KM0201phillw: not to mention WAY faster00:00
phillwKM0201: if that is his only option... that is his only option.00:00
wumuckl_may be i  buy a package cd tommorow00:00
phillwwumuckl_: you can issue, from the command line..00:02
phillwsudo do-release-upgrade -d00:02
phillwbut, as KM0201 says, this a long way of doing it!00:03
wumuckl_i found a cd in my chaos..00:03
phillwhowever, I went all the way from 9.04 to 10.04 doing release-upgrades :)00:03
wumuckl_but how can FDD be Floppy Disk if it has no Floppy00:05
wumuckl_ok so thank you again fort your help and see you00:06
wumuckl_im updating00:07
KM0201wumuckl_: a motherboard/BIOS is written for multiple PC models, not just your PC model...00:07
KM0201so it's not uncommon for a BIOS to have a feature, that your PC may not have.00:07
phillwKM0201: he may need a bios flash, but I'm really loath to take people down that route :/00:09
KM0201same here00:09
phillwBIOS upgrades are not in our job description :)00:10
phillwiceroot: it appears a non pretty workaround for bug 938472 is out, just awaiting to see if it is in RC's for Beta 100:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 938472 in lubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "dialogs are barely readable-- grey on black????" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93847200:12
wxldid we fix wumuckl?00:12
wxlpulseaudio fix everything?00:12
KM0201naa, he's updating.. i think it's a 10.04 issue00:12
wxloh 10.0400:13
phillwwxl: He found a CD but I think he's doing a sudo do-release-upgrade -d to get to 10.10, then just 2 more to get to 11.10 :/00:13
KM0201so we should have a report tomorrow about noon as to whether it worked or not00:14
phillw10.04 worked perfectly well on elderly piglet :)00:14
wxlhey someone try this out on lubuntu and see if you can get it to work http://pastebin.com/XdaAR2Pm00:19
wxlbottom line is trying to get lxterminal to use loginshell (-l) doesn't seem to work00:20
wxlyet `lxterminal --loginshell` = `lxterminal -l` works fine in lxterminal00:21
tackd /exit00:52
wumucklhi i have a problem with my soundchi02:28
wumucklcan someone help me please?02:28
wxlwumuckl: what did you end up doing besides re-installing?02:29
wumucklthe soundchip dont work :(02:29
wxldid you do anything else besides updating?02:30
wxldid you end up installing pulseaudio?02:30
wumuckli reinstalled from cd02:30
wumuckland did the updates02:30
wumucklthe restricted extras package02:31
wxlwumuckl: `lsb_release -d`02:32
wxlwhy did you install that package?02:32
wumuckli wanted to watch a youtube video02:33
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maykoI just lost sound and microphone on my lubuntu system and the obvious fixes/forum answers aren't getting anywhere fast03:17
maykohalp plz?03:17
maykooddly, if I play music, I can see the levels thumping in pavucontrol, but there is no sound. The only output device is "Dummy Output"03:21
Unit193Fixed some problems I had by removing pulse.03:22
Unit193Also, you're not giving a lot to go on, so best I can do is give you this https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio03:22
maykowhat information would be most useful to you?03:23
maykoI ran lspci -v | grep audio and got nothing, which seemed ominous03:24
Unit193ps aux |grep pulse  start with that and see if it's running, and "This may be caused by different reasons, one of them being the .asoundrc file in $HOME is taking precedence over the systemwide /etc/asound.conf. " seems like your issue?03:28
maykoI do not seem to have a .asoundrc file03:33
maykoit does appear to be running03:34
Unit193Anything if you run `pacmd list`?03:34
maykosome memory blocks, 24 modules loaded'03:36
maykosources available03:36
maykoclients logged in03:36
Unit193See any cards in there though?03:37
maykoone available, named alsa_card.pci-0000_00_1b.003:39
Unit193`fuser -v /dev/snd/*` and `fuser -v /dev/dsp` would be good to check if anything is using that, but otherwise I'm not really one for audio.03:41
maykothe first shows that I am using pulseaudio; the second compains about a bad address03:44
maykogonna restart; thanks for your help03:47
Unit193Otherwise see if #ubuntu has more pulse people.03:48
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Mito125I need to exec this command in lubuntu,,, sh -c 'cd /usr/share' but it doesn't work... Where am I wrong???08:21
Unit193Mito125: Why...?08:29
Mito125I don't know08:30
Mito125in xubuntu the same command works...08:30
Mito125I would to open a terminal on the location...08:31
Unit193What do you mean? You have no idea why you want it to do it? And I can tell you that command wouldn't work in Xubuntu terminal.08:32
Unit193Open a terminal, and type   cd /usr/share08:32
