rbelemScottK, awesome \o/02:47
* rbelem goes to update kubuntu-active-default-settings02:48
apacheloggeryofel: about the locale stuff... I wrote a patch for startkde some time ago that tries to extrapolate a sensible KDE default locale setting from the actual language setting05:00
apacheloggerde_DE would be germany, de_AT would be austria and so on05:01
apacheloggerrbelem: I was wondering where it is, not whether it is production ready :P05:04
apacheloggeranyone around still?05:05
ScottKapachelogger: We got our first kubuntu-active image today.05:11
ScottK(just i386 until we get the machinery working, but a start)05:11
apacheloggerso I have seen, good stuff05:12
* apachelogger is going to roll it onto the intel thing when he finds the time05:12
apacheloggerthat page is massive05:14
apacheloggerand yet fails to address my case05:14
apacheloggeragain no jon the tacko :(05:15
* apachelogger reports bug05:15
* apachelogger wonders how to update the cache from inside muon software center05:17
apacheloggerdantti: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/29/plasma-desktopLB2858.png05:24
apacheloggerI think I broke something05:24
danttiapachelogger:  :P05:25
danttiapachelogger: hmm did you changed the code?05:25
apacheloggerjust installed my pkg05:25
ScottKapachelogger: What's your case?05:26
apacheloggerit works with auto-setup stuff from cups, so I do have drivers installed05:26
apacheloggerScottK: me wanting to change plymouth theme05:26
apacheloggerand ksplash05:26
ScottKEasy enough.  UIFe05:26
apacheloggerso my course of action will be: file bug annoy people and go05:26
apacheloggerperhaps I should try the nokia approach to make it processed super fast... assign as many flipping managers as possible ^^05:27
apacheloggerdantti: only commit I do not have in that pkg should be 'Workaround problem with plasmoid.status for hidding the tray icon'05:28
apacheloggerunless I just installed the wrong snapshot05:28
apacheloggernope, right snapshot05:28
* apachelogger should totally report about this on the ml05:28
danttiapachelogger: ok, I'll check the code again...05:28
apacheloggermakes snapshot packages much easier to handle05:29
danttiapachelogger: ok it's broken I think I forgot to connect some signals :P05:29
danttithanks for the heads up ;)05:30
apacheloggerdidn't some software at some point mean to detect signal issues at buildtime05:30
apacheloggerqtcreator probably05:30
apacheloggeroh, I can't even freeze except yet as I am still waiting for info from nixternal05:34
apacheloggerScottK: or do you think it will be granted without the actual production code?05:35
* apachelogger is not quite sure what the 4 bit per pixel stuff is supposed to achieve other than making the splash broken05:35
ScottKDepends on how likely I think the change it to annoy Riddell.05:35
apacheloggerhe acked it already 2 weeks ago05:36
ScottKOh, then the paperwork is just a formality.  He can approve it.05:36
apacheloggernow if only nixternal would answer my aseigo-style mails :P05:37
apacheloggerincidentially enough we still need to decide what background image to use05:37
apacheloggerScottK: what is your opinion this: http://websvn.kde.org/*checkout*/trunk/KDE/kde-base-artwork/ksplashx-themes/default/800x600/background.png or proper ariya or find out why upstream used that gradient thing?05:38
ScottKI think I spend more time looking at Konsole than any other KDE thing and I'm not well qualified to have an opinion on such stuff.05:39
* apachelogger notes that he finds the gradient for a splash much nicer, but it screws with a streamlined login experience as it would be gradient in plymouth -> ariya in kdm -> gradient in ksplash -> ariya in plasma05:39
apacheloggerScottK: that does not help :P05:39
apacheloggerthat is ariya only05:40
apacheloggerhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~apachelogger/tmp/20120110_002.mp4 that other thing05:41
apacheloggerdantti: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/29/plasma-desktopXk2858.png05:44
apacheloggerdantti: I think you broke my cups :P05:44
ScottKapachelogger: I like the traditional startup thingy with that pretends like it's showning you progress of system startup.05:45
danttiapachelogger: :P seems like cupsd is not running .. 05:45
apacheloggerwhat our theme needs is a cirucular busy indicator05:45
danttiweird never saw that...05:45
apacheloggerthat dot thing is utter crap IMHO05:46
apacheloggerit moves like a progresss bar05:46
apacheloggerexcept it is not05:46
apacheloggerI have had people ask me whether something is wrong with that thing highlighting dots in rounds + slow startup05:46
apachelogger(actually if something is broken that is how plymouth will behave in quite a few cases ;))05:47
apacheloggere.g. kdm not starting IIRC05:47
apacheloggerdantti: can't reproduce it though05:47
apacheloggerdantti: also what it says there is not useful :P05:47
danttiapachelogger: it's the cups response..05:48
apacheloggerthat is still not useful :P05:48
apacheloggerreally can't reproduce it, that is jolly odd05:49
* apachelogger loves how sexxi the kcm is05:50
