nardeydoes not generate pdf file and not allow me to install any printer. the option to install new printer is disabled.00:05
jbichayou don't need to install a printer to print to pdf00:13
nardeyI'm using gnome and not 3.3.90 enables the printer installation00:18
nardeyI'm using gnome 3.3.90 and not enables the printer installation00:18
diegoviolabring wayland to ubuntu please00:19
diegoviolathe new display server protocol00:21
diegoviolakind of an X replacement00:22
diegoviolathere are a few videos about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNXWT3ine7E00:23
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trismdiegoviola: the preview was moved to q-series: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-q-wayland-tech-preview (so 12.10)00:29
diegoviolatrism: great thanks00:35
diegoviolawhat is q-series?00:43
Daekdroomq-series is the yet-to-be-named Ubuntu+200:44
diegoviolaok thanks00:44
diegoviolalooking forward to it00:46
graingerthow can I revert from nvidia to nouveau ?01:53
graingertit seems installing nvidia drivers blacklists the nouveau driver01:53
DaekdroomUninstall the nvidia drivers through jockey.01:53
graingertdoes not work01:56
graingertnouveau stops working01:56
DaekdroomFile a bug report.01:56
graingertI see02:00
graingertwith jockey, nvidia or nouveau?02:00
DaekdroomIf you installed the driver through jockey, then I'd guess jockey.02:00
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cheakoHello, activating a lot(100) dm-crypt devices causes X to lock up.04:46
cheakoI ran "udisks --inhibit"  how can I disable gvfs-gdu-volume and gdu-notification from jumping up... and udisks-daemon still is active.04:48
cheakoomg!!!  what's this crap running "vgchange -a y"  This needs to stop.04:50
cheakochmod 000 /lib/udev/watershed stopped that.04:52
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DanaGhow odd... the circular scrolling on my touchpad is backwards, but the scroll buttons work correctly.05:02
DanaGoh, and silly thing: gnome thinks arrow keys are "typing".05:03
IcemanV9i have an issue with power & networking; when i unplug A/C power, network disconnected and reconnected. then, i plug A/C power back on in other room. the network disconnected and reconnected again. where can i troubleshoot and fix it? will report it as bug if there's none out there.05:04
cheakoDanaG: Do "cat > file" thn use the arrow keys.05:04
DanaGyeah, you get the weird bracket characters... but xev doesn't show those weird bracket characters.05:04
cheakoIcemanV9:  Hmm, sounds like the network card entering/leaving low power mode.  Any laptops use PoE?05:05
cheakoPoE phone chargers?05:06
DanaGokay, so it's only circular scrolling that's inverted.  If I disable circular scrolling, it scrolls forwards.05:06
IcemanV9it was okay about 3 weeks ago, then the problem appeared since then. i couldn't figure it out what's changed for wireless/network05:06
cheakoIcemanV9: Likely a driver update, enabling the use of low power mode.  Still just guessing.05:07
DanaGhmm, I wonder if it's pm-utils switching power modes, or something.05:07
IcemanV9it's hp elitebook 6930p (laptop)05:07
DanaGhmm, I have an 8530w, and I don't recall getting that behavior.  then again, I haven't booted Ubuntu in about a week.05:08
IcemanV9cheako: couldn't find the file in /var/log where i could tailing it to pinpoint the "root" source05:08
IcemanV9something to change the setting to see if that is the problem or not05:08
cheakoIcemanV9: 'ls -lart' just in /var/log after the incident.05:10
IcemanV9cheako: yes. it didn't show anything related to network disconnect/reconnect when i pull the power plug.05:11
cheakoIcemanV9: It's hard to discover your peripherals with just the model number, I don't think hp ever uses the same brand wireless chip twice for a given product model number.05:12
DanaGlspci -nn05:13
DanaGgives both name and number.05:13
IcemanV9cheako: i just want to give a good report for bug if i can see what's wrong with it.05:13
DanaGThe wifi card will be either an Intel 5100, a 5300, or some variant of Broadcom.05:13
IcemanV9Network controller [0280]: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 5100 AGN [Shiloh] Network Connection05:14
cheakoIcemanV9: What's the numeric IDs?05:16
IcemanV9i know something has changed related to power and network 3 weeks ago.05:16
IcemanV9hold on05:16
IcemanV902:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 5100 AGN [Shiloh] Network Connection [8086:4237]05:16
IcemanV9is that what you're asking for?05:17
DanaGnice, my ipw2200 is  at "unknown" link speed.05:18
DanaGOr so says nm-applet.05:18
DanaGnice... the application "report a problem..." has encountered a problem.05:20
cheakohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/803010  Not your problem, but something to test.05:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 803010 in linux (Ubuntu) "Intel 5100 AGN [Shiloh] [8086:4237]Wi-Fi needs reset after resume from suspend." [Undecided,Confirmed]05:21
cheakohttp://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11409346&postcount=17   Perhaps this will help you?05:23
cheakoAnother big thread about possibly your chip: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11371497#post1137149705:25
IcemanV9unfortunately, i did not save the old iso image (3 wks ago) to see what the difference. dang.05:26
cheakohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/linux-firmware/+bug/630748  A bug about the speed, if you experience issues with that kernel you should post it there and then find a 2.6.32 deb form anywhere.05:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 630748 in module-init-tools (Ubuntu Natty) "iwlagn degrades quickly during normal wifi session" [High,Fix released]05:28
cheako..and then test weather you still have this problem ;)05:28
IcemanV9thx, cheako05:28
IcemanV9Power Management:off <-- that shouldn't be a problem when i unplug the power05:29
cheakoI'm not sure what that means.  Could mean that the card is currently off or it could mean that the puter won't manage the cards power.05:30
DanaGironically, in times of bad luck, my intel card has been glitchier than some broadcom cards I've used.05:31
cheakoI've never had a good wireless experience, save Bluetooth.05:31
IcemanV9i think it means it'll power down if there is no network activity within time range.05:32
