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karniNight guys02:46
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Chipacamorning, all08:38
mandelmorning all!09:36
JamesTaitGood morning all! :D10:07
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nessitabuenos días!11:31
mandelnessita, morning!11:45
mandelnessita, I have an interesting question for you, got time?11:46
nessitamandel: sure!11:46
mandelnessita, I've been looking at writing integration tests with squid + ssl so that we can test the cases in which we have a selfsigned and get an error11:47
mandelnessita, what happens is that due to license issues the package of squid3 that ubuntu ships does not use the --enable-ssl flag, which means that it does not support that11:47
* Daviey wonders if it turned out not infact to be interesting, if nessita could redact her offer of time.11:47
mandelnessita, with some help from #ubuntu-servers I've got a ppa with squid3 + ssl for the tests.. but, how do we manage this?11:48
mandelnessita, should I forget squid and look into a diff path? mock the ssl issues for example?11:48
nessitamandel: guh... question, what --enable-ssl provides?11:49
Davieymandel: Do you need a full proxy, or would a stub https server be enough?11:49
mandelnessita, http://www1.it.squid-cache.org/Versions/v3/3.HEAD/cfgman/https_port.html11:49
mandelDaviey, at the moment we are using a full proxy to try and have the integration tests as real as possible, if not I think I can do mock11:49
mandelnessita, I can also do squid3 -v check if the flag was used and skip the ssl tests if it wasn't11:50
Davieymandel: it seems to me that you only need to test as far as the handshake..11:50
Davieywe simply cannot enable redistribution of squid linking with openssl.11:50
mandelDaviey, I know.. licenses..11:51
nessitamandel: would you please tell me what does --enable-ssl provides (without using a link for the answer)? :-D11:52
mandelnessita, ppa:lynxman/squid-ssl already compiled for amd64  http://people.canonical.com/~lynxman/squid3/11:52
nessitamandel: let's go step by step, I'm trying to understand your issue before understanding one of the solutions (the PPA)11:52
mandelnessita, it allows squid to listen connections over https11:52
Davieymandel: if you want to add gnutls support for squid, i'd be over the moon :)11:52
nessitamandel: ok, so, without that, you can not set a proxy test to be https://localhost:foo11:53
mandelDaviey, no no no, I don't have the time to fix the world :)11:53
mandelnessita, yes, that is the issue11:53
* nessita thinks11:53
nessitamandel: if you have the patch file that adds that support, we could add that to our PPA, though I'm not thrilled to do that11:54
nessitaDaviey: hola!11:54
mandelnessita, yes, I'm not happy either..11:55
nessitaDaviey: what's the licensing issue with that part of squid?11:55
nessitaDaviey: ping?11:58
Davieynessita: sorry, it's BSD and GPL linking12:01
DavieyYOU can do it, WE just can't redistribute it.12:01
nessitamandel: I guess a pacthed squid in our ppa can work. We just need the patch to apply, and we can upload the new squid to ppa:ubuntuone/nightlies12:03
mandelnessita, is that an ok solution, I mean, I don't want to screw people because of this12:03
nessitamandel: is not a problem, as far as I can see, we can check with dobey if he sees any issue, but I don't see one12:04
nessitaDaviey: thanks!12:04
mandelnessita, cool :D12:04
nessitamandel: I read your comments to my review. ABout the fakes... why you need to fake the arrow? why not juts letting the code use the real one (since is there in the pythonpath)?12:06
mandelnessita, I don't mind using the real one, yet a prefer tests not to relay in real code, I mean, is the arrow is broken, the arrow tests should fail but not the expander ones, but if you prefer not to do that I'm happy to remove it :)12:08
mandelnessita, I also misunderstood what you meant with the expanded arg, fixed that, you where right, I called the set_expanded with it rather than store it as false12:08
mandelnessita, and removed the @property to use property() to make the code cleaner12:08
nessitamandel: so, you're right about that when it comes to 100% pure unit tests. But I personally think that if we *only* build 100% unit tests, we're missing a lot of things. And since we don't have the time to write 100% unit tests and thin layers of integrating modules, I advice to have a test suite that runs relatively fast, and to mock only the strictly necessary12:09
nessitamandel: so, unless something is a pain (such as using a socket, for example, or an unpatchable class, or sys.modules, or something like that) I would advice not doing mocking12:10
mandelnessita, sure, no problem, what ever is best for the team, I'll remove those, but.. any ideas on how to assert that the correct methods have been called? or should I just test that the get returns the expected value12:10
nessitamandel: the latter, since testing that methods 'a', 'b', 'c' were called in that order will break the test when we change the method 'a' to be 'z' which does the same as 'a' but is better, for example12:11
mandelnessita, ok, should be a simple change, let me get down to it12:12
nessitamandel: or sometimes you test  'a', 'b', 'c' were called, and the we move some stuff around in our internal implementation due to refactoring, and that will break the test (and, depending on the case, shouldn't)12:12
nessitahola duanedesign12:12
mandelnessita, I think I was just stating that the method was called with the args, but you are right, I'll just assert that the expected value is present12:13
mandelnessita, and is easier to remove lines than to add them :)12:13
nessitamandel: right. Ack to the setter and _expanded prop12:18
nessitaalecu: hola! I need some help from your end13:26
nessitaalecu: would you have some minutes?13:27
ralsinagood late morning!13:33
dobeyDaviey: because squid is BSD and openssl is GPL?13:36
karniHey, JAVA devs out there - We're in the review stage of Ubuntu One Files Java Client, which is a library that allows to talk to U1, manipulate files, up/download, etc. If you'd like to give it a go, this is the last branch:13:39
karniIf you like U1 and code for Android, you may want to find it of interest, too :)13:39
Davieydobey: other way around, but openssl is bsd-like13:41
mandelok, I'm off to have lunch13:41
* mandel lunch13:41
dobeyDaviey: because openssl has advert clause then?13:43
nessitaalecu: ping?13:44
Davieydobey: http://www.squid-cache.org/mail-archive/squid-dev/200406/0011.html13:45
karniaquarius: If anyone asks about U1 Java library, I just shouted out we are happy to have initial public preview, as stated few lines above. I'd like to weed out any rough edges with whoever uses it first (including me ;))13:46
