fish_i've wrote a upstart job, pretty simple. with 'start on filesystem' and a script block creating some directories10:47
fish_but it doesn't get started. I already tried to run initctl emit filesystem but this seems not to start it either10:48
fish_uhm looks like its more or less the same job as the rsyslog job. and that job works (-> it get started when emitting 'filesystem' event)10:51
fish_looks like I can't start the job manually either.. according to strace it seems like it's stopping right after the first != 0 return code is found11:01
fish_ok fixed that issue and then fixed another issues and lerned about tasks vs services. now it's a task but another job depending on that task doesn't start11:23
JanCfish_: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#debugging-a-script-which-appears-to-be-behaving-oddly14:41
JanCall script sections are run with "/bin/sh -e", which indeed makes the shell exit after the first non-zero return code14:43
fish_JanC: thanks!15:01
=== fish is now known as fish_
notwafflesI'm trying to put together an upstart job to run browsermob-proxy but the stop command doesn't seem to work, does anyone have any experience with this?16:11

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