DanaGIt may also be the packet "clumping" power management.05:32
DanaGWifi card delivers a clump of packets, then goes to sleep for a while.05:32
DanaG"clump" is me avoid using "bursting", which I believe has a different meaning.05:32
cheakoburst is above a threashold, where clump is what happens to water as you add flower and the other ingredients(when making bread for example).05:34
DanaGanyway, packet bursting is about speed.05:34
DanaGah: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/networking/wi-fi-power-management-road-warriors-beware/53305:35
IcemanV9i will get alpha 1 iso image tomorrow, then i will compare the current one with alpha 1. i hope i know where to look for once i confirmed.05:38
DanaGhmm, I wonder which is ACTUALLY more likely to work well: broadcom 4306, or Intel 2915abg?05:39
DanaGWith that Intel, I used to get: firmware error... restarting.05:40
DanaGfirmware error... restarting.05:40
DanaGfirmware error... restarting.05:40
DanaGyou get the point.05:40
DanaGfirmware error... restarting.05:41
IcemanV9alright. here goes nothing. i'm unpluging the power ...05:46
IcemanV9looks like it's powersave (pm-powersave.log) ...05:50
IcemanV9i think it's this file, /usr/lib/pm-utils/power.d/wireless, may cause the problem. i need to see the old file from alpha1 to confirm. guess i will wait 'til tomorrow. (hates waiting period)05:54
DanaGIcemanV9: sounds about right to me.05:59
IcemanV9good to know :-)06:00
DanaGI'd say, to try disabling it: comment out (add '#' to the beginning of) these two lines:06:00
DanaG    true) wireless_powersave on ;;06:00
DanaG    false) wireless_powersave off ;;06:00
DanaGNear the bottom.  No quotes around the '#', of course.06:01
IcemanV9done. will plug the power back on ...06:02
cheakogdisk displays logical sector size as 52b on disk with physical sectors of 4096b...  what to do?06:03
cheakoeer 512b.06:03
DanaGcheako: HOLLER AT YOUR manufacturer.06:03
DanaGSamsung lies in both the Physical and Logical size fields.06:04
DanaGWD lies only in the logical.06:04
cheakoDanaG: Correct.06:06
IcemanV9is there a place online where i can see a few backup file of /usr/lib/pm-utils/power.d/wireless? development repo or something?06:07
cheakofirmware upgrade for WD drives?06:07
fairuz_do-release-upgrade --proposed <-- does this command upgrade your machine from whatever version to the latest 12.04? Or I need something else.06:48
god-zotacfairuz_:: are you currently on 12.04 or on a previous version?07:04
fairuz_god-zotac: previous version07:05
god-zotacfairuz_:: --proposed will upgrade to the next release that is actually released  --devel-release will upgrade to 12.04 if you are on a previous version, since 12.04 is still in development07:05
fairuz_god-zotac: Can i upgrade from 10.04 -> 12.04 directly with this command?07:06
god-zotacdont think i'd want to do that07:07
fairuz_oh, will it break things ?07:08
god-zotacpersonally i'd want to upgrade to each release individually i.e.. 10.04 > 10.10 > 11.04 >11.10 > 12.0407:08
fairuz_Comparing those two methods, what are the disadvantages of upgrade directly to 12.04?07:09
god-zotacso many packages have been merged or replaced between releases, you may end up with a broken set of packages when all said and done07:10
IcemanV9LTS can upgrade directly to LTS; even i did not try it before07:10
snadgehmm.. 11.10 breaks when updating to 12.04 sometimes07:11
snadgeno harm in trying i guess.. if it doesnt work straight away.. its probably fixable07:12
god-zotacfairuz_:: yes it can be fixed rather easily, just remove the installed packages that have no update candidate, and then install the replacement packages by hand.. that is if you run into the issue that i forsee happening07:12
urfr332gOI would not do any release upgrade without a clone if it is a main OS.07:13
god-zotaci've never used LTS releases until the next LTS release personally, but things are known to happen (minor things) between just one 6 months cycle like snadge mentioned07:13
fairuz_good enough for me, I will try to upgrade directly then. :)07:14
god-zotacfairuz_:: you may want to wait until 12.04 is actually released??07:16
henriMorning all, is anyone using the ati drivers? I see the proprietary FGLRX graphics driver in additional drivers, but i also see 'proprietary FGLRX graphics driver (post-release updates) - no matter how I try I don't seem to be able to install post-release updates and with all the video problems on my new precise build i'm thinking it might be important!08:29
cheakoThis system craps out just after pvcreating 115 gpt partitions!08:29
cheakolooks like the X clients are all stuck, but the cursor moves and switching to VT is ok.  I can still use VT and top dosn't report anything now.08:30
codepalI've got a bunch of errors at startup08:39
codepalI think they're invalid, cause I messed with where /tmp was putting files08:39
codepaland inadvertantly made it ro08:39
codepalso, if Precise does store old error reports for sending, where would I find them to delete them?08:39
glosoliAnyone knows if I there is ability to set "Window title double click action" to to Fill instead of Minimize, thoose max min close buttons looks ugly when dock is always shown and they being in the top left of the screen, seems just not right09:00
cheakoyup, even booting a system with 115 gpt partitions causes windows not to be focusable or moveable.09:10
glosolicheako: 115 gpt partitions :O ?09:10
chmacIs Google Chrome in the repos somewhere?10:38
crizzychmac: google has its own official repo for chrome10:40
crizzyother than that -> chromium10:40
chmaccrizzy: Does the repo get installed with the .deb downloaded from google?10:41
crizzychmac: http://www.google.com/linuxrepositories/10:41
chmaccrizzy: Thanks10:41
god-zotacchmac:: yes the repo gets installed when you install the .deb if that helps :)10:42
chmacSounds like chromium is the way I want to go, certain, ahem, "features" missing like "usage-tracking,"...10:42
chmacYes please, I'll have my browser without every keystroke being fed to the big G10:43
crizzythat's just overly paranoid :)10:43
crizzythere's a checkbox in chrome for it10:43
god-zotacchmac:: also other features missing like integrated flash plugin and pdf reader10:43
crizzyyeh, flash and pdf reader are the only real differences10:43