Mito125In .desktop file in Exec I put this command, and in Terminal i put True...08:32
Mito125I'm trying to add command to menu...08:33
Unit193lxterminal --working-directory=/usr/share   for example.08:34
Mito125This works, I tried it... But if I changed DE, I should rewrite all .desktop file08:35
Mito125with sh -c I have an universal solution08:35
Unit193bash -c 'cd /usr/share' would be better if that were the case, but it'd exit after it changed dirs I'd think....08:37
Mito125I would to put this command in Exec row, like bash -c 'cd /usr/share;ls;' but terminal doesn't start08:39
Unit193It'd still be better to just use the native terminal emulator.08:39
Mito125Sure, but my problem is different, I would to understand why it doesn't work08:41
Mito125this is my desktop file http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/861651/08:43
uskerinehi, any recommendation for light text editor with PHP, MySQl and HTML syntax highlight (I used to use NEDIT)11:10
Timo_Hi lads, I've got another question about dual monitor in Lubuntu: Can I make the ALT+TAB switcher always appear on both monitors? Now it just displays itself on the active window monitor.11:55
smkatzhello. I was getting some help the other day with what appeared to be a bad dvd rom drive. I have just discovered it appears to read dvds fine, excluding one that had some detritus on it14:44
smkatzbut won't read audio cds14:44
smkatzis this a linux problem or a drive problem?14:44
smkatzbtw, I've only tested it with one dvd so far + a dvd-r that it had some success with (not completely)14:45
phillwsmkatz: you may not have the codecs for, say, mp3's installed14:59
phillwhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats (there is a quick link to grab the lubuntu restricted packages on that wiki page)15:00
smkatzI'm installing them now15:08
smkatzbut I can't even boot to a lubuntu iso anymore15:08
smkatzunless it is a dvd-r15:08
smkatzhey. I'm installing dvd playback now, does ldconfig deferred processing now taking place mean it's safe to reboot16:05
smkatzin general what does "deferred processing mean" mean?16:06
phillwsmkatz: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-terminal/+question/1584916:11
smkatzok, pillw, but how do I know when it's done and it's safe to reboot the system?16:14
phillwusually a few seconds. are you on the command line (lxterminal)?16:15
smkatzyes, i am16:22
smkatzthanks pillw -- sorry for the delay16:22
phillwif the terminal prompt is back, then the process should have completed. when you reboot the computer will give a little time for such things to finish anyway.16:26
Flazeranyone know how to make a live usb for lubuntu (or any ubuntu) in fedora?16:44
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phillwFlazer: try http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_create_and_use_Live_USB16:52
phillwjust use a ubuntu iso as the image :)16:52
epictetusi love lubuntu17:35
epictetusthe way I explain it is, "it's like ubuntu, except before it uses lube"17:35
smile4everhi :D17:39
smile4everhi mark76 :)17:44
mark76Hey there17:47
smile4evermark76: Lubuntu running fine? :D17:49
mark76What's up?17:49
smile4everI reinstalled today and it's smoothier than ever :)17:49
mark76Dunno. I'm currently using Xfce17:49
smile4everokay ;)17:49
mark76But I shall be switching to LXDE in about two/three weeks17:49
smile4evercool :)17:50
mark76So what's new in Lubuntu?17:50
smile4evermark76: better drivers & quicker software :)17:51
mark76Any new panel plugins?17:52
wxlactually… in precise there is a new resource monitor that handles cpu AND ram17:53
mark76Still no weather plugin?17:54
pAt_wow, good news wxl17:57
wxlpAt_: yeah i was pretty delighted17:57
pAt_it is exaxtly what I am missing :)17:57
pAt_hi smile4ever17:58
valdur55pAt_, you can use conky for forecast17:58
pAt_valdur55, yes, I use gkrellm atm17:58
pAt_but prefer an app in the task bar17:58
smile4everhi pAt_ :)17:59
wxlvaldur55: you meant to point that at mark76 re: conky for forecast17:59
wxltho i don't like stuff like conky/gkrellm17:59
pAt_the problem is, that they are most of the time hidden by other windows18:00
valdur55ok! But there is weather indicator18:00
wxlexactly my point18:00
valdur55!dpkg indicator-wheater18:00
valdur55damn.. no bots?18:01
mark76I don't think there are any indicators in Squeeze18:01
mark76Well, no weather indicator18:04
wxlhere's the latest add-ons http://tinypic.com/r/20fc611/5 (in precise)18:04
mark76What's WNCKPAger?18:12
wxlhi esing18:14
esingwill 256 mb ram be enough for lubuntu ?18:14
wxlesing: yep18:14
esinghi wxl18:14
esingwill there be a big difference if i use ubuntu or lubuntu on that mashine E?18:14
wxlesing: oh yah :)18:15
