_XNAME: su - change user ID or become superuser12:29
T_H_Xcant se any mention of switch12:30
shomonLord_D, what are good parameters? I'm just leaving my job so it's just in case someone messed with my data.. can I go "shred -u /home/bla/mail/* "12:30
T_H_X;) anyway.. shutting up12:30
ActionParsnipT_H_X: read a littlemore12:30
dedicated1lol  THX12:30
ActionParsnipT_H_X: become another user during a login session. Invoked without a username, su defaults to becoming the superuser12:30
ohs6ohQuis compiz grid broken on ubuntu or did i misconfigure something? cycling through window sizes does not work with left and right positions, it works with other positions.12:30
* T_H_X not saying nuttin12:30
MonkeyDustHaBS  if you're skilled enough, you can search 'ubuntu touchpad grub'12:30
qwemoExcuse meeeeeee!!!!! How safe is it to install Ubuntu with all option checked meaning install with internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!12:31
dedicated1it's safer to use patience12:31
ActionParsnipqwemo: its fine but can cause issues.I'd ust get the OS installed then do the web stuff later12:31
Kartagisdo you guys know a tool that is capable of checking broken links behind CAS?12:31
kaddihi i'm getting the following message when I do sudo apt-get update: W: GPG error: http://extras.ubuntu.com oneiric Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 16126D3A3E5C1192 Ubuntu Extras Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>12:32
qwemoOMG thanks so much ActionParsnip. lol!12:32
kaddihow to fix?12:32
_Marcusqwemo: It can be safe, as long as you have a stable internet connection(wont cut off on you). And please cut down on the number of exclamation marks you are using.12:32
ActionParsnipkaddi: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 16126D3A3E5C119212:32
HaBSMonkeyDust: Ahh not that skilled lol Sorry12:33
kaddity ActionParsnip :)12:33
kbringarddoes anyone know why when I set my partman stuff to atomic in preseed, it's treating it like I set it to home?12:33
kbringardis this a known issue or am I doing something dumb?12:33
ActionParsnipkaddi: if that doesn't fix it, run:    wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/fixpackage; chmod +x ./fixpackage; sudo ./fixpackage12:33
kaddiActionParsnip: that fixed it :)12:33
MonkeyDustHaBS  this was for ubuntu 9.10, maybe it's useful http://agoranetbook.kayno.net/2009/10/06/touchpad-configuration-for-ubuntu-9-10-grub-2/12:33
fishcookeris clonezilla can make image of my ubuntu-box?12:33
ActionParsnipkaddi: cool, no need for the fixpackage script :)12:34
kaddior not... reading is a complicated thing12:34
ActionParsnipfishcooker: yes it can make an image12:34
HaBSMonkeyDust: btw, this isn't a touchpad :P12:34
guest4875ActionParsnip: do you know a way to capture login screen on ubuntu ? not vbox12:34
dedicated1ActionParsnip and THX: last question, I removed admin on my main account, made a seperate admin account like in Windows. This seems to be useless and does not give me more protection over the default setup right? if that is right, then if I make my main account admin again does that add me to the sudoers file automaticly?12:35
ActionParsnipguest4875: asI said earlier with imagemagick in CTRL+ALT+F112:35
ActionParsnipdedicated1: is the new accouont in the admin group?12:35
ActionParsnipdedicated1: you don't need to mess with the sudoers file12:35
theadmindedicated1: The default sudoers file simply grants sudo priveleges to all members of the admin group.12:35
dedicated1okay :)12:36
ActionParsnipdedicated1: any account you want to give admin powers, just put them in the admin group and you are done12:36
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guest4875ActionParsnip: haven't seen it.  could explaint it a bit more ?12:36
dedicated1and I was thinking having a user as admin was not so safe xD12:36
dedicated1main user that is12:36
jogsterany ideas what might have happend to this guy?12:37
theadmindedicated1: Not really, this ain't Windows, you'll be asked for your password for any admin tasks so you can't just do them accidentally.12:37
kaddiActionParsnip: what would happen if I don't get the error message fixed (worse case scenario)12:37
theadminjogster: Wrong channel12:37
ActionParsnip(12:14:22) ActionParsnip: guest4568: install imagemagick and on the login screen press CTRL+ALT+F1, log in and run:  sleep 20; import ~/shot.png     then press CTRL+ALT+F7 and wait.The cursor may change to a crosshair and you can select the section of the screen to shot12:37
ActionParsnipkaddi: about GPG keys, nothin really12:37
_Marcusjogster: Hit with a rock? I don't see how this is very related to Ubuntu.12:37
liquideeive got a problem with setkeycodes command. when im trying to  map scancode to a free keycode the command executes with no problems, but the keycode isnt set in dumpkeys command12:38
guest4875ActionParsnip: thanks12:38
ActionParsnipguest4875: copy and paste is a wonderful thing12:39
guest4875ActionParsnip: yes it is : )  My laptop freezed an rebooted it i think you just wrote msg at that time : )12:40
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r44I have A question what keyboaurd combination while booting start terminal mode12:47
theadminActionParsnip: How's that work anyway?... I mean, shouldn't "import" be informed of the x display when running from a tty?12:47
kuldeepdhaka_ help-----i installed Lubuntu on my thin client  1Ghz processor,5 gb [1gb internal + 4 gb external pendrive],521 mb ram,,,,installed lubuntu on pendrive...now it is not loading...only text mode can be seen by pressing atl+ctrl+f112:48
theadmin!text | r4412:48
ubottur44: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode12:48
ActionParsniptheadmin: it lets you select a region, you can tell it to use root and such and it will do the whole screen afaik12:48
r44thanks I am going to try this12:48
theadminActionParsnip: No no, I mean, shouldn't it be something like "DISPLAY=:0 import ~/foo.png"?12:49
theadminActionParsnip: Since we are running from a tty that is12:49
kuldeepdhaka_help-----i installed Lubuntu on my thin client  1Ghz processor,5 gb [1gb internal + 4 gb external pendrive],521 mb ram,,,,installed lubuntu on pendrive...now it is not loading...only text mode can be seen by pressing atl+ctrl+f112:49
ActionParsniptheadmin: afaik, if you switch back quick it should work. Not tried it but makes sense in my head12:49
theadminActionParsnip: In mine it doesn't, since, uh, the DISPLAY variable is only auto-defined while running in X, and the command will be ran in the tty anyway12:50
Django_Novicehi there12:53
Django_Novicei need to kill process in bash script12:53
Django_Novicei tried but its not working12:53
tiger_use kill with process id12:53
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Django_Noviceps -ef | grep -v grep | grep 'manage.py runfcgi' | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill -912:53
tiger_kill -p12:53
T_H_XDjango_Novice: try pkill12:53
Django_Novicethats what im tryin to do12:54
llutz_Django_Novice: you have to kill the parent python process12:54
Django_Novicelet me try to use pkill12:54
kuldeepdhaka_actionparsnip, help me12:54
theadminDjango_Novice: pkill processname or killall processname will usually work12:54
kbringardanyone have time for a preseed question?12:55
Django_Novicetheadmin: pkill not working as well12:56
Django_Novicetheadmin; shall i paste my script12:56
T_H_XDjango_Novice: pkill -o12:56
ActionParsnipkuldeepdhaka_: what is on screen at boot?12:56
T_H_Xfort oldest process12:56
T_H_Xor it will try kill pkill12:56
wolfrichttp://pastebin.com/j3Y5WX6h gpg errors on apt-get update12:57
kuldeepdhaka_actionParsnip, asked for user name and password when i pressed alt+ctrl+f112:57
ActionParsnipkuldeepdhaka_: it should use lightdm, or lxdm12:57
yawstick1I deleted the status bar where minimized apps usually show...I added back bar but cant seem to gets minimized apps to show up12:57
ActionParsnipwolfric: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 40976EAF437D05B512:58
wolfricActionParsnip: why should i do that..?12:58
ActionParsnipyawstick1: what is the output of:   lsb_release -sc12:58
T_H_XDjango_Novice: try pkill -of manage.py runfcgi12:58
Django_Novicetheadmin: dpaste.org/58VAt/12:58
ActionParsnipwolfric: it imports the keys you are missing, not obvious?12:59
kuldeepdhaka_ActionParsnip, i can see the logo of lubuntu at startup but then nothing loads so i press alt+ctrl+f112:59
T_H_XDjango_Novice: try pkill -of "manage.py runfcgi"12:59
ActionParsnipkuldeepdhaka_: try the boot option:  nomodeset12:59
wolfricActionParsnip: right but why should i have to do this12:59
wolfricActionParsnip: not a new install and no updates/chagnes afaik.12:59
theadminDjango_Novice: You don't have to use "echo command" after each command, just change the crunchbang to #!/bin/bash -v13:00
ActionParsnipwolfric: it authenticates the repo, so the system knows you wanted to add it rather than some script etc. Its not absolutely necessary but is handy to stop the package system moaning13:00
kuldeepdhaka_actionparsnip, direcly load Lubutnu with out showing grub menu,,,what should i do....13:00
ActionParsnipkuldeepdhaka_: hold SHIFT at boot13:00
kuldeepdhaka_actionParsnip, ok13:00
Django_Novicek thanks13:04
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Django_Novicetheadmin; what shall i do to make it work13:05
danlincan ubuntu switch my gfx card on runtime (i have a laptop with a intel and a ati card)13:06
Django_Novicei just want to kill that process and get git update and then run a process from a diff directory as u can see in the paste13:06
Oerdanlin, check out bumbleblee >> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee13:09
danlinOer, its for nvidia or ?13:10
Oerdanlin, sorry, that is optimus/nvidia only13:11
Oerdanlin, i thought they cover all dual cards13:11
danlinActionParsnip, thx13:13
ActionParsnipbest avoided imho13:14
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lemarccan anybody plz help me with some linux problem?13:25
bazhanglemarc, whats the issue13:26
lemarci can access the internet through firefox on back track13:26
lemarcbut i cannot download packages through terminal and package manager13:26
bazhang#backtrack-linux for bt support lemarc13:26
orvillegood morning folks.13:31
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orvilledoes anyone here know how to turn off the reboot notification in ubuntu?13:31
orvilleI've installed ubuntu in a vps and am not using the kernel.13:32
orvillethe ubuntu kernel that is.13:32
orvilleso I don't need to reboot, but that motd notification annoys me :-)13:32
Piciorville: Take a look at the manapge for motd.tail, it should describe the steps that go into creating the motd so that you can customize/replace it.13:33
ActionParsniporville: i know its a file somewhere, just cant remember where13:34
orvillePici: no man page for motd.tail or motd.13:34
orvilleand motd+shell's manpage is hardly helpful.13:35
llutz_orville: "apropos motd"13:35
tiger_ any idea about the openmp ?13:36
ActionParsniporville: seems like a lot of effort for very little gain13:36
ActionParsniporville: I have a clear command at the bottom of ~/.bashrc so when I log in via SSH I get a blank terminal13:37
orvilleActionParsnip: seems that way. but this involves byobu not bash.13:37
orvillethere's an everpresent (R) at the bottom of my shell in the notification area for packages.13:38
orvilleit annoys me and I want it gone.13:38
orvillealso helps to get to know the innards of your system. ;-)13:38
stephane_yaaljoin #myelefant13:39
stephane_yaaloops! forget my post13:39
orvilleaha! /var/run/reboot-required13:40
=== Companion is now known as companion
orvilleoh! there's even a nifty reboot-required.pkgs that tells you which pkgs got installed requiring a reboot.13:42
orvillevery nifty.13:42
orvillenow instead of assuming that it was due to the kernel, i know it's actually because of libssl.13:42
orvilleActionParsnip:  and this is why it's good to learn about your system.13:43
orvillenever be afraid to dig deep! you'd be amazed at what you can learn!13:43
ActionParsniporville: i'm learning every day, just as you are13:43
ActionParsniporville: dude, I help here nearly every day...13:43
ActionParsniporville: I also have one of the highest karmas on launchpad.13:44
nagarajanhow to install ubuntu..13:45
nagarajanon laptop13:46
tensorpuddingnagarajan, do you have an ubuntu cd or dvd?13:46
tensorpuddingyou put the disc in the drive of your laptop13:47
tensorpuddingyou reboot and see if it boots to the disc, if not you need to change your boot settings to boot from the drive your disc is in13:47
tensorpuddingonce it boots you follow the instructions of the installer13:48
nagarajanYa did all those part.  Please guide me what to give, (/)  or some else13:48
tensorpuddingi don't understand13:48
orvilleActionParsnip: what?13:48
Django_Novicecan i provide pwd with sudo while running a command13:48
ActionParsniporville: well you're talking like I never use Linux before, or am very new...13:49
nibbierhttp://pastebin.com/5S0ANqRe - why do i only have 3.5GB RAM? dmidecode lists a max of 16GB and correctly my modules of 2x1 and 2x2 GB, kernel is 64 bit....13:50
orvilleActionParsnip: no. i'm talking like you shouldn't make assumptions about why people are doing things, or make unhelpful comments like "seems like a lot of effort for very little gain".13:51
ActionParsniporville: well it is, the restart message is a single line of text, very easy to ignore...13:51
orvilleYou probably didn't mean any harm by it, but don't get a "big head" over karma or stuff like that.13:51
ActionParsnipnibbier: what is the output of:  uname -m13:52
orvilleremember the root of being here. to help and learn. facilitate that and ignore al else.13:52
nagarajanactually i have installed ubuntu in my desk top13:52
nagarajan but i am not getting grub while booting13:52
nagarajan i am getting message as input not supported13:52
nagarajan with 11.1013:52
nagarajan earlier with 10.10 grub was working13:52
FloodBot1nagarajan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:52
ActionParsniporville: its about feasability too13:52
tensorpuddingnagarajan, what message is telling you input not supported13:53
nibbierActionParsnip, x86_6413:53
ActionParsnipnibbier: ah, now thats a weird one.13:53
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=== krish is now known as Guest86272
ActionParsnipnibbier: does the system have a make and model?13:55
nibbierActionParsnip, its in the dmidecode in the paste (along with supposed limits (16GB)): Base Board Information        Manufacturer: ASRock  Product Name: P5B-DE13:56
ActionParsnipnibbier: sorry13:56
nibbierActionParsnip, never mind, thats why i cut+paste it - dmidecode is a long one ;-)13:56
fairuzHi, I'm not getting any output after choosing a kernel in the grub menu. The screen just went blank. But if I choose recovery mode, then I click on cancel, it boots fine. What can cause this issue? Thanks.13:57
Guest86272while booting i am not grub screen13:57
Guest86272but it appears virtually13:57
sipiornibbier: do you have an option for memory remapping in your bios, and is it enabled?13:57
ActionParsnipnibbier: does the ram show correctly in BIOS?13:57
Guest86272my monitor doesn't getting any signal13:58
ActionParsnipGuest86272: what GPU do you use?13:58
Guest86272later some time my login screen appears and then i am able to use my desktop13:58
Guest86272i am unable get13:59
ActionParsnipGuest86272: so you only don't see the boot splash but the OS does boot eventually, is that right?13:59
Guest86272you are right13:59
sacarlsonGuest86272: I was able to get view of grub boot with changes in boot settings13:59
ActionParsnipGuest86272: once booted, run:  lspci | grep -i vga   what is output?14:00
* ActionParsnip bets its an nvidia14:00
novid‎i cant upgrade to 12.04 with "sudo update-manager -d"14:00
kingfisher64has anybody managed to get a canon pixma 495 working with ubuntu 11.10? I've been trying on/off for weeks now to get it working and it's so inconsistent in it's performance. many thanks14:00
schueler29deutsch ?14:00
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!14:00
ActionParsnipnovid: can you pastebin the output of the command please14:01