chmacgod-zotac: Presumably I can still get flash to work? PDF reader I don't use in the browser anyway, so that's less of an issue.10:43
crizzyubuntu-restricted-extras package contains flash10:44
god-zotacyea you can get them both working as far as that goes10:44
god-zotacjust need the .so plugin for the pdf viewer from the same release of chrome that you use in chromium10:44
crizzyperhaps the biggest advantage using google repos is that you get timely official chrome releases10:44
crizzybut i run chromium on ubuntu too anyway10:44
crizzychrome for other platforms.. cba to hunt for random chromium builds10:45
glosolicrizzy: you use Google Chrome ?10:45
crizzy^ read above10:45
glosoliI opened one wwebsite which which has flash content10:45
glosoliflash player doesn't work anymore after update for me10:46
glosolisays missing plugin :D10:46
glosolicrizzy: you haven't had any problems like that ?10:50
chmacI'll run chrome as well anyway, because I don't mind having it installed.10:50
god-zotacchmac:: when you go with chromium from the ubuntu repos, you are stuck to one release schedule which is stable.. the google-chrome gives you the choice of stable, beta, and development (unstable)10:51
crizzythough i'm still on 11.1010:51
chmacBut if I was to consider switching my primary browser, I'd use chromium.10:51
crizzytested 12.04 only briefly10:51
chmacgod-zotac: Yeah, I had a dev version of chrome installed previously, it was always being updated. I don't use it much, just for debugging / testing, so stable is probably ok for me.10:51
chmacThanks for all the feedback folks, I appreciate it.10:51
god-zotacyw, just giving you heads up, depending on the type of user you are, that info may or may not be important10:52
chmacNow if only my zeitgeist database hadn't borked, I could actually launch it without knowing the command!10:52
god-zotaclaunch what? chromium?10:52
god-zotaccommand would most likely be: chromium-browser  or just chromium10:53
chmacgod-zotac: Yeah, got it through terminal auto completion, google-chrome or chromium-browser.10:54
chmacJust installed both chromium and chrome, and flash works out of the box in chromium btw, probably because it's installed as part of chrome.10:54
god-zotacyou didn't have flash plugin already installed ?10:56
god-zotacadobe-flashplugin or flashplugin-installer?10:57
glosolichmac: you isntall chrome stable ?10:57
god-zotacthat would have made it showed up in chromium10:57
god-zotacchmac:: you can check about:plugins in the URL bar of chrom{e,ium}   or chrome://plugins   also   it will give you detailed info on each plugin10:59
chmacgod-zotac: Oh yeah, i did :-)11:00
god-zotacmight be a good idea to check that multiple versions of flash aren't enabled, and disable all them but the most recent one, or the one that came with chrome  ;)11:00
chmacgod-zotac: Will do, thanks11:04
ironhalik     bz12:11
ironhalikhm, 'bz'12:23
ironhaliktheres something wrong with window focusing between workspaces12:23
hubxhey, I recently upgraded to 12.04. Now if I plug in my external screen (Dell 24") I can't use the screen  of my notebook. it is turned off. xrandr shows correctly configured VGA1 and LVDS1, so I guess its a driver problem. what information should I include in a bug report12:42
ironhalikyou file a bug against package you think is resposible, and describe the problem12:45
ironhalikconfig, specs etc are compiled into the bug report12:46
ironhalikwhen you use 'ubuntu-bug' tool12:46
ironhalik'ubuntu-bug package_name'12:46
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rippsHmm... ctrl+alt+up/down doesn't seem to work to switch workspaces in gnome-shell anymore14:15
Amozanyone running gnome-shell here? please confirm if the power-indicator is not updating when batterystatus is14:23
brendandripps - in unity it's Super+Shift+Cursor Key (although i'm aware you said gnome-shell specifically)14:23
brendandripps, could be down to compiz14:23
rippsgnome-shell doesn't use compiz, it uses mutter14:23
rippsbut yeah, it seems it's super+shift+cursor. must be a dconf/gconf entry14:24
DaekdroomWell, the Unity developers were told by upstream GNOME they shouldn't change GNOME Shell..14:25
johnjohn101what time will update rollout so I an update to beta 1?14:44
Amozjohnjohn101, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule14:45
johnjohn101amoz: I knew it was tomorrow but sometimes repos updated early14:49
wcchandleris beta 1 still expected today?14:59
DaekdroomIt's scheduled for tomorrow, isn't it?15:00
ubottuA schedule of Precise Pangolin (12.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PreciseReleaseSchedule15:00
chmacDoes Precise feel broken to other folks? It's felt broken since I installed it.15:04
chmacMostly, unity and window management. I routinely have to kill compiz because when I switch workspaces it crashes.15:05
chmacWindows regularly move from the workspace they were put onto and end up back on the leftmost or topmost workspace.15:05
chmacSometimes windows start getting stuck to the bottom or the top of the screen (I think it's consistent in always being the top or the bottom, but I don't remember which).15:06
ironhalikchmac: Its in alpha stage, if its broken, it so that you can file a bug report :)15:06
chmacI'm thinking that maybe some of this is specific to my setup, because I can't see Precise being LTS quality ready in 2 months if not.15:06
chmacironhalik: Hasn't it gone beta already?15:06
ironhalikchmac: Tommorow, and beta is stilla testing release15:07
ironhalikchmac: most people here had rather godo expirience with precise so far, including me15:07
chmacironhalik: I realise that, but I'm not talking about "testing", I'm talking "broken" :-)15:07
chmacironhalik: Right, I'm starting to think something must be unique to my setup.15:08
chmacironhalik: Did you upgrade from a previous version?15:08
johnjohn101i like pangolin a lot with the new unity changes.15:08
chmacironhalik: I installed over the top of a 10.04 home directory.15:08
ironhalikchmac: what you're describing seems like more or less one bug - compiz crashing and restarting - all windows will be put on the default workspace then15:08
ironhalikchmac: I upgraded from 11.10 and it went quite smooth15:09
chmacironhalik: Compiz doesn't restart, I have to kill it, then it restarts, and then yes, obviously windows reset to the first workspace.15:09