esinggo to know =)18:15
leehello, I am trying to install lubuntu 10.04. the attached monitor (via vga) is a tv and lubuntu is autodetecting 1920x1080 as the resolution. I can just about see how to change the resolution to 1024x768 (target monitor resolution) but the DPI is still way too high and the fonts are essentially unreadable, where do I change this?18:59
leeI am currently booted to the live environment19:00
wxllee: #1 why 10.04???19:00
leeprocessor restriction19:01
leenot really, it was well documented at the time19:02
wxlOH you have one of THOSE19:02
leein fact, straight from the lubuntu docs, For very old hardware (10-15 years): As support for i586 chipsets (these include VIA C3, AMD K6, National Semiconductor and AMD Geode) has been dropped from the kernel and GCC by ubuntu from the 10.10 series onwards, you will need to use the 10.04 release.19:03
leewhich is what I am attempting to do =)19:03
leeso how do I change the font size/dpi? I can read titlebar fonts (e.g. Appearance Settings, and juuuust about the clock) but very little else19:04
wxlif you ctrl-alt-f2 does the framebuffer look better? (you can ctl-alt-f7 to get back)19:05
leeyes, console font is fine19:05
leeahhh, found it by luck in the bottom right of Appearance Settings19:07
leeer, bottom left19:07
wxlah hahah19:07
wxli'm looking for config files and such for nothing :)19:07
smile4everbrb :)19:07
leedear gods that was horrible19:07
leehmmm, although it doesn't seem to have taken full effect, let's try an X restart19:08
wxllee: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=178303119:10
zaaarkI love Lubuntu, that's all :D19:20
leewxl: ahh thanks19:26
leeI have cheated, and gone to another lower resolution monitor where things are readable by default19:26
wxllee: np. you good now?19:26
wxloh he19:26
wxlok :D19:27
leehowever it is hanging on the installer now, can't get past selecting keyboard layout (step 3 of 7), I hit the Forward button and it just sits there thinking, although the text entry field and Quit button works19:27
wxllee: if you have 256m that's might be why19:29
wxlpatience ;)19:29
leenope, 1GB (although some is shared for graphics)19:29
leeI figure if it hasn't moved for 10 minutes it's not going to19:35
phillwlee: it can seem to hang, give it some time... maybe another 10 mins?19:36
wxllee: if it's still an issue try alternate but i'd just be patient19:37
leeI'll give it another ten minute19:37
leeI couldn't immediately see an alternate19:37
leefor 10.10 yes, but not 10.0419:37
phillwlee: take a quick look at bug 94256019:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 942560 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "keyboard layout screen - Keyboard navigation broken" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94256019:38
wxlthere is no alternate19:38
wxlgotta jet19:38
phillwas it could be a ubiquity bug.19:39
leephillw: well it's probably fixed in more up to date versions19:39
leebut therein lies the problem =)19:39
phillwlee: it was mentioned tonight on the bug-squad meeting. Fixes are currently queued up behind a feature freeze whilst the beta 1's get out.19:42
phillwit does not report 'fix released', so it is still broken.19:43
joel135hi, #lubuntu! what handles the wallpaper by default, and how do I turn it on/off?19:53
joel135I've tried killing pcmanfm, but that only removed the icons19:53
leenope, still not moving forward. tried booting to xubuntu and going to install, and a crash report regarding parted_server came up, but nothing useful in the syslog19:55
phillwjoel135: I think it is openbox? But I'm not too sure.19:56
leegod damnit, this is infuriating =)19:58
leelet's try the xubuntu 10.04.2 alternate...19:58
leejust in case, but I suspect the answer is going to be the same19:58
Unit193Try to watch the language though.19:59
leemaybe I should approach this from a different angle, and customise the live environment...20:01
leealthough that's going to involve a custom (non-detectable) X config, and compiling a couple of kernel modules for the touchscreen, and launching a browser, going to a specific page, and going fullscreen...20:01
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joel135phillw: openbox can't manage wallpapers (source: http://wiki.debian.org/Openbox) I've tried killing the wallpaper apps suggested at http://wiki.debian.org/Openbox#Alternatives but none of them appears to be in use20:04
* david_j_r testing20:06
* david_j_r thanks!20:06
joel135is there an xkill-like app that lets me click on a program, but then shows the pid or something?20:07
phillwjoel135: there is a lubuntu meeting going on now. If I get chance I'll ask rafaellaguna what it is that controls wallpapers, but we have a serious bug that is eating our time up.20:09
