LouchebemBonsoirs, ya t'il des gens qui pourais m'aide car j'ai un problemme pour installer mon wifi sur mon linux xubuntu 10.11 ? je suis nouveau01:43
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en fran├žais, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.01:45
Louchebemokays merci01:45
sp4zHi, I have the following problem when connecting to a cisco vpn using VPNC and trying to ping anything in the new network "ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted" cant ssh or anything03:10
sp4zanyone know how to fix?03:11
holsteinyou've checked http://blog.technogeek.biz/2009/05/ping-sendmsg-operation-not-permitted-in.html and other places?03:12
sp4zholstein, yep03:13
holsteinany further errors?03:13
sp4zholstein, ipmasq is not a command on my system03:14
zhuangWhy can't I see my programs that are currently open in the taskbar?03:25
holsteinmaybe you got rid of the area that displays open applications... maybe you are on a different desktop and have it setup where you can only see the ones running on the others...03:29
zhuangi do have other desktops than XFCE...gnome, scrotwm and a few others that I can access through gdm...03:30
zhuangis this what you are referring to?03:30
holsteinnope... workspaces... virtual desktops... whatever you want to call them03:30
holsteinOK.. then you have removed the open application viewer03:31
zhuangactually, when I roll my scroll on my mouse, i go from my open windows to my desktop03:31
holsteinyup... you go to other virtual desktops... that can be it03:31
holsteinif you dont use them, get rid of them03:31
zhuangokay, i have my workspaces set to 1 now03:32
zhuanguhm, for whatever reason, after doing alt+f2, and typing in xfce4-panel03:33
zhuangand running it, i still dont see anything that displays my open applications03:33
holsteinOK.. its something you can add or remove from the panel03:34
zhuangif it makes any difference, i downloaded the xubuntu de from ubuntu software center while i was in the GNOMEclassic DE, then when I was prompted to choose the setup, I chose my custom open, and it created 1 panel for me03:34
holsteini would suggest either loading up the live CD, or making a new user account.. look in there and learn about what you need to have for that functionality03:34
zhuangwell i'm currently on firefox searching but i haven't been able to find anything03:34
McGuyveron my panel it's called "Window Buttons"03:35
zhuangjust tried xfce4 --replace in alt+f2 because a user on xubuntu forums is having the same problem...no dice03:37
holsteinzhuang: correct.. its something that has been removed from the panel03:38
holsteinrestarting or starting the panel wont help since its not containing that functionality in the current state03:38
zhuangah, i see. can't replace something that isnt even there...03:38
holsteinyou can see the default layout in the live CD, or in a new user account though03:38
lightahey there no ant channel ?03:57
newguyHi all04:48
beataHeya, I'm going to look into it more tomorrow (near bedtime): I have display corruption on shutdown, on two different systems. I'll need to check if it does it with a plain install. Just wondered if any y'all had it happen.05:23
dbbhi all - I just wanted to share with you the good news, that the XUbuntu-based OSGeo Live Disk v5.5 has gone golden master.. due to be handed out to most attendees at 10 international conferences in the next 6 months, so I hear.. thanks XUbuntu06:28
nanotubedbb: nice! :)06:44
NyLeshi, how will i know if Xubuntu is using the right driver for my video card?08:23
well_laid_lawnNyLes: lspci | grep -i vga   will tell what card it is and then check /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see what driver is being used08:47
NyLeshi, i have an ATI video card, and Ubuntu only use vesa, how will  i force ubuntu to use ati driver?09:27
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto09:28
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NyLeshelp, I've tried glxgears and the highest FPS is only 53.. what am i missing?11:03
bazhangNyLes, a good video card11:21
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto11:36
Kingsyguys, how do you change file associations in xubuntu ?12:07
Starni know.. this is not the right place that #windows probably is.. but i confused them or they confused me.. one of the two.. i am wanting to add a bash command i guess into the windows terminal..  i just wanna run irssi without having to type cd C:\irssi\   than ./irssi-cmd.bat   just to load it... i would much rather do like in xubuntu and type irssi  than it load.. like magic..12:10