chmacironhalik: If I put firefox on workspace 2 and then go to workspace 3, it moves to workspace 1. If I stay on 1 or 2, it'll stay put.15:09
ironhalikchmac: file a bug with 'ubuntu-bug compiz', it will compile your info, and ask you to describe the issue15:09
chmacIf I open rhythmbox on workspace 6, it'll open on workspace 3.15:09
johnjohn101i wonder if that's the problem i'm having with vmware player in 3d, compiz not working correctly15:10
chmacironhalik: Interesting, I'm starting to think that my policy of re-installing with an existing home dir might be causing me issues.15:10
ironhalikchmac: you can always try installing it on another partition for a try15:10
ironhalikchmac: upgrading distros is supposed to be working, but I had some bad expirience with it - going 11.10 -> 12.04 was the first time it worked for me :P15:11
chmacironhalik: I heard that it was one of Ubuntu's big aims.15:12
chmacironhalik: I usually end up changing something, partitioning maybe, when I upgrade, so I just tar / restore the home dir and dump the rest.15:12
chmacironhalik: I'm on a 128G ssd, so partitions are a scarce resource here :-)15:13
chmacI also insist on running gnome-panel, which I believe causes issues.15:13
ironhalikchmac: Have you tried creating another user, with fresh conf's in the home dir?15:13
chmacBut my workflow is totally borked by unity, the bottom panel is essential.15:14
chmacironhalik: I tested a few things in a guest profile, but not the windows moving, I'll try that now15:14
ironhalikIf it wont work, please file a bug15:15
ironhalikIf it gets confirmed, it will probably get a high priority15:16
johnjohn101ironhalik: i have a launchpad acct. can you help me file a bug? I didn't see the add new issue15:16
brendandchmac, is it really?15:16
ironhalikjohnjohn101: you do it by using the 'ubuntu-bug some_package' tool15:16
chmacbrendand: Is the panel essential? Is that your question?15:16
brendandchmac, yep15:17
johnjohn101thanks, ironhalik,  i forgot.15:17
brendandchmac, i mean what do you lose (apart from a panel)15:17
ironhalikjohnjohn101: also, if you type in a project name in launchpad, there will be an filing option on the right15:17
johnjohn101got it15:18
brendandchmac, i actually used to get rid of it anway even in Maverick15:18
chmacbrendand: I want the window list, I think that's what it's called, so I can see which windows are open on this workspace and minimise them individually.15:22
chmacbrendand: For example, I usually have 3/4 firefox windows open on workspaces 1, 2, 3 and 4 with different purposes.15:23
johnjohn101ironhalik:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/94332815:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 943328 in Ubuntu "pangolin vmware 4.0.2 screen in 3d does not return after host computer unlocks screen" [Undecided,New]15:24
brendandchmac - Super + W?15:25
chmacbrendand: Yeah, it could be useful, but I can't tell at a glance what's running on this workspace.15:27
chmacbrendand: I'm open to finding an alternative, I tried using straight unity for a few days after intalling precise, but I couldn't get it work efficiently.15:28
brendandchmac, Super+W should be just the current workspace15:31
chmacOk, so turns out the panel is what's shoving my windows around. If I kill it, windows stay put.15:31
chmacbrendand: Yes, super-w is just this workspace, but there's no way for me to glance and see what's open.15:32
chmacThe dock doesn't tell me what's open on this workspace, only what's open across the whole system.15:32
chmacbrendand: I end up spending ages hunting for windows, whereas I lay them out in a specific order which I know in the panel window list.15:32
brendandchmac, yes. that is a problem. not really anything to do with the lack of a panel though15:34
brendandchmac. i have a bug open about it (windows should be labelled), but it hasn't been seen to yet15:34
dupondjeWhats the best way (easiest :)) to encrypt a whole disk?15:35
dupondjeecryptfs or ?15:35
chmacdupondje: Full disk encryption, it's part of the installer.15:35
chmacdupondje: Or you're after encrypting an external disk?15:35
chmacdupondje: I use both every day, so this is something I know. :-)15:36
dupondjechmac: encrypting an existing disk :)15:36
dupondjeinstaller encryption uses ecryptfs ?15:36
chmacdupondje: Existing internal, bootable disk, or an external?15:36
dupondjeexisting internal mdadm raid :p15:36
chmacdupondje: You have space to move the data off onto another medium?15:36
chmacdupondje: I'm not sure what ecryptfs is to know if the installer uses it or not. The default installer setup is an LVM inside an encrypted partition.15:37
chmacdupondje: Opened like `sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda1`15:37
chmacbrendand: Windows move around in super-w, so they need to be visually identified, which is a PITA with 3 gedit windows for example.15:38
dupondjehmz thats not ecryptfs then :)15:38
brendandchmac - heh. try 15 terminals!15:39
dupondjecryptsetup is LUKS15:40
hobgoblincould someone help me determine what I need to report a bug against - running Xubuntu 12.04 - fonts are ALL set to Ubuntu Light font - but 'system settings' type windows are not using it - http://i.imgur.com/7zLPn.png15:40
chmacbrendand: Right!15:41
chmacdupondje: Yeah, the installer uses LUKS, that much I do know.15:41
chmacdupondje: Perhaps it would be more accurate to say this is something I have experience with, not necessary "know" :-)15:41
chmacbrendand: For example, it just took me alt-tabbing through three workspaces because I couldn't remember where I'd left this xchat window!15:42
chmacbrendand: I have no sense of where I am or what's on this workspace without the panel, I feel lost in my desktop... :-(15:43
brendandchmac - but if you click on the xchat icon on the launcher it should fire you back to the right window15:44
chmacbrendand: Right, and I've just enabled the launcher to always be visible. But I usually don't click, I type.15:44
chmacbrendand: And xchat happens to be window 11, so there's no shortcut to jump to it.15:44
chmacI have super-\, super-z, super-x, etc mapped to switch to workspace 1, 2, 3, etc. When I press the key, I often end up switching workspaces and being left with the dash open. Anyone else have similar issues?15:47