liquideehow to bind a key to command execution knowing keysym of the key (XF86Game)?14:01
Guest86272where to give run14:01
sacarlsonGuest86272:  my added change to see grub boot had something like 640X480 or something like that using grub customizer https://launchpad.net/~danielrichter2007/+archive/grub-customizer14:01
novid‎ActionParsnip:  there is not any error, i just cant see the upgrade bottom14:02
Guest86272i have opened https://launchpad.net/~danielrichter2007/+archive/grub-customizer14:03
Guest86272what i have to do now14:03
wolfricis there a package i can install to get the ubuntu installer on a regular install of ubuntu if i want to install it onto another currently unused disk14:04
pestilencein trying to install a printer, the hp-setup downloads a plugin and then tries to import a gpg key.  this fails.  when i try running the gpg import in a terminal, pgp.mit.edu returns "gpgkeys: key A59047B9 not found on keyserver"14:04
liquideehow to bind a key to command execution knowing keysym of the key (XF86Game)?14:04
ActionParsnipnovid: ok what does the dialogue say?14:05
Guest86272pl help me https://launchpad.net/~danielrichter2007/+archive/grub-customizer14:05
sacarlsonGuest86272: read the Adding this PPA to your system for details look at link read about installing14:05
Guest86272i have opened this web page14:05
pestilenceit seems possible that pgp.mit.edu is having issues right now.  what does one do in that case, just hope and pray that the tarball downloaded isn't loaded with a rootkit?14:06
pestilenceseems like pretty bad design choice on the ubuntu side14:06
novid‎ActionParsnip: open "update manager" normally without any "upgrade" button14:06
Stevan94NoTcan someone help me?14:06
novid‎ActionParsnip:  I just update Ubuntu normally14:07
crizzyStevan94NoT: don't ask ppl to help, tell your problem and wait, if someone knows they'll answer14:07
Stevan94NoTok..my problem is I dont know how to install Ati drivers for graphic card14:07
crizzyok, which ati card you have?14:08
Stevan94NoT5450HD download latest driver available14:08
crizzyare you on 11.10 / unity14:08
ActionParsnipnovid: yes, but what does the update dialogue say?14:08
crizzyok, hit super/win button, type 'additional' there, you should find 'additional drivers' app14:08
crizzyopen that. click on the proprietary driver (NOT the post-release ones, the regular one)14:09
crizzyit'll install the driver14:09
crizzyafter that, reboot14:09
Stevan94NoTShould I choose post release update or normal?14:10
Stevan94NoTok thanks for your help14:10
Trevor69420eh.. someone somewhere said something to me again but i was away and i cant scroll that far up14:10
crizzypost-release has never worked for me.. not for anyone else with ati that i know, either14:10
ActionParsnipnovid: technically you could boot to the precise install CD and upgrade from there14:10
nibblerActionParsnip, RAM problem resolved:there was some remap RAM setting in BIOS (and found out my 3GHz CPU was running on 2GHz aswell) - thanks for support anyway14:10
ActionParsnipnibbler: any time14:10
novid‎ActionParsnip:  http://m.friendfeed-media.com/772f095441ef5edac48c6a6efe2004d0e8d0ff2b14:11
ActionParsnipnibbler: glad you got the gold14:11
crizzyStevan94NoT: also14:11
Guest86272i have both os14:11
novid‎ActionParsnip: I cant upgrade from net yet?14:11
MrHacksHey, guys. I booted up my HP Mini 1030nr with Ubuntu 11.10 on it after I put it into hibernation last night. I woke it up this morning and it was doing some wierd screen test thing. What happened?14:11
crizzyStevan94NoT: you might wanna read this after installing proprietary driver: http://askubuntu.com/questions/38028/performance-being-really-choppy-with-ati-drivers14:11
crizzyStevan94NoT: it's not mandatory, but unity window dragging and small stuff like that is a bit choppy without it14:11
ActionParsnipnovid: i suggest you disable all 3rd party sources, it will help you get a smooth upgrade'14:12
Guest86272ineed to select my os while booting14:12
Guest86272pl help me14:12
Stevan94NoTok im currently reading it thanks14:12
crizzyStevan94NoT: answer number 1 has directions. on the other hand if you have regular 60hz lcd you might not need it if it feels fast enough14:12
novid‎ActionParsnip:  what is official repository for 12.04?14:12
sacarlsonGuest86272: I'm not sure if you can't read the website if my words would help much,  do you know how to add repository to your system?14:13
novid‎ActionParsnip:  can i change theme manual?14:13
ActionParsnipGuest86272: you can add that PPA by running:  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install grub-customizer14:13
Guest86272i donot know14:13
Guest86272pl help14:13
ActionParsnipnovid: no, read what I wrote...14:13
MrHacksOn reboot the Debian GRUB showed up so I'm running memtest86. If GRUB showed up it must be serious14:14
novid‎ActionParsnip: really, I cant edit repository normally :(14:14
ActionParsnipnovid: you can but its not the way to upgrade. Disable the PPAs you have added. it may help14:14
ActionParsnipnovid: if you use the daily ISO, it will be the same as upgrading from the web14:14
sacarlsonGuest86272: to start you need to add this to your repository list: ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer  as explained on the webpage https://launchpad.net/~danielrichter2007/+archive/grub-customizer14:15
novid‎I want open repository from "settings"  synaptic's menu  , but noting is not open14:16
ActionParsnipthats gratitude for you14:16
ActionParsnipnovid: try software centre then14:16
novid‎ActionParsnip: software center is similar synaptic :(14:17
ActionParsnipnovid: yes but its a different app14:17
edgyHi, I bought a new laptop with (I guess software ) raid0 and windows installed. now I am not sure how to install linux14:20
novid‎ActionParsnip: from terminal, i open software center, then i want open repositories window, i get this error in terminal http://pastebin.com/jFebhBVK14:20
c_smithedgy, do you have the installation media ready?14:20
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nagarajanas you told i have run14:21
nagarajanseems to be grub installed14:21
edgyc_smith: I created now an image from windows though I have never recovered windows before and hope I am doing it right14:21
nagarajanlet me restart my system14:21
nagarajanthanks a lot14:21
edgyc_smith: and yes I donwloaded ubuntu and burn it to my flash14:22
c_smithedgy, ok, and do you want to keep Windows?14:22
novid‎ActionParsnip: whole error is http://pastebin.com/LqdNjgx214:22
edgyc_smith: yes14:22
ohmyi was seeking the different tool that are able to create filessytems, is there any alternatives to mkfs ? (just for knowledge)14:22
c_smithok, so, you're going to want to boot into the live USB drive, how to do that varies with the type of laptop.14:23
novid‎ActionParsnip: sorry, this is complete output  error from software center http://pastebin.com/AyB7Ta0Y14:23
c_smithedgy, and then you are going to want to follow the installer until it comes to disk setup, then you will want to select "install Ubuntu alongside windows".14:24
=== q-rban is now known as q0rban
c_smithand the rest should be fairly easy, let us know if you have problems.14:24
sacarlsonnovid: you might need to run that with gksudo software-center14:25
edgyc_smith: the problem is the disk is raid014:25
c_smithedgy, oh, well, I'll have to have you see if someone else knows, as I have no clue on that part..... sorry bud.14:25
dr_willishow do you know its raid?14:26
=== mac-ro_ is now known as mac-ro
sacarlsonedgy: ya I'm not sure what ubuntu will see your raid0 as,  you might need to repartition if no non raid stuf is left to install it14:26
edgydr_willis: from the bios14:26
dr_willisit has 2 hard drives?14:26
novid‎sacarlson: no different, again i can not open repositories windows14:27
sacarlsondr_willis: edgy: oh if the raid is done in bios I guess ubuntu will still see it as a normal drive then14:27
edgydr_willis, sacarlson: actually I tried to boot linux and just see a black screen then I tried some of the kernel options and got the installer but the disks appear as two 500G disks14:27
edgydr_willis: yes, two drives14:27
sacarlsonnovid: maybe just install synapic if that option is still available in software-center14:28
sacarlsonnovid: synaptic14:28
Trevor69420edgy: how large are each of your hard drives??14:28
edgyTrevor69420: 500G each and windows see them as 1 tera disk14:28
dr_willisisent raid 0 more unreliable but faster?14:28
Stevan94NoTI just installed driver fo graphic card and in system info it says "VESA:" instead of my real graphic card (ati 5450HD14:29
sipiordr_willis: unreliable, to put it mildly :-)14:29
Trevor69420no redundancy with RAID 014:29
Trevor69420thats why i use RAID 1014:29
edgydr_willis: yes, and I don't care about raid 0 but I guess if I changed this now I have to reinstall windows, right?14:30
Trevor69420sometimes RAID 5 but more often RAID 1014:30
Trevor69420edgy... are you using a hardware RAID card or software RAID?14:30
dr_willissipior:  year.  my dual HD laptop I use Linux on HD 1 and windows on 2 . no raid14:30
sacarlsonStevan94NoT: did it fail to bring up the driver or did the install not create a config file to make it use it?  take a look a the logs14:30
BattlestarBrfkill list14:30
BattlestarB0: phy0: Wireless LAN14:30
BattlestarBSoft blocked: no14:30
BattlestarBHard blocked: yes14:30
edgyTrevor69420: the laptop comes with raid in bios so I am not sure what it's but I guess this software raid14:30
BattlestarBi cant unblock "hard blocked"14:30
FloodBot1BattlestarB: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:31
Trevor69420whats the laptop model edgy?14:31
edgyTrevor69420: msi gt683r14:31
nibblerBattlestarB, i did have a very similar problem. what laptop/wifi card are you using? for me it helped to unload several modules - at least that allowed me to use an externally plugged usb wifi stick which was "hard blocked" before, too14:31
Trevor69420give me a sec to look into this machine14:31
Stevan94NoTOh now it says it's disabled in aditional drivers..ill try to enable it again14:32
BattlestarBnibbler: atheros14:32
Trevor69420i'm not to familiar with software RAID.. i use a 9650SE 3Ware RAID card14:32
BattlestarBnibbler: it is work if i restart computer14:32
Trevor69420but if it's in the BIOS it's possible it is actually a hardware controller14:32
dr_willisaren't most those semihard software raida these days14:33
Trevor69420edgy found something interesting14:33
HiuhuHey guyz am using ubuntu 10.10 and my software center is not downloading the cache14:33
nibblerTrevor69420, i don't think so. if its a (real) hw controller, it'll have its own bios showing during boot up. the ones in (standard) BIOS are all fake-raid imho14:33
Trevor69420edgy: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/249784-32-ubuntu-raid-discs14:33
moustafaI hate it when this happens14:33
Trevor69420did you read this?14:33
edgynibbler: actually it tells me to press Ctrl+I to go to raid setup bios14:34
Trevor69420yea thats what i thought14:34
Trevor69420so it very well may be hardware14:35
nibbleredgy, ok, misunderstood then. sounds good. but you should get a brandname etc?14:35
Trevor69420edgy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=172080014:35
Trevor69420edgy: looks like alot of ppl have similar issues14:35
=== q0rban is now known as q-rban
edgynibbler: still I don't think it's hardware raid because live CD linux sees it as two disks ;)14:36
Trevor69420dunno what exactly causes it14:36
edgyTrevor69420: reading ...14:36
Trevor69420i dont recall having to do any of those steps when i set up my ubuntu server14:37
Stevan94NoTIn additional drivers windows it says my graphic card drivers are enabled but in system info it still says "VESA:"14:37
Hiuhuabox I have a problem with my software center every time I try to download something all it says is requires installation of untrusted packages14:37
klawdi screwed up my sudoers file14:37
klawdnow i can't edit it with sudo14:37
klawdnow what?14:37
Trevor69420klawd eeek that's terrible14:37
dr_willisklawd: use a live cd14:37
Trevor69420oh yea u can do that14:38
dusfcan i install open office through synaptic some how? i am not sure which package to select...14:38
dr_willisor rescue mode14:38
klawdreboot and choose rescue mode from the boot options?14:38
Trevor69420dr_willis, i almost told him to logon as root haha14:38
dr_willisdusf: its libreoffice in the repos14:38
dusfdr_willis: tyvm14:38
nibbleredgy, as long as its not configured in that way, i'd say u r right ;-)14:39
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
HiuhuGuyz someone plz HELP me14:39
edgyTrevor69420: you mean you manage to install linux in a raid 0 disk on a lpatop?14:39
Stevan94NoTIn additional drivers windows it says my graphic card drivers are enabled but in system info it still says "VESA:"14:40
Trevor69420edgy no i managed to install it on my PowerEdge 2950 server with a 3Ware 9650SE card with an external SAS enclosure with 16 x 1TB hard drives in a RAID 1014:40
Trevor69420it saw them as one hard drive at startup14:41
Trevor694201 8TB ish hard drive14:41
=== Dink- is now known as Dink
Trevor69420cuz RAID 10 mirrors and spans14:41
edgyTrevor69420: may be because yours is hardware raid and mine is software14:41
Trevor69420i dunno i actually think u might have a hardware RAID14:42
Trevor69420if it has it's own BIOS14:42
Trevor69420i dont know tho to be honest14:42
Trevor69420i think the last time i used Software RAID was on my GX270 desktop which i use as my router14:43
=== brian__ is now known as nullm0dem
Trevor69420but i set up the RAID from the ubuntu CD14:44
YohanMeisteraside from the boot loader, is there anything else on a typical linux installation that needs to know where the kernel is?14:45
Nach0zafaik, no.14:45
Nach0zmaybe aptitude or something, to replace the kernel image14:46
dr_willisyou hideing your Kernal?14:47
HypocrealeI've been using Fedora for two years or so now. I'd just like to get your opinion14:50
YohanMeisterdr_willis: ha ha. Not exactly but I am cooking up a plan for a little tweaking14:50
Stevan94NoT In additional drivers windows it says my graphic card drivers are enabled but in system info it still says "VESA:"14:50
HypocrealeWhat are the big differences a ordinary user would notice between Fedora and Ubuntu14:50
llutz_Hypocreale: #ubuntu-offtopic for this pls.14:51
Hypocrealeok, thanks14:51
YohanMeisterthx Nach0z14:51
t1t4nis possible 2 machines has the same public key?14:54
compdocnot likely, unless it was copied manually14:54
Stevan94NoTIn additional drivers windows it says my graphic card drivers are enabled but in system info it still says "VESA:" ? Anyone please? Is it suposted to be like that or not?14:55
ohs6ohQuI can't get compiz grid to work correctly on ubuntu. for the left and right positions cycling window sizes does not work. any ideas what the problem could be?14:55
t1t4nis possible 2 machine and 1 public key?14:59
Schleshey there, i´ve got a problem to control my fans on ubuntu. I´m using fancontrol but i´m get an error when trying to adjust the settings. sensors found eine fan  with a speed about 2200 RPM. Pwnconfig returns an source error (cant compare a empty string). The empty string is because pwnconfig doesnt found any fans. during the init process, pwmconfig test which fan the programm can manage and correctly let the fan spin slower. But that is15:01
Schles*eine = one, sry15:01
wangerint1t4n: Sure. But you have to copy the private key to each mashine.15:01
talloaktreeshahah. a little german slipped through15:01
Schles*any other setting can´t do that (spin the fan slower)15:03
playmanhow can I run filename.sh in terminal?15:03
Schlessh filename.sh15:03
cancerauronandace: hi15:03
SubjectOnechmod +x the .sh file first15:04
=== fireball is now known as mi3
playmani've allready chmod the file15:04
dr_willischmod or use sh15:04
dr_willis ./foo.sh15:04
dr_willisif yiu chmod15:05
Schlesif the filename.sh has the execute right, you can run it with ./filename.sh15:05
Schlesotherwise sh filename.sh15:05
playmansh filename.sh worked thanks15:05
cancerauronandace: i have installed virtualbox, there is default machine folder in file > preference > General. what if i change it path?15:05
