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gglitchQuestion: if I, as a user of Xubuntu 11.10, install kubuntu-desktop, to have the option of logging into either one, what exactly will happen? I know a bunch of kde stuff will be downloaded and installed, but will KDE stuff run in the background even when I'm logged into xfce?02:34
gglitchAnd will it affect the appearance of my xfce environment?02:34
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James147gglitch: kde shouldnt run if you are not loged into a kde session02:38
gglitchJames147: No Akonadi, no Nepomuk, none of that?02:38
James147gglitch: unless xfce session starts them they should not run and I don't think xfce starts programs randomly :)02:40
L3topI need to supress kde from starting on first boot from a livecd. Anybody got any good ideas?02:53
L3topafter being installed that is02:53
James147L3top: what are you trying to achieve?02:54
gglitchJames147: I'll give it a shot. Thank you.02:55
L3topA customized iso. Our post installer picks up there and prepares our X environment but kde pops up prior to finish and reboot.02:55
L3topI have overwritten /etc/X11/default-display-manager, but that isnt enough.02:56
L3topor... perhaps I am not hitting it soon enough, and then again too late.02:57
L3topI am having issues with d-i preseed/late_command.02:57
L3topI am not sure the heaps of crap I am throwing at it are killing it or it simply isn't being called.02:57
L3topearly is working.02:58
sfearsL3top: remove ubiquity from the startup string02:58
James147L3top: boot into init level 3 (add "3" to the kernel options) to boot into single user mode02:58
L3topI require the ubiquity installer, then on reboot I want it gone.02:58
L3topI am using the ubiquity-kde-frontend to walk users through the install, and we give users an option to use kde desktop from our environment... however... I just seem to have a chicken and egg scenarion.03:00
L3topcan I specify a reboot init level?03:00
James147L3top: dont think so..03:01
L3topI think I need to sort my preseed late command.03:01
James147L3top: what exactly do you want to happen?03:01
L3topwhat I would ideally have happen is that my post installer run chrooted which does... rather a lot.03:02
L3topIncluding dealing with kde suppression03:02
L3topkde kdm... not sure the proper acronym tbh03:03
James147L3top: whats the purpose of supressing kdm on the first boot? (jsut wondering if your taking that hard approch to solving a problem with other solutions)03:04
L3topSo I have to bind dev, mount /dev/pts /sys /proc then chroot /target, fire mysqld backgrounded for version control03:04
L3topBecause it only runs for a few minutes and reboots03:04
L3topinto our setup wizard03:05
James147L3top: from what I know ubuntu has an OEM install option ^^03:05
James147http://askubuntu.com/questions/36671/how-to-make-an-oem-install  i think kubuntu has something similar... might want to see if that can do waht you want03:07
L3topIm not sure I follow03:07
L3topI have to create this from a scratch debootstrapped image from our builder...03:08
L3topand I have a live boot option...03:08
L3topbut I will look03:08
L3topthank you.03:08
James147L3top: it allows you to install *ubuntu, boot and configure the system, then (run a command) and shutdown the system... the user then gets a setup wizard when they first start the computer03:08
L3topI have been building this process for about a month now though... and this is the last piece03:08
James147L3top: at the very least you can find the software they use and see how they did it ^^03:09
L3topyes... I will definitely look into it.03:09
James147L3top: and I am guessing that you are trying to reimplment somehting similar?03:10
L3topone second... I will show you where I am at.03:14
L3topJames147, boots here http://i43.tinypic.com/69ksux.png goes here (progress bar not shown in vm for some reason) http://i41.tinypic.com/350jdxy.png ends then here http://oi43.tinypic.com/2a0doqp.jpg and in a perfect world, would reboot into our AVwizard.03:21
L3topfor now, I have an extra boot, because my preseed/late_command is not functioning, and I cant quite figure otu how to troubleshoot... but would like to submit this tonight so people can test03:22
L3topand testers will complain at the confusion of a kdm desktop asking for login03:22
L3topso my hack was a post install on startup with an extra reboot03:23
L3topand here I am03:23
L3topThe project is ginormous, and weird, so there isn't a cookie cutter solution to what we want.03:25
L3topwe incorporate asterisk, pluto, myth, vdr, xine, mame, hulu, etc ad nausium interactively. Everything talks to everything... there is a lot of plumbing... and over 4million lines of our own code... so... the install process isn't straightforward... nor the build process.03:29
L3topso this needs to be automated to spit snaps on daily builds03:29
L3topand as I said... late_command is my last real hurdle for a working process.03:29
brianp1992can anyone explain what the KDE is?03:41
James147brianp1992: Might want to read http://userbase.kde.org/What_is_KDE03:49
ubuHello !!! ALL!!!04:18
ThyratiaFun fact: If you have ReKonq running while doing a 'sudo apt-get upgrade' then it forgets what http is and tries to open all images in Gwenview.04:52