Starni am hoping some one uses windows and is good at it.. and uses xubuntu.. to understand what i just said.12:10
Kingsya bash command? you mean add irssi to the path? can you even run irssi on windows?12:11
Starnyeah they have a native port on windows i am actually using it.. almost half the apps i use on xubuntu is on windows even gedit and nano..12:12
Starneven my music player clementine.12:12
Starnpretty shocking huh Kingsy ? it's the beauty of open source.. often works on all OS's..12:13
Kingsyanyway, just add the binary to your windows path so you can run it with "irssi"12:13
Kingsyhaha yeah12:13
StarnKingsy: how do i do that?? i don't know anything about windows in this department :( also would it be possible for you to pm me or explain in #windows so we don't get into trouble? lol12:14
KingsyStarn: yeah this isnt the place .. I would google it12:15
Starngoogle gave me a list of very confusing stuff.. ugh... linux so much easier ..12:16
Thermiwhoever manages http://torrent.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/oneiric/release/ ... SHAME ON YOU!13:02
Starnwhat for Thermi ?13:03
Thermitry to download a torrent.13:03
Thermijust try.13:03
Thermithe .torrent file.13:03
Thermiit will give you an error13:03
Starn<--- in windows.. scared to get a virus.13:03
Thermiisos don't work13:04
Thermibut .torrents do now13:04
Thermiwhat. the .fuck13:04
bazhangThermi, no cursing here13:04
Starni don't.. yeah ok bazhang just said it nvm.. was going to say i don't think we're allowed to say things like that.13:04
PiciWhats the issue.  I can download the torrent file itself just fine here.13:05
bazhangworks perfectly here Thermi13:05
Starnso no virus? if not i can test as well13:06
bazhangno virus13:06
PiciWhy would there be a virus on a file hosted on one of the main Ubuntu mirrors?13:07
Starni don't know i just now noticed it was on the main mirrors...13:07
StarnThermi: it works just fine.. even a very fast download speed..13:07
Starndo you have your torrent client setup correctly? as well as fwd'ed ports if needed?13:08
bazhangyep, maxing my dl speed13:08
Starnappears to have a lot of seeders.. Thermi what torrent program are you using maybe someone can help make sure it's setup properly?13:09
Starnhey bazhang you any good configuring sound under xubuntu?13:13
ThermiStarn the problem was, that there were .iso files in the same directory, so i first tried those, but it failed.13:16
ThermiWhy can i even see them if they aren't supposed to be downloaded=13:17
Starnumm? i'm not 100% sure what you asked Thermi. but if i understood.. it's because your os displays files in the middle of being downloaded.. and also saves portions of the files even when canceled?13:20
Thermiyou got it wrong13:20
Thermii'm talking about http://torrent.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/oneiric/release/13:20
Starnyes.. and the .torrent works just fine.13:21
Thermithe .iso files give me Forbidden.13:21
ThermiWhy am I seeing them, if i'm not supposed to try to download them?13:21
Thermiand why are they even there13:21
Starnit's probably so the .torrent can access the files.13:21
Starnthe files have to be seeded from somewhere before anyone else can seed.13:22
Thermiyou mean the server torrent.ubuntu.com is also a seeder for the torrent?13:22
Starni believe so.13:22
Thermiwell that makes sense then13:22
Starnit's how blizzard works for their torrent downloads.13:22
Starnit just saves bandwidth to have more seeders for the original seed.13:23
Starnhey in irssi how do i close a channel?? i kinda have a lot of channels.....13:26
Pici/wc to close a window13:28
Starnthanks Pici.13:28
xslis there a way to define the positioning of a panel that does not use positioning="x=number y=number" but use positioning"x=bottom y=bottom"15:33
kuldeepdhakawhat is the minimum hdd size require for xubuntu installation....16:03
kuldeepdhakawhat is the minimum hdd size require for xubuntu installation?16:03
holsteini would say 8gb's would be comfortable.. i would think fitting on 4gb's would be tight16:03
kuldeepdhakawill it fit on a 4gb pendrive16:04
holsteinyou can try it.. i think it'll be tight16:04
holsteinim not a big fan of the persistent live usb installs, but that might be an excellent case for one16:05
kuldeepdhakais there any linux that is graphical ,user friendly  and can run on a thin client16:05
kuldeepdhakawant to use thin client as os16:06
kuldeepdhakapersonal computr16:06
holsteindepends on the hardware what performance you should get, but id say any should do the job16:06
kuldeepdhaka1Ghz processor, vio ,,,1gb harddisk,512 mb ram16:07