DaekdroomTo be honest, I've never had problems with Dash opening while using 'Super' shortcuts15:48
Daekdroom(but the shortcut overlay usually shows up instead)15:48
chmacDaekdroom: Just saw your message now, ok, thanks.16:19
Daekdroomchmac, there's a bug entry on all the shortcuts that interfere with each other16:20
chmacDaekdroom: Ok, I dare say it'll get sorted out eventually, I usually wait for these things to sort themselves out :-)16:20
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babaiit seems new unity update from team unity ppa has changed keybindings for dash navigation17:20
babaidoes anyone know which key to switch between lenses(tab was previously  assigned)?17:20
Daekdroombabai, crtl+tab?17:21
babaiDaekdroom: thnx man!17:21
DaekdroomHold control and press tab to change through lenses, it seems.17:21
babaiit works!17:22
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dupondjei'm unable to print. Any idea's ? :)18:11
dupondjeit stays locked in thequeue :p18:12
kubuntuHi, I installed precise in a windows machine but somehow I couldn't boot windows18:19
kubuntu# grub-install /dev/sda18:20
kubuntu/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?)18:20
kubuntuthis is after booting from a livecd18:20
cheakoyup, even booting a system with 115 gpt partitions causes windows not to be focusable or moveable.18:30
ironhalikHmm, anyone knows if gnome 3.4 will hit precise?18:33
Daekdroomironhalik, some apps will be updated to 3.4, but most will not.18:36
* glosoli back from testing Windows 8 consumer edition, after full release it might be overloaded area of users who wanna use Ubuntu and Mac Os X :)19:03
glosoliruined my day19:05
ironhalikhuh, they're turning desktop PCs into tablets :>19:09
glosoliironhalik: totally,  that was the worst half an hour in my life. Wasted my time as worst as possible.19:11
glosoliArchLinux is more user friendly. :DD19:11
glosoliIf MS will put that shit on the mainstream, it might be, long awaited Linux Years19:12
ironhalikArch _is_ user friendly19:14
ironhalikpoweruser friendly ;>19:14
glosoliironhalik: it was irony ;D19:14
ironhalikWell, I dunno, Win8 will prolly scare the power users, but for casual people, it may not be that bad19:14
ironhalikyou know, just check mail, facebook, look something up in google19:15
glosoliironhalik: I don't think my mom will find it's way to it or anyone else from elders :) everything is not in the place, they found everything perfect in the 7tj19:15
glosoliironhalik: in btw is ubuntu silent with updates for you too ?19:16
jtaylorits beta freeze19:16
ironhalikI think Ill install it on my lappy, at last19:16
ironhalikjust not sure how Unity will behave19:17
ironhalikand Unity2d19:17
ironhaliktruth be told, Unity is kinda slow and laggy compared to gnome shell19:17
ironhalikor more, compiz compared to mutter19:17
glosolijtaylor: so I shouldn't expect any updates tomorrow for sure ?19:17
jtaylorglosoli: updates in seeded packages are rare now19:18
jtaylorbut probably many the day after the freeze is over19:18
jtaylor= friday19:18
glosolijtaylor: sorry for misunderstanding, but what means seeded packages   ?19:18
jtaylormainly packages in an iso image19:19
jtaylorbeta hard freeze is to keep the iso's in shape until release19:19
glosolijtaylor: As my english isn't perfect, I would like to ask if I understood properly ? In about Friday I can expect a lot of updates ?19:22
jtaylorglosoli: probably more than usual but still less compared to the beginning of the cycle19:22
glosolijtaylor: ok, just interested because nautilus is crashing like a hell19:23
ironhalikupdate junkies19:23
glosoliironhalik: what you mean by updates junkies ? :D19:24
johnjohn101can't wait until beta!19:36
ironhalikjohnjohn101: If youre on an update 12.04, you're pretty much already in beta19:38
johnjohn101i'm only running in vmware.. I will probably try to upgrade home computer tomorrow19:39
ironhalikIm thinking of installing it on my lappy19:41
ironhalikwhich so far is my backup machine19:41
glosoliironhalik: works quite fine here as a main os, but I got couple problems from time to time nautilus crashes :) login screen corruption untils logs in properly, and so on, but many of these doesn't occur with open source drivers, or nvidia probably :) ATI sucks for me19:43
ironhalikIm on OSS drivers too, for nvidia19:44
ironhalikhalf the 3d performance, half the issues ;>19:44
johnjohn101i still don't understand why those drivers aren't open sourced19:45
yofelwell, their decision though19:46
* yofel gives nouveau another try19:46
cheakoon my bootable USB, working with a large(100) number of partitions on a disk causes compiz to use 100% cpu and I'm unable to move windows.19:46
cheakoyofel: After that give AMD/ATI a try.19:46
yofelI don't have an ATI card19:47
ironhalikwho does 100 partitions?19:47
yofelonly nvidia and intel19:47
ironhalikIn consumer enviroment that is, I guess you wouldnt try 12.04 on anything other then that19:47
cheakoironhalik: GPT supports much more then 100 and the default is more then 100.19:47
ironhalikyeah, but why would you need that many19:48
glosoliironhalik: +119:48
ironhalikbtw, I need to convert my data drive to ext4 :/19:48
cheakoI wanted each partition to fit on optical media.19:48
ironhalikhuh, nice :>19:48
* yofel thinks of his 3TB drive....19:49
yofeluh, no, I probably won't try that ^^19:49
glosolicheako: what's the point ?19:49
cheakoyofel: Good guess.19:49
ironhalikIts nice for backuping19:49
yofelalthough that one uses GPT19:50
glosoliironhalik: why ?19:50
cheakoglosoli: Using dm-snapshot one can backup the partitions that contain dm-crypt/luks data.19:50
ironhalikglosoli: because you should backup stuff :>19:50
glosoliironhalik: in 100 different partitions which are at the same HDD ?19:50
ironhalikglosoli: that way, you can deploy each partitions image to a DVD19:51
cheakoglosoli: The data occupies a small subset of that.  Perhaps 20 currently.19:51
ironhaliknice for incremental updates etc19:51
glosoliwill never understand how anyone will like to see that many partitions, I deleted Windows as dual boot, because I hate having big numbers of partitions ;D19:52
cheakoI think the main advantage is that there is no extra overhead re-crypting the backup.19:53
ironhalikI would probably go with another 4TB drive and rsync19:54