canceri have installed virtualbox, there is default machine folder in file > preference > General. what if i change it path?15:06
playmanI just tried running it with "filename.sh" :S15:06
compdoccancer, if you understand how to configure VB to use the path, it shouldnt be a problem15:06
llutz_playman: that only works if the file is executable AND in a dir inside your $PATH15:06
auronandacecancer: yes, if you change the path you could use a different partition with more space15:06
cancerauronandace: It means that virtualbox will make file of kubuntu in the path i'll describe.15:08
auronandacecancer: yes15:09
cancerauronandace: do i have to do changes with "VRDP authentication Library"15:09
playmanllutz_: ok I know that now thank you15:09
auronandacecancer: not sure sorry, you could ask in #vbox15:10
cancerauronandace: ok, virtual box will only use the space i'll define in default machine folder. right?15:11
auronandacecancer: it will use the space left on the partition of where you define the path, but you can set how big every drive is when you create the vm15:13
LeartSHi all, quick question: I need to run a script that checks for changes on a webpage every hour (more or less, no need to be exact time). Is it better to use cron or sleep 3600 inside a while loop?15:13
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
llutz_LeartS: just use cron.hourly or create a cronjob running every hour. better than sleep-loops (imho)15:14
cancerauronandace: i will set path to the partition of space 10 G.B, from where i uninstalled ubuntu(wubi).15:14
bazhanghttps://www.virtualbox.org/manual/UserManual.html cancer this is very informative15:14
theadminLeartS: cron, because otherwise the script will be running ALL the time, not only when you need it15:14
cancerbazhang: can you tell me will virtual box uses ISO file everytime i need to boot into kubuntu.15:15
LeartSOk, thanks, I thought so. Just out of curiosity though: does the sleep command uses CPU?15:16
bazhangcancer, have you looked at the link I gave you?15:16
cancerbazhang: in progress....15:17
cstTYhey bitches15:19
darrenloobyHi guys... how do I extract this? apache-maven-3.0.4-bin.tar.gz15:19
llutz_LeartS: if it does, its marginal15:19
LeartSOk, thanks.15:19
bazhangcstTY, watch the language15:20
cstTYwhat are some good network discovery programs15:20
Schlesdarrenlooby, tar xvf apache-maven-3.0.4-bin.tar.gz15:20
cancerbazhang: will it use RAM & diskspace when ever i login to xp OR it will only use the memory when i'll run kubuntu15:20
BattlestarBcan i move unity stick to right?15:21
darrenloobySchles, I'm getting this... gzip: stdin: not in gzip format - is that an error with the download do you think?15:22
auronandaceBattlestarB: no15:22
biebI setup an ubuntu kiosk.. it auto logs in as "kiosk" user which is fine.. the only problem is I can't login as a higher priviledged user to update the browser and make sure the ability to print to .pdf is available. How/where do I change the login setting so it will allow me to login as different user?15:22
BattlestarBauronandace: noooo15:22
bazhangBattlestarB, possible to the bottom though15:23
BattlestarBno i want it to right15:23
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit15:23
bazhangBattlestarB, then nope15:23
Schlesdarrenlooby, i could possible be. I´m also not so much experience on linux15:24
Schlesdarrenlooby, but tar.gz i extract with tar xvf filename.tar.gz15:24
cstzcstty is gay15:24
cstTYcstz is here to find a boyfriend if anyone is interested :):)15:24
cstTYcstz is here to find a boyfriend if anyone is interested :):)15:25
cstTYcstz is here to find a boyfriend if anyone is interested :):)15:25
cstTYcstz is here to find a boyfriend if anyone is interested :):)15:25
cstTYcstz is here to find a boyfriend if anyone is interested :):)15:25
cstTYcstz is here to find a boyfriend if anyone is interested :):)15:25
cstTYcstz is here to find a boyfriend if anyone is interested :):)15:25
sipior"dear moderators"15:25
joker_89is there any channel of shell scripting???15:25
compdocsipior, dont be nice to the moderators - they wont understand it15:26
cancerbazhang: i don't quite get the info from the link. i don't understand15:26
=== CtrlAltDel_ is now known as turbomettwurst
llutz_joker_89: #bash15:26
sipiormneptok: much obliged.15:26
joker_89how can i copy a named pipe???15:26
joker_89cp command dont work15:26
mneptokcstz: anything else you'd like to add while i have ops? or can you stay on-topic?15:26
bazhangcancer, you should take your time and read it. it's very informative. also #vbox for what is not clear15:26
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=== _Marcus__ is now known as `marcus
darrenloobySchles, solved. The download redirected15:27
Schlesdarrenlooby :)15:28
llutz_joker_89: cp -a15:28
joker_89-a? ok15:28
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bellmanWhere can I get an Ubuntu Server Edition with TMUX instead of SCREEN15:31
llutz_bellman: sudo apt-get remove screen; sudo apt-get install tmux15:32
llutz_time for tmubuntu-server ...15:32
mneptokllutz_: already been done. the .iso's are on a detached server, though.15:32
sipiormneptok: hope your day job pays well15:33
darrenloobyHow do I tell where my JDK is?15:33
darrenloobyOr even that I've installed it correctly15:33
jattwhich java15:34
mneptokdarrenlooby: what did you install and how?15:34
=== [AJS] is now known as [[__]]
darrenloobymneptok, jatt  - I'm trying to install apache maven - and I need java installed...15:35
_MarcusHow do I make it so that my Ubuntu virtual machine is filling the whole area in Virtual Box? I already installed Guest Addons15:35
jattwhich java15:35
jatton a console15:35
darrenloobyhaha n00b15:35
_MarcusI want it to not go to 1024x768, as that's too big, but instead to a size that is smaller than that, but fills the greenish-gray area15:35
Ghostlyi have an very strange problem, i connect my router on my network then activate dhcp on it and then my pc witch is connected to the router starts experiencing some strange problems related to the loading of pages. I use firefox 10.0.2 and Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit15:36
compdoc_Marcus, fill what area? the hard drive space you gave it?15:36
darrenloobyCheers jatt :)15:36
mneptok!info maven215:36
ubottumaven2 (source: maven2): Java software project management and comprehension tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.1-7build1 (oneiric), package size 3145 kB, installed size 3664 kB15:36
_Marcuscompdoc: No, you know how in Virtual Box, there is that area in the window that isn't filled by the Ubuntu display?15:36
mneptokdarrenlooby: ^^^^^^15:36
compdoc_Marcus, so youre talking about resolution?15:37
compdocdesktop area?15:37
_Marcuscompdoc: Yes. I couldn't think of the name, it's resolution15:37
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corentini need to compile eglibc, i've tried to get the source with apt-get source, but it's always failing at linking time because of multiple defition of some symbol like __libc_multiple_libcs15:38
darrenloobymneptok, cheers :)15:38
_MarcusNvm, I got it, compdoc15:39
mi3Hello, is there a way to display vlc title and track in conky?15:40
MrStupidmi3 yes15:40
mi3MrStupid, can you suggest how?15:41
_MarcusHow do I use basic Gnome desktop instead of Unity? Unity is really slow15:41
MrStupidmi3 no15:41
mi3But you said yes?15:41
MrStupidmi3 yes15:42
llutz_!attitude | MrStupid pls be helpful15:43
ubottuMrStupid pls be helpful: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines15:43
mi3_Marcus log out of the session, then at the login window on the bottom side you will see Desktop in that you can select whichever you want like gnome with effects, no effects, recovery console, etc.15:43
xslin xfce is there a way to define the positioning of a panel that does not use positioning="x=number y=number" but use positioning"x=bottom y=bottom"15:43
llutz_hrm wrong factoid15:43
mi3xsl, please ask this question in xfce channel15:44
bellmanyou can simply edit the source code of VLC and make it output the current track to dbus, and simply edit conky to read the track from dbus15:44
_Marcusmi3: I logged out, and there is nothing at the bottom.15:44
mi3_Marcus, there will be a session selection at the bottom which release do you use?15:44
_Marcusmi3: 11.1015:45
CoolCoderI have installed openoffice. But how i will open it. when i type cmd soffice its opening libreoffice. how to i get openoffice15:45
mi3bellman, how can I do that? can you suggest? also, I am a complete newbie, and I dont know how to compile from source so pls guide me15:45
mi3_Marcus, there ought to be some kind of a session selector option in the login screen, thats what I know.15:46
xslmi3 i have been asking that question for 3 days, with no success15:46
_Marcusmi3: There is "Guest Session" but that's just a guest account15:47
xsland its important, because if i change monitor or screen resolution and if the bar is on the bottom ...i cant see it15:47
llutz_mi3 have you tried this? http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/conky?before=132875932215:48
mi3xsl you want vlc in conky? i have a solution and it may or may not work wait let me give you the link[the conkyrc file in that tar.gz works but the display aint proper so I thought i could find some suggestions on this chanel]15:48
mi3llutz its the same tar.gz file, ehh?15:48
mi3you want the link xsl?15:49
CoolCoderI have installed openoffice. But how i will open it. when i type cmd soffice its opening libreoffice. how to i get openoffice15:49
llutz_mi3: tar.gz?15:49
mi3llutz is it tar.gz file on that link or just a paste?15:50
xslmy problem is related to a xfce design problem that positions the panel using x and y coordinates. and i need to be "bottom" "top"15:50
llutz_mi3: check it out15:50
mi3xsl thats too easy15:50
xslit is?15:51
mi3well maybe can you care to ask?15:51
TostadaHi.. How do I search for text within files system wide.? Thank you : )15:52
xslmi3 so instead of <property name="position" type="string" value="p=8;x=512;y=755"/> i can use <property name="position" type="string" value="p=8;x=bottom;y=bottom"/>  ?15:52
_MarcusHow do I use basic Gnome desktop instead of Unity?15:53
OerCoolCoder, ooffice -writer %U15:53
auronandace!gnome2 | _Marcus15:53
ubottu_Marcus: The GNOME Foundation has ceased support for GNOME 2, and as such it is not in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). See !notunity for an alternative desktop experience.15:53
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic15:53
mi3xsl try this tar.gz file [it has all the circus you may need and also according to the page it supports more then a dozen music players including vlc http://conky.pitstop.free.fr/wiki/images/Musictools.tar.gz ENJOY15:53
xsli feel like talking to a wall15:54
CoolCoderOer:  http://pastebin.com/H5YGZAke15:55
mi3_Marcus frankly speaking I downloaded the ubuntu 11.10 iso, installed it on my system, saw unity trying to be the boss, and removed it within 10 mins of install lol15:55
Biebianxsl you are15:55
_MarcusBiebian: Don't be like that.15:55
xslohhh well :)15:55
mi3xsl u like it?15:55
xslmi3 i didnt downloaded it15:56
mi3xsl, then?15:56
raidmasterI need a good PDF editor that is free. Any ideas?15:56
_Marcusraidmaster: Define "free"15:56
xslmi3 my problem is with xfce15:56
mi3xsl, this is not windows [lol] i dont give a virus try and let me know15:57
_Marcusraidmaster: Free of cost, Adobe Reader15:57
raidmaster_Marcus from as in FOSS. Something that would be found in only the main repos.15:57
Ghostlyi have an very strange problem, i connect my router on my network then activate dhcp on it and then my pc witch is connected to the router starts experiencing some strange problems related to the loading of pages. I use firefox 10.0.2 and Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit15:57
Biebianhas anyone figured out how to remove the root user yet?  I want to rename root to something more apealing like John or Betty15:57
mi3xsl u wanted solution for xfce and vlc[i guess] i provided the solution for the latter one15:57
raidmaster_Marcus I really don't like binary blobs15:58
_Marcus!pdf | raidmaster15:58
ubotturaidmaster: The Portable Document Format is created by Adobe; PDF files are viewable in Ubuntu with Xpdf, Okular, Evince and also Adobe Reader (free download, but closed source)15:58
_MarcusBiebian: ... Remove root?15:58
mi3xsl, is the problem with conky?15:58
Biebianor maybe even Justin15:58
BattlestarBis there a lens for ubuntu 11.10 for index everything?15:59
bellmansudo su, usermod -l Justin root, passwd Justin to set a password and allow root logins15:59
xslmi3 no its with the xfce panels15:59
OerBiebian what root-user ? root-account is disabled in Ubuntu.15:59
mi3maybe you can find some luck with xfce channels cos nobody really entertains questions related to xfce on this channel xsl ok16:00
raidmasterubottu I use Ubuntu in Virtualmachine. My host is Debian using only the main repos. Don't use Flash Player. Gnash does the trick. All the same I need to send a pdf to a Windows users that needs to be edited..16:00
ubotturaidmaster: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:00
_MarcusBiebian: Some applications use the username "root" as a reference, while some use the uid. I wouldn't recommend it, and you should ask someone else about what I am going to say, but just change "root" to something else in /etc/passwd16:00
BattlestarBhey, i want to index every file on computer but unity only shows opened files, is there a way to index everyting (ubuntu 11.10)16:01
CoolCoderAnyone help? I am not able to run openoffice. when I try to install it says new version is already installed. Its not getting on the menu may be libreoffice is already installed.  when i run the cmd "ooffice -writer %U" I am getting this message http://pastebin.com/H5YGZAke16:01
Biebian_Marcus thank you that is helpfull I will test this out shortly16:01
mi3hey xsl you have some conkys you would like to share with me?16:01
hatopbiebian: do not remove the root user. It is necessary to actually do things. You can add a "comment" but otherwise, please leave it alone.16:01
TostadaHi.. How do I search for text within files, system wide.? Thank you : )16:01
_MarcusBiebian: take a backup of your machine first16:01
hatoptostada: that depends on the type of file and if you like the command line.16:02
_Marcushatop: They dont want to remove it, just rename it.16:02
Biebianbellman thank you too, my goal is to make sure my distro is as bieber based as possible16:02
BattlestarBTostada: i want to index everything, do you have a solution for that?16:02
llutz_troll-tuesday, Biebian  .. take your fish and troll away <°))))><16:02
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_Marcusllutz_: Don't give away fish, their for slapping people.16:03
mi3this aint windows BattlestarB16:03
comunistuhow to display your open windows in all workspaces in Ubuntu 10.10?16:03
Myrttimoving on and keeping to the topic, thank you16:03
RyanDIs there a support channel for wu-ftpd, or am I locked into asking in here?16:03
mi3you found that option _Marcus?16:03
BattlestarBmi3: you are saying linux can't do that?16:03
_Marcusmi3: I am going to install gnome from software center, and then uninstall Unity from software center.16:04
RyanDJust want to lock a user in his home directory (it's a wordpress autoupdate login only, so only want it to see /var/www)16:04
hatopif by index you mean search, then it does16:04
RyanDvia both SSH and wu-ftpd.16:04
mi3BattlestarB I have no idea and have never tried that16:04
hatoptry the locate command16:04
Tostadahatop I'm not very good with linux but I do know how to use the command line.. Right now I'm trying: grep -i -n ‘people123.com’ * but it doesn't do anything.16:04
mi3_Marcus maybe you should use natty,ehh?16:04
_MarcusRyanD: When you figure it out, can you help me do it D:16:04
hatoptostada: is this in relation to apache logs?16:04
_Marcusmi3: 11.04?16:04
BattlestarBmi3: ok, it is possible actually16:04
mi3yeah _Marcus16:05
_Marcusmi3: Naw16:05
theadminTostada: grep -R -H -F 'people123.com' /16:05