holsteinsure.. it wont matter the specs so much as the specific hardware vendors and driver support... its just a computer for all intents and purposes.. the fact that its a "thin client" wont matter16:08
kuldeepdhakawill xubuntu will install on 3.8 GB16:08
holsteinkuldeepdhaka: you can try it... i would want 6+gb's16:09
holsteinyou can always do the live persistent thing which should be a little bigger than the iso image16:09
holsteinor, just get a bigger USB stick for cheap16:09
kuldeepdhakais thr any other linux that can work16:10
holsteinkuldeepdhaka: sure.. *any* should work16:11
kuldeepdhakai need a linux that can work like os[ubuntu,fedora,debian] but have light graphics and can fit on a 3.8 gb Stick...16:14
holsteinkuldeepdhaka: cool.. if you do a live persistent install and *any* of those.. that should be slightly larger than the downloaded iso image, which should be around 700mb's.. OR you can try something like puppy linux or knoppix.. literally *any* of them should work with that hardware, and all of the run live16:16
holsteini say try them live, and install.. you wont break any USB sticks trying to install, and it shouldnt take long either (maybe even only 15 minutes)16:17
kuldeepdhakaholstein, thank you16:37
leo-unglaubhi guys, witch backup toold do you reccoment for non-technical people like my mom17:58
leo-unglaubnormaly i use rsync, but in her case a versioning would be nice to17:58
leo-unglaubSysi: is this tool working with thunar integration? or is it stand alone?17:59
Sysiseparate app18:00
leo-unglaubokay, thanks!18:01
lartzaHow big of an upgrade will 12.04 be? Will it be seamless to upgrade?18:36
lartzaI noticed I am always installing ubuntu and it's deriatives right before the next release...18:37
beataI end up doing much the same... then reverting back because they've done over the UI yet again. At least with xubuntu, even though I don't have the UI I want, I have one I can live with. ;)18:52
ph0x1337have internal mic issues on xubuntu 11.1018:53
baizonhi hi20:49
nelson8874I have xubuntu 11.10. I changed the definitions of the mouse to move the slowest (definitions/definitions manager/mouse), but still i think it moves to fast. Is it possible to make it moves MORE slower?20:52
nelson8874I have xubuntu 11.10. I changed the definitions of the mouse to move the slowest (definitions/definitions manager/mouse), but still i think it moves to fast. Is it possible to make it moves MORE slower?20:54
nelson8874I have xubuntu 11.10. I changed the definitions of the mouse to move the slowest (definitions/definitions manager/mouse), but still i think it moves to fast. Is it possible to make it moves MORE slower?21:39
nelson8874please, someone?21:43
ChristopherNgknome: need to speak asap23:19
ChristopherNglet me know when you are there or i will need to send you a mail, you are tougher to get hold of than Obama.23:20
MyrttiChristopherNg: it's 1.21AM in Finland...23:22
ChristopherNgMyrtti: he is finnish?23:22
ChristopherNgI see thought he was american23:22
ChristopherNgwhere are you from?23:22
ChristopherNgwell i guess europe aswell23:23
ChristopherNgjust thought more americans here23:23
GridCubeChristopherNg, thats a pretty wrong guess :P23:25
donavan01so I switched over to xubuntu desktop and wondered if there is a way to get the icons off the desktop and just have them accessible from the launcher (ADW I think)23:38
donavan01what ever the launch at the bottom is ... reminds me of ADW from a few years back probably isnt23:39
donavan01my bad it was AWN not ADW ... too much time in android world I guess23:44
GridCubedonavan01, its just a panel23:47
GridCubeif you want more launchers on it, drag and drop from the drop down start menu to the panel23:48
GridCubeyou can configure the desktop to not show any icon whatsoever, but i usually let the automount icon on, just so when using a pendrive it appears on the desktops23:49
donavan01no its not the launcher that is the issue I didnt want the icons on my desktop I have a few drive partitions that I dont want to show up becasue there factory restore and my windows partition23:49
GridCube!fstab | edit fstab donavan01, adding the disks to automount on startup on some directory and they wont show up in the desktop anymore23:51
ubottuedit fstab donavan01, adding the disks to automount on startup on some directory and they wont show up in the desktop anymore: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions23:51
knomeChristopherNg, humm?23:55
knomeMyrtti, are you suggesting i'm in bed at 1am?23:55
MyrttiI am23:59

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