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fede Hi, I have a problem with konsole. I can't get it to show more than 2 colors. ┬┐How can I solve this?05:46
James147fede: how are you testing it?05:57
fedeI changed the color theme but nothing happens05:57
fedealso set the enviroment to TERM=xterm-color05:58
fedebut that didn't do it either05:58
fedeis very difficult to use the terminal without visual help, I see all the files and directories with the same color06:01
James147fede: when happens if you "ls --color=auto"06:04
fedethat worked06:07
fedebut how can I apply this by default?06:07
Unit193You can add it to your bashrc.06:10
fede--color=auto ?06:10
Unit193There should be an alias section already in there, and I have that by default with install.06:11
fedeyes, but making an alias it's not a good solution, it just fixes the ls command06:12
fedeIt would be nice if I can get al the colors to display correctly06:12
fedemaybe adding a line to the .bashrc, but I have no idea how06:13
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deus_morning :)08:39
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deus_When I create a VPN connection using the standard KDE Network Connections Interface, and connect to the vpn server (PPTP) not all trafic is routed over the VPN connection. How can I enforce that all my traffic goes over the vpn? Basically the same thing as enabling the "Use Default Gateway on Remote Network" on a Windows VPN connection.08:42
deus_Basically, to get a properly working VPN connection, I now have to boot into Windows. This is kinda ridiculous :(08:44
viKtor_hi guys what app can i use to scan into pdf files?09:23
deus_viKtor_: what do you mean with 'scan'?09:30
deus_like using a scanner and exporting the result to pdf?09:30
viKtor_deus_: documes with a scanner09:30
viKtor_i come from gnome and there i used xsane09:31
viKtor_but in kde, using skanlite doesn't export into pdf09:31
deus_viKtor_: hm that's strange. iirc it should be able to do that. What if try to print the file and then select 'print to document'?09:32
viKtor_after scanning it in jpg for exemple┬┐09:32
deus_viKtor_: indeed09:33
viKtor_ok ill try09:33
deus_viKtor_: I also use a program callend PDF Studio Pro. This is very similar to the windows Adobe PDF Professional (but it is still not as convenient as the latter). Nevertheless it comes with an option 'scan to pdf'. Never tried it though...09:35
deus_*Unfortunately PDF studio pro is not freeware. Not sure whether there is a free available09:35
artaojoysticks. how to get them calibrated right. ... used the kde joystick thing. it sure LOOKS calibrated to me .. but, the games I play don't see it that way at all ... sayyy Flight Gear .... the stick still pulls hard in two directions09:40
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fireballinSup all, i am trying to duel boot linux with Win 7 but before the gui starts it locks  up and i can see where it says "unable to Mount Image"12:01
MachtinHey there, is there any pre-set layout/color scheme or whatever to make everything rather dark, but keep good contrast for reading?12:49
MachtinMy problem is: If I apply a dark color scheme, I can't read the buttons in the dolphin panel on the left (places).12:50
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BluesKajHi all13:50
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BluesKajdesignbybeck,  did you manage to get to your desktop ?14:24
designbybeckYes BluesKaj, somehow my kubuntu-desktop got uninstalled14:25
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  did you remove akonadi or nepomuk , maybe ?14:25
designbybeckBluesKaj: yofel: said it had something to do with a ppa error, but I'm thinking it's fixed14:25
designbybecknot that i know of BluesKaj, i didn't type or select either one of those for removal14:26
yofelit is14:26
BluesKajhey yofel,  it is what ?14:27
yofelfixed by now, and was a broken dependency14:27
yofelwhich caused up to be "creative"14:28
BluesKajcreative ? you mean destructive :)14:28
BluesKajodd , what ppa would that be , yofel ?14:29
BluesKajhmm, I have those enabled14:30
yofelyou had to be unlucky enough to upgrade while it was broken, which was only a few hours14:30
designbybecki'm fast like that14:32
BluesKajok, I was busy doing my taxes yestreday afternoon ...must have paassed me by :)14:33
mr-richis there a way to tell muon/apper to ignore an update?14:48
BluesKajmr-rich,  turn off update notifications in muon14:52
mr-richBluesKaj: Can I do that for just a certian update? or would that apply to all?14:53
mr-richBluesKaj: I just want to ignore an update for one program ...14:53
designbybeckAny Users of RKWard for R stats in here??15:20
viKtor_could anybody tell me why kde is better than unity or gnome? i can't decide what to use and from now as far as i know i can't find a kde app that scan documents in pdf ext15:30
BluesKaj!pdf | viKtor_15:31
ubottuviKtor_: The Portable Document Format is created by Adobe; PDF files are viewable in Ubuntu with Xpdf, Okular, Evince and also Adobe Reader (free download, but closed source)15:31