karnijoshuahoover: ↑13:46
aquariuskarni, cool!13:46
ralsinamandel, dobey, Daviey: that probably means noone ever uses squid with ssl, so we canjust skip those tests, I say13:46
nessitaralsina: squid with ssl is a way to have a proxy for https, which a lot of people may have (even though is not squid behind that)13:47
aquariuskarni, we should chat with roberta about it; she's at MWC this week though13:47
nessitaralsina: so we need that to build the integration tests13:47
ralsinanessita: yes, but we are not going to work around this by packaging an illegal squid for ourselves, are we?13:48
karniaquarius: Agreed. Although I prefer to treat it like u1db 'preview' - once we know it's prime time ready, we can announce it.13:48
nessitaralsina: is not an illegal squid, as far as I understood it13:48
ralsinanessita: it's not distributable13:48
karniaquarius: I have a dead simple CLI example, and will probably quickly write a UI-enabled example.13:48
ralsinanessita: but I may have missed some licensing subtlety13:49
dobeynessita: we would have to each build it ourselves locally13:49
dobeynessita: it couldn't be in the PPA13:49
nessitadobey: ok, so we can build it in those system running the squid tests, no?13:49
aquariuskarni, definitely, that's why I want to talk to roberta :)13:49
dobeywell, unless we used gnutls instead13:49
karniaquarius: ah, cool :)13:49
aquariuskarni, and you and I should chat about it; a blog post by you would be cool, I think13:49
karniaquarius: That would be nice :)13:50
nessitaalecu: you around?13:51
dobeynessita: i'm not sure testing that works against squid, will tell us anything useful13:52
karniaquarius: Also, this is a silly detail, but I've grown to think ubuntuone-java-files-*client* is not a great name for a library13:53
karniaquarius: What do you think?13:53
nessitadobey: why not?13:54
aquariuskarni, well... it isn't, really, but I don't know how Android and Java stuff like this is really named13:54
karniaquarius: Same goes for ubuntu-sso-java-*client* - it is a client of the API, but a library to the software that will use it13:54
karniaquarius: say, google analytics builds a libGoogleAnalytics.jar13:54
ralsinakarni: +1 on removing the client13:55
karniralsina: ack13:55
ralsinakarni: if anyone tries to use it as a server, he will figure it out soon enough ;-)13:55
karniaquarius: none of the libraries we use in the u1-files-java-client (we use like 13) have "lib" or "library" in their names13:55
karniralsina: haha13:55
dobeynessita: because we're testing against a configuration which noone should actually have anyway. there's no guarantee that squid and IIS and whatever else, all do ssl proxies the same way. we need to test against actual server configurations people will be using13:55
aquariuskarni, do java things normally get called a "library"? It'd be useful to see what similar stuff is called13:56
dobeynessita: also, have you seen https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bug/942312 ?13:56
karniaquarius: I'll google13:56
karniaquarius: not really. they just call by names, like commons-logging-1.1.1.jar, jackson-mini-1.9.4.jar, signpost-commonshttp4-
dobeyaquarius: things that are libraries do; though people generally refer to them by name as in any other language13:58
aquariusdobey, this is my point: I'm not sure the Java world talks about "libraries" in the same way we do13:58
dobeyaquarius: what way do we talk about libraries?13:59
nessitadobey: regarding the first comment, I agree, though since having real configs is very hard (for now at least, on every day testing envs), I would like to have at least one way to test the SSL cert thing13:59
aquariusdobey, a block of reusable code, packaged up on its own with the intention of being included in another project wholesale, is called a "library"; in C it's normally called libsomething. Java... I'm not sure they'd call that a library. I think they might call it a jar, for example.14:00
nessitadobey: yes to the second, was pinging alecu about it14:00
dobeyaquarius: in java, everything is a jar. in C/C++ we only name the binaries libfoo.so out of tradition. and to make the compiler command line look nicer. there really isn't any technical requirement that it be that way. in fact, the correct technical term for anything with an .so in *nix is "shared object"14:01
aquariusdobey, exactly my point. If a Java person is looking for a shared object to help them talk to U1, would they google for "u1 java library", or something else? I don't know, which is why I asked karni :)14:02
* karni reads, was googling around14:03
dobeyaquarius: they would probably search for "ubuntu one java" and see what comes up. they might search also for "class library" or "implementation" or other technically useful terms14:03
dobeyaquarius: i don't ever search for "library" really when i am looking for some implementation in C or python or whatever14:03
mandelkarni, call it  jar jar binks!14:04
dobeyaquarius: it's a term that is a bit too general and will often dilute results14:04
karnimandel: heh :)14:04
pedronisaquarius: they both use library or package, library to do X or package to do X14:05
karniaquarius: dobey: I also stumbled upon this http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/java-policy/x104.html14:05
karniand this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4177762/naming-java-library-how-to14:06
karniCandidates would be: jUbuntuOneFiles.jar , libUbuntuOneFiles.jar14:06
karnilike jMock.jar, libGoogleAnalytics.jar14:07
aquariuslibUbuntuOneFiles.jar sounds sensible to me14:08
karniaquarius: The library jar name is not such a problem, the project name is. Clearly, as I've stated, I have mixed feelings towards "Ubuntu One Files Java Client" - if we drop client, it just sounds funny :)14:09
dobeynessita: what do we need to test with the "ssl cert thing"? we can probably fake it, if it's just to test the dialog and parsing or something?14:09
karniaquarius: maybe the project name could contain 'api' keyword, then when we publish Java music library, it have a consistent name14:09
pedroniswell I wouldn't be surprised by ubuntuone-files-client.jar either14:09
karniaquarius: The project name, that is.14:09
aquarius"Ubuntu One Files Java library" seems OK to me?14:10
pedroniskarni: what's the package name: com.ubuntu.one....?14:10
nessitadobey: we have those (unit) tests in place, mandel was hoping to also have integration tests like with the rest of the proxy support work14:10
dobeykarni: are you just wanting to rename the project?14:10
karnipedronis: That's also the question. Currently it's com.ubuntu.one.api.files14:10
karnipedronis: We're not sure if it should be com.ubuntuone.api.files14:10
