ScottLmicahg, does this mean we will not have an image tomorrow?00:42
ScottLmicahg, is there anything that i can do to help this situation?00:42
ScottLastraljava, thank you, does is already cover the existing tasks?00:43
ScottLjust for the record, hummus and vanilla wafers really don't mix well :/01:36
* ScottL ran out of flat pretzels01:36
ailoThat does sound a little strange01:37
ScottLi wanted to finish the serving and that's all i had left :(01:41
ScottLmy wife buys them for me in serving containers, which is really nice for lunch as well01:41
ScottLjussi, i have complied with your mailing list request01:41
ScottLi also think i finally added cjwatson's emails from nusakan for the cd image building to the mailing list so i don't have to keep approving them01:50
micahgScottL: you should have images again04:03
micahglen: there should be beta images to test if you're interested09:07
ScottLzsync'ing image now :)13:23
=== shnatsel is now known as shnatsel|gprs
scott-workalthough i also noticed after i started the zsync that the links in my email to the beta image are no longer valid15:06
scott-workbut i am (probably done downloading already) going to test the image anyways as it was the "current' one15:06
scott-workanyone know why the beta image was pulled or should i just ask in #ubuntu-release?15:07
scott-workTheMuso:  i noticed that conrad was added to the -dev group, is there something specific he was going to do?15:08
astraljavascott-work_: Not really, tasks will be added tonight.15:27
lenmicahg, thankyou, downloading now, but test will have to wait family bus first.16:06
scott-work_jibel should be fixing the link for the QA test images, which apparently where not working16:22
scott-work_len: which image are you grabbing?  is it the i386 or the 64 bit?16:41
scott-work_holstein: do you think you might be able to test an image or two today?16:41
holsteinscott-work_: hmmm... let me see when i make it home this afternoon19:48
TheMusoscott-work: Not sure, he asked to be added, so I guess so...20:43
micahgscott-work_: infinity wanted the ability to fix the seeds if something was broke, for the other seeds, core-dev is a member of the management team20:49
micahgI ended up fixing it for him yesterday20:49
scott-work_TheMuso: micahg:  my apologies, i didn't realize that conrad was inifinity, that makes more sense now :)20:51
* micahg is curious if the US images are working now20:51
* scott-work_ is too21:36
scott-work_but i won't be able to find out for another 2.4 hours21:36
scott-work_going to pick up kids and go home and test the ISO, but i probably still have a few hours before i'll be free to actually test it22:25

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