glosoliironhalik: and just one partition ?19:54
cheakoyou know I keep meaning to use rsync on block devices, I wonder if there is a flag to make it work?19:54
ironhaliknot one, but a sane amount ;>19:55
ironhalikcheako: no idea but I would guess you could update it block by block19:55
glosoliironhalik: you both are insane19:57
cheakoglosoli: You should at least have var home and usr partitions and on production boxes /var/cache /var/log /usr/local and perhaps even /usr/share.19:57
glosolicheako: why would I :)19:57
glosoliI'm backuping stuff19:57
glosoliAnd I am not paranoid of having both internal and externals hdd to break at the same time19:58
cheakoglosoli: File system full being the most important, but also you can get performance turning off atime and other tweaks.19:58
glosoliand if so, whatever, I have most important project in my ubuntu one :)19:58
glosolicheako: hmm what kind of performance ?19:58
glosoliask far as I know having more partitions on the hdd doesn't make it work faster19:59
glosolias far''19:59
cheakoglosoli: Head location is one,keeping all the usr home and var data on there own parts of the disk decreases head movement when recursive grepping and when locate runs.19:59
cheakoUsing only half of a disk /will/ increase it's performance by about 2x.  Thus making many small partitions has a smiler effect.20:01
glosolicheako: Sorry I am not that into system things, so I can't understand what are you trying to say, would you mind trying to explain it in more simple way ?20:01
glosoliabout that head20:01
ironhalikcheako: using outer cylinders will improve linear read/write speeds but it wont affect access times, which are more important during the da20:02
cheakoglosoli: A recursive task reads most things under one folder.  If that folder is in a file system occupying the hole disk then the task involves many small locations scattered across the wholedisk.20:03
glosoliironhalik: hmm that's what important to me too20:03
cheakoIf you instead have partitions then the contents of one folder (say /usr) is compact.20:03
ironhalikbuy SSD ;>20:03
glosoliironhalik: I would :) will change this lappy this year, right after Ivy Bridge being in the shops20:04
glosolicheako: But I don't do many big transfers or searches around the computer is there a point for me ? as more important is access speed for mee20:05
cheakoOn the same note if you don't allocate the whole drive, pv(s) don't count but lv(s) do, then the total time it takes to read the data is smaller, as is the average number of seeks thus reducing the average time spent seeking.20:05
ironhalikwell, using partitions to group relevant data together on the disk, decreases latency20:06
psaldenhey did anyone else have problems running wine?20:06
ironhalikpsalden: works here20:06
cheakoglosoli: You don't but running an application does, think /usr/share/gnome/icons.  Just to draw the desktop how far should the disk seek?20:06
glosolicheako: the disk is one thing which runs always around and it doesn't depend on the partition or does it ?20:07
glosoliyou can make it span half it's way20:07
cheakoThat's why /usr should not be mixxed in with /home or /var, because it'll seriously reducs disk access when starting apps.20:07
glosolicheako: is there any prove for that ? Because it just sounds quite unbelievable for me20:08
ironhalikcheako: you do understand that you could achieve similar performance by mounting your system on a decend pendrive, right? :P20:08
cheakoglosoli: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disk-drive_performance_characteristics   (Seek-time) is the biggest performance loss.20:09
yofeldo modern hard drives even keep the partition boundaries on disk?20:09
glosolicheako: it's wikipedia, I need some practical proves, not just some wikipedia saying smth emmm20:09
cheakoyofel: re-location is only done when there is damage and it's good to get a drive replaced when that starts to happen.20:09
yofelI'll agree with the latter part20:10
cheakoglosoli:  No one is going to argue that seek-time is the most important factor to a HDs performance.  http://glandium.org/blog/?p=166520:11
cheakoReducing the length of the largest seek to half of the drive with do two things.  1. Reduce the average sek time, perhaps not by half.  2. reduce the number of locations to seek to, thus reducing the cases where a seek would be performed.20:12
ironhalikcheako: yeah, but what real life performance gains are there for grouping data with partition? You do know that it all depends on internal drive scheduling the head?20:13
cheakoironhalik: Try running a drive test tool on a small partition, then double the size again and again to see the performance difference.  It will be on the order of #1 above.20:15
ironhalikIt depends on the benchmarking tool20:15
glosolicheako:  you say computer will fly if each folder will be a partition ?20:16
ironhalikif you run a linear read test, with shortstroke, you will get even 1000 times the performance of a random 4kb read test20:16
cheakoglosoli: There is possibly a cost for each filesystem mount.  Everything in moderation.20:17
ironhalikalso, reading 100 icons from the same partition is the optimistic variant - the read process will be interrupted by other calls20:17
glosoliironhalik: so how much partitions you have for your ubuntu  ?20:18
ironhalikin the end, I would bet more on having 8 gigs of ram, agressive caching and hibernation :P20:18
glosoliironhalik: I have 6 GIGs of RAM20:18
ironhalikive got / and /boot and swap :>20:18
ironhalikon SSD20:19
cheakoironhalik: That's a good test.  put /usr at the beginning of a drive and then put /home at the end.  This should be noticeably slower then putting both partitions at the beginning.20:19
glosolistill sounds illogical for my brains :D20:20
cheakoironhalik: I've got /usr on a esata ssd.20:20
ironhalikcheako: yeah, the theory is sound, but is the configuration worth the performance gains? Not to mention that the data is more or less grouped together by default20:21
cheakoironhalik: Plenty of other reasons to partition.  /var/log filling up is one of the biggest for me.20:22
cheakobut doing /var with noatime is also good.20:23
ironhalikyeah, always some head moves less20:24
ironhalikstill, It would be probably more cost effective to mount the ofter accessed data on some small SSD20:24