James147viKtor_: you can mix applications from different desktop envrioments, there is no need to only use kde software in kde ^^15:31
viKtor_i'm not talking about viewing but also saving documents15:32
ubottuScanning software: Simple-Scan (GNOME), Xsane, the GIMP (GNOME), Kooka (KDE). For instructions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo and to see supported hardware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners - See also !OCR15:32
viKtor_for example, in gnome i used xsane that made all the hard work, i could make multiple scans at the same time15:33
viKtor_and saving them in pdf15:33
James147viKtor_: you can still use xscan in kde ^^15:33
James147xsane ^^15:33
viKtor_but i can't understand why, kde being called like the superior DE doesn't have a simple scan app for that :S15:34
BluesKajviKtor_,  you can use xsane in kde as well ...the gtk and kde apps all work on each other's desktop environments15:34
James147viKtor_: it does: http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Kooka but there dosnt seem to be much support behind it15:35
James147viKtor_: also http://www.kde.org/applications/graphics/skanlite/ ^^15:36
viKtor_BluesKaj: not in the gtk-free chakra :(15:36
James147viKtor_: you should be able to through bundles ^^15:37
James147(though I havnt looked at their bundles in a while)15:37
BluesKajviKtor_,  in some cases there15:37
BluesKajis no pure kde desktop , some gtk sacrifices mustr be made15:38
viKtor_yeah but i think community doesn't think it's an important app to have a bundle :S15:38
James147viKtor_: then make one, you are part of the community :)15:38
James147BluesKaj: and charka comes as close as you can :)15:39
BluesKajfor example I still use synaptic ...the kde package managers are awful IMO ...exqcpet for adept15:39
viKtor_so what i have to do is to scan one by one document, then save them as jpg or some other and then print as a pdf :S which is just one clickway with xsane15:39
viKtor_James147: is it possible? i have no idea! lol i mean i'm just an normal user and a translator but no a programmer hehe15:39
BluesKajviKtor_,  try skanlite15:40
BluesKaj!info skanlite15:40
ubottuskanlite (source: skanlite): image scanner for KDE 4 based on the KSane backend. In component main, is extra. Version 0.7-2ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 1079 kB, installed size 1504 kB15:40
James147!info skanlite | viKtor_15:40
ubottuviKtor_: please see above15:40
viKtor_BluesKaj: actually i'm talking about skanlite, is the one i use kooka isn't even in the official repositories15:40
BluesKajaccording to synaptic , "Skanlite can be considered to be the replacement of Kooka."15:41
James147viKtor_: charka has some nice documentation on creating bundles, read it and see if you can follow it :)15:41
viKtor_oh ill try15:42
James147viKtor_: also, scanning seems to be intergrated into kde applications if you have libksane installed :p15:42
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viKtor_by the way, in my humble opinion, i find chakra the best kde distro, but, what makes you using kubuntu instead? (i'm just curious)15:43
viKtor_James147: what do you mean?15:43
James147http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Kooka indicates koffice and kolourpaint can scan documents ^^ bet other kde applications can as well15:44
James147BluesKaj: its a kde focused distro based on archlinux15:44
BluesKajoh arhc , not my cuppa tea15:44
viKtor_BluesKaj: hehe don't worry15:45
James147viKtor_: personally I didn't like their complete lack of gtk application (except in bundles)... though I liked the bundles idea, I dont like how its only done for a small subset of applications :p15:45
viKtor_but choosing a kde or gnome distro also makes you choose the same apps no? for example if i love gnome app theres no point to use a kde distro15:46
viKtor_and viceversa15:46
BluesKajarchlinux crashed on my other pc , wouldn't even load the live cd , but tha was a couple of yrs ago15:46
James147BluesKaj: its simpler then arch, preinstalled everything you really need in a kde desktop, but dosnt hide the arch way of doing things15:46
viKtor_i find kde apps higer quality than gtk ones15:46
viKtor_dolphin... i couldn't live without it15:46
viKtor_it's just perfect15:46
designbybeckagrees with viKtor_ :)15:46
viKtor_same for some others (kdepim, amarok, okular, the amazing tomahawk)15:47
BluesKajexcept for the kdepim "suite" what a pita !15:47
soeeBluesKaj, here?15:48
BluesKajsoee,  here and there , yes15:48
soeeBluesKaj, i have one question15:48
viKtor_BluesKaj: don't you like kdepim?15:48
BluesKajwell, not kamil/akonadi15:49
soeei have new PC - all parts except hd, if i use my old hdd with new PC do i have to install whole system gain or all will work just fine ?15:49
BluesKajsoee,  hdd with kubuntu installed already ?15:50
James147soee: you might need to tweak some stuff, but it should just work15:50
viKtor_BluesKaj: for me after using evolution or thunderbird... i can say kdepim it's perfect (there're some app i just don't use like blogio or some other) but everything there its so well done15:50
viKtor_and integrated with google15:50
soeeBluesKaj, yes15:50
soeeJames147, graphic is newer g-force so the drivers i using shoudl work ?15:51