dobeynessita: and what would it do? ensure that squid serves an SSL cert to us?14:11
pedroniskarni: I think one.ubuntu.com is the more official url, but not sure14:11
karnipedronis: Our U1F Android app is com.ubuntuone.android.files, SSO lib is com.ubuntu.sso14:11
nessitadobey: no, to make squid returns an expired cert, or a self signed cert14:11
pedroniskarni: ah so we used com.ubuntuone for something already, better stick to it then14:12
pedroniswe own both anyway14:12
karnidobey: I'm looking for most sensible name for the project name - I think we have just found a nice name for the jar files.14:12
dobeynessita: can we not just shove those types of certs directly into the tests without squid?14:12
karnipedronis: nessita: mandel: Do desktop apps use 'ubuntuone' in their package name? (As opposed to com.ubuntu.one...)14:13
dobeykarni: yes14:13
karniIn that case we should stick with ubuntuone it seems.14:13
dobeyubuntuone-client, ubuntu-sso-client, ubuntuone-control-panel, libubuntuone, rhythmbox-ubuntuone, ubuntuone-storage-protocol14:13
karnidobey: Oh, thank you14:14
nessitadobey: as far as I understand, no, I think we need to have squid returning what we need for the test. I guess we could patch what cert to return, but I'm not sure we can patch squid so it handled https url using the whole ssl "stack"14:14
dobeyAlbum Savings: $57.20 compared to buying all songs14:14
Yancho_guys after opening ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk i am getting: File Sync error (org.freedesktop.DBUs.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply .. any idea from where I can start debugging please?14:15
dobeynessita: i'm not sure why squid has to do anything here.14:15
dobeyYancho_: ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-exceptions.log is probably the first place to look. other log files in same directory would be second14:16
karniThanks for the brainstorm everyone!14:16
nessitadobey: as far as I know, we have the test suite X, that we run without having a proxy, and with a proxy setup using squid. The same test suite X has to pass in both scenarios. We also have some specific test suite to be run when squid is setup, and those test suite depend on the "proxy" to have specific settings/values. mandel is trying to add a new suite where the "proxy" is an https url, and thus with that he expects squid to serve all the ssl bits a14:17
nessitamandel: correct me if I misunderstand something14:17
Yancho_tnx dobey14:17
dobeynessita: i understand what is trying to be done. what i don't understand is *why* it has to be that way.14:18
nessitadobey: can you please repharse your counterproposal then?14:18
dobeynessita: why do we need integration tests with squid ssl support, when squid with ssl support is so unlikely to be the real world situation?14:19
nessitadobey: we need a test case with a setup where the proxy  is an https url and the proxy will give ceratin ssl certs to perform different tests. We're doing it with squid since we already have the testscases to do it, but we could do it with another proxy setup (no idea which one though)14:20
dobeynessita: *WHY* ? :)14:20
nessitadobey: because we need integration tests for the https proxy14:21
nessitadobey: how would you do that ^, without having squid configured to provide a https proxy?14:22
dobeywe need integration tests with real world proxies. i don't think we need those integration tests to be in the normal test suite, but rather something we run in jenkins against actual real-world proxy servers also set up somewhere14:22
nessitadobey: I think that's a separated discussion (and it makes sense, but is out of the scope of this talk IMHO)14:23
dobeynessita: for now, the way to test that is probably through manual testing14:23
nessitadobey: if we can have some sort of automation for this, we should do it. Manual testing does not scale...14:23
dobeynessita: then the scope of this talk is squid, and i think we don't need to have integration tests for something nobody is using.14:23
dobeynessita: yes, which is why i said it should be in jenkins, and we should have manual tests being run by qa or whoever, until we can automate it14:24
nessitadobey: the fact that squid is behind those tests is "coincidence" (in the sense that is the thing we can setup automatically). If you can propose a way to have another proxy setup differently, let's talk about that. And I propose this separated from the fact that we should run the proxy suite for each possible proxy setup we want to support.14:25
nessitaralsina: your thoughts? ^14:26
dobeyi think we should not do integration tests at the moment then, as we haven't the means to do them.14:26
ralsinanessita: I did some minor research right now, and there is no free proxy we can use for this14:26
nessitaralsina: besides squid, you mean?14:26
ralsinaand we can't block on it. So I propose we find a way to set one of these on jenkins14:26
ralsinanessita: I propose setting up a ssl-squid in jenkins and do a job running the tests there14:27
nessitaralsina: yes, that's my proposal as well14:27
ralsinanessita: but we can't distribute the squid-ssl package14:27
nessitaack to that14:27
ralsinanessita: ok then, we agree ;-)14:27
nessitaralsina: agree with dobey now :-P14:28
ralsinanessita: OTOH, we can't get blocked with this14:28
ralsinaTHERE ;-)14:28
ralsinadobey: the point of squid-ssl tests is that there are certain things we can test there, like whether we are rejecting invalid certificates and so on14:29
ralsinadobey: I have no idea whatsoever on how to fake that,  unless we recorded a session or something like that14:29
dobeyralsina: that seems like something that belongs in a unit test, and not an integration test14:30
nessitaralsina: one of the goals is not to fake that (just FYI)14:30
ralsinadobey: it can't be a unit test if it depends on the behaviour of other software. That's the whole point of integratiokn tests.14:30
ralsinanessita: I know, I was the one that pushed for integration tests for proxys in the first place :-)14:31
dobeyralsina: the problem is that tests depending on other software, that nobody is using, isn't useful though. and i feel it's a waste of time to do all the work to make it work for squid, and then we say it works and ship it, and ssl proxies doesn't work for anyone in the real world.14:32
dobeyralsina: we effectively have the same statistics as only testing the unit side of it.14:32
ralsinadobey: no, because the protocol for SSL proxys is a standardprotocol14:32
ralsinadobey: it's like saying that testing agains IIS is not testing HTTP14:33
dobeyralsina: IMAP is a standard too. but we all know how well that worked out.14:33
dobeyralsina: and it would be true. :)14:33
ralsinadobey: yes. This may be more like HTTP than like IMAP, though14:33