TostadaNo, somehow people123.com are pulling information from my computer using firefox.16:05
mi3_Marcus, natty is for all those who are unity hater, no offense16:05
mi3sorry *haters16:05
comunistuhow to display windows are open in all workspaces in Ubuntu 10.10?16:05
_MarcusTostada: Block them through your router.16:05
hatoptostada: is this in relation to something being displayed on a webpage?16:05
_Marcusmi3: I like 11.10, but I don't like Unity16:06
TostadaGood idea.. thankyou.16:06
mi3_Marcus, same goes for me, i hate unity [i mean why would someone introduce that in the name of usability?]16:06
_Marcusmi3: It reminds me a lot of OS X though, so I like it a bit.16:07
mi3BattlestarB, tell me about it16:07
Tostadahatop No, this morning when I went to shut firefox for a reboot there was one tiny little window open.. it said transfering people123.com I've never been to people123.com16:07
theadminTostada: Eh, just a random ad popup? Nothing to worry about.16:08
mi3_Marcus, :( [never have a mac, so cant say :)]16:08
TostadaTheadmin Thankyou, I'll try that.16:08
hatopsounds like a browser flaw16:08
undersc_retrying to install netgear WNA3100 wireless network usb on a dell D600 running 11.10.  I've waded through the sea of docs online, but somewhere I got my wires crossed.  Any tips to isolate the issue?  lsusb sees the device, nm-tool does not.16:08
TostadaThere was no ad in the window.16:08
_MarcusTostada: Did you install a Firefox extension lately?16:09
notwafflesI'm trying to put together an upstart job to run browsermob-proxy but the stop command doesn't seem to work, does anyone have any experience with this?16:09
mi3bye guys,have fun!16:09
TostadaNope.. but I did install all the security patches.16:09
_MarcusTostada: Well did you visit a site, and then see this people123 site?16:09
_MarcusTostada: Or did you just start up Firefox and see it16:09
realm174Noob question: How can I copy a file from Ubuntu to a Windows shared *without* actually mounting the share? (to be used in a shell script)16:09
TostadaNo I had firefox running for probably 4 days.16:10
Oerrealm174, you cannot copy any file not without mounting.16:10
hatoprealm174: you could setup ftp? Otherwise, I think you have to mount the CFS share16:10
kernixhi all16:11
comunistucum fac sa  se afiseze ferestrele deschise in toate spatiile de lucru in ubuntu 10.10?16:11
_MarcusTostada: No, listen. Did you see this "transfering data to people123.com" when you were on a website?16:11
sacarlsonrealm174: Oer: you could share it over http with apache2 if so desired16:11
llutz_realm174: use smbclient16:12
Somelauwxpdf in ubuntu 11.4 just gives a segmentation fault. Ever after reinstalling.16:12
TostadaYes.. hotmail.com gmail.com and castanet.net16:12
comunistuubuntu romania16:12
realm174thanks guys. The only reason why I don't want to mount is that the windows machine is not always on.16:12
_MarcusTostada: It's an advertisment, so everything is fine.16:12
realm174llutz: I can do it by hand using sbmclient, I just have no idea what all to put in a sh script to do the same thing.16:13
_MarcusTostada: It's probally just getting information from your client, or sending it to your client, with Cross Site Scripting in JavaScript16:13
TostadaShouldn't people123.com show up in my history.?16:13
_MarcusTostada: Not with the way it's getting the information.16:13
_MarcusTostada: Read about JavaScript.16:13
keitlike my new gamepad? http://imagetoo.com/?v=448d129570.jpg16:13
TostadaOkay, Thankyou very much..16:13
comunistuhow to display applications in all workspaces16:13
g1c9whatap homies -- I use ssh a ton but it always times out on me.. how do i set it to do some keep-alive thingy?16:14
llutz_realm174: the same you do manually, you might replace filenames/pathes with varnames taken from commandline ($*)16:14
_Marcuskeit: Does it have USB support?16:14
realm174llutz: oh, that simple... well, time for me to go give it a try then. thanks for the tip!16:14
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RoK-Geppiewavin :)16:18
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Guest86239 What are the top things you look for in a web designer??16:18
Nach0zGuest86239: experience, and a lot of examples of past work.16:19
llutz_!ot | Guest86239:16:19
ubottuGuest86239:: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:19
Guest86239Nach that is a pretty good one16:19
sorin_how to display  open applications in all workspaces16:19
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RoK-GeppieHey guys, i need a bit of help, I'm trying to install the driver in ubuntu for mt geforce gt 430, how do i install?16:20
RoK-GeppieI'm running ubuntu 10.0416:20
Trevor69420RoK-Geppie, did u read the instructions for the driver?16:21
Trevor69420does it have a native linux build?16:21
RoK-Geppie you mean 32 bit? yea16:21
sorin_rok  run hardware driver16:21
RoK-Geppiesorin, it doesnt find asnything for nvidia, so thats out16:22
Trevor69420no i mean did you go online and see if it had a Linux driver?16:22
_MarcusRoK-Geppie: It's 32-bit right?16:23
RoK-Geppieoh yea, it has a driver, i dl'ed it right from nvidia16:23
RoK-Geppieyea, its 32 bit16:23
_MarcusRoK-Geppie: So what problem are you having then?16:23
sorin_rok  http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-ia32-295.20-driver.html16:23
RoK-Geppielol, I'm a mudduck to nvidia, I'm trying to install it, lol16:23
phrontistdoes anyone know of an ubuntu package equivalent to the grdc (grand digital clock) on FreeBSD. It drew (with curses) a clock.16:23
_Marcussorin_: He has the driver already16:23
Trevor69420RoK-Geppie, ok then wat have you done so far to install it?16:24
_MarcusRoK-Geppie: The file you downloaded, what file extension is it?16:24
sorin_run jokey16:24
Mech0zhow do you make ubuntu list all the drives in terminal?16:24
Mech0z(So I can add them to a zfs pool)16:25
RoK-Geppiewell, i tried installing it by double clicking the file, and i tried running the install as root, but then it says it wont install with x server running16:25
Trevor69420Mech0z, fdisk -l16:25
KM0201*  sudo fdisk -l16:25
KM0201you have to use sudo16:25
SubjectOneis there an extension , for an terminal to automaticly stay on-top ?16:25
raidmasterTostada you dont want to hit /dev or /proc try find ... -print0 | while IFS= read -rd '' f; do printf '%s\n' "${f##*/}"; done16:25
martianSubjectOne: you can right click the right corner of the window and select that option16:26
raidmasterStill wondering if there is a pdf editor that is any good that is FOSS.16:26
RoK-Geppiemine isnt called meerkat from what i seen, its called lynx for 10.0416:26
Trevor69420RoK-Geppie, did you try going to terminal and typing ./NVIDIA-LINUX-X86-<version>16:26
SubjectOneyeah, but when closed, and reopenend, it didn't remember that setting16:26
RoK-Geppiejust ./nvidia-linux-x86-name?16:27
sipiorraidmaster: have you tried pdfedit?16:27
ChipzzzRoK-Geppie: you probably have to stop the x server first16:27
martianSubjectOne: true. Check out the last reply to http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/is-there-a-always-on-top-option-for-gnome-terminal-809611/16:27
raidmastersipior no but Ill take a look at it. Can I change spelling errors etc?16:28
SomelauwWhat is wrong with ubuntu 11.4. Why is my computer making so much noise?16:28
sipiorraidmaster: i imagine so.16:28
raidmastersipior thx16:28
raidmasterSomelauw try df -h and see how much ram you got16:28
RoK-Geppieyea, how do i kk, ty sorin ;)16:28
raidmasterSomelauw or just top16:28
martianSubjectOne: so you could create a gnome-terminal session with a fixed window title, and then modify the shortcut and add "& wmctrl -r TitleName -b add,above" to the command16:29
RoK-Geppiemmm, it doesnt show anything for stopping x server16:29
zagibuSomelauw: Ubuntu has changed from electronic to mechanical computing in 11.4, which obviously produces more noise, but is less reliable and much slower16:29
SubjectOneso i need an secondary application for that16:29
SubjectOnethanx anyways16:29
Somelauwraidmaster: 64% is used. How on earth is that possible?16:30
ChipzzzRoK-Geppie: sudo service gdm stop16:30
raidmasterRoK-Geppie not sure what UI you are using buy Ctrl + Alt backspace is the normal way of doing that.16:30
_MarcusSomelauw: When was the last time you restarted your computer?16:30
Somelauw_Marcus: About half an hour ago.16:31
raidmasterSomelauw That is most likely just cached memory. Is your computer swapping?16:31
KM0201RoK-Geppie: just make sure you know how to get back to X when you run that command16:31
raidmasterSomelauw using swap that is.16:31
SomelauwRight now Only weechat and firefox are open and some window manager and usual stuff.16:31
chuspisarmientohi, i got a issue, when my laptop is unplugged from power, my wireless card has a very low perfomance when i am working in ubuntu anyone has a idea about this?16:31
RoK-Geppiekk lol :)16:31
Mech0zhow do I make myself owner of a folder I just created (Its a ZFS pool)16:32
KM0201chuspisarmiento: what is your wireless chipset.. it's probably one of those low poewr jobbies16:32
Trevor69420KM0201, doesnt "startx" bring X back?16:32
raidmasterSomelauw hit this cmd " free -m " and look if swap is 016:32
KM0201Trevor69420: i don't think so, because technically, X is still running16:32
ChipzzzTrevor69420: "sudo service gdm start" works16:32
chuspisarmiento KM0201:09:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)16:32
Somelauwraidmaster: swap is 016:32
raidmasterSomelauw if your swap is not 0 then you have a ram issue. Need more.16:32
raidmasterOK well its not the ram16:33
KM0201chuspisarmiento: weird, i have that on a laptop, and it works flawlessly16:33
Trevor69420Mech0z, Did someone answer your ownership question?16:33
_Marcusraidmaster: How much RAM is in your machine?16:33
Mech0zTrevor69420 no16:33
Mech0zis there no GUI for changing owner?16:33
KM0201i thought linux support for ZFS was still very shaky16:33
chuspisarmientoi had that issue a long time and its just in ubuntu i also had windows and works fine16:34
Trevor69420Mech0z, try "chown <username> <filename>16:34
Trevor69420sudp first tho16:34
sipiorKM0201: works pretty well, actually16:34
asraniel_hi. i have a bug that when i work with graphs in libreoffice calc, i have a very hight chance of freezing the whole deskopt. including the keyboard, i can't even ctrl+alt+f1 to a console. is this known? using kubuntu 11.10 (libreoffice is not a kde app, so thats why i'm asking here)16:34
_MarcusSomelauw: how much RAM is in your machine16:34
Mech0zKM0201 I am only doing it to miggrate data from my old solaris system to a ubuntu client16:34
_Marcusraidmaster: Sorry 'bout that16:34
KM0201sipior: does it?... i just remember a bunch of tools in #freenas talking about it16:34
raidmaster_Marcus I use a OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS and don't want writes on it so I changed my fstab to put everything in RAM. I have 32GB16:34
KM0201Mech0z: makes sense... i personally will wait for btrfs16:35
_Marcusraidmaster: Heh, I meant Somelauw :P16:35
sipiorKM0201: release schedule is pretty conservative, but i've been pretty happy so far.16:35
Mech0zKM0201 ``16:35
SomelauwWait, why was I looking at df -h? free -m says only 574 is cached. df -h is my hard disk so that doesn't matter.16:35
KM0201Mech0z: i mean, rather than trying to use zfs in Linux, i'll just wait for btrfs for Linux to be perfected (that was actually for sipior16:35
_MarcusSomelauw: how much RAM is in your machine16:36
Somelauwdf -h doesn't display ram, but diskspace16:36
Somelauw_Marcus: 1 gig.16:36
sipiorKM0201: enjoy the wait :-)16:36
Trevor69420Mech0z, did that work?16:36
KM0201Somelauw: free -m16:36
Mech0zKM0201 what is btrfs?16:36
ubottuBtrfs is a new filesystem available for Ubuntu. It is currently marked as experimental, and should not be used for important data. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs16:36
Mech0zTrevor69420 one sec16:36
KM0201Mech0z: think of it as a the linux version of ZFS16:36
SomelauwOkay, it stopped making noise. I don't think anything is wrong.16:37
Mech0zTrevor69420 seems like it did the trick :)16:37
raidmasterSomelauw You can see how much RAM you have under total mem with "free -m"16:37
Mech0zno Ijust wonder if I can access it inside openindiana16:37
Mech0zKM0201 but isnt linux raid good enough?16:37
Somelauwraidmaster: http://pastebin.com/x3jBFS2t16:37
KM0201Mech0z: for me, yes... but.. some folks like the pool options/speed of ZFS/btrfs16:38
KM0201Mech0z: i use Raid on my Linux server, it's yet to let me down16:38
Mech0zI am trying to get raid5 software raid, that should be enough redundency for my private server16:38
Mech0zthen I can add a second drive to make it raid6 at some point16:38
raidmasterSomelauw its all good. You got 4GB of RAM your not swapping.16:38
makaraI want to play Skyrim without dualbooting to Windows. What are my options? VBox DirectX drivers don't emulate 3D hardware acceleration well enough16:38
Mech0zKM0201 shouldnt taht be fine, without a backup16:39
raidmasterSomelauw your drive might be dieing?16:39
sipiormakara: just run windows for it. seriously, life is too short.16:39
KM0201Mech0z: it suits me fine, but you know, some folks are never happy16:39
Somelauwraidmaster: huh? Why would my drive be dying?16:39
Somelauwdieing *16:39
Mech0zKM0201 year thats what I said, but they didnt get that I didnt have backup of my data, but then I need twice as many disks aka $$$16:40
KM0201Mech0z: right16:40
raidmasterSomelauw they do that at times. You can use the SMART in your drive to see if it is OK.16:40
chris_99i've just tried to upgrade ubuntu to the latest, and now i'm getting 'dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of dpkg-dev:'16:40
Somelauwraidmaster: Why do you think my drive is dying?16:40
KM0201Mech0z: but.. i have 2, 2tb drives on my server, and they are in Raid 1.. money for drives is not the issue for me, redundancy is16:40
chris_99whenever i try and complete the upgrade16:40
Mech0zKM0201 have thoguht about doing raid1 though, but thats still pretty expensive16:40
raidmasterSomelauw weird sounds and slow you said16:41
Mech0zKM0201 well I just bought 2 3tb as they had a cheap offer (very cheap in these times) and my 5 1 tb in raidz (raid5) are full16:41
Mech0zbut want to transfer the data from those drives to linux16:41
KM0201good lord16:41
KM02015, 1tb?16:41
KM0201you must look at a lot of internet porn16:41
Trevor69420i have 16 x 1TB drives16:42
Trevor69420in RAID 10 though16:42
SomelauwJust noisy actually. Speed is not a problem.16:42
Mech0zso you get 8 disks space?16:42
raidmasterSomelauw what DE are you using. Xfce, Gnome, Unity?16:43
SomelauwMaybe it is an improvement against the heat.16:43
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Trevor694208 disks space?16:43
Trevor69420you mean 8 TB of disk space16:43
Mech0zisnt raid10 8 disks with 8 disks redudency?16:44
Trevor69420RAID 10 can be however many disks u use16:44
raidmasterSomelauw install the Gnome tool Disk Utility and then go into SMART data. Will tell you if your disk is happy16:44
Somelauwraidmaster: okay16:44
Trevor69420if you have 20 disks in RAID 10 the stripes is across 10 of them16:44
Trevor69420in RAID 10 you need an even number of disks16:44
Mech0zwhat I meant16:44
Trevor69420your space is half the total number cuz it's striped and mirrored16:44
Mech0zsame as raid1 just with the speed of raid016:44
Trevor69420well no16:45
Trevor69420RAID 1 is fault tolerent16:45
Trevor69420RAID 0 is not16:45
BattlestarBi installed chromium through application center but it is v 17, why is that?16:45
Trevor69420RAID 5 is just eh in my opinion16:45
Mech0zyou get the speed from raid0 and the redundency from raid116:45
Trevor69420when something goes wrong with RAID 5 it can be a pain to fix16:45
raidmasterTrevor69420 10 really means RAID 1 and RAID 0.16:45
Mech0zdont raid5 fix itself?16:45
Mech0zif you just replace the drive16:45
Trevor69420i get the striping of RAID 0 and the redundancy of RAID 116:46
Trevor69420yes I know raidmaster16:46
BattlestarBi installed chromium through application center but it is v 17, why is that?16:46
raidmasterTrevor69420 yes16:46
Trevor69420it's RAID 1+0 i was answering Mech0z's quesstion16:46