James147soee: should do, if not then its fixable15:51
soeeold PC g-force 8600gt new : 560 TI15:51
soeeok ill try at home later15:52
soeeif something go wrong ill contact you :D15:52
James147soee: contact the channel, if we arnt here someone else might be able to help15:53
BluesKajsoee,  not adviseable ...back up your data first , then reformat to / and /home partitions ...that's my advice ...too much guesswork about HW etc ...it might work , but it's pretty chancy15:53
soeeis there a chance taht if i use hdd with new p and that with old one something might not work with old configuration15:54
BluesKajsoee,  yes , there ould be problems15:54
BluesKajcould be15:54
soeeok, thank you im going home now15:55
soeecu later15:55
BluesKajI'm basically pi**ed off that kmail/akonadi won't work with my ISP email server ...dunno why16:01
DarthFrogBluesKaj: To avoid all those sorts of issues, I use Gmail with IMAP.  I have Gmail POP any mail that comes to my ISP (Shaw).16:22
DarthFrogAnother benefit is that my Gmail address is my permanent address and I can switch ISPs without changing my email address.16:22
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FanfareHi Folks have hughe probs with nvidia GeForce cards in PCIe slot.16:25
FanfareWhen i run it with noueau it works, slow but works. when i use nvidia-current or latest from nvidia system renders unusable slow.16:26
BluesKajDarthFrog, i use gmail as well, bu only with my gmail acct ..I also use thunderbird with my personal bell.net email acct16:26
DarthFrogAnd it suddendly stopped working with KMail but works with TBird?16:27
BluesKajFanfare,  are you runnig the recommended nvidia driver ?16:28
BluesKajbell .net wouldn'twork with kmail/akonadi from the start , DarthFrog16:28
DarthFrogWhat a nuisance.  Wonder why?16:29
BluesKajerrored out saying akonadi couldn't connect , no matter how I tried the settings16:30
DarthFrogI haven't used KMail in years.  Does it require Akonadi?16:31
BluesKajI even set up akonadi thru the router ..orgotten which ports ...it was awhile back16:31
FanfareBluesKaj: currently waiting for ssh login on that machine (amd64) with nvidias own driver installed (295.20)16:31
BluesKajFanfare,  proprietary , from the nvidia site ?16:32
FanfareBluesKaj: yes, currently trying that one with same effect as nvidia-current from repo. the only one that worked was nouveau, but slow16:34
BluesKajFanfare,  Iasked you aout the rec'd driver in addtonal drivers , open kmenu type driver in the search16:35
AndrewMaci just installed 11.04, i dont seem to have the same screen i see here: http://desktoplinuxreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Desktop1.jpg, I have no k menu etc, I installed with a usb drive from kubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso (couldnt find a specific netbook release)16:35
BluesKajdamn KB is dying here16:36
AndrewMacanyone know why?16:36
FanfareBluesKaj: sry, X is unusable!16:37
BluesKajAndrewMac,  which is it 11.04 or 11.10 ?16:37
AndrewMac11.10 sorry16:37
James147AndrewMac: what do you see instead?16:37
AndrewMaca top menu that looks kind of like the taskbar (just at the top), with a button far left that says menu, then search and launch16:38
AndrewMacnormal desktop has a search bar, some icons to things like contacts, multimedia, internet etc16:38
James147AndrewMac: thats plasma-netbook, which kubuntu now uses if it detects you are running a netbook16:38
James147AndrewMac: you can switch between the netbook version and the desktop version somewhere in system settings16:39
AndrewMacis there a netbook release that doesnt include plasma?16:39
James147AndrewMac: kde uses plasma... netbook or not16:40
AndrewMacah yes, if i switch to desktop i get the kmenu back and everything looks as it should ^_^16:41
James147AndrewMac: I would suggest giving them both a try, the netbook version is set up to work better on smaller screens16:42
James147AndrewMac: and both can be customised to your liking :)16:42
AndrewMaci dont like not having the kmenu since i dont know all the applications names off the top of my head16:42
AndrewMacand i find the searching interface a pain16:42
James147AndrewMac: you can add kmenu to the panel and change the desktop to a normal desktop in plasma-netbook (and still have the other features of the netbook version)16:43
AndrewMacJames147: awesome16:44
AndrewMacill have to play with it i see16:44
FanfareQ: How to completely shut down X? sudo service kdm stop leaves a running Xorg...16:45
James147Fanfare: that should work... if not try "sudo telinit 3"16:45
James147(sudo telinit 5 to switch back16:46
* BluesKaj wonders why system settngs hasn't desktop settings instead of hiding them in the workspace16:46
bentech4youhow to get system full report .like redhat's sysreport or like Sun explorer output16:46
James147bentech4you: What info are you looking for? kinfo might be what you want ^^16:47
DarthFrogkinfocenter, to be precise.16:48
James147DarthFrog: that sound about right ;)16:48
bentech4youactually i want to collect information through terminal..like redhat's sysreport oru Sun's Explorer output..complete information..including conncted hardware.failed hardware.installed software and all16:49