ironhalikor even a 16 gig USB3 pendrive20:24
cheakoironhalik: Partitions are supposed to be free, but sure there is some maintenance overhead when it comes time to resize things.  You also can be caught doing good awful things like linking /var/cache onto /home/var-cache if you made home much to big at first.20:26
glosoliironhalik: I am wondering if somehow I could change my internal drive and replace it with my usb3  drive inside :DD20:26
ironhalikIm running my ultra portable laptop from a 32gig compact flash card :>20:27
ironhalikvia a CF -> ATA adapter20:27
ironhalikcheako: not to mention compiz not working with that setup :P20:27
ironhalikI think the setup would have practical sense with thousunds of IOPS20:29
glosoliironhalik: How much is the average for the 256SSD these days ?20:30
ironhalikway too much20:31
cheakoironhalik: Then you better off with WAFL/netapp.20:31
glosoliironhalik: and does it makes battery to last longer ?20:32
ironhalikcheako: there already are optimisations for head movement built into the drive and into the FS20:32
ironhalikyoure only improving on that20:33
ironhalikglosoli: for me, it didnt improve the battery, but I had an already power efficient 1.8 inch drive20:33
ironhalikOn my desktop, I use 64 gig SSD which is more then enough for linux20:34
glosoliironhalik: Ubuntu has 400 gb here20:37
ironhalikwith /home full of media ;>20:38
glosoliironhalik: nah :)20:40
glosoliironhalik: I keep my media in external, just some music in /home20:40
glosoliI don't like the thing of having illegal stuff in my computer, it's fine for me to have it in external :D20:40
tbfhi, anyone knows why ui fonts appear way too bold for Qt apps?21:20
tbfin precise21:21
tbfin oneiric fonts appeared identical to fonts in gtk apps21:21
glosolitbf: would like to hear fix for that too21:22
tbfglosoli: :-)21:23
glosolitbf: it seems like everythng is bold even if it isn't :D21:23
tbfglosoli: yup21:23
glosolitbf: I wouldn't waste my time playing with system qt properties coz last time I f**** up everything  ;D21:23
tbfhmm... interestingly fonts in qtdemo look sane21:24
tbf...hmm... but only the launcher it seems21:24
tbfthe demos itself are fubared too21:24
tbfglosoli: seems qtconfig somehow forgets settings21:26
tbfat least the default font setting21:26
glosolitbf: yeah something like that21:28
tbfodd: ~/.config/Trolltech.conf says:21:28
tbffont="Sans Serif,10,-1,5,50,0,0,0,0,0"21:28
tbfbut qtconfig shows "Ubuntu Medium 11"21:28
tbflooks like some broken distro patch?21:29
tbfapt-get source21:29
cheakoironhalik: It would be nice to understand the drive's optimizations for head movement.  For example the drive likely has several types of seeks, used depending on the distance, and each type likely has a sweet spot.  It would be way cool to park the usr and home partitions so that the average seek from one to the other lies within one of these zones.  For example most cars have optimum mph where the car gets best mpg and there is likely a c21:30
cheakoity best mph as well.21:30
glosolitbf: might be hmm21:32
tbfwow. 52 patches.21:34
glosolitbf: where ?21:35
tbfglosoli, the qt4 package21:36
tbfglosoli: ubuntu applies 52 separate patches to qt21:36
ironhalikcheako: actually, the drive movements are very specific for drives - check 'FIFO/FCFS' 'LIFO' 'SSTF' 'SCAN' and many others21:43
ironhalikcheako: the one that most interest you is SSTF - shortest seek time first21:43
ironhalikcheako: also, there are hybrids of SCAN, from outer to inner cylinders, with SSTF21:44
ironhalikcheako: which are almost optimal21:44
cheakoironhalik: Most c/s first.  Useless, but it would skip over those had to hit seeks for a perhaps better chance at a good seek later.21:47
cheakoWeighted most c/s, could be vary sleeq.21:50
tbfok, first pref of qt is "Helvetica", let's see how it evolves21:54
tbfok, the ubuntu style comes from QGtkStyle21:59
tbfglosoli, ...21:59
glosolitbf: ?22:00
tbfglosoli: http://paste.ubuntu.com/862594/22:01
tbfQGtkStyle is enforcing that Ubuntu font for whatever reason22:01
tbfchecking now22:01
glosolitbf: ehh, I got so many things not working as they should that sometimes it just hate to love ubuntu :D22:02
tbfglosoli: if it gets too much, just give Fedora or something a shoot22:03
tbfglosoli: and if that doesn't help try Windows for 7 minutes.22:03
glosolitbf: tryed windows 8 it was half an hour and started hating it22:03
tbfglosoli: heh, also just played with it and wondered what's going on in their heads22:04
glosolitbf: that release is competely for tablets22:04
tbfglosoli: well, let's see how it works:22:05
tbfeither people like it and it works as mind opener, stopping that stupid "but,but it doesn't work like windows xp" attitude22:05
tbfor people hate it, and will look for alternatives too.22:05
tbfexciting times.22:05
glosolifor UBuntu in example22:05
yofelfor plasma active ;)22:06
tbfglosoli: ...from void QGtkStyle::polish(QApplication *app)22:07
tbf    // Custom fonts and palettes with QtConfig are intentionally22:07
tbf    // not supported as these should be entirely determined by22:07
tbf    // current Gtk settings22:07
glosolitbf: QApplications is using for showing a GUI as far as I remember22:07
tbfnow the only question is, what gtk settings are used - since obviously gtk and qt apps don't match22:07
glosoliit something that does acall22:07
yofelI wonder whether QGtkStyle supports gtk322:08
yofelif not it would take the font from the gtk2 settings22:08
yofeland gtk3 and gtk2 aren't particulary compatible, at least not outside gnome22:08
glosoliCanonical should pay for attention to fixing little things22:08
glosolicoz sometimes they are the most annoying ones22:09
yofelwell, it's our job here to notice them and file bugs22:09
glosolithe bug isn't even considerd a bug until someone says that it affected them also22:09
tbfdamn, the code in QGtkStylePrivate::getThemeFont() looks disturbingly pragmatic22:09
glosoliyou need a lot of people to press button for them to see22:09
tbfthey just take a gtk created font from somewhere and introspect it22:09
tbfno crazy attempts to parse stuff22:10
tbfyofel: no, QGtkStyle is entirely gtk2 based it seems22:10
tbfglosoli: canonical just benefited from the nokia meltdown and hired a few smart people i know, that perfectly know how to polish software for consumer devices22:11