DanteHey everyone I'm facing one of the weird and difficult to solve problems on my short ubuntu life, its about my internet connection on ubuntu 10.4, a wired connection, that works perfectly with the same hardware in windows, but in ubuntu its messy. I have lots of info about my system here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1932983 just hoping there is someone able to tackle this one... and help me out16:46
rokniri had my desktop icons hidden with /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop=false before upgrading to 11.10.  after upgrading, i want to see my desktop icons again, but /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop=true doesn't work.  how can i re-enable my desktop icons and the right click menu?16:46
Trevor69420well yes Mech0z RAID 5 is self fixing but it's not as flexible as RAID 1 and it sufferes for major performance issues when degraded16:47
Trevor69420it's also not cost effective when dealing with write intensive applications16:47
SubjectOneah crap, can you repeat your last sentence to me plz16:47
_MarcusBattlestarB: Try getting it from the Chromium website16:47
Trevor69420i also think RAID 5 is slower than RAID 10 at least in reading16:47
=== neersighted|AFK is now known as neersighted
Trevor69420but the write speed varies based on controller16:48
Trevor69420all RAID has it's downsides16:49
compdocTrevor69420, raid 5 can be very fast - all depends on the controller16:49
Trevor69420but i think RAID 10 has the least downsides16:49
_Marcus!ot | All of your discussing RAID(5 > all)16:49
Trevor69420that's what i said compdoc16:49
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:49
raidmasterDante I am guessing you have a Realtek chip? Test with lspci | grep --color Realtek16:50
Danteraidmaster: yes, its a realtek16:50
roknirdoes anyone know how to hide/show desktop icons in 11.10?16:51
raidmasterDante I'm on Debian atm but to get them work right you need to install firmware-realtek16:52
raidmasterDante personally I hate Realtek for using binary blobs.16:53
Danteraidmaster: did u checked the post I made on the latest link, there is a lot of info on the commands I run. How can I install that firmware-realtek?16:53
raidmasterDante no Ill take a look at it now.16:53
pikeaerobeta 2.2 https://sourceforge.net/projects/opennicwizard/16:56
GirffeHey, I want to make a keyboard shortcut that types a special character when I use it16:58
Girffeis this possible with the keyboard shotcut menu in ubuntu?16:58
Halexander9000Greeting gentlehumans! I'm desperately trying to make sense of things here. I have this .ogv file that uploads and plays without a problem in youtube. Because it's recorded with RecordMyDesktop, with absolutely no editing done. Now, I want to edit said file. Surprize, surprize, OpenShot video editor can't even play the file without video errors, much less export it into a similar or different format without the same video errors. I tried to convert16:58
=== iqpi|on is now known as iqpi|off
raidmasterDante looking at your eth0 it is obvious your router is acting as gateway. Is this cmd giving you the IP to your router too cat /etc/resolv.conf17:01
=== arges is now known as arges_
raidmasterDante and thus acting calling your DNS stuff17:02
KrissedHi guys. Having permissions problem. Ive got a MAC formated hdd connected via usb. I need to delete files from it (im in livecd mode ubuntu) how do i take ownership of the entire hdd ?17:02
Danteraidmaster: yes it gives me the ip of my router17:02
Danteraidmaster: I actually tried to set up OpenDNS, instead of my router IP in there, because I found it weird, but it didn't solve the problem17:03
Danteraidmaster: I did it with gnome-netowrk-admin17:03
mmcjihow do i find the package version a .deb is built from.  i.e. not the ubuntu package version name, but the original source package revision?17:03
raidmasterDante one thing you can do is try plugging your computer right into your wall and see if it works. Could be your router has issues with ipv617:03
raidmasterDante if your computer does work when by passing the router disable ipv6 (I do this any way for speed and privacy)17:04
Danteraidmaster: my broadband company gave me this modified router, it acts as a modem dialing by itself17:05
Andrew131How can I go back one version on the kernel?  I want to use 3.0.0-15 not 3.0.0-1617:05
Danteraidmaster: so I can not connect without the router17:05
raidmasterDante ahh man. Your IPS are a bunch of morons. OK. The Maxim Transfer Units look OK at 1500. Looking17:06
Danteraidmaster: I would disable IPv6 anyway, I have went to edit connection in gnome-network-admin, and then edited the eth0 connection, in the IPv6 option I have set Ignore17:06
Halexander9000Help please?17:06
Danteraidmaster: thanks in advance by your help, other guys just tryed to help me and they couldn't...17:07
raidmasterDante a good way to disable IPv6 is /etc/sysctl.conf17:07
raidmasterthen add this17:07
raidmasternet.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 117:08
Danteraidmaster: everything in that file is commented,17:09
raidmasterYeah just add the line on the bottom17:09
Danteraidmaster: should I restart something?17:10
raidmasterDante yeah17:11
raidmasterDante there are cmds to do it but its faster and surer to just reboot.17:11
gmachine_24I can't run  "jar"  - I get jar: command not found. I need to run "jar". Thx.17:11
Danteraidmaster: rebooting :), I'm connected here from my laptop17:12
Halexander9000Greeting gentlehumans! I'm desperately trying to make sense of things here. I have this .ogv file that uploads and plays without a problem in youtube. Because it's recorded with RecordMyDesktop, with absolutely no editing done. Now, I want to edit said file. Surprize, surprize, OpenShot video editor can't even play the file without video errors, much less export it into a similar or different format without the same video errors. I tried to convert17:13
PiciHalexander9000: your question is getting cut off.17:13
Halexander9000Hold on.17:13
Halexander9000Greeting gentlehumans! I'm desperately trying to make sense of things here. I have this .ogv file that uploads and plays without a problem in youtube. Because it's recorded with RecordMyDesktop, with absolutely no editing done. Now, I want to edit said file. Surprize, surprize, OpenShot video editor can't even play the file without video errors, much less export it into a similar or different format without the same video errors.17:13
Halexander9000I tried to convert it using this guy's tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChgTqsZM6UM . Same result. Then I tried this guy http://www.markandey.com/2010/09/how-to-fix-ogv-file-to-upload-on.html . Exactly the same video errors. Those same tetris pieces of scrambled video data covering the text and edges of objects contained within the video. I really need some advice on how to convert it properly. Help please?17:13
FloodBot1Halexander9000: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:13
Halexander9000How about now?17:13
grex25Try Kdenlive ;)17:14
KusI have a network-manager issue.17:14
KusIn the manager i can't find my ip on 11.10, but on my other laptop with 10.10 I get it.17:14
raidmasterHalexander9000 OpenShot is a joke. Try Kdenlive.17:15
grex25Kus open a terminal and type: ifconfig17:15
gmachine_24Kus - can't you just click on "Connection Information" ??17:15
raidmasterHalexander9000 made a video that I put on youtube that should help you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0IDV6r-bCI17:15
Kusgrex25: gmachine_24, it can connect to other wifi networks, but not to mine.17:16
raidmasterHalexander9000 I am a dev on ffmpeg17:16
gmachine_24Kus, oh.17:16
Halexander9000Hold on. Ffmpeg won't work.17:16
Halexander9000That first guy used it as part of his script.17:16
raidmasterHalexander9000 I wrote an automagic script that will compile and install ffmpeg from git. x264 and well everything.17:17
KrissedAnyone familiar with issues regarding macOS formated HDD which i cant optain write permissions to ?17:18
raidmasterHalexander9000 here is the script http://pastebin.com/uHZx6wJR17:18
Halexander9000Raidmaster, I already have ffmpeg on my computer.17:18
=== raidmaster is now known as onryo
Halexander9000All I'm saying is that it's output is full of video errors.17:18
grex25Kus: Did you try to reset your router? Also delete your connection details17:19
=== lightning123 is now known as lorrien3
onryoHalexander9000 not sure how the Ubuntu repos bundle ffmpeg. Do you have x264 and all the stuff around?17:19
Halexander9000Do you understand me, onryo.17:19
Halexander9000I don't know what you're talking about.17:20
onryoHalexander9000 just tell me what you want to do. Ill give you the cmd17:20
Halexander9000I'm trying to remove a faulty ppa entry. What's the opposite of this command? sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name17:21
kk23i try to install linux and appear a message disk is not readable how to fix it without loss data?17:21
PiciHalexander9000: remove the offending file from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/17:22
grex25Halexander9000: You can remove it via Ubuntu Software Center17:22
Halexander9000Pici: Your command was wrong.17:22
Danteraidmaster is still not working properly17:22
onryoHalexander9000 go into /etc/apt/sources.list and remove the ppl. Make sure there is nothing there about his ppl in in .list.d too17:23
onryoHalexander9000 then do a sudo update17:23
Halexander9000There is no .list.d file17:23
PiciHalexander9000: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ is a directory, not a file.17:23
Halexander9000Gedit says it's a directory.17:23
onryoHalexander9000 good. But first I would do a apt-get remove --purge crap-program17:24
PiciHalexander9000: And each time you use add-apt-repository, it creates a new file for that repo.17:24
Halexander9000It's try Ubuntu Software Center.17:24
Halexander9000I see Pici. Sorry for the missunderstanding.17:24
Halexander9000So, I'll see what Kdenlive can do.17:26
onryoHalexander9000 then a apt-get moo17:26
benbloom_why would Phonon suddenly show "PulseAudio Sound Server" as the only output option in kubuntu? I had everything configured perfectly (multiple output devices), and now it's just switched all devices to P.A.S.S., and gives no other options17:26
Halexander9000Onryo, I removed the offending ppa using Ubuntu Software Center.17:26
Tostadatheadmin I've been messing around with that grep command that you pasted for me. This is the result. I get about 20 of these with various locations:  /etc/blkid.tab: No such file or directory17:27
onryoHalexander9000 OK I was thinking you would purge everything but sure that works.17:27
jtruckshow do you update to a new maintenance release? (i.e. I'm on 10.04.3 and want to update to 10.04.4?)17:27
Tostadaabout 5 of these: /lib/init/rw/sdp: No such device or address17:28
zeeHi, I need help on Ubunto. Anyone could help me?17:28
Halexander9000onryo: I didn't want to purge everything. I still have other entries in there that I don't know if it's such a good thing to remove. But I know this, the one I wanted to remove caused errors. No errors now.17:28
Tostadaand a couple like this: /dev/nvidia0: Invalid argument17:28
onryozee sure the magic is apt-get moo17:28
onryoHalexander9000 OK.17:29
onryoHalexander9000 if you want to convert a file just do this ffmpeg -i moviein.ave -acoded copy -vcodec copy moiveOut.mkv. Of course the in does not need to be avi and the out mkv17:30
bitboymy friends mac has gesture recognition on his touchpad, im using ubuntu on a toshiba from 2009. can i do two finger scrolling and such17:30
onryoHalexander9000 file -> movie I should say17:31
danileigh79bitboy: only if the touchpad itself has multi touch17:31
bitboydanileigh79: how can i check for that?17:31
danileigh79bitboy: what model tosiba?17:32
danileigh79bitboy: toshiba17:32
onryoDante you still there? Was wondering if the ipv6 thing I gave  you worked?17:32
bitboySatellite L505D-S596517:32
danileigh79bitboy: lemme check, brb17:33
Danteonryo wow you canged your nick, I thought you have left, well not actually still showing problems17:33
Danteonryo: wow you canged your nick, I thought you have left, well not actually still showing problems17:33
Halexander9000onryo: Listen please. I tried to use this guy's tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChgTqsZM6UM because he made a script for nautilus that as far as I understand does the same thing you said using a nice little interface automatically for me. It garbles me video data. Not beyond recognition, but it's unbearable to watch.17:33
onryoDante yeah I am known by most as Onryo17:33
danileigh79bitboy: No, it's not multi-touch, sorry17:34
onryoDante so the addition of net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 1 in /etc/sysctl.conf fixed the problem?17:34
bitboydanileigh79: okay bummer thanks so much for your help17:35
danileigh79bitboy: no prob17:35
onryoDante was thinking that if there is still any issue we could change your DNS resolving so you are not at the mercy of your ISP.17:36
SubjectOnegnome-terminal --geometry=100x20+660+600 && wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -b add,above  ( it won't work ) anybody seeing my syntax error ?17:36
Halexander9000Ok, I installed Kdenlive from USC. This is the error message I get when I run it.17:37
Danteonryo: what would be the best way to set that up17:37
Halexander9000Fatal Error MLT's SDL module not found. Please check your MLT install.17:37
Danteonryo: I'm up to use opendns or anything17:37
Halexander9000Kdenlive will not work until this issue is fixed.17:37
Halexander9000What's that and how can I fix it?17:38
Danteonryo: if the problem is the dns, shouldn't direct ip connection work perfectly without hessitation? what about if I try that?17:38
onryoDante yes you are correct that an IP should work perfectly since you are not doing a look up then.17:38
onryoDante I am guessing you are still having problems with your Internet?17:39
shade34321I was wondering if anybody could tell me what /var/log/consoles is for?17:40
Danteonryo: yhea, the same behaviour when browsing, 1 of 4 or 5 requests works, and then it works for a few seconds again17:40
YozapHello, can anyone recommend a good C/C++ editor?17:40
shade34321and what should I do if it's it taking up most of my /var space17:40
cemycc? clone17:41
onryoDante try installing wireshark and see what is going on.17:41
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate17:41
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning17:42
onryoDante there is that nightmare junk that Ubuntu uses with mDNS that your router might not like. Avahi17:42
zykotick9SubjectOne: the && isn't going to work like you want.  Try "gnome-terminal .... -e wmctrl ..."17:42
Danteonryo: sudo apt-get install wireshark?17:43
SubjectOne-e ?17:43
onryoDante yup17:43
onryoDante then pick eth0 when it starts up and you can see every little packet etc.17:43
SubjectOnehmm, zykotick9, nope won't work17:44
Halexander9000onryo: Ok, I installed Kdenlive from USC. This is the error message I get when I run it.17:44
SubjectOne; || && won't work17:44
Halexander9000onryo: Fatal Error MLT's SDL module not found. Please check your MLT install.17:44
Halexander9000onryo: Kdenlive will not work until this issue is fixed.17:44
SubjectOnehmm, but the wmctrl -l does work and gives me the Terminal listed17:44
SubjectOneverry strange problem17:44
Halexander9000onryo: Could you please help me fix it?17:44
Halexander9000I already tried this http://www.kdenlive.org/forum/mlts-sdl-module-not-found-0 but I can't find the file. Manually or with the aid of the rm command in terminal.17:45
onryoHalexander9000 ? Weird. What version of GNU/Linux you using. I know ubuntu but is it 11.04?17:45
Halexander9000onryo: How can I find out?17:45
onryouname -a17:45
onryojust tell me the kernel name17:46
Halexander9000Linux halexander9000-904HD 3.0.0-16-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 27 17:50:54 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux17:46
zykotick9SubjectOne: so sorry, i assumed (incorrectly) that wmctrl was a terminal program you where trying to run.  My bad, ignore me ;)17:46
Halexander9000onryo: Was that helpful?17:46
