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mgzis there any way to mark a merge proposal as superseding another retroactively?10:21
mgzthe only other option seems to be to mark it as rejected, which is a little confusing in the record10:22
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mgzcontributor makes change against lp:bzr and creates mp10:22
mgzsuggested to retarget against lp:bzr/2.5 instead10:24
mgzso, new branch and mp created, both in the list as needing review10:24
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czajkowskimgz: not sure I'll find out and let you know10:35
wgrantMorning mgz.10:54
wgrantmgz: I don't think you can.10:54
wgrantRejecting it is probably the best here.10:54
czajkowskiwgrant: thank you10:55
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pfarrellis something wrong with proposing merges?11:57
pfarrellI am trying to propose a merge of my branch11:57
pfarrelland when I click propose merge, I just get the spinning waiting logo beside the button11:57
pfarrellbut nothing actually happens11:57
* pfarrell has to run to a meeting, sorry11:58
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Pikkachuisn't it possible to import only a subdirectory or file from an external branch?13:03
Pikkachuwhy aren't branches with the same url shared among all users given they're the same stuff and unchangeable?13:03
Pikkachualso, can I merge from a specific file only? I wanted myfork/file.c and merge from hg-imported/lots-of-irrelevant/but/here/file.c13:04
jelmerhi Pikkachu13:09
jelmerPikkachu: "bzr merge" should allow you to merge in a single file or subdirectory from another branch13:09
jelmerit will bring across all of the history of the other branch though13:10
Pikkachuall of the history? you mean metadata, like I will only notice that single file but everything is stored in the back?13:19
Pikkachuif so that helps already for simplicity13:19
jelmerPikkachu: yes13:20
Pikkachuah ok13:34
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savvasAny other suggestions/patches to try for bug #942994 ?14:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 942994 in Launchpad itself "[ppa] FTBFS libarchive on launchpad" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94299414:03
Pikkachujelmer: I think I'll use this http://i.imgur.com/5aL3C.png14:07
jelmerPikkachu: seems reasonable14:09
kirklandflacoste: hiya!  we're still hoping for private blueprints in LP asap...any update on a target date for that feature being delivered?15:44
Adri2000would it be a good idea if the package view (distro/+source/package) showed the vcs infos from the package?15:58
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Adri2000well I filed a bug16:29
danilosczajkowski, hi, I wonder if you can help me get rid of wrong packaging links in Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/linaro/+packages?16:49
czajkowskidanilos: which ones?16:49
danilosczajkowski, all of them16:49
danilosczajkowski, "linaro" is a meta project and should not be linked to any source packages (or we end up with weird pages like https://answers.launchpad.net/linaro)16:50
czajkowskidanilos: so you want under the 11.05 series linux-linaro-mx51   all 3 removed?16:52
danilosczajkowski, yes16:52
czajkowskidanilos: done16:52
danilosczajkowski, excellent, thanks a lot for the quick response!16:53
czajkowskidanilos: np16:53
czajkowskidanilos: if you find any more just shout16:53
danilosczajkowski, will do, ta16:53
kuukoI'm importing translations for my launchpad project, so I would like to have clarification on the relevant guide: It says that I must have the template file in it's own directory, template1/template1.pot; Does it mean that the directory must be named after the template file or can I use any directory name like locale or po?17:10
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wilxHi. How fast do changes to Launchpad make it to production on the servers?17:39
rick_h_wilx: depends. Once a change submitted, tested, etc, it's usually live within a couple of days17:43
lifeless_wilx: Once its qa'd, it can be deployed within an hour if needed; we try to deploy as often as we can to keep the change size low - reduces risk of making the change17:55
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wilxThat's cool. I sort of feared the answer would be few weeks. :)17:56
lifelesswilx: the only thing which needs a significant delay is schema patches and thats because they take downtime to deploy; we have a window around 0800UTC daily to deploy them17:57
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dobeyok, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-docs is definitely not what i was expecting to see there :)19:03
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cndI remember git in lp being on the roadmap a few months ago22:41
cndis that still planned?22:41

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