PiciFor a bug report? ubuntu-bug16:50
bentech4youno..not for bug report..actually i got one new pc with ubuntu.before taking that, i need to check the condation of that one16:51
James147bentech4you: hwinfo can give you info about your hardware, dpkg -l  will list you packages16:54
FanfareI really think the PCIexpress soket is brocken here...Any way to test?16:54
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mastavrahow are you17:43
excognachi all. I've got issues with amarok, previously i never had them.17:44
excognacI've reinstalled kubuntu, now it took a while that i manually made it play mp3. Fixed. But I can't add now files from a mounted ntfs partition17:45
excognacjust play17:45
James147excognac: they play fine, you just cannot add the to the collection?17:46
James147excognac: I assume you have added the folder to your collection: Amarok > Settings > Configure Amarok > Collection17:47
excognacJames147: nope sorry, just discovered these files are wma-s. my fault.17:47
mastavraI am searching for someone17:47
James147excognac: you might want to (if you havent already) install kubuntu-restricted-extras to install all restricted codecs17:48
excognacJames147: wow, I just enabled multiverse rep. and then tried to but unable to locate package17:52
James147"kubuntu-restricted-extras"  should be there: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=kubuntu-res&searchon=names&suite=oneiric&section=all17:54
James147excognac: did you apt-get update after adding the repo?17:54
excognacJames147: sure i did17:55
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excognacJames147:  success, thanks for your help. Shall I keep multiverse as a repository?18:02
James147excognac: yes, otherwise you wont get updates18:02
excognacJames147: fair enough. but is it secure?18:02
* James147 thought it was enabled by default ^^18:03
James147excognac: its more secure then letting your application not get security updates18:03
excognacok. great18:04
kubuntuHi, I installed ubuntu in a windows machine but somehow I couldn't boot windows18:21
kubuntu# grub-install /dev/sda18:21
kubuntu/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?)18:21
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emmy calender disappeared. I mean i know it is there but i tried to move it and now i cant reach it with the mouse.19:37
emthe one that should be in the lower left hand corner19:37
emit is like there is a blank plasma screen where the calender used to be.19:39
Tm_Twith calendar you mean calendar widget in the desktop, right?19:39
emyeah the calender widget that is usually in the lower left hand corner when you click on the clock19:39
emthe clock is still there.19:39
Tm_Twhat happens if you click the clock couple times (to show and hide the calendar)19:40
emwhen i click the clock the empty clear tab goes back down, and when i click the clock again an empty clear tab slides back up19:40
embut no calender is on it19:41
Tm_Tsounds like a bug19:41
emkind of reminds me of how the desktop widget looks when there is nothing in the desktop folder19:41
emTm_T: is there a way to restart KDE without restarting my computer?19:42
Tm_Tem: you can restart plasma without logging out by running "kquitapp plasma-desktop; plasma-desktop"19:45
ElectricKetchupHi #Kubuntu.  I did a normal upgrade the other day, and ever since then, I've been unable to log in normally through kdm.  I've looked at my kdm.log file and seen lots of DBUS errors and searched the internet for answers, but nothing works.  Anyone think they can help me?19:48
ElectricKetchupNOTE: I can use startx + startkde to get KDE started, but I still get lots of DBUS errors19:56
ElectricKetchupBut if I try to login with KDM, it immediately goes back to the login screen (without any error dialogs or any other useful messages)19:57
emTm_T: thanks that fixed it.20:06
James147ElectricKetchup: First, make sure kubuntu-desktop is installed20:07
ElectricKetchupJames147, yeah, in fact I completely purged it and reinstalled it this morning20:17
James147ElectricKetchup: Is dbus running?20:18
ElectricKetchupwhich screwed me over for a while because after it uninstalled, I had no way to reinstall them until I connected to a wired network (wireless depends on dbus apparently)20:18
ElectricKetchupyeah dbus is running just fine20:18
ElectricKetchupI have a feeling that whatever script kdm is running isn't running dbus-launcher like it is supposed too ... ?20:19
James147ElectricKetchup: what happens if you careate a new user and login with them?20:19
ElectricKetchuphaha let me see20:19
ElectricKetchupoh nice it actually gets an error dialog:20:21
ElectricKetchup"Failed to load session "ubuntu" - Log Out20:21
ElectricKetchupok I switched session type to KDE plamsoid or whatever and it's logging in now20:22
ElectricKetchupwell it might be logging in... it's on splash screen still20:23
ElectricKetchupok pretty sure it's locked up at this point20:24
ElectricKetchupok rebooting20:25
ElectricKetchupoh one interesting thing is that kdm.log has DBUS errors in it before I even log in20:26
ElectricKetchupnew user has a bunch of DBUS errors in ~/.xsession-errors20:29