Danteonryo: give me a sec and I will just try it17:46
onryoHalexander9000 yeah you are using the newest Ubuntu.17:46
Halexander9000onryo: And that's a problem because... ?17:47
onryoHalexander9000 No that should not be a problems at all.17:47
SubjectOnewmctrl is a app for controlling via cli open-applications like possitions etc..17:47
Halexander9000So, why can't I find that file so I can remove it and make KDenLive work?17:47
SubjectOnewhat i want is that my Terminal in Gnome, when started is alway on-top stated17:48
Halexander9000onryo: ^17:48
onryoHalexander9000 After you removed your ppa did you do an apt-get  update?17:48
Halexander9000onryo: What does that have to do with the current issue?17:48
onryoHalexander9000 sounds like that ppa dropped its own dependency that is still causing a collision17:49
RxDxplease, i have a notebook with nvidia optimus.. which program should i choose: ironhide or bumblebee?17:49
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:49
Halexander9000onryo: Well that's peachy. Please tell me you can help me.17:49
onryoHalexander9000 what was the ppa that you had used?17:50
Halexander9000onryo: https://launchpad.net/~stebbins/+archive/handbrake-releases17:50
onryoHalexander9000 handbrake is nice. Dev dropped it last year but good. Anyway to make things easy try the program bitbleach and do a system clean17:51
Halexander9000onryo: That program sounds awful. I'll do it!17:52
=== karthik is now known as treadstone90
Danteonryo: its taking kind of long  to install wireshark since it looses connection and restart again, but its going forward17:53
onryoDante sounds like your net is really SLOW17:53
Danteonryo: its download at 13kb per second.... usually I download at 200kb/sec17:54
Halexander9000onryo: USC can't find bitbleack17:55
Halexander9000onryo: USC can't find bitbleach*17:55
onryoHalexander9000 bitbleach sry17:55
Halexander9000onryo: Yes, bitbleach, it can't find it.17:56
Halexander9000onryo: You were right the first time.17:56
onryoHalexander9000 Ill look in my repo.17:56
Picionryo, Halexander9000: the package name is bleachbit17:57
Halexander9000Psh, well there's your problem onryo.17:57
onryoPici I compile my from http://bleachbit.sourceforge.net/17:57
onryoPici thx for the head up17:57
Halexander9000Onryo: Installing bleachbit...17:58
starnok google's not helped me.. but i am having issue with ALL AUDIO playing from both headphones and speakers when headphones connect... i'd be happy with music going to speakers.. but the rest of the audio i don't... realtek hardware.17:58
Zalstarn, have you tried fiddling with a mixer?18:00
starnZal: very much so,,18:00
onryogf is here. Going to grab some dinner.18:00
Halexander9000Great... Pici, how do I do a System wipe with BleachBit?18:01
starni've tried.. pulseaudio preferences as well... and the other mixer for pulse... pavucontrol.18:01
SteveBellhi all. trying to setup a samsung ml-1520 printer under latest ubuntu. total linux noob so no experience at all. can someone help me out?18:06
SteveBellfound this page, not sure what to do with it: http://www.openprinting.org/printer/Samsung/Samsung-ML-152018:06
ZalSteveBell, make sure cups is running, then visit http://localhost:631 in your favorite web browser.18:06
eQuiNoX__is there anyway i can configure totem media player so that i can have multiple instances of the same to run?18:07
SteveBellzal how can I see if cups is running?18:07
ZalSteveBell, sorry, I'm not familiar enough yet with ubuntu's service scripts to answer that one well.18:07
starnZal: any ideas??18:07
SteveBellok, well it's a hint for me to start with.18:08
Zalstarn, eh, stop using pulseaudio? That's the only thing I would think to try.18:08
starnwell i believe my audio player uses alsa.. and even if i tell teamspeak to use alsa it doesn't have effect.18:08
Zalstarn, I mean, I *hear* how cool it is, but it seems to cause a lot of problems. Maybe they've fixed all that recently, I dunno18:09
KrissedWould anyone happen to know how to alter the permissions for a mac hdd ? i cant delete any files from it18:09
Zalstarn, hm, ok18:09
Krissedlol Hjemmeplejen. awsome name18:09
=== onestepahead is now known as lorrien3
ZalKrissed, how are you mounting it?18:10
bluefrogKrissed, it may be mounted read only in which case you will not be able to change18:10
cordycepsThe bios clock is correct but whenever I boot ubuntu it's out by exactly 7 hrs -- which just happens to be the distance from here to Greenwich. How to fix? pls18:10
Krissedzal via usb. since im in ubuntu live (gotta move files before installing) its just being automounted18:10
Krissedeven when doing a sudo nautilus i cant delete any files18:10
Krissedhi helmut18:11
zykotick9cordyceps: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata" might work18:12
chipotlehow do i compile a tar.gz package; i can't get it through my package manager?18:12
ZalKrissed, I suppose automount will use your /etc/fstab parameters. You can configure it there to mount rw, with appropriate uid, gid, and umask options. See "man mount" and "man fstab" for details. Ubuntu may have some graphical interface to ease this process, I don't know.18:12
zykotick9!checkinstall | chipotle18:12
ubottuchipotle: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!18:12
Companiontar -xvf Krissed.tar.gz18:12
pengw hi all18:12
pengwi have  a question18:12
Companionpengw, shoot it18:13
zykotick9chipotle: if you use checkinstall above instead of the regular method you'll be able to uninstall it through regular means (this is a BIG advantage)18:13
Companionpengw, and you already asked18:13
pengwi try to do md5sum and then use diff to cmp it but i dont know how18:13
LjLchipotle: a .tar.gz is just a compressed archive. you use tar like you've been told, then you read the instructions inside it (usually a README or INSTALL file). are you sure the software you want isn't available as an Ubuntu package, though?18:13
pengwcan i use diff to cmp a txt with the the txt in a file? i mean is that diff only able to cmp file with file?18:14
cordycepszykotick9: nope, same old same old18:14
zykotick9cordyceps: well either your timezone is not set, your your clock is set to use UTC instead of local time.  Sorry, not sure how ubuntu deals with that.  Good luck.18:15
starni know under connector i see analog output and analog headphones.18:15
LjLpengw: diff compares files, but you can do "diff <(echo text) file", that's a standard bash thing (if i've got the syntax right)18:15
fairuz_Does apt-cacher has a build-in monitor to see how much space the cache has taken or what are the packages that are cached?18:16
pengwthx i will try it18:16
=== neersighted is now known as neersighted|AFK
cemyccI am trying to install Ubuntu on my laptop, I have set the wireless network in install configuration and now i see a empty screen on installer for more than 3mins ?18:17
macehi folks. i'm trying to find a mirror for intrepid packages, but not having a lot of luck, any ideas?18:17
FrogzillaAnybody here have any clue on how to use PPTPD please PM me18:17
urfr332gOmace, you have 9.10 running?18:17
LjLmace: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/18:17
patientscommand to  open url remotely using ssh...18:18
cordycepsmy actual local time now is what tzdata calls greenwich time and vice versa. I have to  use Time & Date utility to reset it.18:18
maceLjL: tried that, but it only appeared to have cd images etc, not packages?18:18
zykotick9fairuz_: not sure, but the old school method would be something like "du -sh /var/cache/apt-cacher"18:18
maceLjL: ignore me :)18:18
LjLmace: it has packages18:18
chipotleLjL: yes i'm positive18:18
FrogzillaI installed PPTPD (apt-get install pptpd) and it wasnt working propperly so I rm -rfv /etc/ppp/ thinking that file was generated by pptpd, where can I get the /etc/ppp/ file back and its contents?18:18
maceurfr332gO: customer does; i need to migrate them to something up to date18:18
maceLjL: cheers, ta18:18
fairuz_zykotick9: thanks. Btz, just found it. sudo /usr/share/apt-cacher/apt-cacher-report.pl  :)18:19
patientscommand to  open url remotely using ssh...18:19
chipotlewhere should i put the package to compile, LjL ?18:19
urfr332gOmace, there is a end of life upgrade would yo like a link?18:19
LjLchipotle: anywhere in your home directory18:19
FrogzillaI installed PPTPD (apt-get install pptpd) and it wasnt working propperly so I rm -rfv /etc/ppp/ thinking that file was generated by pptpd, where can I get the /etc/ppp/ file back and its contents?18:19
maceurfr332gO: nah, ta; tbh i'm probably going to migrate them to debian with a clean install18:20
urfr332gOmace, cool so you understand why there is no repo available per-say. :)18:21
=== neersighted|AFK is now known as neersighted
lollipopphi, im trying to set up a daap server (forked-daapd), how can i give the server the permissions to access my music direktory? error message is: "could not dereference: Permission denied"18:22
patientscommand to  open url remotely using ssh...18:22
maceurfr332gO: of course :) actually what i'm doing is sticking munin on the old box so i can get a gauge as to what the new box needs to look like18:22
fairuz_Anyone have any idea why I got no output (the screen blanked) after the kernel is booting?18:24
chipotlehow do i add a ppa to ubuntu?18:24
fairuz_But if I boot from the recovery menu, it's good18:24
fairuz_!ppa | chipotle18:24
zykotick9!nomodeset | fairuz_18:24
ubottuchipotle: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge18:24
gaojest tu jakiś polonus?18:24
ubottufairuz_: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:24
chipotlefairuz_: how do i write this ppa in sudo apt-get-repository? https://launchpad.net/~team-xbmc/+archive/ppa18:25
gaoviv la polonez!!!18:25
chipotlefairuz_: got it18:26
fairuz_zykotick9: I will take a look at it. Thanks18:26
gaodołączył, opuścił, co za świry...18:26
gaojest ktoś z Polski? Może być ostatecznie nawet pedałłłł, brrrr18:27
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.18:27
Guest22817how do i get from :/home$  to :/home$ /sidney18:28
LjLGuest22817: cd sidney18:28
Guest22817No such file or directory18:29
LjLGuest22817: well, it does have to exist. also to be accurate, ":/home$ /sidney" makes no sense, i just interpreted it as "/home/sidney$"18:29
zykotick9Guest22817: if you are sidney just type "cd" to get to your home18:29
KrissedHmm can you convert a mac hdd (guess its hfsplus) to ext or ntfs without losing the files ?18:33
Guest22817zykotick9, there is a file in sidney called cc i was trying to get to18:33
Halexander9000Greeting gentlehumans! I'm desperately trying to make sense of things here. I have this .ogv file that uploads and plays without a problem in youtube. Because it's recorded with RecordMyDesktop, with absolutely no editing done. Now, I want to edit said file. Surprize, surprize, OpenShot video editor can't even play the file without video errors, much less export it into a similar or different format without the same video errors. I tried to convert18:34
zykotick9Guest22817: sorry, i'm still not sure what path you want, or what you really want to do.18:34
arandKrissed: I think there are few filesystem which can be converted like that.18:34
arandKrissed: ext -> ext+1 -> btrfs is the only one I know off of the top of my head18:35
Guest22817i want to cd to the folder in home / sidney called cc18:35
Krissedarrand well basicly i inherited a portable 1.5gb hdd stuffed with movies and what else. except my uncle had a mac.. im into linux. not macOS. and i need to access the files to delete some of them18:35
Guest22817hope that makes sense18:35
zykotick9Guest22817: paths to not have space in them.  do you want "cd /home/sidney/cc" (if cc is a directory)18:36
ZaitzevI just installed Ubuntu 11.10 :)18:36
Zaitzevhow come desktop icons aren't visible?18:36
Halexander9000Help please?18:36
DaZhow about cd /home/sidney/cc ? :f18:36
om26erZaitzev, desktop icons? can you show a screenshot?18:37
Krissedzaotzev thats cause it all went to hell with unity.. fortunatly you can get it to look like gnome 2 with gnome318:37
Zaitzevom26er: yeah I would like to have desktop icons18:37
ZaitzevKrissed: is that so..18:38
Krissedzaitzev my advise is to look at gnome-fallback18:38
Zaitzevi don't have to have it ofc18:38
JohnNapsterwhere can i get the sourc code for update-manager package?18:38
Zaitzevand for some reason newly installed programs doesn't appear in the Alt-Tab list18:38
om26erZaitzev, drag from dash and drop over desktop18:38
Krissedzaitzev i recommend you start by installing synaptic and get gnome-fallback and switch to that18:38
zykotick9JohnNapster: assuming update-manager is the package name "sudo apt-get source update-manager" might work18:39
Zaitzevom26er: doesn't work, the icon just pops back into dash18:39
Halexander9000Greeting gentlehumans! I'm desperately trying to make sense of things here. I have this .ogv file that uploads and plays without a problem in youtube. Because it's recorded with RecordMyDesktop, with absolutely no editing done. Now, I want to edit said file. Surprize, surprize, OpenShot video editor can't even play the file without video errors, much less export it into a similar or different format without the same video errors. I tried to convert18:40
zykotick9Halexander9000: option 1 - use a different video editor that supports .ogv   option 2 - use ffmpeg to convert to a format OpenShot can use18:41
Halexander9000zykotick9: Option 2 is out of discussion, since the first tutorial uses that.18:41
Halexander9000Option 1 - KDenLive won't even start.18:42
Halexander9000MLT's SDL module not found. Please check your MLT install. Kdenlive will not work until this issue is fixed.18:42
VIPER-IIIs there any Mailclient capable of automagically downloading the attachments of a mail to a specified directory every 15 minutes?18:42
Halexander9000Any idea on how to fix that? I've been through the forum. Nothing really of use there.18:42
zykotick9Halexander9000: be aware ffmpeg has LOTS of options, you probably should dicard it based on one tutorial.  good luck.18:42
om26erZaitzev, seems its working for me18:43
Zaitzevom26er: hm, ok18:43
ZalVIPER-II, not sure, but my bet would be mutt18:43
om26erthough I use 12.04 but nothing have changed on that front between these two releases18:43
chipotlewhere's the gui to add or remove repositories?18:44
om26erchipotle, software-properties-gtk18:44
Krissedchipotle uhmm yes in synaptic you can18:44
Krissedits gui18:44
VIPER-IIZal: mutt ?18:44
VIPER-IIZal: I'll go sniff...18:44
noel_gHow can I determine how my terminal settings are being set?  in ~/ I have .bashrc and .profile my settings for PS1 were in .profile and recently I did something and now getting default PS1. tried renamind .bashrc to .bashrc_OLD but still not working18:45
zykotick9VIPER-II: mutt is an amazing terminal based mail client, no idea if it does what you want though18:45
ZalVIPER-II, ... no pun intended? ;-)18:45
chipotleKrissed: i don't see the repos added in apt/sources.lst?18:45
RandLATBash completion is broken on my Ubuntu Desktop 11.10 and I can I recreate the issue at will: if I manually type "git branch -v" a letter at a time, I get the result I want. if I manually type "git br" then press tab whch complete "anch" and finish with " -v" somehow somewhere it kicks me out of the current directory hence the command (git branch -v) fails18:45
Zalnoel_g, read "man bash", search for "INVOCATION"18:45
SubjectOneis there a way to dock a gnome-terminal to the background ( without the usage of compiz ? )18:45
VIPER-IIzykotick: i'll go sniff for it.18:45
VIPER-IIthanks   :)18:45
dlentzHalexander9000, do you have this file?: /usr/lib/mlt/libmltsdl.so18:46
Krissedchipotle Settings > arcive (or so i think it says in english. im using danish ubuntu=18:46
Guest22817I'm installing conky to use the make command do I point to one of the files  suck conky-all.install?18:47
Guest22817such as18:47
xrdodrxGuest22817, why don't you just install the version in Ubuntu's repositories?18:48
zykotick9Guest22817: (i'm not clear on what you said above)  are you using "make" to install conky?  Why? it's in the repo.18:48
BattlestarBcan you enter "room lists" with empathy?18:48