dobeyyou will be surprised then i guess :)14:33
ralsinadobey: ha14:35
ralsinaSo, nessita, let's think about getting this on jenkins14:36
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dobeyi'd recommend poking the platform/server/debian people to ship squid built against gnutls14:37
ralsinadobey: well, that's a great solution to have thought about 3 months ago ;-)14:37
ralsinadobey: does it even *have* a gnutls build option?14:38
nessitadobey: mandel poke Daviey and apparently they are not doing it...14:39
ralsinanessita: whenyou have a slot, I changed the spacing in the argparse thing. (damn, I was so close to get that one through without a needsfixing ;-)14:40
dobeyralsina: --enable-ssl; gnutls has compatibility stuff that replaces openssl headers and uses gnutls compat lib instead. don't know if it "just works" though14:40
nessitaralsina: ack!14:41
dobeynessita: as i understand it, it's just that openssl won't (can't) be done.14:43
nessitadobey: sorry, I already contextswitched my brain. Would please give me more context for that?14:43
dobeylet's wait for mandel14:44
dobeyugh, i think sinuses are making my lungs hurt14:49
mandeldobey, I'm back, let read the backlog14:52
mandeldobey, ralsina, nessita so, yes, the ssl enabled squid stuff is a very strange scenario.. but we don't have numbers about that. If it was not used they wouln'd provide the --enable-ssl flag14:57
mandelalso, we cannot distribute it, so its a matter of having that in jenkins14:57
mandelwhat I propose if to have the SquidTestCase to check if the --enable-ssl flag was used, and if it was enable the https ports, otherwise skip it14:58
dobeymandel: where did you actually discuss the license issues outside of #ubuntuone? did you discuss the possibility of building it with gnutls instead?14:58
mandeldobey, it was mentioned.. but was just a proposal. I have not looked into that. I did most of my talks in private with one of our guys from ubuntu-server14:59
mandeldobey, there is a bug about that with a won't fix due to license issues (open-ssl) version, I did not look more into using gnutls15:00
nessitadobey, mandel: for now, I would discourage trying to build with gnutls, giving everyone's time constraints15:00
mandelnessita, +10000000 ** 10015:00
nessitadobey, ralsina, alecu, briancurtin, standup?15:02
dobeynot me15:02
mandelnessita, remember we have the mac boy ( urbanape) with us :)15:05
alecumandel, after the standup, can you give me a summary update on the SSL issue?15:08
mandelalecu, sure, is an easy one :)15:09
dobeynessita: are you going to go with the standup, or we will wait forever for ralsina ?15:09
alecumandel, (btw: I'm adding some SSL integration tests to the SD proxy stuff, so I'm adding a dummy certificate and key and some code to set that up)15:10
ralsinaplease go ahead15:10
briancurtinwhile not ralsina: time.sleep(1)15:10
nessitaDONE: more on bug #933576, reviews, holiday on Monday15:10
nessitaTODO: the same! :-) also, start conversation about Control Panel's new look on Ubuntu15:10
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes15:10
nessitaNEXT: mandel15:10
mandelDONE: looked at setting tests to use https with squid. --enable-ssl is not there, we need to agree (I think we already did) in the approach. Removed most of the fakes from my ss-dialog branch.15:10
mandelTODO: Remove the rest of the fakes, ping nessita +1 to review it. Implement what we agree on about squid + ssl.15:10
mandelBLOCKED: not more than usual.15:10
mandelnext: briancurtin15:10
* ralsina is currently on his 112th minute on the phone, thanks15:10
briancurtinDONE: got started with urbanape, adjusted some tests in the read_link issue to work with new NTFS hardlink impl15:10
briancurtinTODO: continue working with urbanape over ssh/screen/mumble on getting the buildout to work, receive my OS X install CD from FedEx and...install it15:10
briancurtinBLOCKED: none15:10
briancurtinNEXT: not dobey15:10
dobeyλ DONE: rb nightlies fixes, bug #934235,15:10
dobeyλ TODO: rb extension bugs, look at twisted g/gtkapplication support/hanging issue15:10
dobeyλ BLCK: none.15:10
alecuDONE: cleanups on disconnections for bug #929207, debugging, fixing tests, natholiday on monday15:10
alecuTODO: rework bug descriptions for FFE, finish and submit branches15:10
alecuBLOCKED: no15:10
alecuNEXT: urbanape15:10
urbanapeDONE: Compiled PyQt ALL DAY LONG.15:10
urbanapeTODO: Hacking on the buildout with briancurtin15:10
urbanapeBLOCK: Nothing, so far15:10
nessitaany comments anyone?15:11
ralsinaurbanape: compiling Qt is a rite of passage. Wait for PyQt ;)15:11
mandelalecu, how are you writing those tests?15:12
nessitaif not, I guess is eom!15:12
urbanaperalsina: did PyQt15:12
alecumandel, let me summarize what these tests are testing first:15:12
urbanapeDOUBLE RITE15:12
ralsinaurbanape: brave man!15:12
alecumandel, SD needs to connect to the sync servers going thru the proxy tunnel. The tunnel listens for a few lines telling it where to connect, and then it forwards all traffic transparently.15:13
alecumandel, but SD needs a "client" to connect to the tunnel and send the connection command (in plaintext) and then it needs that client to switch from the tunnel protocol to the ssl used to transport the SD traffic15:15
alecumandel, so my tests are testing that transition: from plaintext (used to speak to the tunnel server) to SD protocol inside a SSL encrypted channel.15:16
alecumandel, that's why I need to run a fake SSL server. And that SSL server needs a dummy certificate file and a dummy key file, that I generated manually and I'll be including in our tree.15:17
mandelalecu, ok, so that is a diff ssl scenario, I wanted to write tests for when the proxy that we are listening to is in a https port. I wanted to ensure that when we go over https and have a cert that is no vlaid we show the dialogs etc..15:17
ryewait, so we are going with an external proxy-handling process? Why don't we use some existing one?15:18
mandelalecu, I can provide you with code that will generate a random cert instead, is very easy with open ssl15:18
alecumandel, cool, but I'm not sure if we'll have all the ssl cmdline tools in other platforms.15:19
nessitaralsina: can I have a review please? https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/work-on-windows/+merge/9498015:19
mandelalecu, we have the library :)15:19
alecurye, what existing proxy handling process do you propose?15:19
mandelalecu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/860638/15:20
mandelalecu, some imports are missing, but they are from os, so its easy :)15:20
ralsinanessita: sure, in about 10'15:21
alecurye, the idea to build one was so that it uses the same library (QtNetwork) as the rest of our tools, so we have the same proxy support everywhere.15:21