ElectricKetchupoh ps has kwin labeled as "<defunct>"20:32
ElectricKetchupoh I see in ps that startkde is actually launched by dbus-launch, so it should be getting the dbus session info.....20:34
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ElectricKetchupoh crap I can log in!20:50
ElectricKetchuplooks like it might have been the msva-perl package that was keeping me down20:50
ElectricKetchupstill have a lot of dbus errors in my logs though20:50
teodihaving problems with logging in? because me too20:50
ElectricKetchupyeah I haven't been able to log in for the past few days until just a couple minutes ago20:51
ElectricKetchupI thought it was because of DBUS because I kept getting hundreds of DBUS errors all over the place20:52
teodiall I can see is the black screen...20:52
yofelteodi: is kubuntu-desktop installed?20:52
teodiyofel: yes, it is20:53
yofelteodi: where does it hang?20:53
teodiwell, I can type my password and click log in.. and then, black screen20:54
ElectricKetchuphaha that's the first thing James147 asked me too20:54
teodinote that I have a secondary account with which I just logged with no problem20:54
teodiso, probably splash screen issue20:55
ElectricKetchupteodi, try purging the vsva-perl package20:55
teodiElectricKetchup: how to?20:55
yofelhm, see your usual accounts ~/.xsession-errors for any hint to what's wrong20:55
ElectricKetchupsudo apt-get purge msva-perl20:55
teodinot insatlled, therefore, not removed20:56
niko-nojoHi there - is it possible to create a keyboard shortcut to get two windows to snap - one left and one right ? I managed to find a little app in ubuntu to do this but I can't remember its name. Not found much on Google. I know you can manually drag a window left or right. Any idea ?20:57
ElectricKetchupteodi, check file ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc, look in section [Compositing] make sure Enabled=false    (in case the problem is your composition manager)20:57
teodiwhat should I look for in xsession-errors? there is some fatal IO error: client killed and so, what info am I searching for?20:59
yofelthat sounds like X giving up, look above that error21:00
teodicomposting was true, let me check that one21:01
teodiyop, X session started for fatum at .... and then, Session manager destroyed with sessions still alive21:04
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ElectricKetchupteodi, you get it fixed?21:17
teodiElectricKetchup: absolutely not. Still waiting for ideas21:17
ElectricKetchupsee any errors in ~/.xsession-errors or /var/log/kdm.log ?21:19
teodiElectricKetchup: ever tried to change/disable splash screen from CLI or another user?21:19
teodi.xsession errors got me X session started for ... and session manager destroyed with sessions still alive ... with every: fatal IO error, client killed21:20
ElectricKetchuptaodi one of the things I was able to do when kdm was broken was I created a file ~/.xinitrc that started an xterm and then I would use startx to start that xterm and then run startkde from there21:21
teodii have an access to sudo from CLI, wouldnt it be possible from there?21:24
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teodianyways, kdm.log says, that it failed to load "nv" module, kdeinit4: communication error with launcher and D-bus call failed21:25
teodisooo... can you specify that starting xterm? don't have any more ideas..21:30
ElectricKetchupteodi, yeah I just created a file ~/.xinitrc that has two lines: "#!/bin/sh" and "exec xterm", then ran startx (after stopping the kdm service of course)21:34
ElectricKetchupoh and you might need to chmod +x ~/.xinitrc21:34
teodiyeah, I didn't know about "exec"... after stopping kdm service?21:36
teodiElectricKetchup: what do you mean with stopping kdm service, logging out from GUI? or what?21:38
ElectricKetchupsudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop21:39
teodidoesnt seem to work21:47
teodihmmm... doesn't seem to work21:48
teodi$DISPLAY is not set, if that helps21:48
ElectricKetchupthat's weird the xserver (or maybe it's xinit) is supposed to set that for you21:52
ElectricKetchupexport DISPLAY=:021:52
teodiokay, plan B.. how do I set sudo access for me as a secondary user?21:55
ElectricKetchupadd the user to the "adm" group21:56
BluesKajteodi,  those kdm stop commands don't work unless you're at a TTY21:56
yofelteodi: add the other user to the admin group21:57
yofelbest type 'groups' as the default user, and add the new user to the same ones21:57
ElectricKetchupwait what's the difference between the adm and admin group?  I hate pointless unix abbreviations21:58
yofeladmin is used by sudo, adm owns several files in /var/log21:59
ElectricKetchupnevermind, superuser knows http://superuser.com/questions/86347/whats-difference-between-group-admin-and-adm21:59
teodiBluesKaj: I still switch between CLI on main login and GUI on this secondary one to have access to IRC. kdm stop said something about using other commands and switched me to tty121:59
yofelthat's the only difference I found21:59
yofelah, good to know21:59
yofelteodi: which sounds right21:59
ElectricKetchupteodi, yeah when kdm stops, it switches to tty1 even if you stopped it from a different tty22:00