BattlestarBi can't open the room list with empathy? how about you?18:49
SubjectOneaha found it, with devilspie18:49
Guest22817 sorry i have the basic conky installed this is conky colors18:49
zykotick9BattlestarB: my personal recommendation would be to use IM clients for IM, and IRC clients for IRC.18:49
BattlestarBzykotick9: what do ou suggest?18:49
Halexander9000dlentz: Hold on, I think I solved the issue by installing the program from terminal. It says I need to upgrade MLT18:50
BattlestarBon ubuntu18:50
zykotick9BattlestarB: xchat for GUI, irssi for termianl18:50
BattlestarBok thanks18:50
=== creamzz is now known as Creamz
Zalwhat native tool(s) does Ubuntu come with for building debs?18:54
zykotick9Zal: for personal use or to distribute?18:55
Zalzykotick9, what factors does that choice affect?18:56
zykotick9!checkinstall | Zal this is only good for personal use18:56
ubottuZal this is only good for personal use: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!18:56
alfredonecesito hacer un script para agregar desde consola addons de firefox, tengo problemas con eso ayuda18:57
Pici!es | alfredo18:57
ubottualfredo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.18:57
Zalzykotick9, I'm familiar with checkinstall. I'm not necessarily starting with source tarballs. I need to build .debs for arbitrary items18:57
zykotick9Zal: good luck, i'm no help then.18:57
starnif someone was to break their sound in ubuntu how would one revert backwards to when it was kinda working??18:58
Zalzykotick9, thanks for the tip anyhow, I do like checkinstall :-)18:58
PiciZal: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide , as well as #ubuntu-packaging18:58
zykotick9starn: gnu/linux doesn't have a "system restore" like windows does18:58
ZalPici, thanks18:58
starnzykotick9: so i am screwed?18:58
zykotick9starn: no, you just need to "fix" it18:58
starni dunno how.18:59
Zalactually, alsactl does have "restore", but it only works if you save the configuration somewhere first.18:59
Zaland that's only alsa18:59
zykotick9starn: well this is the right place to be then.18:59
starni do need to upgrade to x64...... it's not detecting all my ram anyways haha...18:59
mister2hey guys, i just tried to install a bunch of deb files and didn't have the dependencies and was offline. I tried to use aptoncd but that didn't really work for me. is there a simple way to remove the broken packages so i can move the debs to the cache and then install it with apt-get?18:59
zykotick9starn: can you give details of what you did, or what is happening?  DON'T reply to me18:59
zykotick9starn: you can't upgrade from 32bit to 64bit, reinstall would be required for that19:00
starninstall alsa drivers for ALC1200 audio.. [my sound card]19:00
starni know zykotick9...19:00
Trevor69420starn: if u reinstall to 64-bit the problem u are having with the sound may be null ;-)19:01
starnTrevor69420: i am running on no sleep.. does that mean gone? haha19:01
mister2hey guys, i just tried to install a bunch of deb files and didn't have the dependencies and was offline. I tried to use aptoncd but that didn't really work for me. is there a simple way to remove the broken packages so i can move the debs to the cache and then install it with apt-get?19:01
Trevor69420no starn19:01
Trevor69420it means the problem might be gone not the sound19:02
Trevor69420it will revert back to the way it was before you did whatever you did19:02
PolahAre there any solutions to the kernel power issues from 2.6 through to 3.0?19:02
milen8204!no unity19:02
zykotick9!notunity > milen820419:02
ubottumilen8204, please see my private message19:02
starnwell Trevor69420 my issue at first was sound came through both my headphones and speakers at same time... i tried fixing that... now i have no sound at all....19:02
Trevor69420how did u try fixing it?19:03
starnby installing the alsa drivers for my audio device...19:03
Trevor69420bbiab i gotta get a sandwich i'm starving here19:03
milen8204zykotick9: thanks19:03
starnok Trevor69420...    also guys.. i'm gonna lay down.. i'll try thinking about how to fix what i did.. if i can't think of a solution i'll be back.. but i'm to sick to be sitting here.19:04
urfr332gOmister2, back track your installs and remove them, no real answer here, linux does not have a revert to earlier version.19:04
mister2urfr332g0 i don't follow what you're saying. i have a folder of debs, and i just tried to install them all, some of them are broken, i'd like to run a command with apt-get or something to remove the ones that have unmet dependencies19:05
zykotick9mister2: are you online now?  have you tried "sudo apt-get -f install"?19:05
=== Mike_ is now known as Guest61679
mister2zykotick9 i don't want to download ~300 mb of package files, i'm on satellite internet which blows19:06
rusty149Hi, I can't mount an Apple hard drive in Ubuntu desktop. It is not on any device list. I can't see any errors in dmesg. Any ideas on how to access it?19:06
mister2i can do it tonight, but i'd rather just do it as i want the programs. i was under the impression aptoncd would grab all the dependencies for me as well, but it did not19:06
=== smf is now known as smallfoot-
Nach0zrusty149: internal or external?19:07
rusty149Nach0z: internal Hitachi Sata 250 GB19:07
rusty149Nach0z: 2.5"19:08
Nach0zhrm. so it's an IDE drive19:08
noel_gZal  got it working, thanks19:08
Nach0zor no?19:08
Zalnoel_g, excellent19:08
Nach0zwait no. sata. 2.5" not meaning the 2.5 ide. Um, have you tried mounting your /dev/sd* devices?19:08
rusty149Nach0z: Technically SCSI SATA i think19:09
Nach0zas in, checking for /dev/sdb and what not? it might not be in a device list but sometimes you just gotta mount /dev/sdb to something19:09
rusty149Nach0z: There are 2 /dev/sd entries for a and b. Both accounted for as internal drive and usb19:09
yun_join/ #ubuntu.fr19:09
sun_devilusing chmod, how would you change the permissions for a file to -rwxr-x---   ?19:10
zykotick9rusty149: are you restarting system after attaching SATA drive?19:10
Nach0zrusty149: have you tried mounting the hard drive on a different machine? might be a faulty drive19:10
urfr332gOyun_, /join19:10
rusty149Nach0z: It hangs for about 2 minutes on bios boot19:10
CognitiveHi everyone. Trying to get compiz up and running on Xubuntu. I installed nvidia-current and it works fine (I get full resolution and everything) but whenever I run nvidia-xconfig and generate a xorg.conf the system crashes.19:10
rusty149zykotick9: Yes, attached before boot19:10
Nach0zheh. Didn't mean BOOTING it, rusty149, I mean mounting it as a secondary drive on another machine19:10
zykotick9rusty149: ok, just checking19:11
Cognitivedoes compiz force using xorg.conf?19:11
icerootCognitive: no19:12
rusty149Nach0z: It failed to boot in the Mac that it comes from. I attached it to my Ubuntu PC hoping to recover the files like I would for an ntfs or ext drive. But it is not even recognised, so I have not attempted to mount it yet19:12
zykotick9Cognitive: are you sure your nvidia card is supported by nvidia-current vs. the old drivers?19:13
Cognitiveiceroot: well, it won't run giving me an error Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0" followed by Compiz (opengl) - Fatal: glXCreateContext failed19:13
Cognitivezykotick9, I searched a LOT but it's a new card. Nothing shows up on google19:14
=== arges_ is now known as arges
urfr332gOCognitive, have you looked on the web for tutorials on your release and compiz?19:14
Cognitiveit's geforce GT 635M19:14
Cognitiveurfr332gO, i've been googling for the past few days19:14
Nach0zrusty149: hm. I honestly don't know how to fix that. sounds like hardware failure to be perfectly honest.19:14
CT1Hi.  Is there a way to look for a dhcp server on the network at boot and if there isn't one, start dhcp server?  (It's for my NAS device, I want it to be a dhcp server when it boots *only* if there isn't one already on the network) Any tips on what to google?19:14
Cognitiveanyway, the problem seems to be a combination of compiz, xorg.conf and nvidia-current19:15
bzimmerlyrusty149: try "sudo lshw | less" and search for the string "Disk" ... does it display at all?19:15
=== gr3ym0nk is now known as sk3pt1c_1ne
Cognitiveurfr332gO, by the way, after installing nvidia-current I get full resolution. Isn't that an indicator that the driver is supported?19:16
=== sk3pt1c_1ne is now known as sk3ptic_1ne
zykotick9Cognitive: you weren't kidding about results be thin for that card ;)  good luck man.19:17
urfr332gOCognitive, I know nothing about nividia.19:17
rusty149bzimmerly: Nach0z: I can't see it in there either.19:17
Cognitiveurfr332gO, regardless, I would assume if I reboot and everything works fine and dandy (without xorg.conf) then why would it "not" be supported19:18
=== christopher is now known as Guest85933
rusty149bzimmerly: Nach0z: Are there any other low level list commands I can run to rule out OS solutions19:18
urfr332gOCognitive, so you want me to confirm what I don't know, yeah sure. :)19:18
Nach0zrusty149: not that I'm aware of, sorry. I really don't know. sudo fdisk -l should list all drives that the OS sees19:18
okumgood, free, simple video editor for ubuntu 11.10?19:19
zykotick9Cognitive: when you don't have xorg.conf in place, try "lspci -vnvn" find the VGA section, and the kernel driver in use line, i imagine it's gonna say nouveau instead of nvidia19:19
rusty149Nach0z: tried fdisk teskdisk mount parted lshw dmesg19:19
bzimmerlyrusty149: okay ... yeah, I don't think the disk is responding to the controller. (shrugged shoulders)19:19
cemyccI have installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my laptop and my wireless network is set as Unmanaged and I can't connect to internet19:19
sun_devil  Its a file rwx = 7,  r-x =5,  --- = 0,   so chmod 750  I want the permissions as -rxwxr-x---19:20
zykotick9cemycc: remove the wireless from /etc/network/interfaces19:20
rusty149bzimmerly: Nach0z: Thanks anyway19:20
Cognitivezykotick9: output is : "Kernel driver in use: nvidia" followed by "Kernel modules: nvidia_current, nouveau, nvidiafb"19:21
bzimmerlyrusty149: You're welcome. Good luck man.19:21
Cognitivezykotick9: do you think I should just rename the driver to nouveau in xorg.conf?19:21
zykotick9Cognitive: well, that's the nvidia driver then!  so i was wrong.  not sure how that's possible without xorg.conf19:21
uykusuzhello, can i ask for help about "restarting compiz" here?19:21
zykotick9Cognitive: NO, you probably want nvidia over nouveau19:21
Cognitivezykotick9: I'm chatting with you right now on full resolution on my computer booting without xorg.conf19:22
Cognitiveall that I did was to install nvidia-current19:22
zykotick9Cognitive: that's a mystery to me.  Good luck.19:22
fabiohi guys19:22
cemycczykotick9: same19:22
fabioim using ubuntu server lastest version and ive installed X window manager and gnomw19:23
fabiobut when i start gnome says failed to load session ubuntu19:23
urfr332gOcemycc, run lspci in the terminal and find the card and post it.19:23
rusty149fabio: have you installed ubuntu-desktop package?19:23
cemyccurfr332gO, Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express)19:24
fabiorusty149,  yes i have installed with this command apt-get install gdm19:24
zykotick9fabio: gdm is not gnome19:25
Cognitivezykotick9: by the way, search the hardware it seems I have to VGA controllers: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09) AND 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Device 124d (rev a1)19:25
Cognitiveis this normal?19:25
fabiozykotick9, huh?19:25
zykotick9Cognitive: AHHH you have one of those hybrid cards19:25
zykotick9fabio: gdm is Gnome Display Manager, it's not the entire Gnome DE19:25
Cognitivezykotick9: what's a hybrid card?19:25
rusty149fabio: try apt-get install ubuntu-desktop19:25
Shambathaving some problems with my user. I seem to have lost my sudo rights or something. I found out when I tried editing an Apache vhost: sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/siteA. I get the following error: Sorry, user shambat is not allowed to execute '/usr/bin/nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/siteA' as root on homebox. What could I have done to do this, and how can I fix it?19:26
zykotick9Cognitive: intel/nvidia thing... you need some special software to use that properly i believe19:26
krycektype users19:26
Shambatkrycek, that for me?19:27
rusty149Shambat: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sudoers19:27
Cognitivezykotick9: oh boy, definitely not available on linux right?19:27
cemyccurfr332gO, zykotick9 I have restarted the laptop and now is working. thanks for the help19:27
krycekShambat: yes, try it19:27
OerCognitive, check out bumbleblee >> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee19:27
Nach0zI really dislike hybrid graphics setups19:27
ShambatI get just "shambat", my username19:27
zykotick9Cognitive: it is actually - there are 2 options i believe, it's not hardware i have19:27
CharminTheMoosein /etc/sudoers, how do I specify multiple commands to 'NOPASSWD'? doing: 'User ALL=NOPASSWD /usr/bin/dpkg /bin/mount /bin/mount' causes the changes to not take effect.19:27
urfr332gOcemycc, cool.19:28
OerCognitive, it is not perfect, and there is a channel also > #Bumblebee , those guys are up2date19:28
sun_devilAnyone know about chmod19:28
krycekShambat: if you type sudo -i what happens./?19:28
Cognitivezykotick9: do I have to remove nvidia-current before trying bumblebee19:28
zykotick9!anyone | sun_devil19:28
ubottusun_devil: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.19:28
zykotick9Cognitive: i'm not sure, sorry.19:28
CarlFK"d-i time/zone string US/Central" - is "Pacific" the string for the west cost?19:28
Cognitivezykotick9: don't be, you've been very helpful. Thank you so much.19:29
Shambatkrycek: I'm prompted for my password, and then I get: Sorry, user shambat is not allowed to execute '/bin/bash' as root on homebox.19:29
krycekShambat: when you type users what happens?19:30
zykotick9Shambat: did you change your computer's hostname by chance?19:31
Shambatzykotick9: no I havent changed it ... I checked /etc/hosts and /etc/hostnames and it seems fine...19:31
zykotick9Shambat: ok, i was just checkin'  good luck.19:32
Shambatkrycek: I just get my username "shambat"19:32
zykotick9Shambat: that's your issue then!19:32
krycekShambat: only one time right?19:32
zykotick9Shambat: sorry, try "groups" in a terminal - are you a member of admin?19:32
sun_devilOK chmod 750 did what I wanted just checked it with ls -l19:32
ActionParsnipShambat: what is the output of:  groups19:33
krycekShambat: if you have ssh installed maybe you could try % ssh shambat@ ?19:33
krycekto see if its a name problem or not what..19:33
sun_devilHow would I set the group to "saints" and the owner to "root" for a file?19:33
Shambatgroups has shambat and www-data  ... I was messing with adding my user to www-data group yesterday ...19:34
zykotick9sun_devil: "chown root:saints foo"19:34
krycekI smell norwegians19:34
sagarhi people19:34
zykotick9Shambat: you did it wrong, and removed all other groups -- you used usermod didn't you?19:34
ActionParsnipShambat: probably why then19:34
kryceksagar: hi19:35
sun_devilzykotick9, what is the foo ?19:35
zykotick9sun_devil: replace foo with the file/directory you want - it's a common term in linux/unix as a variable19:35
Shambatzykotick9: looking through my history I did: sudo usermod -G www-data www-data19:35
ActionParsnipShambat: reboot to root recovery mode and run: usermod -a -G admin shambat; reboot      You are now in the admin group so can use sudo and can ow add yourself to the usual groups19:36
zykotick9Shambat: yup, that's the issue - you needed, "sudo usermod -Ga www-data www-data"19:36
zykotick9Shambat: the a is append, meaning add vs. replace19:36
ShambatI should have come here first before messing with that stuff :P19:36
ActionParsnipShambat: or searched the web a little19:37
ShambatI was not being careful enough19:37
ActionParsnipShambat: my groups says:  $USER adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare19:37
Shambatcan I reboot to root recovery mode and control it via SSH?19:38
zykotick9ActionParsnip: sudo?  that should be admin shouldn't it?19:38
