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ATPHello all it's me the guy with the touchscreen problem :/ Ok i fixed the short circuit from the cable twist. I also soldered the jumpers and now the LCD display works but I only have output. Input does not work at all, should I install some driver? I have kernel 2.6.35 in my ubuntu 10.04 beagle. How do I see if touchscreen drivers are installed? Also should the input show up somewhere in the /dev/input , if not should I make04:06
ATP one myself with mknod command?04:06
ATPthanks in advance04:06
lopianyone else trying to snag a raspberry pi in ten minutes? :P05:50
GrueMasterErm, no?  YOu do know that ubuntu will not run on it, right?05:51
lopieh doesn't mean it won't be fun to play with05:54
steev_based on the fact that their website sucks and is down already, i doubt anyone will be buying any05:55
lopiI seriously doubt that05:57
gildeani could see lots of applications for the pi06:01
gildeannot desktop, but embedded06:02
steev_meh, farnell.com is down, and that other one is like register to show your interest06:04
steev_i hate sites like that, just stfu and take my money06:04
lopisteev_: agreed, they just said on twitter it should be fixed at some point, keep refrsehing06:19
steev_lopi: i have better things to do06:20
steev_they had their chance06:20
steev_like the XO i will not buy one now06:20
lilsteviesteev_, hah, I plan on getting one after the rush dies down, It is not an apple device, screw joining the queues for it07:12
steev_lilstevie: your distributors are a reflection of self, if you choose (admittedly huge) suppliers who can't handle the load, you're not worth my time.  i wasn't particularly interested overall, but i figured i'd load up and see if i could, since neither site would even load, meh07:13
lilstevieheh, well to be honest I am shocked about RS07:16
lilsteviehuge multinational07:16
lilsteviecan't take a bit of load07:16
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pnphiexcuse me ! ! !13:28
pnphiplease help me ! ! !13:28
pnphii have a image ubuntu arm Minimal13:31
pnphiI want this image up to ubuntu desktop ! ! !13:32
pnphiwhat do i do ?13:32
pnphiinstall 1046 packages ? ?13:32
pnphior what else ?13:32
infinitypnphi: What sort of system?13:34
pnphii don't understand ...13:34
infinitypnphi: What computer is this on?13:34
pnphiQemu !13:35
infinitypnphi: We generate desktop images for several target platforms (beagleboard, pandaboard, etc)13:35
pnphithis image minimal run on qemu...! !13:35
infinityIf it's qemu, yeah, just "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^" on your current minimal system. :P13:35
pnphiwhat else ?13:35
infinityWhat do you mean what else?13:36
infinityThat will do it.13:36
pnphiother way ?13:36
infinityThere's no way to install ubuntu-desktop without installing ubuntu-desktop, no.13:37
pnphi"install ubuntu-desktop" will install 1046 Packages..so long time13:37
infinityYes, and?13:38
infinityIf you want the full ubuntu desktop, you need all those packages.13:38
pnphi1046 packages,how multiple packages to a package?13:39
pnphimore packed into one package?13:39
infinityPackages have dependencies.13:40
infinityubuntu-desktop depends on everything required for a "proper" Ubuntu Desktop environment.13:40
pnphii thinks have a way to convert more packages into one package ! ! !13:41
pnphiCan i build 1046 packages in Ubuntu ARM ?13:41
pnphiHow do i confiruge the Network in qemu which can ping www.google.com ?13:43
infinityRead up on qemu bridged networking.13:43
pnphiso that can ping ! ! !13:43
pnphican't ping13:43
pnphithis will install packages , can't ping13:44
pnphihow do i configure ?13:44
pnphihelp me,how i configure ?13:47
infinityLike I said, go read up on qemu bridged networking.13:51
pnphino other way?13:51
infinityAnd please don't demand help from others.  It doesn't tend to make them want to help.13:52
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pnphiyes thank you so much13:52
Cesar_clI find information on how to handle GPIO on a BeagleBoard-xm16:02
GrueMasterMaybe on the beagleboard web site?  or elinux.org?16:11
Cesar_cland look at these sites and found no information16:13
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GrueMasterogra_: my ucm configs for pandaES didn't get in.  They are not on the image.  I thought you posted them last week?16:49
ogra_hmm, i definitely uploaded them16:50
GrueMasterAnd are we not doing anything with the mx5 image?  I've asked multiple times on #ubuntu-release to have it added to the tracker.16:52
ogra_we should test it too16:53
ogra_not sure why it didnt end up on the tracker16:53
ogra_it is surely in the same area as ac10016:53
GrueMasterI already have, and filed a bug for the newer rev board not working, but no where to post results.16:53
ogra_well, infinity claimed ownership for signing off mx5 and ac100 ... mx5 is on the manifest with his name next to it now, so it also should be on the tracker16:54
infinityogra_: I only added it to the manifest yesterday, mind you.16:59
ogra_err, i added it17:00
ogra_do we have it twice now ?17:00
GrueMasterI'm debating on failing the image.  It works on older mx5 boards, but not the currently shipping models.17:00
GrueMasterStill not in the tracker.17:01
ogra_ah, you merged both into one line17:01
GrueMasterogra_: Are you testing (and reporting) on the AC100?17:11
GrueMasterinfinity: I'm at a quandry with the mx5 start-r rev.  Do I fail the image because of this or not?  I have a bug filed and marked as high (bug 943058).17:17
ubot2`Launchpad bug 943058 in linux-linaro-lt-mx5 "Kernel doesn't support usb on newer rev quickstart boards." [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94305817:17
infinityGrueMaster: Don't fail the image, it works on most of the hardware out there.17:17
infinityGrueMaster: But we really should try to escalate that bug.17:18
infinityI'll see what I can do.17:18
GrueMasterIt rests solely on Linaro.  Interestingly, the SD that came with my original mx5 works fine on the newer board.17:18
infinityYeah, I'm sure it's a regression, not a question of new board support.17:19
GrueMasterWell, the shipping image is based on Lucid with a Maverick kernel iirc.  I think it was entirely internal.17:20
GrueMasterAnd in talking to the Linaro guys, they don't have the newer rev boards (they started shipping in December).17:20
infinityThe image that came with my QuickStart didn't have a kernel that was even remotely Ubuntu-related.17:20
GrueMasterWell.  It is 2.6.35 iirc.17:21
infinityWell, that may have some Ubuntu sauce applied, not sure, but it's clearly a Freescale internal build.17:21
GrueMasteryes,  never said it wasn't.  But I think I was told before UDS that they had branched off of our tree.17:23
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ogra_GrueMaster, yes, fine to do it17:30
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