yofeland you should use 'sudo service kdm stop' these days (which is what it said)22:00
ElectricKetchupyofel, do you know why all the /etc/init.d scripts say to use "service" instead?  I've always been confused by that22:00
teodiwell, let me try it again, brb22:01
yofelElectricKetchup: /etc/init.d/ is from sys-v-init, we use upstart these says which has it's config files in /etc/init/ and uses the 'service' command to manage the system services22:01
yofelyou'll notice that many files in /etc/init.d/ are only compatibility symlinks now22:02
yofellike kdm22:02
ElectricKetchupyofel, can upstart start more than one service at the same time?22:02
yofelit can, that's the whole point22:03
ElectricKetchupok cool... that always annoyed me how I could have 4 cores, but it only started one at a time and was mostly blocked by IO reads anyways22:03
yofelother distributions use systemd instead. Haven't looked too much into that yet22:03
teodixterm Xt error: Can't open display: :0.022:06
teodialso, there was an error when I was trying to reboot, as far as I couldn't access GUI anymore, killing all remaining processes: [FAIL], couldn't catch the whole thing22:07
teodiso, how would I, theoretically, set up autologin from CLI?22:16
BluesKajteodi,  you don't  afaik , it's done in system settings>login screen/manager on the desktop22:19
kubuntu_frais it ok to ask questions in here?22:19
BluesKajkubuntu_fra,  yes , that's what this channel is for22:19
teodisooo, we're back to that sudo rights. Still struggling with that22:20
kubuntu_frait's a quick one. running kubuntu 11.10 from USB which works great (first time lunix here...). BUT, how do I get rid of the startup "try kubuntu" / "install kubuntu"?22:20
James147teodi: try http://blog.dhampir.no/content/debian-and-ubuntu-auto-login-and-xorg-without-a-display-manager22:20
James147(that is to autologin to a tty :) )22:21
kubuntu_fraa tty is a text terminal? I just want to end up w/o login and pwd in my desktop.22:21
kubuntu_frais that an article I will find an answer? searching for try kubuntu and install kubuntu yields one million goodle hits ;)22:22
BluesKajkubuntu_fra,  kubuntu is meant to be installed on your hard drive as an OS permanent install , try kubuntu is merely for trying it out temporarily22:22
kubuntu_fraI understand that. just using it as an xbmc pc for my tv so I used an 8 GB usb stick and voila, no HD making noise. perfect for me. just the first question is a tad annoying ;)22:23
kubuntu_fraand I set it to persistence (persistent?) so it keeps my changes.22:24
kubuntu_frajust going through the article, it talks about autologin and such. that is already working. it is that try vs install dialog in the graphical UI (x something?).22:26
BluesKajwell, running it off a stick is your choice , but you won't get rid of the install or try if you do22:26
James147kubuntu_fra: why not install it to the usb?22:26
kubuntu_frabecause I just got it working. so when I am running it from USB, can I install it to the same USB? sounds odd... will it nuke my settings and installations?22:27
BluesKajinstall kubuntu to your hard drive is best , then you can take advantage of the permenent install choices and apps ...I run this pc as a media server as well ..connected to out HT setup (TV and Receiver)22:29
BluesKajour HT22:30
kubuntu_fraworks with persisten USB as well. installed some apps, changed drivers to get hdmi sound to work and voila. all fine. if I reboot, all is kepts. BUT, I see that annoying message box. won't kill me, but drives me nuts to see it every time and searching on google yields a zillion hits....22:31
kubuntu_frathis is my first linux thing so I don't even know where to start digging.22:32
Avihaykubuntu_fra: do you get a login screen that asks you for a password?22:32
kubuntu_franope, after that question it goes directly into my desktop.22:32
kubuntu_fraI guess as I officially want to try it, they don't bother with uid/pwd. which is totally fine, there is nothing on it, just xbmc.22:33
kubuntu_fraand IRC chat right now ;)22:33
AvihayI wonder if installing KDM will get rid of that screen (better make sure you know your username/password before you reboot)22:33
teodiwell, autologin enabled, but all it does is, that it does this black screen automatically...22:34
kubuntu_frait's kubuntu so it runs with KDM, correct?22:34
James147kubuntu_fra: the live cd dosnt have a password, you best bet is to install kubuntu to the usb (need another usb or cd to do it)... that will give you the most flexability (and it wont give you that anoying dialog)22:34
kubuntu_frathis is kubuntu with xbmc added on top, not the xbmcuntu thing. I have a full kubuntu desktop experience. plus that one silly dialog22:35
Avihaymy guess is that for the live-cd, they replaced kdm with the select try live / install thingy22:35
kubuntu_frakdm is the desktop environment, correct? because that happens after the try/install question22:36
Avihay!info kdm22:37
ubottukdm (source: kde-workspace): KDE Display Manager for X11. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.7.4-0ubuntu0.1 (oneiric), package size 858 kB, installed size 2964 kB22:37