ActionParsnipShambat: no need, you will be at the local system19:38
ActionParsnipzykotick9: not sure, bit weird. This is precise prerelease and I've not added my user to any groups19:39
zykotick9ActionParsnip: debian has always used sudo, so perhaps ubuntu is changing to using that?19:39
ShambatActionParsnip: yeah I'm only wondering cause getting a monitor to the box will be a pain19:39
ActionParsnipShambat: you could boot to root recovery with network and SSH, but you'll need local access to get to that point19:40
sun_devilzykotick9, thanks19:40
ShambatActionParsnip: ok19:40
ActionParsnipzykotick9: possibly, never noticed it tbh. never had to mess with groups :)19:40
ShambatActionParsnip: guess it will be a lesson for me :)19:41
Cognitivezykotick9: Dude, you are awesome. It's definitely a hybrid card and definitely a bumblebee solution.19:41
Cognitiveinstalled it and everything went smoothly without even a reboot19:42
zykotick9Cognitive: awesome!19:42
ActionParsnipdual gpu success story!?19:43
Cognitivezykotick9: weird card for sure! From what I read, they just created it to reduce energy consumption by going through the intel interface19:43
sun_devilzykotick9, I have a file with a certain word in it  and want to find all the lines that do not have this word using the grep19:43
ShambatWhat I was trying to do was to have a situation where I can edit files on my web folder remotely, and still keep the owner as www-data:www-data ... what is the best way to accomplish that? Right now I just changed my Apache run user to shambat and have all the files owned by shambat:shambat19:43
pilzHow do I browse/install packages? "Ubuntu Software Center" in the launcher seems to be missing A LOT19:43
Cognitiveanyway, thank you again, I feel great19:43
* krycek 420!!!19:44
RandLATSeems I fixed my issue with broken tab completion by copying over the files from /etc/skel into my user profile19:44
sun_devilI only know basic commands19:44
zykotick9sun_devil: sorry, no suggestions for that.  "IF" you don't get an answer here, try #bash19:44
ActionParsnipShambat: could make a group and add your user and www-data to the group, then change the group ownership to that group19:44
ShambatActionParsnip: yeah thats what I was trying to do :) ... so I had the right idea19:44
zykotick9ActionParsnip: i didn't think you could nestle groups like that?19:44
sun_devilzykotick9, the channel #bash ?19:45
ActionParsnipzykotick9: its the www-data user and the users user19:45
zykotick9ActionParsnip: oh, the www-data user, sorry - ignore me19:45
=== iqpi|off_ is now known as iqpi|on
Halexander9000Greeting gentlehumans! I'm desperately trying to make sense of things here. I have this .ogv file that uploads and plays without a problem in youtube. Because it's recorded with RecordMyDesktop, with absolutely no editing done. Now, I want to edit said file. Surprize, surprize, OpenShot video editor can't even play the file without video errors, much less export it into a similar or different format without the same video errors. I tried to convert19:45
zykotick9sun_devil: ya #bash channel as amazing at the terminal stuff - they're pretty "serious" though19:45
=== iqpi|on is now known as iqpi
ShambatActionParsnip: could I also make a group www-data, and add my user to that group?19:46
Wiz_KeeDhow do i create a wireless hotspot in ubuntu 10.4? please19:46
ActionParsnipShambat: that group already exists19:46
zykotick9Shambat: there already is a www-data group, and yes19:46
ActionParsnip!ics | Wiz_KeeD19:46
ubottuWiz_KeeD: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing19:46
Shambatcool ... thanks for all the help guys!19:46
=== vdandre_ is now known as vdandre
Halexander9000Help please?19:49
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
Halexander9000I've spent 7 hours today on that problem. My head is hurting and I really need to get this done today.19:50
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: convert it to avi, may help19:50
MonkeyDustHalexander9000  i'd say, ask in #ubuntustudio, even if you're using plain ubuntu19:50
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: With what? Nothing seems to work. And I'm getting increasingly aggravated by it.19:52
Wiz_KeeDthat looks complicated19:52
Wiz_KeeDi don't want to meddle around19:52
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/how-to-convert-ogv-avi-ubuntu/19:52
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: you are adding router functionality to your OS, its not something simple19:53
Zaitzevhas anyone tried serviio, the dlna server program?19:53
Zaitzevor any dlna server that actually works on ubuntu.19:53
pexdoes anyone know where to find the channel topic?19:53
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic19:54
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: But it uploads just fine! I want to edit it. Then upload it. Nothing seems to render it properly. All I get as output is scrambled tetris I tell you, scrambled squarish garbled video data of tetris.19:54
MonkeyDust"set by LjL"...19:55
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: then try converting it so that the editor can read it, the fact you can upload it is fairly moot19:55
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: With what?19:55
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: I gave you a link...19:55
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: You're right, I'll see what it does.19:55
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: I'm sorry, but I'm really stressed out you wouldn't believe.19:56
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: i'm sure nobody will die if you don't get the fileuploaded19:56
Buglousepastebinit does not upload with account information when -[up] args are passed, external login authenticates successfully. Tried modifying relevant config with api values. using pastebin.com19:57
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: I know. But the thing that most annoys me is that these problems always seem to arise whenever I want to -not- be lazy for a change.19:57
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: I could've just uploaded that file with no audio commentary, but no, I just have to do something about my voice not being in my own recording.19:58
Stevan94NoTIm getting r6002 error floating point support not loaded when i try to run WoW through Wine20:01
=== sysdef_ is now known as Guest19542
masterlord65Hi, can anyone help with partitions? The problem is probably a disk geometry. 11.10 Ubuntu server. I create partitions on the disk such as SDD. Everything is OK until you restart the server. After reboot SDD1 partition is invisible. It is not in dev / and / proc / partitions. Sfdisk shows that the partition does exist. After leaving the sfdisk partition appears in the system.20:02
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/updjW2Dh20:02
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: Guess what? That didn't work either.20:02
=== napperjabber_ is now known as napperjabber
Stevan94NoTCan someone help me ? Im getting r6002 error floating point support not loaded when i try to run WoW through Wine ?20:04
fuetewhois fuete20:04
CFHowlettStevan94NoT   might want to investigate at winehq20:05
ubottuStevan94NoT: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu20:05
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: try:  ffmpeg -i input.ogv output.avi20:05
=== jost_ is now known as jost
krycekisnt wow on mac20:05
s9575_hello, how can i use compiz / fusion-icon with gnome-shell?>20:05
* krycek meh20:05
Stevan94NoTok thanks20:05
krycekhi hi20:06
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: http://blog.syndicate-fx.com/ubuntu/convert-ogv-to-avi-in-ubuntu-quick-tip/20:06
_blizzardis there anyone20:06
Jordan_Umasterlord65: Could you please reboot, run "dmesg" and "cat /proc/partitions" *before* the partition is visible , then run "sudo fdisk -l" and re-run dmesg and "cat /proc/partitions" and pastebin all the output?20:07
zykotick9s9575_: you can't with gnome-shell20:07
=== Knorre is now known as Knorre`BNC
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: may help too, there are plenty of sample commands online dude20:07
s9575_omg, what have they done with gnome....20:07
Jordan_Us9575_: gnome-shell depends on the mutter window manager.20:07
CharminTheMooseHow can I loop mount files as a normal user on 11.04?20:08
masterlord65Jordan_U one minute - restart in progres :)20:08
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: I know, I've been at it for 7 hours. My brain hurts so much...20:08
s9575_Jordan_U: ok, thanks20:08
ActionParsnipCharminTheMoose: I believe only root can mount20:08
ActionParsnipCharminTheMoose: sudo mkdir /media/iso; sudo mount -o loop /path/to/filename.iso /media/iso20:08
aethelrickCharminTheMoose: maybe try fuse, havn't done it myself but i think it should be able to20:09
capslock286I would like to hear some thought about the Unity-desktop with the Open-source driver of ATI? I use Mobility Radeon 4200 on a Compaq laptop but feel that the Unity desktop is slow20:09
Jordan_Us9575_: You're welcome.20:09
aethelrickCharminTheMoose: http://fuse.sourceforge.net/20:10
capslock286If I'd try to use the recommended proprietary drivers, it will be even slower.20:10
capslock286Any thought on this on how to fix it?20:10
aipheecapslock286 why it would be slower?20:10
CharminTheMooseActionParsnip, is it possible for me to grant a normal user the ability to use mount without the use of sudo?20:10
krycekwhat does google say?20:10
CharminTheMooseaethelrick, cheers, I'll look into that.20:10
zykotick9!google | krycek20:10
ubottukrycek: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.20:11
aethelrickCharminTheMoose: it ships with ubuntu by default20:11
capslock286I have no idea. By luck, I realised that installing the MESA-utils running the Radeon-driver enables the "Gallium"-experience as stated by system information in the system settings tab in Ubuntu20:11
aipheeyou should give a try to newest propritary driver20:12
pexam i here?20:12
krycekubottu: oh highness :)20:12
ubottukrycek: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:12
krycekthere should be a fix out there20:12
capslock286Ps. I have already Googled this numerous of times, there are numbers of questions about this on launchpad, but none of the solutions provided worked out.20:12
pexi am grey20:13
capslock286No problem whatsoever with pre-Unity-GUI.20:13
capslock286So Lucid and Maverick worked like a charm.20:13
ActionParsnipCharminTheMoose: you could use SUID and set it to root on the mount binary, may help.http://www.codecoffee.com/tipsforlinux/articles/028.html20:13
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: Dude, that ffmpeg command gives me the same bloody video artifact I've been trying so hard to get rid of.20:13
=== dmitry_ is now known as dmitrynix_
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: try converting to mpeg20:14
kubancis it possible to set TV sharpness for S-video connector?20:14
CFHowlettHalexander9000  ffmpeg??20:14
capslock286I have also tried with the Compiz-config utility and setting refresh rate to the manual value of 60HZ and not auto-update. I have also tried the settings in the proprietary Catalyst-interface with "screen tearing" but with no luck.20:15
CFHowlettHalexander9000   have you tried a vlc conversion?  http://tom.zickel.org/vlcmp4/20:15
capslock286the user experience (mine, that is) is equivalent to running a modern operating system with graphic acceleration.20:16
masterlord65Proc/partition is.... http://paste.ubuntu.com/861012/20:16
Halexander9000CFHowlett: Hold on.20:16
robert__ActionParsnip: i am back to ubuntu, i wanna fix this network connection thing20:16
masterlord65Jordan_U dmsg is http://paste.ubuntu.com/861015/20:16
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: It doesn't want to convert to .mpeg at all.20:17
luisthey.. im running gpg --sign -bao ./Release.gpg ./Release   but on the system i still get gpg error... anyone help?20:18
capslock286no suggestions on ATI-graphics running slow in Ubuntu?20:18
robert__can someone help me fix my netgear wireless connection?20:18
capslock286robert_ what is the problem exactly?20:19
zykotick9Halexander9000: just an unhelpful FYI, but theora isn't exactly a "modern" video codec... it's open, but doesn't come close to quality of either webm or the proprietary mp4.  I look forwared to a time when webm is more generally supported by applications.20:19
robert__capslock286: i cannot connect to my wireless router20:19
masterlord65Jordan_U sfdisk   http://paste.ubuntu.com/861020/20:19
robert__capslock286: only in ubuntu20:19
capslock286robert_  --- I see. What's your network card?20:20
godofwaranyone know how to maintain my desktop windows and applications after a reboot?20:20
robert__5390 i think20:20
capslock286ok. external USB or internal?20:20
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: You second suggestion also gives me the same kind of artifacts.20:20
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: Your second suggestion also gives me the same kind of artifacts.20:20
masterlord65Jordan_U proces after first sfdisk20:20
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: why state it twice?20:20
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: Typo.20:21
capslock286a fast google search, and there seems to be problems with several dists with this particular network card..., robert_20:21
capslock286hold on.20:21
SH[1]is there non-freesoftware in ubuntu?20:21
robert__capslock286: if you could help me find a solution that would be wonderful20:21
SH[1]i am concerned about my privacy.20:21
zykotick9SH[1]: lots20:21
Halexander9000CFHowlett: I'll try it your way.20:21
robert__capslock286: using a ethernet cable atm20:22
CFHowlettHalexander9000   I'm interested in the outcome...20:22
capslock286robert_ check this link.20:22
SH[1]zykotick9: it isnt safe then. right20:22
zykotick9SH[1]: depends who you ask...20:22
robert__capslock286: i will try this20:22
robert__and let you know if it works20:23
CT1Hi.  How can I look for an existing dhcp server on the network before starting dhcpd?20:23
SH[1]use dhcp client ?20:23
pexcan any one hear me20:23
SH[1]i can only read your words.20:23
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate20:24
pexi guess i am alive then20:24
SH[1]pex: no.20:24
capslock286robert_ please do, this might be a solution for your network card but it is quite tiresome to follow all the 14 steps if you, like me, are a user that prefers to have everything working out of the box - directly :-)20:24
=== gb_ is now known as Guest29238
capslock286robert_e: so if you find this too technical, let me know and I will put som more effort in finding another solution to it.20:25
SH[1]is there any corporation taking the lead of ubuntu project?20:25
zykotick9SH[1]: if you want a 100% free distro, you could try Trisquel - it's based on ubuntu20:25
zykotick9SH[1]: canonical20:25
SH[1]zykotick9: i am considering ubuntu because of the hardware i have. XPS Dell L502X20:25
GalvatronAnd in everything Ubuntu-based as well20:26
zykotick9SH[1]: ubuntu isn't a community distro, Canonical is the managing company behind it20:26
SH[1]oh. then i have to trust Canonical.20:26
masterlord65Jordan_U and at finish proc after rewrite partition on disk sda http://paste.ubuntu.com/861030/20:26
CT1SH[1]: could you give me an example please?  I have a static IP and want to know if there is another dhcp server running on the network before starting (another) server20:26
CFHowlettSH[1]   or use someone else's distro ...20:26
GalvatronSH[1]: Ubuntu has a mixed, Canonical-community support20:26
robert__capslock286: it wont let me cd 2011_0406_RT5390_RT5392_Linux_STA_V2.5.0.3_DPO_GPL.bz220:27
CT1SH[1]: read "manual" not "static" :p20:27
zykotick9robert__: you can't cd into a bz2 file20:27
ActionParsniprobert__: you need to extract that20:27
robert__i'm dumb20:27
ActionParsnipnp :)20:28
pexyou're not dumb, rob.20:29
robert__can you cd to a tar file?20:29
zykotick9robert__: no.  you can't cd into any files20:29
pexMany times i try to cd to a directory with a 'does not exist' repl