danttiapachelogger: thanks, hopefully I'll be able to put the same love on others kcms...05:51
danttiSS is really needing love... :P05:51
apacheloggerneeded all over the place05:51
apacheloggerthe system pref button is oddly placed though05:52
apacheloggervisually it appears to belong to the printer really05:53
danttiyes, I haven't find a good place for it...05:53
* apachelogger wonders what to do about l10n05:54
danttimaybe I should add a configure buttom bellow "Open queue", and let the current Configure became configure Server...05:54
apacheloggernot server please05:54
apacheloggerpeople need not know that printing is down by a server/daemon ;)05:55
danttiapachelogger: btw did you saw I changed the supply levels stuff?05:55
danttiapachelogger: forgot to post on my blog... http://simplest-image-hosting.net/png-0-plasma-desktopo1987905:56
apacheloggerno, cause I cannot add my printer :P05:56
* apachelogger uses the power of plug'n'print05:56
apacheloggerbug 377220 made me smile today ^^05:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 377220 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "Brown splash in Kubuntu" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37722005:58
danttiapachelogger: ok found the bug :P05:58
apacheloggerclassic let's close and hope no one notices move05:58
* apachelogger knows cuz he pulled it plenty of times too :P05:58
danttiit was introduced with the mass rework of the internals06:01
danttiapachelogger: ok fix pushed, 06:03
danttiit's 3am now, (I was watching a movie...) so gnight...06:04
apacheloggernini dantti, thanks for the fix :)06:05
* dantti is off to bed06:06
* apachelogger picks his nose while waiting for lunchpad06:09
apacheloggerI am building but actually I finished an estimated 12 seconds ago06:15
apacheloggerdantti: packages on the way to kubuntu experimental, let's see how that works out06:16
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Riddelltesters testers keep testing!10:35
* Riddell doing upgrade tests today10:35
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Computing | Beta 1 testing help neede | Precise: Feature Freeze, time to squish beasties | Iso testing http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/208/builds | http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/group/topic-precise-flavor-kubuntu.html TODOs! | Kubuntu is alive and weller than before!! Read:http://wp.me/pQ8xr-gr | Jussi's new baby's name is Elodi! :)
Riddellagateau: are you able to tell the kde-telepathy people what needs to be done to add message indicator support?11:33
agateauRiddell: probably, need to have a look11:33
agateauRiddell: but iirc it already appears in the message indicator, just with the wrong name11:33
Riddellerr really?11:34
agateauah no11:34
agateauI thought the empathy icon was kde-telepathy, but it really is empathy :/11:34
RiddellI mean just pointing them at the libraries and plasma applet source so they can work with it (and telling them it would help keep it in kubuntu for 12.04)11:35
agateauca ndo11:43
agateau*can do11:44
* agateau off to get food11:44
Peace-do you know how to load kde open dialo with gtk apps?12:18
=== yofel changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Computing | Beta 1 testing help needed | Precise: Feature Freeze, time to squish beasties | Iso testing http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/208/builds | http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/group/topic-precise-flavor-kubuntu.html TODOs! | Kubuntu is alive and weller than before!! Read:http://wp.me/pQ8xr-gr | Jussi's new baby's name is Elodi! :)
Riddellyofel: topicdiff?13:03
yofeltypo: neede -> needed13:04
ghostcubehello folks :)13:41
ghostcubewill 12.04 be lts ?13:42
ghostcubeok  thx for the info :)13:42
BluesKajHi all13:50
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MamarokWhy is Aknadi not in the systemsettings anymore? It's a bit complicated to configure it through the tray, and not easy to discover14:29
Mamarokis this a KDE problem or specific to Kubuntu?14:30
Mamaroknvm, found it, but that is really a discoverability problem14:31
Riddellakonadi isn't really something users should be aware of, so it's probably a change by upstream14:32
BluesKajRiddell,  wish there was an option to exclude it during the install process14:35
Riddellit's a fundemental part of KDE14:36
BluesKajRiddell,  perhaps a "home user" edition could be developed with optional kde fundamentals :)14:41
apacheloggeranyone understands the last comment of bug 37722014:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 377220 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "Brown splash in Kubuntu" [Low,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37722014:46
Riddellapachelogger: he's pointing out that splashscreens need to be trivial14:47
Riddellif anything complex is in a splashscreen then it takes as long to load the splash screen as it does the app14:47
Riddellwhich is what happened in KDE 3 with ksplash14:48
apacheloggernow read comment 2 and 3 and 514:49
Riddellyes alternatives could work14:50
Riddellso maybe he didn't read that idea14:50