alecumandel, oh, that's lovely.15:21
ryealecu, ah15:21
ryehttps://wiki.edubuntu.org/RomanYepishev/UbuntuOne/ProxySupport :)15:21
ryewhy is edubuntu wiki ranked higher in google searches than wiki.ubuntu.com ?15:22
mandelrye, because they are educated.. hehehehehe15:22
dobeyrye: also, the last 2 points on that page are quite valid. and i suspect those tools don't work so well on windows?15:26
alecurye, proxytunnel is interesting. I evaluated using similar tools like cntlm, but each tool supported a different subset of options (ie, ntlm authentication, or socks proxies, etc) and supported different platforms, so we would end up depending on a handful of tools.15:36
alecumandel, re: your generate_self_signed_cert() function; is it already on our sourcetree?15:39
mandelalecu, no, is work in progress of ubuntuone-dev-tools, feel free to use it and I'll deal with cleaning the duplication :)15:40
alecumandel, great, thanks.15:41
alecumandel, I think for now I'll use the certificates made by hand, but when this landsw on u1-dev-tools I'll switch to it, because my certificate will expire in 10 years :-)15:42
mandelalecu, hehe15:42
mandelalecu, I'll let you know when it does15:43
ralsinanessita: +1 on work-on-windows15:44
dobeynessita: did you file a bug, or know of one, about the messaging menu opening the gtk control panel?15:45
alecudobey, I saw it filed under bug #73546415:48
dobeyalecu: that is a separate bug, though people are commenting on it because they see similar behavior in 12.04 now15:49
dobeyalecu: but it was originally filed on 11.04, and i suspect a different issue15:49
alecupopey, ping15:50
alecupopey, I'm trying to understand the bug with proxy hostnames: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bug/94231215:50
alecupopey, did you have proxies enabled on the system settings while this happened?15:51
popeyalecu: ooh, i think i see the problem. the dialog where you put your proxy.. if you have it set to "manual" you can leave the other fields blank and it still lets you save that15:53
popeyalecu: which IMO it shouldn't let you do15:53
alecupopey, well, each app could tell if the "hostname" was empty, and ignore the settings15:54
alecupopey, in this case it looks like libsoup is the bit where it's failing.15:54
popeythat shouldn't be necessary really15:54
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
popeyI'll file a bug against the networky bit15:55
popeyalso, unrelated to that15:55
popeyin rb I keep getting a prompt that "Mp3 playback support is not available"15:55
nessitadobey: the one about having -gtk mixed with -qt? I did not file it, nor I recall one about it15:55
popeyi click install and it goes off and does stuff but i still cant play music15:55
popey(from the store)15:55
popeyand when i restart it says the same thing15:55
popeyis this a known issue?15:55
dobeynessita: yeah, the messaging indicator opening the gtk one when you click on it, and using the dbus interface to open the volumes tab15:56
nessitadobey: no bug in my radar for that15:56
alecupopey, no idea about that rb bug. Let's ask dobey.15:56
dobeyalecu: no idea. we don't do any magic stuff for proxies there. if the same error comes up there, it could be coming from sso15:58
alecudobey, no: I meant the "Mp3 playback support is not available" bug.15:59
dobeynessita: right, i have a fix; though it doesn't open to the "folders" section for the folders, as it just runs the installer instead (which in turn runs the qt control panel if installed)15:59
alecudobey, the issue with proxies is when the user sets the proxies to "Manual", but leaves the proxy host field empty.16:00
dobeynessita: but i was looking for a bug to --fixes= for16:00
dobeyalecu: ok16:00
dobeyalecu: the mp3 bug is known/filed. i have to debug it still though16:00
alecupopey, ^16:00
popeywhilst I'm in rb i also have duplicates of all my u1ms music16:01
popeyi mentioned this previously and someone asked if i could get some info from my machine16:01
popeybut I dont know what I need to get16:01
dobeypopey: yes, that bug is filed16:01
nessitaralsina: your opt-branch approved!16:01
ralsinadobey, nessita: the u1sdtool bug is probably gi/twisted: it blocks waiting for data in a pipe (apparently)16:01
ralsinanessita: cool, thanks16:01
dobeyi know what it is. will probably fix it today, and fix will appear in ubuntu next week16:01
nessitaralsina: yeap16:01
dobeyralsina: nope. i have similar issues with other non-twisted things doing it as well16:02
ralsinanessita: if you have a small bug or two, I may take a look while I do other stuff16:02
nessitadobey: I read what ralsina said as 'gi or twisted'16:02
ralsinayes, one or the other :-)16:02
nessitaralsina: let me look16:03
ralsinaalthough it locks inside twisted, it could be caused by the interaction with gi16:03
dobeynessita: not sure. control panel qt has same issue16:03
nessitaralsina: we have this same behavior on other apps not using twisted16:03
ralsinanessita: interesting16:03
dobeyi think the qt control panel issue is probably easy to fix though16:06
joshuahooveralecu, ralsina: for bugs #929207 #929208 #929212 we need to answer pitti's concerns (listed on 929207 & probably consolidate these into one u1 proxy support bug that we land the necessary branches against to make life easier for everyone16:16
ralsinajoshuahoover: got it, looking16:18
nessitajoshuahoover: also bug #933729, no?16:18
nessitaralsina, mandel: ^16:18
joshuahoovernessita: yes! you beat me to my next one :)16:19
joshuahoovermandel, ralsina: bug #933729 (http://pad.lv/933729 ) has a comment from pitti w/ a concern he has about handling ssl mismatches that we need to answer16:19
ralsinajoshuahoover, alecu, nessita: I guess the answers are "no", "because syncdaemon can't depend on (what?)" and "the system, except for authentication which is not standard"?16:20
mandeljoshuahoover, well.. his concerns are right, we are going to let the user be stupid16:20
nessitaralsina: regarding the tunnel process, I know alecu will answer during the day16:20
ralsinanessita: cool16:20
mandelralsina, right?16:20
alecujoshuahoover, I agree about consolidating some of the proxy bugs16:21
joshuahoovernessita, ralsina: those are the FEs i found that needed some additional info/help...the others look like they'll be ok assuming we get them landed soon...i need to follow up on one other http://pad.lv/933010 which is a uife that i didn't notify the doc and translation lists about yet16:21
ralsinaThe only possible source for proxy ssl mismatches is that the user misconfigures the proxy name16:21
mandelralsina, or the  it people that set up the proxy certs are stupid, I have worked in one of those..16:22