joel135phillw: focus on the bug then. your time is more important than mine :)20:10
Unit193Well, pcmanfm is what you use to set it up, as seen with the help/manpage.20:11
phillwUnit193: that was a stroke of luck.... :)20:39
Unit193I'm sorry, but what'd I miss?20:40
Herr_Krisshello, what do you think about Lubuntu on http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/laptops/toshiba-satellite-1710cds/?21:00
Herr_KrissI could buy more RAM, but that's all21:00
holsteini think you can get more out of a netbook, and for cheaper21:01
holsteinmore CPU for a very similar price21:01
Herr_Krissbut I got this laptop for free and I need it just for using jabber or browsing simple websites21:02
Herr_KrissWindows 2000 even works on it, but I'd prefer Linux21:02
holsteinHerr_Kriss: OK21:07
holsteingo for it... you can try it live.. i thought you were asking if you *should* get it21:07
holsteini would expect to use puppy on that low ram though21:08
Herr_Krissok, thanks, I'll try both.21:08
holsteinthe current version of lubuntu is about 4 months old... windows 2000 is quite old... not a fair comparision21:09
pAt_Herr_Kriss, does it really have only 32 MBytes Ram?21:09
Herr_KrisspAt_: I just wanted to check it21:09
Herr_KrisspAt_: heh, indeed 32 MB21:13
lee(lubuntu 10.04) how do I add to the list of "Automatically Started Applications"? I want to tell chromium to launch in kiosk mode to a specific url21:37
leeah, hmm, seem I need to create a .desktop file and add it to ~/.config/autostart21:41
phillw!paste | phillw21:44
ubottuphillw, please see my private message21:44
LiquidEdgeIs there a way to enable "Always on Top" for windows?  When I right-click on the title bar, I don't get the option.23:16
Unit193It's in the right click, but under Layers.23:18
danyboydoes lubuntu have ubuntu market?23:22
EvilResistancedanyboy, i think #ubuntu already answered your question...23:22
danyboyso you're an lubuntu user but you do not know23:22
danyboygood job.23:22
EvilResistanceactually, i'm a KDE user, but i have the Lubuntu environments alongside KDE, GNOME2, and others.23:23
EvilResistanceand be nice23:23
EvilResistancein KDE, it didnt have it.  I installed the software center, and the dependencies, and i then got the "ubuntu software store" as its called23:23
david_j_rGot a question about rolling back apps: is it possible to revert to earlier after updating LibreOffice?23:24
danyboysounds hard23:24
EvilResistancedanyboy, so regardless of whether Lubuntu does/doesnt have it by default, it should be able to be installed when you install the dependencies23:24
LiquidEdgeEvilResistance: That's the market.23:24
EvilResistancedanyboy, its about as simple of typing 'sudo apt-get <package>' into the terminal, and waiting for it to finish installing23:24
EvilResistanceLiquidEdge, yeah, i know, i dont remember the package name off the top of my head though23:25
danyboyi know, but i don't know the names23:25
danyboyand thus are damn hard23:25
danyboyapt-get software-center?23:25
LiquidEdgesudo apt-get install software-center23:26
EvilResistancedanyboy, sudo apt-get install software-center23:26
EvilResistanceBUT it might install GTK runtime stuffs23:26
Unit193There's also going to be a lubuntu-software-center in pangolin.23:26
LiquidEdgeInstall it that way.  If there are problems, yo we'll solve them.23:26
* LiquidEdge goes to check out the hook while his DJ revolves them.23:27
EvilResistanceUnit193, except this is 11.10, pangolin's about a month or so away ;P23:27
Unit193EvilResistance: My statement is still valid, and hence the "going to be"23:28
david_j_rSo - is there any help on this one: is it possible to revert to earlier (previous) version after updating LibreOffice?23:29
david_j_rOr rollback? downgrade? etc.?23:33
Unit193Well, has to do with apt !pinning.23:35
EvilResistanceUnit193, doesnt it also have to do with which versions are available in the repos?23:35
david_j_rJust doing some googling and found this: http://snipplr.com/view/31445/23:36
Unit193What's wrong with current?23:36
Unit193It's easier to apt-cache policy23:36
david_j_rLibreOffice 3.5 seems to be quite buggy, and the interface has changed in an unhelpful way23:37
Unit193They're weird...23:37
david_j_rneed to get a project done, and prefer to revert to previous to complete it23:37
david_j_rrather than persevere with current or wait for maintenance release23:37
david_j_rIs there a way of blowing it away and keeping settings, re-install older version?23:38
Unit193I'd think remove would do it as purge is supposed to remove settings and all.23:38
Unit193Keep in note that I haven't needed to do this.23:38

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