apacheloggerso I do not get how his comment asks my question14:50
Riddellof course my preferred solution would be to wait for calligra then switch to calligra14:50
apacheloggerthat is the proper solution14:50
apacheloggerhowever in the meantime we need a workaround ;)14:51
Tm_TMamarok: the reason why akonadi configuration is hidden is because it isn't meant to need any configuration14:51
Riddellapachelogger: best to make patches for the packaging and reopen the bug14:51
apacheloggerthat is the plan, then write angry mails about kubuntu bugs not being taken serious enough14:52
* apachelogger really needs to go do groceries though14:52
Peace-Tm_T: i hate akonadi i would like remove it14:52
Tm_TPeace-: then do remove14:53
Tm_TI have no need to hate it at this point (:14:53
BluesKajPeace-,  don't unless you want the kubuntu-desktop to be removed as well 14:53
Peace-nepo and akonadi the most hated apps on kubuntu xD14:53
Peace-BluesKaj: kubuntu-desktop it's metapackage so i guess there is no problem 14:54
apacheloggerthere is14:54
apacheloggerits presence is a requirement for a kubuntu upgrade14:54
Peace-Tm_T: :) removing akonadi mmmm remove kde :D14:55
apachelogger(e.g. you might not get a new print managing system, or ppa upgrades might fail)14:55
Peace-he following packages will be REMOVED:14:55
Peace-  akonadi-server akregator apport-kde apturl-kde blogilo braindump calligra calligra-dev   calligra-libs calligra-map-shape calligraflow calligramobile calligraplan calligrastage bal balbal14:55
Tm_TPeace-: I am aware, now you're aware too how important it is (;14:56
Peace-but i hate it xD14:56
* Peace- call me War14:56
apacheloggersurely there is a dep wron14:57
apacheloggerwhat package did you remove?14:59
BluesKajPeace-, yes I my mistake I should have said most of kde 14:59
BluesKajTm_T,  that's the problem , akonadi and nepomuk aren't important to home users and they're a drag on the resources of older pcs 15:06
apacheloggermail is not important to home users?!15:07
BluesKajapachelogger,  not kmail, as it stands there's thunderbird , gmail etc 15:10
BluesKajkmail doesn't work with my ISP email15:11
debfxBluesKaj: at least in precise akonadi isn't started if you don't use it15:11
BluesKajdebfx,  I had to disable akonadi after trying to set up kmail which failed due akonadi's inability to connect tom my ISP's email server15:13
debfxBluesKaj: what I'm saying is that there is no need to remove akonadi. you can avoid it by not starting any kde pim application.15:17
BluesKajdebfx,  agreed , but I'm expanibg why kmail and akondi aren't necesary for home users ...kmail used to be a decent email program til the decision to tie it to akonadi and a databse requirement  in kde4 .. I miss the old kamil from kde315:19
BluesKajkmail from kde315:20
Peace-apachelogger: akonadi-server 15:31
Peace-i use gmail 15:31
Peace-browser :)15:31
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sheytanagateu: is there any repo for 11.04 with the newest lightdm-kde?18:01
Riddellkubuntu active works but loads plasma-desktop :)18:02
KRFRiddell: yo. this commit should make your CMake hacks in downstream redundant: http://quickgit.kde.org/index.php?p=amarok.git&a=commit&h=7b72c3bdc7964aa32be8c94e4d18304be8b3b0c818:02
Riddellrbelem: have you got anywhere with a startup script?18:02
RiddellKRF: oh nice, thanks18:03
bambee_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sco6mBTK9MI :D18:14
Riddellwhat is it bambee_ ?18:14
bambee_a super mario bros remix with chuck norris :D18:15
Riddellwho is he?18:15
RiddellI just know him as an internet meme18:15
bambee_you don't know chuck norris ? do you know walker texas ranger ? delta force ?18:16
yofelbambee_: britain has Mr. Bean, they do not need chuck norris :P18:17
Riddellthis must all be French culture I'm unfamiliar with :)18:17
bambee_http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Norris  <--- there is a rumor on the internet and in the world that chuck norris is immortal18:17
bambee_(see his movies, and you will understand why)18:17
bambee_Riddell: chuck norris is american :)18:18
KRFRiddell: hey there, do you live behind the moon?18:20
RiddellKRF: umm, depends on what angle you're looking at me from I guess18:22
Riddellwould I know any of his films?18:23
bambee_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvmEZiIX3Yg&feature=related :D18:30
Riddellrbelem: installing startactive and running that script doesn't do much18:35
RiddellI just get a blank screen and maybe a wallpaper eventually18:35
Riddellit doesn't start plasma-device18:35
Riddellrbelem: http://people.canonical.com/~jriddell/tmp/startactive-test.log18:38
* Riddell reports bug 94347818:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 943478 in kubuntu-active-meta (Ubuntu) "doesnae work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94347818:41
rbelemRiddell, i will be in home in one hour21:01
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rbelemRiddell, one hour more :-(23:25
rbelemRiddell, did you upload the startactive and the new kde-active-artwork?23:27

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