ralsinaBut for example, you will get a mismatch if you configure the proxy's IP address instead of the canonical name, so there *may* be benign mismatches :-(16:22
ralsinamandel, alecu, joshuahoover: So, basically, I don't care as long as we give a good explanation about the mismatch. Supporting misconfigured setups is not a priority.16:25
nessitaralsina: what id you tackle this on you reported? bug #94235516:25
nessitawhat if*16:25
nessita(ralsina: speaking of what you asked beore about doing some bugs fixes on the side)16:25
ralsinanessita: ok16:25
ralsinanessita: should not be terribly hard :-)16:25
nessitaralsina: I'll assign that one and another one, JIC16:26
ralsinanessita: cool, thx16:26
nessitaralsina: though... this one requires a UIFe https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-control-panel/+bug/942025 :-/16:26
dobeyjoshuahoover: we're only supposed to notify docs/translations (probably only translations for this one), after approved though, right?16:26
nessitaso, no, that one no16:26
ralsinanessita: I can do the branch then we decide if we ask for it or not16:27
joshuahooverdobey: we have to do it before approval for all UIFEs...to let them know about it and allow them to express their concerns16:27
ralsinaok, not that one :-)16:27
nessitaralsina: I'm talking about another bug (not the one about the scrolling)16:27
ralsinanessita: the email address font size one?16:27
nessitaso, the scrolling is bug fix16:28
nessitathe font-too-small is UIFe16:28
nessitaralsina: I assigned the scroll-fix to you16:28
joshuahoovernessita, ralsina: i think http://pad.lv/942025 for the small font size is ok to fix w/o a ui exception but that's just my opinion and definitely not following all the rules ;)16:29
nessitajoshuahoover: hum, how do you justify it does not require a UIFe?16:29
nessitajoshuahoover: is changing a "screenshot" of that tab16:29
joshuahooverdobey: right, "small" :)16:29
dobeyall the fonts in that app are freakin huge16:29
ralsinatrivial and obviously wrong and of no consequence? ;-)16:29
dobeyand, for some reason, bold.16:30
dobeyoh well, i should get some lunch16:30
joshuahoovernessita: i guess if we're going to adjust that font size we should have design review it and make sure there aren't any others that need to be adjusted...we're hammering pitti and crew with all these freeze exceptions16:30
nessitajoshuahoover: +1016:31
nessitajoshuahoover: I'm putting together an email about the control panel looks16:31
joshuahoovernessita: thank you :)16:31
ralsinamaybe we can do a global "make it fit better" UiFe16:31
nessitajoshuahoover: so can you please analyze it in detail, when is finished? I have several things I would like to see fixed16:31
joshuahoovernessita: yes, i would be happy to16:32
nessitajoshuahoover: should be sent today16:32
joshuahoovernessita: cool, i'll let rtgrant know it's coming and will need some design attention16:32
nessitaralsina: oops, text conflict in https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-control-panel/opt-parsing/+merge/9459916:33
ralsinanessita: oops indeed! looking...16:39
mandelI'll going to grab a coffee, my brain is failing..16:41
mandelwill be back in few mins16:41
ralsinanessita: should we really import the reactor in the bin script?16:42
ralsinanessita: oh, yes we should. Got it.16:42
nessitaralsina: yes16:43
nessitalunchtime for mw16:48
=== briancurtin2 is now known as briancurtin
mandelralsina, I'm leaving a little earlier, I'm not feeling very well..17:14
mandelralsina, coffee went out as fast as it went in..17:15
mandelI'm off, no feeling well, c u tom17:29
nessitabye mandel, get better17:30
mandelnessita, thx, really appreciate it17:30
ralsinamandel: go take care!17:45
ralsinareviews for a very simple branch please? https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-control-panel/fix-scroll/+merge/9500617:52
dobeycome on and finish already server rescan17:56
* briancurtin lunch18:04
dobeymeh; why oh why is the indicator not turning blue18:18
ralsinainteresting. Qt suggests localizing the shortcuts like this: _("Ctrl+W") ... let's not do that instead.18:24
dobeyle sigh18:26
dobeyi'm pretty sure the album art for "Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral" does in fact, not involve Three 6 Mafia18:27
ralsinadobey,nessita: very simple review -- https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-control-panel/quit-quit-quit/+merge/9502019:00
* dobey wonders how to make the indicator think he has a new folder available19:00
urbanapeshould dbus-python pick up qt availability automagically on configure?19:06
urbanapewould you think?19:06
dobeyit doesn't have the qt bits in it directly does it?19:07
ralsinaurbanape: on mac? I doubt it19:07
urbanapedobey: it doesn't seem to, no19:07
dobeythe dbus-pythin qt bits are in pyqt no?19:07
ralsinaurbanape: you probably need to hack the qt configuration to make it build the dbus mainloop19:08
urbanapetrying to untangle the order in which to get all these installed.19:08
dobeymaybe you need to build pyqt again after installing dbus-python19:08
ralsinaurbanape: probably need to build qt first so that it has the dbus support configured, then dbus-python, then pyqt19:08
urbanapeso, Amber once traveled to Russia (before all the Westernization). She had to have a visa to go, but in order to get a visa, she had to have a hotel reservation. Before she could get a hotel reservation, she had to have an airline itinerary. Before she could book her airfare, she needed a visa.19:09
dobeyurbanape: are we going to try to use dbus there, instead of the mac thing?19:09
ralsinaurbanape: OTOH, if we go for the TCP IPC, you don't *need* dbus19:09
urbanapewell, since homebrew has a dbus port already, we wanted to see how far we could get without any particular platform changes.19:10
nessitadobey: you can ask thisfred, he did that for the -gtk controlpanel19:10
urbanapefwiw, I'd rather have something working and then change it rather than start with a whole other set of assumptions and not know what we might be missing.19:11
nessitaralsina: may I ask for a favor when building commit messages? would you please write them as (note the dash, the ending dot, the capitalization, the past tense):19:11
nessita- Fixed foo bar baz, yadda yadda doo (LP: #123456).19:11
ralsinanessita: sure19:11
nessitaralsina: thanks! it makes building the changelo much easier :-)19:12
nessita(otherwise I edit every commit message by hand)19:12
ralsinanessita: changing my pending branches to that style19:12
dobeynessita: why the -?19:13
dobeyalso you already know i hate the (LP: #) in there :)19:14
nessitadobey: yes, that's why I don't ask *you* to do it :-P19:14
nessitadobey: the - ease the reading of long changelogs, let me point you at an example19:14