kubuntu_fraand don't I have the same experience running from USB with persistent storage (casper I think) vs a real install? I can install apps as much as I want and change everything I want and it keeps it. what difference is there?22:37
Avihayfrom the package description: KDM manages a collection of X servers running on local or remote machines. It allows users to easily log into their preferred desktop environment,..22:37
AvihayIt's a program that let's you log in into your kde desktop environment22:39
Avihayor other DEs22:39
kubuntu_fraand since I auto login into my desktop environment, it is installed. BUT, before I see the desktop environment, there is a kubuntu dialog that asks me whether I want to try it or install it.22:39
kubuntu_fraif I select try, it brings me straight to my desktop envirnment from before the boot (persistent).22:40
kubuntu_fraand my question was, how do I get rid of that question ;)22:40
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kubuntu_fraby the way, here is someone else asking : http://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?54154-quot-Try-Kubuntu-install-kubuntu-quot-Spash-start-screen&highlight=Try+Kubuntu+%2F+install+kubuntu+Spash%2C+start+screen22:45
kubuntu_frasame question and people trying to convince him to install it ;)22:46
teodican I change the settings of another user? e.g. splash screen?22:48
kubuntu_fraand if y'all want a solution : http://techkhabri.com/2011/12/how-to-bypass-try-itinstall-it-option-from-live-cd-ubuntu/22:53
JMichaelX_workteodi: if you have admin privileges22:53
kubuntu_frasearched all day...22:53
teodiJMichaelX_work: i do, so how?22:54
kubuntu_fraone last question. IF i get another USB hard drive. can I install from USB to the other USB disk w/o loosing any settings?22:54
JMichaelX_workteodi: i don't know, but you should be able to find instructions online... if you can log into that users account, it can just be done in system settings22:55
James147kubuntu_fra: you will have to copy settings across22:55
kubuntu_fraI suppose there is no easy copy command and all happens automatically, no?22:55
James147teodi: "kdesudo -u USER systemsettings"22:55
James147kubuntu_fra: user directory can by copied directly, system settings is less easy22:56
kubuntu_frayeah, that's what I thought. I probably end up installing to a removable USB HD and boot from my USB stick until I am sure I have transfered everything. but running from USB is kinda cool. no noise, no nothing...22:57
kubuntu_frait's like a really small solid state HD22:58
kubuntu_fraok, I shall do that now. Thanks for answering everything. Last time I was in IRC was 1997 or so. glad to see that this is still the space to give and get help (sorry, with linux I cannot give help ;)22:59
teodidamn it, still nothing, still can't log in23:02
James147kubuntu_fra: only problem is usb are SLOW23:02
kubuntu_frakeep in mind, I start xbmc and boot into kubuntu in about one minute. and since I start that thing once a day, totally cool with it. was like $20 and will probably last 2 years. awesome.23:04
teodianyways, thanks to you all for trying to help me.. maybe something will come in my mind tomorrow, but now it's too late and I can't think anymore. Thanks and bye23:12
L3topteodi, what are you trying to do?23:13
L3topwhich splash are you trying to change?23:14
teodiL3top: I can't log in with my main account to GUI. CLI works fine, my another acc works fine..23:14
L3topoh, thats neat.23:14
teodiL3top: it's probably not a problem with splash screen, that was just an idea23:14
L3topteodi: if you create a new user everything works and is there?23:15
teodiL3top: I assume, I can try.23:15
teodiL3top: yop, everything works well23:18
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L3topin cli try: cp /etc/skel/.[a-zA-Z0-9]* /home/USERNAME; cp /etc/skel/* /home/USERNAME23:18
L3topwhere USERNAME is your user name23:19
teodiwhich one?23:20
L3topneed an -r in there23:20
L3topcp -r /etc/skel/.[a-zA-Z0-9]* /home/USERNAME; cp -r /etc/skel/* /home/USERNAME23:20
L3topwhere USERNAME is the user you cant login with...23:20
teodiI don't have skel directory23:21
L3topone moment23:23
L3topwhat version are you on23:23
* L3top should probably lead with such questions23:23
teodiversion of what specifically?23:23
James147teodi: rename ~/.kde and see if you can login23:24
teodiJames147: tried that23:24
L3topshould have a skel. weird.23:25
L3topcan anyone on 11.10 confirm there is a skel dir?23:25
L3topI mean23:26
L3topthats "how stuff works" kind of stuff... I don't know how you are getting new desktops if you dont have an /etc/skel dir...23:27
teodiL3top: wait23:27
teodiI do have skel, let me check that command again23:28
James147L3top: its unlikly to be a config file in /etc/skel, as that only contain some bacic configs like the bashrc23:29
James147kde settings are generated the first time you log in23:29
James147(and most other apps the first time you use them)23:29
L3topI just meant, if there is no desktop info, it may not login...23:29
teodicp: cannot stat `/etc/skel/*': No such file or directory23:29
L3topwas a shot in the dark23:30
L3topI was more concerned with the hidden files.23:30
L3topthe first command23:30

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