tbfglosoli: so unless mark's ego is a tick too big, i see great times ahead for ubuntu and canonical.22:12
glosolitbf: Am I paranoid or idiot, or that max min buttons seem not to be in the right place when window is maximized ? it's driving me nuts22:12
glosoliit likes out of window in unity indicator22:12
glosolitbf: when you maximize window22:12
tbf...the buttons move into the top panel... together with the titlebar...22:13
glosolitbf: buttons max min close are in unity panel in the top left side of the screen if Unity Panel is always shown, they seem to be not in the right place more left than the whole window22:13
glosolitbf: well yes, there can be way better solution22:13
tbfglosoli: good point22:14
glosolibecayse that one just looks ugly since canonical dithced dodge window22:14
glosolisend a letter to mark's office, hope someone would read it22:14
glosolieven global menu gives no point while it isn't always shown for not maximized windowses22:14
tbfglosoli: seems like a regression from moving the dash button into the sidebar22:14
glosolitbf: yeeeees22:14
glosolitbf: that little button in unity indicator, that dash button22:14
glosoliwas so perfect22:14
tbfglosoli: filed a bug already and pinged the guys at #ubuntu-unity?22:15
glosolitbf: nah, never known of ubuntu-unity22:15
tbfglosoli: yup, also liked it more, when it still was in the indicator panel22:15
tbfglosoli, but also can see what made them move it22:15
tbfglosoli, still they probably should have kept wasting that few pixels22:16
tbfat least on huge screens22:16
glosolitbf: they are wasting much more pixels now22:17
glosolibecause I can't put enough apps in my dock22:17
glosoliunity panel22:17
yofelyou can't resize that?22:18
glosoliI can i resized it to the smallest22:18
glosolistill that Dash Icon takes one place for one program22:19
glosoliatm I have 3 places for 3 icons left22:19
glosolibut I cant add any22:19
glosoliif I open any other program which isn't in unity panel22:19
glosolithere will be overload22:19
glosoliIt makes Ubuntu to look so cheaply made now.22:20
glosoliIt's like: Hey, we could move it, it will like  not as good as before, but it will be enough << smth like that they done22:21
cheakoI just booted this system, stuck at Waiting encrypted source device, however the lvm is already active.22:30
cheakowhat's evms_activate?22:30
cheakoahh, good dropped to busybox.22:31
cheakomy prob in an old initrd from another install.22:39
cheakohow to interrupt grub? hold ctrl I though.22:41
cheakoshift and esc don't work either.22:45
urfr332gOcheako when are you hitting shift?22:47
cheakourfr332gO: Holding it down after entering bios password.22:48
cheakoI let go when I see the kernel booting.22:49
urfr332gOcheako, so why do you need so much protection, seems counter intuitive.22:49
cheakoI'd like to be able to help others determing the setup that's right for them.22:51
urfr332gOyou may be feeding their paranoia. :)22:51
cheakoThe BIOS password as I've always been told is useless, by the time it's effective it also becomes ineffective.22:52
urfr332gOIf I wanted encryption I would just have a external with truecrypt, and the OS with nothing on it myself.22:53
urfr332gObut thats just me I guess, locking down the OS is asking for problems.22:54
cheakoThe big point with this exercise is to get backups to not calculate encryption while at the same time having backups that can safely/securely be mailed off-site.22:55
urfr332gOah, sounds like homework. :)22:56
urfr332gOnot there is anything wrong with that. :)22:59
graingertis there any way to get this looked at more closely? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/936132 It seems to be a massive problem23:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936132 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "gnome-shell crashed with SIGSEGV in __fork()" [Medium,Confirmed]23:08
graingerthmm no worries it looks like it is being worked on23:12
cheakoyay for me :)23:15
cheakoI got the correct initrd loading.23:15
hubxhey is there a way to get back to tb/ff 10 in precise? I rely one some extensions which are not available for 1123:19
cheakothere is a race condition where fsck attempts to access /dev/mapper/<name>-unformatted and fails.23:21
cheakowow, my system is running.23:22
jtaylorhubx: no, 10 is not supported anymore I think23:25
jtaylorso you shouldn't change back anyway23:25
hubxjtaylor, look I don't care I need a certain extensions w/o it I can't sync my calendar/contacts23:34
jtayloryou can probably still install the old package23:35
jtaylorbut I would consider changing from ff or tb in that case, the new release policy is horrible for extensions23:35
hubxjtaylor, thats why I want to stick with 10, because its ESR (Extended Support Release)23:37
jtaylorit is?23:37
ironhalikhubx: you can always download the tar'ed version23:37
jtaylorI don't think so, else precise would not ahve 1123:37
hubxironhalik, so there is now easy way to handle it with the packet manager?23:38
ironhalikwell, no23:39
jtayloryou can install the old package23:39
Daekdroomjtaylor, it doesn't matter. Ubuntu now is working on backporting Firefox releases consistently, so it makes sense to update to 1123:39
jtaylorbut you would have to pin it so it won't upgrade23:39
ironhalikyou just download it from mozillas site, extract, run23:39
jtaylorDaekdroom: yes but that causes these extension issues you don't want in a stable release23:39
DaekdroomBut they aren't going to update to beta releases.23:40
Daekdroom11 is not released yet. Most of the active developed extensions will have support for it by the time of release.23:41
Daekdroom*active development23:41
EvilResistanceyou mean 12 is not released... the 11.x series are done.23:41
DaekdroomIs it?23:41
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) is the current release of Ubuntu | Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/111023:42
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+123:42
DaekdroomI'm talking about Firefox.23:42
EvilResistanceoh nevermind then23:42
* EvilResistance points at the lack of backlogs atm23:42
EvilResistancesorry bout the confusion :/23:42
TronicWhy not Promiscuous Pony?23:43
DaekdroomWhy not Psychotic Platypus?23:43
cheakoPermutation Pendulum?23:59

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