dobeyit looks weird in the commit log19:15
nessitadobey:  see the changelog in here https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone-control-panel/trunk/2.0.019:16
nessitaralsina: you too, if you feel curious19:16
nessitadobey: I think is very important to have the LP: # in there so we can very easily click on the LP link and see what was the bug being fixed19:16
dobeynessita: "there" is the changelog or the commit message?19:17
nessitadobey: changelog, which is veru easily built if commit messages use that format19:17
nessitaif not, is a pain to write such changelogs19:17
dobeyhow is it being built?19:17
dobeysome tool is generating it?19:18
nessitadobey: I have a tool that generates, but is a little buggy right now so I use it and then clean a bit by hand19:18
dobeyyeah it's buggy. it requires commit messages to be put in like that :)19:18
nessitaralsina: this is great! "- Preserved the scrollbar position when clearing/filling the folder list. (LP: #942355).", just a tiny note, no dot between "list" and (LP: #19:19
nessitadobey: you're too mean sometimes :-)19:19
dobeythe tool should be formatting it and reading bugs out of the branch metadata19:19
nessitadobey: perhaps, but I never had (nor wil have, I presume) to make it that good19:19
nessitaso, for now, mostly bzr log and hand work19:19
dobeyor we can just not make changelog things on the releases :)19:20
nessitadobey: I'm -10 to that19:20
nessitachangelog are very important, from my POV19:20
thisfreddid we ask the udd people if they have ways of autogenerating sensible changelogs from launchpad information?19:21
nessitathisfred: I did not. What does udd stand for?19:21
dobeyhrmm, i guess the indicator only shows for shares from other people19:22
dobeyand not new UDFs19:22
thisfrednessita: Ubuntu distributed development19:22
nessitathisfred: no idea that existed :-)19:22
thisfredall the new tools that Elliot showed us a long time ago19:22
thisfredso not so new now ;)19:23
dobeythisfred: i don't think so, no19:23
thisfrednessita: http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/udd-intro.html19:23
dobeybut it's really pretty simple to write a tool that does exactly this19:23
thisfredit's all text19:24
nessitaralsina: why quit is QtCore.QCoreApplication.instance().quit() instead of self.close()?19:48
ralsinanessita: because it's guaranteed to work19:54
ralsinanessita: if the application has a certain flag, it doesn't exit on window closing19:55
ralsinanessita: but I am happy to change it to close()19:55
nessitaralsina: but that's ok, no? I'm not sure we want to force quit if the app has something setup to not quit19:55
ralsinanessita: reasonable19:55
ralsinanessita: changing it19:55
alecunessita, did you find the cause for the click handler that seemed to make the ping webcalls twice?20:00
nessitaalecu: not yet (did not try that much yet)20:01
nessitaalecu: are you hitting it?20:09
ralsinanessita: I am slightly surprised that ControlPanel is not a top-level window. Closing it, therefore, requires a small hack, so don't worry about slightly strange code in the next revno ;-)20:09
nessitaralsina: why not make it top-level window instead???20:09
ralsinanessita: because that means changing a bunch of other things20:10
ralsinanessita: the change seems to be much larger20:10
nessitaralsina: such as? (really don't know) but seems more correct, no?20:10
nessitaralsina: this smells to me like "this bag has a hole in it. Let's attach a container below it so we gather the leaks..." (instead of fixing the hole!) :-)20:11
alecunessita, lol20:11
ralsinanessita: let me research it a bit then20:11
nessitaralsina: thanks (if you have time, of course)20:11
alecunessita, no, I'm not hitting the issue with the ping20:11
ralsinanessita: sure20:12
ralsinanessita: here's a good reason: making it a top level window may change something visible, because the top level is a QMainWindow20:13
ralsinanessita: and ControlPanel is not a QMainWindow but a QWidget20:14
nessitaralsina: wait, now I'm confused20:14
nessitathe ControlPanel class is supposed to be QWIdget, which is added insise a MainWindow20:14
ralsinanessita: there is a QMainWindow, that has a CentralWidget, which is the ControlPanel class20:14
ralsinanessita: yes. So i you close ControlPanel, the MainWindow is still there :-)20:15
nessitaralsina: then the shortcuts should be added to the QMainWIndow, no?20:15
nessitaralsina: I did not notice this in the diff, but the ctrl+foo should go in the main window, from my POV20:15
ralsinanessita: yes, which is why this was surprising, now that I see it ;-)20:16
nessitaralsina: heh... so we have a plan?20:16
ralsinanessita: yep20:16
nessita(it sounded weird that we did not have a mainwindow, but honestly did not go to check)20:16
ralsinanessita: there is really no need to have a MainWindow for this app. It's more of a QDialog20:16
nessitaralsina: nooooooooooo :-)20:17
ralsinanessita: but it's not important20:17
ralsinanessita: Main Windows have menus! ;-)20:17
nessitaralsina: we could have menus ;-)20:17
nessitabut don't say it out loud :-D20:17
ralsinanessita: we have a bug for that,and dobey and I marked it wontfix ;-)20:17
ralsinaargh, my mouse pointer just froze. So I am stuck in this channel. Hopefully noone mentions me in another one.20:24
ralsinadobey: quassel has a handy "monitor window" where I see my mentions. Shame on you! ;-)20:26
ralsinanessita: pushed with the action on the right widget, works and everything.20:28
ralsinaNot that it didn't work the last two times, mind you ;-)20:28
ralsinaAnd thus we win the xmonad market! \o/20:29
urbanapebriancurtin: well, no matter what order I try to build these, I'm not getting the qt dbus mainloop created.20:34
briancurtinurbanape: hmm. i have no idea where to go from there, so i guess its time to google away20:36
ralsinaurbanape: you probably need to hack qt's config file to build it20:36
ralsinaurbanape: let me check20:36
ralsinaurbanape: are you using clang?20:37
urbanapeuh, no20:38
urbanapeLLVM gcc20:38
dobeyurbanape: you might want to see what debian/rules is doing for the python-qt4 source package in ubuntu20:39
ralsinadobey: qt builds with dbus support by default on linux20:39
urbanapeand I've build Qt with dbus support. It's one of the options for homebrew20:40
ralsinaurbanape: in the resulting binaries, do you have a dbusmainloop file?20:40
nessitaralsina: need to change location and computer, will be back to finish reviews20:40
* ralsina doublechekcs the name20:40
ralsinanessita: cool, np20:41
* nessita -> will be back20:41
dobeyralsina: stop confusing qt and pyqt4 :)20:41
ralsinadobey: haha20:42
