rajusome one please help me with thin clients installation06:39
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capecarnationwill edubuntu run fine on a machine with 256MB ram and a 2.5GHz Intel Celeron?  that machine will 'crawls' under windows, pinguy os, etc.  we just bought a second laptop computer and now want to pass down this old tower machine to our five year old son and he is excited to have his own computer :)07:47
tsimpson256 MB is a little low, but it should chug along. though the only real test is to try it and see07:50
tsimpsonhaving said that, there are a couple of low-memory variants. like, xubuntu and lubuntu07:50
capecarnationokay, i really appreciate you getting back to me.  i am admittedly new to this ... okay, i've gone back and forth between windows and linux for years, too dumb to master linux but smart enough to know that windows is a headache.07:51
tsimpsonnewer OSs generally want more and more RAM as they progress, so the mainstream desktops like GNOME and KDE may struggle on low memory systems. but xfce (xubuntu) and lxde (lubuntu) are designed to be low memory, so applications will have more resources available to them07:53
capecarnationwasn't xubuntu dropped from development funding, and handed over to the community?  i've not seen lubuntu.  that old machine was running ubuntu 11.x and it really was slow.  i'm not sure if the motherboard will take bigger ram, would it make much of a difference if it did?07:53
tsimpsonI don't think xubuntu was ever commercially supported by Canonical, but that doesn't mean it stopped07:54
tsimpsonmore RAM generally will make your system more responsive, but it's not always that simple07:55
capecarnationlooks like the machine will take up to 1GB, if i got that would the crawling stop or be at a minimum?07:56
capecarnationi thought i had read that xbuntu had been commercially supported for 7 years ( or something like that ) and that they just said "enough, it's failing".  i might be thinking of another distribution.07:57
tsimpson1GB is usually sufficient, especially for "normal" use07:57
capecarnationi have used kde, gnome and fluxbox, and might have seen xfce.  how do xfce and lxde compare to kde and gnome in terms of user interaction?07:58
capecarnationi appreciate you taking the time to help me with this.  i really don't want to throw that old computer away.  it broke my hear tonight when we were at best buy and our son was asking me "can i get a laptop?" :)07:58
tsimpsonI find xfce a little too space, especially when coming form a fuller GUI experience like gnome and KDE07:59
tsimpsonbut lxde is a nice interface07:59
tsimpsonI suppose, just in terms of looks, lxde is more of a KDE style interface08:00
tsimpsonthat is, it has a panel at the bottom, and one main menu where you launch applications from08:00
tsimpsonI haven't actually used xfce in a while, was a little put off by the very space interface08:01
tsimpsonI found lxde quite usable though08:01
capecarnationi am taking a look at lxde, thank you :)08:03
capecarnationis unity installed along with lubuntu?  i loathe unity.08:10
tsimpsonno, unity is only on "Ubuntu"08:10
capecarnationok, good :)08:10
highvoltagestgraber: I see debconf 13 will be in switzerland :)16:36
stgraberhighvoltage: oh, was Vaumarcus the winning town?16:36
highvoltagestgraber: Riga, Latvia16:37
stgraberhighvoltage: you're confusing? :)16:39
stgraberwithout a question mark even :)16:39
stgraberif it's in Vaumarcus, NE, then it's roughly 30min walking distance from my parent's place and I've been to the proposed location several times (Le Camp) and have friends living a few minutes away ;)16:40
highvoltagestgraber: http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/publicity/announcements/en/drafts/dc13-in-switzerland.wml?revision=3244&view=markup17:26
stgraberhighvoltage: cool, I'll definitely arrange to be there then ;)17:29
highvoltagestgraber: :D17:35
stgraberweblive is down, transferring the VMs to another server, ETA 1.5 hours19:16
anjar_95Could any of you take a look on Miramath? It looks like a good alternative to MathCad, which is used in many schools/colleges.20:17
highvoltageanjar_95: it doesn't seem to be packaged yet, but we can look into it for a future release20:39
highvoltagepython + qt. nice. for a moment I was scared it's going to be java :)20:40
anjar_95I think it's good, but I haven't tried it yet. I've trouble installing it.20:41

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