balloonsafternoon everyone.. I wondering if anyone can tell me how to logout of ubuntu one (the deskop client).. I'm running the up to date version in precise and I can't seem to switch to a different account20:42
ralsinaok, there is on one hand, qt4 dbus support, which provides a libQtDbus (modulo operating system naming)20:43
dobeyballoons: you relaly shouldn't try to use 2 different accounts, as the same user on the system20:43
dobeyreally even20:44
ralsinaOTOH, there is a dbus mainloop that comes from PyQt20:44
dobeyralsina: yes.20:44
ralsinaurbanape: you may have to edit PyQt's configure.py20:46
ralsinaSo, dbus->Qt->python-dbus->PyQt(with hacked configure.py)20:47
urbanapethat seems straigtforwardly messy. Like uncooked spaghetti.20:48
ralsinaurbanape: good news are, we can do a tarball of the whole thing and plop it somewhere else20:50
ralsinaurbanape: so yes, just like spaghetti20:50
urbanapeoh, yeah, we'll end up bundling the whole thing together, no doubt.20:50
urbanapeassuming we don't find the right place to slice it and do away with all that in the end.20:51
balloonsdobey, I'm attempting to write some testcases ala, http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2012/02/opportunity-manual-application-testing.html.. I'm *that* guy :-) I'm trying to logout in order to understand how ubuntu one works for day one.. perhaps I'm missing something20:51
dobeyballoons: do you want to log back in with the same u1 account, or with a different u1 account?20:52
balloonsthe first run seems to install the client, and then prompt you to login via ubuntu sso.. it must store this info somewhere.. I'm guessing I can just purge and reinstall the package20:52
balloonslogin with the same.. I'm just making sure my tests all make sense20:52
ralsinaballoons: basically, logging out and in as another user is strongly discouraged because it DOES NOT WORK ;-)20:52
ralsinaballoons: but if you must try, you can logout by removing your current device from control panel20:52
dobeyballoons: ok, you open the control panel, go to the "devices" tab, and remove the current device (the one with the bandwidth/etc config under it)20:52
balloonsahhh yea that did it20:53
balloonsinteresting.. so logging in / out isn't really recommended/encouraged etc20:53
dobeyballoons: it's fine as long as it's the same account you're using20:54
dobeyballoons: but trying to use a different account, when you've already configured u1, as that local user, will cause a big bucket of problems :)20:54
ralsinaballoons: suppose you logout as userA, change something, then login as userB. What should happen to userA's changes on disk? Deleted? Uploaded to userB's account? Error?20:54
dobeyand won't work20:54
balloonsI get it.. ubuntu one is a bit more than just a cloud folder20:55
balloonsok, that worked fine.. So, any other basic tests you can think of to include? I've basically just got a test to install, login and add a file20:55
dobeyit's not a remote filesystem. it's a file synchronization service.20:55
dobeyballoons: talk to elopio and rmcbride about u1 client testing of that sort20:56
balloonsdobey, ok... are they about / in channel ? :-)20:57
balloonsif you check out that post, i have a bzr branch.. I'm happy to take merge requests. .I would love to see some from the u1 team20:57
balloonsthanks for your help dobey .. i'll idle in here if anyone has questions20:58
dobeyballoons: actually, we have a branch for our tests stuff, with a goal to have all the currently fairly manual bits to be automated in jenkins at some point21:01
balloonsdobey, hmm..  are these QA tests or unit?21:01
balloonsI'm after tests for end-users.. all manual, and focused on pure QA21:02
ralsinaballoons: QA21:02
dobeythe client stuff is manual tests right now. but the idea is to automate with mago and such, and run them all the time21:03
dobeyballoons: elopio and rmcbride are our QA guys21:03
balloonsgotcha.. guess I should go have a look @ that branch and have a chat with those guys21:03
rmcbrideballoons: sorry, I've been working in another session. Our current test info is at http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Applications/UbuntuOne/11.10?action=show&redirect=Applications%2FUbuntuOne21:08
rmcbrideballoons: for the manual stuff21:08
rmcbrideballoons: the automation efforts focuss around getting those to run in a jenkins instance using various test tools. Mainly we're just automating the web page tests right now, though elopio is engaged in automating the client tests.21:09
rmcbrideballoons: we follow the stuff int he testcased wiki for our manual testing21:10
nessitaralsina: there is a leftover class instance in the ControlPanel widget... could you please remove?21:21
dobeyi guess i'll have to file a bug21:51
balloonsdobey, more randomness today.. what's ubuntu one doing with case conductor?21:56
dobeywith what?21:57
rmcbrideballoons: elopio has just started setting up an instance for us to start looking at21:57
balloonsrmcbride, hello.. well I think we should have a chat then.. :-) we (as in the ubuntu qa community) have been looking at it for some time21:59
elopioballoons, dobey: we are playing with case conductor at http://www.elopio.net:800021:59
elopiooh wati22:00
balloonselopio, small world22:00
* dobey has no idea what that even is :)22:00
balloonscaseconductor is a test case management tool ;-)22:00
balloonsit's being built by the mozilla folks as the successor to litmus22:01
elopiothere it is now. I think...22:01
balloonselopio, trying ;-)22:01
rmcbrideelopio: have you worked out the account activation?22:02
elopiormcbride: nop. I just have to fill the email server information on the config, but I started filling the tests information instead.22:03
rmcbrideelopio: ah, heh. OK22:04
balloonselopio, rmcbride this is great stuff.. i'm going to cc you on an email and send you some background info on our efforts with caseconductor22:04
balloonsI think we should coordinate our efforts on this..22:04
rmcbrideballoons: excellent, thanks much, and agreed22:04
elopioballoons: I agree too.22:05
dobeywell at least i accomplished that today22:05
elopioI'm going to have lunch.22:08
elopioballoons: I'll wait for22:08
elopioyour email and talk to you again.22:08
balloonselopio, yes.. we'll setup a voice chat soon22:08
balloonsyou'll see a mail from me22:08
balloonsthis is exciting to see22:08
balloonsI suppose I should introduce myself a bit.. I'm the qa community coordinator on jono's team22:09
balloonsintroductions always happen so backwards :-) enjoy lunch22:09
rmcbrideballoons: I knew someone was incoming in that position. Congratulations and welcome22:09
balloonsyea.. at some point you figured we'd bump heads eh? ;-)22:10
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
dobeylater all22:18
* nessita -> eod22:32

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